Abdul Nasir Jangda – Tafseer Of Surah Yaseen Ayahs 63-67

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The transcript describes Jesus's actions, including disrespecting people and causing war, as ridiculous and deadly. The use of "ENTering" in Arabic language phrases is discussed, along with the importance of following rules and following rules to avoid harming others. The horrors of actions of people involved in attacks on APJ are also discussed, including being tortured, embarrassed, and punished, and the importance of making a change. The segment ends with a point out that people have every opportunity to make a change and face consequences of their actions.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Allah mcconathy him from SFR rudely. Yeah. from us.

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What's on

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show today we're going to be doing we're going to be studying rather ID numbers 63 through 67 shown

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in the previous session last quarter which Allah we saw how the transition was made from talking about the people agenda, and in a very descriptive manner describing the bliss, the happiness, the pleasure, the enjoyment of the people agenda, the people of Paradise, and the comedians very smooth, very profound transition to over to talking about the criminals, people who have been tried and convicted and sentenced by a lost power to Allah of being criminals in the court of law. And that basically implicates them in regards to this obeying the law disbelieving in a law we can bring people to a law, and rather taking their greatest and most open, declared enemy shavonne as their

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closest and dearest friend, and following the path that was laid up by ship law, following the precedents that's been established by shavon, which is to be ungrateful and disobedient in defiance of a lost power, tada and not obedient. And so now he lost power, Allah is actually talking about the punishment that is being issued out to these people. What is the sentencing of these people? What what what what what punishment has lost power, what Allah decided and decree that sentences people do.

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So at this point in time,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is directly addressing these people, even in a previous passage, he was addressing them, because that's most appropriate of the occasion, is alive, letting them know that Listen, you are criminals, what you have done is wrong. And so what does he do, man he went to law was addressing them, he goes on addressing them here and I am number 63. Allah says how he genda remember I explained yesterday I had I was for near something that's right here something that's near something that's accessible, how he is a feminine form of the same word. So once again, it means this right here. So what does that tell you? How he Johanna? This is Johanna. And by the way,

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the word Johanna, is the actual name of the firewall. It's the it's the given name of the firewall. And when the law says that this right here, this is Jatin. What this implies is the fact that gentleman will be right there.

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That just agenda was right there for those who were obedient. For those that will be disobedient Jana will be right there. So they're literally standing. That's why I lost power, tell me another place in your mind, you're all done. And now that the day that they will be made to stand, they'll be presented before upon the fire. So it's literally like imagine, like a scene of punishment in your head. Because these are, these are very descriptive. They're very, there's a lot of imagery built into these. So imagine somebody being taken and literally being hung over the fire like this, being held by the back of his shirt and just being pushed, and all that's stopping him from going

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into fires. And that's holding on to him, no matter how terrifying that experiences so less than happy to destroy you.

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And let people know that you were promised that you were warmed up, you were told about and you were promised promised in what sense that if you keep doing what you're doing, this is where things will end up just to know things that so having

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this idea

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that you were warned about. is slow is

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All right now enter into it. Now the work is slow, hot, it is slow. It's the command form from solid. Now we have solar. And the root of this word in basically means to enter into fire. It's specifically a verb that is proprietary and specific to the meaning of entering into fire. And it's sometimes used in its without the form, it's sometimes used in its transitive form, which thusly, which means to enter something into fire. So it's used in both ways, in transitive and intransitive, either to enter into fire or to enter something else into a fire. So it depends on the discourse or the dialogue, particularly in that particular sewer passing on some places, allies telling criminals

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themselves, walk right into the fire, you need to go and enter into the fire. Once again, it's I mean, from both ways, it's very heavy, which is very profound. Either these people are literally being told you see a fire, you know, it's a fire, you know, what happens when we go in a fire, nevertheless, walk into it, they're being just made to walk into this fire, knowing very well that this is a fire, that there's not just any problem with this agenda, but willingly to walk into it. They're being told to do that.

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So once again, that just the horror, and the just the terror that that person will feel.

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The second way is you sometimes or odd is Allah is entering somebody into fire, or just to put him into the fire, once again, that shows that helplessness of that person. The person is literally being bound and just entered into the fire.

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So either way, it's very, very, it's it's very scary, literally, and scary what's being said. So it's low, and you're entered into this fire today. This word of yom has come three times before I mentioned this yesterday. And the purpose of this word illuminating today, right here right now, not for the future. Because what happened in the dunya? In the dunya, it talked about these people before In fact, we already studied this in the life of the world whenever these people are warm. Remember in the beginning of the school, by the messengers by the prophets, whenever they were warned, and these are Listen, would you guys are doing

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the punishment? What was their reaction? What did they used to say the message?

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Bring it where's the punishment? If you're not lying? If you're telling the truth, where's the scary beat that you're talking about? Come on, enough talk now. They used to they used to act in this way. They wouldn't be arrogant in this manner. So now they're being told to walk into it. Go Whoa, right. Right here right now. is not for tomorrow. Those messengers used to tell you what to watch out. The year after this happened. That was a big joke. These people are lying. That's why they keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, year after year after year after year. People say What about now? What are you going to do now? Well, now here's here's the map. Now Welcome to this fire. This snow video

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is going to be not going to damage. This letter guy here Bheema, the letter bought, divide is one of the most versatile words or letters in the Arabic language. It's used as a preposition, have fun job. And it's very, very versatile and has a lot of different usages. In classical books of grammar, it mentions almost 12, or 13, different uses for the letter Bob, one of those uses for the letter biases, it's possible via the bar of causation, the causative verb, which basically means that what what comes before the bar is a result of what comes after the bar. So before the bar, you have the result,

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the outcome, and after the bar, you have the cause, how this happened, the reason for this happened, so slow, to enter into this fire to be Ma, because of what what is the cause of these people being told, go into the fire? Why are these people being told and pushed into the fire, the amount of talent because of that what you used to do?

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Because of that, which used to be and I talked about this before, the meaning of fulfill is either to be grateful. And then as a result of that, in gratitude, to disbelief, so because you were ungrateful, and you disbelieve them alone, and because the result of in gratitude is disobedience, this obedience, the the epitome of disobedience is disbelief itself. So because of your, in gratitude, your ungratefulness your disobedience and your disbelief. That's why you're being talked about. That's the reason why. So how are very profound when somebody has been pushed into that fire. What's the first reaction of that person? Why are you doing this?

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Why are you doing this in the first reaction? Why are you doing what did I do? Leave me alone? Why Why are you doing so this person really

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He frets he gets scared. He gets defensive. Why are you doing this? Why are you? Why are you pushing into the fire? So they're being told no, nobody's pushing you to the fire. You did this to yourself, you have every opportunity to have every chance, you chose to be ungrateful, you chose to disobey. You chose to disbelieve down coins. And that's why it says beam up onto the pool. If that's in the back of the market into the pool, this country that is placed here, it's, it's, it adds the meaning of something that persisted. Something that persisted. Because of how ungrateful you continuously were, you persistently consistently were ungrateful. You kept being ungrateful, you just wouldn't

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get it, you just wouldn't stop. So you kept doing what you were doing. And this is how things ended up. This is the result of things you might want to get to.

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Now, one other thing I wanted to add here about this worked up, remember we've talked about has highlighted the importance of sugar. And what should the means and how sugar comes about that the I asked them a lot remind us that they can result in sugar, becoming grateful, and that sugar manifests itself in the form of a Baba servitude and slavery, devotion, dedication, but the opposite is, is true as well. The opposite is true as well, that when you don't pay attention to the eye on the signs, you'll never remember, you're not reminded. And when you don't remember you're not reminded you're heedless, you're oblivious, you're unaware, that results in what? You're ungrateful,

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because you don't realize you haven't sat down and giving it enough itself an opportunity to think because you're paying attention to the signs. So you're ungrateful, and ungratefulness, that in gratitude, it manifests itself in the form of disobedience. And eventually, like I said, disbelief. So this is what a timeline and this is a result of attending.

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Now, here was kind of Rotella continues to talk about these people in Iowa 65. But something changes here. This is from the beauty of the Parana linguistic miracle of the Quran, that would have the literary marvel of the Las panatela changes tense. He's talking to that second person,

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be makuta. Because how grateful you were

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now with less power than us, which is to talking about the third person?

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And why does he switch because they've been given their punishment. It's been issued out to them, they've been forced and pushed into the fire of *. And other places around they tell us that when people are put into the fire of *, and they'll continue to cry out from there. Like in the end of sorts of moving on Allah mentions, these people will scream and they'll cry, they'll yell and they'll clean and they'll back. What would they be told by us power is subtle via

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they'll literally be shooed away, like dogs are shooting me.

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It's like, how

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do we shoot away like dogs or shoot away? Well, I have to

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speak to

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a lot will tell them don't talk. That's it, you have your opportunity, you have your chance. Now makers don't speak to me anymore. So now what is the typical terms?

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Now he's talking about in the last panel, which is very, very powerful. I have some TNC. And young today, once again, this is a visual today, nothing more.

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We will seal their mouth will seal over their mouths. And this word is being used because just like you placed a seal on something, you seal it up. Similarly, their mouth will just be completely sealed up. See, like I said that is to make you visualize it to make you see it. So that's why the word the sentence structure, the word usage is also very graphic.

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Very, very vivid in graphic, because it's making machined aluminum

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completely sealed up, when to cut the water at him and their hands. Their hands will speak to us losses, their hands will speak to us. I mean, the heads will tell what the hands will start to speak, not the mouth, but the hands. Why? Because we'll try to live from

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the lie that you mentioned. There's other places in the Parana as well that even between Asia and a salon that these people will try to lie. The No, no, no. He's the one that told us to do this. He's the one that told us to worship in

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your life. And so they will be given this opportunity to lie. They have every opportunity to say whatever they wanted to say. And look how much they said in the beginning of this.

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Look at how much he said the first part of the sooner that talked about Prophethood messenger. We'll look what they said in antimagnetic. v1 is a bunch of wires. Enough of it. Just bringing us bad luck. You're bringing us down. You're ruined.

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Our situation you're doing just fine. So you crazy people showed up.

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That's how they spoke to the messengers. Look what they said about Allah. Without Omarosa, what were they told they were told to spend from that which Allah had given them they were told to spend that which Allah had given them

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that's it spend a little bit of that which allies giving you it's not yours I gave it to you What did they respond by saying funded? I think the government under the nominal

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should we feed somebody? Should we feed these poor hungry people? If I wanted them to be fair, he would have found himself right. Why doesn't you since your lessons your God is so great. What does it mean to speed up Why does it need to be because he spoke what they said they need they said all of this lesson not anymore today.

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All of your nonsense all of the garbage the filth and trash which we spoke that that was in the dunya we let you we gave you some we gave you the opportunity to see whatever needed to be said. Whenever you opportunity to see something good. Just like that man, john Medina TSR. That man also said something. What did he say? Kalia? All we tell you to follow these messengers. obey them, listen to them. He also said something mamani about

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why should I worship the one who regained the existence granted resistance.

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So you had every opportunity to say what you needed to say, when you made your choice. You made your decision. Today, nobody wants to hear your nonsense. Nobody wants to hear your trash. And y'all will not be modifying their mouths will be sealed. What to cut in on it in their hands will speak to us what does happen?

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And their legs, their legs will testify.

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Their electrical tests testify, literally be witnesses. This person did this. He did this. He did this. He did this another place. And we'll see that. Once again, very powerful. He talks about this. That they're there. Their eyes and their ears and their even their skin will testify against

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their eyes and their ears and their skin will testify against them. And then they'll complain

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they'll say to their skin Why are you testifying against us?

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Why are you testifying against us?

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So have a lot of what's one thing interesting in those is their their sight, their ability to hear their ears and their skin will testify against them. But when they complain when they argue back, they'll only speak to the skin. And the reason for that is is because when the punishment is inflicted upon them who's gonna feel in the skin and that's why they speak in the plural they say the machine to Malinda Why are you testifying against us? We're in this together. Because when this punishment happens, you're gonna feel the punishment as much as I am. You're right. This is the skin speaking against

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the skin more applied, by the

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that that Allah who gave everything the ability to speak, has given us the ability to speak.

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And He created you in the first instance as well. You have to return back to him.

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So similarly, here, their legs are justifying an instant be maca. Simple, what are the testifying about the market? Once again, they're only getting speaking of that. The hands are speaking of that. And the ledger testifying about that, which these people used to do. This the hands of the legend, I'm making up something. They're testifying simply about that what these people used to do their own crimes, they're just having to answer for what they did. And something else that's very profound is why I was around and makes their own heads in their legs testify against them speak up against them, which because there's no denying that if somebody else wants to testify against me, I could say,

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well, my word again says he's the one.

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But if my arms and my legs, think about once again, one thing that's been highlighted here, as long as I talked about this yesterday, and here we see it again today, the hopelessness of these people. You don't want to talk about the people in Jenin just talked about that just the luxury.

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Just pure sheer enjoyment, pleasure and bliss of those people out descriptive are what they're just living it up. Well, these people feel so helpless.

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They feel so helpless, and they feel just so miserable. And so hopeless is their condition. And that's part of it, that the punishment because see, when these people are posed the messengers did they cause even emotional distress to the messengers, they hurt their feelings, but it basically they would hurt their feelings. They mean angry, horrible things. I mean, look at the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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Look what they taught him and teach him about his wife dies in the market, his uncle dies and his son dies. And the customer discontinued. No sons

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discontinued that they would have a moment of mercy, somebody's child has died. Think about that. Because the pain and the anguish a person is going through.

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And to even make fun of him at that time

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to attend to make an opportunity out of that, to take advantage of that. That's how ruthless these people were. So similarly, here, they're being emotionally tortured and tormented here today as well.

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Then there was

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the shockula toamasina, Allah.

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Allah says that if, if we would have willed, if we wished, we could have left the Muslim Allah, the word bombs in the Arabic language means to rub something out.

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You know, sometimes when you write something with a pencil on a piece of paper, and then you sit there with an eraser, and you erase it really, really are. So most of what you wrote down was gone, but doesn't mean like some type of a mark, it creates some discolor this color application on the paper, and maybe sometimes a little bit of the mark of is still left, you spilled something on your clothes so bad that even after scrubbing your washing, it still leaves that stain. That's the word clumps is used. When you rub something, scrub something but the mark of it still remains. It still leaves some type of a mark behind. So that's how the last tada says what?

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Allah so Allah says that if we wish, we will just completely rubbed up their eyes. But something would have still remained like they would have become disfigured. So they wouldn't be able to not see anymore Just because they didn't have eyes or their eyes to some function. It's like they became disfigured

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for simple syrup, and then they would have been running around. They would stumbling around looking for the path

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that will last speaks to them. This is part of speaks of them, and learning how they ever. How could these people ever see anything? Their eyes have been rubbed out? They mean completely disfigured. How could these people never see anything they couldn't, right?

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if we would have wished, we would have just completely wipe these people away must meet once again, to just completely remove somebody just completely disfigured, mutilate something, we would have just completely mutilated them, destroyed them. I love where they stood. For Mustapha Walia,

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they wouldn't have been able to go forward, they wouldn't have the ability Malia and Lillian needs to just move on, they wouldn't have had the ability to just move on. What

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nor could they ever go back, they'd never be able to go back massage. Now. Massage literally needs to just completely mutilate with this finger. So if these people became paralyzed, they just completely all their ability, all their function, all their faculties were just completely taken away.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:11

They were just sitting there like rotten pieces of meat,

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they wouldn't have been able to move forward, nor could they ever go back.

00:23:17 --> 00:23:23

Now that's pretty powerful allies second disastrously if you try to even imagine it's very graphic, it's very disturbing.

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But see, that's the whole point of

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this is not funny games. At the end of the day, this is a very serious issue. These people played with their own fates. These people are the ones who played with their own well being their own, their own condition, their own situation. They put themselves in harm's way, they did this to themselves. So they're being told. Now once again, the beauty the mercy of this, somebody can say about these last five years, the mercy of these last two out is the scariest thing I've ever had my entire life.

00:23:55 --> 00:24:00

where someone mercy of this, you know what the mercy of this is, it's being pulled to us now.

00:24:01 --> 00:24:16

It's not like a surprise, this is this is your punishment. And you never saw it coming. Right here. It's right here right now. Read it, understand it, live and then fix things. You're being told right now.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:26

You give every chance, every opportunity changing. And so another thing that scholars point out about these two is, Allah says no. If,

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if we wish Lola shotgun if we would have worked, but we didn't. That's the understanding of this. Allah says if we wish, if we will, we would have done this. We would have disfigured them so they couldn't see anymore. We would have just completely mutilated them, paralyze them. And Allah says,

00:24:47 --> 00:24:53

people who disobey Allah, that's not what happens to them, but they get chance after chance, opportunity after opportunity.

00:24:54 --> 00:24:59

years after years, days after days, they just they have open ended.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:15

have so much of a chance to just make a change. Turn back do Toba realize your purpose in life, realize what their commitment is what their purpose is. But if somebody continues to neglect all the signs around him, continues to

00:25:16 --> 00:25:57

ignore all the people's talking sense to them. Remember, the first passage was about people trying to talk sense into them, messengers. But even though we don't technically have messengers, prophets amongst us, but we still have the message continues, right? Other people carry the message, the followers themselves are carrying the message forward the oma. So the people trying to talk sensitive. And then the second passage was about a law, the either the law, the miraculous immutable, unavoidable, sounds of a las panatela that are right that are all around us. It says, in the earth, in the sky, in the ocean, someplace in the from the latency, physical, even within

00:25:57 --> 00:25:59

yourself, you see the signs of a wall,

00:26:00 --> 00:26:02

but they just continue to keep on ignoring them.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:07

They don't have time for them, to just sit there, look at it, think for a moment.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:40

So if this comes to pass, it will have been because of their own doing. But Allah says Allah doesn't do this. No, Michelle, if we will, but we did. Rather what happens, they live their life. They have every opportunity, every chance, they still ignored, but on the Day of Judgment, they will have to face their choices and face their actions and deal with the consequences of the decisions that they made, may have lost power intelligence or the ability to practice everything that's been said and heard. So how are you

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