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AI: Summary © The host of a radio show discusses the history and cultural significance of Islam, including the importance of affirmations and the way people respond to offers. They also talk about the realities of Islam, including the return of the mother of the temple and the potential for more Jews to come to Islam. The speaker encourages viewers to support the show and subscribe to their page.
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When I went to the Hebrew school at the combine with the preceding show you did that those DNA tests. Yeah. And what did that show? Really? It's 100%. Almost 100% This is our guy.

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Society. I like to think the best example of this is Hanukkah. The holiday? Yes. It's not a religious holiday when they learned about Jesus and Islam. Do you think they'd accept him then also been immunized? shaytani R rajim. Bismillah. Al Rahman Al Rahim, and Hungary. your well being. I mean

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this is the

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this is the

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this is the

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this is the Dean show. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum brothers and sisters, we're here in Florida. Alhamdulillah. And what's behind me future Deen center, Masjid mega data center. We're outside of it, we got to get in it. And so we need your support on the law. But we're doing one of our first programs with our brother, who's coming on Yeah, cool. Father, Mother, did the DNA test 100% Jewish 100% Jew. And he's here to tell us how he came to this beautiful way of life started searching and he found purpose and he found that in his Deen this way of life, so stay tuned for this amazing, credible journey with his amazing, amazing brother here on the D show in front of the

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future Dean's center, so I like Chellamma aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, I'm here today to appeal to you to support the Dean center, a data center first of its kind in the United States, perhaps in the globe, to support Dawa, to non Muslims who are interested in Islam. My dear brother, Eddie, from the deen show, is championing this cause the building is secured. There's a contract on it. It's 35,000 square feet, it has plenty of room to run excellent programs, and we just need your help and support no matter how little in making this center become a reality and you will have a reward from Allah for it until the day of judgment with Allah Salam.

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Salam aleikum. I consider my house live but I got to Yeah, cool. How are you doing Shangri La I'm really well how are you? It's really nice to meet you here in Florida. Very nice to for you to be here in my home. My home state my home area, Tampa Bay inshallah soon we can be filming inside the studio. Now we're outside of the D center. So we're trying to get

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inside but inshallah we can that'll be happening sometime soon. But tell us

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you have a very interesting story. Your father and mother are both Jewish. And one particular kind of Jew ish

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than domination. How do you call it? Or name was it that you were Pratt? What was it sector? What do you what's the name that you what kind of jewelry? So I guess it's kind of interesting. I didn't really fall into one category. I guess in America, you can separate Hasidic Jews. Yeah, I like to say that there's, there's kind of an order as far as in in America, what you what you see in religiosity. So in the bottom, you have Reformed Judaism, the Reform Movement, they're basically secular for the most part, but following many traditions, but not necessarily keeping kosher things like that conservative working their way up kind of halfway between Orthodox and repent reform, you

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know, maybe they'll have a kosher household, but still not really, you know, extremely religious, they might work HIPAA, they may not. But there's the Orthodox and ultra orthodox and so it's a panel I, I kind of grew up kind of where between reform and conservative, you know, still following a lot of the traditions in the holidays, and,

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you know, I went to, you know, Hebrew school, all the way up until I had my Bar Mitzvah while she had the bar mitzvah. You went to Hebrew school. Did you speak Hebrew? Not not conversationally, because it's more you're gonna understand, I could understand it, especially if I'm reading the Torah. And yeah, and we would, we would memorize, you know, dozens of prayers so I can still, you know, remember

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Friday night services, Saturday morning services when you know, for the for the Sabbath for Shabbat, that's, that's what they would. And everything's in Hebrew. And

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of course, I actually did go to a Hebrew school and spends a lot of time with the Hasidim, but the ultra orthodox sects.

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That was the curls Yeah. What's the significance behind the curls? It's so there's a

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there's a there's a, there's a verse in the Torah, and it mentions about having the commandment of having your your your sidewalks. Yeah. And so it's just it's just a just a

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As we you know, you'll see Muslims who, you know, they, they would want to grow a beard, you know? Well, you don't necessarily as a Jew, you don't necessarily need to, you'll see a lot of you know, conservative you know, even orthodox not necessarily growing them all the way down

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just as I see all Muslim growing a beard out to hear or a woman wearing a full jute bag been pulling covered completely covered up you know, there's some you said reference to it where in the Torah there is Yeah. Okay. And then tell me when you let's start off with the first reformed Jew, right? So the reformed Jews are like, like those who said they're more liberal, progressive, pretty much don't pray, don't absorb Sabbath. And all the other ones are like 600 Plus commandments, 613 613 commandments, those are like kind of out the window for them. So we could choose like a buffet, I like to think it's good. You have some Muslims do the same thing? Absolutely. Yeah. I like to think

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of it as the way that a lot of American Jews because a lot, most of American Jews fall into the reform or conservative camps, I think the majority, who I've met my number, at least, they usually fall into that camp. And so I like to think of it as a they look at Judaism not as not as a creed to establish themselves in and believe, like, what really is happening? Why Why am I here answering the big questions. And instead, it's more, what are the traditions that I can follow and be part of a community and, and feel closer to God without having any I will say any, any specific consequences to think of, you know, any any specific, you know, the idea of what when they hear, in fact, you

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know, people close to me family members when they heard, what do you mean by fearing God? I don't want Why should I fear the one who made me win, you know, they have this idea of, of love and the idea of openness and connection, but that always that negative, all the things that constrain you, you know, while the ultra orthodox they'll they'll have the ideas of they even have the idea of Jahannam and it's mentioned in a sort of Bukhara and other places, and the Hellfire of the Hellfire, and they call it getting on getting on getting on. And that's why you say seeing the Quran. And they say that we will only be there just for a few days. And they believe the only be there are some who

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are who are ultra orthodox, the Hasidim, some, some groups amongst those, you know, it's so it's kind of is it the same like you know, say Muslims who who die, and let's say they didn't, they did some sins or whatnot, they might Allah knows best, how long but they might have a good chance of entering the Hellfire for a little bit of time as that kind of to get purified. And then Allah can admit them agenda is just kind of the same thing we're seeing. From what I've read, it's very almost identical to their Subhan Allah it really is interesting. I just think the maybe when it comes to the scholars and how they how they depict the amount of time they spend in there, they maybe they've

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quantified it, oh, it's gonna be a week, or it's gonna be such and such amount of time. But yeah, very interesting. Similar. Yeah, very interesting. What about this chicken thing?

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You know about the chicken thing? I didn't know what about the chicken thing? What's that about? So this is this is a thing that they do, if I'm not wrong. So we actually just had the High Holidays. Yeah, just Not we but we saw that many of the Jewish people were observing or Shoshana Yom Kippur, and then they just finished Sukkot. Allah there's something very interesting that I found in support as well.

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So with young people, they there's the night before called Konya dream, that's the that's the night that starts it, you know, they have the same thing where the day starts at night. And just as we do the, the night, once a sunset that starts the day. So that whole 24 hour cycle of them fasting, that's their fasting day, they actually believe that Yom Kippur water is the day that the deeds for the year are sent down, just as we believe is the little color, that the deeds for the year are sent to the angels and passed down from Allah, they believe the same thing. But on that night, one of the things that they say you should get up in the early hours of the night. And this ritual

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started off being

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it's been depicted by many scholars, but it really didn't start until way later. So it's kind of like a bitter. I would like to I'd like to consider it a bit of a diet and look to me, it reminds me

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absolutely, yeah. And his life revolves around superstition now, right? And it's superstition. And then then you can if you go deeper, probably has some elements of *can there because you're right. So you can see how Islam Muslims are the only true mono theists pure monotheism until he because now if you look into a lot of these practices, you'll see that you're giving some kind of authority power to other than God Almighty Allah. Right. So would you agree? I would agree and I think a lot of it comes down to how they take a tradition and add to it and that's something that I found growing up. There will be a lot of these things where I say what what is the meaning of this?

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Why why is Why do

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We have to do this or why is this in here? And then a lot of the times it'll be well, oh, this is just because this, you know, they'll bring in an idea from society. I like to think the best example of this is Hanukkah. The holiday? Yes, it's not a religious holiday. It's a historical holiday. There is no reference to the Torah or anything nothing or what we have of the Torah you know, it's not it's not in it's on any of the books of, of the Torah, when we say we when we say Quran and Sunnah, right? We say these are the two God Almighty reveal the Quran we have this in verbatim it's there tamper free tamper proof then you have obviously just for those who are not familiar with

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this, then we have a problem hundreds way so inauthentic you know, there's a science of Hadith everything is there that you can verify that he said it and these are a reference points, right. So are these in the reference points of Will you allegedly have? What would you say you have remnants of the Torah? So they, in the tradition, they actually have a very similar tradition? Yeah. So they have the Torah. Yeah. And they also have the other books that when we say total that you know, in Islam, we usually include also the stories of stolen man and that would I Elisa Lam, it will be in the Books of Kings after the Five Books of Moses, they call that the Torah, the Five Books of Moses,

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first five books of the Bible, right? Yeah. And then afterwards, you have the book of the books of the kings. Yeah. And then the books of the later prophets. So that's the Torah that never even get to when they call it Tilak for short, abbreviation. That's like the main book. And then, so those are those are your core texts. But then we as we say, we have the tafsir we have the exigent exegesis of the Quran. They have the same thing. That's that's in the Talmud. Yeah. The first half of the first part of the Talmud, which is the the Mishnah. That's like the collection of you can say I have a collection of narrations by by the the oral the oral traditions, the oral

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oral laws. Okay, so go back to where you were I say, yes. Hanukkah. Yeah. Just like Christmas is not in the Bible. There's no sanction for it. Are you saying it's the same thing like that? I'd say it's exactly the same. Yeah. In fact, the story that is commonly told as and you are an ortho USA, north, you an Orthodox Jew, I think I ended up reforming the end. Oh, yeah. I think I think I really declined as as the more the more I started off, you know, I grew up in a household that was more reformed, more liberal. Okay, but so go back to what you were saying. Now, sure, you finish that point. I'm just that, you know, when you when you look into that, you see that you have the Mishnah

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and the Gemara. And the Gemara is like we can say it's really the Tafseer where Yeah, scholars will say, Well, this is what we did. This is what we interpret from everything, yes, and relax, Jesus. But from those, you really won't even find anything discussing the story of the story of the Maccabees, this is what they claim it about this is this is just about one or two centuries before it started. Yes. And so there's nothing, of course, in the books really depicting this. And the story itself is also

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it's not authentic, they apply one story and connect it with another. And so they take the idea of this miracle that happened, which line or maybe it did happen with a believer with a group of believers, who, who had only a little bit of oil. Yeah, just so that way they can line up their area and be able to pray, and you know, pray to Allah, right. But this oil, as a miracle from Allah, from what from what the story says is that this this oil, which which should have only lasted maybe half an hour, or and I ended up lasting eight nights. So that's what this miracle is this, they're celebrating this miracle that happened. But the story isn't, isn't authentic. And even rabbis will

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go back and say it. So there are just like Christians who will oppose Christmas, they'll say these are pagan holiday. You have ultra orthodox rabbis or orthodox rabbis who also they'll come at it academically and from an authentic authenticity point authenticity point. They'll say no, this is not in ours. We have of our scriptures. Will they argue against this? Sadly, no, sadly, no, no, it's because when it comes to traditional small minority, even, maybe a small minority, yeah, but even amongst American proceeding, we would go in to a local mall and they'd rent out the ice skating rink. Yeah. And it would be a Hanukkah celebration, blasphemous to deny this No, I don't think so.

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No, I wouldn't it because it's I think when it comes to blasphemy in general in Judaism, there's not this idea of

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doing going wrong in the sense of oh if you if you if you believe this and you're not a Jew or if you believe that of course there are you know, essential if you don't believe in

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the pure monotheism. Yeah, if you don't believe in Tawheed. Then of course that would die.

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to separate you, but when it comes to the Buddha, I think they're a lot more lenient. But your bloodline 100% Jew 100% I even did a blood test. I can't find anything that doesn't look Jewish. Wow. So you did that those DNA tests? Yeah. And what did that show? Really it's 100% or almost 100% Jewish, nothing really outlying that Eastern European Ashkenazi origins. And this is amazing because now we see just like it reminds me of the Jew during the time of Prophet Muhammad's time. And he was looking at all the signs and it was huge scenarios. One that comes to mind was the one who confirmed he was a messenger.

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Abu salah, right, I believe in salaam, so and he confirmed and he came up and he testified there's nothing where the worship was of the Creator of the heavens on earth, God Almighty Allah, Muhammad is the messenger he confirm. And now this person is academic, right? He's a scholar, he was the best rabbi, he was the best top rabbi. So he's not trying to lose his position. He's not trying to do this for money for fame for any interest, but for the truth, right? So he confirmed that Muhammad peace be upon them. And the Jews were wait anticipating a message to come. So now he confirms he's the messenger. And you know how the story goes. And then they testified he brought the people and

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they said, you know, ask them about me. And then he said, they're the best of the best you finish the story. It's true.

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I'm doing Mr. Them tells the Prophet I salam until, you know, other than gather them and go to them and ask them about my credibility and credibility. And they kept saying, He is the most learned that his father learned his father is the most learner, there's the most learning. He's the best of us, the best of us. And then And then he said, if, if and if I were to tell you that he accepted Islam, what would you think? And they said, Oh, I seek refuge in Allah from that is what they said.

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Or May Allah protect it? Or May Allah protect him from that? Why wasn't it like, let's look at the evidence. Maybe he's onto something.

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Maybe he's got some here. He's the most intelligent of us. And this is what the prophet is sitting right in front of them. And then of course, he comes in the room, and he says the shahada, you know, he bears witness to this, and that Muhammad is his messenger. Right afterwards, he is the worst of us. He is the is the son of the of the worst of us. Now, everything flipped, and he kept talking about him until they left the propaganda was

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immediately right in front of them. Now, you took that same shahada, La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, all they would have done at that at that time, or before that time. If they were living in Moses time Lai, la la la Musala, Sula, Moses, the messenger Jesus time, Lila, Allah isa Sula, that's the same way of life right you know pure monotheism worshipping God Almighty, the creator lo not as crazy. You did the same thing what led you now from going from being? You said waiver before that your bloodline 100% Jewish mother, father, Orthodox Jew wavering a little bit? Were you wavering because you're seeing these inconsistencies is not making sense. And what made you

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come to a point where you took your testimony of faith, the shahada, Allah. So again, like when I say like, I don't think I could really consider myself Orthodox, even growing up, yeah, while I went well, when I was in first grade, until third grade, I went I went to the Hebrew school at the cabana with the calcium. I never really followed the Sabbath as a kid because I wasn't in my household. But my parents were liberally they were they were more secular. It's, that's how it was. My family in general, I guess was conservative. I went to a conservative sleepaway camp for Jewish kids, and where they, they shoved a lot of interesting thoughts, you know, into my, into my mind, young age,

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but that's what that's what happened. I grew up getting all these conflicting ideas of, well, these are these beautiful traditions and these beautiful phrases. And when you read the prayers of the Jews, when especially,

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there's a beautiful poem that they were saying at the end of a prayer service called Adorno love, and I highly recommend you look up the, the translation for it. It's beautiful, and it's it's, it's Islamic, Islamic, you read it and you say, Wow, there is Islam in this poem. But do you know what the kids will do? They'll sing it to the Barney theme song to the Backstreet Boys music, they'll take these rhymes and in a nice pose, and they're gonna start getting up clapping their hands as if it's some sort of fun, you know, but this is theirs. They're talking the words of Tawheed. They're saying, in essence, I believe one of the terms is La Hawla, wala Quwata illa biLlah. There is no

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power nor dominion, except Allah except God. And that's in there. And they're saying this and they're clapping and this is fun. Why aren't they taking this seriously? Who's Who's teaching them? Tawheed who's teaching them the essence of the faith? So I had no faith. In that sense. I had no truth faith. So growing up, I grew up going to a typical Elementary, Middle High School, public school system, through and through. I was a secular kid growing up in a secular system.

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100 I got the opportunity very came out it seemingly out of nowhere, you know, Allah Subhana Allah guides in ways that you you wouldn't even imagine. And so, you know, subhanAllah I got the opportunity to study in Germany as an exchange student in my, it took in my senior year of high school, I was able to finish my studies and then and then do this. And, you know, so I was able to kind of experience a new culture. And that was another thing you know, everyone tells you Oh, Germans, they hate Jews. So it's not you know, in Islamic Studies, oh, Jews hate Muslims, or Muslims hate Jews. You know, when you're Jewish, you think Muslims hate Jews. And it's the same thing you

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think the Jewish people thought that Germans hate Jews hated Jews. So when I said I was going to Germany, they're like, oh, you know, good luck going to the Jew, the Jew hating country. And so, you know, I just wanted to kind of break out of these norms, I already started breaking out of these norms. So, you know, I'm the did I finished that year in Germany was a beautiful study abroad experience was still very secular. It was really once I started to stay in Europe, from my, from my college education, I want you to study to say in Amsterdam, and the Netherlands. And if you know, Amsterdam, it's not a city of religion, the city of the city of sin to be quite honest, it's around

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every corner, everything's available, and everything's legal everything, prostitution, drugs, everything they even prostitution is a tax, it's a taxable

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job for them, they get taxes, they get bodyguards, everything. And you know, same thing with with, you know, weed and alcohol, everything's available. So, I go to the land of synagogue, to to study, and what comes with that, you know, everyone's telling me, Wow, you know, you're gonna live the best years of your life, you're 18 years old, everything's available to you. And this is, this is gonna be the pinnacle of your life. Six months in, and I am thinking, wow, if this is the pinnacle of life, I don't want to be part of it. I need to find the true meaning of life. And so what do I do? I'm, you know, I'm kind of searching around looking online. What kind of religion suits me. And I'll

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tell you, the first one was not Islam. The first one, Islam was far out from that, because that was rules. That was something almost foreign to me. But ironically, one day I'm walking through a book market and I pick up the doubt a Ching.

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You know, Lao Tzu, The Chinese philosopher. And so you know, I'm sitting at home, starting to flip through this.

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And at that time, I was already I think, my belief in Allah had already dissipated. In fact, I was pretty much agnostic. From high school until, until my first year of college, I was agnostic. Yes, I had total I had totally broken away. And Judaism is more of tradition. Just traditions. Yes. I'm flipping through the this version of the doubt teaching. And I started coming across phrases, and I'm like, I swore I've heard this before. This isn't new. And I saw I've read it in the Bible. And of course, I've grown up around Christian friends, too. And I've been in Christian ceremonies and read through their book as well. I've read through parts of the, of the Bible of the, you know, the

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canonical stories are sad, whatever, it's true of it. And, and so I got the idea. And I started reading through this, I said, I swear I've heard words like this spoken somewhere else, and a tradition and I swore I've heard this from Jesus. He served on him I swore I've heard this before. And so I find word for word. I'm like this, this sounds like something Jesus would have said, I swear, and I go online, and I look up the words, and I type in Jesus, sayings. spamela, right, in the Bible, I find almost word for word. He's speaking the same truths, about about life, about the truth about Allah about existence. And I'm thinking, how does this Chinese philosopher on one side

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of the world, and a Christian, or not Christian,

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but a, at this time thinking, a man who was born in a in a Jewish, you know, could have been a profit could have been something else? I don't know, at that time where I wouldn't have known.

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How are they coming to the same conclusions? And so from that point, I started believing in God again, because only if, if you can find that the truth can be found, no matter what, anyone, if somebody is truthful, if somebody is sincere, how can you come to the same conclusions about the reality of life of our existence?

00:24:22--> 00:24:25

There has to be a god, there has to be an overarching,

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all knowing, all wise God, that is in no way anthropomorphic, which if you look into not just the Christian traditions, but even even in the way that the Jews describe God, and the way that they talk about God, and the way that they even from the Torah, you know, parts of it

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will extrapolate parts of it and talk about God in a very anthropomorphic way, which I didn't like. They made him to. They made wrestling with Yaqoob was it rest? Yeah.

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

as well like moving,

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Resting, resting on the seventh day, or the seventh, or Yeah, God created the heavens and earth and then he rested on the seventh giving those attributes again, resting Yes, resting, when we know

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matter what.

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And he is He is neither weary nor does he need rest. Yes. Nor does he sleep just from the Quran. This is, you know, as I'm starting to look into this, I'm really now devoted into finding the truth. And this, this study of mine, before I even get to Islam, and trust me, once I get to Islam, it's quick. But the whole study of of believing in God and trying to find the truth, I was at that time considered a perennial list, you know, as long as every religion, I guess, if you if you you can extract some truth from it. I only I only accept at that time, because I didn't get to Islam yet. I only accept what I know is what every other religion if you can pull parts from it, they all agree

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is the truth.

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And so finally I started taking you know, I start reading the Bhagavad Gita you know, Eastern traditions now teaching you really start doing your homework really starting to read. I'm reading I did actually read a few books on Sufism, spinal I that was at that point. So I did have some like dabbling in Islamic things, but books. And then I eventually sat down and I read the entire Bible, nonstop front to back who really went to work, then the entire Bible, entire Bible, the only time the only thing that I stopped though, is after it. Once I started reading the Pauline epistles, I stopped because I realized he does not have the authority to be there. I mean, no, no offense to the

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Christians, but I do not see an authority as an he's not a prophet. Nor is he a messenger, to be able to tell me how to interpret the words of God. Yeah, an example is God Almighty say get circumcised. He's saying circumcision, the heart, Jesus said also to get circumcised because he's following the he didn't come to change the law. He was circumcised in the seventh day. Right? Right. But he know he was born, he was circumcised. Paul is saying circumcision to heart.

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And that all comes down to

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the Pauline, the foundational concept of Pauline Christianity, which is salvation through faith alone, and not by not by deeds. That's easy, convenient way to live your life. And I never accepted that. I would have got that guy. You got that out of the way Christianity. So Christianity was out of the way and I but I was still pulling all of these truths from and coming from a Jewish background, the whole concept now of Jesus being God, God, having a son

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of the Jews, not just digress for a second, but how do they understand this term son at that time, they literally understand that because they'd be the ones who would know the meanings a little bit better than knows, the Christians know. When When do you say Son of Man or Son of God, even at that time, they would consider it to be a an honorific.

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metaphorical, metaphorical and even there's a hadith

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I can recall where a Christian man he converts to Islam, but it was really a golden cross. And before the prairie or afterwards, he

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still overcoming the cold is gone. But remnants the profit

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before going to pray, he, either before or after he tells the men remove, remove it for it is a sign of idolatry. So he does removes it, got to pray a leave reciting for sort of October, yes. And after the prayer, because the what he was reciting from the verses were speaking about how the rabbis and the priests and how they were, how they were taken as Gods aside, beside Allah, and so the this man the Sahaba, at the time, he goes up, and he says, No, we never we never worshipped them. So what does that mean? What was that? Was that intending to be? And he said, did they not make Halal what Allah made haram? And he said, Yes. And did he not make?

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Did he make make haram? That which Allah Allah, Allah made halal? He said, Yes. And he said, that is what that means. This is deep. This is deep. We're almost out of time. Yeah, finish up what you were saying. It was just the finishing the story. Yeah, this is very interesting. Go ahead. And so you know, so you know, this idea of halal and haram. This was something that by that point, there's the idea of the of the truth. Yes. And at that point, I really thought, okay, ALLAH can only be this it he cannot be anthropomorphic, he can only be he cannot have these limits that people are placing on him. In other sense, so Subhanallah where I lived where I lived in Amsterdam, downstairs. From where

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

I lived, there was a cafe and this cafe owner was Muslim and I

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

I was already going into a shop, getting coffee, getting my chocolate, so on and so forth. And he knew I was reading the Bible. And I told him my starting quarterback, and he says, Great, if you have any questions come to me. And boy today, I was not the type of person who left alone, I would go and I sit down with him. I said, Okay.

00:30:17--> 00:30:21

So, like, I'm reading through parts, and I'm thinking, Okay, I just read this,

00:30:22--> 00:30:52

I will only accept it. If this means this, this, this, this and this. And he said, subhanAllah, what you said, that's exactly what we believe. That's exactly what a Muslim believes. And I said, Really, he said, Yeah, and then what I'll do is I'll go back home, during a few pages, the explanation for what I was looking for, was right there in the Quran. That didn't happen once. I've been twice it kept happening, where I was, I was coming to the, I realized I was being inspired. Or it was only through inspiration, that

00:30:54--> 00:31:09

I was not being misguided in a certain way of understanding that Allah subhanaw taala is really leading me towards a certain way of understanding. And that's that it was a very personal experience. You can't you can't say that about just

00:31:11--> 00:31:16

seeing and seeing a sign or giving examples like, Okay, if you read the Quran, and it has the proof of,

00:31:17--> 00:31:20

you know, you can have proofs of the way that the

00:31:21--> 00:31:34

fetus manifests in the womb, and it is a miracle. But miracles aren't the necessarily the the only way that somebody will get LED will get guided, yes. And for me, it was a personal, very personal experience of seeing that.

00:31:36--> 00:31:44

I was very, I was very confident if it cannot be that. One good example, just about a couple of weeks before I actually took my Shahada.

00:31:46--> 00:31:53

I, he invited me to stay in the cafe after he closed down the shop and some of his Muslim friends came over.

00:31:54--> 00:32:01

Me ended up getting on the discussion of just the term La ilaha illAllah. And they said, Yes, yes, it means

00:32:03--> 00:32:03


00:32:05--> 00:32:25

There is no god worthy of worship except Allah. I think they use that terminology. There is no god worthy of worship. And I said, No, I don't like that. I don't like that translation. Because that's saying that there are other gods, there is no other God, it should be. It should be like there is none worthy of worship, worthy worship.

00:32:26--> 00:33:02

There are no other gods except Allah. So that says, if to say, here's Allah, and here's some other gods, but only Allah is worthy of worship. But these don't exist. So I saw I was correcting their translation, two weeks before I took my Shahada house on Allah. And then one day, I'm in it, because at this point, I already knew Islam had the truth that I was looking for. And I'm just trying to be certain what what kind of you can say, what's what, what direction in Islam, you know, did I want to follow and I'm reading some handle, like, differences between scholars scholarly differences of opinion. And I remember another Muslim walks, and he's looking at what I'm looking at my screen. And

00:33:02--> 00:33:15

he says, subhanAllah this is what you're researching. Why haven't you taken your shahada yet? And I said, You're right. I don't know why. It was just, you know, the idea of what is this going to do to my life, but at that point, I didn't care anymore. I took my Shahada. The next day was Uma,

00:33:16--> 00:33:22

the cafe owner, he were best friends by this point, he drives me to the trade drummer.

00:33:23--> 00:34:02

The whole thing, you know, the whole football was an Arabic. But, you know, afterwards, he takes me take me to the front, I take my Shahada again, in front of everyone. I will I cannot forget the feeling. It is not just the feeling of taking your shahada and feeling like you're you're weightless, that I think every single convert will explain that feeling of feeling weightless, and all your burdens are gone. But the community, a Jewish community, when somebody says they're converted to Judaism, Oh, congratulations. Nice, good. Good for you. Welcome. Welcome to the community. It's impossible truly, is it possible you can but it takes a lot of effort. I do know a

00:34:02--> 00:34:35

few actually. Yeah. A few. It's not the default. No, it's not it is not a few on the street and you invite someone and they just like that's not going to happen. In fact, in a lot of traditions, they have to be rejected a few times they have to say no, you can't do it right now. No, you can't do it by the rabbi, the rabbi it's not to reject them. I think it's three times maybe wrong. In different traditions, you actually have to be rejected before because you have to be you have to show you have conviction in it. Yeah. Whereas Islam, you're welcome. When you're not really even considered true, like you are hunting, you know, bloodline, and that you're kind of like second third.

00:34:37--> 00:34:47

That's more of a discussion of, of where of what your ability is, like, for instance, I, I'll get back to the the Joomla in a second.

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

My lineage from what I from what I know from my family, the birth of the mother is that level right? From your mother's life. It's how you know your Jewish person

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

or by religion? Yeah. But in with it based on your father of what your tribe was or what your, what your you can say your your business in in the dealings of the of the at that time it would have been like the temple, but in this case, you know, in your own synagogue there the

00:35:21--> 00:35:33

the priestly class called the Kohanim. The Cohens. Yeah. And there's the ones below it with the coins are like the basically the ones, the children and a family of Aaron of Haruna and insulin, and then

00:35:34--> 00:35:39

below the heroine, and that family was the family of

00:35:41--> 00:35:42


00:35:43--> 00:35:46

So we're on route 60. We're not, we're not.

00:35:47--> 00:35:48

This is our guy. Hey,

00:35:49--> 00:36:23

hey, how are you? So we got to get into Studio, you see a live example here. We're filming right out for route 60, right in front of the deed center. So the kohanim, the priestly class, they were the ones dealing with the goings of the temple. They're the ones who actually were the priests in the temple and in time in the time of this is what they believe in, and it could have very well been true. And then the Levites were those in nutrition. They were the ones who did not worship the golden calf. Yeah. The one tribe that denied the golden calf, and that's why they were granted.

00:36:25--> 00:36:46

They were the ones who they couldn't take any other job except to be in the, in the service of the temple. That's what they had to do in that in their time, you know, in the time of Musa Ali Salam and onward. Yeah, that's what they that's what they were just needed to do. So I come from the line of Levites according to my family.

00:36:47--> 00:36:54

So that's it. That's more of a status according to what you have to do. Yeah. But it's there's no hierarchy in a social way.

00:36:55--> 00:37:33

At least not at least nowadays. I don't think back then there really was. So. So now tell us finish off the Joomla. So the moment it happens, what is it? Okay, so Lila Hila you're looking at this pure monotheism. Yeah. And you're about to make this decision, paints the picture what's going on. So the police I went to the, you know, the the brother, he was Moroccan and the masjid over there, it was fully Moroccan, mostly from the reef area of Morocco. They all I mean, they speak Arabic, but they also speak Dutch as if you know, another dialect. And I'm surrounded by a lot of these brothers.

00:37:35--> 00:37:48

All they see is a white brother, who the brother also explained, you know, I have converted from Judaism. But what happens, especially this is right before COVID This is November 2019. Right before COVID

00:37:49--> 00:38:38

When you see not just people getting up to congratulate you but you actually see a line formed to the back wrapping around the shahada after it's gonna give you that love now support, but I'm seeing a line of people with tears in their eyes. Can you imagine that? Subhanallah I'm speechless. I'm like, Oh, why are these people are that happy for me? I know, I know. Then, based on that, it's like a an affirmation. You see the way that the Muslim Brothers and this is a room a room packed full of brothers and they're all lining up to hug me to greet me to welcome me to make their offer me one after another and I was in such a daze And subhanAllah that entire day I didn't even know how to

00:38:38--> 00:38:44

respond how to react and right after we read after the hugging and everything was done I went with the men

00:38:45--> 00:39:22

could only speak Arabic when we go to eat at a local you know, Moroccan restaurant. I learned that you know we're eating with a big platter so I'm learning all you have to eat from your side you have to eat learning the sunlight immediately. You know, you have to eat with your right hand. That's where that's when I learned about the story of Abdullah even said we just spoke about Wow, so So then, or you took his Shahada. So what would you say in an essay it was a bunch of things or just one thing? Was it the pure monotheism until he'd miracles in the Quran, the prophecies, the literary miracle, all these combined? What was it is there you know, for some people is this is that what was

00:39:22--> 00:39:34

the few that did it? It was it was the definitiveness of the Quran. It was not there was no wavering when you read it philosophers book they say very well you could be here you could be there.

00:39:35--> 00:39:59

Last winter, Allah is exact. If you if you are truthful. If you are a believer, you will be in an agenda. And for the ones who disbelieve you will be in the hole fire and it is very clear that descriptions, how one can get there. How one is there, the threats in a in a beaut I don't I would say a beautiful threat. So the way that I felt

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

I felt a beautiful threat. Because it's a realistic threat. It's a wake up call. Yeah. It's not like a threat saying that there's no threat from Allah, to me saying.

00:40:14--> 00:40:16

Like, in a sense of of

00:40:17--> 00:40:57

you like you, you are to choose, right? Yeah, it is not, I'm going to make you choose. No, it's, you are the one to choose. But know that if you are going to wrong yourself, if you're going to oppress yourself, then know that that will be your end. Your oppression and yours and yourself are gonna, it's gonna, it's gonna cause your doom. And nothing. I've never come across anything like that, that even in Christianity, because they they believe that Jesus can be the pure salvation, we are not guaranteed agenda even even as a Muslim, just because we, in terms of that will never touch the Hellfire we may touch the hellfire, and may Allah protect us from Miami. So we're out of time, I

00:40:57--> 00:41:25

just want to just steal a couple of things real short. Do you think more Jews would come to Islam? Because now if they truly, truly knew the concept of God and Islam, and also the true nature of Jesus, because they reject Jesus, right, right, but that's because now Christians make him into a literal Son of God or to God in a trinity. But when they learn about Jesus, in Islam, do you think they'd accept him then?

00:41:26--> 00:41:31

So, as I kind of started off, and that would lead off the Prophet Muhammad, as a final

00:41:32--> 00:41:39

what I see in the standard American, I guess, I can only speak really for the American Jewish community.

00:41:40--> 00:42:25

They tie themselves to Judaism, by tradition, and by community, okay. And I like to think with any community that's tightly knit, if they feel that they have found themselves a home, whether it be it can be anything, it could be in a religious setting, it could be in, you know, a youth group, anything where they find themselves having belonging and meaning, they're not going to search for belonging and meaning elsewhere. It's only once they've dislodged themselves, as I did, as many maybe some of the other Jewish converts that you've you've interviewed on on the deen show before they always somehow dislodged themselves, to seek to seek out to search. And so I guess the message

00:42:25--> 00:43:12

is to those who are searching, you got to be searching, you got to be searching the truth is there. Let's finish off. You've been Muslim how long now? Three years, three years. Something that's recited and the Jewish the Christian, Hindu, atheist, whoever you can even repeat this prayer on your own. It's called the opening bell fatty the first chapter of the Quran I always put my guests a little bit on the spot. I like to hear this opening. It's an original language and the Arabic Can you recite it for us please show me all the Emunah shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, Allah Hungary Hill Wahby learn I mean, our ramen you're rocking man keep meeting he kind of moved on

00:43:12--> 00:43:30

he kind of staring Do you know flit off button will stepping foot on the end Vienna tiny him late in the movie Arnie Morning. Morning.

00:43:32--> 00:43:37

Beautiful this is just amazing praising God Almighty the Creator Allah

00:43:39--> 00:44:21

confirming he's the Most Merciful the Most Gracious the owner the Day of Judgment. And this is the part right here show me to straightway guide me to the straight way because you as one alone that we worship so I'll leave you with that as to create the heavens and earth like you did for guidance. And I'm so happy we're making some history here that we're literally on the street called route 60 in Florida future Dean center and you got I got we got a lot more to talk about this we just started I mean, I love to have you inshallah God willing back on next time we can be shot inside of these centers. So make sure you're supporting so we can go ahead and make this a reality. And do your part

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