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Jumuah Khutbah by Sheikh Omar on racism In Islam

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Because we're worried about others what other people will say about us. And so we have to tackle those social ills head on, especially when they exist in the holiest of places, especially when they exist in our massage, especially when they exist in our Muslim communities. Racism is not just a reality outside, it's a reality here as well. And we've got to talk about and we have to confront it. And we have to perpetuate a culture in our communities that make things that are not okay outside, not okay inside either. Not just covering it up, but not okay inside.

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And I have just one ad that I printed for this booklet that I wanted the entire booklet to revolve around.

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And it's a very powerful heading.

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This is a hadith that's narrated by Java. Abdullah, it'll be a long time I'm Java alone was one of the companions who migrated to Abyssinia who migrated habits.

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And you got to understand that the Muslims lived in Amazonia for a very long time. They continue to live there even after the hits of Dr. Medina. There were people that continue to stay in Amazonia. They saw culture that they had never experienced before. Mecca is very different from habits and very different from novice senior. And some of the people that made that migration suffered for more than a culture shock. They've never left the mecca before. Some of them were not traders. They didn't go to yesterday, but the time Medina, they didn't go to Yemen or Sham on any of the trading room. Some of them were going out of their land for the very first time and they're going to a place

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where everything is different. They've never seen Christianity. They had a picture of money, it has salon, in the Canada and they you know, they generally accommodated all forms of religious festival and mixed it all in together. But they've never seen it practiced by monks and nuns. They'd never seen the joshy before. They've never seen his court. They've never seen the temples of Abyssinia, they've never seen any of that stuff. And everything is different to them. So when they came back to Mecca, and they came back to Medina, and they obviously had a lot of stories to tell about the churches about the culture about the internal politics of Amazonia when there was a revolt against

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the joshy, that righteous King on the low tide and who died upon tohave. They had a lot to talk about. But listen to this.

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The prophet SAW a lot while he was alone. He said to those that came back from hydrosol from Abba semi. He says Allah to have the Zuni big beam out of the out of that habit.

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Will you not tell me about the strange things you saw in avison? You tell me about some of the strangest things you saw in the episode. What are the most amazing things you saw there? The strangest things you saw the so called a theater minimum ballet episode a large group of young men were eager they said yes. So messenger of Allah will tell you what we saw. So they said bainer national Jerusalem. Malaspina Jews, Amina Raja Izzy rabine taught me

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that while we were sitting one day, there was an old nun that walked by us and she was holding on her head, this huge container of water. So you imagine the scene you're sitting down, you're seeing a nun who's carrying this huge container of water on her head. And another city. Basically, the idea is that you go and you fetch water for your families. So it's not easy to go and draw all that water and then to carry it all the way from the river back to your home. that's a that's a lengthy process. And that's a tiring process. So they saw this old, humble woman, this nun that's carrying this container of water, huge container of water on her head. So she said, while she so they said

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while she was walking from about to be fed to admin home, there was a young man amongst them.

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A very disrespectful young man, a young man who had no sense of courtesy, a young man who had no manners, and they said for Jalla Ishida de he been a cat's face that he put his hand between her shoulder blades meaning he put his hand on her on her chest.

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And he pushed her, he shoved her

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for her.

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So she fell to her knees fincastle Ratko lotto, and her container fell down and it broke. So she lost all of that water. Why did he do it? It was the culture. It was okay. No one would stand up for that woman. They learned to disrespect their elders. They learned not to respect their religious those that were religiously learned amongst the more devout. So this woman is shocked. It falls off of her head. And at that time, they said something amazing. They said

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that when she stood up

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interpreted ad, she turned towards that young man follows. So protecting them we are Buddha, you will come to know. And loader is a derogatory term to that young man. It would be the equivalent of a hoodlum. Right? You will come to know oh young man, either one of our long run could see him when a loss of Hannah horchata brings the footstool on the day of judgment and a loss of data sets it up with Gemma and oh, well you know and for him and a loss of Hannah Montana brings together the first and the last one his creation. what's ahead of them? It's an ad well out of judo Bheema can we actually worn, and the hands and the feet all start to speak about what they used to do for

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solfatara number came to me while I'm recording.

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And so you will come to know Oh, young man, what your situation is and what my situation is in front of Los Angeles. And on that day. The prophet SAW I saw them as he was hearing this tiny hole and he was saying as he was hearing the statement, Southern Southern Stata, she told the truth. She told the truth. She told the truth. Then he said some a lot more it was seven came for your country, some law, law, or even him mentioned Ed, how will Allah ever honor a nation that does not stand up for their vulnerable when the strong ones pick on them? How will the loss of hundreds or other ever been any good to that nation when they allow their vulnerable to be taken advantage of and they don't do

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anything about it?

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That has so many lessons for us. Number one, it's consistent with what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and other narrations, another authentic narration the province licensor in the loony bewafa find me amongst the vulnerable find me amongst the week, the hunters are born over to Sedona in Nevada, are you provided for or supported by Allah subhanaw taala except by the way that you treat your vulnerable will a lot do anything for you, except by what you do by those who are weak amongst those who are vulnerable amongst the profit slice I'm setting the alarm in the afternoon to LA or LA, I complain to you behalf the boring thing by the rights of the two vulnerable ones, as

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well, your team, a woman and an orphan, the way that they're wrong in society, the way that they're taking advantage of society Oh, a lot. I complain to you

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about the way that they're treated in society. So this Habib is very consistent with other things that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said, but what makes this narration so different number one, there in the my point this,

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that those companions grew up in a society in Mecca, where the vulnerable were also taken advantage of, and it's in the speech of Jaffa gonna be thought of it'll be a long time ago when he spoke to in the joshy. And I'm the senior and told him about what the prophet SAW some brought to that society. One of the things that he complained about our strong ones used to take advantage of our weak ones, the vulnerable ones were devoured, taken advantage of, and no one would do anything about it, no one would say anything about it. So these companions grew up in a society where that was normal. But now that wasn't normal anymore.

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Now bother them. Now, something to complain about. Now, it was the strangest thing that they'd seen in that land. And they were telling the prophets all along, it was sort of about meaning what if you normalize garbage and nonsense, then your future generations will also see that garbage and nonsense as normal as well. The way you treat your spouse, expect your kids to do the same with their spouse, or expect them to be treated in the same way by their spouses. When we perpetuate racism and subtle forms. So few words that we think are cute and we think are okay to say. And your kids start to say those same words as well and their worldview is just as messed up as yours. we perpetuate.

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And the Prophet sallallahu it was sort of raised his companions in a way that that stuff wasn't okay. And that stuff we grew up with wasn't okay. Anyway, the things that we saw that included injustice, were not okay. The second thing is the Prophet sallallahu. It was Southern praise this woman's imagine her faith, her truthfulness, her dignity. She stood in front of that young man and said you will come to know on that day, how Allah subhanaw taala will deal with you and how Allah will deal with me meaning what when attacks are done a lot of off you don't anymore. Do not think that Allah subhanaw taala is unaware of what the oppressors do. And what the transgressors do.

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If the prophets a lot of money was done in the same that Allah is aware of this young boy or this young man that thought it was okay to go push this old woman and drop her water that she works so hard to go and fetch and take away her dignity in that fashion, then what about those who are oppressed on a daily basis in their communities or in their homes? And no one does anything about it or says anything about it. So the prophet SAW some praise for dignity. The Prophet sallallahu affirms that, Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala is aware and there is a day when hands and feet we'll talk. Why is that important? Dear brothers and sisters, because the prophets, my son says at the end

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of this hall, Allah will not honor an omen that does not stand up for the vulnerable when the strong ones amongst them take advantage of them. You know why that's important? Who did the prophets lie some blame for this entire mess? Did he just blame that young man? The Prophet slicin curse that young man, the prophets lie some of them talked about an omen that normalizes and allows for that type of behavior to go unchecked. We can talk about voting all day, we can talk about how much we hate boredom and oppression and transgression all day, we let it go unchecked. In our own communities. We have women that get taken advantage of all the time in our own communities. We have

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racism that takes place before our own eyes, and we don't do anything about it.

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So we have to check ourselves and then Allah will honor us. You cut this alarm that Allah subhanaw taala would actually honor and sanctify this woman only when the oma treats its weak, the way that we wish to be treated by Allah subhana wa Tada. It's not the fault of the one who committed the transgression. It's the fault of an oma that allows for transgressions to happen and be unchecked, we have to check it. And we've come to a point in time where as we're going to change the narrative outside the masjid, let's change it inside them as well. The next time you see someone belittling someone, or making a racist comment, or putting someone down, or disrespecting their elders, like

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that was the case in this situation. Say something. Don't let it go unchecked. The next time you hear about a sister in your community that's being wronged by her husband. And we know how many of them there are a male last panel to Allah forgive us. We know how many of them there are, say something, do something about it. Don't let it go into. We cannot allow the narrative to be soiled inside and expect a lot to change it for us on the outside. We asked a lot to beautify us on the inside, and to beautify us on the outside to beautify us internally and to beautify us externally, as individuals and as communities and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us the people that uphold

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and witness the justice that he legislated for us to kind of what to only ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify us and to rectify through us, to allow us to be illuminated by the light of Islam and to share it by others. To share it with others. We asked the loss of kind of hope to Allah to correct our hearts and allow other hearts to be reached by the message of Islam as we speak with our hearts and we ask a loss of kind of material, that we not be guilty of things that we call others to abandon. And we ask a loss of hundreds out of that we not be a people that preach what they don't practice, we ask the loss of kind of what's added to correct us in every way possible to forgive us

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for our inevitable shortcomings. And we asked a loss of candidates Allah to grant us the floss and for that firmness and sincerity as we go through the difficult times that we go through and not to burden us beyond our scope. allama Amina protocol the hada was talking a lot he will occur when he sat next to me and first of all

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lillahi Rabbil alameen whatever you want

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to have the call of silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While he was talking he was selling to semen Kathy, all the brothers and sisters as we begin our conference in sha Allah today, let's remember that all of us have to do a better job from the person who's speaking to you right now. The leadership of your community, the religious leadership of your community, your board of directors, our board of directors at vrsc every single attendee at every single muster than our community as we rectified let's rectify ourselves in chocolate tada let's hold one another accountable in ways that are beautiful in ways that also conform to the Sunnah of the prophet SAW a lot more. It was Sunday,

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and let's work on Islam.

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On benefiting and reforming ourselves and not necessarily reforming our religion as those on the outside call us to do We ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to be representations of the beauty of the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu it was an event to bring people to the love of him and to the love of the message that he brought through us we ask a lot to make us worthy of that and to forgive us when we do when we do things that deem us unworthy along with what we know and we know it's from samina when Muslim out here you know when I was in Mecca nearly but even when he was there a lot

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longer than I would have wanted for another two or three. Robin Avalon for Santa

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Monica foster de la ilaha illa Anta suhara kitten Khun Amina blog I mean you know

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I couldn't I couldn't and online I mean you know in the anticipation of getting I couldn't I mean a lot I mean lahoma familiarly Dena her but her woman came out of bonus a lot of weapon I have an ominous word you know the reality now for lottario which are given with subpoena uma, long sort of mythology in a famous article all the women already have lost the plot if one in a man kobina he couldn't imagine a lot Marisa Islam or Muslim

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Academy and what does that mean? It means a lot to me and my friends and I was one of them in a new study mean about the block

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time when he ties in photo

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shot he will tell you about a year ago from now until the current kolani of curriculum was guru I'm in there man is it luck when what are the court of law here?

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so Can everyone hear me

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please come forward as much as you can.

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Straight straighten up your lines and make sure there are no gaps between you

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keep your brothers and sisters in your job from all over the world.

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shandra Nina here Amina mean erwachsenen you're walking moneykey can only be he cannot. He cannot staring in all slipped off. One of them was therapy mostly at all for Levine anon TRT him later in the era in him one oh

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Santa Monica Dara, count on boneco 1.10 to fire on La kameena moolah, mana Santa Fe or clique boom Kappa tau more damage aka team.

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One one gender count on

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one one gender count

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in a

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team of 10 for help.

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and Shenzhen in your own means learn I mean urashima walking man he can meet me. He cannot he cannot staring

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me muscling off on levena an arm terylene him

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mo me

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law he was

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known as de la

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casa de la Mika was stolen in

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a wall

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not on him on him too loud. So that was not a solar cell alarm value of such person between Saudi Aramco over the counter brothers and sisters. Just wanted to reiterate again that the conference is starting tonight at 5:45pm please make sure that you come out so that we can discuss and continue the discourse that was started today from the Juma football again there's going to be many speakers tonight from no matter are throughout this conference from nah man and they can almost feel the man as a bridge as Linda sarsour diminish way too many other speakers come make sure that you grab outside there's pamphlets telling you what are the times of the conference, the different speakers

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the different subjects that will be talked about. Also, there's the benefit dinner tonight. Please register online or register outside right now. It will fill up and we will turn people away. No none of the conference is going to be streamed live. You have to be here to witness it.