The Parables of The Quran #23 – Surah al-Nūr 39 – The Parables of the Actions of the Kāfir

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Hi I'm

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Nina Shay. banyo lungeing Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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Watching can

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see one thing you know,

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saramonic monochromator Lola catch?

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Imagine May Allah protect all of us from such a scenario, somebody starting off his retirement fund. And every few weeks and months he's checking Mashallah to botica law 10,000 after a year 50,000 after a decade, half a million, now he's getting towards his retirement everyday he's checking, maybe even more than 1,000,040 years he's worked in this retirement fund. And one day he wakes up, and lo and behold, the account is zero. All of it gone.

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May Allah protect us from such a scenario? This is a similar type of parable that the Koran gives multiple times, at least three will quickly do today over the reality of the good deeds of the calf, because the calf herd does not do good deeds that are worthy of reward. The Kaffir does deeds he thinks they are good, but they are not done for the sake of Allah. And so when it is not done for the sake of Allah, they will not be rewarded by Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah has given multiple parables of a similar nature. So we go back to suta ignore that after the verse of light. Allah azza wa jal mentions the righteous are those who pray and they read Quran in the masjid, this isn't sort

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of noon, and then Allah gives the parable will lead you in a cafaro amerihome Castle Robin between those who don't believe in Allah, their deeds. The example of those deeds is like a mirage Khasab like a mirage, everybody knows what a mirage is, the desert traveler, he looks and he sees and he thinks water and of course, this is a reflection of curvature of the sun's rays coming and when the sun's rays come at a certain temperature, certain angle, certain ambience, it looks like it is water because you see the reflection. So Allah says the thirsty person, he thinks that it is water, yes, or no Ma. He sees this mirage. Basically it is a flat land, there is a desert that has no trees in

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it, because this is where the Mirage is the most powerful. So Allah says their good deeds are like kasara

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a mirage in a flat desert. Yeah. I said, Well, hold on Omar, the thirsty person he thinks that it is water. Then when he gets there, let me ask you che. He doesn't find any water rather instead of finding water. Well, why Joe the law harinder who Allah is going to be there for fahie Sabah and Allah azza wa jal will take care of his hisab will love who said he is up. So the non The one who doesn't believe in Allah, the non Muslim, the carfit he doesn't believe in Allah azza wa jal, and he is doing deeds, why does he do deeds? The main reason that those who don't believe in the arciero do deeds is for fame is for prestige. So he dedicates a building in his name, he does this he does that

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he goes to fancy fundraisers, and everybody knows so and so gave check so and so did this. And his knee here is for showing off. Now, sometimes the Muslim comes and says, oh, but his whole life is good. He gave to charity and he did orphans and whatnot. And we say the response back, the one who does something for the sake of Allah is not like the one who does something for the sake of his own ego. The one who does for Allah will be rewarded by Allah. And it is a very simple reality. Why should the one who did something for other than Allah get the reward from Allah? It's very simple. Why should the one who did something for his own ego or for a false god, why should Allah reward

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him? He didn't do it for Allah subhana wa Tada. So Elias hang on the Day of Judgment, he will come and he will think he has a large amount of deeds and then he will find absolutely nothing. And a similar motif is mentioned. This one is about so the one is sort of the nor is about the mirage. In surah Ibrahim, verse 18, Allah azza wa jal says methylone Latina kufr obair obey Him. Amanda home Cara Medina imaginista did beheer retropie Yeoman also the example of those who don't believe in Allah their deeds are like ashes that come from the fire and a strong wind comes and it disperses their ashes everywhere, Leia Khurana mimica several other shapes, they cannot get those ashes back

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they can't collect and return it back there. So when you make a fire and this ash comes out the the dust the suit comes out, that dust can anybody collected and do something with

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So Allah gives the parable or the metaphor of good deeds being dispersed like ashes because they are literally burning their house and not because they're not doing them for the right reason. So this is a second parable. The first one is about the Mirage and the water. The second one is about ashes. And then the third one is sort of for on verse 23, Waka demna, Ilana, I really do mean Ramadan for Jana, haba, and manthorpe. All of the deeds that they thought they sent forward all of the deeds they thought that were good. Allah azza wa jal says, We will make it like dust that is scattered in the wind. So dust scattered in the wind, ashes, they cannot collect the Mirage they think is water,

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but it is not really water. These are three powerful metaphors about the one who does good deeds, but not with good intentions. He does good deeds, but not for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the verse goes on. Now we go back to sort of to note. So these were the three verses about the deeds of a calf. And there's one more example in sort of the North that we have to discuss very quickly. Then Allah says that, oh, kobudo Martin FIBA hadden Lu Jian, or what is the author here, one group of scholar says another example of the deeds of the cafe. And another group of scholars and we're going to go with this interpretation today says another example of the heart of the cafe, the color

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of the cafe, just like Sunita nor is the color of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam iunknown is the color of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now Allah is giving the opposite. Now Allah is giving the metaphor of the one who doesn't believe in Allah who has rejected Allah so Allah azza wa jal says that oh covelo Martin, or like utter darkness FIBA hidden Luigi in in a very deep ocean FIBA Hey Luigi and in an ocean that is very very deep Yasha humo Joon Minh folta he moje waves are coming on top of waves there's multiple layers of waves yaksha who mo Joon Minh phonte he moje Minh FOCA he's a hub on top of this are dark clouds Voodoo ma Tron Babu ha folk about layers upon layers

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of darkness in the previous verse nor on either nor in this verse Ludo moto and baja folk about layers upon layers of darkness. So there's the darkness of the dark ocean. There's the darkness of the waves crashing there's the darkness of the night. There's the darkness of deep clouds and Subhanallah This is a terrifying, terrifying reality. pause here on a personal note, totally irrelevant, but this is how I remembered it once I'm a scuba diver. I know if you know this or not. And what am i speciality is is night diving. And I have done multiple times almost a dozen times night diving. One time I did a night dive and the thunderstorm began at night at night in the middle

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of the ocean. And it's thunderstorm. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. And this idea came to me as the waves are crushing crashing upon me and we're waiting for the boat to come back bow tomato

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handler was a metaphor and it wasn't a reality inshallah. And I was saved by the boat Allah saved me by the boat. But the point is this if I understood it, as the waves are coming, the darkness of the ocean at night is truly another experience absolute pitch black and Allah azza wa jal mentions this reality to desert dwellers in Arabia, they didn't go diving in the ocean, they didn't know this reality. And yet Allah describes it in vivid detail because Allah knows and the daughters of Makkah would not have known God Almighty and FIBA Luigi, like the darkness is of the depths of the ocean. And it is a very different type of darkness in the depths of the ocean. Again, I know I've been 100

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feet in the darkness and the depths of the ocean. It's a very different terrifying darkness. Then Allah says on top of this are going to be waves on top of this is night. On top of this, there are sahab our scholars say, the ocean represents the depths of the darkness of the heart of the coffin. And the waves represent his own doubts of shirk and kufr. And the clouds represent the outer influences that are harming him, his evil friends, his society, the people around him, everything is dark, His heart is dark, and the ideas that he himself brings on to his heart is dark and the environment he's in his dark Voodoo mountune vowed to her folk about everything is layers of

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darkness. And then Allah says it is so dark if he were to put his hand out he would not be able to see it, or he would see it with great difficulty either arogya dahu lamiaceae and then Allah finishes the metaphor watermelon Yeah, jalila hula hoop neuron ferma, whom he knew or if Allah does not give you nor if Allah does not allow you to be guided to Islam, where will that light come from? If the nor of Allah through the Quran and the prophets of Allah why you sent him because Allah calls the Quran nor and he called

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The process also I'm not sure if that node is not bestowed upon you, where will you get newer from and if Allah azza wa jal has chosen that you remain in this darkness, the darkness of your heart, the darkness of your desires, the darkness of your doubt, the darkness of the society you have chosen, well then if Allah is not going to give to that light because you don't deserve it, because you want to be in the darkness, and this is a key point, anybody who wants guidance will find it. The one who doesn't want guidance, that is the one Allah will leave him to be to be astray. So Allah says, If Allah does not give you nor where will that know will come from We ask Allah subhana wa

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tada to be blessed with his Lord and to save us from the math and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow.

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What are the ganas who can say about ever in return on KGB shady illusion, or any of the work to be

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inward journey