The 3 Biggest Issues of the 21st Century

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Khutbah 16 November 2018

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa ilaha illAllah Walia Salim y Shahada Mohammed Abdullah, who was a solo heart to Milan via he was more sunny

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Allahumma salli wa sallam, other Abdi kawada zuleika Mohammed by the alley he was happy woman da da da what he was tending to be so nutty Illa Yomi Dean was seldom to Sleeman kathira Ahmedabad for SQL will not see be taqwa Allah azzawajal was some evil ta will cool hug. suparna usabilla humulus shaytani regime? Yeah, are you hella Dena Hamada, taco la wa kulu, colons, Dida, your

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local Yaga fear local do know back home woman UT la vida Sula, for cod phazzer fosun alima.

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All praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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And I bear witness that Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, His Messenger, the seal of the prophets and the messengers. And may Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, and all those who establishes sooner, to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows, I remind myself first and you have the importance of taqwa, the importance of mindfulness of Allah, consciousness of Allah, being aware that Allah knows all that exists in front of us, and all that is in back of us.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his mighty called n

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in a way that was of critical importance to the companions of Prophet Mohammed Salah seldom at the time of Revelation, and it still remains of critical importance to believe is today,

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Allah has revealed, oh, you who believe have the consciousness of Allah, wa kulu, Poland's de da,

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and speak a straightforward word.

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He would repair your deeds forgive you or your sense, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, has shown the gains of mighty triumph. And so in this age that we live in an age of deception

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and age where what appears to be true, might possibly be false.

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In a world that we are living in,

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filled with distractions.

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The Book of Allah remains as a light to guide us in any form of darkness, whether it be spiritual darkness, economic, darkness, political darkness, any form, the Book of Allah is a light, which will guide us through the difficulties and obstacles which are placed in our path. And in this divine formula, Allah connects with the consciousness of Allah, that once we are aware of the Creator in all that we do,

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it should translate

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it translates through our words, colon sadita,

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a straight forward clear word. And once the data is looked at, it is speaking about something which is a truthful word,

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something which is straight to the point

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something which has no doubt in it. So when we speak, we should speak in this straightforward, this straightforward way.

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And this is of critical importance to us, especially with so many distractions around us.

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And in the past few weeks, these distractions have come to the surface

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with the elections that are happening here in the Americas elections in Brazil, elections in the United States, and while people were distracted with the elections, distracted with sports, distracted with the material world.

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Something is rumbling underneath. The true reality is rumbling and coming closer and closer to us by the day

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and one of the leading scholars

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intellectuals in the Western world at the time of the elections,

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made a bold statement.

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And this statement coincided with what we have been studying and understanding over the past few years.

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The statement said

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that for the first time,

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in recorded history,

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human beings have in their hand,

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the ability to maintain organized human life, or to destroy organized human life.

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And what that means is organized life. We live in a city, we have cell phone, we have cars, we have planes, we're organized, we literally are about to destroy it.

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Three issues and in these three issues

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will rest the fate of humanity, not the ultimate fate. Because Allah subhanaw taala is controller of the ultimate fate, but a little power that allows given us in this dunya world around us.

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This fate can be determined in these three issues. The first is nuclear war.

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The second

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is global warming.

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And the third is the sixth extinction.

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The first point of nuclear war.

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And as people are talking about their countries, and who should I elect and what is going on, how many of us realize that human beings right now in our hands, mostly in the Americas, there are 4000 active nuclear warheads 4000

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think of the bomb that hit Hiroshima and killed 80,000 people instantly.

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And with Nagasaki over 226,000, died in a few days. That's one, two, we have 4000 active heads, and between 10 to 15,000 weapons, which are ready to be activated.

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One mistake

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where it heads off from one side and hits the other and it starts to go will destroy organized life. Our infrastructure will be gone. Our airports, our cell phones, our electric grids

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can be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. And this lies in our hands.

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Number two, global warming.

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What has happened now with the warming and we understand this more in the north.

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And now they are saying in the north of Canada, that there is an increase in polar bears that the Inuit communities This is our country, the Inuit communities, there are polar bears coming into the community like never before. So they must be on the increase. But the scientist said No, they're not on the increase. The ice which is in the north where they used to live is melted.

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So they are forced to come down to us.

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So literally with this destruction of the atmosphere, and the warming of the seas, the water is rising. We are losing about 4.9 trillion tons of ice

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every year. It's pouring into the oceans.

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And it's having an impact and will impact our coastal cities. Not only with this rise, but flooding storms as we see the Hurricanes around the world earthquakes and fires terrible fire, which is striking not only other parts of the world, but right here in North America.

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And just last week, and the fires are still burning in California.

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The worst fire in the history of California is burning, and just now being put out still burning on the site.

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This fire was so terrible that in one town 10,000 homes were destroyed.

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People had to just get up and run a wall of fire coming at them. And you know what the name of the town was? paradise

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and we don't take joy in the suffering of people.

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But paradise turned into hell.

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Who did it, who's responsible 90% of fires in California are human made.

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It starts with the human being. And then with the global warming, with the heat, temperature, drought, all the conditions, it becomes the worst fire you ever saw in your life.

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So a combination

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of what humans did

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and what is happening in the atmosphere itself, right in front of our eyes, these things are going down.

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The third key point

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from these dangerous issues is the sixth extinction.

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And this is something which is known by people of science. It is known by people who are watching the world, but the average human beings

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who are watching the cell phone or the television or the movie are not aware of this. We think that the world has improved.

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But the reality that is coming in front of us is the sixth extinction.

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Six times it is understood over millions of years

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that animals creatures have become totally extinct. totally gone.

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Millions of years ago, and evidence is there climactic change, Ice Age coming in,

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destroying the creatures of the sea.

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Carbon Dioxide poisoning.

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In one case, an asteroid hit the Earth around Mexico and destroyed the dinosaurs.

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Total forms of life living on earth were made extinct and not come back.

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Five times that happened. And this is the sixth. But this distinct this extinction is different than the other ones. Because it is made by human beings.

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And our scientists recognize it themselves.

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We did it

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what is becoming extinct mammals and birds 60% of the mammals and birds on Earth are gone.

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And they will never return. Reptiles also and they will never return.

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And this six extinction continues. But yet distraction is there. We are distracted by things. We are distracted by the World Cup the Super Bowl extracted by distracted by the latest movie

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distracted by physical things in front of us. And Allah subhanaw taala told us in certain NBR

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a lot told us actor about the nasty hisab boom. We're homefield have flattened Murray Dune Marya t him and Declan mill Robbie him Martin in Leicester ma who were homea Abu.

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Allah revealed closer and closer to humanity comes their reckoning, yet they do not care and they turn away and whenever a new sign comes to them, this is the core and speaking

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whenever a new sign comes, they frown they turn away and they play well home yelapa Boone

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when the sign comes, they play.

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And so the signs are here very clearly in front of us. And we have an opportunity as the human race we have a chance the book of Allah subhanaw taala is amongst us the guidance and the way of Prophet Muhammad Sal Selim is amongst us.

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But somebody has to take it forward.

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And as we recognize what Allah revealed in the chapter of Rome, surrett or Rome, Allah revealed the huddled facade with battery well baja be Marchesa, but itns levy Tomba de la de Emmylou, La La homea Jihoon corruption has appeared on the land and the sea, because of what humanity's hands have done. And we will make them taste something of what they have earned, in order that they would return to the path.

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We will make them taste it

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It is said

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that just last week in Delhi, India

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the Diwali celebration was about to take place. And the government said clearly do not burn firecrackers.

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But the people said,

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if we don't have the firecrackers, what's the purpose, it's not a celebration. So they burned the firecrackers.

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And the smoke became so terrible that if you walk outside at a fast pace, you will cough as though you have a serious problem with your your lungs, you will have a terrible cough. So they said stay inside.

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It was one of the worst, if not the worst smoke index pollution index on the planet. Why? Because people wanted to have fun.

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And so we are at a critical point as a human race. And Muslims, we are a very, very critical point.

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As the ayah said,

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we will make them taste something of what they had earned, in order that they would return to the path.

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So the reason for this is to return to Serato. Mr. team who has the guidance of Serato Mr. Payne, it lies with the Muslims.

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This means that we will have to stand to the task.

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And I want to leave you with three key points. Number one, in all these difficulties, we hear it we see it at the cover up a lot. That we need to come closer and closer to Allah subhanaw taala. We have to increase in our good deeds. Increase in our awareness of salaat increase in the hustle not giving out to the poor.

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Increase in our actions come closer to Allah remember Allah subhanaw taala Prophet Muhammad SAW a solemn after the Battle of offered

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and this was a terrible battle for them.

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Many of the great companions had died.

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They were suffering

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and they returned to Medina. And the word came to Medina that Abu sufian and kodesh they were gathering at a place called Hebron asset. They were gathering at that place, a large crowd was gathering.

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And so fear spread. But Allah subhanaw taala revealed in sur le Emraan alladhina Kala humaneness in the NASA Jamuna config showhome for their home. Imagine what carlu Espanola nierman wikia

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Allah revealed

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to those people, to those who people said surely they have gathered together in large numbers so fear them, this increase their faith.

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And they said haspin Allah, when near melber kill, Allah is sufficient for us. He is the best to protect. And so whenever we feel fear, we are in a personal state of fear has been a law when the mlkl Our family is in fear. It's uncertain Espanola. We're near Milwaukee. Our oma is in trouble. Espanola. wundamail will kill. remember Allah subhanaw taala azada home, imagine the fear increase their faith, it increased their faith.

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And they said Allah is sufficient.

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Number two,

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operational unity.

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And that means that we as as believers are people that we have to break down differences amongst ourselves. Break down nationalistic differences, break down, even doctrinal differences come as close as we can to other believers. Identify with other people who are facing the Qibla who are praying to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Much lies on our backs, and allows most merciful to us in these dangerous situations to come to our assistance. And number three,

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that with this Deen that we have, whether it be small, we put it into practice and give Islamic solutions to real problems that people are facing. And these are problems on a personal level.

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social level, we are holding it with us. And it is the guidance of the Prophet Mohammed so Salah, imagine the Day of Judgment.

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And the Prophet peace be upon him said one of you imagine one of you on the Day of Judgment if one of you finds himself and the Dharma has started, and he has a seedling in his hand, a plant, he said failure to plant the seedling.

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Imagine Judgment Day, plant the seedling. Because that is our duty. Our duty is to enhance life. So in the most difficult circumstances, has been a lot with Mr. keel, we plant the seedlings and now is the time for us to plant the seedlings in the younger generation. Plant the seedlings with our example in society and have all of the people go one way we need to stay on the straight path as much as we possibly can. And we need to pray to Allah subhanaw taala for strength in these perilous times. And that our Muslim brothers and sisters who are in crisis can come through these crisis and we can unite ourselves and purify our leadership. purify those obstacles that are in front of us. I

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leave you with these thoughts and I asked a lot to have mercy on me and you akula Polly how that was helpful Ali welcome when he sadly Muslim medium and godly them been established federal in law who who will have affordable