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Episode 24 – Surah Al-Kawthar – Nouman Ali Khan

June 29, 2016

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let him initiate lonavla jeem smilo murnane wakim in plain Calico fellside niniola Beco one help in Nashua new echo one habit of rubbish he suddenly were silly Dr. Missoni of cocoa leaf and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah and he was happy.

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Once again everyone said Mr. Li como la Mercado so today inshallah some things about so it will go through the shortest surah in the Quran, to be able to understand its placement and it's in its logic, there are a couple of things first, to understand the background of this surah which takes a little bit of time to understand. It surrounds one of the most sad the saddest incidents in the Prophet's life, at least Sato Salaam when his young baby boy passed away, and when this baby boy passed away, that's painful enough, but it was actually even more painful that his next door neighbor, which was his actual Uncle, you know, heard of the news, he could hear the crying on the

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other side of the porch by separated by just a wall and started kind of prancing around, declaring out loud but Allah Mohammed batata, Mohammed Muhammad's name shall not continue Muhammad son, because his sons pass on you pass on the name, his name shall not continue. He's celebrating the death of a baby. Now, it's hard enough to deal with the death of a child impossible even. And on top of that your own uncle is celebrating that fact. I mean, this is the kind of thing where even noble enemies will drop their their, you know, their their sword, and say, Look, we're enemies. But today I heard your child passed away, we'll take a daybreak, go, you know, and give a constellation, you

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know, and condolences. But this is your own uncle and he's celebrating the pain on top of the pain that the prophets I saw them felt. So a lot kind of changed his mood completely. And that's one of the powers of the Quran, like a last word will make you see the same reality completely differently. And without a buzz word, you'll see it one way with it, you'll see some other way. So instead of focusing on what the prophet SAW, Allah has lost. What does Allah do in that atherina Cocozza, we've given you the greatest, the most abundant, good, the most abundant good, of course, it's described as a river in paradise. But the generality of the language also suggests I've given you so much

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good. The word casier means a lot of gophers, mobila Heights, good beyond imagination, that's what we've given you. And we've given you much and much and much so instead of thinking about the loss, which is unbearable to think about, a lot, focuses the profits attention on what he's been given. And that's actually a universal lesson that we're learning in this incredible solar. Another quick thing about it is Allah, Allah tells his messengers, I sound facility a lot because I pray for your master, pray for the sake of your master and sacrifice. sacrifices done usually for Africa, for a celebration, and allies saying what I've given you, you should still celebrate. And don't worry,

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you're you're the enemy, the one who's caused you pain in nationality, aka he's the one that's going to be the most discontinued, who will obter he's the most discontinued his name and his legacy shall not continue. Now, this is the historical background of the sutra. But the placement of the sutra is also remarkable. It's sort of it'll feel fulfilling half the prayer of Ibrahim, keep the city peaceful, sort of Quraysh fulfilling the other half of the prayer of Ibrahim make the city prosperous, social, my own, showing that the people who are currently in charge are not capable, they're not rightly qualified to run the house of Allah. They're not qualified as custodians of the

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Kaaba, and then SoTL co author, you are the rightful custodian, you're the one that's been given abundant good, and as a matter of fact, when he's told to do pray and sacrifice for suddenly omega 100 is actually in summary, the entire legacy of Abraham, on the one hand, rubbish and evil ki masala tea make me the establisher of prayer. That's Abraham's prayer on a solemn and on the other hand, of course, the entire ritual of sacrifice traces back to Abraham Ali Salaam. So in two words, the prophet is being told restore the legacy of your father. It's incredible, so beautiful, for suddenly it'll become one. And then the prophets being told, by the way, those who have already been

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described as not qualified to run this house will become your enemy, but don't worry, their legacy shall not continue, that house will be worshipped that house the worship will take place at that house in the way and and continue to take place in that house in a way that is true to the spirit of Abraham and Islam. And that is something we continue to enjoy to this day. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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