Race Towards Jannah In The Last Ten

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Katsa Dear Brothers and Sisters, we pray that you had a fruitful first half of Ramadan and you're looking forward to the second half bitten the light Allah. I hope you've enjoyed the gentleness series you've enjoyed Quran 30 for 30 and all the other programs that we've had. And if you've been with the opinion on Ramadan before, you know that in the last 10 nights we're about to take it to the next level. And in sha Allah to Allah. As we do that your brothers and sisters, we need each and every single one of you to click on this link in sha Allah to Allah, and to automate your donations over the last 10 nights in these last 10 nights of Ramadan. We're going

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to be seeking acceptance from Allah subhanaw taala forgiveness and we're going to be seeking Janna through every single gate. And it's imperative in sha Allah to Allah, that you look for the different ways to worship Allah and every one of these last 10 nights. And by donating in sha Allah Tada every one of these last 10 Nights, not only are you ensuring a good deed every one of these 10 nights but you're supporting all of the good work at ye pain bitten the night to add that I hope you've been benefiting from your family, your friends, your colleagues, we need your support in sha Allah to add it to continue to elevate the standard because that's what we're going to be doing all

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year round and shallots Ida to Zachman level height on always for your support, and we look forward to being with you for the rest of Ramadan and beyond in sha Allah. Once again click the link share it was Salam Alikum rahmatullahi wa Council