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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 24 – Zumar – Fussilat

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The importance of the three schools and their connection to sex is discussed, as well as the loss of Allah Sub admit and the need for effort and evidence in evidence to receive forgiveness. The speakers stress the importance of showing effort and evidence to avoid losing their reputation and avoid procrastination. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of force and the military's actions. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and the need for patient and patient behavior is emphasized. The transcript concludes with a recommendation for viewers to consider a charity called America's Deep.

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We lower it, he was so happy woman Wallah. So we're now at just 24 and hamdulillah. And this is ages that has some panelist, some beautiful connections between all three sources that we're going to cover today. Sort of zoom up, sort of offer. And Firstly, that so these three suitors actually bring together a very beautiful, beautiful, beautiful theme and chatlin time I'm sure that you all hopefully be the nighttime that will enjoy it.

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And hopefully find some major benefit in it. So Pamela, it's it's very powerful, how these three things are connected, how these three schools are connected. First of all, just if you look at the top of this page, actually what's pinned to the top of this page? It's actually a reflection on what Dr. evadne alladhina 's love for Allah and forcing him to talk not human Rahmatullah. It's a reflection on the verse in which Allah subhana wa tada says, say, Oh, my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala forgives all sins. And indeed it is he who is forgiving, and the most ever

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forgiving and ever Merciful. This is a section from sort of Azuma, and this is, in particular, this ayah is what they're called the most hopeful idea in the end. It was an act, it's an idea that gives us all hope that gives us all a sense of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And how our entrance into gender is not because of us, but it's because of who Allah is. So it's not because of who we are. It's because of who Allah is. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is ever Merciful, and ever forgiving. Now,

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this section of ion so this is actually the beginning of just 24. This section of it starts at verse 53. Last Hannah Montana says, Don't despair from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah forgives all sins. And then last paragraph says we're unable either or become what Asli moolah and turn back to your Lord and submit yourself to Him mental cobbly at akumina de filma tombstone before the punishment comes to you and then you will not be helped. So Allah subhana wa tada tells us to turn course, focus yourself on actually turning back to a loss of handling data and actually coming back to a loss of handling data. let it show in your actions that you desire, the mercy of God that

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you actually that you actually want the loss of 100 times to forgive you no matter what. And at the same time, Allah subhana wa tada says, before the punishment comes to you, and then you will not be helped. So Allah subhanaw taala alludes to

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one of the reasons why people stay away from him, or one of the things that keeps a person sinning, and that is that a person looks around them and they see other people sinning, or they depend upon other people. And so Pamela, usually, in this world, when you get in trouble, then you know, if you have a connection, then you can usually get yourself out of trouble, right depending on how grievious the connection is or the penalty is but you know, if you have the right connection, you can get yourself out of trouble. So, loss penalty Allah says that, on that day, you're not going to find anyone to help you. So you need to turn back to a loss of hundreds or stop depending upon your

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allies or your circle or whatever it may be. focus instead on Allah subhanho wa Taala what tiberiu accent amount Lindsey de la come and Robbie, come and follow the best of what was revealed to you from your Lord, then copy the idea to kimono

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until not too long before the punishment comes to you suddenly, and you don't want to grow while you perceive not while you're not even paying attention. So last paratype addresses here the disease of procrastination. So again, the two diseases that are addressed here the two things that keep us from turning back to Allah subhanaw taala either the company that we keep, or our procrastination, there's this idea that you know will will turn back to a loss penalty to one day and everything will be okay. Okay, so last penetrator gives us these this he warns us from falling into these traps and not turning back to him and then Allah subhanaw taala takes us to the Day of Judgment what people

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are saying he says intercooler and taco lasagna has a lotta Allah for what to feed them Billa what in corn to lemon acetylene so that less a person should say yeah has slotta I know enough on what to feed Jamila in sort of the scene? Yeah. Has the water. Eva the last pantile says what regret for mankind? What a shame for mankind. Here. A loss Penrith. Allah is saying a person is saying yeah has a lotta oh how great is my regret over what I neglected in regard to Allah subhana wa tada and enough for what to feed them Billa because I did not do what Allah subhanaw taala ordered me to do. And then what does he say? What in quinto Lomonosov hearing and I used to be amongst those that used

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to mock the truth. Now, check out this connection. This is verse 56. Right? Verse 54, a loss of Hannah Montana says turned back to a lot because no one's going to help you

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On the day of judgment, because a lot of times we're deceived by the people around us, and we lower our standards because we say the people around us well look at all these sins, right? Look at what they're doing. And our company is not the best company. Verse 56, the consequence, a person says we're in control, I mean, SFC lien, I was amongst the wrong group of people. So a person acknowledges that they belong to the wrong group of people. And that group of people, that company that they kept kept them away from Allah subhanaw, taala, otaku, and Allah Hi, Danny lucquin to me and my team.

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Or that person says, If only Allah had guided me, then I certainly would have been amongst the pious, so the person refuses to accept their own responsibility. And they say, if only Allah had guided me, that I would have been from amongst I would have been amongst the pious, this is a person who deflects responsibility. This is 57 in verse 50, for a loss, I don't want to add his warning, once again, you will not have anyone to help you on the Day of Judgment. And a person who constantly looks around at the people around them, and follows their standards and doesn't set standards for themselves a person who lives their life, like sheep, you know, is not going to understand the sense

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of personal accountability. And you know, trying to repent and turn back to Allah subhanaw taala for the sake of their own good. So first, they look around and they see the people that led them astray. And they say, I was wrong, I was with the wrong group of people. And then they have the nerve to say, If Allah would have guided me, then I would have been pious, it's like when you see someone that's really distant from Allah subhanaw taala, at least at least as it appears to people, at least with their actions. And you invite them to leave the sense that they're committing and they say make do out for me, right? Make draft for me, which is good make during the last minute I give you he

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died. But if you mean by make do out for me, that, that you know, that you're escaping your own sense of accountability, that Allah has not already given you enough incentive to leave that sin, then there's a problem in the data that you're requesting. Okay. So, take personal responsibility like Adam it his salon, do not deflect to the point that you will even blame your Lord the way that shavon did. So a person would say no, and Allah hi Danny, like when two men would succeed if Allah would have guided me I would have been from the righteous I would have been from the pious otaku and the hanaa tala de lo Anthony cotulla. accord, I mean, a martini, or that person would say when they

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see the punishment, once the punishment finally shows itself to them, reveals itself to them. That person would say, if only I had another chance to return to the world that I would have been from the moistening I would have been from the people of excellence, I would have been from the people who worship Allah as if they could see him. I would have been from those who excel those who excel all standards, right? So Pamela, this is verse 58. In verse 55, what are the last patterns Allah warned us from Allah warned us from procrastination, men copy to a level that several antem left us alone from procrastinating until we were struck by the punishment while we're not even proceeding

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well will not walk on, while we are not even a week, are privy to what Allah Subhana Allah has promised us will come. So Allah warns you know that don't wait to see the punishment to say if, if I had another chance, right, don't procrastinate because you don't know when your time will come. And instead, worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, as if you can see him even though you have not seen him yet. And fear Hellfire as if you can see it, even though you have not seen it yet. And hope for paradise as if you can see it, even though you have not seen it yet. Because you know that it's real, you know that it's true. So don't wait for death to come to you or don't don't procrastinate.

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until suddenly your life is taken away from you and you're standing and you're looking at this entire thing play out in front of you. And you're saying, you know, if only I had another chance, then not only would I be a Muslim, not only would I be a much Chucky, a believer, a righteous person, whatever it may be, I would be from the mercy need. I'd be from those who excel all standards, working for the sight of God and trying to do things that will that will that will benefit me in the hereafter because I know that it's coming. So last time it says betta digia Attica iottie *a debita beha was stuck about our Quintanilla Catherine, rather my my evidence is came to

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you and you denied them and you were amongst the crowd and you were amongst those who rejected well, Jamelia mattala Latina caribou Allah who withdrew whom was swet de la Sufi Johanna mammoth one with the Cambrian, and he would see on the Day of Resurrection those who lied against the loss of Hannah Montana their faces would be darkened. is is is there not in hell and abode for the arrogance and for those who are prideful, now Allah subhanaw taala as we

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with this pseudo sort of resume or sort of gives us

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that that hope that seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala seek the mercy of a loss currenttime because he forgives all things, but at the same time, do not, do not be little a loss of habitat or seek to belittle Allah subhanaw taala or his commands and escape your own responsibility to Allah subhanaw taala because you will still be held accountable. So allow us to see effort on your part. You have to show effort. You're not going to get into gender by your good deeds but you are going to show effort that you tried to qualify for the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala by virtue of the small good deeds that we do, so last penalty Allah says when you Nigella hula Dena taco Bhima

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fossati him la Yama sudo su Allah and Allah will save those will deliver those monoterpene will deliver those people who are aware of Him who, who who were in awe of him. He will deliver them by their by the attainments no evil will touch them whenever he has anyone. lay him a sumo suit whenever there is no they will not be touched by any harm nor will they grieve. No Evil will touch them, nor will they grieve. Remember these words I am a sumo suit, whatever. So they're not going to be touched by harm, nor will they grieve. A loss penalty out of them mentions a lot who highly colloquially say, well who are unequally shaped and what kill that allows the creator over all

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things and he is over all things a Disposer of affairs, and a Lost Planet. Allah goes on to to mention his power and a loss of Hannah hooks Allah mentions the people now being taken into their different places was he called Lavina cafaro Elijah Hannah Zuma had either her foot he had a Babu have a column Hosanna to her. Ana Tikka Masala Minh como una alikum iottie. Robbie, come on zerona comunicar Iommi, caminhada corlew, Bella Bella, Heathcote, kanematsu la Viola caffeine. So last time I mentioned Now, those people that those who rejected being driven to Hellfire in groups, until they reach it, and gates are suddenly opened, and it's keepers will say to them, did they're not come to

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you messengers from amongst yourselves, reciting to you the verses of your Lord and warning you of this meeting, of this meeting of yours that this that this day would come. So they would say yes, but the word of punishment has come into effect upon those who rejected it. So this is again, this is now the, for those that continue to turn away, that you were warned people told you, you know, that that this would come that there was a hereafter. messengers came to you and you were told that you would meet your Lord, you were told that you would meet Allah subhana wa Tada. So why did you wait, why did you procrastinate? And they would say they would acknowledge that yes, this this

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happened. Yes, we were warned. But at the same time, at this point now, the word of punishment has come into effect upon us. So there's nothing we can do at this point. The ledger Hello, Baba Johanna mahadi Vina, he has a bit some as well matoke have been so they will be told to enter into the gates of hell to abide there in and rest is the resonance of the arrogance and of the pride the prideful then Allah says Was he a Latina taco rumba home Elijah jannetty Zuma, but those who feared their Lord would be driven to paradise in these huge groups had either whoo ha, or 40 had a wobble ha baccara home Hosanna to ha Salam Alikum libitum fighter who have hardly been that when they reach to

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paradise while 40 had Ababa and the gates of Paradise slowly open unraveling itself. You know Hellfire is sudden when a person gets there, they're just thrown into Hellfire but paradise slowly, the gates open and you're seeing your marveling at the scene of Paradise as its opening in front of you. While cloud Allah has an add to her, and the angels are saying to us when Aleykum peace beyond to you play the tune, you have become purified Now further Hulu, her Holly Dean, go ahead and enter once you know for once and for all go ahead and enter and you will abide there in forever while honored him to the law. Levy sadhaka Nevada, those believers that say Praise be to Allah who fulfill

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to us His promise. So we knew that this was going to happen we prepared ourselves we weren't from amongst those who denied or mocked we weren't from amongst those who procrastinated and how did he learn he led the sadhaka Now why did All praises be to Allah who guaranteed us what he guaranteed us and fulfilled the promise that he gave to us what would often an alternative overwhelming agenda to hatefulness out? And he made us inherit this this land so that we may settle in paradise wherever we will.

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finance manager and army Dean and what an excellent reward that this is for those who work deeds of righteousness. When Todd and metta it gets a halfie and I'm unheralded, obviously you step behind and behind the rock behind and you see the angels surrounding the throne.

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Allah subhanaw taala on from all different directions, you set behind the behind the Don't be him. They're constantly glorifying the loss of how to how to walk boldly avena humble Huck Waka wahpeton hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and it will be judged between them in truth and it will be said, and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen all praise and thanks to the Lord of all the worlds. So here, it's the celebration, the believers, the angels, the glorification of a loss of Hannah Montana, the fulfillment of a loss of Hannah Montana's promise, right, it's all coming to fruition in sort of Azuma, and sunova. Sort of offer Allah subhanho wa Taala which laugh at of course, is the one who's

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ever forgiving a Lost Planet, Allah is often and Allah subhanho wa Taala, of course, mentioned to us Do not despair from the mercy of Allah in the life of the Nova Jimmy I because I lost penance, Allah forgives all sins. pseudo laughter sort of brings us back now to the promises of a loss of Hannah Montana and what the angels are doing now and how ALLAH is forgiving now. So as soon as the zone gave us an you know, perspective, a window into what it looks like, what it will look like in the future, and Chatelet Santa when we enter into paradise, and when we are surrounded by those angels, and when we are receiving the miracles of a loss of Hannah Montana sudo hoffa emphasizes the way

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that a lot and the angels operate now. So loss of Hannah Montana says, Hi, I mean Tenzin kitabi, Mina la Hill as he's writing, this is the revelation of the book of Allah, from Allah, the Exalted in Might and the all knowing, half it is them the one who forgives sins, what are

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the one who accepts repentance Shadi, the cop without, he has Severe in punishment, yet he's the Bestower of bounties. So we've had a lot a lot puts once again, his his attribute of forgiveness and his attribute of Accepting of repentance before the punishment that comes to some people. And He's the owner of abundance. He's He's the total he's the one who bestows his favours upon all of his creation, La Ilaha Illa who La Masia there is no god except for him and to him is the final destination and remember the angels that were that inshallah to Allah will that will greet us when we enter into paradise in LA. And they will say to us Salaam Alaikum libitum they would they would

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say peace beyond to you, you've been purified enter into paradise forever, and they glorify a loss of Hannah Montana along alongside us here another mention of the angels and by the way, the angels are mentioned all three sodas in,

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in this juice and in the capacity of comforting the believers. So the angels in all three sodas, sort of zoom up so with Rafa and sort of and sort of falsely that the angels are mentioned in the capacity of comforting the believers and seeking forgiveness for the believers. So here in verse seven, what happens now so inshallah tada be in there that we hope will be greeted by them in paradise. But now, the last panel status as a Latina, alladhina, yummy Luna Moussa woman Hala, who you serve be who and I become the rugby him we know. And so the angels are already surrounding the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they're glorifying Allah subhanaw taala and they believe in a

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loss of Hannah Montana. We are still here on a little Edina Avenue and what are they doing? They're seeking forgiveness for us. The angels right now are seeking forgiveness for us. They're not waiting for us to enter Paradise to greet us and to say peace beyond to you. They're already seeking forgiveness for us and who made them seek forgiveness for us Allah subhanho wa Taala so they're seeking forgiveness. For those who believe about that Allah Sarah Tokuda located in Rocky Mountain where Elena fiddly, levina taboo, but terbaru Sabina, UC Berkeley him a double Jane, O our Lord, You have encompassed all things with your mercy and with your knowledge for levena taboo, what terbaru

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Sevilla. So last panel attallah told us and Zuma will enable you to become then turned back to your Lord. So last panel inside of here says the angel say forgive those who have turned back to you what Tibet was savvy luck, and they followed your way. And so to zoom out of the second ayah in that equation was what esslli moula are the second the second one was what enable a lot of become turned back to your Lord and submit yourself to Him. So here Allah and Allah subhanaw taala mentions what tiberiu SNM at linzi that you may come in lovely comments with the Zuma, turn back to your Lord, submit yourself to Him and follow the guidance that he sent to you here the angels are seeking

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forgiveness and sort of

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in sort of lafer little Edina taboo those who turn back what Tibetan who said be like and those who follow your guidance, so it's complete correlation with sort of the zoom of Subhana Allah, what clay Hamada will join him and protect them from the punishment of hellfire. And so to Zuma last pants I says, Well, you know, je la hula Nina Taka Mufasa tm, that Allah subhanaw taala would save the

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lost friends I would save the believers from the punishment of hellfire. So here, the angels continue. Rob banner while at Hill home jannetty riding in, in Latin America home, Oh ALLAH and give them the paradise that you have promised to them and so it is oma. When the believers enter into paradise they say and hamdulillah ladies Allah now, All praises be to Him who fulfilled his promise to us. So here the angels say Oh Allah enter them into the gardens of perpetual resonance which you have promised which you have promised them. Woman Sala Herman, he can wear as well to him with the reality him and those who who followed along from their, from their fathers, from their spouses,

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from their offspring in Mecca until Aziz would Hakeem It is you who is Exalted in Might and all wise, what key him was he at and Oh Allah, protect them from the evil consequences of their sins. In the very beginning of that equation, swift Azuma in Allaha, Nova Jamia, Allah forgives all sins, so here protect them from the evil consequences of their sins. And they continue to say, woman Tucker's say to me, he didn't follow him. And he who you whom you protect from the evil consequences of their sins on that day, then you will have given him mercy with early care who will love him and that is the supreme success. That's the great, you know, that's the great attainments that you have promised

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to them. So, so how to law sort of zoom out here, and, and sort of offered a completely match. The angels are making their act for the very things that Allah subhanaw taala has promised us and sort of Azuma, and then we move on to really this idea of debt with this idea of the person who's striving in the path of a boss, to doing their part. And, you know, trying to warn the people and trying to call the people first, we're bears of glad tidings before we're Warner's right, calling the people to remember their hereafter to remember that there is something that is greater than the world as we see it today. So last, how much Allah mentions to us, once again, because this is still

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mechanical. And,

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you know, the theme is the warning of punishment that came to the nations before the glad tidings to those who believe the comfort to the messengers to the messengers of Allah heart, he was adamant to the followers of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah Subhana, which Allah says in verse 44, are sort of off the first attempt Quran and akula come, and you will remember what I am telling you. He's telling the prophets by some to say, and you will remember what I am telling you, you know, it will come to pass. Why is it Why is this being mentioned here because the prophets lie, Selim is constantly telling them, don't procrastinate. Focus on Allah subhanaw taala seek

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forgiveness from him, he forgives everyone, he's most merciful turn back to him and the Prophet slicin is only being met with abuse and with insults. So the synthetic guru and Mr. akula come, last contract says to the prophets license to say to them and you will remember what I am now saying to you, what will fold will emanate in Allah and I have submitted my affair to Allah subhanho wa Taala, I've left my affair to a loss of Hannah Montana in the law. basilone very bad indeed, a loss of Hannah Montana is seeing of his servants he is all all seeing and all observing of his servants. So the message here is that, you know, look, I've done my part, you will come to see this will all come

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to see this, but I'm going to submit myself to a loss of Hannah Montana. And you know, and I know that Allah subhanaw taala sees my effort, I know that Allah Subhana Allah sees what what I'm doing and a loss penalty and it will not let me down. So last pintina response in verse 55, Foster, be patient in the law help. Indeed, the promise of a law is true, was tough federalism became one step behind the rock became bill ashy, when it became so be patient. Indeed, the promise of a law is true. seek forgiveness for your sins and exalt a loss of Hannah Montana with the praise of your Lord in the evenings and in the mornings. So this message is really focused to the Darya it's focused to

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the one that calls to a loss kind of hotel. Okay, so in in, in sort of offer, a last panel is telling us Be patient, particularly not just the believers now we've moved into another category, the believers who are calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the believers who are engaged in working for his costs, because they are the ones who are going to be insulted most and they're the ones who are going to be challenged in their belief most and they are the ones who are going to suffer and sacrifice the most. And the last panelist says, Be patient. The promise of a loss of Hannah Montana will come to you and

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you everything He has promised to you. Guess what the last surah in this just this sort of falsely lat in which will falsely that literally means it's been explained Subhana Allah what is what does Allah take us to verse 30? In alladhina palu rabona Law Firm must account calm, that those who said Our Lord is Allah and then they stayed firm upon that. Tatiana's that already human melodica once again the angels, says, Pamela, it's interesting because it's working backwards. So to Zuma is the angels when we enter agenda, sort of offer is the angels beneath the throne of Allah seeking forgiveness for us. And Seurat. facilites is the angels coming

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to us when we die? The angels now revealing themselves to us when we die, verily those who believed and they remained steadfast, Tatiana's, that already in one minute it could be angels will come to them and the profit slice I mentioned that the angels would land at the at the end of your site as far away as you can see, you would see the angels descend from Paradise and then they would they would have with them the Kevin of from from Jenna from Paradise and the angel of death would come towards you. And they would say to you, uh, yet to have Nestle play Eva. Oh, pure soul. Ahora de la Rahmatullah ordered one and come out to the mercy of Allah, and to the pleasure of your Lord, come

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on out. We were waiting for you. And now it's time Subhana Allah here. It's really powerful. Because the angels are saying they're descending at that time and they're saying, fear not and grief, a lot of hafele wanna know, don't be afraid. And do not grieve. Don't be afraid and do not grieve.

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You know, don't be afraid of what Don't be afraid of that which came before. Okay. So don't be afraid of that what you're leaving behind you. And do not grieve over that which is coming after. So don't be afraid of that which you've left behind. And don't grieve for that which will come afterwards, you know, whatever she robot agenda tilla tea quantum to adorn and receive the glad tidings of Paradise which you were promised Neff Odia, Daniela aka we were with you the entire time we were your allies in this world the life and in the Hereafter when a comfy Hama touch the E and for sukham What are comfy hammer their own new Sudan Minerva foreign Rahim you will have everything

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that you were promised and you will have everything you know and you will have all you will have access to everything that paradise has to offer. No Zola in our forum Rahim and this is a promise this has come to you from the most forgiving the Most Merciful sources Omar said don't despair from the mercy of God because a loss of Hannah Montana is most forgiving and most merciful sort of offer is literally named after the most forgiving and here those who don't know how fold and Raheem woman acts and oh Colin Miller min men there are in a law where I mean, Neha, and who is greater man accent Oh Colin, what is better than the one who calls to Allah subhanaw taala and does good so now

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it's comfort particularly to the dairy to the one who's calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala what who is better than the one who calls to Allah Subhana Allah and does good deeds and works deeds of righteousness, what Allah in any minute muslimeen and he proudly declares that he is from the Muslims, what a test I would hazard to when I say a different reality he asked him an evil is not equal to good respond to that which is evil with that which is good respond to that which is evil with that which is better so we see Mashallah, we got a lot of trolls today, got a lot of people that are saying, you know, some nasty things who I will have to ban because they're, they're being

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disrespectful, but always respond to that which is good with that which would that to that which is evil with that which is better, don't let people faze you remain steadfast on this path, remain graceful remain a person who maintains, who maintains a smile in the face of evil, who maintains grace in the face of in the face of nastiness repel that which is evil with that which is better, because they are not equal. So the idea here is to stay firm, Allah subhana wa to Anna's mercy will come to you, his forgiveness will come to you, and the angels will come for you. So some kind of luck connect these three sources, sort of the Zuma so vafa facilites foresee that is literally as we

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leave this world, the angels coming and comforting those people who particularly remained firm on the path of Dharma and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us and have mercy upon us and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to to enter us into His gardens of perpetual residence and we ask Allah Subhana Allah, to comfort us with the angels in this life and then in the next then we ask Allah Subhana Allah to have mercy upon us and forgive us and we asked a lot together.

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To guide these the to guide our friends that have joined us today, the charity that I'm going to leave with you today in Chatelet, Thailand is one that's very close to my heart. It can relief, it can relief USA. For those of you that don't know, I actually was a part of Muslims for humanity in relief is literally muslims for humanity in Hurricane Katrina relief. So I had the blessing of being the field coordinator and the outreach coordinator for Muslims for humanity and Hurricane Katrina relief. ignor relief does charity here at home. And the goal is to serve people here at home. And a lot of times we focus our charity efforts outside of the country. And our charity belongs first and

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foremost here at home. And so this is a charity that's near and dear to my heart. I've been a part of it, I'm proud to still be a part of it. And so inshallah Tada, I'm going to go ahead and post the link in the comments. So I hope that all of you will contribute to it can relief in sha Allah Tana and consider this wonderful organization that continues to do so much work and naturally breaks many, many of the stereotypes that that that continue to follow us so Zack will fade on to you all so that we can