Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 2 with Sh. Ismail Kamdar

Omar Suleiman
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone, Welcome to Night Two, of course on 3430 just 200 illa I want to remind you all didn't Allahu taala that we have the Koran 3430 ebook companion guide, inshallah Tada, that's in the comments. So you can follow along and cover the structure, the sequence that's based on the, you know, the notes from last year, have handed it out. I mean, the co author of that book ship has not yet is actually with us as our guest tonight. 100 allowed I mean as a first time for called on 30 for 30 hamdullah. We're blessed to have him join us as a research manager at European this year. So I can showcase my thinking sit on what it is that we're having,

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and why we're Kiko. And you are in South Africa. I'm the developer I mean, so

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it's, it's late at night. Yeah. Probably lower bar in robloxian. Chair from de la hamdulillah. As always good to see you, Chef. Likewise, I

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can so reminder to everyone in sha Allah of the format of this. So we're going to I'll do a quick focus on the Sierra in sha Allah Tada. And bidding the night Allah will have chef from the lunch at his mat, he'll share their reflections and shut up, make sure you share the stream, make sure that you donate at the link but then it tied to continue to support yaqeen with our free resources and make sure that you download the two ebooks and have the love this year, the 30 for 30 book, as well as the prophetic prayers by Dr. thaw Hawaii. So inshallah with that I will start and I've actually got a stopwatch this year 100 allow me to keep myself disciplined.

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We talked last time about sort of the bucket off coming down in the first year in Medina. And this will probably be my favorite Sierra chapter actually, of all of the agenda, really, because of what comes in Charlottetown towards the end of what I'm going to speak about, but let's sort of connect it and shallow tie. So just to very easy for you to remember. Most of the verses that come in just two are actually in the second year after hedgerow, so just one of bacala is tied most closely to the first year after his well when the Muslim community settles in Medina. Just to have a Baccarat is tied to the second year after his RA, where several incidents are going to take place. Number

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one, we referenced this last time in Charlotte's Last time we talked about how the Qibla changed from Jerusalem to Mecca. And this was as a pseudo medical will be a lot of time who narrates after 17 or 18 months in Medina after they were praying towards Jerusalem Allah subhana wa tada revealed the change of the fibula towards Mecca. So last time we talked about the longing that the Muslims have, while they're in Medina for Mecca, which they've left behind. Of course, the more hygiene that is, and the original vision of Ibrahim alayhis salaam and the construction of the cabinet and now they're being turned towards the canvas. So they have a new connection to the Kava that they did not

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have even in Mecca Subhan Allah. So now they are towards the Kava. And this is of course where you know, we also find multiple Hadith about the change of the Kabbalah. And the interesting thing about it is that it changed while the Muslims were in the middle of their salon, so and this will be a lot of time Whoa. he narrates that a man passed by bedroom cinema while they were praying and slots and budget and they finished one record so they were praying in Medina facing towards Jerusalem. And then he called out and he said the Qibla has changed. So they turned as they were towards the fibula. So that's why you find Masjid al Qibla team, which it's not a requirement or for you to

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visit when you go to Medina, by the way because it gets super crowded over there. But most people attain Of course marks that change of the Qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca. Now there's great significance to this. And of course, the foundation that we talked about last time of the construction of the cabin the way of the Brahim Isom and the promise of Allah subhana wa tada to Ibrahim alayhis salam to fulfill tawheed both through the lineage of his Hakata his Salaam and then through the lineage lineage of his made it Salaam through Mohammed Salah lahardee who has set up an in Mecca, that that comes to be but we also find numerous narrations here that while they were

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facing towards the Qibla in quotes towards Jerusalem, as the change came from Allah subhana wa tada Allah subhanaw taala mentioned sapkota stufurhome in a nice Nast. Now allow him and capability him or not he can do it. That the fools amongst the people will say what turn them those Muslims from their Qibla to which they used to be upon.

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Kind of what to Allah says good Lila and machico will Maghreb say to Allah belongs to the east and the west and Allah subhanaw taala guides whom He wills to the straight path and this was, you know, a form of validation to the Prophet sly sentiment to the Muslim community of the change of us.

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Have a direction really being the ultimate cementing of the Prophet sallallahu it who was Saddam's authority at this point of building upon the revelations that came before him so a lot he was going on through the other prophets may lessen his peace and blessings upon them all. And continuing their legacy and all within the way of Ibrahim it Salaam as he built the camera to establish toe hate. Now when this happened when the tibula changes towards Mecca, of course the connection to Jerusalem always stays May Allah subhana wa Tada. Keep it sanctified in our hearts. In my last point, I liberate the occupied sanctuary a lot. I mean, a lot will be a lot of time. It was an interesting

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narration as well. He says that, when that change happened, some of the Sahaba were worried about their brothers who had passed before the change of Qibla. Right. What is their situation? Does the Salah that they did towards Jerusalem facing away from Mecca count did they lose it and this is the reason for the revelation of verse 143. One can Allah Julio Leah imana, come, Verily, Allah subhana wa tada will not cause your faith your Imam to be lost. And this is referring to that incident in which the Sahaba asked the Prophet slice alum about their brothers who had passed away who did not live to see the switch of the Qibla and Allah subhanaw taala validating that Allah has maintained

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all of their prayers and all of the reward for their prayers. Now, this is not my favorite part. I'll get to that. And Shall I just quickly, you go on and you see a lot of verses about laws. A lot of questions. Yes, I do wanna kiss alone, I guess I don't like they asked you They asked you They asked you so laws in regards to finances laws in regards to society, social gatherings, economic, political, international issues. Now all of these these laws that are being revealed and they're being revealed with Yes, alumina, alumina cast aluminum, they ask you they ask you they ask you, and then Allah subhanaw taala reveals put it could say to them, oh, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam this,

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say to them, oh, Muhammad Sallallahu it was sort of that. And then that's what makes so beautiful. What either seller carry body underneath it in the body. When my servants ask you about me, I am close to them. Because there is no there is no say I am close to them because when you make drop, you are immediately connected to Allah subhanaw taala. Now, here's my favorite part about this entire thing. What I'm about the legislation of Ramadan was in this Jews and in the second year after his thought, and it was legislated in Shaban. So the second year after they get the command to fast the entire month of Ramadan prior to that fasting was prescribed upon you the way it was

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prescribed on those that came before you. And that was the days that Allah subhana wa tada had to create a Yama not do that. Some days, the days of ashuelot the day of alpha, but here the Ramadan was decreed upon them too fast the month before so shot down the second year after heads up on Milan was decreed. Now here's the thing, what also happened the second year after higit on the Battle of beddit happened, the Battle of bed that happened on the 17th day of Ramadan, the second year after Hitler. So can you imagine your first Ramadan is the Battle of bed that you talk about? You know, the first one a lot and the challenges of the first time on the first normal line for the Sahaba of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they were in bedded and look what Allah subhana wa tada gave to them, and ometer will help out it'll be a lot of time I know. Instead, we went out on two campaigns with the Prophet sallallahu it was sudden in Ramadan, the date of better and the day affected Mecca the day of the conquest of Mecca, and we broke our fast during both and so both the battle embeded as well as Fattah Makkah the opening of Mecca, took place in Milan and the Sahaba broke their fast. Finally, the revelation of the closing verses of source and bacala. Even Abbas will be a long time and who he reports that while God at it his Salaam was sitting with the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he heard a creaking sound above him, he lifted his head and said, this is a gate that has opened in the heavens today, which has never been opened before. And then an angel descended through it. And he said this as an angel who has come down to the earth who has never come down before he greeted the Prophet sallallaahu it was sentiment he said, rejoice in two lights given to you that have not been given to any profit before you Al Fatiha, the opening of the book and the concluding verses of throat and bacara you will never recite a letter from them for which you will not be given a reward and so the blessing of those last few verses of sorts of

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Bukhara even though they're in the third just but I wanted to just frame that inshallah tied the gift that Allah subhanaw taala gave of the changing of the Qibla and then the gift that a loss of parents I gave to this of the lifting of the burden, right? I've been at one time and I think that Islam can

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I have two who are under the venum and probably now that you don't burden us in ways that those that came before us were burdened and clinging to Allah subhanaw taala with that so, it really frames certain bacala so beautifully as as it was taking place in the time of the Prophet sallallahu it was something that it has a specific connection to Ramadan. So without inshallah tada any of the Messiah that would like to share anything about that, then we'll go on to shift from

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chef to the diverse on, on fasting, there's one part of that verse that always hits me is actually on my favorite phrase in it, I call on, you know, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about fasting, and he speaks about if you're sick or traveling, make it up later. And Allah subhanaw taala says, Because Allah wants is for you, he does not want difficulty for you. So you can imagine that the Sahaba, the first Ramadan, in bother, you know, the traveling, the fighting, and this verse comes down saying, you need to fast, but at certain times, you don't have to, and Allah wants things to be easy for you. If that comfort is there in the verse and many people not aware of this, but that that portion

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of the verse is actually one of the Maxim's of faith that our faith is a figure of the seal, you know, it's a figure of ease. And this is one of the main verses that used to prove that that is built into our Sharia. So that's a very, very beautiful phrase in the Quran, no challenge. And I really, I really just love that verse because of it.

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hamdulillah it's a it's beautiful, how I like how you mentioned,

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how the second Jews is in relation to the second year after hinged on how it is something that corresponds with the situations and is a consequence of what takes place. As we know the revelation sometimes can be a response and literally can be a response and an answer as we see in many of the verses in this juice particular. Yes. aluna they asked me They asked you They asked you, which saponify when we see all and yes, ironic when we see say and they ask you, this is proof of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu was sending them that he is receiving revelation from Allah subhanahu wa Tada, which again, is a good segue for, for what I'm planning to talk about. And that is the Dr. Raj

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and we call it a de Raj meaning the how Allah is gradual with revealing the Quran and revealing the rulings as we know that some of the revelations are consequential. Some of them are responses as was just mentioned, and what I want to talk about inshallah, to Allah is in bucket up verse number 219. We're last kind of what data is talking about the meaning. And he's talking about a question that they asked him because in the verse Before that, he mentions after argument now shitara gene in Medina Avenue wonder Dina john hagee, Raja do feasability la hora, aka Arjuna, Allah, Allah who hopefully will work for him, that those who have believed migrated and striven for a lost cause. It

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is they who look forward to Allah's mercy and the last point Allah is Forgiving and the Most Merciful, then after that, he mentions the question of the Sahaba to the Prophet sallallahu. I think he was sending Yes, everyone I need to humbly when made here, and I want to cover a portion of this verse, which is a very important methodology for us as Muslims and as human beings. When trying to reveal things to people or wanting them to go a certain direction or a certain way hoping good for them. He says, Yes, aluna I know how many when it makes you They asked you about liquor and gambling, liquor, and gambling. Now listen to this response. You know, many times we're interfaith

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gatherings and SubhanAllah. You know, those of us that deal with new Muslims, those that convert to Islam, or those that we understand as Renu Muslims or those that are trying to practice the faith again, you know, there was some kindness in their life that made them say what, you know what I want to start praying, I want to start just trying to do something to show gratitude to Allah, I want to watch this series and try to be my best and at least reading a portion of the Quran in this Ramadan, we have to take that reality and understand everyone is at different levels. And as I mentioned at the post awesome, she said, I'm gonna nanosatellites tell us a new NASA NASA manager. She said the

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process and ordered us to put people in their proper places, look at who you're dealing with and speak to them, deal with them accordingly. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says here, they ask you about liquor and gambling, one fee even if one can be a woman, everyone in this. Now listen here. He says here, tell them

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say that in both of them are sinful practices, simple actions, if there is sin, and there are benefits manifest leanness, minifit, plural. But let's listen to listen to this aspect that is a we say a guide to our rule that's understood from here. It has what if mu Houma bottlemen neferet Hema Subhan Allah, when speaking about the How will Qibla when talking about you know, moving from one direction in prayer to another direction within the prayer. This is an aspect of being gradual

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When bringing the account when bringing the rulings of Islam and not to bring it all at one time, so that can be to a certain degree to a certain degree, when we deal with people to understand their capacity and tell them accordingly, without compromising the integrity of the city, because here, Allah says, tell them that in both of these things are good and evil, but the evil outweighs the good. And I want to end here with this important, portent thing to remember is that within things that we may see or Hello, or harm, we have to understood that understand that Allah within his knowledge and wisdom made it harm, because the harm outweighs the good. The Universal harm outweighs

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the universal good gambling, what's the benefit, you're going to get some money, but the way that you've obtained that money could be harmful, not only to you, or to the person that lost them money, but to the public in general, because it can be something that is detrimental to society, because of addictions and things that we've seen, and maybe know some people that have encountered that and Hummer and liquor as well, as we know that someone could get to a certain degree today, they do not even know where they are, and it could lead to violence, etc. But what's most important here is that when we see something as permissible or impermissible in Islam, firstly, we should try our best to

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always remember what the vicar of Allah remembering Allah, who he is, and what that means that he is an alien or knowledgeable. So with his knowledge, he legislated this to be Hello, permissible, and this could be haraam impermissible, and his wisdom is how he appropriates that knowledge. So when looking at coming to Mason, we use that in general and anything that's helot around, someone may come to you say but I'm benefiting from it. But we know with the knowledge of a law regardless of what you may see, or experience or encounter. The legislation takes priority over all of that because it comes from someone that is the all knowledgeable so when looking at this beautiful verse.

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Remember the statement of it showed that when she talked about the Quran was revealed and it was firstly revealed the * out in the Koran, but either tab unnecessary that's not when people's hearts became software Islam to embrace Islam, that is when the house in the home was revealed. So the first reveal was Jenna and not and then Hello. any harm to Escalades current automakers are those that remember when we may encounter something that we may feel some tightness in our heart that we know that is from that I mean, and that the benefit outweighs the harm and all of that is just the chicken smells that allow us to ease he does not offer you hardship.

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zakon lawfare chef that's absolutely beautiful article often when I think Panama that's also the sila element right. About the the dream of Hummer. It's the proof of what I shared with you a long time Dinah said that Allah had the first verse that been been revealed, do not drink Do not you know, commit Zina adultery, they would have said no way we'll never be able to give up adultery and never be able to give up alcohol. But Allah subhana wa solidified faith in their hearts for all of that time so that when the hitting when the prohibition final prohibition of alcohol cane, you know, they were breaking their bottles and fillings

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with with that line, you know, that to give it up that they'd been prepared for that. So some handle I think that's also you know, and you know, I can't help but think like, isn't it amazing that they had

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Ramadan to prepare their hearts for bed, they had Mecca to prepare themselves for Medina, they had RP that to prepare themselves for, like everything has such a foundation such a touch key but a sequence with Eliza and how he raised to the Prophet sly some of the best generation of all time.

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It's common

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to follow Sonic exactly what Fisher comes off with beautiful reflections.

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Yeah, so you know, you're talking about the time in Surah Baqarah was revealed, you know, we look at this early Medina and face You know, the proper salatu salam in the MD Maha jurien, they had just arrived in Medina, they left behind the money, they they rebuilding their lives, and they facing a lot of difficulty, you know, some of them are going through hunger, some of them are going through

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the loss of wealth, some of you have lost family members, you know, in Makkah, some of them going to lose family members in mother and hood soon. And so, in these verses in, in Surah, Baqarah, Allah subhanaw taala many times reminds the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Sahaba to be patient to have sub. And when you look at it in that context, you understand why that that was a very difficult point in history, a lot of stubborn was required to to go through what they were about to go through in terms of bother and then onward and everything else that came after it. And so one of my favorite passages in the Quran comes right here in Surah Baqarah at the very beginning

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of the second Jews, starting at verse 153.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, Oh, you will believe seek assistance through salah and sober or and this is a life with those who have sober, right? And what what was one of my friends he was actually sitting and he asked me, what's your favorite verse in the Quran? And I thought about it for a while. And I mentioned verse 155, Surah Baqarah, that we will definitely test you with hunger and fear and loss of life and loss of wealth to give good news to those who have patients. And this friend of mine, he looked at me confused. He's like anybody else have asked that question to the favorite verse is like, with difficulty comes ease or something like that. Why is your favorite

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verse that we are going to test you with hunger? And we're going to test you with loss of life? Why is that your favorite books, and explain to him something that I realized a long time ago, you see, in my childhood and my teenage years growing up, I faced a lot of difficulties. And this was how humbler got me through all of that. And what I love about this verse is that it covers every type of test that we could face in life. In this verse, Allah subhanaw taala warns us, that we will definitely be tested, he uses the verb form, while and the blue wonder, now the law is for emphasis, and the noon is for emphasis. So if you're going to translate that literally, it means we will

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definitely definitely test you. So it's a promise from Allah we are going to be tested. And the types of tests that Allah mentions, is every type that we could face in life, that some people are tested with hunger, some people are tested with fear some people are tested with with loss of life, some people are tested with loss of wealth, that these are things that each of us are going to face in life, some of us will face all of them, some of us will face some of them, everybody's going to face at least one of them. And what these verses do, is that they psychologically prepare you to handle the difficulties of life. And so we've seen this in the past 13 months, or is it 14 months

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now, since this pandemic started that, from throughout the world, the one group of people that responded best to the pandemic, with the Muslims who understood the Quranic message, because Muslims already knew Allah is going to test us. And so this pandemic, it brought fear, it brought hunger for some people abroad, loss of life. For many people, it was a broad loss of wealth for many people. Yet still, people's Eman remains strong, because of messages like this in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He has, he has already told us that this is what the life of the world is going to be like. And so this verse, it serves a purpose in both times of ease and times of difficulty. In times

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of ease these verses, they remind us that ease is not going to last, and that if something goes wrong, Allah subhanaw taala has already promised to test us. And this is the test. How do we deal with the test, it's already written in the worst, right, the deep good news to those who have sober to those who are patient. And what does patients mean patients means three things. Number one, it means that if a lot history with the loss of something, you accept the father of law, and you find a way to move forward. And that's the type of suburb mentioned in this verse. The second type is that we remain consistent in doing good deeds. And this is in both times of ease and times of difficulty

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that we remain sovereign upon our good deeds. So if someone finds it difficult to wake up for Serato fudger, it takes a certain type of suburb to pray budget on time every day. And the third type of struggle is to control ourselves against sin. So if somebody really wants to drink alcohol, or commit Zina, and they hold themselves back, and they stop themselves from doing that, that is also a type of struggle. Now, what's interesting is the second and third type of sober these are things that we do in times of ease and difficulty. But the first time that I mentioned, that's something that only happens in times of difficulty, and that's what this verse is about. And in this verse,

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Allah subhanaw taala gives us the full formula. He doesn't just tell us to be patient even tells us what to say. Right? In this verse, Allah Subhana. Allah tells us to say in the lobby, we're in the in the here, Raji on, this is a duel that has been on the tongues of every Muslim for the past year, everybody you meet, has had to say this multiple times over the past year. And where do we get these two are from we get it from this passage in the Quran. And so this section or verses, and I would really advise people to just open up a translation of the Quran and read from verse 150 32, verse 157, and just, you know, take some time to do the debate on these verses to reflect on these verses.

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Because what they do is they prepare you, they prepare you so when the test of life come, you notice it in the law here in Idaho, Raji, when you know how to handle it, you know how to deal with it, and it's not going to be easy, but knowing that Allah is there

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Doing it is the reward for sober knowing that this is part of the test of life and gender gender is where we're going to have the eternal life. All of that makes it so much easier and this is why for me this is my favorite section in the Quran. It helped me through my difficult times and anyone who understands it inshallah to help them through the difficult times as well

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Zakouma her that's absolutely beautiful so panel on the there are a few things that came in my mind one of them is that the economic will do it yeah can a stallion you alone we worship and from you alone we seek help but what do we seek help with a lot from with worship right so it was that you know, you alone we worship from you alone the screen? And then what do we do is data with how do we seek out the somebody was along with patients which of course some of their intimate mentioned is fasting and prayer. It's also really interesting. So how about that the way the Quran is organized, obviously were tested with wealth were tested with ease and were tested with hardship. What

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resonated what would resonate more with the Sahaba it would seem as the test of hardship because at this point they've only seen hardship. But the first test the law tells us about is the test of ease with automatic is set up and then we get to the test of the people if their own Benny slotland and the torture the oppression at the hands of Fidel that Benny is slightly underwent, and that you know I think there's something crucial about that that it's like you're prepared whether it's going to be you know, ease that you're tested with a hardship that's going to be tested with in Nadella he will lay her on your own to Allah we belong and to whom we return actually puts ease in perspective and

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hardship and perspective. Like it's not our sin not to say and not allow him to hide your own when we get something good, right? Like you know, you could imagine like a wedding and someone sees their their spouse for the first time.

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It's like no, no, I didn't mean it that way. Yes, we got a FaceTime FaceTime from the

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first one.

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But like we would say that in love but in reality everything right? Like in LA when you're on your own helps you to see

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everything in this life as immaterial, it's good and it's bad and only as an opportunity to get close to a loss of hundreds and so I think it's powerful the way that the way that allies will just structures that nice first to just

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the hamdulillah Mashallah like, you know, this verse as well as you know, Subhanallah at the very end of that portion of the verse we says it's stunning it'll be somewhat stunning but somebody was Salah, we're in a hella Kabira to an Illa Allah Akashi And verily, no seeking assistance in patients and in prayer, this is huge upon people except for the ones that are harsh in harsh Shane is those that have their undivided attention, you know, they have for sure, which can be particularly for the Salah, which is interesting Jai mentioned salah and then the machine so the ones that have for sure and the Salah, and we know the stories of many mams when there's Salah was described particularly

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the Prophet sallallahu it was sudden when you pray, so this is a good reminder for myself and inshallah all of us that you know we look at patients in prayer particularly when you know with Chase smile mentioned with the pandemic, this is going to be an interesting Ramadan, some will be in the masjid and some still will not be in the masjid, you know, but seeking that assistance and patience, you know, and in the prayer and the whole sure of that which will assist them and their undivided attention to Allah when he's done and his his predestination is which chicky smile mentioned as well that first type of server that he mentioned with the predestination of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. One of the direct manifestations of that, or the dare we say charging station or place to where one can detach is in the salon is in the salon, and there's so much wisdom of whites the second pillar of Islam, one of the direct manifestations of the first pillar of Islam, which Moosa was ordered when he was when he was chosen to be a prophet. So I love this verses well my shoulder my last mythologies reward you for choosing this verse and spreading it to the world show

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the meaning of it to the world.

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And you know, it's interesting way the communists that we talked about the categorizations last time, right? The hypocrites calm you know, sauna, camo kasana when they stand up for prayer, they drag their feet, they're lazy, they're, you know, may Allah protect us. That's the that's that categorization like in some of the signs that we need to pay attention to them. We're in the haisla Kabira in LA Aloha, Shireen it's Kabir on who it's difficult on the hypocrites May Allah protect us. From from the the minor signs of hypocrisy, the more minor manifestations of hypocrisy,

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on to power the categorization of those

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they believe in the unseen will be known I believe. And so when they stand and pray to Allah who they can't see, they have their son because they believe in Allah, they have excellence they worship him as if they can see him. So that's why they find so much comfort in it right because they fall in that first category. May Allah make us amongst them alone. And

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Zach malachite

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any last comments like 32nd one minute send offs Chicka smile you want to give you want to give chef Abdullah some South African humor to make them facepalm

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I don't know if I can do you on the spot

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lady don't take it Do you want this for but

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I was kind of hoping it'd be a moment where like all three of us will end up doing a facepalm at the same time but it just never happens.

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You never know we still have 28 more jokes.

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More Fisher fellowship is married me Allah bless you both. And Zack, no offense to all who tuned in and Charlotte's I will see you for the next juice. May Allah bless you and make us all people on reminding you to download the ebooks and sha Allah of the 3430 companion guide as well as the prophetic prayers the dry day, as well as reminding you to please support and shout out to our work. By donating at the link below does not come off. I don't send it to my email but I kept

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having a conversation is a transformative experience. It can take you to places in your own mind that you didn't even know existed. It's an opportunity to understand your own views, and to see what someone else sees to to talk with people instead of being talked at a conversation as a chance to build a relationship with your child, your parents, your friend, even an acquaintance. That's why we created yaqeen conversations. You can use it during family nights with friends and an existing club or anytime you want. It's an opportunity for everyone on any faith level to build meaningful connections with people and a meaningful connection with faith. Visit European slash

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