Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 11

Omar Suleiman
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All right, guys. Okay, so inshallah smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Juana and he will be he'll Manuela. So we're in just 12 and somehow allowed this is particularly beautiful, obviously because we get to scratch the surface with sort of use if we get to start with sort of use of in just 12.

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But before we do that, and cello tie just to recap, just 11 we finished with the end of October, we finished with sudah. Eunice, and we get into sort of hood. Sort of the Toba obviously, as we said, was completely Madani, and then it took us back to the end of Makkah. So everything here the surah is the sequence of sutras came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, to give him some perspective on what he was facing in Mecca, and to give the believers as well some perspective and obviously to serve as a warning to those that were turning the Prophet slicin them out and turning the and turning the believers out of Mecca

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and oppressing them. So this sort of this chapter has a lot of perspective and it comes with a lot but somehow I want to point out to you guys, just a couple of gems just to start with. If you look at surah Yunus, and you look at suta hood, and you look at surah Yusuf, all three of those sutras begin with an eye about the poor and so all three of those suitors begin with an eye about the poor and

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so we mentioned surah Yunus and if lamb raw tilaka I answered Kitab and Hakeem, the first verse of suta Yunus is that these are the verses of the wise book. So a lot alludes to the wisdom of the book, tilka adswood, Kitab al Hakim, in sort of hood, the next surah last penance Allah says Elif Lam Ra. And the last kind of Allah gives some more details into what exactly that hikma means. Kitab when are Kima IR to whom a full sila mean legend Hakeem and Javier. So it is a book whose whose verses were perfected, and then presented in detail from one who is wise and acquainted. So in Surah Yunus Allah alludes to the source, that the source of this book is wisdom that the verses are of

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wisdom, and sort of hood, the next surah Allah Subhana, which Allah talks about, how perfected the verses are, and then how they were presented as well in detail from one who is wise and acquainted. So Allah subhanaw taala alludes to his wisdom, and he alludes to the presentation the way that Allah subhana wa tada revealed the Book and then the next surah, which is Surah Yusuf Allah subhanaw taala says Elif Lam ra tilka ir Toad Kitab al mubin that these are the verses of the clear book. So I'm gonna say this again. All right, so reunidas Allah alludes to the wisdom, sutra to hood Allah subhanho wa Taala, alludes to the wisdom and the presentation, and then surah Yusuf Allah subhana wa

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Jalla focuses on the clarity the presentation of it. So it's interesting because you have a smooth transition point. And obviously all three of these Sooners also start off with Elif Lamarr. And there have been many, many, many attempts to try to understand the wisdom of Elif Nam ra in particular, or the mockup, there aren't the the disjointed letters in general, but somehow it's it's it's obviously there obviously, is a connection that all three of these sort of start off with the exact same disconnected letters. In Alif Lam or so there's a connection between the surahs in the way they start an explaining the poor and in in the tone that they

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Have in the time period that they were revealed. These were the most difficult moments of the prophets liasons life. Now we said about sort of hood in particular. All right sort of hood in particular, Rebecca syndical, the 11 who noticed that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had some gray hairs popping up all of a sudden. So he said, the eldest would have liked that SLR in a kiss shape. O Messenger of Allah, we've noticed that that that there is great hair that suddenly overcoming you and the prophets lie Selim such a Bethany hood, what a Hawa to her hood and its sisters gave me great hair. What about sudra hood in particular, they've been Ambassador a lot of

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time and who says the most difficult ayah that was ever revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Surah Hood was stuck in cannot omit woman turbonomic while a taco last panatela says so stay firm as you have been commanded. And those who have turned back with you as well, so you in the believer stay firm on the command of a loss of Hannah Montana, was taught to go and do not turn away Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is all aware of all that you do. So this was the most difficult I love it when I'm passively alone, and it says there was never an ayah that was revealed to the Prophet slicin. Um, that was more severe, okay, and more troubling to him than this particular verse,

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because this is a warning to the believers themselves. You see, there's a warning to those that are turning away the profit slice them and those that are turning away the believers and a warning of punishment to them. And this is a dominant theme and how Allah addresses them in this situation, because it's the last call to them. It's the last warning to them. But then there's the warning to the believers themselves to stay firm. So Allah subhanho wa Taala here is warning the prophets license a second come out almost you stay firm as you've been commanded, you're going to go through thought if you're going to go through the death of honey Joel de la, I've had the death of altana

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the persecution is only going to increase, stay put, stay firm as a law commanded you and those who have turned to Allah as well the repentance in the believers as well. So the threat or the the admonishing is to the believers themselves, that don't buckle to the pressure that you are now facing on the outside. So as Pamela, this I have been Ambassador Lila and who said out of all the art that made the prophets lie, some cry, we mentioned sort of denisa the verses that made the prophets liasons eyes well with tears, right, so the verse fakie fakie dogit and I'm including the omentum be shahida jitna began a hat without you shahida where Allah mentions him bringing the

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profits license as a witness upon all of the nations. But here the warning is to the profits by some and to the believers themselves. So this is the most difficult

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and of the most difficult surahs who what are the Sisters of who's on the profits licenses? Sega Bethany hood, what a whole lot to her, that who would turn my hair gray and it's sisters, the Sisters of Hoot and another Heidi, which is also authentic, the Prophet slicin absurd are a lot clearer and more solid. Another an attack will allow para students are more sellouts. Another attack week. Why? Because these four sutras are like pseudo hoot, okay, and that they detail the punishment and they detail the day of judgment and the scene

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on the Day of Judgment. That is a very traumatic scene. So the prophets lie. Some said these four sutras are the Sisters of who they are the heart, the Sisters of Surah Hood. So sudo hood is a difficult, difficult, difficult sutra on the Prophet slice of them and it contains the most difficult I have ever revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam why Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and this surah goes through the stories of many, many prophets, particularly the prophets whose nations were destroyed. So all of the prophets that Allah mentions in this surah and he mentions them in succession are prophets whose nations were destroyed. And of course, this was a

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warning to grace and the prophets lie some did not want to see his people in Mecca being destroyed. So who is the first nation? What's the first nation on earth? That was destroyed? Okay, you guys think about it. What's the first nation on Earth that was destroyed? Let me see if I can find it in the comments until I'm actually going to look at the comments the first nation, the first people that committed civic and the first nation that was actually destroyed. So anyone No,

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no, howdy Hislop. Very good so the people of know how to hisab so even though it's called pseudo hood, Noah is the first story the story of no honey, his slum, and particularly Allah subhanho wa Taala talking about the challenge of the people of New hottie his Salaam, to him to bring the punishment of Allah so before who does even spoken about know how to use the Dhamma spoken

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So Allah subhanaw taala in verses 25 to 35, he mentions the the address of no honey, he slammed his phone when he called upon them are my people. And he called upon them to worship Allah and to abandon the idols. And his people challenged him. They said, You know what, go ahead and bring the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah to add effect to the monetary Duna. Go ahead and bring it Stop, stop mocking stop telling us about the punishment of Allah. Just go ahead and tell a lot of punish us we're sick of hearing you.

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You know, come to us with your dad with your arguments with your proofs, just go ahead and bring the punishment of a loss of hundreds out upon them. So this is a very very similar situation to correct they mark the profit slice along with the punishment of a loss of Hannah Montana. And what is the last pentatonic command know how to use them to do he commanded him to build the ark. So the first details of Noah's Ark actually come in this surah the first details of Noah's Ark come in this surah between verses 36 and 39. Allah subhanaw taala commanding new honey Salaam to build that Safina and that Allah subhanaw taala would save the people that are with no hunting is solid and everyone else

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would be destroyed. Some of their intimate they said that the number of people on the Safina have no honey has Salam or equal to the number of believers that immigrated that migrated with the prophets license of Medina. So some of them actually said there's a parallel here. And there's somebody out there some narrations that could correlate that okay that the that the number of mannequins, the number of Muslims that went with the prophets lie Selim, in the heads that up to Medina that made Hitler with him are equal to the number of people that were with know how to his Salaam. So there's a very strong parallel here, that only those who are with the prophets lie Selim would be saved and

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everyone else would face you know the punishment of a loss of habitat in this situation so with no how to his Salaam, you find the command to build the ark you find new hottie histogram gathering the people in pseudo hood into the verses that come in the 40s no honey Islam gathering the people on his Ark. And you also see the dialogue between New hottie his Salaam and his son, which is the most painful part of this, that your own family refuses to come on board, your own family refuses to be saved. And this is a very, very difficult difficult situation for new honey salon. And it correlates to the most difficult loss to the profit slice on an after fidelity alone and how was doubleton it?

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So there's own uncle, his own family members. In fact, even the brother of Khadija will be a loved one who was fighting him and oppressing him his own uncle's you know, the profits license daughters were engaged to the two children of Abu lahab rxbar and Tabor and they both you know, I would not have commanded them both to divorce the daughters of the Prophet slicin number to break the engagement off with the rebellion on code film. So the profit slice on his own two son in laws right his uncle all of them are turning away from him it his auto set up, and he's appealing to a loss of Hannah Montana. He's appealing to Allah subhanaw taala for thought of what did he say to him? He

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said, Yeah, give me all my uncle, give me one word that I can argue on your behalf on the Day of Judgment with just give me that you know, in the law, and I can argue on your behalf on the Day of Judgment. So it was the most painful part with the profit slice of them. And here Allah mentions the dialogue between your highness Salaam and his own son when nobody is Salaam is calling his son and telling him to come forth. And his son says, We eat a javelin. Yasukuni minalima he says no, I'm going to instead I'm going to stick to a mountain that will protect me from the flood. So his son staying behind and the heart and the heartbreak of nor hiding his thumb when he pleased when he

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pleads with a loss of Hannah Montana, that in the evening and honey that my son is from my family, and a loss of Hannah Woods Allah telling knew how to use them that his son would be amongst those who would be destroyed. So there's a very close correlation to what the prophet slicin is facing that his own family members have chosen to turn back and refuse to come on board with him as he makes his his way to Medina as he escapes that persecution. And of course, the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala comes upon them. So Allah first mentions know how to his Salah, the first prophet to call people are the first prophet who dealt with a generation of sin, a generation of people,

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associating partners with Allah, nor helenius that I'm calling his people and the punishment of a lost parents are coming to them, including his own son. Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions who daddy is Salaam, who is Salaam, addressing his people, bringing them all sorts of proof, his people becoming aggressive with him. So from verse 50 to 60, you find who that is Solomon's Pamela it's almost like a set of like 10 or so per prophet. Who there is what I'm calling

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Upon his people and his people, you know of as being so arrogant, so how are so arrogant and the imagery is should not be lost here, no hiding his saddam son is standing on a mountaintop and telling his father that I'm going to stick here because it will save me from the flood. who God is Salam standing on a calf standing on a mountaintop calling his people and saying nothing is going to save you from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. So that the imagery should not be lost here of the son of Noah and who there it is Salaam with two opposing messages and of course, we find with who the only his Salah the punishment of a lot came to his people. So Allah mentions hood, he

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mentions the the rejection from the people and he mentions the punishment. Then Allah mentioned slaughter and hood and slaughter or ensure aid. These are the original Arabs these are the pre Abraham Arabs. Okay, so these are the original Arabs. So Allah mentions these prophets that are the original Otto and slaughter Heidi his Salaam addressing his people, and just like with who they are as salaam Sana finds rejection, Allah mentions the rejection, and alum mentions the punishment, then Allah subhanho wa Taala out of you know, if you continue onwards, I'm going to skip a section and I'll come back to it.

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I add the ayat between 69 and 77, which talks about why humani salaam I want to come back to it. Okay. So the theme goes from hood, then it goes to slaughter. Then in verse 77, to 83 it goes to look at his love for Allah His salon calling his people to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and and warning his people loads people becoming aggressive with him, Allah subhanaw taala mentioning their disbelief, and Allah mentions the punishment of the people literally his Salah. And then Allah mentions from verse 80, for sure a buddy has set up calling his people sure as sure as people rejected him and Allah mentions the consequences. And finally, Allah mentions for them. Okay, so

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look, Allah is mentioning some how all these prophets and just quickly giving us a snippet of the call the response, the punishment, the call the response, the punishments, and with fit around very short ions, again about 11 as the call to fit around, the rejection of fit around the punishment to fit out. And so these are the the the evil people that are mentioned in succession here, right, and the way that they rejected and they turned away, there is a lot of correlation here with Fidel and in particular, Abu Jahan is like for the island. So Abu Jahan is the equivalent of Fidel in this home other prophets lie some culton, the Pharaoh of this oma and some how to love Just like with

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fear own, who would be the first to be humiliated and destroyed by the drowning by the Red Seas coming upon him, right and coming upon his army of Buddha who would die in the first bunch and the first batch that would come after the prophets lie some of the believers in the Battle of better so abou Jehan would be humiliated and disgraced in the same way that fit our own was. And so he is, of course, the one who's organizing the boycott, the one who's really really carrying out oppression at the highest level to the profit slice on them. So throughout sort of hood, again, there is a profit that's mentioned, there is the rejection. And then there is the and then there is the, you know, the

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punishment that comes from Allah subhanaw taala. The only bush law, the only glad tidings that's given in this entire surah and it's and it's beautiful because it ties into the next surah is from verse 69 to 76 or 77, where a loss of Hannah Montana says well, through Susana Ibrahima, Bill Bush, Surah carlu salam and Carlos de Rahman. So last time I mentioned the angels going to the house of the law, Hey, my name is Sam and sada. And giving him the glad tidings of who, of his Haqqani his center, right? They were on their way to destroy the people who are mentioned in the next section here. But on the way to destroy the people of loot, they met Abraham they met Ibrahim or Islam and

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sorrow, and they gave Ibrahim alayhis salam and Salah, the glad tidings of who they gave them the glad tidings of his hack. And also Yahoo. So Allah mentions one Murata to Hoopa imagine, for dakila for lucky cuts, that his wife Salah was standing, and she left whenever the glide tidings came to him or his salon. She laughed hysterically. And she says, For the showrunner her be his hacker woman, what is hopper Yaqub we gave her the glide tidings of his hack, and after his hack iacob we gave it to him and saw the glad tidings of Abraham and of Jacob, and the next surah is now Jacob and his son iacob and use

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So somehow the only bushel that we find in this entire,

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this entire surah

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is the bush the glide tiding. of of jacoba. It is Salam and iacobelli Islam is a heavy subject matter in the next sutra, which is about his son use of it his Salaam. So we then go into surah Yusuf surah Yusuf, okay. And how do we connect Yunus hood and Yusuf Yunus Allah His salam, he became frustrated with his people and he loved his people. And his people came back to a loss of Connaughton. So unison he said, I've left his people and his people came back to Allah subhana wa tada who died in his Salaam. He stayed with his people, but his people never came back to a loss of Hannah Montana use of it his Salah was abandoned by his family, yet use of it his Salaam rose to

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power and his people also repented. So basically with Eunice la Salaam, you know, you find that Eunice Isilon gave up but the people ended up repenting with who the only Salaam who'd stayed course. But the people were destroyed with the use of As salam Yusuf alayhi salam, he did not leave voluntarily in any way use of Islam was abandoned, but use of ideas saddam would rise and his family and his people would come as well. So it's a success story on both fronts, when it comes to use of it his setup. So there is a beautiful connection between these three things between these three names and the succession of the surah Yusuf Ali Hassan also includes the very, very sensitive

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elements of family rejection from family is the most difficult form of rejection. Yunus did not have to face rejection from his family, who did not have to face rejection from his family. So So what we see with with use of honey is Salam is the rejection of family. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life parallels the life of use of it, his setup. So use of story is given to us in one shots, which is unlike any of the other stories, so panela every other story, you find that,

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that the stories are in different parts on the last printout of highlights different aspects of that story, so that you could take the lesson that fits that particular surah. So the theme of that surah is what's going to dictate what elements of the prophetic story you're going to hear in that particular Surah Surah Yusuf is the entire story of use of it Hassan. Why because the story of the prophets lie Selim parallels the story of use of it his Salaam Yusuf was the most beloved of his people. The profits by some was the most beloved of his people use of was abandoned due to jealousy by his brothers due to envy by his brothers. So they threw him into the well, because of their envy

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for him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was rejected by his family members and by his tribesmen, and by the people that loved him and admired him because he was not from their tribe and his own family members abandoned him as well. So the Prophet slicin was abandoned, just like use of high Islam was abandoned. The prophets lie Selim lived in a prison in the boycott in the era of the boycott, just like use of it his salon went through an era of prison, literal prison, the Prophet slicin and would be accepted by a people that would love him and recognize his value just like use of it Islam would be taken in by a people that would love him and recognize his value, the profits

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licen would rise to power and come back to the land of the people that abandoned him. And the people that abandoned him would submit themselves to him the same way that use of it Islam would rise to power, and the same people that abandoned him, would now submit themselves to him. So the slander that use of Iceland's faced is the slander of the profits license, there's so many things, but the point is, the story of use of his salon parallels the story of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so it came down in one shot to the Prophet sly Southern. And what year was it revealed? It was revealed in a Hammond huizen it was revealed in the year of grief. And so that's why the scholars

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say it's so not to recite, so they use it in prison and depression and grief, because it was revealed to the Prophet slicin them in the year of grief. So it's it's an entire sutra, and you can find the parallels yaku already has set up. While I mentioned the only bush loss of how long they only glide tidings and sort of hood was in his heart in yahoo. jacoba is Salaam telling his son tuck so so yakka why Tikka ki do like a Qaeda. Don't tell your brothers about your dream because they will plot against you. They'll be jealous of the position that Allah gave you and they will plot against you. And what it Abuja him say to about bedroom passion, what it will generate from

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Burma zoom, say about bento Hashem and the prophet SAW Selim. He told us no signature, aka Abu sufian. Of course, we know he's a prophet. Of course we know that the revelation is true. He says, But think about this with betul Hashem.

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We can compete with bento Hashem, and feed and feeding the pilgrims, we can compete with them and hospitality. We can compete with them and everything. But where are we going to get a profit from? Where are we going to get a profit from. So if we acknowledge that Hashem has a profit, then they're going to be above us, they will naturally be at an elevated status and we will be disadvantaged. So you find this the same concept with the profit slice and the reason why he'll face rejection, you also find that no one had more to how will injera which means a switching of fortune and fate, like use of it his setup, so use of it his salon, went through hard times, he went through the best times

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he was a prisoner, a slave, a king, he was the most beloved son he was the abandoned son. Likewise, the prophets lie some experienced every form of honor, slander, wealth, poverty, love, hate the profits by some experienced extreme enmity, and extreme adoration. And just like use of it histogram, the prophets lie some maintains a course of ersan a course of excellence, also the enemies that Allah subhanaw taala will mentioned to us. In surah Yusuf last pants I mentioned the brothers fall apart, you know, men home laptop or to use. One brother said, Let's not kill use of honey, his setup, while goofy rabbits in job, and instead put them into the well and so on, so

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forth. So one brother was not as evil as the other brothers. And so with the prophets lie Selim, the prophets lie some also recognized in the Battle of bedded that not all of the enemies are the same, that there are some people that are out there because they were forced by peer pressure. There are some people that don't want to kill, they do want to fight, but they don't want to kill. Some people are hoping to take us as prisoners, but they don't want to massacre us. Some people want to massacre us and celebrate over our dead bodies. So prophets lie some recognizes that everyone is different, in the Battle of bed that they are not all the same. So a lot of mentions use of it his Salaam, the

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beloved Son, when he has the dream, the sign of Revelation, the sign of prominence, and the reaction that came as a result of that, when the prophets I some of them received revelation, the people of Mecca were not happy, they did not think to themselves, that this is a glad tidings for us that a lot chose one of our own, chose someone from our city and our people to be the greatest of all of all of his creation, and to receive this revelation. Instead, they responded with with hatred, they responded with driving him out. And the prophets lie some did not expect that, just like use of it, Islam would not have expected as the beloved Son, that his people that his own family members would

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abandon him, the Prophet slicin and when walk up nanofilm told him that I wish I could be with you. When the people turn you away. When the people run you out and drive you out the profits license says lm oferuje, are they really going to turn me out? Are they really going to do that to me, use of eisah would not have expected that and the prophets lie some did not expect such an evil response from his people. Allah subhanaw taala mentions the sadness of jacoba his salon, the false plot and the lies of the brothers of use of it his Salaam and there's a parallel here as well. That the brothers of use of Islam they brought, they brought forth the shirt of use of it is covered in

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blood. To say that use of it this Salaam was eaten by a wolf, Allah subhanaw taala caused the the pact that the contract of the boycott that they made against Boko Haram against the prophets I send them and boycotted the prophets, I saw them as a result, and they hung it in the cab a lot caused it to be eaten and devoured. So a loss of kind of its added there's an equivalent there as well with the shirt of use of ice lamb the plot of the brothers of uses and the plot of the brothers of the prophets lie Selim in the broader sense when they when they boycotted the profit slice them and abandoned him and they put him in that difficult situation. A lot also mentioned with use of hiding

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his salon shadow will be feminine boxing, the raw human eye Dude, that when you surf was captured by the people that the one who gave you surprise selam away and the one who bought him that use of it his Salaam they did not realize his value, right as they were getting rid of him. And likewise the people of Mecca did not realize the value of the prophets lie Selim as they were driving him out. The value of this man, a shuffle Hulk Allah, the Most Noble of a last creation, and a lot of mentions use of it his Salaam in prison in verse 33, and on use of it is that I'm called out to Allah

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Hannah Montana, or I'm sorry, when you suffer Islam was slandered and he was in a situation where he could commit Zina where he could give up on his ethics and his principles and and give into. The wife of Al Aziz Yusuf Ali Hassan decided to stay firm on his ethics on his principles. And he said, a signal

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that you know what our law, prison is more beloved to me, than to do something that's displeasing to you. So I would rather go to prison, and live the rest, live the rest of my life rotting in a prison cell, then do something displeasing to you by committing adultery with this woman, so I'm not going to compromise the prophets license as well. What did he say? He said that, you know, even if they were to put the sun in my right hand, or the moon in my left or in a more in a stronger narration to give me a flame from the sun, I would not renounce this message, I'm going to stay put, I'm going to stay firm, no matter what. And he says to Allah on the day of five on the day of his most difficult

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life, I'm sorry, on the most difficult day of his life. He said in Aamir Khan because Allah when Allah aflw Valley, as long as this hardship of Allah is not a manifestation of your anger upon me, then I am willing to stay course. Okay. I am willing to stay the course. So you see that with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you see that with use of it is Salah, and they face the hardship. And so Pamela, the Wait, you know where this journey actually ends, okay, it's so beautiful. It's so powerful. So analyze verse 52. And in verse 52, and sudo uses a loss of Hannah Montana is mentioning the realization of the wife, as well as as the wife of an Aziz coming to her

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senses as a result of what she had done. And so it's almost a science of how to love that the people of Mecca will come to their senses. Allah did not mention the glory of use of it salami as the turning point in the life of use, and that's in the next years. But the wife of Aziz coming to her senses, realizing what she did in the NASA Martin bisou Verily, the self commands evil on that orbital vehicle Neff see that I'm guilty, admitting her own guilt and what she did with use of it, his Salaam and so on, so forth. So the people of Mecca would one day wake up to their senses and they'd come to the realization of what they did to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so this is just

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12 and inshallah Tana tomorrow with just 13 will do the second half of surah Yusuf and go into the rest of just 13 that will heighten I want to ask you guys notice there's a fall off okay, there's a lot of people started off strong, but then you start missing videos and you start missing here and there you start missing some sessions even if you miss the live session, make sure that you watch each and every single video and shot what's on make sure that you follow and you actually take notes and read the just for yourself and write your own reflections and shot let's add that will make to dub book and introspection and reflecting on far easy, easier for you and shout out to Allah and

00:33:11 --> 00:33:39

hopefully more meaningful for you as you finish your Hitman as well. If you're having troubles with your fitment with your fitness, the recitation finishing the recitation throughout the month of Ramadan, catch up, don't fall off in sha Allah. Keep moving forward. Keep trying to keep pace if you missed one day, don't miss the next day. So keep it up and cha cha cha. I'll see you guys tomorrow. zachman la Hayden's poco Chateau La la la la look at why to Lakers

Quran 30 For 30 – Day 11 – Hud & Yusuf

June 16, 2016

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