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Ramadan 2015 – Day 21 – The Battle Of Ayn Jaloot

Jul 9, 2015

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You're listening to the Paloma Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani

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Find us on [email protected] slash column Institute, similar kind of human hamdulillah and hamdulillah waka fowl Salaam and it

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was an honor.

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Ernie Hill Ischia was Harvey hill at about

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100 over the previous days, we discussed four very important incidents that took place in the month of Milan, the Battle of the conquest of karma, the great initiation of the conquest of Spain at the hands of thought admins yet, yesterday we discussed the Battle of Deen which Allah subhana wa tada gave to our dear Salaam, Sultan Salahuddin a UB and today I'd like to talk about the Battle of the angel.

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Now this is a battle that not many people know about. Most of you are sitting here thinking what's angellist? Why is this battle so important? I've never heard of that before. I've heard of John's name. And in the story of the old alley salon. That jungle has nothing to do with this battle at all. He was gone that was on SNL this time. This is a battle that took place

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and 658 years after migration, according to most historians on the ninth of Ramadan. Now in order for you to understand the significance of this battle, once again, we have to draw a picture of what was happening at that time.

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The Mongolian army had become very powerful and very strong.

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And these people had gone so powerful that wherever they went Allah subhanahu wa taala gave them victory. They were not Muslims, but their cows, their cavalry. Their horsemen were so strong. They would use the longbow as opposed to the short bowl and they had sores and they were so powerful. They were so fast. There were so large in number that wherever they would go, they would ransack it, and people would have to just move out of their way.

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The head of the dynasty at the time, his name was Genghis Khan, or in order to become Genghis Khan, English column, Genghis Khan. So this Genghis Khan, he had appointed his grandson, whose name was Hulu. I think this he said in English correctly, Hulu, and whatever you call it, Hulu and it's interesting. That's a perfect name for him because the half of the month that there's ha Lam cough, which means HELOC, HELOC, which means destruction he was destruction, this HELOC wherever he went, he destroyed people. And junkies gave him very clear directions. He said to them that when you go to a community, give them two offers. Either they come to a truce they given to us or they fight. If

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they give in if they surrender, then treat them well. But if they if they dare fight you, then terrify them, destroy them. demolish them, just so that the people who come after know that they'd rather surrender than to even start a battle with the Mongols with the stars.

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So now this army it came in, started all the way from the east came west came west came west, it hit someone hit mojarra conquered these places. And then after conquering some of them bahara and colorism, they set their eyes on the big fish, which was above that. And Baghdad was the head of the Basilica, the halifa of the time, his name was Mustafa

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haluk, who brought his army outside Buddha. And he wrote a letter to the halifa saying that either you surrender to me rather we wage war against you. And if we wage war against you, there is no chance you can stand in front of us. Okay, now that's the situation there. Now, within Baba, you have to understand this was the place where everything was happening. Technology, wealth, people, it had an extraordinary population for the time. They say about one time, but that had close to 1 million population. today that may sound little, but at that time, 1 million people living in one town was an enormous number 1 million people. But the problem was that these 1 million people, they

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were off to Dean. And there was very little interest of the dean inside them. The Dean was there. There are libraries there. There were massada. There, there were scholars there. But we're talking about the wide population. And when Mr. Lawson ordered for an army to be prepared to fight against the Mongols, he thought let's fight against him first. So he refused to surrender. And remember the orders of Genghis Khan, which was that if they surrender firsthand, take otherwise if they don't surrender, then demolish them.

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So when he said to his men first he wrote a letter back to Locke was saying that we will not surrender, you will fight back. And then after that, he called on his soldiers saying we need an army to fight back against these data. Now, the data by then had already created a track record, which was that if anyone fought against him, they wouldn't just kill them. They would demolish them, they would destroy them. They would clearly say we're gonna kill your kids and your elderly as well. They would openly say that we're not going to hold back we're going to kill everyone. So now when he called for an army,

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only 10,000 people came out to fight on his behalf.

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In the data, they see had hundreds of 1000s of soldiers. Because this victory if they had it, it was over the Muslim lands were going to fall into them. So when 10,000 people came in front halakhah ordered his men, this ransacked him now, let's finish them off. So right when the armies were about to attack, but that the halifa must awesome, he wrote a letter to Calico saying that I'm willing to surrender. Let's come to truce top seven Khrushchev. So halaqa agreed and said, wring out you and your top people to come and meet me. So they say historians say Mr. Sam came with 700 of his most important people to meet with HELOC. HELOC were only allowed a group of them to enter into his tent.

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The rest of them he killed them right outside. And after killing them all. He then killed all the people that was most awesome. And he left them stops him alive. And he said, my grandfather told me that if they don't surrender firsthand, then there is no truce. And then after this, his army they ran sack ibadat. And they say that they killed so many people, so many people, so many people. But before they opened the mass murder in the killing, what they did to masasa was that Hanako came into his palace and took his throne and said to him, you see this throne, it doesn't belong to you anymore, not belongs to me. And then he said to bring out your treasures. So sorry. Hanako said to

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us and bring out your treasures. So Miss Dawson is when they brought up the goal they brought up the silver. And then he said No, not this treasure. This is the treasure you show to the people show me your hidden treasure. And then they pull out the hidden treasure that Miss Dawson had that had been passed on to him from the time of Haruna. She was

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passed on passed on passed on. And when he brought it all out, it was so much gold historians say that people were shocked that that one castle can even hold that much gold. Then Haku he took a brick of gold. And he gave it to masasa. And he said to eat it

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most awesome held a brick of gold he couldn't eat it obviously was gold. He said I can't eat it. So then HELOC was said to him if you couldn't eat it, then why did you hoard it, you should have given it to your soldiers, maybe they would have been more loyal to you. You make them fight, you make them do all the work and then you eat all the money and you think they're gonna be loyal to you when we come in front. And then after this Mr. halaqa order that must often be rolled up inside the rugs. And after he was rolled up inside the rugs, the horses were made to trample them and he was killed. After he was killed. That's when the mask that's when the massacre started. And Hulk ordered his men

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kill whoever you see, men, women, children, nothing matters, kill them all. And the armies of it started from one side of the city and they went all the way to the other side of the city. And they had terrified the Muslims to a point where the historian say that a model of data would come to a group of Muslim men. And they say a data lady will come to a group of Muslim men, and she would want to attack them but her sort of broken, she would say to the people, you stand right here and don't move from here, I'm going to go get a sword so I can come back and kill you. And those men would not have the courage to move from their place. Because they were so terrified of them, that lady would

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go bring her sword in one by one then execute every single one of them. You know, they say that there was a time where the thought of a restricted because it was a river in front of them, they couldn't cross the river. And then just a few days later now that river at now had a bridge, but the bridge was not made of wood or stones. That bridge was made of human bodies. There were so many bodies piled up and now the horses can easily cross that small little water canal that was stopping them from going on the other side. And then after they killed hundreds of 1000s how many population Did I say existed about at that time?

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They killed 800,000 Muslims. How many? You know what 800,000 is? 800,000 is an enormous number of very large number. Historians say that there is no sign of any great mass killing taking place in the history of mankind like this, you know, 800,000 people they killed and the rivers of vodka were flowing in two colors. One was through the blood of the people they killed. And the second was through the color of the ink that had been had been taken from the Muslim libraries, the Muslim libraries, their books were taken, and dashed and thrown inside the reverse. So now you either have black ink, or red blood at a time like this, after the Muslims had been demoralized, and if you may

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say demolished by that had been finished. Now after this Hanako took his army and made a second attack. There were three main holds of the Muslims of that time. The first was about that. The second was Syria, and the third was Egypt. He then marched towards Syria and once again ransacked Syria and took over it after he took over Syria after his army took over, sir, more politically correct after his army took over Syria. Those who could run away from Syria, they ran to the last stronghold that the Muslims had, which was Egypt. Now in Egypt. Let's take the story from Egypt right now. Okay, so we know what's happening at the time in Belgrade and how strong this army has

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become. And now this army has conquered everything.

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And the only thing that remains in their life is Egypt. Now let's come to Egypt and understand what's happening here. Not in the Egyptian land.

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Allah subhanaw taala had given power to the Mum, Luke, in the main loop these my Malik were African slaves, who had now built an empire in Egypt. Okay, and they were very strong. Their leader had died and he had left a son behind. And his son was very young. And when his son was young, he was leader. And that was the time when now halaqa was, was turning his his army towards Egypt. Okay, now this slave that now this young child who was not the leader of Egypt, this is Manu king, he had a slave. And the name of that slave was Mustafa segi, the de sayfudine Pluto's, also known as Mahmoud murmee, he was asleep. So he went to his master and said, Look, you're a kid, we all know that you're a very

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good person. But on that side, you have halaqa, there was an army that is enormous, that you don't stand a chance in front of. So let me take the position. And then he, there were scholars there and people were there. They said, Why should we give you the position? So he said, When I was young, as soon as I had seen her dream, and in that dream, I had seen that Allah subhana wa, tada, had used me to conquer Egypt. All I'm asking you to do is let me be the general for this one battle. Summon story. As I say, he didn't say that. He just said for one battle, let me just fight against halaqa one battle, and that's it. And some historians, they don't acknowledge him the statement of his but

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regardless, he said that just for a little bit, make me the ruler and I'll control. So then they said, let's have this dream interpreted first, what is this dream of yours mean? So he went to the great scholar of the time, who was in the mosque previously, but had now moved to

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because everyone in the mosque when they ran, they ran the wire to Egypt, the great scholar from the mosque, he ran to Egypt, and he was in Egypt now. So he went to the scholar for their interpretation of the dream and the tea that scholars name was his Deen, but I'm set up. And he's been able to sit on a very famous scholar, very great jurists. And he was he was the person who was a great scholar in Egypt at the time after he moved to Egypt. So is the lab that I'm the Salaam said, the interpretation of the dream is that you should be the one who guides us in battle against these people. Now, hello, could write an army of 200,000 people? How many.

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And he was beginning to mark though that army was it was it was kind of separate and some wasn't bowed out. Someone's here, someone was there. And it was all kind of scattered, controlling the lands that they had. He had a very large army though. So he wrote a letter to now this individual mother* sayfudine POTUS, he wrote a letter to him, basically telling him that we are coming your way. What did he say? It's time for us to You're the last in front of us. Once we're finished with you. We're done. Now, in order to understand how terrified the Muslims were, you need to understand how powerful that letter actually was. And I like to read that letter to you. The letter of halaqa

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to say to say to them, kudos. He says to him, from the King of kings of the east and west, the great Han to put as the mum look, Mum, Luke means slave, to put as the man Luke, who fled to escape our source. You should think of what happened to other countries and submit to us. You have heard how we how we have conquered a vast empire and I've purified the earth of just orders untainted it. We have conquered vast areas, massacring all people. You cannot escape from the terror of our armies. Where can you flee? What road will use to escape us? our horses are Swift, our arrows are sharp. Our swords are like thunderbolts, our hearts are as hard as the mountains are soldiers are numerous as

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sand. fortresses will not detain us, nor army stop us. Your prayers to God will not avail against us. We are not moved by tears nor torch by limitations. Only those who beg our protection will be safe. hasten your reply before the fire of war is kindled. Resist and you will suffer the most terrible catastrophe. We will shatter your mosque and reveal the weakness of your God and then we will kill your children and your older men together. At present, you are the only enemy against whom we have to march gutem responded. Now imagine that letter. How powerful is that letter if someone read that letter, you know in our in our language is a very sharp inequality

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unit far away they can Oh my god, what kind of letter is this? This is like the biggest that a person can face. Safe with him kudos. He went to the center. He said is this is the letter he sent. This is a powerful letter. So is it the inset to him? terrify him?

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So safe against it? How can I terrify him? This is unbelievable. How could someone write anything more harsh than this? So he's the dean said, I'll leave that to you. You think of it but make sure you come back even harder at him. So there was only one option left that could really terrify and make the Holocaust angry, which was and this is exactly what he did. He called the messenger

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cut his head off, and then took his head and put it on the gate of Egypt and said anyone that walks in with threats like this in our city, this is what we're going to do to them.

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Now, when Hanako heard this, he began to shake in anger. And he said his entire army in their direction 200,000 men. Now why did he do this? Okay, there's a long discussion. Is it permissible to kill a messenger and the whole filter behind that, but he had permission from his email said, um, you have to remember that the majority of the time given permission based off circumstances, which was that this messenger, some scholars say, along with the army had to so many people that that's exactly what had to be done at the time. Okay, there's a long discussion in that, under that point, Arthur hight Anyway, now, when they begin to March, one of the reasons why sayfudine poodles did

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this was to tell his men that now if there was any chance to run, even that's gone. They're so mad that even if you're planning to run, will have total forget about that. Now. They're coming our way. So now his men gather together. Okay.

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sayfudine POTUS, he said to his men, that we will not wait here for them to come. We're going to show them how angry we are, and we're going to go to them. They're like Best Buy. He bought enough. You've already done enough talking, let's not push it now. He said, No, we're gonna go. And he prepared a large army to battle back against the data. The data, we're working with 200,000 men, guess how many men he came with?

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Take a guess.

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12,000 people.

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And they begin to march. And they marched and marched and marched 12,000 men. And after that they arrived in a place called Angel loot, which is a part of current day will be known as Philistine a little north of a little north and north east of Lhasa, please go to Angel. They can there It means spring, the spring of Java, they came to this spring. Why is it called angel? That's another discussion. Okay. So they came to Angel. And when they arrived there, again, very similar to Salaam, Dena ubese tactic, these and that's what I thought it means the odds tactic, the reason why they came to Angel, and they stopped there is because there was a value there. And Mahmoud unsafe didn't

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realize that the only way he can deal with these people is he couldn't deal with 200,000 men, because the tactic the Mongols used was to surround, what they would do is that they would come to the battlefield, they will have such a large line of men 200,000, they would use large lines, and then they would come along, they would make the large, they would make these large lines into arrows, the shape, first, they would be straight, then they would turn them into the shape of an arrow and then turn them into the shape of a circle, catch their enemy in the middle, and then has finished. So he wasn't going to let that happen. How he prevented that was by putting an army

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between mountains in the valley. So now they couldn't go into a circle. They couldn't garrison them. They couldn't surround them all the way, the first thing he did. The second thing that he did was that he puts some men inside the mountains. And he said to them, You guys stay here, when we need you, you'll know your position, how you're going to be helpful. The third thing that he did was and this is the most unique thing.

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He put the Syrian soldiers in the frontline. And he kept them Luke soldiers on the right flank the left flank and in the back. And between his army between the right flank left flank back and the front, he had very big gaps and normally unusual gaps, they wouldn't have gaps so that usually you don't keep your soldiers that separate. So now what happened was that you have to understand the Syrians just ran from defeat and came to Egypt. So in essence, they were terrified of the data. They were very scared of them. Now that that are they started their arm there started their battle by firing their longbows. This one they were masters and they started using their long balls and

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firing. When they started firing their long goals. The Syrian army got so scared, they turn around and they rent.

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What do they do, they turn around and read

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sayfudine kudoz was expecting this. He knew they were going to run. That's why he kept big gaps between his arm. He wanted them to have a place to run back. So now when the baton saw them running, they thought these guys are chickens. Let's finish them off from here. So they started chasing them. But they didn't realize that he placed them loops on the right left in the back. And these loops were solid, strong Iron Men, African warriors. You guys understand that. So what happened was that there was a big gap in the middle that came they came inside this gap running after the Syrian soldiers. But they didn't realize that very soon they were surrounded by

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the MOOC. And then I'm looking at the July on the MOOC, straighten them out one by one, they started beating them and beating them. It's a very long story of how Allah subhanaw taala give them Fatah and this battle once again to place love but in the month of Ramadan. And that was the battle the first time hallak was army faced defeat. And after that was over, he could not move forward at all. they retreated after the battle is over. Actually historians say that safe within photos gave an order that know that our should live wherever they run, go and find them and kill them and they say there was a change

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case of over 300 miles, how many miles the Muslim changed the data for 300 miles around after them, because the order was not that anyone that all of them one by one, finish them off one by one. And his army had taken such a defeat that in the future, the Tatas had conquered Syria again for a little bit, but it was not not for long, you just the controller for a little bit and it was gone. But that's one side of the story. That's the part of the moment. In order to finish the story off, there are two things. The first thing is what happened to sayfudine POTUS after the battle. Like always, Allah subhana wa tada has a purpose for every person in the world. After the battle was

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over, when they were returning back to Egypt, one of the men from his very own army killed him.

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And the reason why he killed him was because he feared that he had such a big victory, that if he came back to Egypt, the Egyptian people would always want him to be their leader. And he did not want that. So he killed him. And after killing him, then he was appointed as a leader of Egypt. He became the next leader after that. And then some later did come out of his army, but that's another part of history altogether. Now, what happened to holla coup? Obviously, not one loss is going to kill him. His army was demoralized, and they kind of lost their position slowly, slowly. What happened was that he had a cousin. So halaqa was the grandson of Genghis Khan, Genghis Khan's oldest

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son had a son by the name of Birkin. Burkhart. This bar came, he was bringing an army through summer London bahara. When he came to bahara, he stopped there for a little bit, and he saw a Muslim caravan there. And he called them over instead of talking to them. And it was a very big shift in that caravan. And he started giving Dawa to bookchin

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this book a Khan accepted Islam.

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And after accepting Islam, he his whole family accepted Islam, his part of the family, and then his soldiers accepted Islam. And then he took all that he would take revenge of behalf of Mr. cymbala. And then he took his army and then he took out hahaha. And then that was the first time in mumble history in the history that the hearts had ever had a civil war. And that Civil War resulted in how Locke was hunting Callahan's armies being destroyed, and Allah subhanaw taala given victory to the Muslims. So there are so many lessons so many mortals to learn from this incident once again. But once again, we learned that the battle the month of Ramadan, is a very blessing month and Allah

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subhanho wa Taala uses the laws of people the spirituality of people, the amount of people allows the wizard does not look at the numbers because numbers matter little what matters more is a substance of these numbers, the people behind these numbers so we pray that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the ability to to be spiritual in the month of Ramadan. And then Allah azza wa jal saves us from all sorts of little men oppression throughout the world and that Allah subhana wa tada liberates the Muslims wherever they are, that Allah subhanaw taala helps those that are oppressed. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and stuff will come to Africa.