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Episode Notes

Episode 9 – Born This Way – Night Kalam

This episode discusses about the one excuse that people always give to avoid positive changes in their lives – ‘I am born this way!’ with special guest Dr. Bilal Philips.

December 16, 2016.

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The speakers discuss the importance of being selective in choices, laying down when working, and being mindful of the environment. They also touch on the announcement of the revolution and the Prophet being sent to them. The conversation emphasizes the need for caution and laying down when working, and the importance of God being in everyone's experience. The speakers express hope that they can do more than what they claim and hope that AOL admin will forgive their weaknesses.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'd like to welcome all the brothers and sisters for the next episode of Mike Connor. And today we have a special guest we first have the blood Phillip

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handle to the biller, Phillip is it summary commodity long regard to why they come Salaam, October cattle? Yeah. Now coming back to the question that the just asked us about

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what people use normal words say that no, we were created like this. So don't blame us if we don't change. So what would be your answer to this kind of question?

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When I would say that

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psychologists and sociologists and

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others, scientists who look at human beings, they divide their characteristics into two categories. One they say is natural. And the other one is learned.

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You know, they call it you know, what is your what you're born with, that all human beings share. And then other things, other characteristics, which you learn from the society around you.

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The characteristics, which are born with, you know, we eat, we sleep, you know, these physical commonalities. These represent one group of practices, we need to do them everybody's doing, we may change when we do them. Because of course, it may be a norm that you grew up with sleeping at 10 o'clock at night. But due to the type of work you're doing, you may be forced to sleep at 12 o'clock at night, instead, you make the change as necessary for your job circumstance. Or you may decide I want to go to bed earlier, so I can get up earlier, I get up and make tahajjud at night, you know, so these practices, all of these can be changed, there's no doubt about it, you can change the

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timing, but you can't change the need, you need to sleep. So we all have to sleep. But when you sleep, you can follow the sooner and sleep after the war also a Lula you know, and that makes your night's sleep lighter, easier for you to get up, get up for fudger. And also, these are areas it same thing with the food that you eat, everybody has to eat. But so we can't say okay, I'm going to stop eating your diet. So eating is a necessity. Everybody eats is part of our board characteristics which, which which are necessary for us to exist. But now when you eat, how you eat, do you eat to the right, you know, do you drink with the right? Or do you drink with the left, and then some

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people say or if you put your hand on to the right, it's okay for you to drink. No, this is something that has become a common cultural practice. But it's wrong. Because the prophet SAW Sam said, Do not eat and drink with your left Satan it with his left. So all of these, we could say natural characteristics. All of them can be changed in terms of the time, in a way, etc. But we can change in the sense of stopping them altogether. Whereas the other body of characteristics which we learn, you know, you're born,

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what your parents teach you or the children around you, you learn from them, what you learn in school and, and the environment, the society, everything. That's another set of characteristics. And these types of characteristics, you can stop altogether. Or you can start new ones and replace the old ones. That's the reality. So when a person says I was born that way,

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which one are we talking about?

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If it's the amongst the learned characteristics, then you really weren't born that way you learned it, you know, and you can unlearn it. It may be more difficult. If you've been doing it the longer you've been doing it, the harder it is to to change it. But these are all changeable, you know. So both characteristics are changeable.

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The natural ones, you can't erase them. The other side which are learned these you can erase, you know, I think it's a fitrah It's a rounded human need to eat the dream

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Do like to talk. By the same time we do believe that our prophets Muslim did mention that koulamallah you that Allah fitrah, everyone is born with the fitrah. They mean, the fitrah is they need these, they need that to survive in this world. So at home, of course, in the upbringing of the children, so play a very important role, whether you want to mold them to be a better person, or you just want to let them with their own fitrah. Yeah, and we believe that the fitrah of humans, when they are young, they do not know how to differentiate what is good, what is bad. They just experience anything that comes in front of them. But as they grow, they start to pick up things. And

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that's how the changes come in. They know they don't like these, they're ready to see every because if not, then there's another fitrah. But of course, we also believe that the environment also play a very important role to change the personality of a person, we family loved to give the best to the children, they want the children to be the best, but later on when the children exposed to the outside environment. Now, if the outside environment is not healthy, then easily they can be.

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They can change and follow the environment. That's why the Prophet also remind us by saying that, and miroir Latina led for eons of Atacama eukarya that means we must be selective in whatever they do. I personally think that people who use this term know I was born and is what can you do? No, no, Allah created me for this unexcused, very lame excuses, they just want to know, tell them, don't bother about me, leave me alone.

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But they in reality, I believe that everyone was given the opportunity to develop,

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especially if you look at the India's 60s 70s or 80s, you don't have all these guys just smartphone mounted, people are changing,

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that they can change, they can develop. But one kind of character sitting corrected, they seem to give a lot of excuses, just because they don't like people to correct them. I think some of those characteristics are like, for example,

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among the negative characteristics, is

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is quick, and some people are quick to get angry, and they get violently angry, you know, they start to throw things hit other people, you know, can become very, very violent. You know, and then when you say, Brother, you shouldn't do this, you know, this is not good. So that's the way I am, you know, I can't change it. I just can't stop myself, you know, but the point is that, even that, that you think is so basic to yourself, it seems you don't have any control of it. prognosis and and did tell us, you know, if you get angry, you're standing Sit down. So that will help you, if you're still angry, while you're sitting down, lie down. You know, just, you know, I mean, of course, it

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might be difficult in some circumstances, it's about lay down people, you know, but the point is that it is possible. And no, because a lot of that anger ends up ends up coming out in the home. You know, because usually, if you're in the in the workplace, you know, you can't show that kind of anger to your boss, right? Whereas only when you're at the place where you are the boss, this is when you can show that kind of anger. And so that's usually in the home. And that's why the boss said lie down if you're sitting because in the workplace, you know, you're upset with your boss, you can just go lie down to the office on him, right? It's not gonna work, but in the home, Yeah, you

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can. Let me just go lie down, please.

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Call your cell phone. So you can it is possible.

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I believe that not Allah mighty who created all of us will know, the weaknesses we have. That's why he sent down the revolution. The Prophet was sent to us just the Gators. The cushion is to remind us actually, of God, the tempo is in everybody. Everybody have anger. So it's how you control your anger. Like what you see was so true. Just now, in the office, you know how to control your anger.

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If you did not control the job,

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but they're not home. They feel that they have authority, you know, so they start to show their anger. At the end of the day. We know anger, do not bring any benefit to anybody. But something we have the right to be angry when something bad is happening in front of us. Of course it's not right for us to show that we are happy people do haramaty Okay, nice. Okay, no problem cannot be show my anger. So it's like how are the prophets it might have been Illa what abacha whoever left for the sake of Allah and be angry for the right reason i think is good, but everything correct

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I think it's something that we can develop if we want. As long as we have the right intention that we want to be a better person. Allah help those who help themselves. It's very true like what Allah Friedman says in no mahalo amin, Hatha Yoga, maybe Allah would not even even he had the power to say couldn't fire could nobody can see anything. And Allah is telling us that if you don't want to change,

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then alone, what?

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To what you want to do. Right then then you have the responsibility, what you're doing so I believe that insha Allah, everyone was given the opportunity to become a better person. So don't give this lame excuses. This is me What can I do? You could accept no, no, no. Of course you can. If you want is up to every one of us whether you are sincere to yourself, you want the best for yourself? If you want, I believe we can do the changes within ourselves. So May Allah blesses me allocators. Me Allah help those who have this gift this kind of excuses and if they still have Roma and then they should go to this corner a good color and success advise to see how this color can help them because when

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we ask for a dinner Serato started we ask for guidance. Now Okay, this means you must look for guided you to just ascertain your Polo. So first victory in

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Allah also remind us is good for us to ask the people who knows when we do not know how to control our temper or happy I believe at the end of the day, all of us, would it become a better person if we work towards that?

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So yeah, help us me. Okay. All of us in Sharla. We hope that AOL admin will forgive our weaknesses. They excuse me, obviously, now, what can I do? Right? We believe that we can do more than what we always claim inshallah.

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We'll be left

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in slavery tomorrow.