Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #13 – When No One Else Noticed You

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of the Prophet sallati on people, including people who have experienced hardship and fear of failure. The Prophet had multiple reasons for causing pain, including fear of failure and a desire to serve others. The importance of telling people about their actions and doing things that they want to do is emphasized. A woman named a "hammer" who used to be in the state of adventure and asked questions about the profit slice is also discussed.
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Some people spend their entire lives trying to come to terms with injustices that were done to them. Why was I caused so much pain by this person? Why did I have to go through this. And it's understandable because sometimes there is no explanation that you can logically come to in this life. Others take the pain that they experienced, and decide to be a pain reliever for others when they recognize that same pain. In the case of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went through every type of hardship that you can imagine. And because he went through every type of hardship that you can imagine, he recognized that hardship who was rejected more than the profit

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slice and who was poor than the profits of the lies on them? Who knew emotional vulnerability more than the Prophet sallallahu? It was some of them, the profit side, some knew every type of pain and vulnerability. And because of that, it made him better equipped to care for people that otherwise would have no one noticed them when they were in that pain.

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Loss of hundreds of dimensions, how can this Ed Well, my room, that the people who pray at night, they have in their wealth, right for those who ask and those who don't ask those who are forbidden from asking. And what that means is, there are people that will ask you when they're in pain when they're in need, and there are people that will be forbidden sometimes from their dignity, from their sense of shame that they don't want to ask for help. And if you are a person that prays at night and pays extra attention to your Lord when other sleep, then that equips you to have a greater lens to pay attention to people that others are not paying attention to during the day. And so the

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Prophet slicin excelled, how can you serve me well in my role at being there for those who had asked, and that being there for those who are prohibited from asking by their circumstances, and one of the things that I needed the alonside I know mentioned is that the prophets lie some relief, the people have three things he would never degrade people or abuse them. So Allah Hardy was and I'm so when the Prophet slicin would mention people, he wouldn't speak about them in a denigrating way. The second thing is that the Prophet slicin would not look after people's a lot, their private matters and their shameful things. You know, sometimes when you ask about people, you're asking in an

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underhanded way you want to know, oh, have you heard about this person? And what's this person up to? And you go searching for there are a lot you go searching for their faults, and the profit slice of them would never ask about a person in a way have to talk about a lot going after their private matters, or unveiling some of the shameful things that they do in private. And the third thing is that the prophets lie some would never speak except in matters that he hoped to be rewarded for. So the prophets lie Selim, would not harm you with backbiting or gossip. And even more than that the prophets lie some would not provoke a conversation, perhaps that you would be shamed in, but instead

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the prophets lie. Some would ask about people in a way of concern. So when the profit slice alum noticed you missing, then he would ask about you, not in a way of Have you heard about that person. But have you heard about that person? Are they okay? I haven't seen that person, the profit slice. And I'm also would see things and people that others would not see. A Hodeidah will be a lot of data and who has this narration, where he says that I used to be so hungry, that I would sometimes pass out in hunger, and I would tie stones to my stomach. And I would be too ashamed to ask anybody for anything above whatever will be a long time and who was homeless for some time, he was from his

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sofa, and he could not ask people for something and he felt barred by his dignity and his modesty from asking people. So what who will be alongside I'm going to do instead, he asked questions to people hoping that they would notice that something was off about him. So I will read about the last time that I went to Apple back in a study called the alongside it, and I will Beckett is a Beckett he's a man will the alongside an animal that's experienced some of the most difficult moments with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He's a man of generosity, a man of nobility, he's the best person after the profit slice on them. So bordering on the law on Who said I asked him a question

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about the book of Allah estimate. tafsir question. And he said I knew the answer. But I was hoping that apobec would look at me and notice that I was hungry instead of Rebecca Sadiq with the law tada and who, as amazing as he is, he answered the question and he went on his way, sober, hereto the law and who said I went to the next person who is the next person on water with a hot tub with the lights on. And I asked him a question about the book of Allah. And I knew the answer, but I was hoping he noticed but he didn't notice at all. Instead armadyl the Allahu Allah and who and he is who he is. He answered the question and he moved on several hereto the law tada and he said while

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I'm in the state of despair and I am asking

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questions that are not relevant to my hunger hoping someone will notice the profit slice in them walks by. And I want to pause here by the way, sometimes you see people that put out cries for help and you ignore those cries for help. Sometimes you might see someone tweet something or write something or post something that's not ordinary, and you let it go, you just overlook it. But if someone's acting or speaking in a way that's not ordinary, if you love that person, you should be concerned and ask about that person. The profit slice on them walks by available the allotted time. Whoa. And he looks at him, and he smiles that uploaded a little bit louder. I know. And he says

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about him, so he shortens his name, which is a means of putting him at ease sallallahu wasallam by calling him by a shortened version of his nickname, and avoiding what the law says love baking Allah Sula. Here are a couple Oh, yo, Scylla here I am. What is it Jada sola. He says, follow me. So I will read all the data and he says, I follow the Prophet slice Allah. And the profits license took me to this person's house. And we were served with Laverne. The profit slice some took that picture of lemon of yogurt and he let it go around the room to everybody else and I was afraid that nothing would be left for me until it got to me and the profit slice I'm so drink Oba Herrera, and he said,

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I drunk in the profit slice. I'm said keep drinking. And he said I kept on drinking, drinking, drinking until I could drink no more. And the profit slice I'm said about him. I said, Let's make a little law. Here. I am a messenger of Allah. He said, Are you full of oredo the law and he said I'm fully Allah. So Allah so then the prophets I some took and he drank from it as well, some the law and he was alone. So the prophets I some would see in you pain or hunger, or despair, or need when others would not because he's been there sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he's been hungry before. He's been rejected before. He's been that person that no one would take in before. And so the Prophet

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slice Allah made it a point to be a comfort to those that were in that similar situation. And one of the most touching stories in that regard is a situation that the Prophet slice alum, was more familiar with than anyone else, which is the death of a child. There was a man that used to come to the gatherings of the Prophet, slice alum. And he had a child, a son, that the Prophet slice I'm loved a lot. And this was a child that was frequent in the masjid. And this man loved his son, and he would bring him and the Prophet slice on would play with him, everyone would play with him. And the man goes missing, he stopped coming to the masjid. The Prophet slice on him said, Where is he?

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And he asked, again, out of concern. I said, the opposite of Allah, his son, he said, what happened to a son? So the son passed away, Prophet, slice alum, immediately he says, Let's go visit him. He goes to the man and he sees the man in intense sadness, and he says, You know what happened? And he says, My son died. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells him, aren't you pleased that on the Day of Judgment, that you will find your son standing in front of every gate of Jenna, that you want, and you can enter in any gate that you choose? spinalis man was shocked. He said, Of course, he had a little love course the Messenger of Allah. And he says to the prophets lie, some is this just

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something for me is this for everyone? prophets lie some says this is for everyone. This is for the entire oma, this gift. But Subhana Allah, think about the Prophet, slice alum, looking for that man. He looked for hunger. He looked for sadness. He looked for rejection, he looked for those who would not ask so that he could be a source of relief for them, because that is the epitome of the psalm the excellence of the Prophet salallahu

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