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Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © A representative from Calum Institute discusses the issue of eating fast food while fasting, which is considered disavorable and dangerous. They explain that even small small the taste of fast food is not as good as it could have, and people should avoid it. The representative also emphasizes the importance of avoiding chewing on fast foods while fasting and mentions that people should avoid eating anything while trying to taste something.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu there's something nuts agenda from Calum Institute coming to you once again, with the alum Hangout. 30 days, 30 questions, answering your questions about the month of Ramadan? So the question that we got, and I actually get this question quite often, as soon as you know, when I started conducting Ramadan programs in Ramadan, Q and A's, and that is, what about tasting food while fasting? So particularly our have a lot of times, folks in general, especially sisters asking that if somebody's cooking food, can I just simply taste the food to see if everything is right, the ingredients are right, there's enough salt or not too much salt, or

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whatever the case may be, while I'm fasting? So to answer this question, again, I'm going to answer this question in a couple of parts, I'm going to break down the issue a little bit, as long as you are touching something to your tongue, where you can taste it on your tongue, but you do not swallow anything. Again, technically, that does not invalidate your fast that does not break your fast, it does not invalidate your fast, your fastest, okay? It is disliked, however, to be tasting something, even putting something on your tongue so much scope so much. So, the scholars were so particular about just even chewing on something or putting anything in your mouth or tasting something that

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they discouraged even chewing on things like sometimes people have a bad habit of, you know, chewing on the end of their pens that should be abstained from while fasting and one should not engage in that because, number one, it's disrespectful towards the fastest not becoming of a fasting person. And again, it is just inappropriate, and it is too close for comfort, if you will, obviously you're not going to eat your pen. But still you just want to abstain from any type of chewing and tasting all this type of stuff while you are fasting. So again, I was saying technically speaking, if you taste something, cut something to your tongue, as long as you do not swallow it, it will not

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invalidate your fast. However, it will still be disliked severely disliked. Secondly, you are toeing the line and you are putting yourself in a very dangerous situation. Because if you were to accidentally swallow something while trying to taste something that would invalidate your fat, I wouldn't just be an honest mistake. Oh, I didn't realize I was fasting, though. Because you knew you were fasting, you knew what you were doing. And you knew the risk that you were taking. So that will end up invalidating your fast if you do end up swallowing something. The second issue that I'd like to address in this answer is again, I said, Can you take something so technically speaking, it will

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not invalidate your fast but it is severely disliked? So you definitely don't want to do it. However, should you be tasting something, then the answer is definitely no.

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I've actually come across something and some of the older books of fatwa and things like that, it'll oftentimes talk about well, if there is a wife who fears, you know, the husband's anger about the food not being proper, or whatever the case may be. That is a much, much bigger issue than having to worry about tasting your food. All right, I'm not going to crack any jokes, I'm being very, very serious. That is a much, much more serious issue. That is a relationship that is potentially abusive, a relationship that is not considered to have one person's spirituality, and fasting and situation and circumstances. There are much, much bigger issues there that should be resolved

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through counseling and therapy and getting professional help. I'm being very serious here. And I don't think it's appropriate for us to give these types of answers like it's okay, you know, just go ahead and taste it so he doesn't get too upset, he doesn't get too angry, because that enables such bad behavior, and it encourages people to stay in and continue to put up with abusive relationships. So that's just a little bit of a side note that I had. So again, Can I taste something while fasting? Technically speaking, if you taste something, but touch it on your tongue, but you don't swallow it, that will not invalidate your fast however it is severely disliked. And secondly, should

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you absolutely not completely abstain from it, refrain from it, you know, worse come worse. There the food might not taste as superly awesomely fantastic as it could have. In that case, hello Alhamdulillah maybe everyone will eat a little bit less for today. Until next time, this happiness agenda from Calum Institute. Remember, if you want your questions answered about the month of Ramadan, go ahead and tweet them to us. You can leave them on the alum Facebook page. You can leave them in the comments of the video, and you can also email them to us questions at Calum institute.org Docomo located on was set amore Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Can I taste food while fasting?

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