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Lima I'm about to begin after praising her wazo agenda and attributing all thanks to him and all praise to him admitting that all guidance comes from him, and no one deserves our pursuit of their pleasure like him, nor our seeking with them protection but him soprano Donna and we asked of law to protect us from the whispers within our souls, the evil whispers within our souls, and the awful consequences of our evil actions. For Remember, our mother died, no one can lead us astray. My problem needs a strain and can guide and we testify that none is worthy of our worship of Allah. alone without any partners, the true supreme King and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam was indeed His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger.

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And their alma surgeon has entrusted us justice he has entrusted the people before us with the mercy of the interests

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of Sweden Edina Muto keytab in public Houma, Jaco malita por la we have certainly entrusted the nations before you as we do with you to have an example of a lot to live by it, to die by it by it and to meet Allah soprano who was either with it.

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And to begin, we continue now with what we began one football ago, two weeks ago in my last vlog, the very special seven that will be secure in our must shade on the Day of Judgment. We said that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that in the chaos of the Day of Judgment, in the rest, and the heat and the turmoil that we'll be faced in on the Day of Judgment, there are seven types of people that will be secure in our last shade of marble creates for them out of this throne and she and appoint them to be secure. They're the first of them, he said, to Salaam Eman, adjust leader. And we widen the scope of leadership that this applies in every sphere of our life, in every

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decision that is left to us or in our power to make the responsibility and the concern we should carry about being fair about being just in all of our exchanges, all of our interactions, all of our endeavors, all of our responsibilities. The second of the seven, and it is our appointment today. He said AlLahi salatu salam wa shabu Nasha theory.

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And the young man or woman, obviously a youth that is revered that grows in or among the worship of his Lord, in the worship of his Lord so kinda holds on. And so this is praising the quality of the youth and the youth in the language of the Arab beginning 15 years of age till about 33. And it definitely will not but it will not exceed 14, this is what they use, the word used for referring to a chef will be 15 to 33 and will not exceed 40. As many of the scholars mentioned, this is a youth who understood that this is the period in their life with the greatest opportunities, the period of strength in their life. And so they took that strength and instead of using it to be self serving to

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serve themselves, instead they used it up serving Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And that's why another narration of this hadith about the seven the narration of Sandman he says f net Shabaab when a Shaka houfy authority on behalf of the this is a person who wears out this period, right he uses it up he expends it in obeying his master in devoting himself this devout youth that devotes themselves to the worship of a live agent. And so he knew he would never have an opportunity like this one. He understood or she understood there's no time like the present. I will not get this

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Back, that this is the age of strength. This is the age of activity. This is the age of contribution.

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This is the age of great power. And they understand with this great power comes great responsibility as well.

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And so they value this gift properly. And they understood they will be questioned about this particular phase in their life specifically, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No two feet will be allowed to move on the Day of Judgment until a person is asked by four things about four things. Two of them are normally he FEMA,

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FEMA, afnor, one Chabad II, FEMA, you will be asked about his life in general, how he spent it. And you will be asked about his youth in particular, specifically, that, what he used it up with, what he depleted it in what he invested in.

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And of course, the person that is able to do this right like to expand their youth in the right directions. This is an extremely difficult task, it's extremely difficult, because in essence, you're taking on the world, you're taking on the world, it is natural for young people to be rebellious with the world, but usually they take on fights they can handle. And so he'll tell his parents don't tell me what to do. I'm a grown man, I'm a, I want my independence, give me my space, give me my freedom. And this is important. By the way, a person does need to loosen the chains a little bit at this age. But this is not entirely about their freedom. Because if you notice what

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they're asking for is what they're asking for a little bit of breathing room. Not so they can really be independent, but just to do what everybody else is doing. All they're really asking for is not doing what their parents are doing. And I want to do it my peers are doing. But the one who's able to repel all of that all of it, what my parents are stuffing down my throat. And what white society stuffing down my throat is very high. But it is it's incredible. Like, I'm not going to follow the religion of my forefathers, the Sahaba. But it's not like you're going to follow society's fashion now all of society didn't want you to be on dopey all of society turns you into an outsider. So

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you're taking on the world to resist all of this. And that is why, like looking at with these

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wrong decisions that the youth make, because they're so accessible, they're so handy that they're so they're so glimmery they're so decorated, there's so many, the person that's able to resist all of this is certainly certainly eligible for a huge reward. Because he put up that fight he took on the world some of the stuff they would say, for who I said to me many after who made it and that's why this person is tougher than someone who conquers a whole city by himself single handedly, because that's what he did. He conquered the world. The whole world did not have an influence on him. Internal and external. He has impulse he has certain desires as a youth, like the curiosity, desire,

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the lust, desire, the autonomy, desire, to validate my existence, desire. In this age, he doesn't even have to go out looking for a bad decision to make either, right. They're all coming his way. He repelled the pictures and he repelled the magazines and he repelled the movies and you repelled the bad friendship. And, you know, a long time ago, people made bad decisions used when the straight because they had nothing to do they were just sitting idly, that face doesn't exist anymore. There's no such thing has nothing to do. There's enough movies for you to flick through until you die enough clips in a funny videos, there's enough news, there's enough debates, there's enough comments to

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write this. And so for them to resist it. Like they're not in the driver's seat anymore, even with these things.

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And so for them to resist it, they will certainly be someone eligible for a reward. That's great. What's the reward going to be that the reward is when everything goes haywire in the Day of Judgment a lot. So it just takes these youth or these people who live that way during their youth, even if they got older and he will basically tell them, this is about to get very ugly. step to the side. You're gonna be fine. Just stand here till this day is over. Because they already fought their battle. It's almost as if you know in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said to a man a man asked him, madman shahidi like Manisha daddy live in a futile boring why is it that someone that dies a martyr for example, he does not get tested in his grave does not have to go through the rest of the interrogation in the grave. And so he said to him, Alex salatu salam Kapha Viva

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Have you ever seen

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the glimmer of the sword? On top of his head is enough of a trial? Like what is the Shaheed someone who testifies to the truth, right? He did not waver in the most difficult hour. So the what's the point of the questioning in the grave and said he passed the test. There's no test harder than this test to see the glimmer of the soul on top of your head. Likewise, this youth who lived this way of love with exemptive, when he repelled all those flames and took on the world and conquered his desires, the desires of those pressing him to conform, he will be put aside from the heat of the day of judgment.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even said, from the virtues of this young man, yeah, jemalloc Guna min shall be less of what?

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Our Lord Marvels, from a young person that has no leanings, like, everything is driving them. You know, they say they see an usher Babylon boom in a genome, like those young years in your life. Up until I mean, they go, there's phases within the youth, but 1525 30, even up until 35, in our age, because it fluctuates from generation to generation. It's still there in consistencies and saying like, No, I want this career then you spend all that tuition. No, no, I want this one. I want this girl. No, no, forget it. I can't stand her anymore. I want that girl. That it's almost like insanity without explanations. They're just so versatile. They're so inconsistent. They're constantly swaying

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with every wind. So this heading says, a lot Marvels at a young person that does not have these leanings, who does not sway like this less of what's a little lamb subordinate sheep, that is sheet, he does not just go headfirst into one thing after another.

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I love Marvels at people like this, like who like the Sahaba. For example, we said we said it's not 40. So the province will allow you to sell them this prophet when was deferred until he was 40. Perhaps to be seen by stryver. This is not a young man anymore, because that's how they saw 40. They saw seen in this age of maturity, okay, we can listen to this person. And so I was of mercy for the people of lies, though Jen gave it to him when he was 14. So he can be validated in their eyes.

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But everyone who found him was younger.

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Workers sleep was less than the prophet SAW Selim. So he was, you know, was even younger men and our fan was young.

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You know how young he was?

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Who set up his age, who leads an army and 17 he was young.

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Why didn't the gentleman who sent us the folly of Yemen is 28 years old. I'm the one who screwed was a young man who narrated to us a fifth or a quarter of our, our the heavy cannon, meaning that the lifestyle of the province also led statements and actions that was to hurt more, I did not number the 15 years old.

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In the famous story when he stood there and said, Yes, he was also young, by the way, way younger than 40. He said, I heard him. I heard the first the prophet SAW some of them. And when they came at him, and they swipe the sword at his arm, and he could not continue in the battle with this at 15 years old, he said, I sat down, and I put my arm on their knee, which was hanging by my skin, and I stepped on it and I stood up to get it off. So I can keep these were all young people alive. So ajet Marvels at a person like this.

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And you know, even among the championing of the early generations, the youth who understood that they were not children as 15 year old adults at 15, you're an adult. And you know, at 16 years old, he asked how he died in the year 122. After his drop.

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He would walk in the streets and the seniors, the senior people, elderly people, and also many of us dollars, one time that the general or the governor he saw 400 plus people walking behind. So he said this is disrespectful, disrespectful to the elders for you to accept being their leader. And so he said to him Kempson Nick How old are you? Carla kissing me.

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Who Sam acnezine I was I am like the age of oh seven needs z

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while he was the immediate the leader

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who opposed to Jason fee here, go back and be back in normal mode while he was leading an army that contain that will work in Oman, people older than him. And so the thought it said to him to cut them barakallahu li stepped forward May Allah bless you.

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Keep going on with your business. You have every right to do this. I have no and that by the way that begs a very important question. We can sit here and talk about how great the early use the word but

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how helpful are we to empower our youth, to empower our youth to give them responsibilities in our families, and in our massagin, to serve their respective needs to acknowledge their growth to stop looking at them, like their children? How often do we do this? You know, it's not giving someone responsibility, some sort of leadership, even if supervision is gonna happen from a distance, that's of the ways that you bring them to fulfill their potential. They say you can be something at this age.

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And this is what our province will allow you to do. He would not just wait for age, and it wasn't even about how religious you were either. You know, many times we have this idealistic issue that, you know, if the youth are committing certain things, they can't be involved in the messaging that can't be involved in the dialogue, or they're not even welcome. They don't even feel welcome. Sometimes, like can you imagine also have a demo on their off on the bottom of paper, and a person is struggling with the desire and lust that he has? He was his jihad, his battle, his struggle was it was alcoholism. Like imagine people are in a battle. And he sees people that used to do what he

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used to do drinking the alcohol, and he kind of just like walks off to the side. And like, goes into the alchemists. He's drinking alcohol with them. And he regrets it again, he repents again, he tries again from, from scratch from the beginning, like, Can you imagine this? Can you imagine a young man that lives there with a barrel table or gives a lecture and on his way to give the lecture kind of like his old friends call and he can't resist that he picks up the phone call and, and he goes and makes a trip to the bar or something.

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And if we have time, we'll come back to this. But that's one of the reasons why we're eating our youth. We're demanding a certain degree of religiosity even, you know, even our youth, we said, it's way beyond 15 years old sometimes are you go to college, and they come out of college, and they're there in the professional, you know, workspace, and then they don't find any place for themselves and the message like you're just you're still young. But I lead a team of, you know, of it engineers or corporate officials or I know processes, I know how to make things work, and you're refusing to recognize that that's one of the reasons they walk away from the massage, right, we're showing them

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you cannot really be someone in the religious sphere until you get older. And then you wonder why you have children in the massage because their parents forced them to be there. And we have adults in the massage it because they are forcing their kids to be there, they're keeping a close eye and that middle sector for 15 to 35. Very little people are just very busy. And they keep telling themselves when I get older, if they get older.

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But if there are youth here and there are many youth here, please do not do that to yourself, realize this face that you're in will never come back. If a person does not get used to something when they're early Old habits die hard. And even if they like who memorize what and when they're older. who becomes Muslim while most of the converts in this age group right? Why were most of the those who rejected the province are those that were older you probably won't happen

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even if you find the opportunity to you make make after college I get a job and start attending the massage it again or the parents may think so that's impossible.

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Nine times out of 10 99% of the time, perhaps this does not happen. You think you'll be free or when you get to college and then college think oh, that's a workload now and then Okay, when I finished college, but then you have a career now you have to get married, okay, after I get married, I'll start settling down but when you get married, you have more expenses now and you have your parents and your in laws to appease then you have kids and there's doctor's appointments and that when the doctor's appointments you need there's more expenses and then okay when the kids get older I'm gonna memorize for and start coming to the massage and even then they usually don't come the minority of

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people are in the massage and even those that bring their kids what percentage is that? And then your kids get older you think you'll be free when they get older and get married off? No. Now we were solving problems, marital problems, drama between the husband and the wife, your kids, it will not happen. So you capitalize and the parents help them lure them into their own success into the into recognizing this opportunity. Let them feel it. Let them understand and also be realistic about it when you do it. You know,

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they saw a young man

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who narrates this as as well as yourself man he says capital original number one says they saw a man passed by the prophet SAW Selim is Dr. Soto La La Murakami. Jenna Do you want to eat no Canada had that he said if only This guide is more dedicated to religion. If only this was in the path of alone, they saw how muscular abroad how strong he was physically. They said If only he was an asset to us, meaning if only he would come out to battle with us in the path of Allah. He will protect this lab service lab and the Muslims.

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And so the province of Allah Why didn't you send them said in Canada Haha, yes. He slaughtered for who? ifisa de la

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This young man if he went out

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to provide for his young children that is part of the path of of love. He said when can apologize.

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He said he didn't know. And if he went out so he can take care of his parents that are old and weak and that is in the path of Allah. Allah, Allah Giada nefs yesod nfcu

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Videla and if he comes he walked out to provide for himself and to keep himself chaste or to keep himself dignified and be able to get married or not have to beg for money, then that is in the path of of love. He said to them, when can I follow Jeff? Yes, Leah and we'll move

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And if if

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he walked out so that he can show off to people and boast about himself, then this is in the path of shame on this heavy there's so many lessons in it. But when you think about your youth, understand what you want from them, don't ask for too much and you get nothing at all.

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He Alex auto celibacy, you being a devout youth does not mean you are in an isolation, you don't benefit the world around you. You just you lock yourself up in the cave, you just have this unrealistic understanding of what it means that Allah will provide for you. That's not it at all. You need to benefit your the world around you, you need to serve your room. You know, even one of the shoe he mentioned a story about a young man who kind of like put a stamp on his life, his work, his career, everything.

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And they said he said to them, what happened is that he went to just dedicate himself to the worship, not to know anything but the message basically, to live in MSG 24 seven, they said he went far off at some event in place. And so we went to and told them what in the world do you do you think Allah wants this from you? Do you think this is what it means to live for the sake of Allah.

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He said, bla bla bla showed me a sign. He showed me a blind bird being provided for buy a bird that could see it would put food in its mouth. So I knew Allah would provide for me. So from the wisdom of the chef, he said to him, Why in the world did you choose to be the blind bird? Why couldn't you be the other bird. And so we're not asking people to not have their careers. The province of Silla did not accept that even he corrected the understanding of also having our youth need to go on and work on their future and excel in their future, but not to be career driven, meaning consumed by their careers, excel in your career, and be the best person ever as a as a young person. Absolutely.

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But do it with a salad for lunch, not for your career, not for yourself, but for him for your own good. But there are people who paid 1000s of dollars and the food was is winding down, I don't have six, seven minutes left, they pay 1000s of dollars. And I just spoke to one of them yesterday, they attend Princeton University, they said George Georgetown University, some of the highest end University, some of the Ivy League University in this country, and people are paying so much money to learn about how to have what they call nowadays in the textbooks, moral fortitude, or spiritual strength, which basically means regardless of what happens in life, I'm going to behave a certain

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way. I'm going to not be affected by my losses, I'm not going to be derailed by my gains, I'm going to be who I believe I should be, regardless of the factors. This is what's meant. This is what the prophet sallallahu wasallam was speaking about. One of the ways that this is impeded, is because our unrealistic understanding of what it means to be a devout youth. And the other misunderstanding I'll address that after the rest of Sharma would have already had

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111 salam o.

00:24:15--> 00:24:16

Allah, Allah,

00:24:18--> 00:24:20

Mohammed Abu Dhabi.

00:24:22--> 00:24:29

And so the first trip of from being one of these devout youth is thinking that you need to be in the masjid all day, every day.

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And that's not sustainable. It's not going to happen. So if that's your impression, and you expect her of yourself or of the youngsters around you, it will never happen. So how about the above on the students of the prophets of Salaam were much more human than us? They understood that this religion was their priority, but it didn't get in their way of engaging the realities engaging the real world. The second misunderstanding is to think you'll be able to

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Do that, to get that balance without coming to the massage at all. without keeping a routine of connecting with a law spending, are you dedicated yourself to a love ritually, religiously? I mean by religiously with extreme dedication? Absolutely. Because

00:25:21--> 00:26:04

the more you add, some people think some people think that a devout youth means you'll never commit sins, like when I say have the balance, go ahead and have your career just don't violate your religion. I don't even mean this is the second problem, that you're not allowed to violate your religion at all. I mean, you're not allowed, but you're expected to this expectation is not supposed to make you feel comfortable about this obeying of law. It's supposed to make you hopeful when you disobey almost kind of a god. Because Chevron's real door here is real door to the youth here is not the sin itself. But it's using those sins, using those bad decisions, those mess ups that are

00:26:04--> 00:26:07

natural, they're expected, there's no way around them. Sometimes the youth

00:26:08--> 00:26:25

is to get that to throw all the acts of obedience out of their life. And so when a person commits a sin, he does so based on Bob, and because they're so emotional, when they're younger, we are so emotional, and you're younger, we're more susceptible to this right or less stable or less deliberate.

00:26:27--> 00:26:40

After they commit the sin, they get this like emotional void, like this spiritual emptiness. They feel like JSON tells them you're disgusting. You can never be a good person. It's over. You're finished.

00:26:41--> 00:26:42

Why is our money believing you?

00:26:43--> 00:26:47

And so this idealism that JSON, what's in your head

00:26:48--> 00:26:50

is the most dangerous factor, you see.

00:26:52--> 00:27:01

That's why the danger of the sin is the the chain reaction, it causes that you commit another sin after it, and another sin after it, and it becomes your lifestyle.

00:27:02--> 00:27:12

But if you commit a sin, you're supposed to islamically immediately follow up following up with a good deed allows them to progress on setups as well as very

00:27:14--> 00:27:18

quickly follow up the bad deed with a good deed for that little eraser will erase straightaway it's gone.

00:27:20--> 00:27:24

But when you leave, he can get you to stop committing the good deeds.

00:27:25--> 00:27:34

If you are able to keep coming back to the good deeds, having a routine, keep coming back to the good deeds, they will eventually get the sins out of your life.

00:27:35--> 00:28:04

That's what Alonzo gently told us so relevant to the prophets, the pious and everybody. Everybody has to make telephone, everyone has to make a cell phone. Everyone has to follow up their bad deed with a good deed to wash it away. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Valhalla, Yemen had that amendment of love will not grow tired of forgiving you have rewarding you until you grow tired of appealing for applying for it.

00:28:05--> 00:28:50

You know, the scholars say one of the conditions of your telma your apology your user to be accepted is for you to not for you to be determined not to go back to your sentence for you not to be determined not to go back. They say what that means is even if a lot of knows that you are going to get weak again, but you don't notice you're being honest. You're really trying to repent. Even if Allah knows you're gonna commit this in in another hour or another five minutes or another week, he will still forgive you when you sought forgiveness. He will not judge you based on his knowledge about you. He will judge you upon how see how sincere you are in that moment. That's it.

00:28:54--> 00:29:35

You know what one of the writers on this subject, I found a beautiful word for it. He says shavon who makes you think that the the defect in your life somehow? Some of us have, they were still so happy. So when we say this devout youth, you can be one of those devout you your children can as well so long as you have a mechanism to keep flushing it out. So long as you don't get yourself drowned. He said it's like the example of someone who finds a fly in his house. And he's so bothered by that fly that he breaks one of his walls to let the fly out what's gonna happen ever all the bugs are going to come in now. He says so person that commits whatever the commits

00:29:36--> 00:29:56

so long as you don't allow yourself to feel so ugly that how can I get? I just visited this website. How can I keep meeting these brothers and smiling and acting religious and brain reset in the masjid when I just you know, did whatever I did. He says you continue and you continue to fall you continue coming to the massage and

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you continue studying the sooner your profits offset

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Have you continue rehearsing all of these meanings, reading what the wife of the prophet SAW said that our conference is coming, bring your family to it. But that's something you have to rehearse. It has to keep happening. It has to keep coming up in your life.

00:30:15--> 00:30:33

And you can be absolutely certain that if you have youth in your life, those youth will not do that. I'm not talking about to the youth for a second, and I switch it back to the parents one last time, they will not do that, unless you do it. Unless they see that routine in you.

00:30:34--> 00:30:48

You know, one of the big writers on like life coaching and these these types of genres, he says parents, children have always been bad at listening to their elders, but they have never failed at mimicking their elders.

00:30:50--> 00:30:59

And the honor they used to say this a long time ago, they say Mr. Tom abana, couldn't a farmer in New Jersey, at the blue.

00:31:01--> 00:31:05

When Sharon Nash, Nash will live in America.

00:31:07--> 00:31:53

They say basically, listen, oh, Father, oh, head figure, oh, if one person, don't you see that the branch your children are an extension of you. The branch always imitates those that raised those that took care of it, they'll imitate them, they may not listen to them, but they'll find themselves imitating them in the end. And every young person grows up in the exact same way that their father had habituated them, the habits they put into them, you know, even nowadays, and with this, like closing, it's just so amazing. When you study domestic violence cases, people, women wives that are beaten at home, they say, there is usually a very high percentage that this child who saw his mother

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get beat up, and he was traumatized by it and hated it so much, will still grow up and beat his wife.

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He'll still fall into wife better, because he hated it so much because it was his mother. But at the same time, it got planted in his subconscious. That's how you deal with a woman when she upsets you. And so actions speak louder than words and you need to set the model for what you're trying to instill. If you don't come into the massage and have halaqaat in your house regularly revisit the life of the province.

00:32:26--> 00:32:35

Your children will not do this. And they could be farther than you and needed far more than you need me a lot. So just make our youth the youth development sponsor.

00:32:37--> 00:32:46

And enjoy a life of nearness to Allah and enable them to develop the qualities now that will stick with them when they need them even more later on in life. Love them. I mean, a lot more.

00:32:47--> 00:32:51

Awesome. Elena, that's a Nina Nina supersalon Gina

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Jen Nicola, it's Korean Iran. A lot of Muslims

00:33:04--> 00:33:04

of Muslim.

00:33:06--> 00:33:10

Women will let the data Idina false on what he said

00:33:12--> 00:33:15

about Muslims and he was certainly positive about it.