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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 4 – Al Nisaa

June 9, 2016

Surah An Nisa verses 24 onward

Includes spiritual admonishes and legal rulings.

Verses 26 – 28 (Summary of the purpose of Islamic law)
“Allah wants to make clear for you…”
“Allah wants you to succeed” Allah admonishes the people of the book their faults but also highlights the good they did so we can do good too. Allah also wants to forgive us. “Allah’s mercy precedes his anger”
“Allah want to lighten your difficulties” Allah doesn’t burden us beyond our scope. The law has been legislated to make things easy for us, for e.g.. Restricting us from alcohol (harmful effects).

Verse 34 – “The abused verse” (or ‘the verse of abuse’)
Procedure of resolving conflict with one’s spouse.
Why an abused verse? Prophet (saw) is the Quran and he never beat any of his wives even though he may have reached divorced– does not mean to beat or strike (rather strike an example) – People abuse this verse saying wife beating is allowed!

Verse 36 onwards – focuses on different things other women’s laws.
“And worship Allah and do not associate anything with him….”
General rules of Ihsan are imparted, showing excellence to everyone: starting with one’s parents and ending with the stranger.
“When we bring upon every nation a witness and we bring you as a witness upon all of them…”
Why is it important that Rasul (Saw) is a witness for all mankind?
Abdullah Ibn Masood (ra) recited to Rasul (saw) Surah Nisaa until he reached verse 41
“When we bring upon every nation a witness and we bring you as a witness upon all of them…”
Rasul (saw) urged him to stop and began crying because he realized the Amanah he was given as an intecessor. May Rasul (saw) not be a witness against us.

Verse 43 –
“Do not approach the prayer while intoxicated….”
Legislation of tayammum is introduced as well

Verse 48
“And indeed Allah does not forgive association with him but he forgives everything else for whom he wills…”
Allah forgives everything except for shirk – May Allah forgive all our sins.

Verse 58
“Allah commands you to render trust…”
Give back trust to those who are due and Judge between the people with justice.
“Oh you who believe…Obey Allah, the messenger and those who have been granted authority over you…”
If you have been granted authority over people, be just and turn to the Quran and Sunnah

Verse 64
“No, by your Lord they do not truly believe until they make you the final judge…”
First few Juz – Allah mentions people going astray for desires and pride.
Here Allah says desires should conform to what Rasul (saw) has judged and as for pride they agree with the prophet (saw) snuffing their pride.

Verse 75
Battle has a noble purpose – For the sake of Allah – protecting the weak and oppressed.

Verse 79
“Whatever has come to you of good, is from Allah…”
When good comes to you Thank Allah, when bad happens to you acknowledge that you are to blame, do not blame Allah.

Verse 82
“Do they not contemplate the Quran or do they have locks on their hearts…”
Take responsibility for your spiritual shortcomings and worldly failures

Verse 87
Third consecutive “Allahu la ilaha illa hu…”
Allah warns of the day of judgement ‘Laa rayb’

Verse 102
Long verse detailing Salatul Khawf – How to pray in battle
“When you finish the prayer remember Allah standing, sitting and while you lie on your side…”
“Indeed Salah has been decreed upon the believers within its specified times…”
Even in battle, prayer should be prayed on time.

Verse 116
Shaytan is an enemy, promises to lead us astray.

Verse 123
It is not by your wishes that you enter Jannah. Always exert effort in good deeds.

Verse 135
Allah is JUST, so should we be just and firm witnesses for Allah (swt)
Allah finally warns the hypocrites and the disbelievers –
Allah does not want to punish us. Allah is all-knowing of all that we do.

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So now I want to lie to everyone. So now I'm the last law to Islam or not also the law on it only he was like me, he women were there. So I literally just ran into my my house. And I'm just catching my breath after, after coming from the airport, it's probably a very emotional day. And, you know, going coming from the janazah of Muhammad Ali Fulani, and obviously, I'm going to summarize the gist, but I just want everyone to remember him and his family and your dads. And Subhanallah if you read the post that I wrote, you know, I literally wrote that on the way home and one of the things that I really want to emphasize to people is that, you know, without without being too well

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actually, I'm going to be very explicit that people are so focused on the selfies and getting selfies with the casket and just, you know, proving to the world that they were there

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that sadly, there wasn't much time for reflection it didn't feel like a janazah in many ways. And you know, it's important for us to remember the place that this man has in our own mind the things that he's done for us and obviously

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the fact that we have to be very very very you know, conscience about where we are, who we are, you know, and what the occasion is, but I don't want to rant too much about that at all. I just want everyone to make dua for him inshallah make do out for him make that for his family. May Allah have mercy on him and accept all the good that he did for this ummah and did for humanity, I mean, last time make it easy for his for his family alum I mean, so anyway, we move on now to just five inshallah, so this just is actually going to be entirely inserted to Nisa entirely in the fourth sudo, which is the sort of the women it's from verse 24, to 147 have certainly sat now, and

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certainly sat is very interesting. The prophets I seldom used to read this surah after certain bucket on his dm Actually, he read a book huddle, and he sat and then earlier on so it's 177 verses, it's actually the longest surah of the Quran in regards to the number of words that it has after certain Bokassa. It's the second longest surah in the Quran. It's the most difficult to memorize, I think if you ask any of the above, you know, we all struggled with sort of denisa everyone struggles to at least it's a very tough sutra to memorize, because it obviously has a lot of law. And it moves from the spiritual to the to the legal. So you know, you have the spiritual admonitions a common

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sort of buffet on how to Milan and now you have the legal rulings that come and certainly sauce. So as we said, it's a continuation of the end of sort of early amaran, which is talking about the end of the battle. It comes in the context of revelation immediately after the battle.

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And so it starts off verse 24, and SubhanAllah. It's very beautiful that a lot in this in this sutra, which contains so much law and so much legislation actually gives us the purpose of the legislation from verse 26 to verse 28. In 26, Allah subhana wa tada says, you read the law, holy obey in electron, we have Dr. concernant, alladhina in public Cumbria to guard a Kamala or anyone hacking, that Allah wants to make clear for you the lawful from the unlawful and guide you to the good practices of those that came before and to accept your repentance and a lot is all knowing and all wise. So a last kind of data says that he wants to make things clear for us he wants to he wants

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the path not to be ambiguous. He wants it to be clear. And just as a loss of Hannah Montana admonishes us from

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you know, from over indulging in or he admonishes Atilla Kitab, I'm sorry. He admonishes the people of the book for their faults Allah subhanaw taala says he wants to guide you to the good things that they did so that you can understand the good sunon that they left behind as well. So to focus on not just the bad of the previous nations, but to focus on the good as well. And Allah Subhana Allah wishes to accept your repentance and Allah is all knowing, and all wise, then after that loss penalty, it says, Well law who you lead to and youtuber and income, so And Allah wants to accept your repentance. It's very beautiful that Allah subhanaw taala reiterates this twice, within two

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ions. Allah wants to accept your repentance, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wants to forgive you. So Allah wants to make things clear for you. He's making the path clear for you. And the goal of making that path clear for you is not the to stumble. A loss of Hannah Montana wants you to make it past it. He wants you to walk that path in the right way. A loss of manhood to Allah wants to see you succeed. You have a Lord that is merciful, whose mercy has preceded his anger by his own prescriptions of how to bow to Ana. So Allah has guided you to the path he's shown you the path and Allah wants you to succeed and cross the path

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successfully. And then our last panel says, you read the law and you have FIFA uncom. We're fully funded in Santo Eva, and allow wants to lighten your difficulties because Allah knows that man was created weak. So if you take these three, together, where alarm really gives us the purpose of law, it's quite beautiful. The first one Allah wants to make it clear for you, there is no ambiguity. The second thing, Allah subhanaw taala wants you to succeed, he wants to forgive you. The third thing on the way to attaining that salvation and that forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah wants to make things easy for you on the way so he doesn't just want you to be forgiven in the hereafter and

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to attain salvation in the hereafter allowance to forgive a lost contact wants to lighten your burden on the way so Allah has legislated something that's easy law you can be for long enough since Allah was Aha, he doesn't burden you beyond your scope. And Mushaf potentially with TCP IP, this is a principle in our in our, in our in our, in our jurisprudence, that hardship always gives way to ease, okay, a bottle of wine to be held Mahabharat you know, necessity makes things that are ordinarily prohibited, temporarily permitted. So last pantile wants to make things easy for you. The law does not make things difficult on you, the law actually makes this life easier for you as well.

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What that means is what we'll find is that everything that Allah has legislated for us in this world, though the ultimate goal of the law is to attain a lot of pleasure and success in the hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala has made it for our own good in this world as well. Right? So a lot of restricting us from alcohol, for example. Yes, it's to attain His pleasure and to attain this success, but we can see the harmful effects of alcohol in our society. So a lot only restricts us from things that are good for us and he lightens the burden from us a loss of hundreds Anna does not want us to feel a sense of Michelle Carter feel a sense of burden and hardship with the law. So lost

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pantai summarizes in the sutra of law, what the purpose of the law is, and that's verses 26 to 28, then Allah subhanaw taala I just want to go through some of these verses, verse 34, which is the abused verse in the Quran. You know, some people call it the verse of abuse, it is truly the abused verse in the Quran, where Allah Subhana Allah gives the procedure, if a person

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you know he has conflict with his spouse. So Allah Subhana horchata says that first you admonish, then you refuse to share a bed, while bloody boo hon. And then you you know the translation is, you strike them lightly, or you beat them lightly, or so and so forth. And this is truly an abused verse. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? This is a very short answer, by the way, but this is the most precise answer. The Prophet sallallahu. wasallam is the manifestation of the plan. And the prophets lie, some reached divorce with his wife have followed the law of title. And the prophets lie some never struck any one of his wives. So wife beating is not something that's

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found in the world. And if you want to understand the Quran, you look at the prophets lysozyme you do that throughout the poem so wildly Mohan would not mean to beat lightly or to strike. Rather, you know, it seems a lot knows best that it's to strike an example and this was one of the moment owczarek Rahim Allah to either sad or if not, then obviously, you know, a strike that's symbolic, or whatever it may be. There was never a concept of domestic abuse or violence that is to be legislated in the poor and the prophets lie some prohibited. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself never did it, though he reached the stage of divorce of almost separating from his wife have

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settled the love of Allah. And so therefore this verse is truly the abused verse, okay, it truly is the abused verse. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to, to give us true understanding of the poor and and to allow us to manifest it in our own lives. I mean, then in verse 36, there's a term. So the first 35 verses of certain Isa relate to a nice that relate to women, which is why the chapter is named sort of denisa verse 36, onwards for the rest of certainties that actually doesn't focus on women's laws at all, but rather it goes into many different things. The last pantai says what would the law what actually could be he she would be wildly daini Asana would be the quarterback at a time

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when Masaki when daddy the quarterback. Well, Jerry What?

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What john and gentlemen, I'm sorry, I'm blanking out.

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Well, so have you been Giambi? webinars Sabine one ma'am allocates a man Oh come in the Lucha you have bultmann cannons done and for for our last panel data says and worship a lot and do not associate anything with him

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until your parents do good and to your relatives and to your orphans and to the needy, and to the near neighbor until the neighbor that's far away. So to the neighbor

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That's close to you and to the neighbor that's far away. The companion that's at your side, the traveler, those whom your right hands possess. Indeed a loss of habitat does not like those who are self deluding and boastful. So loss of habitat, it turns to a general rule of Assam across the board that to show excellence to everyone, starting with your parents ending with a stranger, or a wayfarer that you've never met before. Now, just to connect this to this to the app that came before, if the Sunnah teaches us in Accra, buena Ola in Morocco, for those who are closest to our most deserving of your good character and good behavior, then how can a loss penalty in the same

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breath, be saying to abuse women but then be good to the stranger and be good to the neighbor that lives far away from you? It doesn't make sense, right? So this is a sutra that is teaching ersan that's teaching a person to show excellence to the people around them. And then a last pantai says in verse 41, by kafer, either jednom including the omitting be Shahid widget now the Kerala heart without you shahida How will it be Oh Mohammed Salah, love it he was selling them, when we bring upon every oma when we bring upon every nation a Shaheed a witness widget now because I know how old are you shahida and we bring you a Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a witness upon all of

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them. So this idea here

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this idea here is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a witness upon all of mankind. Why is this so important? And why is this so crucial for us to understand?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one sitting with Abdullah and Massoud all the Aloha know, and he said to have been rescued, read the Koran to me and they've been rescued Cialis. Hola, como la la De Anza. Do you want me to read to you, and it was revealed to you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said I love to hear the Quran being recited by other than me, he loves to hear it from his companions, particularly even Massoud who the Prophet slicin um, said whoever wants to hear the recited fresh as the day that it was revealed. Let him listen to the recitation of Abdullah and Massoud while the love of time seven Mr. Lupo the allow and who said that I started to recite to

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him sort of denisa he said until I reached this verse, verse 41. Okay, fair enough. And I'm including the omit in visa he was getting big and hot without shahida How will it be, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that you know what when we bring upon every nation, a witness and we bring you as a witness upon all of these different nations. He said that the prophets lie Selim put his hand on my knee, and he said, Hasbrook stop. So I looked up, and I saw that his eyes Salalah when he was selling, were flooded with tears, the tears were just running down. They were like fountain faucets, panela literally, the tears coming down and wetting his beard. Why? Because the

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prophets lie, some understood the amount of the trust that's been given to him, that he will one day have to bear witness upon all these nations that we're hearing about of any Islamic aid, and sort of Bukhara, and of course, this nation of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and we ask a lot that the prophets lie some is an intercessor for us on the Day of Judgment, rather than a witness against us. And the beauty of this is that if you connect this to the previous Jews, were Allah subhanaw taala says, that from the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada Linton at home, you have a natural leniency towards the believers will come to have one holy they'll call me dan fogelman halleck and had you

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been rude and harsh hearted, they would have left you so a lot already testified to the mercy of the prophets lie some of the love that He has for this oma in the previous years. And in this just a loss of Hannah Montana mentioned the prophets license being brought as a witness upon us. Then if you fast forward to verse 43, Allah Subhana Allah tells the believers not to approach the prayer while they are drunk. And here you also have the ruling of tm mom, the legislation of tmo tambem is when you don't have water, then you simply strike the surface you strike the dust with your hands and you wipe your you know you wipe upon your face. Basically this you know, you can actually look

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it up somehow I did a video on quantum weekly A long time ago called it says necklace. It's a beautiful, beautiful story with many lessons. The short version of it, the Sahaba were on a journey or they were on an expedition. He saw the low on her last her necklace the prophets lie some held up the entire caravan. They looked everywhere for that necklace, because of the delay they ran out of water. So Allah subhanaw taala legislated the tmo which is if you don't have water, you can still make law you can save the little water that you had for drinking and you can still make will do so the you know or you can still do to mom in the place of Waldo and this connects to

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What a law some kind of data says 20 ions earlier you read the law What do you have Franco? Allah wants to make things easy upon you. Allah is not interested in making things difficult upon you. Allah wants to make things easy for you. So Allah does 20 after a loss of Hannah Montana saying he wants to make things easy for you, a lot legislates for us the gift of tmo that when we don't have water, or when water would be damaging to us or we have loans or whatever it may be, then we can opt for tiamo instead. If you move on to verse 48, Allah subhanaw taala says in the law of Pharaoh and you struck a VY of Roma, do ya Afro Medina dareka Nemanja Shah, what are you sick Billa he forgot if

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Tara if men are Lima last pantai says and indeed a lot does not forgive association with him, but he forgives everything else for whom He wills. So a lot Will you read you and your toolbar icon 20 hours before it was kind of answered, Allah wants to forgive you. So last time I was saying Allah will forgive anything except for shift except for associating a partner with him. Why? Because at least you have to acknowledge a loss of hindsight and seek His forgiveness. So should by by necessity, or you know, takes a person out of that acknowledgement. So last contract says he forgives everything else you're doing as it kilimani a shot, he forgives everything else for whom He

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wills. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for all of our sins, the small, the large, the public and the private ones. I love them. I mean, 10 out later, Allah Subhana Allah says in the La Jolla, morrocan. And to Abdul anon at the earlier Allah, Allah commands you to render trusts, to give back the trust to those whom they are due. And Allah Subhana Allah says, well, either he kept on being a nasty and tackle more than if you judge between the people that you judge with justice, connect that to the previous Jews and early on but on our last panel to Allah praised some of the keytab some of the people of the book, men added kitabi men into men who became part and you add the

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he he like that from the people of the book or those that if you trust with a huge amount of wealth, they will pay it back to you. And if you remember in the beginning of this journey, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the you know, the importance of learning from sooner Latina men publikum the goodness of those who came before you as well. So here in the La Jolla, motoko Allah commands you Omar, Mohammed Salah la vida, hersteller, to fulfill the trust and to to judge justly between the people. And the last panettone says yeah, you enter the nominal lt or LA have a healthier old one soon, what will remain calm Allah Subhana Allah says, Oh, you who believe, obey Allah and obey the

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messenger and obey those who have been given authority and the last antisense for internet tennis action, fishy And Pharaoh Do you know law he was already in quantum, you know, Nabila. He when he asked him last time says that if you if you have any disagreement, this is justice, if your judging will either come from vain enough that you will put

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everything to the side to judge justly between the people. So when you judge between people, whether it's your family members, or people that are closer to you, or you have an interest or an agenda, whatever it may be, then you take things back to Allah, His Messenger and to the authority. And when there is a dispute, you take it back to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam. And that is the basis of your judgement, meaning you are being a person of justice, despite circumstances that make it difficult for you to be just a loss of patterns out of them says in verse 65, six out later fell out of the color you know, hotter you hacky mocha FEMA shadowbane some energy doofy unforeseen

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Howard's I mean, mockolate where you sell the more tests Lima, Allah subhanaw taala says no by your Lord, they do not truly believe until they make you Oh Mohammed Salah la hora de he was seldom the final judgment. They make you the judge concerning everything they dispute about and they find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged, and they submit to that full, you know, they submit to that sooner completely they submit to it with a full willing submission. This is a continuation of abakada earlier on. In Al Baqarah.

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Allah subhana wa tada talks about the people harming their profits and Allah warns the believers from not harming their profits the way that the previous oma harm their profits and adding Emraan a loss pantai says call in Quinton to hipbone Allah phetchaburi Rooney llibre como la wait for luck lucky vinoba Kamala photo Rahim. say if you truly love Allah, then Follow me Follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Allah will love you back. And Allah is Allah

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forgiving and All Merciful, hear a lot takes it to another step, another level, find out what law you know, they do not believe until they make the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the source until that's where the disputes and they they agreed upon the profit slice on him being in his example I think his heart was stolen and then his person if you were alive at his time, they agree that his Sunnah His judgment is the way that all disputes are settled. Not only that phenomenology, doofy and fully empowered him and mockolate they don't feel any hardship inside of them, or they don't feel any discomfort inside of them for what they have for what he has judged. Were you sending notice

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NEMA and they fully submit? Okay, so listen, this is the most important point of the entire lecture, focus. First two judges are the first few just sorry, Allah mentions people going astray for two reasons. What are those two reasons, desires and pride in this ayah, Allah subhanho to Allah says to us, they put aside their desires yet, for what for what the profit slice Adam has judged ly edgy, Goofy, and forcing him hauserman mockolate. So they make their desires conform to what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam has judged. As for pride, you suddenly mu Taslima they fully submit themselves to the Sunnah and the judgment of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and they put

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their pride and they put their arrogance. You know, they put their arrogance down their ego down for the sake of a loss of Hannah hotel. So find out what became known. Had you hachimura FEMA shelter avena home familia de doofy unforeseen Hello, Jim, inoculate while you suddenly notice NEMA that Allah subhanaw taala mentions verse 75. Allah goes into the laws of fighting and battle as well. And verse 75. Well Malik I'm glad to party don't have he's a very loving one most other Athena ministry may not be God when Nisa Allah Subhana. Allah says, Why is it that you don't fight for the sake of God, and for the, and for the oppressed amongst men, women and children when will done so loss of

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pattern to Allah is showing us the noble, the noble purpose of battle in the first place, that it was not to fight for the sake of persecution, not to oppress anyone not to turn anyone away from their religion. Rather, the people fought for the sake of God for the sake of a loss of handout and particularly to protect the oppressed, to protect the weak from the men, the women, the children, because that was the noble goal of that fighting in the first place. So this is after again, once again, the battle. So Allah subhanaw taala, calls the believers to remain firm in that regard. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to the believers, verse 79, because if you remember, and sort of

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in the battle ahead, you know, there was defeat, and there was the sense of taking responsibility for your own shortcomings, lost pounds out of says that masaba masaba come in Hassan Atan, I mean, a lie that whatever has come to you have good, then it's from Allah, Allah ibaka and say, eat and if anything bad comes to you from enough seeker, then it is from yourself. So when good comes to you attributed to Allah, when bad comes to to you attributed to your own doings, now another connection to make that's verse 79, that when good happens to you, thank Allah, when bad happens to you, you don't blame a loss of 100 Tada. It's because of what you yourself have earned in verse 82. FMA at

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adept, Barone, and poor and Mr. Anna khudobin.

00:23:54--> 00:24:14

Do they not contemplate the end? Or do they have locks on their hearts? Do they not contemplate the plan? Or do they have locks upon their hearts? And so how do they not contemplate the power and the way the profits lifetime and even mystery with all the love and who did in you know? In the verse?

00:24:15--> 00:24:55

You know, where Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the Prophet slicin being brought as a witness upon people. So here were lost contact centers? Do they not contemplate the plan? Or do they have locks on their hearts? Those are the sins if you connect verse 79, which is that if that if good comes to you thank Allah. And if that comes to you, then it's from yourself. And verse 82, which is that your failure to appreciate and understand the poor and is because of your own sins, then basically both of these above concepts are that you take responsibility for both your spiritual shortcomings and your worldly failures. So again, both your worldly failures sorry, you take

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responsibility for both your spiritual shortcomings and your worldly

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failures. And then verse 87 is the third consecutive Allahu La Ilaha Illa Whoa, Allahu La Ilaha Illa Okay, the Allah there is no deity no god except for hymns first you had it the courtesy Allahu Allahu Akbar yom. Then you have the beginning of Adi Emraan, Allahu Allah, Allah who and how you can you know salonica kita and here you have in this next juice again Allahu la de la who, but here Allah Subhana Allah is warning the edge Magna comida Yeoman piano de la vie Buffy woman esta camino Allah Hadith, that Allah subhanaw taala will assemble you to be accounted for on the day of judgment to be judged on the Day of Judgment, of which there is no doubt so again another Lowery but there is

00:25:47--> 00:26:32

no doubt and who is more truthful than Allah subhana wa tada in statements. So the tone of certain Nisa is warning whereas the tone of earlier Milan his invitation, so certainly saw his warning after the invitation has been given. The next section of certain Nisa really goes into the laws of war talks about avoiding murdering innocent people seeking not Seeking Safety with hypocrites and making alliances with the hypocrites and so on so forth. Verse one or two and is very beautiful because it's a long verse about psychological health, about the the prayer of fear. So it teaches people how to pray even in battles or loss of Hannah Montana is teaching the believers that even battle is not

00:26:32--> 00:27:11

an excuse for you to miss your salon to uphold your covenant to a loss of Hannah Montana, and I lost franchisors in the next verse But either called a tomo sola, sola, first quarter live piano and we're called luden. We're allowed to become so lost. Kantar says that when you finish the prayer, remember Allah standing sitting and as you lie on your sides, this is of course similar to the last 10 verses of Avalon in a few 100%, it will only walk the laughing lady one and a half. out in the audience. Allah Allah Demuth Quran Allah pm and or Kuroda one Allah you know be him. So those who remember a law standing sitting in upon their side so law says when you finish your prayer, remember

00:27:11--> 00:27:57

Allah standing sitting or lying on your side. But then Allah Subhana Allah says in US Allah to Canada and and Mina, Kitab, and no quota that Verily, the prayer has been decreed upon the believers within its specified times within its decreed specified times. What does that mean? Okay, why is that so special here, because a lot chose to mention to us this first, that prayer has to be prayed on time. In regards to battle, even battle, even if there is a battle going on, it's not an excuse for you to miss your Salah. You have to uphold your Salah. So one of the believers that don't have those situations like those that are lost, currenttime is mentioning in verse 116, Allah reiterate

00:27:57--> 00:28:42

that Allah forgives everything except for associating a partner with him. A lost contact then mentions to us as he doesn't many parts of the plan and verse 120 of the shape on coming to a person from all directions and trying to lead him astray. And he no one will human need him He promises you and he makes you have wishful thinking. But everything he promises you is pure deception, pure delusion. And then a last chance I mentioned in verse 123, that that a person that Allah is just towards all Lisa be Imani that it is not by your wishes, or Amani Kitab and it's not by the wishful thinking of added Kitab the people of the book that you enter into agenda, but instead it's if you

00:28:42--> 00:29:24

do a good deed, you will be rewarded for it and if you do wrong, you will be punished for it. So last Pattaya saying just as he was just to the people of the book, he is just towards you as well. What's going to get you to genma is your effort to uphold that covenant with the loss of hundreds Allah and calling upon him for mercy throughout the process, in verse 135, Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you alladhina amanu Kunal po Amina been cursed. Allah anti says, Oh, you who have believed, be persistently standing firm and justice. So just as a lot is just for you be, you know, persistently firm and standing for justice witnesses for a loss of data, even if it's against

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

yourselves, or your parents or your relatives or if someone's rich or someone's poor, a lot is more worthy of both soulless parents. I says don't follow your personal inclinations. So that you know otherwise you would find that you are not being just and the last printout of Warren's people that that are not just when that whenever they do judge between people, and Allah subhanaw taala. Finally, he warns the hypocrites and the disbelievers. And here Lastly, this is beautiful. The last verse of this just the last idea of this just verse one

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

47 man If Allah will be our daddy come in Chicago, Toma elemental or can Allahu saket on aneema that what would Allah do with your punishment? Why would Allah want to punish you? If you're grateful? And you believe remember that just started off with will love what you read on your toolbar it from Allah wants to forgive you and it ends with why would Allah one to punish you What does a lot have to gain from punishing you in Chicago to mentum if you are grateful, and if you believe, why can Allah who Shakira Halima and Allah is appreciative, and Allah is all knowing. If you notice here in the end, a lot did not mention that he is all knowing and all forgiving, are all knowing and All

00:30:42--> 00:31:25

Merciful. Rather, Allah said he's grateful. He's always appreciated. And a lot is also all knowing why is a lot all knowing Allah knows the law that he's giving you, your capacity to handle it, how sincere you are and trying to fulfill that covenant, your weaknesses because Allah created you. Allah knows if a person really wants to be forgiven. Allah knows where a person's priorities lie. Allah knows these things. So it can allow Shakira an email, Allah is grateful, he's appreciative, as well as all knowing. So last kind of tada reminds us once again, that he has no benefit from punishing anybody that Allah subhanaw taala has made the path easy for you to salvation, we ask

00:31:25--> 00:31:34

Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who forever inclined towards the truth and who live and I appointment. We asked the last panel to have mercy upon our Brother

00:31:35--> 00:31:49

Mohammed Ali, and make it easy for his family and to join us with him and with with with the righteous and the highest level gentlemen, for those with the prophets. I said I'm alone. I mean, Zack will hate unto you all. I'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah, wa Salam Alikum to live with cutting