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reminder before we get into it in Charlottetown, you can download the ebook which is in the comments. Also on our mobile landing page, the poor and 3430 companion guide which talks about the over view of the structure of the GES and in about two pages per dose, and you can use that inshallah tab to guide you through this as well as the due date booklet by Dr. Todd Wyatt, please do download that and engage with that booklet as well in sha Allah tada throughout the month of Ramadan and of course we ask you to consider supporting the ipmn hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen The more that you support us the more that we're able to continue to produce free resources so please do consider

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donating tip and inshallah tie this Ramadan and inviting your friends and family to do so as well. With that being said, I want to welcome Sister najwa hamdulillah to our program.

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Sister Nigel is someone that somehow like people always ask about and look forward to and I was just sharing that with her in fact, you know, with her insights Mashallah. And welcome to welcome to port and 3436 from Andhra. She's definitely for having me always love to be here and converse with you guys about such wonderful things Michelle, and Eva Creek and Zack Zach Fisher from the love for being with us, as always, every night humbled and honored monotony and lost parents, I'll protect you and bless you along. So I got my timer going in sha Allah.

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So early on, Ron is a very hard sudra to hone in on one incident from the Sierra and to give an overview from the perspective of the life of the Prophet slice alum. Because it ties in together so many historical episodes Subhan Allah just as we said just one of Surah Al Baqarah really parallels with the first year after his a lot just to have sort of Baccarat parallels the second year after Hitler the second year in Medina, just three which is primarily sort of audio Milan includes the end of certain buckle and then goes into it, I'm Ron, is pretty much the third year after Hitler. So it's actually moving in a very smooth, smooth fashion here smooth structure here and you can see

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some kind of like, you know, sometimes there's a question as to the the touch tip of the Koran, and the order in the structure. And indeed, you know, some kind of law, it is divinely structured and beautifully structured in a way that you're looking at 123 of the first three years of the building of the Muslim community, the construction of the Muslim community, in Medina. So in this year, you have a lot of things that are going to be covered, you have delegate the delegation of ninjavan, that's going to be spoken about you have you know, certain incidents and encounters with hypocrites certain instance and encounters with the Jewish tribes in Medina, you have the aftermath of better

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because remember, but that was in in the second year after Hitler enrollment. And so you have the aftermath of that, right you have to you know, you have to see the way that the community develops and maintains its humility and connects the unlikely victory that it attains to the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you have the aftermath of Baba and sort of picking up after that and anticipating what is to come next. And then you have the Battle of effort. Now, I want to focus on that inshallah tada for a bit and then I'll get to the other things. This is of course, the surah that addresses the People of the Book the most out of the Quran, it covers the Saudis, salaam, the

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story of Jesus peace be upon him in immense detail in more detail them sort of medium, and that is because of the interactions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specifically with the People of the Book in Medina, in this context, but I want to start with her because it really Subhan Allah has a practical benefit to building off of the high after better or hurt occurred according to most of the scholars in Shell one of the third year after hids so Subhana Allah the first Ramadan had bedded the first stumbled on the Muslims fasted had the second Ramadan, the Muslims fasted was immediately followed by a hook because remember, the first one Milan was second year after his,

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therefore, the second that I Milan was the third year after heads about and right after Milan, the the pagans and Mecca gather and they gather a mighty a mighty army to take out revenge to extract revenge on the Muslims for their defeat at Bethel, even though Subhanallah they were the persecutors but now they come with a much larger army. They're being led by how to determine what a dominant been asked to come up and Abuja has some of the younger commanders amongst them because the elders had died in invaded. They are far more equipped this time. They have more horses, more camels, more weapons, they have a strategic plan to surround Medina to attack the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and

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so this is a

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You know a very interesting dynamic and they always outnumber the Muslims the panel on every battle they outnumber the Muslims in bed that and and so I want us to go to verses 121 to 123 and sorted out Iran where Allah says what is the ultimate Athletica to bow meaning I'm a party that will fit up below some urine or anything. And remember when you O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam left your family in the morning to post the believers at their stations for the Battle of Allah is all hearing and a lot is all knowing. This speaks to literally somehow how much is packaged within these few words, the prophet sighs someone would leave for battle in the early morning hours and some of the scholars say

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that's because the prophets lie some never entered battle except after his piano lips panela so after the night of invoking a loss of putana and praying to Allah, and invoking his help and his support and his blessings, they make their way out to the battlefield. And Allah is all hearing and Allah is all knowing what is this referring to the hearts and this is why this This builds so well off of what we have just covered in regards to bed that Allah says when two parties amongst you met it have met law if autonomy men come and tough shala will law who will be Johana when two parties among you are about to lose courage, we're about to lose their thrust and then Allah subhana wa

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Taala was their ally. This is lost upon most people reading the Koran. Why, because the incident prior to hood is usually not spoken about, but it is so central to this idea. Before a hood, the prophets lie some sets out with 1000 people 300 of those 1000 of those 1000 were amongst the hypocrites. And so, to demoralize the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they turned away from the army of 1000 making it 700 and they did so on the basis of supposedly the profit slice I'm not taking their advice and fighting inside of Medina, but rather fighting outside of Medina. But of course, they were planning to abandon the profit slice I don't no matter what. So they turn away from the profit

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slice and I'm right before the battle starts 300 of them and they are the most equipped of the Muslim army. And you can imagine the vulnerability then of the 700 now Subhanallah some of those people, and particularly the two tribes that are being spoken about according to narration from Jabba while the Allah Tada, bento hottie fatten benu selama this, you know, there was a moment there, right? Like, okay, we're going to be massacred here because we were already outnumbered when facing them in Mecca. Now we're even more outnumbered. So we're going to be massacred here. But Allah subhanaw taala says, But Allah was there Willie and so

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on and

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you know, we would not be pleased if it was not revealed because Allah said Allah was their ally, you know, like this could be, you know, a way of those two tribes feeling singled out, but instead, they're honored because Allah says that he was there early and so they maintained their positioning with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam why Allah He didn't want me known and upon Allah let the believers place their trust. what are called nasaka mala will be bedded in one time Abdullah and remember when Allah supported you when and gave you victory embedded when you were just a few in number, fat temple, Lucha Nana contest Quran so fear Allah be mindful of Allah so that perhaps you

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will be from the Grateful Subhana Allah in Ramadan. Fasting is for taqwa the end of Ramadan is for shellcode is for gratitude is to arrive at the station of sugar. And here Allah says fedtech Allah Allah come touch Quran, have Taqwa so that you may arrive at the station of shellcode which is exactly this practice that we are in right now in Ramadan. Why is this so important? Subhana Allah, because you find that those 700 that for the 3000 that came from Mecca, we know the story of the Prophet sallallahu it was said I'm appointing 50 archers under the law and obeyed all the a lot of time and telling them not to come down from their station. Now what happens in after the Muslims

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when the battle right after the Muslims win the battle 40 of those 50 come down because they think the battle is over. So they disobeyed the Prophet slice them and they left 10 on the mountain over there. And when that happened, we know that Khalid took the what the Allahu taala and who took the army around the other side and he was able to ambush the Muslims at that point. At that point. Many of the Muslims fled Okay, now some of them fled because they thought the Prophet slice and I'm already was killed, right because that was one of the tricks that was played was that the Prophet slice on them. They said that the paternal Mohammed Salah lines and some of them fled because at

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that point, we lost the battle. You're just running for your life. Some of them a few of them gathered around the profit slice of them and died fighting alongside the profit slice. I'm covering him. I didn't

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slot was set up, and you know lived on with their stories of being heroes on that day. Now, why do I think this is so important from a spiritual perspective and it's palla honestly, it's my first time reflecting on it this way. Allah azza wa jal does not censure, the the ones that fled ahead the way he talks about the hypocrites, right when you'll see when we get into some of these sewer, these chapters, the hypocrites are spoken too harshly. But these people that fled on earth were not from the hypocrites. The hypocrites were already distilled because the hypocrites go out with that intention. Right? And they were already sorted out from this army. But there was a group of people

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and of course, they're on a spectrum that fled at different points. And that was a moment of weakness, but they were still sincere believers. So when Allah subhanaw taala talks to them a lot invites them to forgiveness, a lot tells the prophets lie some to forgive them. And we do not look at them with scorn, right? Those people lived on to fight battles alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now why do I think that's a powerful connection, shallow tie, then I'll hand it off in sha Allah. Because if you think about Allah, Al Baqarah gave us these categories of people, right. And we were to see ourselves in these categories where we fall, and seek to be amongst the

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best of the best. And it's important for us to now see how these categories are playing out, because earlier on talks about the hypocrites, it talks about those that were not hypocrites that were believers, but they fell for a moment, right? They had a point of weakness, and Allah invited them to tobor right away, and they sought their repentance and they came back to the Prophet slice Allah. When you're talking about the people of the book, Allah talks about the people of the book that sought to conceal the signs when they saw the Prophet sly, someone recognized him. And then a lot of talks about the people of the book that heard the Quran and wept in recognition of the truth. So

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Subhanallah you're seeing it play out here. And it's important for us to recognize that especially as we start to get into again, some of the future categorizations of people and the suicides that are coming up so Allah forgave those people that fled or hurt and Allah reminded them when Allah supported them in bed, that it was never about your number, but you have to obey the prophets lysozyme and victory comes from obeying Allah and the messenger sallallahu Sallam and ask for the hypocrites they their own separate category. The last thing I'll say in this regard a group of Christians came from Nigel on to debate the profit slice them to ask about the profit slice alum and

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this is one of the historical moments in Islamic history that you can read about and a lot of the discussion here of resigning Islam of Jesus peace be upon him clarifying who he was actually came in response to those Christians that were asking questions to the Prophet slice about Risa it has set up but inshallah tada you can look up the famous incident of nuns on the Arabs that came from the drawn the Arab Christians that came from Nigeria, and then the light Allah, I will stop there inshallah and hand it off to Sheikh Abdullah sister Nigel, if they want to share anything in sha Allah, then we can get to their parts.

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Such beautiful reflections on the mercy of a law and how we can even take the internal bond. But, you know, sometimes

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with Ramadan, whether it's small sins or even bigger sins, how it's quite a lot with the believers love, so merciful, and then that ability to come back to him, no matter what, whether it's like you didn't read, and we're still in the beginning of Ramadan. But whether you didn't read enough core and for that day, or even if it's something much bigger, to know that, you know, there's no greater handhold than the one that you have with a lot. And that you can always return to Him. And seek that forgiveness is, is something that's just so heartwarming, and it's such a good powerful reminder.

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You must show love coming in, you know, just just, you know, hearing these these reports and these incidents that took place, it's always you know, when we look at belief, in regards to the dunya, it's very important that we rely on that which is intangible, you know, relying on Allah subhanaw taala. And not just looking at the numbers, and letting those numbers or what we see in front of us be the ultimate repository of guidance, or that is where we determine truth and false it because you'll be tested with these things. And that can ultimately divert your heart, which is a good segue to what I want to talk about how to love Michelle, I see we're getting good segues into

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the course in good taxi Michelle, so radical, that is the heart and we spoke about the heart.

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You know, the first the first sit down the first session in regards to the heart being diverted or diverting to something else, other than Allah subhanho wa Taala and the message of Islam so when we look at this in the chapter on Iran, the verse a third verse in the Quran, or last kind of went to Allah, or the the the eighth verse in the Quran excusing

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Lots of pilots Allah is mentioning a dua that we should say in times of confusion or in times of wanting guidance up along with all of the other verses in the Quran. But this is an important verse, why? Because the verse before that speaks about the book being the Quran, that in this Koran are verses that are very clear, and others aren't meant to shy behind. They are ambiguous for amantadine, if you hold Oui, Zayed Hoon, and for the ones that have this diversion, or have this form of following other than the truth, they follow what their desires may have yet to be run in mentorship, I mean, who, so Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioning here, that those may follow the

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ambiguous verses, and they tend to make trouble by to pin down specific meanings on their own, but to pin down these specific meanings of the Quran that they may not really know, but based on some desire that they may have, outside of following the methodology of how to understand the ambiguous verses, they follow mentorship and liberty, law and fitness, we're going to look at that we. And they also want to, as he mentioned, they want to create some specific meaning of their own, because they create their own understanding of the verse. And it's very important for all of us because, you know, there's times when a verse may come to us, and it may be something that we didn't anticipate,

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didn't expect, didn't even want. And that's where the final frontier comes in. Are we going to, you know, run from that verse, or are we going to try to understand it or if we know and have the understanding, to fight our desires, to where we follow that which we know is true, and which is ultimate guidance. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that no one knows the true meaning, except Allah subhanaw taala, and those are rasa hoonah fill in, and those that are well grounded in knowledge, and that is what is so beautiful about Islam is that it is a religion of spirituality, but it does not neglect the aspect of knowledge, it does not neglect the importance of seeking

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knowledge in order to have the books or the spirituality on the right course in the right, the right way, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, Yeah, multiboot sub it's called the allergenic Oh, the one who flips the hearts, make my heart firm on your religion. So Allah subhanho wa Taala comes after that after mentioning the reality that there may be people that may give an understanding to ambiguous verses in the Quran based on their desires or wanting fitness, wanting fitness for the community. He says after that, I do either we should all say Robin I led to lubaina by that it has a ton that will happen that I mean legend can integrate into our Lord Robinette

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meaning Yeah, Allah Allah calling on Allah subhanho wa Taala

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led to zil guru banner do not allow our hearts to deviate. And Zayed is to deviate from the suit often was stuck in it's to go off of that straight path led to the globe and that bad day tonight after You have guided us. You know, I was in the masjid last night and Subhanallah you know there many of the communities community was waiting for maybe something in the chapter of Bukhara you know, give the hotdog between the fork card and panel I just said say Alhamdulillah just saying hamdulillah which is an effective because we are here in the masjid. We weren't here last year. And now we're here as though it never took place. So when looking at this beautiful, beautiful blessings

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of Allah subhana wa Tada, you see a hamdulillah Hara behind me. And you ask him to keep you on the straight path. Because when you do that, it increases your humility. It breeds humility. And it reads reliance on the loss of kind of hold on and knowing that you never have it all figured out. It's always a law that gives you the ability to figure something out. But once you figure it out, what is your response to that? What is your action? How do you act? Do you feel that you have some sort of control. So here let's visit Cuba now by the end of the day tonight and Buddha, which is interesting, some of the scholars said it to us and let me narrow it to Seneca he said he asked for

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Allah subhana wa tada the with a blessing that was given in the past for a blessing in the future. So you're asking ALLAH and you're admitting about a blessing that was given in the past by you guiding us, do not divert our hearts after You have guided us. So you're mentioning a father a virtue that he's giving you. And you're asking him to increase you in guidance what happened last minute, I don't care. and grant us bestow upon us that often at the mercy. That's what you're asking him for now. So seeing this technique of asking Allah subhanho wa Taala, based on something he's done for you, while in order to ask him for something that you want, and we see this even in an

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Fatiha, which is similar to this technique, you're mentioning his gracious what he's done for you, and you're asking him in, you know, sit on something. So this technique is very, very important when calling on Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then after that and ending the verse in until Wahab and we see the stoners, particularly men of Saudi Arabia recommend Saudi or homologs Allah. He mentioned consistently in his

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tafsir that it is important that when we see a name at the end of a verse, that we look at the context of the verse and understand the manifestation of that name. So here in the center we have a last word Allah is abundant, he is the one that bestows the blessings upon you. He is the ultimate source. And where does that take place in this situation in this context, because He bestows upon you to be guided, and not to fall off by having zeal in your heart, and not following those desires that you want, that we all may want, but knowing what is right, and following that, so May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those in this blessed month of Ramadan and the months to follow, to ask him

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to keep our hearts firm on this faith, because there will be tests there will be signs for us to stay on this right path or science for us that we need to make a choice. I mean, last month our business with tofield in Tibet,

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Xochimilco chefs panel lobby and oven Baccarat is asking a lot not to burden us the beginning of it, I'm on and asking a lot to increase us a sentence, it's beautiful, so that you see the you know, it's like a buckler ends with a drop. The hammer on begins with your armor on ends with the dura. So it's, it's you're seeing actually the progression of your art. And of course, fatty hat is a do.

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So, you know, as we're trying to figure out how to make your app, you know, and like, especially trying to get into our diet mode in these first few days of Ramadan, like, read the dots that are coming in the first few chapters of the Quran, they're so plentiful, and they're so comprehensive. So Pamela, so

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you're not well, the floor is yours? That's

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a good segue. And shall I'm talking about a 35 inserted.

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And, you know, speaking of the heart, and just making that and, and how we have a choice in terms of reacting to things that are that are unexpected. And I have 35, the wife of Hebron she she

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does. Remember when the wife of Enron said, My Lord, I dedicate what is in my room entirely to your service. So accept it from me, you alone are truly the all seeing all knowing how all the same. But I just mentioned the same warning.

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And then goes on to say what did she do? She said, My Lord, I have given birth to a girl and unlawfully knew what she had delivered. Not like the female, I have named her Megan, and I seek your protection for her and her offspring from Geodon oakcrest.

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And so here we see an example of the wife of Enron, where she has this intention, she has this this vision that she's pregnant with his child, and she wants to dedicate it to,

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to the service of a law, she wants it to, to, to raise it to be a worshiper.

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she ends up having a girl medium instead. And it's not exactly what she expected. But going back to what she has a lesson where we have this choice. And in the psychology of acceptance, they say acceptance is, really you see two major things. One, you see mindfulness, when you see the person who is experiencing acceptance is really in the moment, they're not thinking, Oh, I wish this could have been like this, or if I had done this, you know, such and such would have happened, and you don't see them in the future, either. I don't know what I'm going to do. This is not what I expected, there in the present. And then the second part is there in the present, and without

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judgment, meaning that they take what has happened to them, and they don't necessarily attribute good or bad, they just observe it. And you see that with the wife of

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Enron, in which she, she accepts it, she doesn't lament over anything. She She asked a lot to protect Maryam from from JSON and her offspring, which is really interesting, because that's, that's aisa. And

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it's just such a powerful reminder how sometimes, you know, we make the offer things, we have an intention for certain things, and it doesn't work out, as expected. And,

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like ship, the love was saying that we have we have a choice in that moment. To to completely rely on the law and and say, you know, this is part of the Hickman part of the wisdom of Allah, or we can, you know, go and start to think about

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things that are not not very healthy for us, and even in the AAS afterwards. It's really interesting when we're talking about like that. You have a prophet Zechariah who goes on and who is inspired by medium.

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And he makes a diet because he wants righteous offspring. And it's kind of love the angels give glad tidings and he is that is it.

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on the spot, and even though he's a prophet, he's he's astonished. How can my wife

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How can she she have a child when she's barren? When she's old age, it's kind of love. Sometimes we make up for things. And, you know, and they're accepted. And it's, he, I'm sure he had full faith in the law. But it's, it's amazing how sometimes even our own response to things is something we don't don't expect. And, you know, going back to the wife of Enron, when she was making that dot when she was when she had that intention for something really good.

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In that moment, could you imagine like, that she would have I'm, you know, a lot of them, but she she didn't know she was going to have money, and she didn't know that after money was going to come ERISA. Okay, so

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the global impact that that one made is tremendous. And in that moment, she had no idea. And so it really goes to show you that a lot a lot answers are drawn in ways that we completely don't expect. Sometimes it's, um, it's answer right away, like we see with pockets equity is sometimes isn't exactly what we expect, but it surpasses our expectations. And so, you know, growing on the on the theme of diet, you know, in Ramadan, sometimes we get discouraged, we make the art and it doesn't exactly

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come to fruition how we expect or we wonder, did is my dry accepted? Did I do the right thing? Did Allah hear me? And then we go back to you know, truly, Allah is the all hearing the all knowing he does hear you he does know, he knows what's best for you. And if he decides to withhold your dot, and show it's going to be gifted to you on the Day of Judgment, or in a way, much better than you expected. Like we see with with the.of,

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the wife of a moron.

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I have a question for you.

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We struggle sometimes with imams when we are

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bring these questions because what if I can't see myself in any one of these stories? Right? I don't see myself and Zachary it has said or mme it has said? Or the mother of mme it has said I'm like I just don't see. Like my draw is it seems like complete silence. How do I deal with that? Right? Like if it feels like my draw is not being answered at all.

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And it is tough because it's not like we see a loss not like we see our dog going up and and we see how it's going to materialize. I would say in that moment.

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Know that even if you can't see yourself as as any of these amazing people that Allah answers you're not you. You don't the person does not have a just the way he answers the dots of the of the prophets. And so knowing that Allah has that power to heal, to hear you, no matter who you are, where you are, and to have that that faith that it may be, it's not coming now. But it will come or even if it's not coming now Allah is going to protect you from something something much better, that the data is not only answered, for for the profits and these amazing people, but it's for all of us, the sinners, the nobodies, everybody.

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home, I think it for me, like I just tie it back to the beginning of Bukhara How did we start this quarter and write those that believe in the unseen? So we know that when we make dua to Allah, that Allah will always answered better. And sometimes we don't know what better is at the moment, Allah will answer it better than what we are asking. Right? So we don't know what better is at the moment. However, sometimes there is delay. And sometimes that delay is to the Hereafter, right? And while we're categorizing, sometimes the delay will say there's delay in this dunya or there's delay, you know, or there's the hereafter Allah answers it for you in the hereafter. Since we are continuing

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onwards to the hereafter. It really is just a matter of when that delay is until, however, the drought will surely be answered, right warding off an evil, that you're unaware of answering it the way you're asking for it, answering it better than the way that you're asking for it. You know, in ways that you could not even take into consideration or delaying it and delaying it sometimes all the way to the hereafter where if Allah gives you the reward of that in the Hereafter, then it doesn't expire the way that things expire in this world. So I think it's it's a powerful, you know, that becomes an extremely personal due out right. So just like we're seeing the categories of

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people, and a bucket play out in real time right in the car, and different groups of people here you're seeing the categories of your eyes, and here are the very personal way

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There is coming to be through the stories of the family of race it, Sam and mme it is to them and look at it. So, yeah, Ron and the wife of her environment so on so forth. So it's powerful that you then see it play out within that family how their their eyes were answered.

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No, and this analyze beautiful that was the point that I was going to mention is a SubhanAllah. You know, the methodology of da in regards to expectations. You know, when we make the drive, it's very important for us to check ourselves and what we what do we expect. And this goes back to you know, even personal one having good thoughts about Allah smart Allah, his names and its attributes, which are highly implore Muslims, and even those that may not be Muslim wants to know about Islam is to look at the names and attributes of God and to study that if you have the opportunity just to go online and look at his different names, and the manifestation of those names. So particularly the

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names that I love, or I name and then hiking, because when I make that draw, as opposed to something even mentioned, is an interesting word in Arabic that he used in regards to a lot answering the drop, it may be something that will be delayed all the way to the African electronic or Mr. Said, and he said, get done here. And you're done. That is literally like to store something in the freezer word, dry fruit food. So when you think of that, because of his extensive, perfect knowledge, the reason why he started alone was best, but we should ultimately know one thing that he did it out of ultimate love for you, out of ultimate desire for your guidance, for your benefit, and

00:31:32--> 00:32:05

only for your benefit. I see these, these, this understanding of God is very important that we as Muslims, try to learn about and inshallah inculcate within our lives on a daily basis, because we're going to encounter these all of us, you know, I made this draw. And, you know, it wasn't answered in a lot, I felt sincere, I was up at the last third of the night, I was fasting, you know, I felt sincere, but it just wasn't answered. That's where as just a natural mentioned those choices, it's going to be very important on the choices that you make, and having those feelings in the beginning. And then it's normal, it's human. But what is the response once you take a step back and look at the

00:32:05--> 00:32:38

reality of you as a human being, and the reality of Allah as your Lord. So it's very important that I like how this was, you know, all around, and particularly with with medium Pinilla, you know, that she was in theory, that was the reality that we get to him in a shape and regime as last month dimensions in those verses that will, will protect her and her offspring, and who was her son, Isa de Sena. So we're just looking at the pattern of how long it gives a story to the parents, and telling them about something that they that they will not, didn't anticipate in the future. It's amazing. It's amazing.

00:32:40--> 00:33:12

How a lot, it's like, there is a journey. And there are so many points, like I'm just connecting it to personally and a lot of people like you first make the drop. And then sometimes it's like, Wow, it happened. So think about the wife of Emraan when she made the deal, and then she got pregnant. hamdulillah we, you know, Allah answered, Allah is merciful, and then Emraan died. And he set up and then she's like, wait, but she kept her faith and a lot and then the baby's born. And it's a girl and it's not a boy, so she can't dedicate the girl to the temple or so she thinks, right? She can't.

00:33:13--> 00:33:52

You know, I wanted a prophet that would continue the way of Benny you know, being a slave to the prophets and putting aside and be dedicated to the message. Oh, well, but I'm going to keep my connection to Allah subhanaw taala. Can you imagine Subhana Allah that Allah not only honored her with money, it has cinemas not just like this, she's not a comma, you know, between the wife of Milan and a size that this is the best woman that ever walked the face of the earth, right? I mean, named in the poor and you know, 30 times. She's not a comma and then a Saudi history is Jesus peace be upon him, in order to Azmi minahasa right, the virtues one of the greatest messengers of Allah.

00:33:52--> 00:34:32

There's no messenger between him and Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And he is an Mercia. He is the one who Allah chose to return back to the earth and to rectify the affairs after things have after the the havoc of unless he had the job. I mean, all of that is in her scale. And it's because she didn't disconnect at any point in the journey have heard your app because when you make your app, you could at some point hop off like Alright, this was gone well, but then what happened? You know, like, No, she she stuck with the detours too. And she kept her faith in Allah subhana wa Tada. Even as the You seem to be detouring and taking directions that she wasn't prepared for this panel. Yes.

00:34:36--> 00:34:48

And as you mentioned that because, you know, sometimes a lot of our doors actually come true. And we don't even make the connection that they have come through in that moments. Like,

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

I think it's a good practice, and it's something that I have been working on myself is I try to go back to the previous moments on like, what thoughts have I made that maybe the moment I didn't see happen?

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

But like over the course of the year, I did see materialize that we are so as human beings, we're so forgetful. We didn't even realize like, wow, I was really struggling with this last year. And it didn't happen right away. But within the year it happened. This played out or maybe I was guided in a different direction. So even in this room, well done, like having that reflection. And if you're that didn't happen last time, like continue to make that dot like you said, it's a journey. It's this is not like the end point, you know, there's an expiration date with each Ramadan, continuing to make those those dots. It might be in store for you sometime soon, and or, you know, in the years

00:35:36--> 00:35:45

coming, but you know, I love that comment about it being a journey. It's not just like you just say, and it's done. It's just, it's an ongoing process.

00:35:51--> 00:36:25

We went a little longer, but it's okay, once you start telling my daughter, I think it resonates a specific way right. Now, it's interesting how you mentioned aeromar, how the detour like she wanted a child, a lot of us are with a child, but then it was ending with thoughts of her own. Well, Allahu Allah with the mother that she wanted a child a lot lesser with a child, but the the gender of the child was not what she anticipated. Right? So you think when you make a doula when you have a picture in your mind of what you want, you're making a drawing, sometimes you're painting a picture in your mind, and a lot knows that you want, I don't know the first thing you know, you want to go

00:36:25--> 00:37:01

to this college with these courses with this degree, or you want to get married to this sister with this character. Allah blesses you with that, that college, but it wasn't the specifics of his work, how you anticipated it, right? The specifics of that object that you may do are for wasn't exactly how you wanted it. And that's why Subhanallah it's important for us, again, that you know, this detour that we go through allow will give you what you wanted, but the descriptions of that thing that you asked for, may not be totally how you wanted it. And that's where again, the choice lies I'm glad you made that point because you may ask for a thing, but the thing in particular is not

00:37:01--> 00:37:15

exactly how you anticipated it. And Allah knows best about the minutiae of everything that you ask for. So we worship Alon on his terms and that are not an hour so that's a very important point in regards to the responsible a lot to our do our

00:37:16--> 00:37:57

common law fair extremely beneficial and I love bless you both May Allah bless you and increase you and accept your ass all of our drives this one Milan and make us amongst those that are forgiven Allah I mean, just again, please do inshallah Thai for the viewers. Download the ebooks in sha Allah, donate tip tune in every night and shall the poor and 3432 meeting Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam every day at 11am. Eastern. And also check out the trauma series that was written by Sister najwa. And sister Satish upon him the lot one most beneficial series we have on epeans website, I forgot one more thing, the parables of the poor. And we covered a lot of parables, and

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The benefit of that sort of they're coming together to learn is not merely the imparting of information and the receiving of information or the discussion that takes place, it's people coming together to feel that tranquility from Allah, and to also feel like they can talk about a lot in a safe and a thoughtful space. And we've structured these conviction circles over the period of a semester so that these modules actually take into consideration that student's schedule, so that you feel like there's something that you're working towards every time you start a module. And by the end of it, you feel like you've gained some literacy in that topic. And at the same time, you've

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identified the proper parameters that are given to us through the tradition as to how we should look at these issues. And you also have some mature discussion and the bonding that takes place through that mature discussion with other classmates and other students that probably have the exact same concerns and the exact same questions about our tradition. Our goal is not just to have a place for critical thinking, we also want to encourage self reflection. This is not just some sort of intellectual playground this is meant to be a camp for self development, because we believe that Yep, being that conviction directly leads to contribution.