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Answering Interesting Questions – Part 2 – Ramadan 2016


AI: Summary © Aidan discusses the concept of love and how it can be difficult to understand when one is alone. He suggests that people should learn certain ways to express their love, such as using words of a prophet or language. The speaker advises the audience to ask for help and give relief to others, even if it means only for their own well-being.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everybody. Here I am on the Facebook Live Facebook group with some of your questions. And shall Okada first like to encourage all of you, those of you that haven't signed up for the live stream to do so or on that let me just double check the website Rhonda slash Ramadan 2016 I'm really excited. I've started preparing for Baccarat from now I don't prepare that early ever, but it's actually pretty, pretty intense study. It'll handle a lot. I'm really excited to prepare and inshallah teach children Baccarat across the month of Ramadan. I wanted to take some of the questions that have been sent some really awesome questions. I'll start

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with Aidan Salas question. If someone is murdered, then what happens to their soul? I heard there'll be a murder. What if they did a lot of sins when they were alive? Look when somebody is somebody dies, and they're murdered, then Allah knows best what the prophet SAW someone said even something like Banco de la luna Malika Shaheed someone who's killed, even protecting their wealth and they're considered a martyr. And a martyr is someone who's worthy of agenda. So wherever you end up, we have to give benefit of the doubt and we were not the ones to count people's sins that's with them and Allah and Allah decides what he forgives them what he doesn't forgive.

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You know, I was asked a question about, I'll summarize it. Alan turchin asked this question about you know, when Adam and hawala human Salaam were in heaven, how did how did the devil manage to whisper to them? Was he given access into God turned into a snake and kind of crawl over to them and whisper to them kind of like like the biblical picture that's painted sometimes? To the best of my knowledge, as I've tried to ponder this question. First and foremost, there are no absolute texts that describe exactly how he did it. But from what it what seems to be the case is that, at least has been given access to whisper to us, even from a distance. So I don't, I'm personally not

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inclined to believe that he had access to gender. I do believe that he was given access to the, you know, the, the ear and the heart of or maybe even the chest of advantage, someone who was alone and that he may be able to whisper to them from a distance because he's already been exiled, and gender itself. According to the Quran is in the sutra, Tillman Taha, it's right under the load tree meaning and the highest of places in creation right under the throne of Allah. That's where Heaven is. So he's been expelled, which means he shouldn't have any access anywhere near there. And that's what I'm inclined to believe. Miriam Nadeem, Allah knows best by the way on that answer. But you know,

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Dean says, Please explain what it means by loving someone for the sake of Allah. I love this question. For the sake of Allah, okay, I'm kidding. I want to understand it the right way, the right concept. Sometimes it's difficult to understand whether the love you carry is for your, for yourself for yourself, or is it for Allah many times, these lines get blurred? Please try to address I'm eagerly waiting for it. So here's the in a nutshell, what I've been able to understand on this issue. Medium. I think a lot of times we use certain phrases that we don't really understand the depth of when I love my mom and I hug her I don't do so for the sake of a liability because she's my

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mom, when I have my children and love them, I do them because they're my children. You know, I love my siblings, because they're my siblings. And I love some of my friends because they're my friends. I don't necessarily do it because of the, for the sake of a lot. Now there are certain relationships were my love emanates, because of a lot like my teachers, people who taught me Hold on people that, you know, that are activists that are doing good things for the sake of Allah. And my love for them increases because they're serving a lesbian in some way. So yes, there are some and by the way, all of those logs are genuine and sincere and acceptable to Allah. But yes, there are certain

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relationships where your love does enhance and does increase for the sake of Allah out of brotherhood. Just you have love for someone just because of the fact that they're Muslim. That's love for the sake of Allah. And that's really it's not one or the other. And unless you love for the sake of Allah, it's not genuine love. That's not that is not the case. That is an oversimplification and it's actually a complication that we've created. Now before I hug my mother, I'm supposed to think Wait, am I hugging mom because I love mom, or because for the sake of Allah, don't confuse yourself with that stuff. This That's silly. We these loves Allah put inside of us and they are a

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form of sincerity as well. So I hope that answers your question.

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Xena as Amy asked the question, if we reach rock bottom in life, or only unless miracle can save us and we make dua to Allah not to test us anymore, or what our daughters to be answered quickly so we can get out of the difficulty middle or get you out of whatever difficulty you're in. And all of you make doll for her and for ourselves in the oma. Does that mean we lack patience? We like Subhan Allah will be upset with us. So sign up years in a nutshell the answer to your question when things get very, very difficult. Then even messengers at times said Madonna's Hola, Valentina

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Valentina, Amano ma who matana Slava, until even the messenger and those who believed alongside the messenger would even say when is the help of

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Coming. I wouldn't exactly use words like Yala, don't test me anymore. There are other better ways to say this wiser ways to say this and you should learn some of those ways, like or better language. I love it Natalie Lilly novella. Or, you know, even Madonna Madonna Sula, you know these words are words of a prophet of a messenger RNA Sato set up. So, what you should do is turn to alliander and turn to Allah in desperation and actually complaining to Allah about your problem is not a lack of sub. This is something actually mentioned in the Quran in ama scuba Shiva was the llama, I complain about my what I'm afflicted with regard to Allah, if I can turn to Allah with my please, who am I

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going to turn to? So on the one hand, we have to have this hopeful relationship with Allah. But at the same time, whatever troubles we're going through, we can only speak to him openly about but don't cross the line and say, Don't test me anymore. It's, you know, because you make it sound like allies, the one torturing you. Yeah, Allah allow me Give me the ability to pass through the test. Another thing about miracles that I wanted to tell you don't, don't think to yourself that only through miracles does the help of a lot come. Like Unless, you know, what Allah did. Allah does for you what he did for the people of the cave, and, you know, he let them sleep for several 100 years,

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and then they wake up. And unless that's something like that happens for you. Help is impossible. Allah makes ways possible that you and I can't imagine and they are well within far closer to within our reach, then we know that's actually something in the hands of Allah. So don't, don't relegate whether miracles to come more importantly though, one thing that is under your control, how Allah will help you is not in your control, you should ask Allah to provide you and give you relief. Whereas human hatefully sibella says he'll provide from where he couldn't, you couldn't even imagine. But one thing that is within your grasp, is for you to ask Allah for strength for you to

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ask Allah for patience and strength and constancy and ask a lot that you pass this test successfully, that this that this is something held in your account in your favor, and that your family and others are blessed as a result. In other words,