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Omar Suleiman
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everyone welcome back to on 30 for 30 and hamdulillah. But I mean we are joined once again by the one and only chef Dr. Thor Wyatt from philea hamdulillah the first repeat guest twice on the weekend edition hamdulillah for Quran 3035 hamdulillah cave how to live out Akiko and Hamlet and

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this weekend edition will not be an extended one inshallah. We're gonna be

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careful we're gonna we're gonna hold hold it hold ourselves to it then we're gonna go for 30 minutes 30 to 30 inshallah, inshallah. 30 for 30 for 30 minutes. Here we go.

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Now we got a challenge. Shahada How you doing? Hello, good, good. I'm very good.

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Hopefully the pre recording where I just got like a double facepalm Jacob almost fell out of his chair. Maybe we'll get the we'll get the footage. We'll get the footage and put it up without joke. But um, hopefully that wasn't caught on the stream, though. Maybe but but I think we did get it. You know, so inshallah, it's good to have you both back and come to land. And a reminder to please download the day book that Dr. Todd comes in, I lead the project or not has commentary with him that some of the some of the gems and some highlight is extremely beneficial, honestly, before you get into the last 10 nights, in particular, because people are thinking about the darat to make in with

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it and some of the drives to keep themselves going in the last two nights, some of those small dots of how that I have not pondered upon those ways, really enjoying the books exactly what she thought for that political work in law of origin. Everyone who worked on it, allowed them that I mean, and also download the quarter and 3430 companion guide with the 90 Tada. You can go to McCain slash hold on find both ebooks there but 92. And let's get started in Chatelet Sana We are now in him did a novel but I mean almost halfway through we are in just 14 or you have sort of hedger and certain non both, once again, McKee surahs that came to the profit slice and I'm in the

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later phase. So you kind of have this portion now of the poor on that is later mechi called on one after the other sorta is one after the other, that serve within the same theme of reaffirming the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warning those that are about to lose the profit slice and I'm from Macau after they've been persecuting him, and warning them of course of a punishment on the day of judgment and then also comforting the believers with the reward that will come to them and the promise the victory in this life as well. So I want to go through certain nahen and I think Subhanallah there are some verses here to really focus on that have rich see backgrounds as well.

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This very quickly verse four. Now the surah actually starts off with them asking the Prophet slice alum about the Day of Judgment, asking when is the hour and to show some signs of the hour so Allah responds to them in that regard. And then verse for some kind of loss. Eliza Joe says Haleakala in Santa Minato Fatima either whoa ha see one more being that Allah subhana wa tada created man out of a mere drop of fluid and then look he turned into hustling when will being like an open you know, belligerent argumentative person. And this this is referring to according to many of them out, obey of no holla, who was one of the opponents of the Prophet slice on them and also distinctly the only

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man ever killed by the hand of the prophets of the lion. So them the prophets lie some spear a spear his way as he was attacking on the day ahead. So this is referring to him according to many of them a man who was just extremely nasty and think about you know, what a distinction right that that you are the one person killed by the hand of locksmith and anatomy, no mercy to the world's man last pants out protect us. So, this is according to many of the reading that referring to him, you know, how could you find yourself in such a state right and look at what he has become in terms of his belligerent nature. So that is verse four, verse 41, and I'm kind of just going through these

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because I want to get to the verse I really want to speak about verse 41. When the Drina, hydrophila Hindenburg, email bully Mo, Lenovo, we and the home for dunya hacer una whether Admiral abbiati Akbar locanto Yella moon, a very beautiful verse, the last pantai says an AST for those who who have who have forsaken their homes for the sake of Allah. After much persecution, we certainly shall grant them a good abode in this world. And surely the reward of the Hereafter is much greater, if only they knew like spalla what an excellent and that awaits them in the hereafter as well. And some of the scholars say that this actually is referring to the first mohajir been the first that

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migrated the first group that migrated to Habesha to Abyssinia because they were forced to leave

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their homes and you know, they had suffered at that point all sorts of persecution. And, you know, at the same time, they're coming back and they're finding the things are not the same in Mecca. And now they're, they're, you know, on their way again, for the preparation for the hedgerow to Medina, which is to come soon after. And so Allah subhanaw taala, promising those mohajir on those that left everything behind, that not only will they have a great reward in the Hereafter, but that Allah Subhana Allah will grant them a good abode in this dunya and some of the scholars say, this is a bush that ah, a glad tidings for Medina. So Pamela glad tidings from Medina. And it also ties into

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what I know, both chef Abdullah and Victoria have want to talk about tonight inshallah tada about that idea of goodness in this life and the next so a promise to them, that not only will you have the reward for your hits, but there's a place that you're going to migrate to in this world that is going to offer you much goodness and much, much comfort. Now the I really want to talk about pantalon we did talk about it last year from the Tafseer to perspective, but this year, in the words of Sheikh Abdullah we're doing Tafseer Ah, so this is verse 19. Allah subhanaw taala says in the law yet little bit loudly with their son when he started what about Hawaiian hair and in fascia, you and

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one carry well Bobby, here it will come in under come to the Quran. Surely, Allah subhanaw taala enjoins Justice laddle will assign excellence and the doing of good he taught the quarterback to those that are closest to you, of your kin. And Allah forbids all that is shameful and evil and oppressive. And Allah subhanaw taala admonishes you or exhorts you so that you may be mindful. This is as Yvan Masuda, Allah Tada. Ando says, the most comprehensive verse in the Quran, this is the most comprehensive verse in the Quran. And there's a reason why you will hear it. Or rather, it is I'm sorry, the most firm and establishing justice in the Quran. And comprehensive in that sense. I

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mean, so it's how it lays the foundation for justice, it lays the foundation for our interaction with Allah, and for our interaction with the people as well. And there's a reason why it became again, popular to be repeated on the manabu on the pulpits on the day of Friday. And I wanted to mention two incidents in regards to this from the CFO. One of them is a chief by the name of XM, even safey, a tummy, tuck them in slavey, autonomy me. So XM was a chief who had heard about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he was a powerful man. And when he heard about the Prophet sly something he was from the outskirts, he wanted to go visit the prophet SAW the lines that I'm

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personally so that he could hear the message himself. Some of his people they said to him, that you know, it might be strange for you yourself as the chief to go travel to meet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and to listen to him. So as a sign of nobility and as a sign of, you know, something that's more befitting to your dignity and to your station. They said, Why don't you send some emissary some ambassadors to go and listen to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Listen to this man, Mohammed Salah Lysander, who's claiming to be a prophet, and will report back to you what we hear. So XM sends these two men to the Prophet salallahu salam to emissaries and they go to him. And they say to the

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prophets, I send them who are you and what are you calling to? And he says that I am Mohammed, Abdullah Abdullah, and I am the servant of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then after that, they asked the prophets lie Selim, do you have anything for us to take back to our chief and the prophets lie? Some repeated this verse. Okay, so he recited this verse. In the law, whatever it would sound weightier than a quarter by 100 flashlight with one carry well, belly. Yeah, look online, look into the Quran. Then after he said it, they said to the Prophet slice, I mean, I saw Allah you saw them and they were seemingly stunned by it, right? The beauty of it. They said to

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us a little last night, Sam, can you repeat it again? And so he repeated it again. And they kept asking the profits of the lions that I'm to repeat it until they memorized the verse properly to go back and tell them what they had heard. So they go back to XM, and Bill saifee attorney me and they, they say to him that we met Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, Well, what what did you think about him? What did he say when you ask them and they recited the verse to him and asked them immediately Subhana Allah He said, this is a man that calls to McAdams a flock he calls to high morals and he forbids low values. And he said to his people, that I embrace his religion and all of

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us should embrace our embrace his religion and not lag behind like those that follow the camp later on. SubhanAllah let us be from the side viewpoint even though this is later in Islam, let us be from the foreigners that as soon as we hear the message, we embrace the message. So academic admin a slave he actually embraced Islam just on the basis of his two emissary

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He's coming back and repeating this verse to him over and over again when they learned it from the prophets, Eliza. And so hello one of my favorite narrations and it matches our Ramadan series. So please do remember this. And one day inshallah, tada, I'll do a proper biography of this great companion, or if not have another own all the time. It's not even my own. He says, at the initial stage, I embraced Islam because people around me said that it was the truth. But Islam did not yet take its roots into my heart. And so panel, I'm gonna want shift BOD and check out a little both comment on this with the experience of having embraced Islam. He's actually talking about the

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journey of embracing this now. He said that, you know, I embraced it. So it matched my intellect. I knew it was true, but it didn't really root itself in my heart yet this is the hobby talking. And then he said, then I was with the prophets lie Selim one day, and all of a sudden, you could tell that the signs of his receiving revelation were apparent to him. And so after some time, when you could see that he was receiving revelation sallallahu wasallam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the Messenger of Allah meaning Djibouti to me, his Salaam came to me. And this verse was revealed to me and he recited in the layout model, but it will assign what he tied to the

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quarterback. Well, you can hide your fracture, you want one carry? Well, Bobby, Jago coming out, look into the Quran. he recited the verse, and if not have another own says that is when Eman was established in my heart. And that's when I truly began to love Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam somehow I said that's when I loved Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, that's when faith settled my heart. And that's when the love of the prophet SAW lice. And I'm settled in my heart when he received this verse, and I was with him when to believe it. He said, write this verse to him Subhanallah so it really matches. And by the way, there will be a whole episode about what it was like to be around

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with little muscle lice and when he would receive revelation and to witness that so this is one of those incidents. He said that's when I really loved him it his a lot was to them. And he man was really firm in my heart like there is no way this is not divine revelation because of the power of that one verse. Finally, just verse 106. Last pantai says men can fall below him and bear the Imani in lemon aqui ha what palatable whoa Mothma in non bit eema Allah Subhana Allah says, except for those who are forced to engage in fighting, or loss pantai mentions those who disbelieve in a lot after faith has come to them. And then Allah says except for those who are forced to utter coup for

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forced to utter disbelief while their hearts were settled with Ian, this is referring to Amata vinyasa will be allowed to have annual according to many of the scholars, we know that when the family the acid was tortured, that Sylvania will be a long time a model the Allahu taala and I'm sorry sumiya and he asked that have passed away as the first show had that of Islamic Allah be pleased with them and our model the amount of time and will enter the statement against the profit slice of them, just to escape persecution, and Allah forgave him and the profit slice of them forgave him as well. So inshallah Tada. With that, I will open it up to shift and then share from

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the little bit and then we can go on

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and allow some others.

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So I'm assuming you're talking about commenting on that last part, correct. And not delving into? Yes. Okay.

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I would just say, because of the personal nature of

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the journey to Islam, it's very difficult to talk about that.

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Especially publicly, but there's no doubt that,

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you know, people accept Islam for different reasons. And I mean, even even when you look amongst the companions themselves, they didn't all have the same journey to a slam, even though they all wound up being, you know, people have strong faith in the best generation of this oma and some people come to a slam, emotionally, and other people come to a slam, intellectually, that's, that's just the reality of different people's journeys. But Subhanallah There is no doubt that a person who stays firm and its name will Byelaws franchise leave grow in Amen.

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And and feel, you know, the strength of that, amen at times, much more than they probably had in the past. And this is, I mean, this is just the reality of the, the increase of Amen, or the increase and decrease of the man that sometimes panela there are things that happen, there are realities that hit there are pivotal moments there are, you know, millesimal like Ramadan like hij you know, that really help a person grow in their faith. And I think that, you know, perhaps the person who has accepted Islam

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may experience that a little bit differently from a person who, who was never without faith was never without Islam and Allah Subhana Allah knows best. But I mean, and I plan on actually talking a little bit about this later on but even the Prophet alayhi salatu was set in there were times when his Eman increased.

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And like in Ramadan, as we'll discuss me and the data. So I don't I don't think that that's something that's, you know, I think that that's something that we all experienced, but probably in different ways and a lot of

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So now, so lots of cinema that sort of left one out, he was talking when, when I'm about how many, you know, 100, laminated Islam, you know, we praise the last month out that he's blessed us with

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recognizing his oneness in all names and attributes, and how he's unique and how he is there's Lem Athena, there is nothing that is like him in any shape, form or fashion. And as I mentioned before, in a couple of hotspots, a couple of gatherings earlier, that, you know, some kind of love, I think I told my Masjid this last night, or a couple of nights ago,

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that I didn't come into Islam because someone was nice to me,

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doesn't mean that we should not be nice or it doesn't mean that you know, using that as a means to call people to the beautiful, beautiful faith which we all are committed to inshallah at the utmost degree. But I came into Islam because of that first pillar, you know, because of recognizing that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Creator of the heavens in the earth, and that necessitates something from all of us as creation, though on record, I mean, whether we you know, we know that there is a maker and there is a deity, but voluntary, acknowledging that is there is universal responsibility for those that Allah has deemed as responsible, spiritually responsible. So when looking at the the

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issue of conversion or reversion or whatever you want to call it, I always like to say that, you know, I don't split hairs over convert or revert, because the revert if we look at the first pillar of Islam, that was the fifth round the natural inclination of the self that recognize that there was a maker and a creator, but then you converted in your lifestyle and going to Mecca one time in your life, and circumambulating around the Kaaba, fasting 30 days as opposed to maybe fasting in lent or, you know, fasting for health reasons, you know, it's more of a spiritual connection. So that is the quote unquote conversion that one could call it but when looking at this conversion of Islam or

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reversion we see what the companions always like to remind remind myself and you all this kind of like your theme ended up itself, in the name of certainty was there it's there for people that convert to Islam that we're in a, you know, disbelieving faith or outlook in life or outlook in regards to God, but that also may fall for those that call themselves Muslim, and may fall for you know, youth that never really never really understood what tawheed really was never really understood, Islamic monotheism and how it is different than other forms of quote unquote monotheism. They never really understood it. It was something that took place in their life, a friend, a friend

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of the family, reading about a story of the companions with one look at him, and seeing how the universal experience and the universal responsibility was fulfilled by these illustrious people. With one Allahu Allah and therefore after we say their names, we say Robbie Allahu Allah said rather the loved one can walk all the way. So you know, the whole concept of voluntarily acknowledging your Creator and in trying your level best to show the utmost gratitude through the system and blueprint that he has brought through the profits. And lastly, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that is what will bless someone with a good life. And that's the transition to my verse in

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the chapter of another chapter number 16, where last month Allah says in the verses number 97.

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And many of us may have heard this verse and understand this verse, but it's firstly no problem with a ticker or any chemical and muthoni can be the meaning of chakrata repeating this beautiful beautiful words of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa tada when he talks about people that sell their life sell the next the afterlife for this life in regards to swearing by his name for some worldly benefit, he speaks about that in earlier verses. But he concludes this subject matter and with verse number 97 when he says after argument membership Banerjee when I mean I saw the hangman decadent, unfair. Well who am Fernando Sheehan who hired some tea but well energy is a Yana

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whom, Angela whom? Sonny McAndrew. Allah subhanaw taala says here, whoever works righteousness

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whether male or female, while he is a true believer in monotheism verily we will give him or her a good life so let's stop here for a minute. A lots of kind of what the Allah says it's what they call a conditional sentence Jonathan Sophia. So with the conditional sentence, there is a verb that is requested by Allah or there is a verb that is mentioned that is virtuous or non virtuous. And if one does that thing implements that verb that has mentioned the reward for that whether good or bad will be mentioned after that clean your room you will receive money pray, inshallah, you know, this will be accepted right? So the action is clean and pray. So here, Allah subhanaw taala says, Man, I mean,

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I saw the hand mean Zachary know that whoever does a good deed or whoever does good deeds or works righteousness, and solid hand here means is Jensen, the action of righteousness, whoever does the action of righteousness and he is a male or female, well who am men and he or she is a believer. He makes this caveat that there's someone that voluntarily believes in the one that they're doing the actions for because in Islam, I'm an unsalted one is the I'm a lettuce Mollison Illa. It is an action that you are doing for the sake of Allah ultimately, so if I hold the door open for someone that can be an action that I receive reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala if my intention is being

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courteous to one of the creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala and receiving reward for helping out another person. So Allah subhanho wa Taala makes that caveat here but then he makes a promise and in the linguistic form, he uses two forms of shirts here, but he says a fella he doesn't know hired on by Eva they verily we will bless them with a good life but the word life here, you know, English does not do justice to the word hyack and buggy but as many scholars have mentioned, many scholars have mentioned that they have said, you know, have some play by even though payment is higher to blue. Hyattsville basically lives in Hana with data it is bringing life to the heart of the

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remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that remembrance is a human and that is a good remembrance that when the heart is brought in life, that is the life that can never be distinguished in the light on it. It is the life of remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala remembering your Creator and trying your best to do the I'm on solid hand the good deeds. Other scholars have mentioned it as fun Ah, contentment. How many times have we seen people that we may have looked up to in this life, from people that may be famous or things of that nature, but we see they have what many people may desire from the tangible items, but on top of it all, they're still emotionally distraught. On top

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of it all, there is no spiritual rejuvenation. There is no spirituality at all because they may not even believe in a creator. But Allah subhanho wa Taala here is saying hi out on Play Eva, the one that does the good deeds and tries their best to do that I'm on sorry, hon. They will be emotionally

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rejuvenated, emotionally nourished, spiritually nourished, and even physically nourished. And this is something that is important because when we look at the movement, the movement is the one it comes from the word Amen. that a man they find a level of security because for lack of better words, is translated as faith as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in a beautiful Hadith,

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where he says, so I do some algebra and the Umbrella Movement in Umbra, hula, hula, hula here, while there is a radical, enlightened movement, he says, I am amazed, it is amazing the situation of the movement, his or her situation, every situation that they may encounter is good, and that is not except for the movement. So he makes a caveat here. So a lot of something he said this is nothing is not except for the believer in Assad, but who, in asaba, who assata. Shakur for will fight on that when I saw the hood, Laura Saba, who had the process and said, if anything that was would make him or her happy was to afflict them or it was to happen to them, they are thankful, and they are

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thankful, and that's better for them. And if something that they did not anticipate, was to happen, they're thankful and that is better for them. How can that be? Because the man in Allah is a man be a smart he was if you believe in his names and attributes, and the only way you can firmly believe in the names and attributes is to voluntarily learn about them, to know what they mean, and the actualization of that in your life, generally as human beings in all of creation, and particularly through your encounters, Allah subhanaw taala continues on here, where he says, What didn't exist yet and whom I don't be accepting that candle yet my own

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So the first question is high up on play, but a lot of scholars mentioned that it is in this life. He blesses you with contentment in this life, that contentment that when you after you're done praying, you see a stuck for love stuck for last up for low. For those of you that come after work and he says to Philip praying I said in the masjid, you made the effort to get out of traffic and go to the masjid. And you feel the sense of tranquility. After giving Allah His do right, and being proud and happy, and feeling at ease when doing that because you voluntarily love Allah subhanho wa Taala then it last month, Allah says and they will, then we will reward them. And we shall pay them

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certainly with a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do. And that is a paradise as some scholars mentioned, the highest on favor the good life is in this life with contentment with being pleased with what is in front of them, and being pleased whatever they encounter with which with whatever they encounter, and then the reward in the next life. So that contentment in doing actions of pleasure. And I want to conclude by a beautiful concept that's upon a barrage of brains in regards to gratitude.

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You know, we're even Rajiv talks about the concept of gratitude when we look at a bad when you think Allah subhanho wa Taala for something you think of something you've been given you say 100 you think a lot for that, the fact that you thought about that was a blessing. And because you think the love for that, that is a good deal. So you will be rewarded again, by thanking him again. And when you thank him again, you will be rewarded for that act of a good deed. So the good deed you will receive reward for every good deed you do. And that's the process. That's the process. But when we leave the sugar, or even being more general we leave the remembrance of Allah that is when our tongues will be

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busy with other than the remembrance of Allah and our hearts will be busy with other than the remembrance of its creator and that's where the heart can be in a coma and eventually die and be of the dead hearts may last month Allah protect us from that and I want to leave us with this statement that even though fame used to mention in his book, he find it a scholars do this in the introduction.

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He will say Robert, I wrote him a lot of data. So a lot, that's a lot and you say, to make use of those words here shocker web either to the summary that has never stuck for how long he fell off. And when he said he said I actually asked a lot to make use of those that if they were given they are thankful. And if they were tested, they are patient. And if they were to commit a sin, they seek forgiveness and he says and these three is the sign or the attributes of happiness May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that are happy in this life to be with him and the promise a lie there was someone feel held in the next inshallah one I mean Zack lockwasher from them I'm gonna

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immediately just ask your thoughts to pick it up from there inshallah fellowship. I was hamdulillah that that was beautiful. And I think that the the issue of sugar is is critical for us and be in the later adder. We're going to look at one of the things that a lot of how it's Adda instructed the Prophet sallallahu it was something to be thankful for. And it really is difficult when we're talking about an entire Jews of the Quran.

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To pick one idea or one group have a yet to discuss over others because Subhanallah I mean, there's so much the Quran is so rich, and the speech of Allah subhana wa tada is infinitely amazing. And every time we go back, we find something else that we didn't see before Subhana Allah, but since this is the month of Ramadan, the month in which the Quran was revealed, and the month in which we increase in our recitation of the Quran, I think it's good to be reminded of

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often, of the blessing of the Quran itself and how lots of how to add up frequently reminded the prophets Allah Hadi was some of this blessing.

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This happens several times the reminder of the blessing of the Quran, happens several times in this Jews, the 14th Jews of the Quran, and I'm going to focus on the statement of a loss of power to add up and sort of tell hedger, which is the 15th chapter in the Quran and the 87th I want Allah Subhana Allah says to the prophets of love, it was Sunday we'll look at it next server I'm in Alma Thani, world quarter and an RV. We have given you certainly granted you the seven oft repeated

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many times if you look at the translation, you will find it says right there versus but I'll talk about that in a second. So we have granted you the seven oft repeated and the glorious Koran. So Allah Subhana Allah here mentions this great favor to the prophets of light of some of these spirits.

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cific gift of the seven oft repeated, which the scholars differ over does this refer to the seven long swords of the Quran starting with bacara

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or does this refer to sort of Al Fatiha and they either way Jani we're still talking about the Quran but the seven oft repeated even it comes in several a Hadith of the Prophet Isaiah Salatu was Sadam for example when he told one of the companions I'm going to teach you, the greatest sorta from the Quran. It is omo Quran Surah Al Fatiha where he has several muthoni they This is the seven oft repeated that I have been given by Allah subhanho wa Taala here and then and then there that's the specific which is a seven muthoni the seven oft repeated and we have given you and granted you. The glorious color is panela

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some of the scholars mentioned that a lot the night say we revealed to you here or we sent down to you, he said we gave you

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so that there is the feeling that this is a great blessing and a great gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala in Indeed it is.

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Immediately after that, immediately after the loss of habitat it tells the province aligning with some what he gave him. He then says Latin would deny naika materna v as word in mean home what attacks and I lay him work for Jana Hakka limini Allah Subhana Allah then says so don't look at don't turn your eyes, longingly right towards what we have given some of them to enjoy, and do not grieve over them and lower your wing of humility for the believers.

00:31:56 --> 00:32:45

Here a lot of how to add a reminds the prophets of Allah how it was, some of them have this gift of the Quran, then he tells the prophets alive some do not long for people's material. possessions don't allow that to distract you from the bigger picture. Now, interestingly, if we just go back a couple is right. This is the 87th and 88. I were talking about if we go back to the 85th is a loss of habitat it says with McCulloch and smls. He will Abdullah novena who met in lab will hack we have not created the heavens and the earth except in truth yeah meaning except with purpose we did not create heavens and earth in vain. Well in the sides of the ad here and the hour surely will come.

00:32:46 --> 00:33:34

Now what do we get out of this? Allah Subhana tada is telling the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that put everything into perspective, right? Don't look at the dunya as a measure of success, I think this is very important for every believer. So Allah Subhana Allah gives the dunya to those whom he loves. And to those whom he does not love. He gives them he gives the dunya to people who are guided in his believing servants and he gives it to those who reject faith. That's, that's a person's test. But as for the Quran, this is the greatest gift from Allah subhana wa Tada, the sub Alma Thani, as the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam said, those seven oft repeated there is nothing that has been

00:33:34 --> 00:33:39

revealed in the Torah, or the Gospels that resembles sort of confetti.

00:33:41 --> 00:34:24

So the reality is, is that this is that great gift from Allah subhana wa tada if you have the Quran, and you're blessed to recite it, and to know its meanings, and to memorize it and ponder over it, then that is the gift that makes you truly rich. So don't look to what other people have, because Allah has blessed you with the crime. And this is for every believer, Subhana Allah, that if Allah azza wa jal blesses us to be from the people of the Quran, then there is nothing else that we can or should desire from what other people have. It is that gift in the Koran that satisfies the cravings of the soul, and nourishes the heart.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:47

And this directly makes a person increase in generosity. When you feel rich inside, right, when you are content and you feel rich inside, then it makes what you have in your hand a lot less valuable to you, and a lot easier for you to be open handed and generous and give it away.

00:34:48 --> 00:35:00

So how does this relate to the month of Ramadan because it ties directly into an observation that was made by a very young man at the time. The younger

00:35:00 --> 00:35:18

cousin of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam even our best while the Allahu Tana and human? What did he say about the prophet SAW it Saddam's generosity. He said that kind of an abuse of Allah hottie he was selling the edge wordiness the prophets Allah was someone was the most generous of all people. This was all of the time.

00:35:19 --> 00:35:35

This is how he described the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah. But then he said, Well edgewear do Marissa Kunal Fie Ramadan. But he was at his peak of generosity in the month of Ramadan Hina yellow cow who jabril McKenna jabril

00:35:36 --> 00:36:17

you'll call houfy Cooley Laila 10 mil Ramadan. He said, he was at his peak of generosity in Ramadan when he would meet jabril at a sedan, and jabril will come to meet him every night for you that is all Quran and they will study the Quran or the Prophet sallahu wa sallam would present the Quran to him and study that Quran with him. And then, even at best describe the process of light. It was some by saying for a lot of su Lai, sallAllahu, ala send them Edward to Bill Haiti minute VA and more center. And so the prophets of light it was send them was more generous with goodness, then a swift wind. So Pamela,

00:36:18 --> 00:37:00

obviously, we don't have enough time to go into some of the miraculous aspects of this, Heidi, or how can I best describe the process a lot, it was something as being more generous than a swift wind, because I mean, for a lot of us, maybe we don't make that connection. But but in agricultural societies, like they weren't when they were living in living in Medina, they understand the importance of the wind, and how the wind, in fact, carries the seeds of certain plants to other areas so that they can grow, right? So what's happening actually, is that the wind helps these objects that cannot help themselves some kind of law. So it's, it's like he's describing the profits

00:37:00 --> 00:37:44

of the law. It was some of them as the swift wind. And notice that he says that he had more solar. So so the promise is also quick to do good. And he's doing good for people who otherwise could not do good for themselves. And his good was General it hit everything, like the wind, the wind is not just in one place, if it's coming, it's going to benefit the society as a whole if it in fact, is a beneficial win. And not a win that is bringing the punishment of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And that being said, what I want to pull out of this here is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam increased in generosity in Ramadan, right? Yes, because of the, the time itself and because of the

00:37:44 --> 00:38:27

importance of Ramadan, but also because he was studying the Quran with jabril at UCLA. So there was an increased feeling of gratitude for the revelation of the Quran, and this gift of the Koran. And as in hedger, Rahim, Allah, Allah said, There was also that renewal of a feeling of contentment, and internal richness. And richness is one of those things when you feel rich, it's one of those things that leads to generosity. That being said, I think that it is important for us as a takeaway from these ayat that we also

00:38:28 --> 00:38:35

increase in our gratitude for the core app. And we can do that in this month when we talk about gratitude.

00:38:37 --> 00:38:56

shocker, right sugar has these three pillars, or three essential elements of sugar, one that we, we recognize it in our hearts, we acknowledge that gift. And so we should be thoughtful in our acknowledgement of the gift of the book of Allah subhana wa tada as a guidance for mankind.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:15

And we should talk about it, we should mention it on our tongues praising the loss of habitat and mentioning mentioning the importance of the Quran to other people. This is one of the ways that we show gratitude without this. In fact, our gratitude is questionable. It's definitely deficient.

00:39:16 --> 00:39:59

But then there's also sugared with the limbs. And how do we think Allah subhana wa tada? How do we increase in our gratitude for the Quran, we adhere to its commands and its prohibitions, we increase in our study of the Quran, reading and listening to the Quran and reading the Tafseer pondering over the meanings of the Quran and making the Quran and in the source of our guidance, making it our first resort, not the last resort, right? So it's very important that we this is one of the major takeaways from this is that Allah Subhana Allah and he is mentioned this blessing to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam I think that the other takeaway

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

For us, is the kind of shift focus right? Perhaps even we have to do a shift in our worldview of how we measure success, and that we begin begin to live a life that is hereafter centric, a life where we use the worldly gifts that Allah Subhana Allah has given us to draw closer to Him, in which our focus is His pleasure, and one which we are not on a life in which we are not diluted by the worldly possessions that other people have. And we use this time that we have on earth to grow in our understanding of loss of habitat, his book, and to thank him for the final revelation.

00:40:44 --> 00:41:27

cul de sac allow height on the cartographers beautiful reflections panel I wish I would have spoke to you before I recorded that on Milan series. Got some more gems from you on that, uh, that Hadeeth about the profit slice on his generosity animal bond. Truly, you know, Subhan Allah did not think about the context of Medina and what that meant. And, and some of the other gems that we can extract from that may allow us to allow us to live up to that as well. May Allah make us people of the poor and, and allow us to bring this quarter and into our lives and let it be the spring of our hearts Let it be our source of guidance and our first resort and happiness and in sadness, let it be our

00:41:27 --> 00:41:53

our guidebook back to him long. I mean, he's like a lot of thought beautiful reflections and shallow time I'm gonna remind everyone once again, download the books, the day, the quarter and 30 for 30 companion guide and please do support cleanness tude with your generosity in the nighttime as well as all the other good efforts that are out there good projects that are out there. I love Bless you all and reward you on Zack location Bob again, it's great

00:41:55 --> 00:41:56

to meet

00:42:09 --> 00:42:48

and how a lot of people don't realize you know, the the the vast number of people who have experienced trauma and that they don't realize that what they personally have experienced could fall under the umbrella of trauma too. You know, I'm I've been a clinician for a long time you have been also reading it is very complicated. It's very, very hard to understand. And so I one day I was driving I was like no allow just show me an easy way for us to link psychology and trauma. And I was like spondylotic sort of Doha is the perfect example. And it's so easy for people to understand, you know, and it it really it hits trauma from a clinical perspective on all different levels. And so we

00:42:48 --> 00:42:53

are so happy for people to be able to see that throughout the series. Yeah.

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