Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 053E Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 196-200

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of avoiding being deceived by the movement of the people is emphasized, as it is the most cheap thing to do at any time. The feeling of being questioned,PEAKER, and being recognized is a result of one's deeds, and physical enjoyment is temporary and not permanent. The importance of finding a good environment for sports, finding a different environment for sports, and learning to control oneself is emphasized. The importance of patientity and finding motivation in dealing with challenges is emphasized, and the need for patientity and learning from experiences to improve one's life is emphasized.
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We'll begin from i 196.

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Level one NACADA calavo Levina kifaru Fill, beloved, be not deceived by the movement by the free movement of all of those who disbelieve throughout the land.

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At the conclusion of the Surah, at the end of the Surah, Allah subhanaw taala mentions three groups of people, first of all those who disbelieve and their end, and then we will learn about those who believe those who have fear of Allah and their end. And then we will also learn about the People of the Book, who believed, who also submitted with regards to those who disbelieve, Allah says do not be deceived, because of their free movement. Laya who run NACA yoga run NACA is from the root letters rain rah rah. And Guru is to be deceived,

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is deception. So do not be deceived by what by the call log, the for loop from Coughlin, but

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the Kolob is basically the constant moving, you know, when something moves back and forth, okay? This is what the Columbus, the word called, is also from the same route. Because in your column in your heart, what's happening constantly, your feelings, your thoughts are constantly going back and forth. Isn't that so you remember something, you feel something, you forget about it. After some time that thought comes to your mind, again, it comes back to your heart again, you're sad, or you're happy, and after a few hours, all of a sudden, you're experiencing that wave of happiness again, right? So the column is the constant moving, going back and forth. So don't be deceived by

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the column of woo Alladhina, Cafaro of the disbelievers. They're going back and forth where Phil Bill and Bill Addis Florida ballot were heard and Bella din, I mean, from Balamb doll and what is Bella, a city, a land, an area where people live?

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So don't be deceived by their movement. What does it mean by this, that they traveled about freely, they go from one place to another, they have no restrictions, no difficulties, no fears, if they want to travel to a place they can go ahead.

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Remember, these verses were revealed in the context of the Battle of health. And soon after the Battle of or health, many incidents happened, such as the incident where several companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they were traveling in order to meet a group of people and to teach them the deen. But what happened, they were all attacked and were killed. Right. And this happened twice, two groups of the believers were deceived like this, and they were killed. So imagine, every time a believer left Medina, whether it was a single person or group of people, if they were traveling somewhere, they would have this fear, fear for their lives fear for their security, they felt very

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vulnerable. Going out meant being open to attack, because the believers life was the most cheapest thing at that time. But at the same time, the disbelievers they were going about freely, they were going about freely, they could travel from one place to another, nobody would harm them. Even if the Muslims, they had treaties with other tribes, still, the Muslim life was not respected. It was not valued at all, any Muslim would be caught and killed or sold to them wished again and would suffer a lot.

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Now, these days also, you see that you feel that if you have your hijab on and you have to travel across the border, then you just have this fear that I'm going to be questioned, I'm going to be interrogated, even if you have no reason to feel fear, but you feel afraid, don't you? You do. Or even if you are with a group of people who may be religious, you feel insecure. If you're walking with your mom, and she's covered from head to toe, you feel kind of insecure. If you're walking with your dad and he's got a big beard, you feel kind of insecure, right? You know, somebody's gonna say something, somebody's gonna do something, somebody's going to accuse us of something you feel

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threatened. And this is not just in a place where the majority of the people are non Muslim, but even in Muslim countries, unfortunately, this is a reality that people who are more serious about their Deen they feel threatened.

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And this is something that happened a long time ago. And this is something that happens today as well. Because such people who embrace the deen, what do they become? Raba they become strangers. Okay, they become strangers. They're looked at in a weird way. People don't trust them, or people feel threatened because of them. And the reality is that you feel threatened. Right? So the Muslims at that time also, they felt threatened.

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Now, if you look at other people who are going about free

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Li and here you are because of your hijab or a man because of his beard, he feels threatened. Then what does he think that because of the deen, I have to suffer so much, you know, everything was fine. Before I started wearing my hijab, everything was fine until my dad grew his beard. Everything was fine until such and such incident happened. So you feel as though you are wrong, you feel as though you should stop doing what you're doing. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Don't be deceived by the free movement of who of the disbelievers throughout the lands, they go without any restrictions. They go easily. And here you are facing so much difficulty you feel threatened because of your

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theme. Now, what's the deception over here, the deception is that a person begins to think that Olivia Cafaro or right, you know, they're better off, not you, but they are better off. So you should do what they are doing. This is the deception that a person begins to imitate them. That for example, the person finds out or so and so person when they were traveling, they took off their hijab, and they had no problems at the immigration. So you know what, I'm gonna do the same thing. So you start imitating other people. A person says, you know, my brother, he had a beard, and he was traveling to the states. And he was questioned for two hours. So his friend thinks, you know what,

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since I'm going to let me shave it off. Let me shave my beard off. I'll think about it later. No, don't be deceived.

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Don't be deceived. And we see. This is not true that every person who practices the religions faces difficulty. I mean, there's so many people who travel back and forth all the time. But Alhamdulillah Allah, may Allah protect them? No problems, right. So layer one Nakata condo. Bula Vinaka fufill. Villa, don't be deceived by their effluence by their prosperity, by their free movement. And because of that, don't begin to imitate them. Don't compromise your deen. Don't think that you are wrong. Don't think that Islam has brought so much difficulty upon you. Because remember, we learned earlier we'll all do visa vie. When a person does suffer in the way of Allah even for that he is rewarded

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Metatron Khalil This is a temporary enjoyment what is matar and enjoyment a benefit, but Allah describes it as allele very little meaning if they're traveling right now, if they're going to one place without any restrictions, they're enjoying one thing after the other, how much are they going to enjoy for how long colleague believe it is less it is small in its duration, only for a couple of years. Likewise, in its quantity, that enjoyment is very little, and also the quality that enjoyment is not as great as the enjoyment of Jana. The enjoyment in the hereafter. So Mataro Khalil, this is the reality of the enjoyment of this world. And remember that Madonna is of two kinds, enjoyment is

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of two kinds. One is that of the body and one is that of the soul of the spirit, the inner satisfaction. Now the physical enjoyment everybody experiences, whether it's a believer, or non believer, person who's very righteous or very sinful, regardless of their spiritual status, everyone experiences physical enjoyment. But when it comes to inner satisfaction, when it comes to true peace and contentment, when it comes to the happiness, the enjoyment of the heart of the soul, then who can experience that only the one who believes in Allah, only the one who experiences the worker, only the one who sees the fruit of Sabah only the one who suffers in the way of Allah, and he sees

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the benefits of that. Such is the one who experiences true matar so madonn Pauline the enjoyment the physical enjoyment they experience is just very temporary. In surah Look, man, I 24 We learn new material Hunka Leyland, we are letting them enjoy for some time. And if you think about it the machine of Makkah, yes, they have their freedom. They have their luxury, they enjoy it for some time. And how long was that? Only until the victory over Makkah only until the conquest of Makkah, which was how long after or hurt how many years after?

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Not that long. After less than a decade. Their freedom was done. It was over so methodically. So Mama, welcome Johanna then their abode is a fire will be sent me her and how terrible it is as a resting place meaning what a terrible resting place. That is the word we had this from Muhammad meme huddle and Mahad is a place that has been prepared for someone to stay at. So this is their final outcome. So what's the lesson that we learned in these verses? That it will happen that when you become serious about your deen you will suffer? You will feel that you are in a state that is worse compared to other people who

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One is a person who is not wearing hijab everyday, they're wearing new or different earrings, and they're matched with their clothes and look at their hairstyle. And there you are, doesn't matter what earrings you have, or what necklaces you have, you put on your hijab and you go to school, and you feel other people are better off.

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At least they get to enjoy.

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And here you are, because of your hijab, you cannot have fun. Likewise, somebody came and asked me that if you wear your hijab, can you still participate in sports? I said, it depends. Depends on what you're wearing depends on who the coaches and depends on who's watching, and depends on who is playing with you. Right? So it really depends on that, and especially if a young woman is good at for example, basketball, but the coach is a man, or the people who are watching are men, okay? Until you were very young, okay, it's fine. But as you grow older, there comes a point where you cannot continue right? You have to find a different environment where you can play such a sport. So isn't

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this a big test for you? It is, then you look at other people, and you say, Oh, look at them, you know, if I were in their place, I would have done much better. I could have gone into the team and I could have done this. It's because of my hijab that I can't. It's because of this religion, man, it's so difficult. Why does it have to be so hard?

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Why does it have to be so hard, you go with your friends, and they're all eating different kinds of pizzas, and there you are with the same plain cheese pizza, right or there you are with the same tuna sandwich sandwich. So you you do feel left out, you do feel left out, you feel as though when you take your Islam seriously, you cannot have as much fun as the rest of the people. And it is true. So Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that do not be deceived by this, do not be deceived by this test. This is only something temporary, this is not permanent. You know, I heard a story in a lecture that there was a man who had decided he had made a commitment that I'm going to build a

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masjid meaning I'm going to build a machine with my own money. And because of that, he deferred many things in his life. Obviously, if you are building a machine, it's going to cost a lot of money. So he deferred many things in his life, many temptations, many things that he you know, nice clothes, or watch a nice pair of shoes, a bike, a car, a nicer house, anything he had to defer it and he would say later, later, later. So he got into this habit of, you know, I will have this later, I will have this later, I will have this later. And this is something that we need to remember throughout our lives, that when we see something and we want to enjoy it, but we cannot, because the

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core demands we don't then tell yourself later inshallah. And when is that in Jannah? And how is that going to be much better? Because the matter of dunya? No matter how much you have it, no matter how much you enjoy it, what's the reality? What does Allah say it is only that is less? It is small, it's going to be over very soon. I mean, you could play basketball, but for how long? Eventually, the game will be over, eventually the sport will be over. All right, eventually a time will come when you will have to retire. So really, for 10 years for five years? Is it worth, that you go ahead and fulfill your wish you fulfill your desire, even if it means disobeying Allah? And then on the

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other hand, you earn the anger of Allah, if you compare the two, is it really worth it? enjoyment of five years enjoyment of 10 years and on the other hand, the Wrath of Allah, it really you have to make a wise decision. So no ill barber who, those who make a wise decision that's good for their akhira

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like any Latina taco, as for those people, but those people who have the core who fear Allah is the code of boom, they fear their Lord. And remember what the quiz, what is the core, this consciousness, this fear of Allah taking a shield? against Allah's punishment, his anger? And how will that be by staying away from what Allah has told you to not do by doing what Allah has told you to do? So if there's something you want to do, you are really attracted to it, you desire it, you love it, it's your passion. You've always wanted to do it, you crave it, but still you stay away from it. Why? Because Allah does not approve it for you. Lacking Alladhina taco boom. And you see,

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it's as though you are shielding yourself from every sight from every corner, you know, above your head and from your right and from your left and from behind and beneath your feet. You want to go somewhere you stop yourself. You want to say something, you stop yourself, you want to do something, you stop yourself. It's like you are limited. You don't have your freedom. Right. And this is exactly what the prophets on a lot of them said that this dunya is what

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A prison for the believer. This dunya is a prison for the believer. He is restricted in this world. So when you feel restricted

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then know that this is a reality. But remember that this is temporary very soon you will be out of that very soon you'll be out of that prison. So lacking Alladhina Takala home for them law home Jeanette and 30 for them our gardens gardens were in 30 min. 30 mile an hour underneath which rivers flow they are restricted over here. But in the Hereafter they will be free.

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They are controlling themselves over here but in Jannah they will be free genets gardens 30 Min 30 l and how and you know if you are in a closed place like for example a building a house. Do you feel restricted yes no matter how big it is, for example, this hall is quite big. But even when it's empty, there's no one else. If you walk in over here you will feel restricted. But if you're out in the open in a garden, in a field at a park, how do you feel free? You feel free. An aquarium no matter how big it is, it is still small for a fish and a lake. A pond. The Sea The ocean is big, because it's vast. So lacking in Medina Takara bajo la home Jana turn 30 Min 30 Hill and how

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underneath which rivers flow? Holly Dena fie her abiding there in eternally New Zealand Minar Indian as hospitality from Allah specially from Allah, what does nozel mean? noseless from the root letters Nunes a lamb, and it is that which is prepared for a guest, meaning when a guest is coming, whatever you prepare for them, what is that knows? So hospitality. This includes the food means through which you're going to entertain them, the place where they're going to sit at the place where they're going to stay. All of this is included in noozle.

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So what does Allah say? That what has he prepared for the people of taqwa? What has he prepared as their hospitality? A small place? No, a place like Jana a place that is Janna, an empty garden?

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Without any fun without any beauty alone? What fun would that be? No, then let that dream into the hill and hop underneath which rivers flow? And what does it mean by this underneath which rivers flow? First of all, it tells us about the beauty of Jana. Secondly, it tells you about the vastness of jacknife there's river somewhere not a river, but many rivers? And what does that mean that that place is huge? If there's a house and in the backyard, there is a ravine what does that mean that the property in the back is huge. Correct. So if there are many rivers in Jannah, that shows to us that it's huge, it's vast. And then that Chi Minh that the hair it flows from underneath it

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underneath what the scholars have said underneath it refers to underneath the palaces, the houses of the people of Jana,

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okay, or underneath the trees, okay, from under the trees, from under their houses from under their places, the rivers will be flowing. And another meaning that the scholars have given is that this means under their control

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under the control of the people of Jana mean to meaning that earlier that they will be controlling it. And this is what we learned in total insane. What do we learn what's the if you find your own Uh huh, the D wrong, that they will cause it to gush forth wherever they want. If they want the river to go towards the right, they can easily make it go that way. If they want the river to go towards the left, they can make it go that way easily. You've had your own ahead of JIRA. So 30 Min 30 Hill and how Allah says where in the law he and whatever is with Allah, it is higher on it is far better, for who live abroad for those who are righteous.

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What Allah has as reward as compensation is far better than the dunya and everything it contains for who for the righteous ones, because they're the only ones who are going to receive it. abroad is a Florida buff, and who is but cathedral side, one who does a lot of good. So those who are righteous, those who obey Allah, those who don't leave out any good deed, they do every good deed that comes their way that they learn about. For them. The reward that Allah has is far better. And this is true.

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You do something good. And you see its result in this life. You sit for an exam and you get your good result. You

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You work hard and you get your money, you get your paycheck. What is that compensation reward? But this compensation is of what of this life in this world? There is a compensation that Allah has for those who do good. And when is that compensation going to be given in Jannah? And that is far better. How is it far better? Because in the Quran we learn Lahoma Yasha una vie her Willa, Dana was either they will have whatever they wish, whatever they wish. Do you get everything you wish for in this life? No. You could do the most difficult thing. The most hardest thing ever. But do you get everything you want? At the end? Never. Never. You ask a person who was working 4050 hours a week?

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How much money? Is he making? 50,000 60,000 70,000. Even if he's making 100,000 At the end of the year?

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If you ask him, would you want more? What will he say? Yes, he will still feel that he's underpaid. Given the amount of work he does, the hard work that he puts in, he will feel that he is underpaid. Because of the studio, you cannot have everything that you wish were will that be in Jannah. So this is why the reward that Allah has, that is the best. And you don't just have everything you wish for. But Allah has even more more than what more than what you can imagine more than you could wish for more than you could even think about. Which is why in a hadith we learned that when the people of Jannah are in Jannah, Allah will ask them, if they want something, he will repeatedly ask them. And

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they will say we have everything just like the shahada, even they are asked, until Allah subhanaw taala will tell them that I have bestowed my one upon you, meaning that I am now happy and pleased with you. And so I will never be angry with you. I will never be upset with you. I will never disapprove of you. Now I am fully and completely happy with you. And this is the best blessing that a person could get. This is the best reward that a person could get what are they nemazee And ultimately this, some scholars have said it refers to the reward of looking at Allah subhanaw taala. So this is a reality that the reward that Allah has is far better for the abroad. Everybody cannot

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have that reward. If you want that reward than what's necessary, bit righteousness.

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We're in them in Kitabi. And indeed, from the People of the Book, lemon surely is one who you may know Billahi he believes in Allah. Now Allah subhanaw taala mentions the People of the Book, after mentioning the end the consequence of the disbelievers and the consequence of those who believe Allah also mentions a third group of people and who are they, the people of the book and Allah praises them over here? What that from the people of the book are who lemon surely the one who you may know Billa He who believes in Allah, the People of the Book, the educated the Jews and the Christians do they believe in Allah? Do they all believe in Allah? Yes, they do.

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But the description that is given over here, we should read on what does Allah say wama on Zillow elago and they also believe in that which was revealed on you what does that refer to? The Quran? Meaning there are some individuals from the People of the Book who believe in Allah, and they also believe in that which was revealed on the Prophet sallallahu radiocentre. And when that onesie that he lay him, and they also believe in that which was sent to them, meaning a thorough and the Injeel this is their belief, when it comes to their actions harsh Irina Lilla they're humbled submissive, fearful of Allah subhanaw taala ha Shireen is a Florida of harsher and whose harsher one was for

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sure. One who submits out of fear in humility. They are sure in Salah what is for sure in Salah that you are humble, meaning you are submissive in your posture, that your head is bent down, your shoulders are bent down, you're not standing arrogantly, you're standing with humility, why anger fear, so harsh you're in and in Lehi, they are fearful of Allah. So it is such fear that is outwardly manifested, because there are many people who claim you know, I fear God, and that fear is in my heart, but that fear should illustrate, on the tongue shunted. If it's true fear, it will come out on the tongue. So the tongue will be controlled. It will come out on the limbs, it will come out

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in the actions, it will come out in the way that a person looks at something and what he looks at and

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What he does not look at, so the fear should be outwardly manifested. So all the people of the book are those who are truly fearful of Allah. And because of that fear, lay your storeowner be a Atilla he feminine kalila. They do not purchase in exchange for the verses have Allah a better price a small price, meaning they don't sell, they don't give up the book in order to gain a worldly benefit. They don't compromise on religion in order to get a worldly benefit layer storeowner be a delay therminal kalila meaning such do not tamper with the text of the Scripture. They do not hide it, they do not conceal it. They do not reject it just to get worldly benefit. No, they believe in

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it, and they act upon it. And remember that part of the text of the Scripture is what that would mentions Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So they don't sell that meaning they don't give it up. So this means that they believe in Muhammad Sallallahu ala Leia storeowner be at Les therminal kalila, Allah eCola eduroam in the Rapi him, those people they reward is with who, with their Nord with Allah, meaning Allah will definitely reward them in Allah has Cerebral precept, indeed, Allah is Swift in the reckoning. What does it mean? That when Allah begins to take the account of someone, then he's very quick? Sorry, Earl hisab does not mean that Allah will immediately take the account,

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because the person might say, Well, it's been so many years since those people died, but they're not really in Jannah. Yet, a person is sitting for so many years, but Allah doesn't hold them accountable immediately. So what does it mean by Surya herself that once Allah will begin to take the account, then very quickly, it's over. For example, we learned that on the Day of Judgment, how long is the Day of Judgment 50,000 years, right, people will have to wait for so long before the actual judgment will begin. They will run to Adam They will run to know her lesson. And they will run to so many prophets one after the other, begging them requesting them to please ask Allah to

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begin the judgment that send us to our destination, even if it means I'll fire we're done with waiting, we can't wait any more.

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And then when Allah will begin the judgment, then it will be over so quickly. Like you begin something in the morning, and by noon, everything's done. So in half a day,

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all of mankind will be sent to their final destination in the loss of urine herself. Why is this mentioned over here? That Allah rewards quickly? And Allah the punishment also that a person deserves? How long can it be deferred? How long can it be delayed? Eventually, it will come in Allah has said he will hurry up. So anyway, what do we learn in this ayah about the justice of Allah subhanaw taala. In the Surah, we learned many things about the People of the Book. Correct? We learned about many things concerning the people of the book. So Allah subhanaw taala with his justice, he praises those who deserve praise, that all of the people of the book are not the same,

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that if the truth is presented, they're arrogant and they're rejected. No, of the people of the book are also those who surrender those who submit, but who can submit the one who is humble and submissive? Who Sure. So we have also learned about many things in the Surah. But who will surrender? Who will obey the one who is fearful of Allah? And how can a person be fearful of Allah when he remembers the last day that Allah is city or in total out of I 159 Allah says woman call me Musa OMA to do and I will happy will be here the loan of the people of musasa, meaning Bani Israel, or group who who guide by the truth and they judge by it. They live by the book. And we see that

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there were people at the time of the Prophet SAW Allah Islam such as Abdullah bin Sam, who did embrace Islam. Likewise, under Joshi, he also embraced Islam, which is why when he passed away, the Prophet salallahu Salam prayed his janazah because he had embraced Islam. So all of the people of the book are not the same. At the end of the Surah, Allah subhanaw taala addresses the believers. Yeah, uh, you have Lolita Ave, or you who have believed.

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Remember the statement of the companion, that when you hear these words in the Quran, yeah, you Alladhina amanu when you hear Allah calling you by your iman, that all one who has faith, then what should you do?

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What should you do? Listen, attentively. Rehearse some mock, listen attentively. Why, because it is either something really good that Allah is telling you about that you have to do you cannot miss it. Or it is something very bad that Allah is

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stopping you from so you better pay attention. Listen attentively. This is a very important instruction. So yeah, you hola Dina Manu, what does Allah say to us? Is Spirou Be patient, have Saba

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be patient have Saba persevere,

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what the cyber mean? Have so knifes To control oneself. It is To control oneself to hold oneself back. It's like, you want to do something, but you restrain yourself. Imagine you're holding the leash of an animal that wants to run, but you hold it back. So you don't let it run away. It wants to bounce it wants to jump, it wants to attack it wants to climb, but you're holding the leash, and you pull it back. So it cannot do what it wants to. This is what hubs is hubs for naps. This is what summer is. But summer in southern, no one else is holding your leash. Where is it? It's in your own hands. This is why Allah says it's me to hold yourself back control yourself. You know, sometimes

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other people stop us from doing something wrong or from saying something wrong. Does it happen, for example, you're sleeping away, you don't want to get up and pray. And your mom's on your case, get up and pray Fajr get up and pray Fajr. So she comes in turns on the light first of all, and then she comes in pulls off your blanket. And then she comes and shakes you. Okay. And then she goes and plays some recitation or some dogs or something really loud, so you're so uncomfortable, or she'll come and open the windows, or, you know, she'll do something, she'll make sure that you do it, she'll get on your case. But this cannot happen until forever.

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Okay, this cannot happen until forever, until a certain point in time your mother will be there telling you and then a time will come when the control will be in your hand.

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When you make the decision yourself.

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When you have to tell yourself to do something, or when you have to stop yourself from doing something. So Allah tells us is Biru grow up mature and have patience? Is Biru do sovereign over what do sovereign over everything that demand sovereign from you? Everything that demands that you control yourself, every situation that necessitates that you hold yourself back? And what is that? What is that situation? Every situation that goes against your desire?

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Okay, that goes against the desire of your enough's. So for example, you want to sleep, that's your desire. That's your wish. That's what your body wants. That's what your soul wants, what is left over there. You control that desire, and you get up and pray.

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Okay, likewise, you're getting ready. Okay, your hair looks so nice. And your earrings look so nice, perfectly match your sweater, whatever. And you don't want to put on the hijab. You don't want to because you look so beautiful, and you're gonna look so awkward. If you put that hijab on, all of a sudden, one day, this girl walks in with the hijab on until today, there was nothing and today she walks and you don't want to your desire says what don't put it on. But what does Allah say is be true, have sovereign,

00:33:41 --> 00:34:06

hold that desire, control it, limit it, don't follow your desire, you have to control yourself over there. So this is what solver is is Spirou do solver over every situation that demand something from you. And that is every situation that goes against your desire. And remember that this is in three ways. Okay? First is on doing good deeds,

00:34:07 --> 00:34:34

on doing good deeds, on performing acts of obedience, whether it is you know, obligations like Salah hijab, or it is you know, something, a voluntary good deed that you want to do. And you're knifes doesn't want to do it. Your heart doesn't want to do it. You just don't feel like it. Do you ever hear such things from your own self? I don't feel like praying. I don't feel like getting up. I don't feel like doing my lesson. I don't feel like going to class.

00:34:35 --> 00:34:43

Do you have such thoughts? Yeah, I do sometimes. I'm sure all of you do. I don't want to, I don't want to get

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

what does Allah say is smooth. You have to control yourself over there. Your desire doesn't want to let you but you have to go against your desire. You have to stop yourself. Secondly, Sabra is also over MA see what is my thing

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

disobedience that you want to disobey. You want to look at something that you should not be looking at. You want to read something that you should not be reading.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:47

You want to go with someone, and you know that you should not be going with them. You want to sit with someone and talk to them. When you know that you should not be doing that. You want to answer back to your mom, you want to, you know, yell back at her. You want to strike your sibling you want to hit them, you will push them away, you're gonna say something really nasty to them so they don't come to you and bug you again, you want to write? So what are some of them that you control yourself? hold your reins,

00:35:48 --> 00:35:56

hold your leash pull back. Don't let your knifes go. Don't let your nerves rule you rule over it.

00:35:57 --> 00:36:27

Thirdly, sub results are over masa over difficulties. In the face of afflictions, what are difficulties, things that go against your desire, you want that there should be no dishes in the sink, but you come and there are so many dishes in the sink. You want the food should cook quickly, but it's not cooking quickly. You want that your assignment is done very quickly, but it's taking ages. You want that somebody should not call you but they're calling you. Okay? You want that there should be no snow, but there is no

00:36:28 --> 00:36:33

you want that there should be no rain. But there is when you want that your headache should go away, but it's there.

00:36:34 --> 00:36:37

You want that your body's not tired, but it is tired.

00:36:38 --> 00:37:22

Right? What are these difficulties, you want that your friends are always there with you but they can't be you want that a certain individual who has passed away who has died does not die but they're gone. So Saba over Messiah him over difficulties, that you control yourself over there as well. Your desire, your wish your want is to have something but Allah decides otherwise. You don't want to have something but Allah decides otherwise. So you have to do something over there too. And what's the subject over there? Accept Allah's decree, just accept that it's going to take 30 minutes for that water to boil. Okay, just accept that while you're standing in the shower. Somebody turned

00:37:22 --> 00:38:12

the dishwasher on or the machine on and so the water pressure is not that great anymore. Just accept it. And don't yell and don't start screaming. And don't start yelling. Okay. This is what summer is, is Biru have patience, controlling yourself. And the fact is that life is difficult. There are challenges for every single person. It's not easy for anyone aboard said for yo Mona Elena, where yo Milena a day goes against us and it is in our favor. In one day. Everything is working in our favor. And the other day, it's like everything is falling apart. Here winner Elena Yaman, Lana, we all want to say that we don't want to sit one day we are made unhappy and the other day we are happy. So

00:38:12 --> 00:38:52

every day you experience something new, you go through different challenges. You go through different difficulties and tests. So then what do you need to survive, to deal with stress do not have stress. So what can you do without Saba, if you don't have Saba, you're going to have a nervous breakdown. You're going to ruin your relationships, you're going to get depressed, you're going to have serious anger management issues. Really, you will, you will have serious language problems. Isn't that so? So there is no way but Saba without somebody you cannot survive. You have to have patients and although it is extremely hard, but remember that when you put the end result in front

00:38:52 --> 00:38:57

of you, then it becomes easier and you have to keep telling yourself Sub Sub Sub

00:38:58 --> 00:39:50

aboard said was sub Rue Mithila smooth Minh one mother kata he sub it is just like its name. It's very bitter in its days. It's not easy. So if someone says sub it is so hard. Yes, it is very hard. Lacking are well people who learn Minella Sally, but its result is sweeter than honey. It's fruit. Its end result is sweeter than honey, it's the best thing that you can get. But without somebody you can't get that experience. This is why Allah says is Spirou Have patience. Now remember, the incident of butter. Remember the incident of baited Morona What do you need some of the Prophet saw a lot of salams son died Ibrahim, and he was very sad and he was crying. But he did not say anything

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

that Allah does not approve off. So you will go through difficulties, what is needed some and then we'll solve you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:24

Don't just have suburb but also slobby. Rue Saburo is also from suburb. What's the difference between a smooth and Saburo? Sadhguru is from Usambara. And just like the word pizza, okay or jihad, you see there's competition. Okay? Like the title is when one is trying to kill someone and the other is trying to kill him.

00:40:25 --> 00:41:21

Jihad is one person is struggling against someone and the other is struggling against him. All right. So likewise saguru is when a person is being patient is dealing with cyber when he is being attacked by another. So sabido meaning deal with Subash. when problems come your way, when people come in your way, when certain situations and circumstances come your way that go against your knifes, then you have to deal with it with which weapon patience. So MUSAWAH is to face with patients, those who oppose you. Okay, the challenges that come your way. So for example, you're driving, and you're getting late. And as you approach the traffic light, what do you see? A red

00:41:21 --> 00:41:22


00:41:23 --> 00:41:31

Okay, so what do you need over there? How do you deal with that red light? Man? Bang the steering wheel and Ouch.

00:41:33 --> 00:41:50

Yeah, is that sobbing? Oh, no, that red light is coming against you. You have to deal with it with what? With solid, okay, man, I'm here to and I'm also doing the crop of law. And you start doing this this fall. And then within a few seconds, you have your way and you can go.

00:41:51 --> 00:42:30

This is what sabe Rue is. There is a person who annoys you, like really annoys you, you really get irritated, you know, like some people, you can tolerate them and there are other people who just that just the sight of them bugs you, okay? Because you know that they're going to say something or they're going to do something that is going to drive you crazy. Okay? So when you see them, when you see them coming your way they're coming to you to talk to you. Then follow through deal with them with what follows that as you see them approaching, as you see younger brother approaching. Okay, looking at you with your ice cream cone, you know, you're they're going to ask you, I want it. Okay.

00:42:31 --> 00:42:33

So as you're coming towards your neck, okay, I'm also going to have somebody

00:42:35 --> 00:42:41

somebody's coming towards you, you know, they're gonna say something nasty like, Okay, go ahead and say what you have to say, I'm going to deal with sublet Do

00:42:42 --> 00:42:44

you have words, I've got something.

00:42:46 --> 00:43:33

You have something to do something to say I've got some this is what sabido means that when problems are coming your way you display somebody you deal with them with patients. And it's basically to fight the problem with patience. This is the weapon that you have. So for example, at a battle when the enemy is coming against you than what you need to deal with the enemy. Sub right. So face them with patience. This is the reason why Allah says well as the Infinity War in Tomi, don't weaken. Don't become weak when in approaching the enemy, meaning in fighting them into Cullotta Allah Munna if you suffer pain for in the home yet la Munna Kavita llama and then they also suffer pain just

00:43:33 --> 00:43:47

like us suffer pain. With our June I'm in Allah Humana, your June but you hope from Allah, that which they don't hope you expect reward from Allah. So they're coming, they're so determined, but you need to be more determined than

00:43:48 --> 00:44:35

don't let them be more patient than you. Because the one who is harming you, the one who is annoying you is also being patient, remember, okay, it's not easy to harm someone, it's not easy to annoy someone. Okay, so they're being patient in their own way. And you have to be patient in your own way is Biru wasabi roo and then solve you also means that together all of you collectively Be patient, meaning encourage one another to be patient. So one meaning is that deal with patients. And the other meaning is that tell one another to be patient. Allah says well are often in Santa Fe host Illa Levina Avenue our middle Salah had what Alesso Bill headquarters all of a sudden, you have to

00:44:35 --> 00:45:00

encourage one another to be patient. So the first summer is Biru is what just do summer over the matters that are between you and your enough your personal challenges. Saburo is when there are external challenges. Okay sub is to deal patiently with what with internal challenges, because it's that which contradicts the NAPS that is

00:45:00 --> 00:45:48

zire and sabido is against what external challenges and then what are beautiful Robidoux is more specific that you remain stationed robata is to bind to tie something up. So Murata is to hold oneself to bind to tie oneself up, you know on something, do something, to tie oneself up to something. So, bind yourself, tie yourself to what do acts of obedience to that which Allah wants you to do. But who's a great scholar, you know what he did, he tied himself in the masjid must either haram ye so that he could not leave the Masjid. He died himself in the masjid so that he could not leave the masjid at all, so that he would spend all of his time in the masjid studying

00:45:48 --> 00:45:49

worshiping whatever.

00:45:51 --> 00:46:33

So sometimes you have to do that Robbie to my mother, she tells me about how when she was in university, she would stay in her room in order to study and she would have her friend locked the door from outside so that he could not go and be anybody who would come to ask her something or talk to her about something would think oh, she's not there. So sometimes you have to tie yourself do something physically okay. Why to ensure that you will do it to ensure that you will get your work done. So labia to bind yourself to Tara to act of obedience the prophets on a lot of them said this is a Hadith and Behati that should I tell you about actions with which Allah forgives sins and

00:46:33 --> 00:47:12

raises the grids? What are the first of all performing perfect abolition in unfavorable conditions so for example, when it's extremely cold, or when the water is less, or when your soul is sleepy and tired, you don't want to do will do but doing will do at such a time. Secondly, the many steps that one takes to the masjid for some people, it takes two minutes to get to the masjid other people take five minutes other people take 15 minutes to drive to the masjid. Some people come 10 minutes drive to the institute other people come 40 minutes drive to the institute. So taking many steps to the masjid and thirdly, awaiting prayer after the prayer meeting waiting for the next Salah after one

00:47:12 --> 00:47:21

salah and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said this is revert this is rebirth This is rebelled. Meaning this is tying yourself to good deeds

00:47:22 --> 00:48:06

can you do will do easily when it's difficult. It's not when the water is freezing cold. When you're really sleepy. It's not easy to do that. What can make you do when you've tied yourself that I have to do it you don't give yourself an option that I'm bound to it. So volatile, hold yourself. And the same word is also used for rebar is also used for war preparation. It's used for protecting and guarding the borders. And the Prophet saw a lot of centum said a day of rebelled meaning guarding the borders in the Cause of Allah is better than this life and all that is in it. So Robbie to remain stationed guard the Muslim lands as well. The prophets thought a lot of them said rebelled

00:48:06 --> 00:48:43

for a day and a night is better than fasting the days of a month and it's the if one dies in rebelled his regular righteous deeds that he used to perform will keep being added to his account and he will receive His provision and will be saved from the trials of the grave. So what are the two meanings of Rabelo first of all, die yourself to the performance of good deeds and the show's determination. This shows regularity, consistency that no matter how hard it is, a person still does it. And you know when you have scheduled something, when you have bound yourself to a routine, then it happens and when there's no routine. When you haven't bound yourself to something then that work

00:48:43 --> 00:49:24

will never happen. For example, if you have a three week class, you go for an hour every day you will study a Quran for an hour you will recite it for an hour but if you don't have it that week class when you recite put on for an hour every day. No. So Robbie, you have to tie yourself to such things to make yourself do it. And the second meaning is in particular, of guarding the borders. What the cupola and fear Allah, again, have fear of Allah, Allah Allah come to flee rooms so that you can be successful. So at the end of the Surah, Allah tells us about success. That How can you be successful at the individual level at the collective level? What do we learn in this idea? Be

00:49:24 --> 00:49:25


00:49:26 --> 00:49:45

in the face of internal challenges, be patient in the face off external challenges, and bind yourself to good things to good places to good people so that you can do something good. If you don't tie yourself if you let yourself loose, then what will happen? Your knifes will desire more freedom

00:49:46 --> 00:50:00

isn't at all. If you don't have any schedule, no school nor routine and you're sleeping then you will sleep more than you need more than you want even correct. So you have to tie yourself to something so you can make

00:50:00 --> 00:50:29

make something of your life fear Allah, only then you can be successful. And this is the conclusion. The final advice that we learn in surah. Earlier Amman and Surah earlier man, there were many things that we saw, first of all, the incident of the people of neutron, many verses that were revealed concerning that. Then we also learned about the Battle of or heard many verses were revealed in the context of that. And in the middle, we learned about who or rather at the beginning we learned about

00:50:30 --> 00:50:53

earlier Imran and who was that that story began from WHO? A woman, right? It began from a woman, and when can a woman be successful? When she has somebody internally, externally, when she ties herself to good things, she fears Allah, and then she is successful. Any successful person, you will see this in their life.

00:50:54 --> 00:51:07

And we see that the next surah is which one and this app, so it begins with a woman. Okay, the wife of Iran, and then the next surah is a Nyssa. Let's listen to the recitation.

00:51:09 --> 00:51:14

One naka de Pollo Loco Lemina gefallen hoo fill

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the long You

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You mean

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more than

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for sharing for sharing

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is gonna be

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been in

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Vegas the

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people want

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to flip

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warahmatullahi wabarakatu

00:53:04 --> 00:53:17

How do you feel that now you have completed and that surah in the Quran, Alhamdulillah Masha Allah Allah has chosen you, I pray that you will be able to implement what you have learned and share it with others inshallah.

00:53:18 --> 00:53:19

You ready for your reflection.

00:53:21 --> 00:53:58

So when I first started out with that, I didn't know what I was going into. And because of that, I took the class very lightly. When I'm that I'm in the chorus for almost two years, I realized how much benefit it brings to me and how much how many different aspects there to it. But since I took the class lightly, in the beginning, I thought I lost a lot of the charm that I'll hold that has, and our class goes very fast. And sometimes I can't take all the notes and I look at the GIS notes and they're very well organized and well written and I see mine and they're not that good. Inshallah, when I finished the course I want to in volunteer at all that, so I have to work harder

00:53:58 --> 00:54:42

to gain that. Yeah, lucky me the string. When I first came to Canada, I thought it the course would just be something I did my free time. But now I have to make time for it. And when I study, and I do my lesson every night, I have to work hard for it and been a part of my life. Now, one of the biggest changes from the beginning of the course is that I had a group where a lot of different people had different experiences. But now I'm in a group where all of my people are are going through high school and I can relate to them I can share and I when we have fun kind of in groups, a lot of the lessons that we learn in class and a lot of the examples that the teacher gives I can

00:54:42 --> 00:55:00

relate to and I understand whenever I go home, I have this, this determination like I want to go change myself but when I go home, it's different and I just lose that feeling. And inshallah I want the I have to work on finding motivation and being able to use these new lessons.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:09

Isn't skills in my daily life and sha Allah, may Allah give us the strength and to give to get all the benefits that we can from this course? It's not like

00:55:12 --> 00:55:17

you're hiding, but I was just wondering if anybody had anything you want to share with us?

00:55:18 --> 00:55:20

Solomonic amatola rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:55:22 --> 00:56:13

My name is Leila. And before my name was Olga, Originally, I'm from Russia. And I would like to share a story about myself how I converted to Islam, but I would like to use the word I reverted to Islam, because everybody burned Muslims has been alright. And I reverted to Islam to Allah around five years ago, and I found myself and I found peace in my heart. And I'm really very happy. I really appreciate it. I found this place. I found the school and I'm so happy to be here. When I converted to Islam, I slowly slowly started to learn about Islam. First of all, I married the Muslim men. And then I started to learn slowly, slowly, and I really appreciate it. Allah brought me to the

00:56:13 --> 00:56:34

center of Islam to Saudi Arabia, when my Islamic life started. And slowly I started to learn there as well. And I was really happy. I started to learn how to pray and my parents and Lord teach me a lot. And then Allah brought me to Canada. Then being in Canada, Allah changed me a lot here.

00:56:35 --> 00:57:32

Especially many signs I get here many, through dreams, message dreams about hijab. I used to pray I was a good Muslim, but I was not covering myself. And I realize a lot try to show me the way Allah tried to push me to be a real Muslim. And I saw message dream. It was really an amazing dream. 10 days before that dream happened, I saw a one of my friends invited me for fashion show, to be a model to show Pakistani wedding dresses and something like that. Then I told her Yes, sure. I will try to think about and 10 days before that fashion show started. Allah sent me a message dream about hijab, in my dream. One angel is was a beautiful lady who was wearing white hijab, she came to me.

00:57:32 --> 00:58:22

And she told me, but in my dream fashion show started. And she told me, you in this life, not for this, please go and tell them you will not do this. And then the models, they came to me and they told me, please get ready. It's your turn. But this is my dream. I told them I'm sorry. I changed my mind. I don't want to do that. And she told me that's very good decision. Allah love you. And now you have to wear hijab. And then I told her Yes, for sure. I will do that. Then I woke up. And I realize I have to wear hijab. It's around one year, I'm wearing hijab. And my Eman is growing. And I feel so happy to be here and meet all of you. And I really enjoy alHuda school. And I always telling

00:58:22 --> 00:58:51

my friends to come and Alhamdulillah through my lectures and my knowledge what I know, my father convert to Islam two weeks ago, and my mother also she converted to Islam two years ago and my sister as well. And I'm really happy. Allah show us the way and I try to help people how much I can invite them to well who the school is well

00:58:53 --> 00:58:53

thank you

00:58:54 --> 00:58:57

for hiring me Amasa subhanaw taala keep guiding you sha Allah

00:59:00 --> 00:59:05

Subhana Allah will be him they're going to show to Allah ilaha illa antenna Sakurako Anna to the lake.

00:59:06 --> 00:59:09

A sinner Mornay can what Allah he will but a category

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