Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 14 – Healthy Pride

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Santa Monica and welcome back to Allah loves. So the word pride almost always has negative connotations throughout the book of Allah and throughout the sin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the Prophet peace be upon him said that whoever has an atom's worth of kibin, in his heart of pride in his heart will not enter Paradise. It is pride that destroyed shape on that destroyed the devil. It is pride that has destroyed many nations that came before us. And many people that lived in time of the Prophet peace be upon him, before him and after him that rejected the truth out of a sense of pride. But what Allah does for us is that a lot takes qualities that could be negative, and they are

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instead harnessed for a greater good, and that's something that we find throughout the Quran as well, that this idea of competition that we as people naturally like to compete, so a lot did not change the competition, or did not change the competitive nature of the Sahaba, or the believers by extension, but instead, a lot directed their competition to something else, which was to compete for a lost favor. And if you're competing for a loss favor, then in the process of that competition, you won't do anything to compromise a loss favor. So pride does have some connotations of good at times, but it's very, very limited and very restricted to a few contexts. So we find, for example, you

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know, the profit slice that I'm talking about a person who is sitting in a gathering and though the word pride is not used, but if you think about a person of strength, once again, sits in the gathering, and the people say something that is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala the people are speaking in backbiting or in some sort of falsehood. And a person doesn't say anything. And the Prophet peace be upon him says that that person is raised up on the day of judgment and is told Why didn't you say anything? You heard the people saying such and such. And the person says cliche to us while I was afraid of people, and the Prophet peace be upon him said Allah will say to him, Allah

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was more worthy of being feared than those people that were around you. So this isn't pride, but a sense of strength, right to raise your voice to speak up when something Something is happening around you. Now, this particular Hadith is an Abu Dawood and it has two components. We'll cover one in this video and then we'll cover the next one inshallah, on the next episode, the prophet peace be upon him said that there's a type of pride and the word use is hella not kibeho Yella, which is a type of pride or boastfulness at times, that is loved by Allah, and a type that is hated by Allah. So there's a type of Allah May, Allah that Allah loves when my little whole lot and that which Allah

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hates. So the Prophet peace be upon him said, the type of pride that Allah loves, is a person in battle or in charity. And the type that Allah hates, is an oppression is when it leads to a sense of oppression. So what is the profit slice I'm talking about? Well, in war, if you think about in battle, the people doing their war dances in advance, they're boasting and advancing. I was just in New Zealand, I saw the haka. And I thought it was the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen in my life. I want my kids to be able to do that right, but a show of strength, right. So the prophets lie, Selim was amongst very proud people in their ability to fight on the battlefield. And that came

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into the benefit of Islam and to the believers that you had proud warriors that entered Islam as well. And that meant something when you're when you're going to battle with a much bigger army. So there's a narration about Abu jhana. For example, the famous warrior that Abu Jana had a certain walk and he had these war dances. And he had the red bandana that he would tie around his head before battle and the Prophet slicin saw his boasting in his walking and he said that this is a walk that is hated by Allah, except for in this situation. Like this is a situation that's the exception. But this type of tried before a battle is actually a good thing. Because the Muslim had the benefit

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of those companions. instilling confidence and fear in their enemies was was you know, outweighed the the typical harm of an act like that, also, when it comes to charity, that a person feels a sense of competition, that a person is driven to do more, not that a person boasts or that a person harms that a person has bad intentions. But if this group of people came and they donated this much, you know what, I want to donate this much. Instead, they're moved by something else. And so it becomes a public competition, not out of ego, but again, out of competing for the favor of Allah subhanaw taala. And you see the tribes competing, you know, tribalism is a horrible thing. But the

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prophet sly seldom allowed the tribes to encourage one another and to compete with one another and trying to do good and trying to come forward with their charity. So if you think about some of the ways that we compete with one another in good the way that I Wilbekin and almost competed with one another and good that you know what, I have to move forward, I have to do more service. I have to do more solid, more charity.

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And competing for that. So that sense of pride is not a bad sense of pride, because it has a good purpose. The drive is good, and the result of it is good as well. The type of hated pride is the one where someone starts to harm someone, or someone starts to become arrogant or someone starts to lose sight of the goal and where someone starts to act in a way that is disliked by Allah subhana wa Tada. So again, this speaks once again to one of the qualities of strength that Allah subhanaw taala loves, that a person feels motivated and competes for the goodness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and takes pride in always trying to be the best at deeds that are best for the best of intentions as

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well. We ask a lot to grant us that type of healthy pride, always from a sincere intention alone. I mean, does that mean Oh Hayden See you all next time in sha Allah said I want to live again.