Ramadan 2017 – Khatirah Night 23

Omar Suleiman


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What are you praying for? How to properly divide your duas (supplications) – This talk was delivered at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center.


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You have to take a moment to value what you already have. And if you're not able to put into perspective what you already have, then what you call for will also be skewed and messed up. If you're not dedicating a time of your prayer and your supplication just to say, Alhamdulillah, just to thank Allah for what you have the value, those of us who have children of being able to go home and hug our children, that value is more precious than anything in the world. And there were a dozen or so people today that were in Dallas, downtown Dallas that would wish they could be like you that would wish that they could just have the ability to hug their children, and to have them still alive

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with them in this world. Think about that for a moment. Think about how blessed you already are. And if you realize and unfancied. It starts off with praising Allah subhanaw taala Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen, thanking Allah for what you already have thanking him for what he's already blessed you with. Then once you've put that into perspective, then you know what to ask him for. And instead of being obsessed over asking for your next promotion, or asking for more money, you're asking for blessings of this and this and that, first and foremost and Hamdulillah, for what I already have committed enough for what I already have. There are people not just 1000s of miles away, there are

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people that live next door to you, and people that live 10 miles away from you, that would kill to be in your position. Just from what you have the things that you can assign dollar amounts to, and how much of your day goes to just sing Alhamdulillah goes to just thinking a lot some kind of wins out on the most beautiful questions. I know she asked that, Michelle, I mean, he and I had a session that isn't a few years ago on

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on supplication. And I remember a sister came up after that session and said,

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Is it okay to just do your Athena without a polyp to just find out as praise and follow up is asking, Is it okay sometimes to just make do out but don't actually ask for anything in particular.

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Of course, it's fine. And hamdulillah you should spend a significant amount of your supplication just saying and hamdulillah for what I have paying attention to it, thinking about it. Then you move on to Apollo then you move on to the ask Is it okay to ask for this? dunya absolutely asked for this world asked for things of this world. But the priorities you have in your day, say a lot about you as a person and how much perspective you have. And tells us robina artina for dunya has an awful lot he has no Okinawa but not that we ask Allah subhanaw taala give us the best of this world. And what is the best of this world is the is the best of this world. More materialism? No hustle and bustle

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Rahim Allah said, it has enough for dunya a or anyone now if you're always complaining about where I'm going and what's

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what means goodness in this world is beneficial knowledge, pure sustenance and accepted deeds. That's what the ayah means when you say well benenati enough for dunya Hasina, Warfield, karate Hasina and goodness in the hereafter. joaquina, Davina, and protect us from the fire on the Day of Judgment protect us from punishment. What we learn from this in terms of an equation for our DUI is that two thirds of our job should be accurate oriented in the first place, it should be related to the hereafter. And even when we ask of this world, we should keep things in proper perspective and know what we're asking for. Know why we're asking for it. If you're asking alone for something in

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this world, then attach something to it that you will do with what you're asking him for, for his sake. So don't just ask Allah subhana wa tada for something in this world to increase your salary, ask a lot to give you more so that you can give more, ask a lot to give you this so that you can do this with it for his sake so that you can do something good with it. Trying to set you're doing it in a way that reflects sound perspective, sound perspective, and we're lucky today. And just a show of hands. How many of you were there at the protest today? at the rally? I see you Omar who else was there? All the sisters Michelle, lots of sisters.

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Seriously, if you could look in people's eyes, it really is quite telling. It really is quite telling just that hamdulillah for what we have and hamdulillah for what we have, and hamdulillah for what we have and May Allah subhanaw taala use us to make things easier for other people as well to comfort other people that don't necessarily have what we have, that have been deprived of something that we that we have in this world may last parents out protect our families and bless us with our with our wealth and our families and everything he's given to us in this world and allow us to use these things in ways that are pleasing to Him. And just an assignment I want you to right now in sha

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Allah to Allah. Send a message to your family of love. Simple as that.

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I know some of you will be here all night. But to send a message of love and shout out to Anna, you don't have to send a long message, just the message of love something to just to be grateful to your spouse if you have if you're married, and to also if you can say something nice to your children, just stay at home that allow for what you have lots of data except this night from us and except this animal bond from us and allow us to have answered and accepted do as as well and allow us to ask him for things that are the most beneficial to us a llama I mean just a little famous than I want to come