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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various prophets and actions, including the loss of a companion and the use of stones and shoes. A woman named Asuna is the beloved one of the prophets, but she refuses to take a ride and the man tries to convince her to pray before being killed. The situation escalates when a man mocks a woman and she refuses to take the ride, but she eventually receives a call from an angel making it clear to him that he is an angel.
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I think people forget sometimes that the prophets lie some was alone and live for many of the moments of life. There was one companion that was with him and that was a didn't how to follow the law. Tadano so imagine being there for the worst moments of the prophets iCIMS life

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when the prophets lie some is being mocked in the worst way. On the profit side, some is being humiliated on the profit side some is being hit with stones and shoes. Zaid little the Allahu Taala and Hall was the one who was with the Prophet sighs I'm in thought and was actually trying to stop the stones as they were coming towards the prophets I send them and also took a beating himself he's also that one companion that was entrusted with accompanying the family of the prophets I'm on the heads are so faulty model the Allah on her own could film or the allow her and her so that'll be allow her they all went with Zaidan Hadith to and Medina and of course he himself his position with

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the Prophet slice LM he was Hibou Rasulillah Isilon, he was the loved one of the Messenger of Allah slice LM and that's a lofty position to have. Because what it tells us is that loving Zaid is Asuna if the prophets lie some loves him so much that he is the beloved one of the Prophet slice of them than to love him as soon and it's a great way of enjoying closeness to the messenger SallAllahu wasallam. So this story that I'm going to share with you two narration from Latham and Sarah, to record it as well, by webinar, that bottle and even Kathy it, that'd be day when you hire, that they didn't have any thought all the Allahu Tada on home once rented a new rule from a man and a thought.

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So he's out on this journey. And he asks to rent this meal to right. And the man tells him that, okay, I'll rent it to you for such and such price. But at the same time, I have a shot, I have a condition said what is the shot, he said, I need you to take me to a particular place after we get to this place, you can drop me off there, and then we'll agree upon a time that you'll be able to ride and you come back and you'll pay me and that'll be the end of that. So it seems like a pretty normal transaction, right? So as a low the low and who says so I agreed to the condition. And this man from five tells me go this way, go this way, go this way until we ended up in a very strange

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alleyway, right? This is something that you might actually be able to relate to in that sense we end up in a very strange alleyway. And when we got to this alleyway, I see a bunch of dead bodies. It was a very dark and scary situation. So it's a little the low on who said I realized as soon as we got there what the man was about right the basically the man led me to this place. He was gonna rob me he was gonna kill me and he was gonna throw me with the rest of the dead bodies. So as a little the low tide on who looks at him and he said the man you know they've got off the the mule and the man was walking up to him to kill him. And a little the Allah Tada and he said, I said to him

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Dharani Orsolya Alacati Look, can you let me pray to cause before you kill me? It's Pamela this becomes a sunnah by the way of sorts. When you see many scholars in history that would ask as they were about to be killed by their tyrants. Give me a chance just to pray a couple of records. Let me pray to Doc as to Allah subhanaw taala. Let the last action be salah. Okay, if you're going to do this anyway. So the man says to him, he mocks me says you think the prayer did any good for these people? Right? That's a lot. Do any of these people good? He said, go ahead and pray. Okay, fine. Go ahead and free. So they will have the Allah Tada. And who said, so I started to pray. And he said,

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when I started to pray, the man was not patience with me finishing my prayer. He walked up to me to kill me. So as he walked up to me to kill me, I said, Yeah, out of hammer law, he mean, almost Merciful of those who show mercy. And suddenly we heard a voice law tuck too low. Don't kill him. So he said, The man was surprised by the voice. So he went out to look and see where the voice was coming from, is there someone that is approaching? And that's going to stop him or attack him? But he found nothing. So as a though the law and who said I continued in my salon, he approached me again to kill me. And I said, Yeah, are hamara Haneen Oh, Most Merciful of those who show mercy. And

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he said the same thing happened. He went out. He looked to see where that voice was coming from, he couldn't figure it out. And he said, the third time he comes to me again to do it. And I say, Yeah, I'll hammer Well, I mean, almost Merciful of those who show mercy. And he said, When he did that, and I said that, suddenly I saw a man coming forward, and he had a spear. And at the tip of that steel spear was fire, and this horseman throws the spear directly through that man, and it kills him.

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And then the horseman turns to me, and he says, when you

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called out. Yeah, out of Hama Raha mean almost merciful those who show mercy Harlequin tufa summer is sabya I was in the seventh heaven. So he's an angel. He's making it clear to him that I'm an angel. I was in the seventh heaven when you called out. Yeah, Muhammad. Well, I mean, and when you call out the second time, yeah, Rama la he mean he said by the time you called up the second time he said come to fissa dunya I had just come down to the heaven directly above the earth. And he said when you called out and said, Yeah, I'll hammerlock. I mean the third time, he said, I made it to you. By that time I made it to you. And subhanAllah that is when he actually killed the man who

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intended to kill David and have Ethan will the Allahu Tada and who would live of course, to become a martyr in the Battle of Mota. So this is a powerful example. Subhanallah not just for Zaidan how to follow the law. But in general, the way that Allah subhanaw taala protected these companions, and it's not just in the battles, which we'll talk about, but even the idea that when they call out to Allah, Samantha with such conviction, that the heavens would be moved by the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala to come to the aid of that person to where this angel comes from the highest of the heavens to support this man who was one of the highest of the companions, and the most beloved

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of Rasulullah sallallahu it

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