Ramadan 2017 – Khatirah Night 3

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What’s Your Secret?

2017-05-28 at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center

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Oh Colin fucile dorico to do who you are Alam Hola. Los palletizers say if you hide, hide something within yourself or if you make it known, Allah subhana wa tada knows it already. There's nothing that you could possibly hide from Allah. So a lot of knows what you have on the inside. And Allah knows what you disclose to the people a little bit over a loss of hundreds it says yo Mataji couldn't do enough cinema. I mean that's been hiren ma ma ma ma ma that's minzu. Allah says on that day, a person would see their good deeds, the good deeds that they worked, and they would see the evil, doodle and avena how abena Whoa, Emma Dunbar either, you would want nothing to do with your

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sins on that day, as your sins are brought forth on the Day of Judgment, you would want nothing more than to not have them assigned to you than to have absolutely no association to those sense to be as distant as possible. And on that day, it all comes out. Everything on that day comes out. Allah subhanho wa Taala either will call you to account for it privately, or it will be publicly put on display for the nations to see. But everything comes out. And when a person sees their sins and the things attributed to them, then they feel a sense of doom. And Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that if you hide it, or you disclose it Alon knows, and that's actually what counts. Meaning what if

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you've managed to hold off so many of these ugly sins from the sight of the people. That doesn't mean that they won't be brought out on the Day of Judgment. You may very well proceed through this life and pass away without any of your secrets being made known or many of your secrets not being made known. But Allah knows they will be brought out on the Day of Judgment. And that's why the Mohammed bin and Josie Rahim Allah says something very beautiful. He said that know that if people are impressed by you, they're not impressed by you. They are impressed by the hijab the veil that Allah subhanaw taala has provided for you. If people think good of you, it's not because that's who

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you are. It's because of the veil that you have that Allah subhanaw taala has beautified, but then Look who we get into in terms of stories. We get into the lives of people that actually had good secrets, not bad secrets, good secrets. The secret of the mother of Millennium had not been to factoids, Hannah or you know, the Catholics call her saint and the wife of Emraan, the mother of monogram it has set out as she is as she's bearing this child. And she has this conversation with a loss of hundreds out. And she dedicates this child to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the private moments, the secret the secret sincerity that this woman had when she gave birth to her daughter,

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thinking that it would be a son gives birth to her daughter, and has these wishes has these, these claims and these intentions that she makes before her Lord. And look what Allah subhanaw taala makes out of this woman's intentions. And then we have Zachary it has set up Zacharias when he takes to the corner after he sees them. And he calls upon Allah subhanaw taala to I'm here with a secret prayer zecharia did not know that those words that he would use in that prayer would become part of the Quran that we would recite out loud in massages and in our homes. And there isn't a moment in the world right now, where the private prayer of zecharia is not being recited by somebody. You

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think about that. Zachary was so quiet when he called upon a law that no one around him could hear because he wanted to maintain that sincerity. He wanted his drought to be sincere supplication to be sincere. So if you were standing 10 feet away from him, you would not be able to hear him. But here you are, you know, 1000s of years later, and you hear him? Allah has made his words known to you. A lot brought out his good secrets. The point is dear brothers and sisters, what are your secrets? What are the things that are between you and your Creator? That no one knows about it? How much of it as bad and how much of it is good? How much of it is private worship and sincere supplication?

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How much of it is private sin and sin and secret disobedience of Allah? subhanaw taala? How much of it? Do you want to come out on the day of judgment that no one else has seen up until that point? What's your secret? Who are you in the dark? What do you have between you and Allah? You know, one of the special qualities of fasting is that

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teaches us how to worship a lot in private. When Allah subhana wa tada says, a psalm Li, that fasting is for me and I rewarded accordingly. All the other actions are for him. the sincerity of your fast is that you don't break it even in private. You still maintain it even in private, you're being taught you're disciplining yourself to worship a loss of how to hoods out alone. There's a sincerity in them. That when you're all alone, and no one knows you still don't grab that bottle of water, you still don't go out there and break your fast you still maintain it? You're being taught to do things for a loss upon what's out alone. So some people have bad secrets. Fewer people have

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good secrets. May Allah make us amongst those who have good secrets. Lama amin May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to allocate in this month of Ramadan and beyond a private share of worship that no one would find out about in this world that no one would come to know of in this life. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allow us to be forgiven for our sins, the private ones and the public ones to allow us to repent for all of those things, whether they are private or public or small or large. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to get over our bad habits in this Ramadan and to replace them with good habits a lot, man, I mean, Zack and I want to come along the council