Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 3

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The upcoming weekend event for Islam is a series of events organized by the Islamist movement, including a video recording, Facebook Live, and webinar. The importance of avoiding similar mistakes and finding unity in community and community groups to achieve a common goal is emphasized. The struggles of Islam's history, including the Battle of Earth and the recent death of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam, are discussed, along with the importance of leavening one's success and fulfilling promises to avoid failure. The legal implications of the end of an era in Iran and the implementation of Islam upon women and men are also discussed. The segment ends with a call to action and a message to follow the YouTube video and Facebook page.
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So now I don't even want to lie here without our counsel everyone.

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So we're on 3430 day three now, I'm barely awake. I'm trying to keep myself awake right now. So I know that a lot of you guys are struggling so inshallah sarana May Allah make this fast, easy for everyone and may lock up the

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accept the sacrifice of each and every single one of you. So, inshallah Tada, just a quick note, as people are signing on, tomorrow, I'm going to be attending the, the janazah of Muhammad Ali, Alain hameau. inshallah, I'm really looking forward to it. And so I probably will record day four, and put it up at the same time, or I might try to pull off something crazy and try to do the Facebook Live from somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow, inshallah, so we'll see how it goes. But as of right now, probably expect a recorded video, you know, to come up around the same time tomorrow for day four. But inshallah Tada, we can go ahead and we can get started. So right now we're moving into

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the second half of sort of earlier, Milan. And we're also going to go into the first part of sort of denisa in sha Allah. So we're in just four.

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And what we see here is a consistent theme that many Swabian was condemned, and sort of Baccarat. So that is why it is really made an example. And sort of a buffer of what we should avoid as normal so that we don't fall into those same tricks and those same diseases that led them astray. And sort of added on what you see is the loss of henna metallic calling the Jews and the Christians to Islam, calling the Muslims to submit as well. So calling people to really apply themselves to submitting to a loss of Hannah Montana in the way that Allah subhanaw taala commands them to submit. And so we ended off yesterday talking about the mistakes that the People of the Book made,

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how they're how the ego and arrogance and envy led people to compete with one another, and to reject the revelation, even though they knew who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was there was a recognition on the on the part of the People of the Book in Medina, and they knew you know that this was revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. But they still chose to turn away from it, because it was not fitting with the lifestyle that they hoped to have. So in this just now as we fade into this part, right off the bat, so we start from, this just starts from verse 93, and sort of Camelot. If we go to verse 102, Allah subhanaw taala basically starts to tell the Muslims not to make the same

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mistakes that those people before us made. So this woman should avoid falling into the same pitfalls, that the woman that came before us the nations that came before us fell into. So Allah subhanaw taala, just as he lectured them and informed us about how their disunity was caused by ego, and envy, and that caused them to turn away from Revelation. Last pelletised says, Yeah, you're Latina, Amano topo la haka Ducati. He was not a motor in LA one two Muslim mon, oh you believe verse 102. Fear Allah or be conscious of Allah as he deserves to be conscious of so apply yourself in submission to Allah subhana wa tada the way that he deserves from you, whether Templeton Allah and

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to Muslim on and do not die except in a state of submission to him. And Allah says, while passing will be heavily la hegemony and one or two follow up, boo. So just as disunity and envy lead the people astray before you, then all of you cling to the rope of Allah. And the rope of Allah is the Quran. It is the book of Allah. So if you notice that the entire theme of sorts of bacala and Ani and Milan is really surrounding guidance that came in the form of divine revelation to the prophets of Allah, particularly the poor and obviously that comes in the form of divine revelation to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So Allah says all of you hold firmly to the rope of Allah while

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of course he will be happily law he Jamia, why not?

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And do not become divided was chronic mental La Jolla, la quinta, Miranda and for lF abena kulu become and remember the favor of God upon you when you were once enemies and so Allah subhanaw taala brought you together by his favor for us back to me, never matter he Juana and so by that favor, suddenly, you were brothers. So Allah Subhana Allah calls this nation to unite around the revelation around the book of Allah, not to let our agendas not to let our egos not to let our envy not to let our our hatred divide us and lead us down a dangerous path, a path of destruction for us on both an individual level and on a community level. So that's, that's how Alice pentile starts us off. 102

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and 103

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Hunter warns us to not turn away from the revelation and that in that revelation we should find unity. We should come together. And then in 104 verse 104, last cansada says when tech when men come on materia de una Adelheid, we have grown up in Morocco for one way and one and in one cup, what will I come home on the last panel to assess and let there be from amongst you, a group of you, that invite to all that is good, and that forbid all that is evil. And, and you know, those are the people who are successful. That is the group of people that successful, basically a loss of hundreds, Allah is telling us that if we're not productive and calling towards good and forbidding

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evil, then we're naturally going to go down a path of disunity. And we're naturally going to go down a path of negativity. Basically, as a community, if you don't visit yourself with Allah subhanaw taala if you don't remain productive, and you'll find this a lot in the massages across North America and across the world, that groups and organizations and institutions that are engaged in a productive way that are moving forward, don't have time for all the little, you know, agendas and disunity, that that usually renders a community idle. So basically, stay productive, stay worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Stay working towards that common goal and do not let personal

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agendas or or evil or desire or pride obstruct you as an individual or as a community from that salvation that Allah subhanaw taala has promised you. So last penance Anna says, Well, that's a Kunal Kadena to follow up. Telephone Don't be like those who came before that became divided and they differed even after clear proofs came to them. What would I color Hamada when Aleem and for those are a great punishment a grievious punishment? So if you notice that the IOP together in the first last contest says be busy and calling to a lot, and those are the successful people in the next I Lost Planet Allah says Don't be like those who became divided and indifferent, despite the

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presence of clear proofs, and for those people is a grievous punishment. So what makes you the best nation if you fast forward a few ions? What makes you a different and unique oma quantum hater omit and this is one time quantum hater on mutton, awfully deadliness. You are the best nation that was produced as an example for mankind to own up in Morocco, he returned home and in one cup, that you enjoying what is good and you forbid what is evil? What took me in order Billa. And you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is what makes you a special nation. And Allah says, Well, when I am an absolute kitabi that had the People of the Book believed and taken that covenant seriously, like

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Canada fight on level, it would have been better for them, so they wouldn't have been in that situation. So last Sanatana is telling us you see all these lessons about the people of the book in the past, apply the lessons in your own community, in your own home so that you don't fall into those very same traps. So it would have been better for them. And I lost penetrator says that men home and what we know and what I thought of them and farcical and that they have amongst them believers and the majority of them are defiantly disobedient. So loss of paradigm is saying, look, you have a responsibility as a nation, you have a responsibility as a as a people to really, really

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draw close to a loss of Hannah Montana, to really really you know, keep yourself connected to that which is good, and to forbid evil, or else you yourself will be consumed by the evil around you. If you're not fighting the evil around you, you yourself will be consumed by that evil. So if we fast forward now to verse 113, lost hundreds Allah continues, speaking about the people of the book and he says Li su Salah when added kitabi automaton by emo 20th Luna IRT La Jolla not lady Romeo student, that they are not all the same amongst the people of the book. R is a community that stands in obedience that recites the verses of Allah during the evening and prostrates in prayer, you know

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Nabila, he will Yeoman Afro Yamanaka, Bill Murphy, why and how not in Monaco? Will you serve your own I feel hierarchy what will occur? You know, sila Hina. Last pantai says they believe in Allah and they believe in the last day, and they command that which is good, and they forbid that which is evil, and they rush towards that which is good. So Allah subhanaw taala, just as he's telling us to rush towards that which is good to command that which is good to forbid that which is evil, a loss of kind of what to Allah is saying that this is what made a group of the People of the Book successful. So just as we focus on what made the failures fail, we focus on what made the successful

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So that discourse carries on until verse 120. Now at verse 121, to the end of the surah, this portion of the surah was revealed after the Battle of it. Again, the sort of flows so harmoniously that you wouldn't notice but there is a there is a change in the time and the period of Revelation. So verse 121, the discourse changes, and Allah Subhana hutan addresses the believers after the battle. So you're going from the addressing the believers after the Battle of bedeutet, which was obviously a high point in the community, and now addressing the believers after the Battle of 100, which is a low point in the community. And the wisdom of that is that you need to know you know,

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obviously, you can be lectured in your time of ease and success, to avoid the pitfalls that cause communities before you to fail. But then when you fall into one of those pitfalls, you need to be lectured once again. So it's sort of a reminder after you fall in, because now we're looking at the Battle of art. So last panatela says you can actually see a clear transition now in the eye art in the verses. Allah subhanaw taala says what either what is the ultimate Anika to well, we wouldn't want me Nina McCarty the little kitten follows me around early. And remember when you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you left your family in the morning to post the believers at their

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stations for the Battle of Gods and Allah is all hearing and all knowing to out later Allah Subhana Allah says one upon us What about Masada Kuma, Allah Subhana Allah gave you Masada como la Hobi bedridden, Allah subhanaw taala gave you victory in bed that remember that you were given victory in bed that one anthem Avila Well, you are a very small number, fat supple lalana Kota Sharon, so be mindful of Allah so that you may be grateful. This message here is important, right? That Allah gave you victory in bed that when you were a small number, when you were when the resources were really not in your favor, logistically speaking, you were supposed to be massacred. But Allah subhanho wa

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Taala gave you victory. Why did Allah give you victory and better, because you you fulfilled the covenant with God, because you did what he commanded you to do. And as long as you're doing what Allah subhanaw taala commands you to do, then Allah Subhana Allah will give you victory. It's very important here to note this this tone, right? So a lot tols tells them that embeded and then in the same sutra, after, after the Battle of that when the covenant is broken, and you did not stay together, then you suffer defeat then you suffered humiliation. So it was never about the logistics in the first place. It was never about how many men you were in the first place. It was never about

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how many weapons you had in the first place. It was never about what mountain you were standing on, or wherever it was. It was whether or not you were fulfilling your covenant with a loss of handling time. Just like with bending Islam. He victory came to the people of musante some of the people of Moses peace be upon him. When they were in their worst state. They're literally in front of the Red Sea. You know that they're they're ready to to die to be massacred at the front of the sea. But instead a lot causes through the stick of musante his set up that seats apart for them and the army of film to drown. Why? Because they were with a loss of Hannah Montana at that moment because

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morsani his solemn carried out what Allah commanded him to carry out. So here as well, a loss of Hannah Montana is now lecturing the believers after the believers have suffered the defeat of or hurt. So Allah says in verse 133 was Sadie to eat I'm afraid it may not be come. Why Jen nothing out of the has somehow to add up, or it will not happen. So now rush to the forgiveness of your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and the earth. It's been prepared for the righteous alladhina Yun Fiona for so long, you will not want when Calvary Mina light will have enough and enough will law who your husband my son in law Sanatana says those people that spend in their time of good and in

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their time of bad, those who swallow their anger and those who forgive those who parted and Allah loves the people of Assam people of excellence when Medina is alpha alpha, he schatten Alamo infosol and those people who whenever they do commit wrong so in this in this ayah Allah is mentioning that you're in a position of power. And you showed the desire to gain the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa tada and you have the upper hand here you are a person in a state of grace, and in the next I lost penthouses and those who when they commit a sin when they wronged themselves or they committed an act of wickedness, that Kerala they remember Allah has stuff for Ollie's and obey Him and they seek

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the forgiveness of their Lord.

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One may have filled the Nova Illallah. And who could forgive except for a loss of Hannah Montana? Well, I'm your server and I'm a fellow with O'Meara, Lamon, and they do not insist upon the evil that they've committed knowingly. Now, how does this ayah fall? How does the sequence of ions fall into the discussion of it? If you realize Allah mentioned the righteous of the People of the Book and Allah subhanaw taala set about them, that they believe in what they enjoy, they enjoy that which is good, that more honorable Madoff, why in * not and in one cup, they forbid that which is evil, why you Sadie own I feel high rot and they're constantly rushing towards doing good deeds. Here you

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have a similar situation where Allah subhana wa tada now is saying to the believers, so now you rush Sadie, who rushed to the forgiveness of your Lord, rush to the good deeds, rush to those things that are pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada and and don't make the mistakes that other people made before. And you will certainly find a love forgiving. Whether you made a mistake or not, you will always find a loss of Hannah Montana. forgiving if you move forward now 11 as a loss of parents, it gives us something very specific about the Battle of it. Allah Subhana Allah says Mr. Mohammed in in lawsuit at Holloman public rosewood, as a matter of goodwill and collaborate to Mara kabhi con woman

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caliber and a happy way he found a good way of fulfilling a local law and she was the agency law with Sakina last corner China says that Mohammed is not but a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why? Because in the Battle of our heads, many of the believers turned away because they thought the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was killed. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala is, you know, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah tells the believers that Mohammed is not but a messenger, meaning it wasn't about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the first place, it was about Allah, it was about Allah, so you don't turn away because you think that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is

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killed. So Mohammed is not but a messenger, a talisman company had Rasul other messengers passed before him. So if he was to die, or if he was to be killed, would you turn back on your heels, and whoever turns back on his heels will never harm a lot all. But But rather, he'll only harm himself and Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward will reward the Grateful Okay, so this is, this is a really, really important point here in regards to our creed that Allah is making. Right? That even if you sincerely turned away from the Battle of Earth, because you know, the people that turned away from the Battle of the believers, many of them did not turn away because of desires, many of them turned

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away, because they didn't feel like life was worth it anymore. If the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was dead. Okay, so it was it was actually a religious reason, if you think about it, so Allah Subhana which reminds them that even if you had a good reason, what was seemingly a good reason to turn away from the battle, you are not fighting for the sake of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the first place, you were fighting for the sake of Allah. This is so striking that when Abu Bakar on the low annual recited this ayah when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in fact died. Okay, I'm going to hop on the along with Tyler and who said it was as if I had never heard

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that I have before. There was the thoughts of Camelot that we have never heard that I before. So this is the the message that's being given here. And if you fast forward now to verse one, verse

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two, the verse in which a last pantai says what are called sada Taka mala who wonder that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah certainly fulfilled his promise to you, if to hirsuta whom be isn't he? When you were when you were able to defeat your enemy, by his permission, had to either facilitate what an American family were isolating them Birdman or arkoma, to have born, so lots of heroines, Allah said, until you lost courage and you fell to disputing about the order given by the prophet slice Allah. Who is this talking about? It's talking about the archers that were given the command not to leave the mountain of Roma until the prophets license and gave them that commit. And they argued

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with one another, they were 50 of them. They were guarding the backs of the Muslims. They saw the they saw that the spoils of war were already being distributed in their minds. They thought the battle was over. So 40 out of 50 disobeyed the Prophet slice on them and they came down. And that was why that's what left the believers vulnerable because they no longer had the archers standing on the mountain of Roma that were watching their backs. So Allah subhanaw taala says, that after you lost courage, and you fell to disputing about the order of the prophets of Allah

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It was summer. And you disobeyed a loss of Hannah Montana even after he showed you that which was beloved to you, men cool man you read the dunia woman command, you read it out here. He says there amongst you that desire the world. And amongst you that desire the Hereafter, and he says Thelma sarafa come home, a loss of Atlanta, then

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he, he turns you back from them. So basically Allah subhanaw taala allowed you,

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you know, to be tested the other tellico Liberty liberty to come I'm sorry. So that you could be tested, he allowed you to suffer that defeats. But listen to what the law says at the end of this I law says while a cadaver and comb, but Allah Subhana Allah forgive you. Allah is not telling you this. Those of you that ran down those of you that disobeyed Allah, Allah is not telling you this so that you can cry and despair. Allah has already forgiven you, what are called after ankrum, Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven you. Allah is not telling you this to disturb you. Allah is not telling you this, to cause you distress. Allah is telling you this so you can learn the lesson. Now that you

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recognize the wrong that you committed, and how you know, the love and the desire for the world because they thought that the spoils of war would be distributed without them, cause them to disobey the profit slice of them. Now that you've made that mistake, Allah has already forgiven you. So don't worry about that. But learn from the lesson will love will do further than Allah not money. And a law is the possessor of bouncy for the believers. So it's so beautiful. So Pamela, that a lot. Even as he admonishes, this loss of hundreds, Allah tells the oma, that, don't worry, you're forgiven, but don't do it again, recognize your mistake and don't do it again. And in fact, a few

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verses later in verse 155, as a loss of Hannah Montana mentions a Latina to one low income those who turned away on the day of hurt so particularly those believers that that turned away, because they were taken aback by the shape on a loss of Hannah Montana says what a father I fell in love and home in the love of children, having a lot forgave them, and a lot is always forgiving. And Allah subhanaw taala is always forbearing. So again, the same words are used that Allah has forgiven you, Allah has forgiven you. And if you connect this to the ayat that came before we are lost talking about us on an individual level, that whenever we commit a sin, we're Latina, either fairly, fairly

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certain, a one on one for some, when we sin, are we wrong ourselves, we remember a lot and we seek Allah's forgiveness, and who could forgive other than Allah. So it's almost like a laws preparing us before we get into the verses about orphans where Allah specifically starts to admonish the believers that turned away on the day that Allah will still forgive, Allah will forgive anything, so long as you turn back to him somehow Montana. And this Mercy is special, not only is a special, it's also something that a lot put in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so in verse 159, it's not like Allah forgave them, but the Prophet slicin was still bitter and angry. In verse 159, Allah subhanaw

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taala says, febi now I've met him in a lie linter level, that by the mercy of Allah, you were lenient towards them, oh, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whenever he couldn't afford one very little condominium problem in halleck. And had you been rude and harsh, you know, had you been rude in your speech and harsh in your heart, then they would have left you they would have disbanded, meaning the blow that was suffered or hurt, and the you know, the blows that are like a hurt that would have caused the community to completely fall apart. But instead the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam also showed mercy towards them and forgave them. So Allah Subhana Allah says fair for and

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home was tough for a home so forgive them and seek forgiveness for them Wish I went home Phil Emery and include them, you know, consult them in the matter for either assumpta fatawa Canal Allah and when you have decided upon something then rely upon Allah. In Allah you hibben metallic ileen Allah Subhana Allah loves those who rely upon him. And in verse 160, Allah summarizes this entire topic. Last hunter says Indian soracom Allah, if Allah Subhana junta Anna supports you, fella volbella come if Allah aids you, then who is it that's going to overcome you, no one will be able to overcome You are welcome. And if Allah Subhana Allah forsakes you Furman Villa de Soto coonan Verity then who is

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going to be able to support you after that. And Allah Subhana hota Allah says, Why Allah He failure to awaken in what we know. And so upon Allah let the believers placed their trust. So this is the message that sort of sums up everything that happened in the Battle of heart, and everything that happened in the Battle of Benton. If a lot is with you, no one can overcome you. And if a lot forsakes you due to your

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abandoning his command and due to your preferring your desires over his guidance, then who is going to support you after that? So let the believers placed their trust in Allah. But what about those who passed away? What about those who died? The most beautiful discourse about the martyrs about the Shahada actually comes here, verse 169, one saxa then alladhina coochie Lu FISA De La Jolla, Mata Bella here on an envelope become your support. Don't think that those who have been slain in the path of a lot are done, rather they are alive and being provided for so they're successful, they have not failed there, they have gained the pleasure of Allah. It's not that because some believers

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turned away and some others died that Allah is angry with them. Rather, they are with Allah being provided for Fetty hain Amina a tap of a love and finally they're pleased with what Allah has provided for them. And they are waiting for their believers, their brothers and sisters to join them as well. In that pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. So that's the summary of the battle ahead. And then the last 10 I have sorted earlier and Milan, these are the 10 is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to read when he would wake up for his night prayer. So he had been ambass while the law and was that I observed the prophets lie Selim. I observed the prophets lie some

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waking up for pmla he sat up, he rubbed his eyes, and he recited the last 10 verses of sort of early Emraan enough the Hulk is somehow it will I'll watch the Daffy lady when the heart that I asked him about that very early in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are Signs for people of understanding alladhina Alenia kurunegala piano walk or udon. What else do we have? We have a Corona the Hulk is similar to an old robina NAFTA has a Delta subhanak effect, Tina dhaba. Now, those who remember a lot while they're standing, sitting or lying on their sides, and they contemplate over the creation of the heavens and the earth, and they say,

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Our Lord, you did not create all of this in vain. How perfect Are you so protect us from the punishment of fire. And this is a long beautiful day that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us often in Mecca mentality mentality now

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what are the likely mean? I mean, unsung? Oh our Lord, indeed. Whoever you admit to the fire you have disgraced and for the wrongdoers for the oppressors. There are no helpers. And it continues.

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where a person continues to admit to a loss of Hannah Montana while bene in a Samaritan. Ah, well, now the United Imani and amin will be will be confirmed, Amanda. Oh our Lord, we heard a caller calling us to faith saying Believe in your Lord. So we believe so forgive us our sins what catheter is a artena and remove us from our misdeeds whatsoever abroad and allow us to die with the righteous allow us to also die amongst the righteous and be raised amongst the writers. I've been our RT now I've turned and I'll also lick while I took Xena Yeoman piano tea in Nikita toughly for me and an O our Lord, grant us what you promised us through your messengers and do not disgrace us on the Day of

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Judgment. Indeed, you do not fail in your promise. He realized and and buchla and Anya Milan, there is a constant theme that the believers prioritize the hereafter. And they give of this world they spend of this material world seeking elevation in the sight of a loss of hundreds and seeking salvation in the hereafter. So the believers as they're being admonished, they turn to Allah and all they're asking Allah for his success and salvation and forgiveness in the hereafter that a lot does not disgrace us on the Day of Judgment, that if we, if we're punished by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you know, due to some of our misdeeds in this world, that that does not translate into

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eternal punishment in the hereafter. And last penetang says, festa jab at Homura boom, Allah responded to them. It's beautiful, this is the end of the Ramadan and Allah Subhana Allah responded to them and Neela earlier Ahmed Ahmed and men come indicating

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that I do not cause the deeds of anyone to go to waste male or female. Okay, Bow Bow coming down, you are amongst each other. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions the reward of those who migrated, those who are evicted from their homes, those who are killed and a loss cause that a loss of hundreds at a will forgive them their sins and Allah will enter them into paradise and Allah will grant them the best reward. Then you have the first 23 verses of Surah Nisa already running out of time Subhana Allah, the first 23 verses of Surah Nisa. Now as soon as denisa is called the verse of women, or it's called I'm sorry, women. So aneesa is the chapter about women. The reason being is that it you

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know, many issues are covered in regards to women, family, life, marriage.

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Divorce widows so on so forth, there are a lot of laws that come

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in this chapter. And certainly PSA is sort of the legal side of the battle. So it's also revealed in the same period after the last part of sort of early Amazon. So Milan is more of a spiritual admonishment after the Battle of certain nice deals with the practical rulings now in regards to how to care for the orphans, how to care for the widows, how to divide the inheritance because many people died and over 70 companions died and orphans. So how to deal with this new dilemma that the community had on their hands with the with the abundance of orphans and widows, and really not having a defined inheritance law at that point. So aneesa sort of continues from the end of Annie

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and Ron, but it establishes the, you know, it establishes the legal implications now after the battle. And if you realize how long the last the end of Swords on Iran establishes the equality of men and women, and receiving the reward from a loss of that and the level of an army, the men come that Allah does not allow the good deeds of anyone to go to waste, whether it's a male or a female, the first verse of the chapter of women the chapter of a Nisa is Yeah, you anassa tupple Rob Bakula? De hakomi Neff Singh Wiener wahala paramahansa jaha. What does that mean? humare. Jalan kathira one Isa, what's up Allah Allah let it be. He went on hand in the law, kana, alikum. Akiba. So the first

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verse of suited me and Ron actually established of sort of denisa I'm sorry, just like the end of an era Milan establishes the equality of men and women. So Oh, mankind, fear your Lord who created you from one soul, and created from its mate, and dispersed from them from from that man and that woman? Many, many men and women and fear Allah through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed, Allah is Ever over you and observer. So last pantalla once again in the beginning of certainty, sound establishes the equality of men and women and allows parents and dimensions in the second verse, the problem of the orphans, that the orphan should be given their properties that nothing

00:32:17 --> 00:32:25

should be taken from them. And then verse number three, we're in Clifton ella taapsee to affiliate Amma femke, homi Bhabha, and akumina Nisa you must know

00:32:27 --> 00:33:10

that if you are afraid if you fear that you will not deal justly, with the orphan girls, meaning the widows and the orphan girls after the battle, then marry those that that please you have other women two or three or four. In clifden, Allah Terra de la fere wahida Omar Malika to a mountain valley gardener, Allah Tara rules, Allah Subhana Allah says, If you fear that you will be unjust then stick to marrying one woman. Now, interestingly enough, this is the verse of polygamy. And the way that the verses reveal the sequence in which it's revealed shows you the spirit of the legislation, polygamy was unrestricted before Islam. And in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala restricted it to four,

00:33:10 --> 00:33:50

particularly in solving the problem that presented itself after the Battle of oil. But that doesn't mean it's restricted to after battle. But it shows you the spirit in which the law was given was to deal with the issue after hundreds of many widows and many orphan girls. And so Allah Subhana Allah says in that case, marry two, three, or four. And if you're afraid that you're not going to be just then stick to one. And this actually translated into the Sahaba, the male companions rising to the occasion. And as soon as the, as soon as the waiting period of the women after hood was completed, they found many, many of the of the best of the companions, willing to, you know, wanting to marry

00:33:50 --> 00:34:34

them and to take them in and take their families in and deal with the issue at hand. Because this was the first time heavy casualties have been inflicted on the Muslim community. So this sort of shows you the spirit in which that law was revealed, to basically deal with the situation at hand. And a loss of hindsight, of course, emphasizes the importance of justice. And certainly sad continues in this first sequence of orphans and widows, an inheritance of being just towards the orphans and the widows and being just towards people. So that's the message here and shout out to the next just just five is certainly Psalm 24 to 147. Again, I'll be attending inshallah tada

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

tomorrow, the janaza are here on our icon and their Brother Mohammed Daddy, may Allah have mercy on him so I don't I'm not going to be able to do this live most likely. What I'll do is I'll record the next juice and I'll post it up at the same time inshallah. So please continue to follow I really appreciate you guys sort of giving this your time and being consistent with it. I shall I can see sister mediums large notes popping up so follow the summaries that she always puts

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Mashallah, as the lectures Go on, I tend to ignore all the other comments because they're really really distracting there are a lot of them and I always see that half of the comments are fights over the comments. So instead of focusing on the comments just look up and shout lunches cut the, the the bottom half of the screen out in Shell. So don't focus too much on the does akmola hate on inshallah I'll post the video tomorrow or see you guys live, please make your app for Muhammad Ali. The amazing contributions that he made to this community and to the world as a whole we ask a lot of Have mercy on him and elevate him and join him and us with our families in the highest level of

00:35:38 --> 00:35:43

gender to to the dose with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. I mean, does that mean Oh, Hayden was sent away.

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 3 – Ale Imran and Nisaa

June 8, 2016

Ale Imran part 2 and Surah An Nisa
Bani Israel was condemned in Surah Baqarah – we should avoid their actions they followed so we don’t follow their fate. We should not reject revelation.
“Oh you who believe fear Allah or be conscious of Allah….”
“And do not die except in a state of submission to him.”
“Cling to the rope of Allah…” Theme revolves around guidance of the Quran to the Prophet (saw). Our nation should unite around the book of Allah. Always remain productive in the work of Allah and free oneself from personal agendas, desire and pride. What makes us the best nation is that we enjoin what is good and forbids what is evil and we believe in Allah alone. Focus on what has made the successful succeed.
Allah addressed the believers and says that their success at badr was about them fulfilling their covenant to Allah and so they were successful. At Uhud they fell in their covenant so they should becareful, rush to Allah’s forgiveness. Those who are righteous enjoin good and forbid evil and rush toward good deeds. This relates to the battle of Uhud – because the believers turned away because they thought the prophet (Saw) was killed, and it wasn’t about Rasul (SAW) it is about Allah always! And Allah rewards those who are grateful, so don’t turn away no matter what.
The archers were tested along with the believers at the Battle of Uhud, but Allah has already forgiven them. Allah did not tell you this about your weakness to distress you, it is being brought to your attention so that you take lesson from it. SubhanAllah! Allah will always forgive so long as you turn back to Him (swt).
“If Allah aids you, then who is it that can overcomes you and if Allah forsakes you and who will support you after that. So upon Allah let the believers place their trust…”
Rasul (saw) would awake for Tahajjud and recite the last ten verses of Ale Imran.
“Allah responded to them, that I do not cause the deeds of anyone to go to waste…”
Surah An Nisa
The chapter about women – many issues are covered regarding women and family life.
Ale Imran – Spiritual admonishment end of the surah also establishes gender equity
An Nisa- Practical issues – how to deal with orphans, widows. Establishes legal implications.
The verse of polygyny was established to deal with the problem of widows and orphan girls. But not restricted to that time, though one must be just.

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