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AI: Summary © The "immaterial facts of fasting" is a passive act that lasts for a long time and is a source of guidance for many people. The "immaterial facts of fasting" is the passive act that lasts for a long time and is a source of guidance for many people. The "immaterial facts of fasting" is the passive act that lasts for a long time and is a source of guidance for many people. The "immaterial facts of fasting" is the passive act that brings people to the heat and can lead to evil behavior. The segment discusses the benefits of fasting, including rewarding one's actions, being rewarded for them, and learning to be rewarded for their actions. The segment ends with a call to action for a future episode.
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Welcome, my dad.

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assalamualaikum a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. All praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be upon Muhammad is less Prophet and Messenger.

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Today we have joining us in the studio, Dr. hatom, allow that Salam Alaikum doctor, and he comes to Allah. Hi, thanks for joining us in the studio today.

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Well, Dr. Hayden, we're talking about the philosophy of fasting. We've talked previously about the scientific facts Hijra facts, everything. Today we're looking at on the nature of fasting. So Dr. I want to take this opportunity to ask your opinion and you know your thoughts about the nature of fasting, where do we start what is the the pinpoint of nature or can we smell him or him or salat wa salam ala Rasulillah

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the nature of fasting is a little bit different from many other a Baghdad many other acts of worship, right. You know, it is you can say that it is a passive act, rather than an active act, okay.

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In Salah, we do some physical activities

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in Zwickau, we do some financial activities and how do we do both physical activities and financial threats. But in fasting what do we do we do nothing. We passively abstain from food drink and sexual relationship Okay, that's why the definition of fasting is to abstain

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from food drink and sexual activities from don't forget to mark the sunset right during the month of Ramadan. This is the definition of fasting to abstain from food drink and sexual relationship from Dawn Fudger to Mother sunset during the day of Ramadan this is

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or during the day of Ramadan if it is fasting Ramadan but fasting in general from failure to Maghreb at any time of any I mean date Dr. Latham I would just want to pick up on that point is there not in health risk to fasting do the doctors say okay you should not fast what what why should we fast okay we will will this is a good point we will discuss it Inshallah, in a moment, but Inshallah, just before that, again, the nature of fasting you can see that the nature of fasting is a little bit different from other diet. Why is this? Sharia is a very miraculous system. It is a system that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah sent it is the deen of Allah, Allah, Allah. And Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, He is the Creator, the only creator and as he is the only Creator, He is the best one or the right one to legislate, and to tell us what is right what is wrong, and to tell us what we need to do and what we don't need to do. Allah Allah, Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allahu halco. Well, this is a very profound ayah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah summarizes the reality of what is happening. He said, He is the Creator, Allah, Allah Who Hulk, how creation belongs to him. Definitely. And then Allah Allah, Allah says, commandment belongs to him, or control can refer to both commandments, as well as control of everything. So if Allah Allah, Allah is the Creator, He is the controller, and he

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didn't know Allah is the only legislator. So if that is the case, then we should realize that fasting

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is of benefit for all of us. This one thing the other thing is, because Allah Allah Allah is the One who legislated fasting

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And who commands us to false, Allah, Allah knew that

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fasting will appeal to some people.

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And the way the main pillars of Islam are established, makes Islam appeal to every single one in the whole world, of course, saying Good point, doctor, because people say, Islam is just for, you know, Arabs or Pakistani people. That's a great point that I want to verify Islam is for the world, not just for a certain race. Exactly, yes. And Islam is also for the younger, the old female male, the one who likes activities, the one who does not like activities, the one who likes to be a generous person, and the one who is not a generous person, the one who is mentally active or smart and the one who is not too smart for everything. Look,

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the door for Islam is what the testimony is to establish that there is no God to be worshipped except Allah, Allah, Allah. And Muhammad is the final messenger, this is the door to Israel. Then after that, this is there is the Salah, the second most important pillar. The second most important pillar is activities, of course. So for example, in the beginning, maybe a person might not like to pray, might I'm not saying he will, might that to pray, then he will go and he will see that there is another financial activity. So he might like to what to start contributing

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by donation, okay. So once he saw us doing this, and believing that he wants the pleasure of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah might guide him to the rest of the pillars. Allah might help him to establish the rest of the pillars through zecca definitely, I definitely agree with you there. And CRM, CRM is totally different. And that's why even I will hesitant nadwi mentioned in his book, The form the four terms mentioned in the Quran, and Musala hated by Phil Quran, which is for Salah, fasting Zika and head, he said that you will find many people do not pray, but yet they fast because fasting is of a unique nature is different. So it appeals to them. And it comes once a year. So it is likely

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that people like a change in their mind. So look at this wisdom and Subhanallah Ramadan becomes a source of guidance for many people, when they start when they start fasting, then they will be attracted to Salah Of course, and once they are attracted to Salah, they will do other things.

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I remember if you may allow me, I remember here this channel alHuda a TV.

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There was a brother who used to work for this channel a few years back. And one time we were coming back.

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Home finished work, okay. And he was with us. And it was I think either Monday or Thursday, right? And the sun is about to set my time was about to

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and I noticed that he was looking for something. Then I said to him, are you fasting? Then he said yes, I'm fasting, although it was difficult, little bit hot, etc. So I said to him, you don't look that religious person. He said yes, I'm not that religious person. But I heard one chair one time once color giving Dawa and he said to us, he said to the people

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don't close all doors between you and Allah. So if you are not a religious person, if you do not practice Islam, try to start practicing Islam is through an activity that you like.

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So for example, some people in the beginning if they are not practicing, they might not like salah

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but they will find it easy to fast or some people find it easy to go for her. Yes. Isn't it doctor you know you touched my heart here by saying these these crucial points because Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us every single day and in the Quran, he says I am the most merciful turn upon to me. I am the only

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There's no word to describe only Allah and you know me to me. Exactly. The tears are coming into my eyes and I have to refrain them doctor by saying you

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you're reminding me and hopefully the viewers atone, by the wisdom of definitely fasting. If you are not close to Allah, find a way he will, he will bring you back to him. Exactly. And the Hadith of the Prophet SAW sent them Allah Himself is saying, the one who comes to Me walking I will come to him. What? By running it means just come, just do something. And MonteCarlo Baba Ilya Chevron Takara up to La he there are the one who comes to me as close as this handy span, I will come to him with a distance of bigger than that. Yes. So Allah is telling us just come, just come. And you will see that my doors are open for you. Definitely. So and that's why I would like to appeal to my brothers

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and sisters here. That my dear respected brothers and sisters, as this chef said, to this brother dome to close all doors between you and Allah, for sure, don't be an evil person. Because there is no pure evil person. Every single of us has some elements of evil, and some elements of goodness, of course. So do use those elements of goodness, in order to come to Allah, Allah, Allah. You don't know how Allah will give you a dire guidance. So maybe by fasting as this brother, he said that he started too fast. And subhanAllah he found it easy. And he found it very spiritual. Yes, and his Eman increases. So he started to work too fast Mondays and Thursdays SubhanAllah. And he is a young

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person. Some people say that oh, fasting is so difficult, will lie you as a young person I shall and if you look at him, you will see that he's not an Islamic person. Yes. And then he said after some time, I started to pray. And I'm planning to go ahead and start to to be a better person, through what through fasting, mashallah, we run out of time now, Doctor, I just want to ask you before we take a short break, what is the main wisdom, the main point of fasting? The main wisdom of fasting is again, as we said, to bring people to the heat should bring people to the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala thanks so much for that, Doctor. That's all we have time for right now. We're just

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going to take a quick break. Stay tuned. Salam Alaikum welcome.

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assalamualaikum very warm. Welcome back to the philosophy of fasting. In the studio. We have Dr. athermal dad joining us today in the studio with Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thanks for joining us. So,

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before the break, we were talking about the nature of fasting and the wisdom of fasting. So Dr. I want to pick up on the point now of the virtues of fasting. What is the main point the virtue of fasting cannabis when I was Salat, wa salam ala Rasulillah see as we are talking about the month of Ramadan

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as we are in the month of Ramadan, now, it is good to differentiate between two things okay. That there are virtues for Ramadan as a month and there are virtues of fasting in general okay. So,

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we might fast outside Ramadan.

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Fasting is not a taking place in Ramadan only, it might take place outside Ramadan. So let us speak about the virtues of fasting in general. Firstly, first of all, you know, fasting is generally speaking,

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if it is the fasting of Ramadan, it is one of the pillars of Islam. Yes. And fasting, generally speaking, is an action that Allah didn't lower Allah left for himself and Allah de lower Anna did not give a specific reward for it for it. In order for Allah, Allah Allah to give a reward in abundance, right for it, the day of resurrection in a very profound Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said, okay, it is not. The Prophet SAW Selim narrating what Allah told him to narrate. This is called Hadith Kotze. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah told him tell people this. So he is repeating what Allah Allah Allah told him, and this the Hadith Odyssey means that

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There should be more attention to this hadith because this is the statement of Allah Allah Allah. Okay. So, the Prophet SAW Selim said Allah said, All actions of the son of Adam belong to Him Kula maligna Adam,

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all actions of the son of them belong to him, except for fasting. It belongs to me. This color said, What does it mean? It belongs to me. You remember in the in the before break, we spoke about the nature of fasting, that it is abstention rather than an action. And they said that because it is an abstention, it might not be visible to everyone, right? Because when you pray people see you. And it is a physical activity. But when you are fasting, if you don't tell anyone or if no one offers you anything, or especially after outside Ramadan, of course, you will be fasting and no one will know about you. So in this case, it is between you and Allah. So Dr. Fatima just must pick up on that

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point. It's not compulsory to fast outside Rome and Danny seen compulsory Ramadan obviously, is the pillar of Islam as we as we know. Yeah. However, if you'd like to fast maybe the 13th 14th and 15th of the the calendar, the Arabic calendar, or maybe Mondays and Thursdays, this is for you and Allah, yes, these are yes voluntarily. fastings. So, these have the same virtues that we are talking about. Yes, other than the virtues of fasting in Ramadan, we will come to inshallah definitely talk we will talk about the virtues of fasting in Ramadan in particular, and the virtues of Ramadan itself as a month hormone. So fasting in general, outside Ramadan, or inside the Ramadan is a very virtuous act.

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And this is what Allah Allah, Allah, Allah said that fasting belongs to him. And then Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said, and I will reward for it. Allah, Allah, Allah did not tell us about any specific reward. Now for fasting, Allah Allahu Allah told us about that fasting belongs to Him, and He will reward for it. How much you know, in the other Hadith in this hadith, by the way, is an Al Bukhari Muslim there are two main books of Hadith. In one narration, which is which was recorded by Muslim,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says Al Hassan, I will be rewarded by 10 times, and it will be rewarded by 700 times. I see al Hasina to be actually I'm sorry. Hi, Elizabeth. So Allah may Allah reward for one single Hasina 700 times. But Allah Allah, Allah Allah said, that fasting belongs to Him. And He gave us this that the Hasina will be rewarded one time by 10 times one time by 700 times. And Allah, Allah Allah did not say anything about fasting, which means as many scholars said, that, yes, has an A might be multiplied more than that it has enter the good deed of fasting might be rewarded more than 700 times. Now Sheila, talk to a very quick question I'd like to ask, is it fasting the only an

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act of worship Allah subhanaw taala didn't tell us that we will be rewarded.

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There are some very few acts that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah kept for them. Yes. And some scholars said that, no, it is only fasting that Allah Allah either kept for him, right because the Hadith said, each action of the son of Adam belongs to him except for fasting. So whether this or that, definitely fasting is one of the very virtuous acts. And that's why

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, Inanna your facade be Runa

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the Siberian the the people who have SABR patience, they will have their rewards in abundance and they will be given their rewards in abundance, without even limit. So many scholars said that the sub your own here, the the people who have patience here refers to who refers to the people who used to fast in that dunya Subhan Allah so Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says in the Hadith, that each action of the son of Adam belongs to me except for fasting and I will multiply the Hasina for 10 times for 700 times

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And then Allah, Allah Allah says that the person will leave his desire for me.

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He will leave his sexual desire for me. He will leave food and drink for me. So obviously leaving the desires for Allah Allah, Allah Allah is something that Allah, Allah Allah likes. And here if I would like, I don't know how much time we have, but yes, there is your fine. See?

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A you remember when we had the discussion about the aims and objectives of Sharia or the philosophy? Yeah. And we said that it is to glorify Allah to Allah, Allah. Yes.

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Why Allah, Allah, Allah likes people to be tired and suffer little bit by fasting.

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Doctor, you're so right when you're mentioning this. I just want to give you a personal experience from my own fasting when I reverted to Islam. My very first Ramadan, I sat there fasting, and why does Allah want me to fast? Why Am I Suffering? I'm thirsty, I'm hungry. Surely, the scholars are just telling me, Allah is the old forgiving, but believe me, obviously, we could talk about this later in different series, believe me. By the time that Eid came, I definitely knew 100% The benefits of fasting. At first I was like, why am I why can I not drink? Yes. Why is Allah telling me not to drink? He, he, he has benefited me in this life by giving me Islam right now. So why am I why

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I've got torture myself? Yes, people think it's torturing Yes, I've had been talking to

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my non Muslim family. And I try to explain, look, we have to fast Oh, surely, Allah is making you fast. This is wrong. You should not suffer. But they don't know the sweet reward of the benefits of exactly because, again, as we said, they always look at the dunya as this life they don't look at the unseen, the unseen of two sides, the accurate life after death, and also the consequences and benefits of fasting even in this life. Of course, now, see,

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Allah, Allah, Allah will not benefit from our fasting. So why did he make us or compel us to fast? Because Allah likes to test us. So once we pass the test, we will go to Jannah and we will never suffer at all. He will be continuous pleasure and the ledger, happiness, tranquillity, peace Shala Well, Doctor, we're running out of time right now. So let's just clear the fact of the virtues of fasting. Obviously we can take the virtue of fasting in Ramadan to another series, however, I'd like to clear up the virtues of fasting is to again remember Allah and to to make sure that we're aware of the benefits are that hasn't told us a benefit, only Allah knows best and he will give us

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Inshallah, the benefits of our fasting inshallah inshallah. However, there are some Hadith other prophetic traditions in which the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam told us about some other virtues of fasting, of course,

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if I have time, I don't know how much time do we push on Time Doctor, maybe we can pick up on that and the next show insha Allah. Thanks for joining us in the studio today.

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Well, thanks for joining us this toe. Until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of a loss. Allah assalamu Alikum welcome

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