Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 4

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 4 – Al Nisaa

June 9, 2016

Surah An Nisa verses 24 onward

Includes spiritual admonishes and legal rulings.

Verses 26 – 28 (Summary of the purpose of Islamic law)
“Allah wants to make clear for you…”
“Allah wants you to succeed” Allah admonishes the people of the book their faults but also highlights the good they did so we can do good too. Allah also wants to forgive us. “Allah’s mercy precedes his anger”
“Allah want to lighten your difficulties” Allah doesn’t burden us beyond our scope. The law has been legislated to make things easy for us, for e.g.. Restricting us from alcohol (harmful effects).

Verse 34 – “The abused verse” (or ‘the verse of abuse’)
Procedure of resolving conflict with one’s spouse.
Why an abused verse? Prophet (saw) is the Quran and he never beat any of his wives even though he may have reached divorced– does not mean to beat or strike (rather strike an example) – People abuse this verse saying wife beating is allowed!

Verse 36 onwards – focuses on different things other women’s laws.
“And worship Allah and do not associate anything with him….”
General rules of Ihsan are imparted, showing excellence to everyone: starting with one’s parents and ending with the stranger.
“When we bring upon every nation a witness and we bring you as a witness upon all of them…”
Why is it important that Rasul (Saw) is a witness for all mankind?
Abdullah Ibn Masood (ra) recited to Rasul (saw) Surah Nisaa until he reached verse 41
“When we bring upon every nation a witness and we bring you as a witness upon all of them…”
Rasul (saw) urged him to stop and began crying because he realized the Amanah he was given as an intecessor. May Rasul (saw) not be a witness against us.

Verse 43 –
“Do not approach the prayer while intoxicated….”
Legislation of tayammum is introduced as well

Verse 48
“And indeed Allah does not forgive association with him but he forgives everything else for whom he wills…”
Allah forgives everything except for shirk – May Allah forgive all our sins.

Verse 58
“Allah commands you to render trust…”
Give back trust to those who are due and Judge between the people with justice.
“Oh you who believe…Obey Allah, the messenger and those who have been granted authority over you…”
If you have been granted authority over people, be just and turn to the Quran and Sunnah

Verse 64
“No, by your Lord they do not truly believe until they make you the final judge…”
First few Juz – Allah mentions people going astray for desires and pride.
Here Allah says desires should conform to what Rasul (saw) has judged and as for pride they agree with the prophet (saw) snuffing their pride.

Verse 75
Battle has a noble purpose – For the sake of Allah – protecting the weak and oppressed.

Verse 79
“Whatever has come to you of good, is from Allah…”
When good comes to you Thank Allah, when bad happens to you acknowledge that you are to blame, do not blame Allah.

Verse 82
“Do they not contemplate the Quran or do they have locks on their hearts…”
Take responsibility for your spiritual shortcomings and worldly failures

Verse 87
Third consecutive “Allahu la ilaha illa hu…”
Allah warns of the day of judgement ‘Laa rayb’

Verse 102
Long verse detailing Salatul Khawf – How to pray in battle
“When you finish the prayer remember Allah standing, sitting and while you lie on your side…”
“Indeed Salah has been decreed upon the believers within its specified times…”
Even in battle, prayer should be prayed on time.

Verse 116
Shaytan is an enemy, promises to lead us astray.

Verse 123
It is not by your wishes that you enter Jannah. Always exert effort in good deeds.

Verse 135
Allah is JUST, so should we be just and firm witnesses for Allah (swt)
Allah finally warns the hypocrites and the disbelievers –
Allah does not want to punish us. Allah is all-knowing of all that we do.