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The Waiting Game – When will Allah help me

Ramadan 2016 Khatirah

June 21, 2016

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While he was talking he married, Pamela we are going through truly a beautiful, beautiful portion of the Quran in surah ambia. And one of the things that we learned from the sutra which is extremely extremely, extremely powerful Subhana Allah is that whether you're on the side of belief or whether you're on the side of disbelief, whether you are accepting the decree of Allah subhanaw taala or you are rejecting it. All of us have been created with a great sense of impatience. Last pelletize starts off the suitor with a thought, ah, but in sec Sabha home, we're home feels awful. It's in Meridian, that the day of judgment is coming closer and closer to people, but they are pushing

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further and further away with their heedlessness you have the believers on one side. And Allah subhana wa tada says, Mr. jannetty, Buster him in public, I'll hold that no one before you Oh, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was granted eternity. If you die, a emitter, if you pass away, are they going to live forever. So you have the people that are pushing away from the Hereafter, because they don't want to acknowledge that death will one day come to them. And the only thing that's certain in our lives his death, the only thing that we know that will come to us without a doubt, no matter what we do is death. And so they're pushing away for the reason that they don't

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want to face the consequences of not having prepared themselves for death. The believers, on the other hand, want to prepare themselves more and more and more and more, but at the end of the day, death will come to you when you don't expect it as the profit slice. And I'm sad that the you know, he threw two rocks, it is the lottosend on one time and another time he drew lines, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that this is insane. This is the human being this is his date of death. And these are his hopes, his ml his hopes always extend beyond the date of his death. So both the believers and the disbelievers will be shocked by death. Allah subhanho wa Taala has put us in a

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state where some of us are waiting for the help from a lots of come. And some of us are wondering when the punishment of Allah will come. So in the situation of the believers, there are so the messenger and the believers would be tested so intensely until they say matter nassarawa one is the help of Allah coming. On the other hand, the other side, this is in certain MBR What are they saying? yaku Luna mucha Haddad we're doing quantum saw the team, when is this promise of yours going to come if you are really truthful? So if the punishment of God's really going to come? Why hasn't it come yet? So what we see from this is a conclusion. Holy called in Santa Monica de las panatela

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said, we've all been created hasty, we all hate uncertainty. We all want to see what our future is going to be. And we all want a level of stability. And we all want to be confident as to what comes tomorrow. But at the end of the day, we don't even know if we'll be around tomorrow to see what we're planning for. And so Allah subhanaw taala puts us in this inevitable waiting game. And everyone is in this waiting game for different reasons. And so how to love there are two things that Allah concealed from each and every single one of the prophets, even the prophets themselves, who were receiving divine revelation from Allah subhana wa Tada. There are two things that Allah

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concealed from each and every single one of them. Number one, Allah did not tell any one of them when the Day of Judgment is, can you imagine 124,000 MBR. They're all calling to believe in the day of judgment and prepare yourself for the Day of Judgment. And not a single one of them knows when the Day of Judgment is even gibreel alayhis salam who was sent to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he will be the one who's endowed with strength, the one who is close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The communicator The one who mediates he does not know when the hour is so none of them know when the Day of Judgment is. So the point is not when the Day of Judgment is the point his

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mother adapt to the What have you prepared for it? If we all knew when the day of judgment was, then we'd all change ourselves. Right? All of us would act in a different way. Can you imagine if we receive news that the Day of Judgment is in two months, right, everyone's going to act in a certain way. And men is is very bothered by not knowing when the Day of Judgment is that's why we've had you know, 1989 the year 2000 2012. I don't know what the date is now that the world's going to end. But you always have the new date the new year. I remember some kind of love before the year 2000 came in. I actually remember the paranoia and I'm sure a lot of you do people going to you know I

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remember particularly going with one of our uncle's bless his heart to Walmart and getting these big old garbage cans and filling them up with water. We were literally preparing ourselves for the end of the world, you know, or this massive shutdown across

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All, you know all technology, right? We are so curious to know when the Day of Judgment is that will actually try to assign dates. And all of these dates come up empty and Allah subhanaw taala has concealed it, even from the most beloved to him. So no prophet knew when the Day of Judgment is, even though all of them at the core of their message was, believe in Allah, and prepare for your meeting with him in the last day. What's the second thing that no prophet knew? As it relates to time? Does anybody know?

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What did what what's the second thing?

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Death, their own death, so they didn't know their own death. But that's actually what well you can't say that not every prophet because Adam, it has surrounded, there's something else. No Prophet was told, when the Nasir of Allah would come to them when the help of Allah would come to them. It's panela. These men who are receiving divine revelation, who are being told that they are the greatest of all of Allah's creation, these men who are facing all sorts of odds and obstacles. Can you imagine how badly they wanted to know when a law would actually help them? I mean, new headache is set up, who averaged less than a Shahada every decade. Think about that, in 950 years new honey, his

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salon averaged a Shahada less than a Shahada per decade, every 10 years. Right. So it took him more than 10 years to get one person to accept his message. The misery that used to finding his salon was living in. I mean, he goes from one test to another, right, when is the help of a lot coming? Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is the death of Khadija not enough novel parliamo di two is the rejection of the people of Mecca. Not enough no now the people of Bara for rejecting you to Ibrahim Ali has set up moosari, his Salah, each one of these prophets, just when they think they're getting out of it, they're into the next episode and into the next trial. And somehow a lot in many of these

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situations, there's no silver lining, there is no wisdom that's being made apparent to them. And that's part of the test of Allah. That's part of the test of Allah. Allah knows how bad you want to know why this is happening to you, and when his help is coming to you. And that's precisely why he delays it. Because all of us have to learn to truly trust Allah subhanho wa Taala not just with his capability and that he has power over all over all things, not just that Allah Subhana horchata can work miracles in our lives and can solve all of our problems, but that Allah will solve our problems when they need to be solved. And that allows help will come to us when it's supposed to come, it

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will not come earlier or later than Allah Subhana which Allah has determined, and no one will know why. No one will know. That's part of the greatest test that we have because we have been created hasty, we always want to know when's the help of a lot coming both on a community level and on an individual level I'm in this major test and trial of my life is it finally coming you know you think that it's you think that the hub of the last coming and then your situation takes a turn for the worse? You say Subhana Allah the last 10 nights in the Muslim Ramadan I was making your up. I was in order for making drop, at least I think should have stayed the same. They got worse now. The next

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episode after the next episode after the next episode, it keeps on turning and turning and turning for the worse than a loss help cups. But we've been created hasty, and even the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to the Prophet slice Allah. And they are tortured, and persecuted, and they're tired. They're just tired. You know, look, it's very easy. It's exhausting will lie. It's exhausting. If you love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if you love the companions, it's almost exhausting to read about their torture, like, you know, the end of the Sierra but you're reading about and you're saying, Yeah, Allah. What was it? What was it like for

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them to be in this persecution? They were tired. And so all these sets of the prophets lie some was an attempt to do Donna. Aren't you going to make the effort to sponsor Lana? Aren't you going to ask Allah for his help? I mean isn't enough enough. And the prophets lie some tells them that you are too hasty, you're too hasty for the help of Allah subhana wa Tada. It will come. And as long as you know that, it will come stop worrying about when it will come. Just know that it will come and that should be enough to propel you. That should be enough to see you through your difficulties. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and use of it his use of it assumption He also spoke about this

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a few days ago, he saw the dream as a child. It starts with a dream. But there are loss of hundreds out of tell use of it Salaam when that dream would come true. When the prophets lie son was born, the light shone and it lit up the policies of Damascus.

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But was the timeframe given to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. None of them. No one received a timeframe. And that's where your Tilak could has to be strongest in our own personal lives. When Allah subhanaw taala is sending things our way. Our Tilak code has to be strongest as it relates to time. Don't be hasty. Don't be hasty. And don't sit there and try to overanalyze everything. And there are going to be things that happen in your life ilahe you will not see any silver lining. I mean, even the most optimistic person in the world can't spin this one in an optimistic way. There are going to be tests and trials that come to you in life like that where you're just like, what is

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this? But you tell me what the silver lining was for Ibrahim it has set up as he was stripped naked and being thrown into that fire. Where's the silver lining in that for Abraham it cetera? Why didn't Allah subhanaw taala just put the fire out in the first place instead of make it cool and peaceful on Ibrahim when he was thrown into it, the deploy Hema Islam even ask when Ibrahim alayhis salam is going through this entire depth of his this elaborate, beautiful methodology. The death of Ibrahim alayhis salaam is so strong, even kathira calls him off Sahil ambia the most eloquent of the prophets, his arguments are our you know, perfect. He's doing everything right. And so Pamela here

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he is being thrown into a fire by his own father and by his people. And the only person who believes in him other than his wife Sarah is low poly and ceram and he's not even here. His nephew who's in another city now. He is all alone. Does he ask Allah Yama? Did it really have to wait until I got thrown into a fire? That I really have to go through? Meeting you know, meeting these different tyrants? Did I really have to travel through the lamp? Do I really have to go through this with this man I finally caught a break with Howard's I'm married to I really have to leave them in the desert. Now. Why Allah? What's the silver lining of that? There is none. And that's why after a lot of

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pointing after our last pentatonic points to the hastiness of man, he gives us the example of Ibrahim it his Salah, because there is no man in history that had less of a silver lining, and literally every trial that was sent his way but expressed an unbreakable patience with Allah subhana wa ibra he never asks a lot when he's building the Kava in a barren desert. He doesn't ask a lot, you know, when are the people going to come? He makes do out for unabie he makes her out for a profit. A great profit to come from his from from his from his descendants. He doesn't put a timeframe on it and a lot of rewards him 1000s of years later with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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we are all the daughter of Abraham. We are all the Dr. Ibrahim it has set up. He put no time limit on Allah subhana wa tada because he understood Allah will work according to his time, not mine alone will work according to His plan, not my plan. And even if I can't see a silver lining in what's happening in my life, the only thing that's required of me is to do what Allah subhana wa tada is telling me to do. That's it. No one submitted like Ibrahim alayhis salaam, to the way things were playing out. And Subhana Allah I'll give you an example of a silver lining to end this panel that none of us no one of us would have been able to see if we were able to him it his setup. I asked you

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all if there's a silver lining to bohem it is that I'm being thrown into the fire, stripped and thrown into the fire and humiliated in that way and then Allah making the fire cool and peaceful and tranquil on Ibrahim it, no one would have been able to see it. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says the first person to be dressed on the Day of Judgment is about a mighty hustler.

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Oh, wait a minute, sir yarmulke, the first person to have his garment of Paradise brought to him on the day of judgment and to be dressed as a bloody mighty hustler. If you were to ask about him, he said I'm on the Day of Judgment. Was it worth it?

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Was it worth it? Do you think about him is not would say no, I still wish the fire would have been put out and I wouldn't have had to go go through that. No, because Ibrahim was focused on his Salaam on the on the only thing that's certain which is death, and the meeting with a loss of Hannah Montana. So do not become hasty and impatient with a loss of Hannah, what's the loss of Hannah Montana? Let Allah subhanho to Allah decree as he decrees and plan as he plans and only worry about how you're responding to his decree. Because Allah knows that those things those confusing trials are going to continue to come to our lives, whether it's in the loss of wealth, or in the loss of

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family or in the loss of reputation or in the law.

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of health, they will continue to come to us. And we're always going to be asking those questions and looking for that silver lining, and sometimes you won't be able to see it until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant us the firmness that is lost the sincerity and the habit that firmness to stay put to continue firm and to continue with the karma to continue on his path. When those tests hit us, we ask Allah subhana wa tada not to burden us beyond our scopes not to burden us beyond our capacities. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to add, that we are of the people that respond to the test of ease and the test of hardship in the way that he wants us to respond.

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And we ask Allah subhanho to Allah, to never make us amongst those who question his decree, but instead to make us amongst those who are pleased with his decree. Law Meanwhile, Salam or Samana Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salaam Alaikum