When Truthfulness Shall Profit the Truthful – Ramadan Reminder

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AI: Summary © The negative consequences of attempted harder aggressive actions during recent protests in Venezuela are discussed, including false accusations and bribery. The Day of Judgment is emphasized as a time for affirming one's own truthfulness and finding one's own success. Consciously honoring Islam's truthfulness is emphasized, and the importance of being mindful of one's actions is emphasized. The Day of Judgment is a time for rewarding one's actions and protecting one's hands.
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And typically when we're talking about hypocrisy, and we're talking about the consequences of hypocrisy, we find that there are many verses in the Bible and for us to challenge ourselves because sometimes we might see ourselves as the victim, we might see ourselves as the Righteous Party in a dispute, we might see ourselves as the truthful party where we might actually be the transgressing party. And so when we come across these verses about Venezuela, either we come across these verses about the 115. Or we come across these verses about different groups of people that transgressed at some point, we have to challenge ourselves, but somehow at the end of certain mark, either when we

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get into this juice, the second to last verse, is such a beautiful verse. It is a response that Allah subhana wa tada gives to a Sati his Salaam, Jesus peace be upon him, when he is asked on the Day of Judgment, if he ascribed divinity to himself, and he saw it and said, I'm so subhanak how perfect are you? Oh, Allah. Of course, I did not do that. I only said what you commanded me to say, You know what's inside of me Allah. I don't know what's with you. But yeah, like, you know, my truthfulness. You know that I did what I was told to do, you know, I only fulfilled the mission. And as followers of Muhammad Sallallahu it was said, and we affirm not just that the Prophet, slice

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alum, bell of the Prophet slice them gave his message, but all of the prophets and the messengers did their job, they gave their message. And Allah subhanaw taala. responds, Paul Allah, Allah said, how the young young Pharaoh saw the Athena said the home, this is a day in which the truthful will benefit from or profit from their truthfulness, lounger net and tragedy mentality and how Holly Dena Fie, her rhodiola waddle, the one that he can pose with a lien, that they have gardens beneath which rivers flow, Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Allah subhana wa john, and that is the ultimate success. But I want to focus on that one sentence or the one phrase within this is

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that this is the day that the truthful will profit from their truthfulness. Now, I'm not gonna ask you all to raise hands, but I can always tell from your head movement. Have you ever felt like you got the short end of a stick in a dispute because you had principles and the other party was not abiding by the same set of principles, you go into a business deal and you are bound by your ethics and you find out that the other person is cheating and you don't want to cheat as well. So you lost a lot of money. You got into a dispute with a friend and you said, You know what, I'm gonna walk away because I'll just seek it from Allah subhana wa, tada, I don't want this to be prolonged. You

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got into something and you did not descend to the way of the person that was hurting you You didn't hurt them in the same way. You got into an argument you didn't argue in the same way. You loan someone money and they didn't pay you back or they they said I didn't owe you this much. I actually owed you this much. You say, you know what, Fine, whatever, or an opportunity came, you know, we're talking about ACC Mashallah, you had an opening and you said, You know what, my conscious is not allowing me to take this, this, take this option, because I don't feel like my Tuckwell allows me to do that. And so you passed up and you said, you know, inshallah lost parents, I will give me

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something better, a really sweet investment or a business deal and it had a little bit of harm. And he said, No, you know, because the seller used to say tarakan on this Valhalla we gave up half of halaal out of fear of haraam. spamela we gave up half of what was held up because of our fear of what was wrong. So you've you might have been in that situation, where you felt like your honesty cost you an opportunity in this life or it caused you harm in this life. And what do we usually comfort ourselves with? Well, Maria tequila Hi, Angela. Whoa, Maharajah woman hater latest, Amina token Allah Hua hospital, whoever is mindful of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will make a way out for

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them. And Allah subhanaw taala will provide for them in ways that they had never anticipated before and whoever puts their trust in Allah, Allah sufficient for them. So usually we go to that verse, to comfort ourselves to remind us what that allow will provide another opening for us. But this verse is so comprehensive, it's such a comprehensive phrase, that this is the day in which the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness. Every moment that you just let it go, you know what, I'll pass up on it. You know what, I'm not gonna descend to that, you know what, it's just a little bit of money. You know what, a lot will provide me another opportunity every single time you pass up on the

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Allah subhana wa tada was taking note of it. Allah subhanaw taala wrote it down. And usually when

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We talked about the Day of Judgment. We talked about that 1 million. No injustice is tolerated on the Day of Judgment. And we remind ourselves to be mindful of being oppressors, because oppression is darkness on the Day of Judgment. But this is actually a positive reinforcement from Allah subhanaw taala. You want to be saw that you want to be truthful. This is the day in which you're going to benefit from your truthfulness. wait to see how Allah subhana wa tada repays you on the Day of Judgment for the way you walk away. wait to see how a lot repays you on the Day of Judgment for the opportunity you pass up on because of the forbidden and prohibited that was a part of it. wait

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to see how Allah subhanaw taala compensates you on the Day of Judgment for how you maintained your ethics in that dispute. And you did not descend wait to see how Allah subhana wa tada gives you a deal in replacement of the deal in this dunya have a young, young Pharaoh's father clean us medical home. This is the day in which the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness. And so this is just to comfort the heart. So when a Saudi stamp says yeah Allah you know, yeah, Allah you know, I mean, you know who I am and you know what I did. And Allah subhana wa tada puts a Saudi cinema at ease with all of us at ease as well. That this is the day in which the truthful will be paid back

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for their truthfulness. Allah Medina Mina saw the clean alarm which I'm not going to set the theme of Allah make us from the truthful make us from those who are truthful with our words truthful with our hearts, truthful with our deeds make us amongst those that are truthful when they strive for Allah that are truthful and they repent to Allah that are truthful when they say that they are seeking the ultimate reward from Allah and join us with the most truthful of all of Allah's creation and the highest level of genetic results. Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Lama I mean, just like my feet on Santa Monica when I counsel and counsel