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Santa Monica counselor cuts everyone welcome back to plan 3430. This is the part two of the doubleheader in sha Allah Allah just 21 and a reminder to everyone in sha Allah tada to please tune in tomorrow for the webathon did the 90 Tana, where we definitely will be looking forward to all of the different insights as to how to go into the last 10 days strong with nine times as well as sustain a prophetic lifestyle beyond that and Charlottetown and of course, hoping that inshallah Thai we can count on all of you to continue to support the work here at your pain. We appreciate everything that has come forth, and all of your your eyes and your support and your comments about

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how this has affected you. And we pray that inshallah tada you see yourself in it, and you continue to support it. With that being said, we are joined by a special guest tonight in sha Allah, Dr. Usman ammaji. He is the director of survey research evaluations, I get that right, get the name of the department, right? All right, I'm the number I mean, so he's our data guy. So have the data, you know, everything we do is being driven or hopefully at some point inshallah we hope to drive it through, you know, what we're learning about how to really instill conviction in people and to really nurture that that pain within people and Dr. Eggman is in charge of that so if we succeed

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hamdulillah if we fail, we just blame him. But inshallah we pray that we don't fail. Oh, you got it. You got Oh, man, he took a facepalm okay. So, Jeffers, man, you do our data stuff. I got a question for you. According to your data, who can lift more Mr. Kabila?

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Ooh, so finally, you know, she had to there's some things in life that you don't need data you just need a little common sense. So this is

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I don't need to do any studies to answer that question.

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You're gonna take that from me just

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now that's what I love about me so straight up.

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Actually, I have a question for you before we start because I haven't seen you in a long time we're distante how your ankles doing by the way. Oh

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yes. Give me or him No, no *. I just want to make sure nothing. Last time we met you know, unfortunately, you know, when he's on the court with B there was a I think I heard a crack in his ankles on a crossover So shall we Oh yeah. Well, but yeah, I thought you're talking about with you or when he played my son I don't know it's one when he

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probably happened both times so

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all right, well, we got agreement one on one in store inshallah talk because COVID has you hallucinating doctor saw? Oh,

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I hear me. It's okay. All right. This one I will get back on the court and Chatelet side and next time I've been practicing I've been working I've been I've been playing ball I'm the law so we're ready to I got I've gotten back in the into my ball routine. Now that now that you know we're kind of inshallah tied the end of COVID been in the

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waiting left the way to get back in shall not now that you said that. We're gonna have to record that game of one on one so

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but we're not recording the weightlifting competition. The main show from the list is not happening. It's just gonna stay in the imagination of people. It'd be like rocking Apollo. Anyone even knows the reference that fight that never was on tape. That's how that's how me and Chef I'm a little beyond the benches were just

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inshallah there's no secret cameras around the bone because I wouldn't want that for chef Abdullah. That's all

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for your bill.

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All right. They were blessed to now be and just 21 in sha Allah Tada. So let's get started in sha Allah this without him that all slots are still alive. And he was like me, he will Manuela so hamdulillah sudo room look man, such as the beginning of it as up shows up here. So you have three makin sodas. And if you think about what Dr. Wei mo said earlier about arranging the furniture. So hello, very profound example that comes through these three back to back sodas that are in Mecca, and then goes to a madnani surah but particularly a hopeful metheny surah right where we see the victory from Allah subhanaw taala and de be realized, so really a beautiful touch to have a

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beautiful arrangement of the sutras here, as all of the sutras are arranged in a profound manner. But sort of Rome, you know, is of course, the famous incident where a loss of Hannah horchata revealed to the Prophet slice of the movie better room for Adam out of the womb than the other beat him minvalue how to beat him clld wound last patch I mentioned that the Romans have been defeated, but that they are going to come back and and when will hold them back the thought of him saying that he won't female or ACD in the lives of dimensions that between three and nine years.

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The Romans who were being defeated handedly by the Persians over and over and over again, the bush saw the glad tidings that they would win. Now, why was that important to the Muslims, obviously, because the idea of monotheists in some sense versus polytheists, being the Persians, in a way that related to the mannequins and the actual alliance that was between the Mexicans and the Persian Empire as well. And this was, of course, a double meaning. Now, the proof of prophethood is there because of some of the scholars mentioned that this was no less of a significant miracle, in the sense of the probability of it taking place in the eyes of the people of Mecca as a solid marriage,

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there was no way to them that the Romans were going to defeat the Persians, especially at the time, the surah was revealed. But of course, Allah subhana wa Tada, allowed for that to happen. And the double meaning of it was that was a blessed sign of bedded, and what proceeds by that of the heads off, so I want to actually build on what we spoke about last time. with certain anchor bolts and the disbelievers speaking to the believers and telling them don't go forth with this heads rock don't make this migration. Stay with us renounce your faith, we will support you otherwise you go for if you're going to live a humiliated life, you're going to live a difficult life and you know, it will

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all be in vain. And here Allah subhana wa tada is showing that even in the most improbable circumstances, Allah gives big victory to whom He wills yawns Romania, Sha, Allah subhana wa supports whom He wills. And so here we are, in sort of the room where Allah so john mentions this victory and when this victory would take place, it was exactly the same time that the Battle of bed would take place. So Yama, dunya for homework Minami nosler, the day that the believers would be pleased with the victory of the help of Allah subhanaw taala. This indeed did take place with the Muslims in the hills, and then the Battle of better so it is the victory of Allah tohei the victory

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of monotheism or polytheism. And then you go into the story of looking around and hacking. And look, Martin Hakeem, who was of course known to the Arabs as a, you know, an Abyssinian slave that was freed due to his wisdom and became a legend amongst the Arabs, but he was a monotheist. And by the way, somehow, there's a significance here if you connect the individual story of Look, man and Hakeem, it has sat down to what Alonzo john mentions in sort of the room of how classes of people are determined in accordance with their in accordance with their temple in accordance with their knowledge and their piety. And that's from the signs of Allah subhanaw taala did I've seen it come

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What are the differences in your tongues and your languages and your skin colors? At the end of the day, you came from dirt, but you are differentiated only by your taqwa and tuck was pursued with knowledge. pieties pursued with rightful knowledge, rightful guidance. So here you have the story of a man in Rocky Mountain Hakeem, who gains superiority and power amongst the Arabs because of his wisdom. And this is a proof of what we find. And so if the room as well and once again a monotheist, right, so this person that you look to, that you claim affiliation to is a monotheist. And also macadam a flock, you know, the good characters of or the good characteristics of this religion, the

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qualities of the Prophet slice of them, and this is something that is stressed and mechi on that look at the difference in the moral nature of what the prophets lysozyme is calling you to compare it to the immoral nature of the ways that you are insisting upon. So it look man and Hakeem and the advice to his son, you don't just see the quality of tohave. But you see, the quality is a very bad little man, the qualities of meaning the qualities of the servants of the Most Merciful, the qualities of the believers that are being called to as well. So that significance is also there, in relation to the call of the profits of the Lions have them. Now some specific verses, and you know,

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in the advice of Look, man and Hakeem to his son, verse 14 to 15, you have once again will assign an incentive, bydd Asana, the command of Allah subhanaw taala to honor your parents and hear this verse according to Sai little the Allah tada it was revealed in regards to sad and his mother. Now, if you watch the episode on the first where we talked about sad that nobody will possibly a lot of time and one detail, his mother told him that you either leave this religion and come back to the religion of your mother and your father, or I will not eat and drink until I die. And your heart will grieve over me and you and your heart will break and the grief that you will feel me dying because I you

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know, my hunger strike of you being a Muslim will cause you to die as well. Because I have the will the Allahu taala and who loved his mother and he pleads with his mother

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Please do not do this, please don't do this, and continues to, to constantly plead with her until he says, Oh my dear mother, as much as I love you, my love for Allah and His Messenger slice I'm stronger. And even if you have 1000 souls, and each one departs, one after the other, I will not abandon this religion. And that's when she saw the determination of side of the will the long side, I'm going to insist on his way and she realized that her hunger strike was not going to work. And she gave up her hunger strike now so Polly, you connect this to the last Jews. We mentioned two ago, one that she wrote to kill a Caribbean call your closest relatives and then in the collateral demon

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I bet you do not guide whom you love, which was the last job and then here and this Joe's sad little the a lot of time on his pain with his mother. So we had the pain of the Prophet slice alum with his uncle apartment, and now the pain of sad all the a lot of time I'm home with his mother. And you also see the refusal to believe, right, so one implementation of indika that's even up to you don't guide whom you love, is the refusal to believe of the one that you love. And then you also have the refusal to disbelief when persecuted by the one that you love, which is the case of saddle the law of town I'm home or put in a difficult situation. So both of them are implementations of you don't

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guide whom you will. And at the same time, you can't forsake your own guidance because of whom you love. So the refusal to believe in the case of the last Jo's and the refusal to disbelieve on the part of Syed, on account of his mother whom he loved in this just, finally, I'll just mention two quick things. One of them is verse 27. Our last panel talks about that, even if the trees were pens, and you know, the oceans were ink, it would not be enough to encapsulate this knowledge from Allah subhanaw taala, this divine revelation, some of the the Jewish rabbis in Medina asked the Prophet slice and what does it mean? When he says that curcumin Emily lumbee that the Spirit is the command

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of your Lord? When that ot Terminator Illa Allah and you don't have knowledge except for little? And the prophets I send them when he when he migrated to Medina, they said, is this idea of you've only been given a little bit of knowledge? Is that just for the Muslims? Or is it for the Jews as well? So is it who has been given just the little knowledge and the Prophet slice on basically responds and says, all of us, have not been given much knowledge, except for what Allah has given us? And he says, the knowledge that you have, in comparison to the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala is very little, and it only benefits you when you practice it. So then they say to the Prophet slicin them.

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Well, what about the verse that whoever has been given hikma has been given whoever has been given wisdom has been given a lot of good, abundant good, which is the sort of buckler verse 269 so how can literal knowledge be compared to a lot of wisdom? How's that possible? And a lot of time kind of reveals this verse in response, that if the trees in the earth were pens, and the oceans were ink, it would not be enough to encapsulate the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala finally, just because it relates to the whole

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that was given as well in this regard, about the latest we'll cover how we often don't take mclubbe tarisha seriously, the verse insert the sajida were lost pantai says that the Jaffa noble mine and Milan Jr. Yeah, they ruined the home hope and automa that they forsake their beds crying onto their Lord in fear and hope.

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The Sahaba said that in multiple narrations that this is referring to the companions that used to come to mother and then they would stay in the masjid between mokuba Nasha worshiping a loss onwards no matter how late Aisha was, and they would not return to their homes until the prophets lifetime payment performed a shot with them. And so this is referring to them and so yes, the time between maguet of inertia is also a form of pm it's also a form of the night devotion and we pray that a lot of those that allow us to make the most of it and inshallah time with that I'll turn it over to Dr. If not the ankle breaker to share some some of his wisdom that he tada as well. Any reflections he

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has on these verses.

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So I want to get that cleared up to Omar, I will just comment briefly on the last thing you mentioned about Look, man and the idea of wisdom and this this tension people have between knowledge being law a lot or a little and what it means to be wise. And when Allah soprano called milkman, and Hakeem, it wasn't necessarily because of an abundance of knowledge, but it was actually the ability to make practical use of whatever information that we have. And this is what wisdom is all about. I mean, there are people who know so much, yet do nothing with that knowledge. And that is not a form of wisdom, or as Look man, whatever little that he had been given. Of course, he'd been given a fair

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amount of knowledge but whatever he had given he was able to transform it into beneficial actions.

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A few other things that was mentioned about Lockman, from alpha zero and I find this beautiful is true wisdom is not only in using knowledge to benefit yourself, but it's using knowledge to benefit others. And so local man was able to not just pull from that knowledge to become a better person with the right flap the right character, right beliefs, but he

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reflected that upon the creation of course, first and foremost with his family and his son. So that really is the is the pinnacle of wisdom is to be able to practice it and to share that with the world in the most beautiful way. So those are some of my thoughts will often

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look like a beautiful chef

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah he was adding he was happy woman when I'm about

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not when speaking about Subhan Allah Look, man and the advice that he gave to a son. And he told them

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that to Sheikh Billa, he told him not to worship in any others besides Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is Shrek, which is the polytheistic practice that we know in Islam is not allowed, I wanted to touch on that which Subhanallah is the probably the strongest sign that the human being in all of creation, that is animate, at least has this characteristic, and dare we say, this feature within them, and that is what is termed as the fifth wrong. And the fifth rock can be loosely translated as the natural inclination, it can be termed, as you know, the wiring that last month Allah has given all of us that is universal that we all share. And within that fitrah are characteristics that are

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different from one another, you know, that we may differ within our personalities and the way that we exemplify the features of that fitrah. So when we look at the fitrah, we look at this Subhanallah

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we see that even in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala establishes the presence of this mad dash or of this element that is with inside the human being. And that is Subhanallah something that we as Muslims, believing in it and understanding it, we understand and acknowledge with certainty that every human being has this natural inclination to a deity, one deity, and they rely on that natural that one deity that has created them, and allow us to kind of what Donna and this verse in the chapter of a room verse 30, and I guess it's an easy way that we mentioned earlier, verse 30, verse 30, Chapter 30, in 3430, so that's an easy way that can remember this aspect of the fifth row and

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what Allah says about the fifth row using the word in this chapter very eloquently, so kind of races if there will be lamina ship on the regime for Aki machaca Dini Hannifin fit Rotella Latif hopper on NASA on a letter by de la jolla that he Kadena aquarium what I can excellent nasty layout of the moon so he breaks it into want to break it into roughly five parts. The first part is we says for Atkin Woodchuck, the Dini Hannifin, so direct your face towards

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the religion inclining to the truth.

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It pharma as we know as we hear it vomitus a lot which means to establish something and pm is to stand so Allah, Allah is saying, for him which Hakka not particularly your face, but it's saying established a religion and direct yourself, give yourself wholeheartedly to the religion, to this way of life to the faith of Islam. And the obligation is to remind you not to turn to other ways of life. And that's why supinely uses which the end because the scholars mentioned that sometimes when the wedge is mentioned the face that is where you look and direct your direction and your attention to so make sure that your primary attention in regards to your life and what you're doing in regards

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to response to those that may not believe in your way of life and maybe envious towards you up in which I could a Dini hanifin and make sure that you're doing this in a fashion that is refinished befitting for your soul and for the ones that are following you. So when we see this first commandment, and this is an imperative verb, and we understand that the imperative verbs in in in the authoritative text and Islam and the Quran and the Sunnah initially, initially imply obligation, unless there is something that brings it down to another level of recommendation. So here in regards to following the faith, it's important, it's imperative that you devote yourself to your faith and

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show that level of devotion because that level of devotion will bring reward but in most most importantly, this is that which Allah subhanho wa Taala loves, therefore, he obliged it. So after that, the last one to us is fitted with Allah Allah t *load. On NASA they have and this is what we could say is the showerhead or the highlighted portion of the verse first understanding the importance of this characteristic of the Fitzroy says fitrah to Allah. He says this is the fitrah of Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning that it is the fitrah is something that is noble, and they call this to Sharif in Arabic. Why? Because he used it in the

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possessive form as we say, Rasulullah, the servants of Allah or the Messenger of Allah keytab Allah, the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The messenger is noble, the Book of Allah is noble being the Quran. So when Allah says fitrah to law, it is something that is a noble form of creation being that He has given us this, there you say, there we say remote element within ourselves to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. In times of hardship, even those that may not even believe in a god or may have defied the belief in a god, they call out to something greater than themselves. And that is that the calling in the characteristics of that feature or characteristic within themselves, that is

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what we mean the fitrah, that when they call out something to something greater than themselves, whether they deny it or don't know what it is, that is the fitrah in which enable them to call on something greater than him. So last month, the US federal law that he fought on on NASA, and they have, and he says his fifth row which he has created mankind upon *load on NASA, and he uses the same three letters to describe the federal flutter law can mean any shock or to open something up. Right so in here last month, I was saying fits with the law that he has created mankind upon this natural fitrah. And after that Allah subhanaw taala goes on and he says here, let's have a de la

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jolla that there is no, there is no replacement for the creation of Allah and this verse is all the sudden, why? Because it establishes the Lordship of Allah subhanho wa Taala as we talked about before, when they talk about, you know, the relationship of Allah or the the monotheistic belief, if we wanted to break it down, it could be into two or three categories that the scholars have with their induction and with their academic rigor have come come to, but it's most important is that we see that Allah is the Lord He is the Creator, sustainer and maintainer, he is what brought things into existence. And after he brings it into existence, he maintains it and provides for it

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ultimately, we see that that demands something from the individuals that have the opportunity and the faculty of choice, which is human beings. When we've seen the last run das has led to the De La Jolla, this form of negation is a form of negation, as we know negating anything of the object. So La ilaha illAllah, you're negating any type of God of any object as taking it as a god. So he says there's no replacement for the creation of Allah acknowledging creation, that he has brought things into existence. And we use all the elements to manipulate and use it for ways that we want to but the raw material is what allows for God has created then he concludes by saying that it could Dino

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him that this is the most upright religion, this is the upright way and the upright Dean, the upright path, well, I can excellent NASA layout on the moon, but most of mankind do not know and ending it off with saying most of mankind do not know. It is not for us to say well, more people know that people don't know. And we know when reading the last part of that part of this verse and understanding that it is not for one to be arrogant thinking that they know it is for someone to have sympathy, wanting people to know. It's important that when you understand that is Sharia, the religion of Islam has been given to you in order to keep your fitrah pristine, those feelings of

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guilt those feelings of calling out to keep it pristine, to where it is not adulterated to call on other than Allah subhanho wa Taala it is not tampered with, it has not been any form of intrusion upon it towards affected. This is important for you to relay that to people, and to relate with the universal characteristic of the fitrah when it comes to telling people about Islam. Let's start with the universal characteristics that we have tylo Electra limits and so what let's start at a universal word, the universal properties that we share as human beings, let's start there, that Allah is the Hadith he's the Creator. So if he's created you, why do we turn to other than Him? And

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that's when we hear the last portion of this verse that can occur naturally at the moon. Most people know not it's just serve as an encouragement for us to exemplify the Lord of the fitrah within our actions within our speech, and inshallah it's about a quarter Allah that will be a long lasting effect on people may Allah subhana wa tada make us of those that cling to our nature to where we nurture that in a way that is be fitting to him Batticaloa

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Masha Allah Chanel, he just covered 3030 on 30 for 30

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minutes No, no, no, no, no.

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And that sort of 30 verse 30 on 33rd Yeah, easiest way to remember what Shaykh Abdullah just said he just covered 3030 on 34 3800 Allah, nice, Masha Allah, that was yours. I'm not I'm not even gonna claim that those all human you said that before we started. I didn't

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Come up with myself, for reflections to other law, the charisma

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is that in the theater chavela Beautiful, beautiful reflection and I think we're all start picks up exactly where you were at which is the reality that's upon Allah despite the fact that we all have this fifth raw, this natural disposition and we're inclined towards so hate and believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. And those natural emotions He's given us about knowing what's right and what's and knowing what's wrong. There's a lot of pressure in life to do otherwise. And as Allah says, well, that can occur on that, like most people don't know the truth. And so sort of comes after us with the room a few suitors later. And I wanted to speak about the beginning of it, because it has, to me

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is one of the most important and beautiful sodas that's relevant for Muslims who are currently living in a time where we see massive culture wars everywhere, especially if you live in a western country. And there's so much confusion over these core issues about who are we what is our natural disposition? There's gender issues is relationship issues. And so the suta what's beautiful about it is it comes down at a time when the Muslims were actually trying to figure out what is their culture supposed to be like it came after the Battle of brothers of the Muslims were kind of us begin to establish a state and a society with certain norms. But Islam had not yet fully taken in a hold of

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the region. And so what the surah comes to do is really focus on these dimensions of the social fabric of life, how does community, how does family how to what are those factors that we need to think about when it comes to the holistic, fitrah based way of living. And that's why you'll see in the surah, there's a lot of attention to marriage as a lot of attention to gender interaction, and those type of family related issues. But I just want to begin my talk today about the beauty of has been laying out this beautiful blueprint for success that a believer can always go back to when it comes to dealing with the challenges they face when they live in a culture, that the dominant

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culture doesn't always reflect who they are and what they believe in. And to remind all of us that even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the companion companions, they did not live in this utopian world where everything was just perfect for them all the time. But Allah is gonna remind us about their own challenges they faced and then the formula for their success. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the first few if I was the lemonade stand or gym, yeah, are you gonna be you tequila wanna to the cafeteria? Well, Mona Philippine, in the law cannot even hakima What about now you how you make me Robic in Allah kanopy matter I'm aluna hubiera whatever call Allah Allah aka

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fabula he will keela and so the translation being, oh, Prophet, do not be mindful of Allah, O Prophet, be mindful of Allah have Taqwa of Allah and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites. For Indeed, Allah is absolutely knowledgeable and absolutely wise. The second verse comes where Allah Subhana Allah says, so follow the revelation that has been given to you from your Lord. For Indeed Allah is all knowing of that what you do, and put your trust in Allah, for Allah sufficient for us to put our trust in Him. So what has that does and the rest of the surah is going to elaborate on this is this three step formula of number one is having taqwa of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala, which entails not following the ways of others, not being a blind, copycat and imitating the lifestyle, the opinions, the beliefs, the practice of those who do not have revelation. And then number two, of course, if we're not going to follow the ways of others, what are we going to follow? It's the path of revelation from Allah subhana wa Tada. And the third step is going to be to put our trust in Allah Subhana Allah. And again, why I find so fascinating about these is is to put myself in the, in the shoes of the companions, and the Prophet Muhammad Salaam and thinking that Allah starting this surah by not telling the believers to be half duck walk and to be and to reject the

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lifestyle of the disbelievers. He's telling the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, and as we'll learn, and has that will come in tomorrow's just actually, the details of what the prophet is commanded to do is that some of these commands are difficult, sometimes to go against the dominant culture sometimes to do that which is not popular or not part of the status quo is difficult even to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And so the message of central hub is to fear Allah subhana wa Be mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And don't worry about anybody else. Don't worry about don't fear, believing in something different than other people. Don't fear acting different than other people. Don't fear

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looking different than other people. And the only way this can happen is if we deeply have that trust, that that which is coming to us is coming to us from a source that is ultimately wise that knows exactly he knows our fifth throw, as essentially, Allah knows our natural disposition, and the one who knows the deepest secrets of our soul and our heart. Then of course, he is the most trustworthy to follow his advice and to follow the laws that he

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as prescribed for us, and so the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him when he felt this pressure that Allah is telling him, be mindful of Allah and do not swerve and do not be inclined to the lifestyle of those who think differently. Follow the revelation, knowing that this is what's best for you and put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as the the battle has AB you know the details about it, we'll find out it's really about trusting in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I'll close with one. One thing that to me is, is beautiful in the sutra is that Allah subhana wa gives us this fact that there's a major battle that takes place, alright, and in this battle, right, the believers are going

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through a lot but what Allah is telling us it's his job is there's two ways of seeing the world. There's a way of seeing the world, which is trusting Allah and His Messenger, and trusting the revelation. And there's a way that you don't trust Allah and His messenger. And the way you see the world is fundamentally different if you're in camp air can be and Allah gives us that actually, in the pseudo when he tells us that one, the hypocrites saw what was happening in that battle. Their statement was to say what now what are the lower pseudo level rules they because they did not have trust in Allah. They said Allah His Messenger are have told us a lie. They've deceived us, because

00:31:16--> 00:31:54

it looks like you know where the battle is gonna come and these enemies are going to attack us. But for the believer who trust in Allah Subhana Allah, Who goes against the grain, who follows revelation, who puts their trust in Allah, despite how difficult things might be at any point in time in their life. What Allah tells us is when a model has ever won the believer see difficulties when did when the believers see the challenges of being a faithful Muslim of living a lifestyle upon the fifth row, and not obeying everybody else? What do they say? They said, this is exactly what Allah and His Messenger has promised stuff. Promise stuff. What's other Hola Hola. sudo, or Masada

00:31:54--> 00:32:32

home. Illa de mano with a steamer and that once the believer has that trust, everything they see in their in everything in life, the troubles, the blessings, the tribulations is what it's a source of increasing them in their faith and increasing their submission. Because they remember that this is what Allah has told us is going to happen. Allah has not promised us a life of luxury. He's told us this is the life of difficulties. And through that trust in Allah, through following the revelation and through shunning the lifestyle and the unemployment practices of those who don't have the revelation inshallah, we will be in safe footing in this life and the next and inshallah, then if we

00:32:32--> 00:32:48

have wisdom, we will be able to share that guidance with those who do not have access to that revelation, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who are able to follow this three step process of having that love Allah subhanaw taala following revelation, and putting our trust in him at all times, in all places. Exactly.

00:32:50--> 00:33:30

Exactly. So Pamela, one connection. Actually a few connections that I was just thinking around those beautiful reflections. Dr. Rothman, one of them is inserted. As they're saying the promise of the last point I was nothing but illusion sort of Rome. Why the law likely for law what they're working on naskila alimony? Yeah, I don't wanna VA hit on me No, hey, at the dunya. So how even the messaging is so powerful. Allah says in Surah, Rome, it's the promise of Allah, he never betrays his promise. But most people don't know, they only know the exterior of the life of this world. Like they're so limited, and only being able to see the law how to just just see just just things so

00:33:30--> 00:34:08

plainly, and they do numbers and calculations and things of that sort. But Allah subhanaw taala, his promise overcomes all of that, in his decree. overcomes all of that. So Zack calaca I know you had one incident from the handbook. I know, you probably cut it out because of time, but you can think it's powerful and show up you'd like to share? I think it builds on that and show what time you know, that idea because sort of the problem is and then what happens in 100, as well. Yeah, sure. So what I was going to mention, was find out how it's these scales and measuring this dunya and from a very worldly secular perspective, how this is not how the believer sees the world, right? The

00:34:08--> 00:34:46

promises of Allah and His Messenger transcend kind of the laws of nature in many ways. And so in the Battle of fundex, I mean, just one of the beautiful incidences when the Prophet Muhammad SAW someone was there digging that trench, and the believers are kind of looking at him. And you know, it's there's, it's a serious issue. There's a battle with 1000s of people attacking them, and he strikes this humongous rock and he sees the sparks go flying. And he says Bismillah and he strikes the rock, it begins it breaks a piece of it, and he says Allahu Akbar, in those sparks. He says, a love of what I have been given the keys to Sham right and I can see the red palaces there now, and then he

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

strikes it a second time and the sparks fly says allow up but I've been given the keys to Persia. I can see the palaces there. And then he strikes it a third time and the rock shatters and he says Allah, but I've been given the keys to Yemen I can see the gates of sun here.

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

So you see, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said he looks at the world with a different lens. Right? He sees through it. It's not law here. It's not the apparent that's what in front of you right now. He says, be optimistic. Everything seems dark right now everything seems difficult. You know all of us are going through a tough time today with everything that's happened with COVID. There is light at the end of this. And that is the promise of Allah and His messenger. And just on that exact same point that you mentioned about the promise of Allah while he's digging, Jabba Abdullah, but he sees the promises homes of rock tied to his stomach. And again, the prophet is trying to teach us don't

00:35:34--> 00:36:04

look at the apparent of this world, and Javelin, he sees the profits or settlements, any seat, man that looks bad, he's walking his stomach, he's starving. He runs, he tells the Prophet Yes, we'll look and I go home and, and just for a minute, I got an errand to run in the Prophet says Sure. And he goes home, he tells his wife, I saw the profit of the rock and his stomach. This doesn't make me feel good. Please cook him something you have anything. And she says that I got a little bit of barley and a little bit of meat. She's like fine cook it, I'm going to call him over. And he runs Jabba or the Han he says he would love to come. My wife has some food for you bring a few companions

00:36:04--> 00:36:38

is a little bit of food. And again, they've all heard of this dunya would say that a few of us are going to eat from this right? And he says sure, but tell her not to take the food off the fire and take the lid off the pot work on any tells, Hey everybody, let's all go over to Japanese harbor we're gonna have a big feast. And Java is just like oh my god, what is happening? And he goes home and his wife says, What's going on? Did you Didn't I tell you there's only a little bit of food and he's like I did and Middle School philosophy and he brought everybody and the Prophet said alright, leave that pot on and the Fed and the Fed and fed until December 1000 companions he ate from that

00:36:38--> 00:36:51

there's this is about up this is the man y'all This is the scale of Allah subhana wa tada that if we have belief and he met and duck wa follow His revelation, we will see that Baraka in our life. So I asked Allah to make some of those who see beyond the level of it.

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this power so powerful

00:36:57--> 00:37:32

there's so much about you know, the restrict the restriction that we have in our sight. And Allah did bless one person to see the light right was phenomenal, the long haul, right? And even the profit slice I was shocked when he struck the stone and submodel the law and he says what is that light and also lost it Sam says our calculator Did you are you really seeing the light? And he said yes. And it's really interesting because the Empire is right in sort of Rome. It's two empires that are basically fighting each other. And the prophets licensees the palaces are both from the ditch another reflection and I'm not saying this is the Tafseer was just something that I just thought

00:37:32--> 00:38:12

about fee added an adult Eliza dimensions and sort of room in the lowest point on earth right the Dead Sea of course some of the scholars reflect on that and they say like it's the lowest point for the Romans and it was the lowest point on Earth Theory of the Dead Sea. Like the prophets lie some is digging in the ground and seeing the palaces that are built up from the ground shining in front of him so the lahardee was something and that's the that's the point Allah azza wa jal Yon solo many Asha Allah supports him he was my last pants I give us victory give victory to the most Salafi into the multidomain the oppressed and all over the world My last pants I give them victory support our

00:38:12--> 00:38:35

oma wherever they are in an oxide in particular and you know and of course we know a lot of people are hurting in India right now due to COVID-19 milazzo jam make it easy for our brothers and sisters all over the world alumni. I mean, is that Carla Harris mom, Dr. f mom. uh one last thing can you please share your address with the audience so we can bring 60,000 people to your house and show let's see if we can get some Baraka

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if you actually come to medical will be there inshallah. Let's

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take that as a no but he does live in soco So Dr. Iseman ever invites you over to his house then bring 1000 people with you you know unless all the medical will be the right job

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was that was that was that an optimistic and shallow was? Oh absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. For sure. Let's do this.

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Really enjoyed enjoy having you on as always insha Allah, Chef Abdullah as always zachman locker, gelato reminded everyone please join the webathon in Charlottetown and get everyone else to join as well in sha Allah share it with your family with your friends and show it'll be very beneficial. And it will be a combination of a lot of what we felt as a community together over the last few weeks

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and also an opportunity to support good work in sha Allah we appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing you there inshallah. Tada. So Zack malachite on. So I want to come on I want to live in a castle. Somebody comes on with it for having me.

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