Simple Miracles of Quran – Part 2

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Leicester, Light upon Light 2020

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The importance of learning the Quran and its use in various fields, including physics, biology, and politics is emphasized. Personal growth and success are also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice good behavior and protect equipment, while also discussing the benefits of a focus on the Prophet's teachings and the importance of finding the right person to ask questions. The success of Islam is highlighted as a reminder to achieve contentment and a whole new way of doing things.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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salaam aleikum. Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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smilla evil hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his companions, his household, every one of us. May Allah bless us all, grant us goodness in this world and the next. I mean, my brothers and sisters, I just proved to you that if the speaker is energetic, everyone automatically becomes energetic. When I said Salaam the first time the response was okay. But when I said it again the second time the response was ma much better. Do you agree?

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It was much better Do you agree? Again?

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala, bless every one of us.

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Yes, indeed, we have been blessed and the blessings of plenty, Mashallah the Almighty has given us beyond measure what

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that would do.

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If you were to try and count the favors of Allah upon you, my brothers, my sisters, you would not be able to count them all the favors of the Almighty no matter what challenges you've been through in your lives, he has favored you, he has blessed you, he has given you some unique blessings, you need to search if there is anyone amongst us who thinks that he or she has been let down by Allah subhanho wa Taala, you need to look into yourself again, and think again. He may have not given you what you want, but he has definitely favored you, my brothers, my sisters in a unique way. Everyone has a gift. And that gift is unique to you. tailor made to prepare you for certain things, and

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ultimately to prepare you for paradise. And this is why when you go through challenges in this life, you may never realize why you're going through them. But when you see the paradise in the Hereafter, you will then come to know No wonder I was tested one after the other.

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My brothers and sisters if I were to ask you what is the greatest gift you have? What would you say please tell me? I want to hear the answers.

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Say it again.

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One says he man say something else. Islam say something else.

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Love Did someone say love Mashallah love of Allah. I hope it's not haram right? Okay. What else?

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No love is so blinding that some people actually convinced themselves that it's actually permissible because she makes me laugh.

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Yeah, I haven't missed a budget since I've known her. But how many times did you commit adultery stole from Allah forgive us. Now Allah strengthen us. That's reality. shapen comes in to make you use these cheap excuses to keep you going on haram based on the fact that he's spicing it with something that may be technically halon. Just come down, relax. Yes, something else to say.

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Say it again. Health life. One lady, we could go on all night. The greatest failure we have is the fact that we are part of the womb of Muhammad, Salah, Salah Shiva know that taala. So it includes the Eman it includes the deen, it includes the Islam, it includes the worship of Allah alone, for indeed that worship of your maker alone is something amazing. You can never ever understand its value unless you've actually studied it carefully and you believe in it firmly, then you know its value. I've seen people who revert to Islam. They come to Islam. Most of them become stronger than those who are born in the deen. One of the reasons is, when you're born in the deen, you don't

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appreciate the favors of Allah. You haven't seen the darkness to that degree. And so you start questioning and thinking, why am I not enjoying? Why can I not do what these people are doing and so on and so forth. And so it makes you weak.

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But when a person has come having seen everything there was to see in terms of darkness, he or she appreciates the light.

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So Panama, when you're in a room that's very, very light.

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You don't appreciate that light. But when the light has been turned on, it becomes so dazzling that you need to blink your eyes for a while, shine them a little bit in order to see what's around you, right? It happens. May Allah grant us blessings

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These are the favors of Allah. And if if the biggest favor is the fact that you're part of the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Who was he? question right, Who was he? Please tell me

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Rasul of Allah correct the Messenger of Allah.

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Allah means sent as a mercy to everything and everyone, what else?

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The best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala the messenger or Sufi means the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, what if he was a missing German? What is a messenger? If I were to tell you this is a messenger of so and so, what did they bring? What did they come with?

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What did they come with a message, a messenger can only have come with a message, that message is such that the value is unmatched. If the best of creation was called a messenger, then you need to know that the message he brought is the biggest, the greatest, the most powerful, the most important message there is in existence.

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here tonight, we are predominantly Muslim, perhaps we have some of our brothers and sisters who may not be Muslim yet. I tell you what, my brothers and sisters, for me as a Muslim, the question I always ask myself is, how connected Am I to the most powerful word in existence?

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That's what I want you to ask yourself on a daily basis? How connected are you to the word of Allah? Today, if I were to ask you, how many of you have read the meanings of the entire or on from cover to cover at least once in your lives? in a language that you understand it? And you've understood it? How many please put up your hands as high as you can? Let's see.

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1-234-567-8910 1112 1314 1516 1718 18 out of 1500

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you feel that? Sorry, I didn't count the sister sitting up there. Let's consider all of them having read it. So that's about 200 there and maybe another 200 day, okay, Mashallah, still, we can do better. You follow what I'm saying? You know, the biggest favor, is the fact that we are the owner of the Quran, and you've never tried to understand the Quran. Someone might tell you, you know what, I can recite the Quran, I know you can. It's very important. It's very important to correct your recitation as well. You get to reward for every letter, we are not denying that and we will never,

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but you will never achieve the contentment you're searching for. Unless you've understood what your maker is telling you why you are here, where you're going, and what you're supposed to be doing while you're here. where you came from as well.

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How can we say, No, I didn't have the time. If I were to ask you, how many of you have passed through the universities? Most of us would put our hands up? How many books did you study then you would say, I don't know the finger. I just read so many books, many of us are into other books, or audibles, whatever else today, you can get the Quran in an audible while you're driving while you're doing something you can listen to the to the translation, the meaning the explanation of the Quran, you can hear lessons from those who are reliable those whom you trust.

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An effort to look deeply into the verses of the Quran, will they not do that? Or are there seals on their hearts? We don't want to be from among those whose hearts are sealed. Make an effort to learn the word make an effort to be able to read it, yes. pronounce it, yes.

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recite it, yes, even if it is bit by bit, even if it is, verse by verse.

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But remember something, it is also your duty to try and understand it. I would never forgive myself for having died without having gone through the most important message they ever is in existence. And that is the Quran. I know of non Muslims who've read it cover to cover their lives have changed. Many of them have turned to the dean, like I said, in a way far stronger than us who are born Muslim. And here we are. We think it's more important to read about physics and geography and

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Whatever else in biology, yes, that may be very important, but it cannot be compared to the word of Allah. Come on Subhana Allah.

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I promise you if you knew there was an examination for your subject at school or college university, you would study like crazy. Make sure you know the entire book. Make a little study group and you would learn we have done it. We've never done it for the Quran. No wonder we don't have contentment

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alladhina moto Moto, Toma in no boo boo busy karela

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Alameda County law he Tacoma.

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Those who believe they achieved contentment and comfort of the soul of the heart, through the remembrance of Allah, primarily the Quran. It is only through the remembrance of Allah, that the hearts will achieve that contentment. No wonder why we're not content. No wonder why I promise you if you were to look within yourselves right now, things that make you temporarily happy, we have a lot of that. If you for some reason have the latest of anything so panela the latest of anything temporarily, you're excited. You're happy. Why? Because it is the latest, the word late test is such that when you within a short period of time, it's no longer than latest. You agree no matter what

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you have, whether it is a watch, or a phone, or a car, or a house or technology or a perfume or a piece of clothing, or no matter what a style, a trend. If you have the late test, trust me, it expires very, very shortly within a short space of time but when it comes to Allah when it comes to the deen of Allah subhana wa Taala we have not made an effort enough.

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And that's why we don't realize these temporary items will give you a moment of happiness after which you realize you know what, but I don't have that internal joy. I don't have that internal comfort. Allah says one of the miracles of the Quran. It has the ability to cure you.

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It has the ability to soothe you. Yeah, I you.

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Allah describes the

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full descriptions, this verse, Allah says, Oh people,

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reminder has come to you from your Lord. He's speaking about the Quran. This is a miracle. Allah says it is a reminder, it has enough good news it has indeed warnings it has in it prophecies it has in it. Whatever has happened in the past whatever Allah wanted you to know. It has in it rules and regulations. Allah says more Eva, those rules and regulations. If you were to follow them, you would definitely achieve contentment but Allah says you know what? The Quran from every aspect of it, it has in it solutions to your problems from all aspects. The recital will solve a lot of problems. The effort you will put to learn will solve a lot of problems. The learning of him will put a lot of

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prompt problems addressed solving.

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The meaning of it will solve even more problems. Teaching will solve even more problems.

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Showing importance to it will solve many problems encouraging others will solve even more problems. SubhanAllah but try it out.

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Wow. When I was young, my mother told me something. And I won't forget, I was becoming a happy young people come they say oh or their parents say my son is becoming a half of my daughter's becoming a half ILA. Please give them some good words of advice. You know what I tell them, don't give up. Keep going. recite the Quran learn it, every aspect of it. Allah elevates your status. In Allah Allah alpha will be higher than kitabi acquirement while bar will be a hurry, Allah raises through the Quran certain people and drops others. So who does he raise those who give importance to it, those who respect it, you have a pile of books, the Quran should go in and talk remember that you have a

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pile of books, right? There's nothing that can go on top of the Quran. You shouldn't put it at the top no matter what people say. Put it in the top. It is your love for the word of Allah, the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala that He has given us His Word in imagined. He put it at the top. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us an understanding. You gave it importance in every way you made an effort you learned, you put into practice. Allah raises your status, but we

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You know what the Quran says? And you didn't practice bad news, when, for example, you don't want to know what it says even worse news, when you're not interested, even worse news, when you bless him for you asking for trouble. You know, we see people doing things with the Quran, they want to burn it, they want to do this, they want to do that. You know what, it's a last word.

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He will take care of it. If he wants, he can guide the same people to the deen of Allah. I know people who have done things like that and some even worse than that. And later on Allah guide them to the deal. And they came into Islam crying and weeping, regretting their actions that was Allah's way of bringing them through. So Panama. But when we react like hooligans, what happens? We forget that the Lord of that book is Allah, it is His Word. And give you an example of

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the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Abdullah Ali.

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You know, when abraha, who was the king in Yemen at the time, he had created or founded a little worshiping house there, and he wanted people to come from all over to that house.

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And people told him, Well, no one's gonna come here because there's another house in Makkah.

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He thought like the typical businessman in Leicester. Don't say that. But typical. You have a restaurant, a brother opens a restaurant in front and you're thinking all day, how can I do them down? Right? Be happy. Have you been to the Middle East? Subhana Allah, where they have one phone shop and 20 others right next door, and they're all excited, right? Because they call it the mobile phone mall. Get a gash, have you heard it? Right? You've heard it. May Allah grant us ease. See, some of you are smiling because you know,

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I see you into technology.

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So they would get excited and happy we get upset, but sustenance is in the hands of Allah work hard. Drop your prices, learn to compete a little bit, but be very polite, very, very impressive in your behavior in your character. And Allah will bless you. So this man was so jealous. He could not stomach the fact that kilometers away very far away. There is another house that everyone's going to we're going to destroy it. We're going to fix them. We're going to show them typical, isn't it? Typical, isn't it?

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too shy to say Yeah.

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Duty. Allah grant us ease. No, no, obviously, that's on a lighter note. On a more serious note, this man arrives with his elephant. It's called elfi. When I was young, I thought there were many, many elephants. Until I learned later on it was one big elephant. It's called Lv, right. And V, V elephant, one big elephant. So Abra comes with the army. And this elephant was something that never ever seen before. So as they're going, he started, you know, Thailand, taking people's things away. So he decided I'm going to take this away that way. In the interim, he took away the cameras of the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad wa salam. And so he was showing his power because he was one of

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the leaders of Makkah, his camels were gone. You know what, when he got an opportunity to go back to collect those camels, listen to something that he said. And this is powerful. The reason I say this is, you know, someone tries to attack or bless him that which belongs to Allah. Yes, we will try our best to defend it in a humane way. But we don't become hooligans and claim we're defending because now that's hooliganism. May Allah grant us ease. I'm not saying don't defend, we defend the honor of the prophets, Allah seldom we defend whatever we can and however we, you know, we are taught to, but not in a way that makes us look so bad and cheap. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. So he

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comes to Abraham, and he says, I need my camels. So Abra is mocking them saying, I'm about to destroy this house. I'm about to destroy the whole cabin. You're not worried about that. You worried about your camels when I destroy the car, but your economy is gone? because no one's gonna come here anymore. But you know what? You're worried about your camels, camels is minor. Do you know what this man says?

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As for the camels, they are mine.

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These camels they belong to me. So I'm coming to you asking for them asking for them. What is the Beatty of boon? Yeah, me.

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As for that house, it has its owner who will take care of it. I'm the owner of the cameras. And I'm the owner of the cameras. I came to you to say please give me back my cameras. You want to find that house? I'm out of the scene here because you know what that house has the Lord has an owner who's going to look after it. He's going to make sure he will deal with this thing here.

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Think about that.

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You know what? The man was destroyed to smithereens and his elephant was gone. Allah says to prove the miracle, we will

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Use the smallest creatures with the smallest pebbles from a height to destroy the biggest animal that has come to this place. So, Allah called in by Ian about being a certain type of a swallow with a small pebble from a height dropped, pieces were made, pieces were made of the men and whatever else was there destroyed? Look, what about our limited meaning. Today, what did he say and what happened? I promise you when someone tries to, you know, mess with the word of Allah, it will hurt us, we should try our best to say something to do something in a positive way to be able to protect and guide and to be able to, you know, remind people of what's right and wrong. Ultimately, it's

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Allah if Allah once you will guide that person or if Allah once we will destroy them when

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they are luevano worked out. He was planning something far worse. far worse. What was it you wanted to go out to kill the Prophet peace be upon him? In a few moments, guess what happened? He became a Muslim few moments. He became a Muslim that was Allah, the miracle of the word, the Quran, that's the miracle.

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You know, when I saw the topic, miracles of the Quran, I was thinking to myself, when you're talking to the general public, you cannot get into heavy details, we would need a whole you know, PowerPoint presentation about miracles of the Quran. But we all should be understanding basic miracles. Basically miracles I tell you.

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Naja, she read a few verses of the Quran. In fact, they were read to him by Jaffa been up in Parliament, the group of Sahaba, who had come to Abba senior in the first one, he started crying, his tears roll down his cheeks when he realized this is actually the truth. Omar will have

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the mountain who was going out to kill the Prophet peace be upon him. He he read a few verses of Surah Taha at the house of his sister, it changed his entire life, his heart softened and it became such that he turned to Allah forever and ever, such that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says if Omar was walking on a certain path shape man would never take the same path. So Allah, that's how powerful he became. I want to ask you a question to show you that you know what, we are guilty my brothers and sisters. They were people who are non Muslim who read one or two verses five verses, their lives changed.

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We read the whole Quran. We call it an atom, don't we? One cut them to cut them. Mostly it's ceremonial. In what ceremonial means. I just did it because I had to complete it and it was done it 500 times I didn't tell my brother did your life change. If you never did that happen but your life changed with five verses of the Quran. Talk to me. So panela you have something to tell you have a story. You have an inspiration, but if you read them off the handle, but you're still lying, cheating, deceiving, adultery, pornography, immorality, whatever else, trust me you achieve zero, nothing.

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That biting hurting people abusing the F's and the BS Rs.

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blurted out like you can't believe I was speaking a few days ago. And I think you know what, sometimes people use so many swear words that they don't realize they using swear words. It's part of greeting the greeting when they want to say how are you they've already said the F word four times in that sentence, how it fitted in, ask some of the young ones. May Allah forgive us. It's a reality. And we claim to be Muslim in blah, blah, blah. And on the other hand, look at the words coming out. This is why I say one of the miracles of the Quran. When you have it truly in your heart. It doesn't mix with other things that are immoral and things that are in transgression of

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If you find yourself inclining towards that which is terrible, it's because in your heart, you haven't filled it with the word of Allah, your your connection to the word of Allah is not that much. You can do better and so can I may Allah strengthen all of us. I mean, let's listen to this. My brothers and sisters I was telling you, when I was young, my mother told me that you know what? You serve the Quran and Allah subhanho wa Taala will definitely bless you strengthen you. I remember people used to come to me and say, learning upon you becoming happy, what do you want to become after that? And I used to say, I want to become an ophthalmologist. You better not becoming a mum.

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You know that because you know how much they earn nothing.

00:24:44--> 00:24:49

Nothing What does any mom earn? Can someone tell me here in pounds? The imam of the masjid. What does he earn? How much?

00:24:51--> 00:24:51

How much?

00:24:53--> 00:25:00

You don't even know that's how insignificant it is. You know that you don't even know if that Imam had 200,000

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1000 pounds a year, we would all know and we would all want to be moms people would want to be moms, but we pay them nothing. And you know what, they work hard when you bought, they were there when you die, they were there throughout your life, you harm them. That's it, you harm them, you talk bad about them, and so on. When I say you, I'm talking of generally not necessarily those sitting in front of me, right.

00:25:22--> 00:26:01

But that needs to change. And I was convinced at the time that yeah, if you become an Imam, perhaps you know, you might struggle in your life Subhana Allah. And so I decided I wanted to become an ophthalmologist. Everything was in order, but Allah intended something else. One thing I had was working very hard with the Quran, the Quran, you read it, Allah will open the doors, there was an elderly man, one day when I was 14 years old, I led salata, tarawih at the masjid, in Harare. And when old man took me to the back where he was sitting with a teacup, and he gave me $1 that time $1 was like, you know, more than a pound, I think, perhaps more than the value of the pound today, at

00:26:01--> 00:26:15

least what you can buy with a pound today and what we could buy with the dollar at the time, Oh, don't even compare. And he says, Son, work hard on the Koran. You know, it's like a knife. That was his example. And I'm making Quran like a knife. Wow.

00:26:16--> 00:26:58

But then he says, the more you read it, the more you sharpen it, once it's sharp, you can slice anything. It took me a while to understand what he was trying to say. I would have worded it differently, especially today. The minute you say the Quran is like a knife because the CCI told you they're all terrorists. Allah forgive us. But that's not what he meant. What he meant was, you know what, if you read the Quran, it will open your doors. And it does when you give importance to the book of Allah, I promise you try out this. It's a miracle of the Quran commence every day with the recitation of the Quran, even if it is one verse, your life will change. If it doesn't trust me, you

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can get back to me and tell me you were telling a lie. There is nobody that says I commenced my day with the Quran every day. Please don't just do it for four days. And for me, my life still hasn't changed.

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So Panama The last time I did this, someone said this a Freemason sign? My brothers and sisters, look, I tell you, when we were growing up, there were so many things that we said and did. We don't even know what's what for me. It's a phone telephone. Hello. That's that's what we used to say. So don't come and tell me this and that I really don't know. You know, a few days ago, two days ago, I was actually talking perhaps in a speech and I put two fingers because they say if you put one it's another problem, right? I don't even know I really don't have a clue. I don't follow the signs and who makes them and who doesn't? They say this means that the devil or whatever, to me, it's my

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fingers. Thank you. I just tried to make a sign soon. They will tell you this actually means something else. What are you going to do? chop it off? You know? May Allah grant us ease. We don't know those signs. We don't follow them. So don't come and blame me and say yeah, this guy belongs to a cult. What coat?

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Allah forgive us. So I did the signs yesterday, I put that picture up on Instagram. You know why? I just wanted to interact with the brothers and sisters and see what they see. I said, caption this. Oh, you need to go and see what they said. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. Allah grant us is very interesting, very good. But what I was saying so panela was the fact that when we are connected to the Quran, we would actually achieve a lot It's a miracle, the word of Allah. Allah describes it with four things, four things Subhan Allah, He says more ever to become we've sent you a reminder from your Lord, where she found on Lima sudo cure in it there is a cure for what is in the heart. I

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promise you your contentment, your physical sickness, your spiritual sickness, that cure of it is in the Quran. Listen to it replace the other melodies and tunes with the will of Allah find the reciter you like can I ask you a question? If you're ready to answer loudly Don't be shy. Okay. Who is your favorite recital? Call out some names. Let's hear them.

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missionary Who else?

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comedy Who else?

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Okay, who else?

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So many do you know that? You hear so many names? We all have favorite recitals who say oh wow what a lovely recital. How beautiful is it is how lovely is rather than Cody. Oh how amazing is saddled? How many people here right? Some people like Shut up. Sorry some admin Shall we and so on. You know what this is a gift of Allah. It's a miracle of the Quran. Each tune the same Quran the same words the same pronunciations, but just the tune of it would suit the different temperaments of each human being. In the same house. You have father, mother, and so many others, perhaps each one would have a different favorite recital. There's nothing wrong in having a favorite decider. It's a miracle of

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the Quran, but sometimes we replace it with other tools.

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Subhan Allah, I had a brother who told me I was into heavy metal. You know what's heavy metal? What's heavy metal?

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Heavy Metal. Initially when I heard the word heavy metal, honestly, I didn't know what it meant. I was quite innocent. I thought he must be wearing armor, you know, one 13th century armor and must be heavy. You know, when he's walking into heavy metal, what type of thing is this man? Then he explained it was actually a type of music. He says, You know, I started listening to the recitation of the Quran of a chef called Abdullah dude Hanif. And he says, I found it so amazing. I was calm and cool. And I was so relaxed. I started literally blasting it in my car. You know, blasting means get the right word. I know we're Muslims. But it means the volume going right up. Okay. Right up.

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And he says I was so excited. And I'm so so much so I've had it happen to me without a job in a job in a beautiful recital. And someone says hey, I like your music make some music is the Quran Subhana Allah but it's amazing. It suits you. It's a gift of the Quran. Allah says Shiva only Matthew sudo. In it, there is cure. There are verses you read, they will protect you will love it. I will curse you will protect you. That's a miracle of the Quran. They will grant you cure from so many things you see you don't see that's the Quran, connect yourself with it. There are miracles you don't know what every morning and evening you must read these verses of protection. You'll never have a

00:31:35--> 00:31:45

problem. No magician. Nobody can cast a spell on you know nothing superstitious would happen to you. But morning and evening, every day throughout the year.

00:31:46--> 00:31:48

May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us.

00:31:50--> 00:32:33

You have a problem. There are verses of the Quran you recite them you check the meaning of them, you repeat them not necessarily a specific number of times, but they will help you indeed it's the word of Allah. It has in it Shiva only Matthew sudo and beyond that were houda Allah says it has any guidance, it will guide you when it has any mercy. Allah will have mercy on you. You feel the calmness, you understand the reality. These are some of the basic miracles of the Quran basic. I haven't even gone into the topic. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us we still have so many other miracles coming and Allah subhanho wa Taala one after the other every day shows us things. He shows

00:32:33--> 00:32:35

us things Surah Fatiha What a great miracle.

00:32:37--> 00:32:49

May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease and goodness May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless every one of us. inshallah, I will continue a little bit later. But for now I take a short break. Apolo curly hair that sort of love was lm island.