Tawfique Chowdhury – Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Ta Ha – Day 16

Tawfique Chowdhury
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Salam Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marina salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. are respected brothers and sisters Islam today with hamdulillah. We have with us continuing on the story of Surah Taha, we have with us the story of samedi and we have taken previously where Allah subhanho wa Taala had saved

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Moosa and Harun Alister Solomon on that great day, where Sauron was trying to defeat him with magic and is trying to defeat the legit magic of of musalla to the salon with the magic of the people and will come to the law we are aware that that Allah subhanho wa Taala aided massage Muslim massage spoke the truth. And he was, he was there and hamdulillah the issue was, was resolved.

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However, now around has lost his cool he has been humiliated in front of people is his own challengers have joined the opposite team. And so Allah has really humiliated him. So he gets really angry. What does he want? Now he wants to destroy Pharaoh. He wants to destroy heroin and Moosa. Yeah.

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And because heroin Musa now are going to any their fame has spread everywhere, even the magicians have joined them. Now, Who the * is around in all of this? So let's take where we left off Alhamdulillah we left off at verse number 76

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genda to add an intensity with RTL and hardhearted interfere with aliko jazza aumenta xhaka. So now let's take from verse 77, where Allah tells us the story of how Allah subhanaw taala is going to save Israel through the

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the sea. And then while hamdulillah Israel allowed fulfill his pledge to them that he would save them. But then unfortunately, they fall into shark into the worst of sins into shark and a really outrageous behavior really outrageous and yet here is a loss of just saving you. How can you not think about Allah azza wa jal when the prophet of God is also claiming this is Allah doing it? What was going through your mind? Why do you still want to worship idols and just shows you the slave mentality was still sometimes takes a long time to change. And you know, many times when people accept Islam, you still bring on, you know, baggage, emotional baggage, bad behavioral baggage, you

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bring all of that baggage from the past, and this becomes a real headache. So it's very, very critical that we do not allow that to happen. We we make every attempt to make sure that we do not fall into the trap. And it's really critical that we do our level best to not allow this sort of behavior to to judge our affairs.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala when he blesses, we need to show our gratitude to him as instead of showing gratitude, they show the total opposite to him. They showed this gratitude to Allah subhanho, wa, taala and ungratefulness. And all of this is a sign that they really did not have emotion in their hearts. So let's take one losses,

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while our hyena Illa Moosa and we had indeed revealed to Moosa an s3 very badly that he should hurry up with my slaves which is the Hebrew slaves for dorabella home so it prepared for them 30 cornfield bow, a path in the sea. yerba said you have a son and Allah said you know because the sea is always wet so you have us meaning it's dry, so meaning Allah azzawajal had sucked up the the wetness of the sea so much that it was actually dry they were walking on dry Earth at the bottom of the sea. Can you imagine that? I mean, you'd imagine that if the you know out because when I used to imagine the parting of the sea at the time of musasa the slosh the thing that you'll be still wet you know you'd

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be walking in the mud but this was not the case there were years and is so much and this shows that when Allah's mercy comes is perfect mercy Perfect, perfect.

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Perfect once upon perfect was one line by problem Tori unfilled by her and so prepared for them a path in the CMS which is you have a son which is completely dry law for.com wallet Asha ne and do not be afraid that you will be you will be caught up to meaning that the enemies will catch up to you while at auction do not have fear. So this is the complete Mercy of Allah when it comes you don't have fear and you'll never be hurt and harm and the mercy is perfect any. I'm still I'm still amazed at this miracle. I'm still amazed at this miracle. I mean, I would expect some witness but this is not the case. It was totally reckless for us by our own federal

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So if you're around followed them be julu the he with his army for Russia who minalima for Shell. So they were drowned in the sea, because of the waves crashing down upon them. Well, Abdullah Farah coma who's of your own misguided his people? He misled them mama hada. And he was not there for guided on the on the straight path in a terrible situation is this? What a terrible situation is this brothers and sisters that they were totally destroyed totally

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any bamboozled that they were unable to totally look after the offense and any of your own,

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not only misguided them whilst they were

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under his care, but also at the end, unfortunately followed them. And you know, today people also follow the rich amongst them, the noble men amongst them, and they don't question them. And this is a real real issue, because they look up to them, you see, and the reason why they look up to them is that because they glorify the dunya if they looked up to the LMR, because they would glorify the authority, they glorify the Alfred look up to the to the to the lemma, but they don't.

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And so, so they glorify the dunya so they look up the rich people, the rich people are doing something sending their kids somewhere, buying somewhere they everyone goes there, you know, they must be doing as it must be good.

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And this is one thing we have to be very careful about.

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Because then we set the trend not only for ourselves, but for others and if we do something that others will follow so not only will we be guilty for our sins, but will be guilty for the sins of others and this is something we must be very careful about. Yeah, but he is sort of a an all children of Israel, odd angina come in at the weekend, we have saved you from your enemies. Well, we're gonna come and we have promised you Johnny but

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and we're taking a covenant on the side or the right side of the Mount Sinai, one that's not a common man now Salwa and we had revealed upon new Mandela Salwa, which which is the quail and and the different types of birds for you to eat from. So we are taking your oath that you would obey Me and my command you would worship Me and not associate anyone partners with me, you would not kill anybody, you would be good to your parents that would be good to the people who are in need. But then you broke that promise and Allah azza wa jal sent upon you just because he believed in your promise he sent upon your blessings upon blessings. So he said, kulu will play back the Moroccan

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outcome and he said to them, eat from the blessings that your Lord has presented to you while I thought of our fee for your health alikum hobby and do not transgress the boundaries for then my punishment will become halaal upon you. Why am I here vada before kahawa and whoever my punishment has become become permissible for him that he is destroyed. We're in Nila far But know this that I am always forgiving. Lehman taba for the one who seeks my repentance will Armen and believes why Miller

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does righteous deeds through method, then he follows the guidance that has been given to him. So Allah azza wa jal is saying that Allah kept his promise he took your covenant he gave you the Mundo salah and he promised you all of this, and he keeps his to his promise. But then you broke your promise and look at how you broke your promise. Allah tells the story of 71 gela can call me kya Musa, what caused you to leave your people quickly Oh, or Muslim. Therefore this verse shows that Musa al Salaam was more eager to and we know we all are we always feel this disconnection from Allah. Sometimes I get this from my team members, you know, in the work that we do. It's like

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initially I feel disconnected from Allah. So why do you feel disconnected? What is the cause of the disconnection? He said, Well, you know, I'm not reading enough but I'm not praying enough. So why aren't you reading and praying for and why and also this devil work is not making you feel this is a bad This should make you feel this is a bother to Allah azza wa jal don't feel disconnected. And so musala supersalon was doing his prophethood work, he felt disconnected because it's managing people, it's correcting and rectifying people, so people felt he felt disconnected from them, right you felt disconnected. So, this is a muscala bushkill I felt disconnected. So what happened? He rushed to

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Allah azza wa jal, yeah, and to remember Allah and he rushed to Mount Sinai to, to meet Allah azza wa jal at his appointed time. So Allah says, What caused you to leave your people quickly? And that shows you that Allah subhanaw taala is showing that when you've taken on responsibility, the best way to please Allah is actually through that responsibility by discharging that responsibility with their son, if you are a principal of a school the discharge of responsibility Well, if you are the mother or father of children, discharge, your responsibility. Well, if you are related to somebody if you are responsible over somebody then discharge the responsibility. Well, that pleases a lot

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more. In fact, there is an array

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For the prophet SAW Selim, it is enough for a person to be

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a person who is misguided or unfaithful to Allah azza wa jal to be of a person who does not do the duty of being faithful to the person or people that he said that he will be faithful to. And this is this is critically important. This is critically important. Because at the end of the day, if you're not discharging your duty to the people responsible over then are you really worshipping Allah, because Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent you on this earth given your responsibility, and the responsibility of people come before the responsibility of Allah Allah. As the as the Allah mentioned, Allah has obligations are based upon forgiveness and mercy, whereas the obligation of

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people are based upon the accountability and any discharging so and that's why any hope Allah bubblin Allah Azza wa ha the Arabic we say that the rights of Allah based upon forgiveness, Allah forgives his rights, but the hope of a bed or the rights of slaves are based upon or based upon accountability. So you must be accountable. And this is a statement of the good majority of the scholars as it gets a chef a mother who say that no the rights of law take precedence. And their proof was was the fact that you divide up the inheritance you divide up the debts of Allah like the remaining Zakat and remaining

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Hajin omala or the remaining was the that is given before you divide the inheritance of the people who say that that is an exception to the rule.

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In fact, indeed, the right of people take precedence over right of Allah azza wa jal because Allah azza wa jal says he's of a foreign forgives and if you say your daily prayers and your panto, he then he forgives the smaller since so therefore, the rights were allowed based upon upon forgiveness because I love constantly forgives. But human beings don't forgive that easily they don't forgive and forgive once they don't forgive a second time. So as a result, they are based upon hardship and hardness and this is really really bad. But what other lesser our karma hahaha like where are we now?

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Yes, Wilma jela can call me kya Musa so what has caused you to leave your people quickly? Brothers and Sisters everyone responsible over people look after the people Allah says no. Yeah, you live in Monaco and full Sakuma. Hakuna Are you believe Save yourselves and your family from the fire so it's very critical that your family issues also also their mama Angelica omega yamasa what has caused you to leave your people almost called Allah who call whom Allah Allah sorry, saying Oh Allah, they are already upon what I'm following. And what I've what I have told them to be on so they are upon my legacy, Allah azza wa jal to La corabi. And so I've heard to you Oh, Allah, Lita, so that you are

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happy with me. So that you happy Nicola for in Kordofan, coma coming back deca Allah samory. So Allah said to them saying, or Moosa verily, I have tested them after you to test whether they really are firm on this or not, but they're the one of the people there by the name of samedi has Avila has misguided the number of things here Allah says Allah gave the fitna, but Allah didn't misguide. Meaning the test is from Allah that the temptation alike puts in front of you, but it's you who choose to do it, right. So Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't force you into the kafir. He gave you both choices. You chose the path of temptation and lust and haraam and you disregarded the path of

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goodness and glory. And so at the end of the day, the problem is you it's not Allah azza wa jal, that's number one. Number two, never attribute any wrong to Allah azza wa jal, it's always people who do wrong. And so as a result, always we attribute good to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We do not attribute any wrong to robina and Allah subhanho wa Taala merely tests us but we are the ones who fall into the mistake. So Allah says, what are called fatahna cometa. We had tested them but samedi is the one who misguided them or they themselves misguided them. So therefore the fault is with samedi, not with the test. And you know, we say this, right? I mean to our children, and when we

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take them to account, we don't blame Allah for the mistakes of our children, do we? We say, look, there's always a redemptive temptation. Why are you playing games when you should be praying? That I don't know the games were very tempting, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. But with all due respect, you're not going to blame the parents for it. The kids are the ones who chose to open up the computer and use it for harm, right? At the end of the day, yes, the parents should not put them too readily right? Too readily. They should be times and appropriate times they can use a computer for but if the child then misuses that time abuses that time in order to do it for something wrong, that he was

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not meant to. You can't blame the parents, can you? So as a result, you don't blame Allah Subhana Allah setelah guidelines. He said limits and

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He gave temptation within limits as well he gave along with the temptation gave the halal option. So at the end of the day, when we have fallen into it in the same way as we don't blame Allah but we blame our kids for having chosen temptation. In the same way we should blame ourselves not Allah azza wa jal for us falling into temptation, not allowed for having given the temptation in the first place. Okay. So just be very careful. qualify in Patna komak. Early, we had tested your people, Min baddeck after you What about lahoma salary, and salary miscarried, who was 77 he was a prince of one of the tribes. And because of this people followed him, you know, and this is the mercy of rich

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people, a nobleman on this earth, his people follow people follow you. So therefore, you have to be even more important. That is why one of the secrets of the Prophet systems that was that he gave out to the noble men before he gave power to the poor. And the reason he did that is because people follow them, and also shuffle potentially human also by being careful for them, because then they will be punished for and for not only their sin, but also the sin of everyone else. So therefore, if we can guide the CEOs and the wealthy people, then you know what the whole society will fall into place, especially in places like let's say, Malaysia, where, you know, people do follow the datos

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and the 10 cities and the rich and wealthy people, they follow them. They look at where they send their homes, their families, where were they educating the kids, where are they living, people want to be like them, right? So they follow them in it. And so as a result, if we can guide them, then the rest of the people slowly become guided as well. What are the lahoma samedi? So somebody misguided them for Raja Moosa illa pomi, samosa returned back straightaway, very, very sad and also very angry, and also very hurt. And how could these people after all, that Allah did that, after even Muslim himself felt like he wanted to be with Allah and thanked him for the great trust Allah

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had put in him and having saved his people from the tyranny filled out? How could you do this? How could you do this? You know, and it reminds me

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of a family member that we used to have that used to take money from our family, but then that family member unfortunately then also hurt the family back they back home they stole property, they did legal things. So so strange, isn't it? They take money from you but they are plotting and planning to hurt you. And that's exactly how these people were they took unless favors and mercy they they saved themselves from around now that they've come on the other side now. They want to commit shit What is wrong with them? Where is the thankfulness and their decency in venti Allah subhanho wa Taala de la vamos samory for Raja Illa mousse Moosa de la comida Musa came back to his

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people avoid the burn I see for the bad angry as if feeling sorry feeling sorry to Allah xojo por la palma he said oh my people so he didn't insult them hidden swear at them it is shouted them What did you say is my people you spoke with with with emotion and strength but it said my people so this is very important even if your people disagree disobey come and share this to your people guys you know, they're still your people if you're from Malaysia, they're still Malaysians your people they might your tribe you know, that doesn't change. And so that's important number two, also by way of that word, they're still your people but we have that word they are still responsible over them

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they're still the people that you're meant to do that to as a result they're still your people number three third thing is at the end of the day you could have fallen into sin to you could fall into her arms so at the end of the day have your angle with them to a level to a level not to the enth level but to a level right and plus you have yet to establish who john them because they might have done it by mistake or misunderstanding right so you have this area to establish therefore do not approach them when they you see a mistake from them with the highest level of anger highest level of regret rather a level of regret level of anger.

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Yeah, homie. Oh my people allow me to do Cobra buco more than Hassan did not your Lord give you a good promise? Did not your Lord give you a good promise word that has an effect Allah Allah qumola has the affair become very long for you to Allah Allah como bada boom Arabic Allah did you want the anger of Allah to become Hillel upon you for a fluff Domo ad so you did not listen to my my promise the promise that you have given me and in what was the purpose Have you forgotten? Allah has promised to you as Have you forgotten Allah Hassan Have you forgotten the promise you made to Allah? What is the reason for which so he's trying to make excuses for them right to excuses mentioned, how

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many excuses do you make make for your brothers and sisters? When you see them making a fault? Most of us make zero excuses.

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Look at here, the prophet of God made excuses for his people. For what reason? Are you doing this? What is the mistake? What is the thought? What is the thought process called Luma left number one. So we did not

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overlook your promise we milkiness in our desire to work in home Mila Azar on, but we were made to do this azobenzene Natalie Cole, we were made to do this from the beautiful, beautiful speech for her for karate pasenadi and was because savary threw sand into this calf, and the calf made noise. And so as a result, we thought that you know, it speaks and therefore God speaks through this calf. So sadly, it confused them for a while rajala humeri gel and Jessa de la who are so he brought out a a gel, which is a young calf made of gold, and it has a horn it has it has

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sound or a mouth on which the wind would blow off the back and they will come out from the mouth and so the sound would come out level one for Paul who had the Isla hukum Illa, who Moosa fantasy so this is the Lord Have you a lot of moves and the proof of that is that I'm throwing in the dirt that I have gotten which is blessed, What is he talking about? Okay, let me explain the background.

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So somebody whilst he was crossing the sea, and he realizes massive miracle, he looked back as he was crossing and as you know, musala is the salon was a leader and the leaders always last right as he was passing by, look past Moosa, and he saw the brilliance of Islam. And jabril Muslim was throwing the sand at the bottom of the of the sea, into the face of their own trying to make sure if you're out doesn't say la ilaha illa LA and as he was dying, dying, this doesn't believe in Allah and so that ultimately, he is not someone who becomes a Muslim because he hated him that much. So what did he do? He grabbed a little bit of the dust on which the horse of of jabril Allosaurus lab

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had stomped on the ground. So he considered blessing hard lessons, and he kept them in his pocket. Then when they had built the calf, he threw the the sand into the calf, and suddenly the calf started to make sound. So was it due to the sand? Or was it due to the air many of the scholars of the sea are of the opinion it was because the wind was blowing it was coming in through some of the holes and the backside of the calf. And the sound was coming out from the front because of a narrow pipe. It makes a net narrow, hollow sound as it goes through. So this is the reason why guys and so when that sound came and that sound was heard, that is when the people said Hey, what's going on?

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This is

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magic, or is it really Allah speaking through the calf? What's going on there were a bit confused and so salability led them into that confusion.

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For and then he said how the Illa hukum This is your Lord will Allahu Moosa and this is the Lord of Moses, therefore worship him of Allah Allah Allah gr la him Allah and do not see that they are not that don't speak this make a sound while I am Nikola Honda Ravana for nor can it hurt or harm him. In fact, it needed to be made and it needed to be made by someone or the other and it cannot hurt or harm because you need to call upon it How can the cause come out? Do they not see that did not feel that here that that this thing does not does not hurt or harm them at all. While other Paul Elam Haruna was a virgin indemnifies heroin and said you know what? Before you think that heroin was

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complicit into the all of this know that heroin was amongst them, but he was murdered. He was forgiven Why? Well apart from heroin because heroin had said to them mean Kabbalah before them yeah, call me oh my people in number 14 to be very you've been tested by law, or in Rob bakumatsu. Very Verily, Lord is a law firm who only will appear on Monday so follow me and follow my command called Lula Navara Allah He atrophy now saying you will not cease to prostrate to this idle hat Dr. Elena Mousavi, we will not cease to worship this calf until Moosa comes because you know what? We're confused. You're telling us one thing samedi saying another and then one Sammy does something and

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starts making noise. We don't know.

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So, are they actually murdered forgiven? Well, no, actually, because these people should have had the sense that the reason why Allah destroyed for Allah was because of his haughtiness and pride not because of anything else, and because of he claiming to be a god. And musang supersalon came with this explicit purpose of telling them that there was only one true deity and that deity cannot be exemplified manifested in his own creation. So as a result, they should have had the sense not only that they should have had the sense on feeling of thanks to Allah that should have stopped them from committing should

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The ones who has not guided will never have any guidance. Woman Lamia, Allah who neuron from Allah who we know. And whoever we did we did not give them light to will never have any light. So what brothers and sisters Islam, they fell into error. And as a result, they said we were going to continue worshipping until Musa comes Paula Harun.

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So musasa slams there. First thing it does, is it takes the leader to account and that shows therefore, that when there's something going on, take the leader first to account do not take anyone else to account and lead held all the leader responsible unless a leader can explain himself, right? Always the leader is responsible and always the leaders fault. And always enter in whenever, you know, you might sometimes go to let's say mercy mission in a particular region, and there's something wrong in that particular region, then you take the leader of mercy mission into account First, the leader is the one who's responsible in the same way out of the bottle and who when he

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used to see when used to see, he used to take the leader of the region into account. And therefore he used to replace his O'Meara and his leaders faster than others because he would blame the leaders before he blamed the people. And essentially, every fault in your child is your fault as a parent, every fault in your school is your fault is a principal every fault in your governance is your fault as fault isn't a meal. So as a result, my brothers and sisters in Islam take the leaders to account and they're the ones who need to be responsible over any mistake under their watch.

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They said Paula Harun said Oh, Harun manaka what had stopped you either at home by law when you saw them being misguided, and Wi Fi? Are you not following me? For us at Emory? Are you disobeying my command? Call Yaga Omar saying all the brother of my mother

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so he didn't say Moosa to him directly because he said yeah, but oh man that is a style in Arabic language that you show your disappointment or anger with something. Yeah, they say oh, son of Moses, Oh son of so and so Oh, son of so and so. Okay, you're actually showing anger at something right. And that is why

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Be it was reported that Rasulullah sysm said to Ayesha rhodiola talana say I know when you're angry with me. I said when he said when you love me You say Rasul Allah and when you're angry with me You said no by the Lord of of Ibrahim

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okay or otherwise when you love me You say what the Lord of Mohammed says Allah but when you're angry with me so Lord Abraham, you don't want to take my name's vanilla. How amazing is that? You know?

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So luckily hi let's carry on. Yeah haruno moment. Let

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me have you abused this a bit my command. Corolla Yabba oma. Let's have a look at don't grab my beard. So because Moosa came and he had grabbed him like that, you know, grabbed him by the hair and grabbed him by his beard. What's wrong with you? You know, your salon? The two hands Can you imagine? Yeah, but now Oh mulata hillbilly hottie. Oh my brother do not grab my beard while I build up see nor by my hair. Right in the Hershey through, verily unafraid and tabula for Roberta Ballina, Bani Israel, that you have divided up into Israel. Well, I'm Tara cavani. And you did not follow mine? Or follow the meaning of my word. What is he trying to say? He's trying to say that? Yes, I

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did tell them but when they did not, listen, I did not persist. Because if I did that, then they would divide up. And that would be difficult. Rather, they agreed to offer the affair to you. So all we did was wait for your return. And they are actually tied up. Hello, by the way, was was reported is that the tide of a prophet of God? Can you imagine?

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So, how do you do that prophet of God should have you know, he's speaking from Allah. But they tied him up, and they had locked him up. And Subhanallah so that's why heroine Alice, Alice of Salaam could not do anything to guide his people except for the words that he said.

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In a slushy tabula rasa benavente volunter Cooper COVID por la mahato buka Saba. Now, he goes to the next person who really confused them the next leader of the evil and that is Mary. So he said the summary What is your issue? Meaning Explain yourself. So just the fact that is asking for an explanation shows this is the way that the prophets of God, God behaved. Whenever you see from your brother a particular behavior that you don't like you ask them what has caused you to behave like this? Why are you behaving like this? Yeah.

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Because if you did not expect something, ask them to understand. And first of all, it shows humility, number one

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shows your interest in trying to have empathy with the person. And number three, it shows that you're genuinely interested in a solution right? You're genuinely interested in a solution that is doable for both both Win Win from both. You're not interested in in a desire and a harem and a fighting you're not interested you're just interested in solving the problem right? So that is why you're asking for for the solution is that you have when you have an umbrella

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you don't take my beard or not my hair in the Hershey to verily I'm afraid under cola for rock the bane of an Israeli one column. Well, I'm sorry

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for my bouquet salmon summary, okay. All About so to be malami Abu Dhabi, I saw what they did not see what did he see, he saw his saying that I saw what he did not see. So what he's referring to he said I saw jabril and as you breeze horse was plowing on the earth, I saw that right. So that's what it means. webisode, labia Surabhi, I saw what they did not see for what to cut the bottom in razali. So I took a amount of the dirt from this from the place where jabril and his horse had touched. So I took a piece of it because holy land, holy soil, for the birth to ha then I put this forth into the calf worker Delica solidly enough. See, and that is all that is what I felt like doing in my heart.

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So number of issues. Number one, what was the proof of salary that this had any blessings, just because angels touched something doesn't make it blessed? At the same way therefore, therefore, you cannot claim that your shape or molana has blessings on their body, you can claim with a solar system has and the prophets of God had because that's by far the scholars of Islam. The prophets of God had blessings in their word, the speech and in the physical essence. And therefore the shirt, they're their clothes, there's there any sweat had had acids. And that's why the excretion was actually considered thought it thought it was considered thought, not the hood but thought which was

00:32:05 --> 00:32:08

a pure in and of itself but not pure Fang of others.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:48

And that is because the prophets of God themselves were blessing human beings. And that is what the Sahaba would collect the sweat of the prophets of Salaam and has had the hair of the Prophet says Allah. That is if authentically supported it is from the hair of the Prophet system that we should keep it and we can do the bulk with it right. But anything else does it have Baraka that's that there is no proof anything else has Baraka unless Allah has said. So what things about at that time is Baraka so Ramadan has Baraka days of the legends Baraka, some places of Baraka such as maka Medina have Baraka Baraka some things about a copper and has Baraka, for example, certifies Baraka,

00:32:48 --> 00:33:23

and some people have Baraka, like the prophets of God have Baraka but to claim Baraka is there just because of doing good deeds must mean that therefore, abubaker I'm not sure that Baraka, but there has never been ever reported any of the Sahaba kept the artifacts are abubaker number. And if Rama did not have Baraka or did not have the right to claim that their bodies had Baraka, what is our right today that we consider the bodies of our saints, so called saints and so called mowlana, spears and Mali, these two have Baraka in their body, there is no proof right? And so, as a result, somebody is making a big gross colossal mistake by thinking that there is something special about

00:33:23 --> 00:33:59

that sand on which the foot of jabril landed on that has no no special significance, we have no evidence if we had evidence would say there is but he has no evidence. So he did something first of all, that is smaller ship right which is smaller ship is that okay? He considered that Baraka and that is doesn't work but that led to bigger ship, right? And that's why stop the cycle of sending stop the cycle of ships of the cycle of sending stop the cycle of ignorance, because smaller ignorance will lead it to be a small sin will lead to big things small issues will lead to big issues. So therefore do not do that brothers and sisters in Islam, that would be very wrong.

00:34:00 --> 00:34:47

Right. So what did you say? Paula? Paula, kala buzzer to be mala we have a pseudo beef Aqaba panda but I mean after solely for numbers to her so I threw it into the calf locker Delica. So well enough, see the same way did my soul tell me to do that, or further hubs and go away from us now. So Moosa now banishes Emory and tells you to get out and this is one of the acceptable punishments which is hedger to actually stay away from a person and tell everyone to stay away from them, and to banish them so you said color for the hub for in the lack of hierarchy and akula misses, say go away from me or summary for in your in your life. There'll be no one to help you. Or in the letter more

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

than lead, lead lead to clarify and for you is an appointment that will not be missed, which is on the Day of Judgment. One Illa Illa hc now look at your God unless he is all tally Arqiva that you are by

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

prostrating overland to have a partner who will burn it through melon Stefano and then we will cut it in half phillium minister will throw it into the into the ocean thus far or the river enhance meaning that the calf will not be able to save itself from being burned and even though we cut it in half we're not being punished because that calf has no ability and also Musashi taught us the third thing which is that if there is a sign of shear then you cannot profit from it. So he did not say okay now whatever guys now melt the you know metal back and then make it to gold coins and let's use it for gold coins Why are you wasting money anywhere? Why am I gonna throw it into the river through

00:35:41 --> 00:36:19

the river so that no one therefore thinks that those coins and gold special should will follow on they will have a you know an author and it will leave some marks and so as a result throw it away. So Musashi Islam divided that caffeine half threw it into the young and that's why when we are given alcohol for example, in Christmas time, we might work in a non Muslim company were given alcohol as a gift. What should we do? Should we just sell it should we give it to someone else? No, we should throw it away. In the same way we will be given ham we give it to a non Muslim neighbor because he can eat we can't eat him so no, even it's harder for him to so we should throw it away. If someone

00:36:19 --> 00:36:31

gave us him. We should throw it away as well. We should not what if someone gave you signs of of foreign religions and their signs of foreign religious also dispose of them by

00:36:32 --> 00:37:15

wonder Eli Eli calories on tally Arqiva. Then we'll have a partner who will burn it summer we will cut it in half the answer for now. Phil yumminess five, divided in half and throw it into the young which is a river or the ocean in nama Illa hokum verily your Lord is Allah Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa, who there is no deity worthy of worship except him was the akula Shea in Alma. He has encompassed everything in knowledge, that is Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is a story of samedi, lots of lessons that I want to point out. Okay, let's take some of the lessons from the lessons of samory. Number one, be wary of who you're responsible over, do not be hurry to leave them Do not

00:37:15 --> 00:37:26

leave them without training them. If you have trained them. Don't be too reassured, because now you need to follow through with them. Right? And that is the lesson that alligator muscles on slide number two.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:45

Always do what the prophets of God did, they asked for excuses, they ask for explanations. Number three, never leave foreign, religious items, rather dispose of them, because at the end of the day, at the end of the day, we cannot profit from that. Number four.

00:37:47 --> 00:38:05

never consider something to be blessed just because someone touched it or because a righteous person walked on it or was there or was his clothes, rather righteousness and piety is only in the same things align his message I mentioned nothing else His righteousness and piety and we cannot claim that number five

00:38:07 --> 00:38:24

from the lessons that we have here is you cannot do business from something Haram. If there is something haram then it is also haram to give it in business and also have to buy and sell it's also haram to give it as a gift and also haram to give it as a as a and that's why

00:38:25 --> 00:38:30

I believe it was he who said that statement from him. So I usually in

00:38:32 --> 00:39:13

jazz Barrow who is permissible to buy and sell jazz and Cuba who are and who was a de facto it is permissible to give it as a run which is a security deposit as a bear as a buying and selling commodity and as a jazza and as a sadhaka or as a gift is permissible but therefore the necessary corollary is that anything which is not permissible buy and sell, it is not permissible to give the gift or is not permissible to give as a loan or as a security deposit or buy and sell right. And this is what we gained from the story of savagery with Musa Allah supersalon brothers and sisters Islam please read the story of Musa and see how masala the slave is teaching us Allah is teaching us

00:39:13 --> 00:39:41

through Moosa many issues of leadership many amazing life stories a life, a life a life issues. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala in his glory and his greatness make us of those people who are blessed by this for an and guided and be upon those people who speak the truth and are never misguided and are upon the hub inshallah and are, are always thankful to Allah for the guidance is given us another good He's given us

00:39:42 --> 00:39:54

be aware, aware of shift, even they fell into shape, even with the prophet of God amongst them. And that's why you know, I was asking myself the other day, how many times have I told my kids not to commit check with Allah?

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

You know, I don't say that that many times I tell them other things. Don't be rude.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

You know, be respectful speak well clean your house, a total so many things but they are nowhere near as important as share. So I should be telling them again and again. Who do you worship? Where, who who's Allah? Do you believe in Allah and he never will make sure with Allah, other idols, God, all of these things we should be reaffirming again and again, renewing the faith in Allah again and again. If these people who are saved by Allah, they saw the miracle had a prophet amongst them still fell into shape. What about you and me? We can also fall into shit because people can mislead us. Allah subhanho wa Taala save us era Bella Allah, may Allah save us from your fitna or Allah. Or

00:40:41 --> 00:41:16

Allah don't test us with a way that we cannot bear. What Allah test is with only that which we can bear, will Allah make us firm and strong and give us the ability to overcome the tests that you've given us? And Allah, let us pass and then put us into January because of a success that we'll have here. Thank you once again, brothers and sisters, for tomorrow, I'm going to be away because I'm going to have to travel overseas. I'm now currently recording this in Malaysia, but tomorrow I'll be in Dubai for the next four days. So what I'm going to do inshallah is as follows. What I'm going to do is for the next four days, I'm going to take q&a questions, so that's

00:41:18 --> 00:41:58

today's Wednesday, so Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, right four days until set until Sunday will be q&a. So every day you can ask questions at five o'clock. I will put up my recorded answers to your questions. It'll be on my phone, perhaps I'll be in the plane or somewhere traveling and my daughter or my son will grab the phone and record my answers and then you'll be able to see the answers inshallah or perhaps the audio it'll be audio answers, right. So send your questions through on the Facebook pages on my Facebook page also on tofik.com and also on YouTube. Put your questions out and inshallah what we'll do is we will endeavor to answer them inshallah tada My apologies once

00:41:58 --> 00:42:08

again, we will resume out of seal of Surah Taha on the Monday inshallah that will be the 21st fast inshallah to Allah will resume that Jacqueline affair, Salaam Alaikum.

The Story of al-Samiri

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