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Smell now handled last semester lesson America spotlight Alibaba catalyst Israel was as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014 In fact, this is the final episode of this

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last month of Ramadan 2014. Yesterday we started talking about the relationship we have built with the client out this month. And

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and and they mentioned the fact that the end has rights upon us and has rights upon us what are some of the rights of the end? Well, the first line of the end is called Cara hoppity, our right to be read and the right to be

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know to read. And what kind of Oh, Matthew salamin as the Prophet Mohammed says in Psalm wisdom, this hadith is narrated by Abu Mohammed, I'd be a moment where he says

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that the Prophet Mohammed also some said yes, or no yes, Yama, piano shafia. And yes, hobby

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for it comes as an intercessor intercessor in the day of judgment for those of us to read it. So the Quran is either a witness for you or the witness against you, witness for you refuse to read the Quran and act upon it and read this against you for those who used to neglect it, or maybe those who read it, but don't apply what they read in it. So the first right of the Quran is the right of recitation. The second light of the Quran is hypo Samar. The right to be to be to listen to Allah subhana wa tada says insalata Rf and number two is number 204. Out of 204

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what are the no fest 10 year old who say to come to the honeymoon window and it's been it's been recited, listen to it.

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Listen to it, you know,

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until hamasaki may be so that you may attain mercy from Allah Subhana Allah Tada. So listening to the call and some people they just sometimes play the piano in the background as they're doing you know work and they're not really listening to it you just like a background noise at home or in the car. When the plan has been recited. You should listen to it. The third the right of the plan is helpful to the bottom half of the boat the right of pondering, pondering Allah subhanho wa Taala says Mohammed number 24

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Ministry of Foreign

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Affairs whoo

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whoo hoo ha don't they ponder? Don't they think about the pollen don't they ponder when the contents been narrated or recited or they have locked hearts Allah COVID Uk federal law so when you read the call and listen to the call and and also when you read or listen try to ponder upon what you read the right number four I'll have an amicable call and the four rights is to act upon the end not just read it

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you know when the end when you have a message like yeah you have Latina M and O you who believe Allah is talking to whom he's talking to you you know associate mlbs la la I'm hearing I'm all ears yeah you have Latina woman do or don't you know so

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when you hear do do it you know act upon what you read in the ad and the fifth and last you know I write on and is happy to that we will earn

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the right to use Docker and as a means of cure as the mean of Shiva the Prophet Mohammed used to do that on the Sahaba you know when somebody is sick you know you don't like the fact you have total aloha

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ness you know the and why we that this is another right that the Quran has upon us my brothers and sisters and has not been revealed so that we can decorate our homes with it or put you know like you know, pictures of you know, with an arm and put them in our homes and was not revealed for for such a thing but the end has been you know what was revealed for us as a guide as a guide my brothers and sisters I'ma

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fall upon Allah subhana wa COVID several names May Allah subhana wa tada and he give us the understanding of the law he the day when we go back to the end of the day when we're gonna get back our is our karma our dignity it's all integral amabilis and sisters and sisters the last final episode my brother's tomorrow shot lozada is eight I want to take advantage of this of this moment to tell you that you know the sooner of eight is that before you leave home, you know, you you you break your fast First of all, you know with with one or three dates or five dates, you know, and then you go to the you know, you take a shower and put your most beautiful garments, you know, you

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know take your family with the aid. Is there anything that has been revealed or you know, reported in terms of greetings of aid is no no nothing from the sun.

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In fact of how the Prophet used to say in terms of you know the the different ways of addressing people for the eight you could say eight MOBOTIX cobalamin a woman comes to Kabbalah Sahaja Yoga to come you know anything you know it's it's fine because there is nothing really that has been reported by the prophet Mohammed Allah His salatu salam and all fours Do not forget for the Federal Circuit of the federal law you know the the for the families you know, you have two types of circuit you have the circuit of the wealth and the circuit that is being paid in the in the in this in this particular eat, you know, which is the for every member of the family even some scholar said if you

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know if if a baby has four months you know that has not been born yet and he has only four months still you know, you have to pay the capital photo you know for for that baby according to some schools of thought Subhanallah So, this is the second which is in fact obligatory you know, now it is obligatory you know for the upon us we Muslims, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us call to practice and to convey tomorrow is to deal with the day of happiness the day of joy the day of smiles on Sharma who tada you know, go back and try to you know those amongst you you haven't spoken to you know try to hook back with them in shallow data. You know, maybe make some phone calls and

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and wish you know, happy a to your friends and family and parents was a must have not got the parents, the parents, the parents, especially if they're alive, you know, spend some time with them and read them and hug them your children spend time with the children to like I said tomorrow is the day of joy. May Allah azza wa jal help us to practice and to convey and another episode of Rocky Ramadan inshallah 2015 I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.