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The transcript discusses the origins of the term "medicure" and its use in English, including the belief that a "monster" can become infected. The speakers emphasize the responsibility of women to protect their bodies and the importance of women in society. They also touch on the challenges of women in society and how they can overcome them. The transcript describes various women who have lost loved ones and faced problems due to their actions. The segment emphasizes the importance of reading the Quran and avoiding sexual behavior.

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In Al Hamdulillah in Al Hamdulillah

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Dr. Marina de la,

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da da, on to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Mohammed Abu

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Rahim, Allah Taka Rosina in Naboo Casa de Sevilla, wok Allah tala

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in Allahu Rahim

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Allah tala Salaam la law yes Miss Zani Tina is Niva hormone in Oklahoma calling

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for de la molana labin masakazu nebby. You will Karim one afternoon Allah daddy kameena *gy Dina Karina Welcome to the line Robin and me and honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders in my previous Juma I spoke in great detail about the harm of music and its pronunciation to tie up the talk from where we stopped one of navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which will make the focus of today's talk elvina Rocha to Xena, Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam say he's the one that will engage in music, singing and dancing, then this would arouse his lust and it will translate in the form of Xena and fornication. Like in English, they say, dancing is the vertical expression of

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your horizontal desire. We find nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Xena will become so common as we seen it brothers. It has become so common that illegitimate children today form part of our society. We have situations in schools where children of gender age have been molested. Allah Allah knows what the future holds. When Xena fornication prostitution has become so common device of t v Sharif second volume minor BC, TN Na Na t comma Talabani Israel every challenge that came upon Bani Israel will come upon my own ma Hata in Ghana minimum man mahana Nia la kanopy. Almighty man Yes Now Valley in the previous nations, the act of incest took place where a person slept with his

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mother, I quote the exact words of nearly Salaam in Bani Israel, a man made Zina with his mother, believe it oh my Sahaba in the summer also, a time will come when people will sleep and share the bed with their own mothers. But brothers, let me go one step ahead. One is that Xena has become common. The irony of the whole thing is in the form of AIDS which is a result of the violation of the divine command of Allah, which will be accepted beyond religious grounds by all divine religions, that infidelity and immorality and sleeping with a woman outside wedlock is incorrect. It is unlawful. There are certain campaigns whose endeavor is to D stigmatize. How can you de

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stigmatize a sickness epidemic, an epidemic, which is the result of the Divine via the violation of the command of Allah, in essence D stigmatizing a person who contracted this aids because of infidelity is tantamount to legalizing prostitution. And this is what is happening. One side, mankind at this stage hasn't yet taken it's less than so many 1000s are dying. And this is the clear prophecy of navire Salatu was salam, that when Xena will become common, Libya is Salam said in the wake of it, no matter what our job, we are here in yesterday's report, any person will become immune to your one year child, right? Two years old, a child has been raped it has become part of society

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usually Can you get it on? If you analyze this way society coming to you have you become immune to such stories, where a child at the age of one has been raped by his by by by by her father? Is this something that that that you can imagine? In the so called civilized technologically advanced era is this is what is happening? We find the love of Allah said when Xena will become common, Allah will inflict the set sicknesses, such diseases, which was unheard of. Well, Oda will at lambda con McPhee ballerina motto. So one side is an effort to D stigmatize the person who is guilty of Zina because of which he has contracted AIDS.

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At the same time you are stigmatizing the polygamous who enjoys a divine right, which is his prerogative afforded to him by Allah. In essence, mankind is at loggerheads with Allah. Allah says Zina is haram, men felt that Allah was restricting his freedom in the form of in the form of AIDS. 1000s are losing their life. Monsters doesn't want to curtail menstrual doesn't want to apply. So he Institute's measures that have relation with strange woman, but apply this measure and apply that measure, but is logically speaking, we have never heard of a polygamous who is sleeping with a woman but legally lawfully that makes us understand that Zina or other AI is not contracted because you

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sleep with more than one woman, but rather it is sleeping with more than one woman outside your wedlock. You can be one example of a man who's married legally lawfully to more than one wife and Alhamdulillah. It is correct. He maintains and conforms with the dictates of Sharia. He maintains equity and fairness. He has more than one spouse. You give me one example of such a man that makes us understand it is not the aspect of sleeping with more than one woman, but rather it is the direct result of violating the command of Allah and sleeping with more than one woman outside wedlock. When we speak about polygamy brothers. This is not the focus of my topic. The focus of my topic today is

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not fornication, adultery. The minor difference between the two as we all know is fornication is when the bachelor in that spinster engaged in unlawful relation. I am speaking today those married couples that are pursuing enlisted relation. Allah Allah knows brothers, we have statistics. We are not speaking from anywhere. I have statistics we marry couples come to me one unfortunately, I'm involved with this woman I'm involved with that woman. If I may add on to that, as we discuss I will explain. I cannot see as a man Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam said matara, Toba de fitna.

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resolvin and Nisa are my Sahaba in passing away and I believe in this world. I have not left behind a greatest challenge for the males of my own in the fitna of woman for dunya what's the Quran Nisa? Fear the temptations of this world? It's green, it is lush, it's striking, it's appealing. What sakuni saw and fear are the temptations of woman for in our world a 15 or 20 Israel finisar literally the decline of Bani Israel is started in the fitna of woman, Libya, Li salat wa salam save in the minute of Bukhari Sharif first volume under the telogen material Bob Babu Terkel hi is a stone, Mara to me, nathi Sati atlin What do you mean, as

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Julian has eliminated akuna Oh my Sahaba I have not seen any person who can snatch the intelligence of an intellectual man who can base the sanity of a man like how one female can do. Oh my god, I have never seen what one female can do it snatches the intelligence of a person. as men, as the elder says we are weak, Allah has created us as the weakest point. And brothers, let me tell you while I address this message first to myself, there are two things I have told my students repeatedly in Madras and I make mention of it here. There are two things in life. Don't even trust yourself. Never mind the next man. Don't. They never comes a stage in your life where you have

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matured the challenge of woman. You're never old enough. You're never over with this challenge. Perhaps in relation when you were a young child, the challenge was greater. You got married, the challenges are relatively less, but you never mature this challenge. This never comes to an end it remains into things of life. Don't ever trust yourself. Never mind your brother, that very same friend with whom you're dating and you're you you're going out visiting your wife and his wife, a lot of work from

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the lobby of a law says that the US will never enter Jannah as a youth will never antigen let me mention those two things. First. One is of course the aspect of woman and the second is the aspect of money. No man is two pioneers when it comes to these two things. This is the weakness of men I failed to comprehend. As a male in this new environment. Every man sitting here knows the proportion of his vulnerability when he exits from his house. Well, I fail to comprehend and from an Islamic perspective, I cannot see any leeway any concession for a doctor professional person to employ within his surgery within his office environment. Young, charming, seductive woman to set a close by

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Allah Allah knows where do these people come with such concessions in Sharia? The lobby of Allah says it Tacoma Tama of Boyd and a platform of accusation. Avoid a situation of accusation. Taylor, you're sitting with strange girls who are under your employment who are young, some of them without generalizing have so loose morals that this smile is deliberate to jeopardize your marriage, natural fertility salmon for qalamoun Fernando. It is the lustful gaze which is translated into a smile, exchange of phone numbers and sharing of marriages. The poet says where parada has no say

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Samana mala at the time and the error is frustrated with unveiled beautiful woman and Konya. shuru clarity of the deal, Casa Donna. Now the eyes started passing lustful gazes and messages to the heart. Then the poet goes on to say, lakyn Agron Coco tune singer Bajaj if you don't divert your gaze from the forbidden woman, don't even try to divert your thoughts. If you don't divert your eyes Don't even try inevitably Your heart will be captured. Delivery of Allah is sitting in Africa. Sophia is noble spouse in concert and wife, the mother of the entire oma comes and speaks to him, you know, in confidentiality to SOP I happened to walk by that. Have you ever latches Mrs. likoma,

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pause there, and then come back here. They came back the VOD services just for your information. I'm not speaking to a strange woman. I'm speaking to my own law, lawful legal wife. So they said only over law we will never have been in feelings against you literally said I've said. But I feel that if the devil has to inject something in your heart, your Eman will be at stake whenever you have. And I was so conscious that this was a position of apparent accusation. We know that a viola is divinely protected. What about those people that are sitting in the offices on the right they are woman on the left there a woman the first harm apart from the grave consequences inaccurate, Allah

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will divinely snatch the joy of your wife, you will look at your beautiful wife, but you will find no pleasure when gonna be over loving for marriage. And he ascended and he came across a group of people who were sitting who had a delicious meal before them. And on the other hand, they had a meal that was a rotten meat that was given off and given off an odor. And these people left eating this beautiful, delicious well cooked meat. And on the other hand, they were eating meat it was rotten. So he asked you please Who are these people? She believes that this is part of your alma whom Allah has given a tasty legal legal lawful spouse and wife, but they leave them and they run behind woman

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who have no morals no values, but as I was making mentioned, then a B of Allah said the US who is in the US at the US will never enter agenda. Tell us whenever you have a law who is a youth a capital. A capital is a youth who is a calculator whenever you have a lot easier to wholeheartedly resolve. If you analyze the word capital from the English dictionary, it comes out from the word cuckoo and they say a cuckoo it is known of this bird that it would leave its eggs to hatch in the nest of another bird. This is the condition of this man who doesn't nine his wife speaking with strange men who doesn't mind you mind his wife entertaining strange men. Since when he has this own Mutt

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Gnostics models that you introduce your wife to a strange man? Well, our brothers my focus, as I said today is not fornication that is forbidden in Haram. I'm speaking about those married couples that are pursuing unlawful and illicit religion. The nature of a man was supposed to be such as the your, the your sense of honor Sabino bhadauria said only be over love. If I come home, and I must find my wife with a strange man. I make you my witness, I will strike that man with the sharp edge of my sword there and the Sahaba looked at him and said, Are you impressed at the sense of honor this man has? By Allah I have a greater sense of honor? Well, ah, you are possessive over your car.

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Tomorrow you die in your car is gone. If there's anything you have to be possessive over men is your man and your wife and your daughters. How can you be possessive over your car? What do you think all about possessive obsess if you're a woman, but what do you want to speak to my wife? Well, after you get married, you are responsible. You have to make your tail ties but even those that are relatives but for her now. mccrum is not among the Muharram she cannot speak to them and you are responsible. Whenever you have a lesson you will be deprived of gender if you don't mind your wife pursuing unlawful religion. Of course, as a man we have to, we have to discipline ourselves primarily. Let's

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take the incident of faith and I primary Sonam when you are talking of a sense of honor in a man, the pride of a man

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the pride of a man a lot of work. But when saved my primary ceram is traveling with his wife, Sara Lee has Salam. And they come into Egypt for the Filipina Korea to marry communal mono, algebra, algebra, and there's a tyrant ruler whose evil practice was any couples traveling he would kill the husband abduct the woman and satisfy his lust. As they came close to the stone, the city this country, immediately the sense of fear and the possessive nature over his wife

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created some concern within him. And if a man was threatening husband and wife, brother and sister Then the king would not harass or interfere. So if I'm a cinema dentelles the primary thought was something tells his wife that look here, perhaps we'll have to present in the court of the silent ruler. On an ambiguous term, I would say you are my sister, and islamically You are my wife as well as my sister. So if he happens to ask you the relation between us to then agree with what I say that you are my sister, but this was a woman of morality. This was woman of chastity. As she comes close the book it says karma she stood up. She performed the widow, so suddenly she didn't perform salah

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and then she came in front of this man, the stylist

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lustful gaze how bunnlevel the sister of today is, well law we will live with less money, but we will not risk the honor of a woman in this vicious world. We will love to Jesus will be coming from every angle. Whether there is nothing there every woman that is going outside look at what is the condition of her marriage at home.

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Anyway, as they come close, Allahu Akbar. She didn't make dua to Allah Allahu Allah enquanto Armand to recover Bella zuellig Watson to Pharaoh de la luz de de Paula to sell Italia has a copy of Allah, you know, I brought him on on you, and I brought him on your Navy, you very well know oh my Allah, I gave no male access to my private organ with the exception of my spouse. I asked you through the medium of the facility in the loyalty I have displayed to my partner, that not the staff will even come close to me. Once upon a time, the woman of this oma had something to present in the court of law, but on the contrary is the condition of my sister today, who deliberately presents herself

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projects herself. My nephew said in the rewrite of Muslim Sharif, a human morality was at the Yamaha v zoji. Ha, that woman who takes out her clothes to present herself in any environment apart from that of her husband, she has broken the veil of a law, but she is a woman of chastity and morality. Do you know Islam has not given this woman rights Islam has given her heights Islam has given us such rights. The delivery of Allah says if you accuse a chaste woman of Xena 31 years of paper on a full masana years at Mamma mia sonatine nebulae Salatu was Salam says,

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accusing a chaste woman of Xena destroys the piety of one century. Anyway this woman comes into court after making dua to Allah, Allah gave no mail access to my organ my private other than my husband, do we know brothers wider is dowry? Just for our own information? When we give dowry What is it all about? dowry in essence is you are contracting with this woman with in a noble way that life long, I will be benefiting from your organ to enjoy the manual relation with dignity and respect on the amount agreed This money will be given to you and lifelong, you will avail yourself. My interview said that husband who calls his wife, that husband who calls his wife, yeah, again

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brothers because that woman is not cherishing her motherhood because she is not staying indoors. She is coming home tired and exhausted. Then the viola says if you are outside, this is happening for others, and you are afflicted by a woman immediately come home. These are the words of nearly Sam for in Miss la la de Maha. Call your wife, Elisa and say that she's cooking the plot reporter for telling her to leave the pot of food if she's engaged in anything else. This is an overwhelming need in this man respond to the need of this man if this woman will not comply. leberecht salam says lll eternity sama sacaton Allah, Allah and His Malaika become angry with this woman. But of course she

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will only be able to comply if she doesn't have to go out in the commercial world. In the commercial world, my sister You have no honor. You are so cheap that from a toothpick till a truck tire to promote it. It is the image of one woman that is out they have dropped her. There is all she's lost her honor, integrity, her morality. But look at this woman, our law. I asked you through the medium of the fidelity that I just played with my husband. Let's not discuss it come close. And she comes into court. The cuff. We looked at her it comes into the eyes of Bukhari, he didn't stretch his hand before he could touch saara Allah paralyzed his entire hands. Allah paralyzed it alive the woman

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FDIC law that man who endeavors to cast a lustful gaze, Allah will slit his sight when

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you know, but she herself is presenting herself she is projecting herself but is what your society what environment are we living in? Then we have Allah said la Yes, nice sunny Tina. Yes me. mean it is so despicable, so detestable by your law, that even a man cannot tolerate this action. Mr. leaves that man that is encina a man departs from him somebody since a man in shelters, and Hoover's above his head, if he makes a man comes back, but as long as he engages in Xena, it is no eemaan in his life in the other in the other punishments when the Quran speaks about the consequences of the other wrong. Allah tala says they tend to refer you know reform quietly secretly. But when it comes to the

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act of Zilla Allah says as zania towards Danny pajarito lava at minimum amiata Delta, Allah says in less than it is not less than one combi hemara efficiency de la Let not kindness overpower you in the implementation of the command of Allah. But rather kindness to this adultery in adulterous is torture to the innocent people. How many sisters have lost the internet because of such people? Once a man says that you must Institute the most severe crime for a child rapist once it wants to enjoy his freedom brothers insaan is confused.

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archery take a shot at my daddy, Beijing 18 brought to you by the nama zamana the poet says, like insane people, these fake lovers are moving around in this world. This world is corrupted. This world doesn't know where it's going, where is it coming? As long as you and I will digress? Allahu Akbar, what am I have written?

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The very first crime wherever Allah speaks about Maria Medina Salam in the Quran, Allah couples it was just at Marina Panetta in Milan and let the Santa

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Maria Marina Salaam that woman who safeguarded her chestatee just recently it came to light Alhamdulillah one woman in America, reverse who was fighting for Islamic rights to say that no, she has to bail herself, even in her identity. And then you find articles that appear in yesterday's paper, the so called intelligent thinkers of today did want to say that no, I studied the entire Quran. It doesn't appear in the Quran any way that a woman has to avail herself. Yeah, larger family until hemara fatten dummy. Oh my sister, don't unveil yourself. If you want to save yourself from the severe horror of the day of Tiamat. Sunita Maliki protect your beauty displayed before your

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husband. She's displaying it in strange places. She is not ready for her own husband and brothers as I mentioned, ideally, look after your one wife and enjoying the test of matrimonial relation. But if you are pursuing an illness, that religion either curtail that, or take on that, as Anita, it is unfortunate that our society today has stigmatized polygamy and has embraced Xena, and the stigma doesn't only go to the man who takes on the second nikka Allah, Allah forbid the stigma also goes on to the album that he's performing the niqab. Our society shuns a man who takes on another wife as though he has abandoned his faith and he has become more that. Nevertheless, study the first crime

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that took place on the face of this earth was because of the crave of one woman. Don't underestimate the consequences of that evil thought that settles in your heart in your mind. Consult with the scholars make Toba to Allah as I mentioned, we have to adopt some measures as the man Allah has created you we I fail to comprehend when you know by your very nature, you are flammable. How do you set in the company of explosives?

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mala brothers,

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I can't see concession I'm talking about myself. Whenever I have to go shopping in any environment, I will always tell my wife Come with me. The environment is so evil.

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The savvy comes to Libya like that you might have Bukhari, Allah Allah speaks about it in the Quran. Allah Takara la was the Mr. Raja Tara Inari masala mean la Li was engaged in in transaction. A woman came to me she asked me for dates. And I told I've got better dates in the house. And as she entered, I got overpowered, and somehow I couldn't resist myself I fell on her and I Keystone Viola. If this could happen in the golden era of profit would I can't see how you and I can be protected from this evil that is happening. Of course we turn to a line we ask a lot, but we have to institute some practical measures. Number one brothers, you know when a man is traveling alone overseas for

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conference, you know to travel alone without his wife or without the company. It is actually jeopardizing your vulnerability you are risking yourself even more and more in that incident. We have person a marvelous but we don't have time. Let me mention what I was speaking about. The first thing that happened on the face of this earth was because of a woman harville and Tommy what happened in essence brothers have his wife was more attractive, more beautiful and then his wife, he could not accept Why does my brother have a more beautiful wife than I do? It says at no cost Am I going to accept this year he then goes the very first session through which allow was just so the

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the first murder the first unjust killing that you place on the face of this earth was because of this very same thing. He didn't come to his brother. The Quran didn't discuss it in great detail. In the end, he could not accept that my brother has a more beautiful wife fatawa una casa la de for katella. In the end in the crave of getting this woman he his ego provoked him so much. The only way out is I killed my brother. He assassinated his brother in the grave of one woman. In the end he also did not get that woman. Then the reverse suggests Aladdin changed his color and his complexion. And within two to three days he also died. He then carried the carcass of his brother moving around

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on this earth for battle lava Robin

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Lee okay. So he didn't know how to dispose of the body of his brother or in the grave of one woman. Take the incident of Sally Eleni, Salam Leto, Sally, Sally make dua to Allah that the mountain must split and a pregnancy command must emerge and the Cayman must give birth salaries from mid Guatemala in Casa de la frigiliana minha del Giovanni Nottingham Isla, the mountain split, the pregnant camera came out it gave birth this camera was given the honor of being knocked to lock the camera of Allah tog Rafi out of the law it will move freely on the earth of Allah degrees in the pressures of a lot during the work of Allah somehow. The End

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The nations in became irritated with this camel. It used to, you know, consume a lot of water. So many other people said that they animals were being deprived catina Long story short, finally it was arranged that one day the Kenyan will drink water. One day the animals of the locality will drink water. This continued for a period of time, but after a little while, they felt that no we must do away with disclaimer again in the last one woman in the last one woman, a woman incidentally mBiA threatened a woman by the name of satou. She presented herself before an immoral man by the name of Masada and sundry wires suggests suggests a person by the name of podar been solid. He went to one

00:25:37--> 00:26:12

prostitute and he says that I want to have access to you. This woman apparently had a lot of animals. He said, You killed that camel and you enjoy me. This man was now blinded by the love of this woman. The Quran said even Bahasa spa when the most wicked amongst them stood up. Suddenly Sam told him pause. If you kill the skimmer is nothing to stop you from the Azov of Allah. But he was again influence. He was overpowered by the threat of this woman, he could make heads or tails in his life. He wanted this woman and he goes, and he goes and kills that camel. The Quran didn't make mention one masamoto father, you know,

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that entire nation was then and go in the divine azova law because of one man who killed this camel because of pursuing one woman. But his whole life has destroyed nations. We are living in a society every day we are hearing of Xena every day we are hearing of evil evil things. As I mentioned in conclusion, one two advisors. One of the best things about a personal experience I have mentioned is to help you lower your gaze is to read Quran in abundance. Make it a practice daily before leaving your house read Quran. No man is pious. No man is intelligent. No man has matured the challenge a woman before leaving your house read Quran. We learned that the right way that person killed 100

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people and he went to the pious men the pious menthone infinite Isla de casa Casa una Sonia buena la casa de la, la la isla de su in, don't return back to your place that is a place of evil, you will once again be swept up in the environment, avoid the places of haram avoid congregating converging at places where you know inevitably but as you can sit by fire and not feel hot, it is natural, it's automatic. Avoid such situations. If you are traveling in this world, travel with your wife being the condition of Uzu and make recite Quran inshallah, if we will try by virtue of that Allah will safeguard our honor with chestatee Mega lateralus, safeguard our children, those of you that are

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growing up in this environment, all the safeguards there is that our instill is that in our daughters and our sisters, we conclude with the 12 navire salaam, we when a young boy came and said oh no viola, permit me to make Xena. Then whenever you have Allah had a dialogue with him, and in the end, he held his hand. I swear by Allah make this daily practice let us take this to heart. Radical Islam took his blessing hand placed it on the chest of this boy and then Trump said Allah Mata here culpa, who was the dumb boy who was seen for Joe over law passed in the Senate of this boy over likely in the heart of this boy Oh, unless they've got the chance to do this boy. Let us say

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um, you know, unless a god which has to do with Allah, Allah forgive our sins of Allah, Allah protect us from Xena minor he said many years the man who lima beans

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being the facility, the young boy who can save God, the flesh between his doors and the flesh between his thighs. He can come I will hold his hand and put him in gender. Allah inspires all of us.