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Fussilat 37-54 Translation 37-54

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Embry Weisner of determine discerning Bodhi Robin is

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less than number 262 so to say that I am number 37 to 54

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woman and from iottie he has signs and laolu the night when the hell and the day was shampoo and the sun while our model and the moon lab do not, does do Do you all prostrate the chumps for the sun wanna and nor little comma for the moon was Judo and you all prostrate lillah for Allah, Allah de The one who Allah Kahuna He created them in his control you were a year who only am terrible, don't you all worship for him then if it's stackable, they became arrogant fella. Vina then those who are in the near Rob Baker Europe. You said by Shona they glorify the who for him belaying at the night when the hell and the day were home and they left not yes a moon data

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woman and from iitjee his science and Mecca that indeed you data you see

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the earth the land

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harsher than one that is barren for either then when and zelner we sent down are they her upon it Alma the water it does it stirred What about and it grew?

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It increased in indeed and Lady The one who are here her he gave life to it lamouchi surely one who gives life and motor to the dead ones in the who indeed he Allah upon Conley every che anything pudieron always all able

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in the Medina indeed those who usually do not deviate. See in IR Tina, our versus la not your phone, they hide or your phone, they are concealed. Or they know upon us. If a man is then who you'll call, he is thrown see in a now the fire hydrant better, um or man who yet the he will come eminent secure yoma en de LTM the standing it mulu you all do math whatever shape don't you always in the who indeed he Bhima with whichever Dharma Luna you will do it on all resulting in Indeed, Allah Dena, those who get through they disbelieved with the with the with the reminder, lemma when jet a home it came to them. We're in the who and indeed it lucky taboo surely a book or z zone respected on the

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left not yet D it comes to it albertan the falsehood, main from benei a day he before it, Allah and door men from Hol fi behind it, then zielen a gradual revelation, men from hakima always always hum Eden always most praiseworthy,

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may not you call it was said Lucky for you in that except that which in fact, Taylor it was said the rustle to the messengers, men public from before you in indeed, Rebecca you're up level surely possessor mafia rotten of forgiveness Where do and possessor a carbon of retribution Aleem painful while Oh, and if there are no who we made it? Or an accordion? Or Jimmy yen, non Arabic localu surely they said Lola Why not? For Silla? It was openly detailed. It was openly explained

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as to who it's versus

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what are Jimmy Yun, a non Arabic world and an Arab

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say who it Linda Vina for those who are new. They believed her

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A guidance where she felt and a healing

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when Lavina and those who love not you may know that they believe fi in any of their ears walk around a hollowness well who and it or lay him upon them. I'm a blindness, mula toes Yuna donor they are called men from McCann a place very than far one occurred and certainly at Dana we gave Musa masala Salim Al Khattab, the book to listen then it was disputed. It was different in fi in it while Ola and if not Kadima tune, a word subaqua it proceeded men from Arabic Europe, luckily, surely it was decreed by in a home between them. Were in the home and in the day Luffy surely in shatkin adult men who from Moody, one that is disquieting, one that arouses suspicion.

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Man, whoever Urmila he did, son righteous phellinus he then for himself, woman and whoever

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he did evil for lay her, then upon it warmer and not rob Booker, your bill will learn at all, one who is unjust, Lil Arby's, for this leads, next year.

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He lay towards him. euro do, it is returned. Really move knowledge, a Sarah of the hour, warmer and not dahulu it comes out. Men from summarize, any fruits, men from a commodity hair, it's cheap, warmer and not marshmallow. It carries men from onset any female Wallah and nor toddler it lays down Illa except bury me with his knowledge. Why, oma and en de una de Him He will call them aner Where should I carry my partner's ALU they said the neck we announced to you may not Mina from us men from shahidan any witness well by law, and it was lost on home from them. Man, whatever. Guy No, they were either owner. they invoke men or blue from before. Well, one knew and they were certain man not

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law home for them. Men from mushy Islam, any place of refuge or Muslim, any escape?

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Left not Yes, he gets tired and insane. The human being men from the calling a hive of the good. We're in and if Messiah who it touched him a shovel, the evil fire ooze, then he is hopeless or no one who is despairing.

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What are in and surely if a doctrinaire who we made him taste rational a mercy Midna from us men from birth after birth and adversity must add to it touched him layer Colin surely he will definitely say had this Lee for me warmer and not a will new I think a sir the our our image and one that is established while in and surely is rejected. I was returned in out of be to my robe in indeed Lee for me in the who near him. Len Hausner, surely the best fellow not be and then surely we will definitely inform and Ledeen those who get through the disbelieved Bhima with that which are milou they did. Well I knew the economy home and surely we shall definitely make them taste main

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from either punishment or leaving severe harsh. What is that and when an alumna, we blessed Allah upon an insane the human being.

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He turned away one and he turned sideways, be Johnny V with his side, what either and when, Messiah who it touched him a shelf, the evil further than possessor, there are of supplication or the long, extensive

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old say, our item. Did you see in Ghana, it was men from in dela near Allah. So my gift to you all disbelieved, be with a man who abundant is more Australian

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mimin dan who who he fee in Chicago in opposition buried for salary him soon we will show them I atina our science fee in

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the horizons wealthy and in unfussy him themselves had until yet abena. It becomes clear law home for them and the who that indeed it and help is the truth. I went and did and not the xe it suffices. There are big definitely Europe and who that indeed he Allah upon Kali every che in thing shahidan a witness Allah unquestionably in the home indeed a fee in mediating a doubt men from the thought meeting or behavior of the other unquestionably in who indeed he became lead with every change in thing more hands on one who encompasses

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let's listen to the recitation

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p r.

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Jamie you

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Walla Walla.

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Yo, yo