Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 1 with Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy

Omar Suleiman
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Ramadan Mubarak to you all have the level Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah and he was like the woman whether Al Hamdulillah Ramadan is back and hold on 30 for 30 is back We ask Allah Karnataka to fill our hearts with the poor on our tongues with its recitation our deeds with its manifestations and we ask Allah to make us people of the poor and Allah I mean, have the law It's wonderful to be back again and I want to say Samadhi come from the very beginning to share the lush Abdullah Samadhi come, it comes down to LA he will go to katsu does Aquila welcome welcome back and hamdulillah looking forward to the month with you in sha Allah

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handleless good to be back with all of you and Allah Allah about a week we're looking forward to your your your reflections and your your face bombs

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Yeah, that's what that's what we want to see inshallah we need to get some some gifts and high def now inshallah, you know, hopefully

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it will make me just, you know, yeah, luck. And

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then of course for our first guests in the lobby of Sheikh Mohammed Chanel, we handled a lot of ramming hack law by bad Kevin Hi, my pleasure to be amongst you guys in Orlando walks everybody, I'm lying about a CFI come, play Bismillah so we're going to get started in sha Allah. So to remind everyone hamdulillah we're going to be in sha Allah tada going on every night at 6pm, central 7pm Eastern divinity to Allah and, and hamdulillah today we have released a quarter and 30 for 30 ebook and what this is is a companion guide for last year's called on 3430 which basically does the overviews of the chapters as well as explaining the sequences and shots out of between the chapters

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so you can use that every day in sha Allah to Allah read that every day it's very short the job that we're covering to get the overview of in the night on and then you can tune in with us inshallah tada so it's a little bit of homework but it's not much it's a free ebook as long as well as Dr. Thought had Why have you the whole law wrote his ebook on your on prophetic prayers for Ramadan so you do, they haven't did enough so you have plenty to keep you engaged in sha Allah to Allah. And tomorrow in the night at a meeting Mohammed Salah Allah how it was done on the first episode will be released tomorrow morning and shot lotto. So we hope you'll be tuning in on a daily basis and shout

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out to both of that, as well as are put on 3430 nightly. And we want to remind you, of course, but they're not heated to consider your pain amongst your your places for sub in the nahi tada as we seek to provide more free resources and shout out to the community. So please do it in the nighttime, consider clicking on the link and donating tip and and supporting us the way that you do every year and $100. But I mean, and we pray that will continue to get better for you, isn't it time. Now with that being said, what I'm going to be doing in Charlottetown every night is I'm actually going to be instead of doing a juice overview, the way that we did last year talking about

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the structure of the juice, we're going to be looking at the sila and focus bit in it time. And so we start off with sort of the bacara, which is of course, divided into multiple jobs. But we're going to start off with the first just about COVID-19 tala and of course, certain bacara is a madonie surah. It was revealed in Medina and it has the style of a Madani surah being a long surah with long verses, but I want to talk about some of the things that we see in the first Jews of Bukhara and sha Allah to Allah. Most of the scholars say that this sutra, at least the beginning of it, the first Jews of it was revealed in the first year after his law. So put yourself in the

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mindset of the Muslims as they have just migrated from Mecca to Medina. There they are settling their new home, they're finally establishing a community, not under persecution. Though of course there are the unique dynamics of settling into Medina and still dealing with a hostile enemy in Mecca, as well as some hostile enemies within an Medina. But at the same time, it's the first year in Medina, we ask Allah subhana wa Jalla to allow us to visit Medina soon in the 90 time. And the reason for revelation according to multiple scholars is that the city or the law itself is going to be revealed over a few of these saw a few of these ir COVID-19 Tyler and people will ask many

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questions as the new community is being established. And so you're going to see in the second Jos, which we'll talk about inshallah tada tomorrow. A lot of legal questions a lot of Yes, alumina, they asked you this, they asked you that now because now you're a community that is flourishing, or that has the potential to establish itself and so now you get to establish your own set of laws. Now you have come now you have rulings that will be applied within the society of the Muslims. However, just like with Mecca to Medina, the first foundation is the foundation of taqwa is the foundation of God.

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Consciousness. And so you find these categorizations of people and in the very beginning of sorta bacara Allah subhana wa tada mentions the believers, Allah mentions the disbelievers. And then Allah mentions the hypocrites. And not just any group of hypocrites. Allah talks about hypocrites who only entered into Islam to harm it from within. And of course, this is a you know, a key feature of Medina, you did not have people that pretended to be Muslims in Mecca, so that they could cause damage to the Muslim community from within. But here you do have that first set of hypocrites being addressed and Subhana Allah, Allah azza wa jal from the very beginning is talking about their

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plotting and their planning, and how they will fail in this dunya and in the hereafter as well on their own Illa. And first of all, Mama is ruined, they're only fooling themselves, and their plans will be foiled. And they will taste the consequences of their hypocrisy in this life as well as the next. So it's a warning to the hypocrites to not lose their faith to not lose out on the opportunity to be sincere believers and companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because to do so is to risk you know, the, you know, the punishment of the hereafter. And it's also a warning to them, as the Muslims are setting up in Medina very vulnerably that they will fail in regards to their

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worldly plans as well. You also have a lot of stories of Benny Israel that come in certain bacala and Allah so just speaking Yeah, Benny slot he remember opening slot, you'll remember the favor of God upon you remember the favorite of Allah upon you. And of course, as the Muslims are settling into Medina, they are dealing with the Jewish community for the first time, right? And you have Jewish tribes that are in Medina. And so the Quran reminding the, you know, the Jewish tribes as well of the favors of Allah upon Benny is slightly but a reminder to us all of Musa alayhis salaam and the message of Mussolini snam, the mission of Mossad is set up and what true continuation of

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musante cinemas legacy looks like so it's a reminder for all of us and of course, the reminder is laced with the remembrance of the gratitude that we should have to Allah subhanaw taala for all that He has given to us. And of course you find as we talked about, you know in the overview, the door is the door either mighty slam the door of Mussolini surrounded with Brahim it is Salaam and dua is truly your weapon, the weapon of the believer that will save the believer, but here's something that I want to focus on inshallah tada with the few minutes that I have, as we are in a Madani content context. And it's, it's really powerful that the story of the building of the character is being

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revealed as the Muslims have just been exiled from Mecca. And for the first time, they are, you know, getting exposed to a society in which the cabinet is not there around the corner from them, right. They lived in Mecca, they have been persecuted around the calendar and they know that this is the house that was built by Ibrahim alayhis salaam for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the worship of one God but now they're in Medina, and they're missing Mecca and here a lot is revealing these verses about the initial construction of the Kava, when Ibrahim it has set up

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builds the Kava with his marine it his Salaam, with yellow faragher Brahim and karate them in a bat where it's married. And they're raising their hands to Allah subhana wa tada and they are praying to Allah for the city of Mecca. They are praying to Allah for their descendants to be upon righteousness to be upon monotheism to be upon prayer and to uphold the sanctity of that house. And so if you think about the context of Hanalei, you're in Medina, you've just been persecuted and exiled out of Mecca. And now Allah is revealing these verses about the construction of the caribou. What is the wisdom of that? And what is this what is the sign of that and many of the scholars point

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to that this is soothing the heart of the Prophet slicin and soothing the heart of the believers that you will one day return to fulfill the legacy of Ibrahim already has set up to fulfill the promise that Allah gave to Ibrahim alayhis salaam, that people will come to this place worshiping Allah subhana wa tada alone. And they will come you know saying the big kolomela bake until he will be established in the place where you have just been run out of because of your toe hate. So think about you know the mindset of the Muslims who missed Mecca so much. Some of them have never known but Mecca and the revelation coming upon the Prophet slice Allah and upon the hearts of the

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believers about Mecca, about Ibrahim it his salaams vision for Mecca and vision for the world and how the Prophet sly Southern was to be a continuation of that vision and we as his own man, by extension, be a continuation

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that vision so so Pamela if you're in, you know, in Medina, reading these verses as they're being revealed to the Prophet slicin them for the first time thinking about you're already thinking about the Kava, you're already thinking about Mecca. And you're thinking about not a place of hostility, but a place that was empty at one point that was being established upon toe hate and with toe hate. And this is the first bush law just as a lot is giving the news to the hypocrites from the very beginning as Medina is starting, that you will fail in your plans, you will fail in your plans to do derailed the Muslim community to harm Islam from within. This is a message to the Muslims that are

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in Mecca and Medina that you will return back to Mecca victorious one day because Allah has decreed it even though you have just been run out of there. After over a decade of persecution and humiliation. Allah subhana wa tada will establish the promise to Ibrahim Arnie Salaam to Abraham have to hate the legacy of tawheed. And so go back to the initial construction of the Kava and you will one day return to that Kava as it serves the purpose that it was meant to serve in the first place. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to to bless us with that ability ourselves to go back to Mecca, sangla Baker lahoma bake, and to always keep in perspective, to always keep in perspective,

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even at our lowest points and even in the most unlikely moments that Allah subhanaw taala has made a promise to the believers and Allah subhana wa Tada. We'll see that promise through and then inshallah Tada, when we get to the second Jews. We'll talk about the changing of the Qibla them that comes in that same context.

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Exactly. Okay, as if I'm a cinema, Nick, I know you're trying to be respectful by not reaching into the second Jews. But just for those that are wondering, the scholars inferred this because it is very clear once you get to the second just right, cut Narada follow the logic fsms he felt an Orwellian negative Latin tadoba we see your face turning on hammer in direction of Mecca. And we're going to grant you a direction of prayer that you will be pleased with and so there is actually spelled out that this is Allah subhana wa tada going to do this and also you read between the lines, look at the great status of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the sight of his Lord, that

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his Lord would never be indifferent, not just about his art, but the inclinations, the pure inclinations, that a lot originally guided him to the inclinations of his heart.

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Mashallah to vertical Ah, that was a beautiful insight, Mashallah, and how, you know, you mentioned the whole concept and interactions of Vinnie strat, Ian, you know, that people have moved on Hmm. And that's kind of what I want to use that as a segue to introduce the portion of what I want to talk about, is roughly in the sort of thing about color, obviously, in the 74th verse, because now that we are entering Rome, Milan and hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen. We should know that this is not seasonal, particularly the aspect of our hearts and where our heart our hearts stand, and the consistent evaluation that is upon the human being, in particular, the Muslim to evaluate their

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hearts to look at their hearts to inspect their hearts to always ask questions to themselves about themselves, ultimately asking Allah subhanho wa Tada. So when we see here in the story of Musa with the people, Minister, I deal with Allah subhanaw taala mentions that when Moses told his people, his Boubacar, he told him to slaughter the cow. And as we see from the description of the inhabitants at that time in his civilization, the people that were around him, they didn't respond adequately. They didn't respond in a fashion that was pleasing to Allah kind of without or rather, they even dare to ridicule and to question him to the degree where a lawsuit kind of what's your honor, there we say

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there was a level of frustration with the response and the way that they acted. And a lawsuit kind of what Tyler finally mentioned, he mentioned to us how they finally slaughter the cow and sacrifice the cow. He said, Why can't we get I know they were not about to do it. Then a lawsuit kind of what the anatel talks about their situation in their house when he says, What if I told him Nelson fidella mafia, when you kill someone from amongst them, there was someone that killed one of their people, for delta to the left to him via what the person to fear they when when they were asked who was the individual who killed this person, they would blame each other. They would blame each other

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to the degree that they would argue with each other. And Allah says he would know as well of what you were talking to me on what you were hiding, what you were not revealing and Allah subhanaw taala is well aware of that. There are lots of kind of what the Allah mentions after that, how he shows him is is how he shows him his science, because he told them for whom not to remove will be bound behind take from this dead cow take from this Bukhara and place it on the dead end.

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And he will show you his science as a scholar say that when he placed it on this individual he would he would come to life. And then he would tell them who the killer was. Connecticut up level motel where you eat them, it allows you kind of without a will bring this dead individual to life and he will show you his science. Let's stop here. The signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala are very important for us to voluntarily to the best of our ability, ponder or because any sign that we see we should use it as a means to soften our hearts. But with the people that were around Moses, that was not the case. As we see consistently throughout the Quran, they they tried to kill the prophets, they killed

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the Prophet, some of the prophets, right? They would ask the question they said, show us Allah apparent we will not believe you. We will not believe you until we see a law until we see him until we see him just rotten until we totally see him. So this type of ridicule and sometimes we can say dare sarcasm that took place. Allah Subhana Allah mentions their situation right after that. He said some episodes pourable convinced that he died again. But here Can he god, oh, I should do a swab. He said then even after this sign was shown, your hearts were hard. Can he john? Oh, I should do as well. And here's some of the scholars he says it was your hearts were hard as rocks or even harder

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than that some scholars say and even harder than that. How. Because you know amongst these group of people, as we know human beings, the strength and level of our hearts and softness of our hearts towards Allah and His message. It ranges so it could be that some people from Binney Israel it were very very, very stubborn and ignorant and defiant and some were not at that level. Or it could be one person that all of them their hearts range just as just as we are in this month of Ramadan inshallah, we can make our hearts softer to this to this message. So last month, I was saying, but he can he jannetty Oh, I should do cassava. We're in the middle majority that may it's a gentleman

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who and how Allah subhana wa tada says, and there are four rocks from which the strings spring out. It's a fun gentleman who

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were in the minha lemma Chicago for Yahoo, German has been well met and summer from which water comes and they split open. And there are some from some of the hearts that are more there are softer, as you realize it kind of like you see that water has to push through this heart structure in order to break it. But the level of compromise of that rock of that heart structure will depend on how soft it is. So when we look at the eyes of Allah subhana wa Donna, what does it do to our hearts. And then the last part Allah says after that

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we're in the middle, there may a short look over here for German who were in the Manhattan area with him in questions in my lobby often and I met talking to him last month, Allah says after that, and others will fall down in the art of Allah and Allah is not and he is not unaware of what you do. So here we see a conclusion how Allah subhanaw taala is describing these hearts and they are different situations in different encounters and different responses. But this should be an ultimate message as Sharma was saying earlier, the generality of the message is for us to look at these stories and then immediately look in the mirror. Look in the mirror mount Ramadan has has started, we have had

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the opportunity for shop man to fast the majority of the month to condition ourselves were human beings we may have been negligent. But now with Ramadan, this Quran is the best Vicar for you. So when using this avenue of tuning in, pressing using your senses, what you see what you hear what you touch, to use it for that which is a higher and what that that which is good for your soul and good for your heart. That is how the heart will remain soft. And that is how it will stay away from those things that are detrimental to it. from them being arrogance from them being killed as a promise a lot of wisdom said the individual not intergender if there is a mustard seed of Kibera of arrogance

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in their hearts. So let's allow the beginning of the series if you're tuning in, may Allah bless you, but maintain that relationship with the Quran because that is the strongest means to keep the heart soft and to obey the message of the one that created it.

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vaca Maharaja from the library click Sheikh Mohammed follow

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fidelity Long QT so Bismillah again Soto Salah, also de la on audio Sofia drain

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I guess as I'm listening to chef Homer offers the context of when these ad came down and now Shahab Bala reminding us to be extra focused and extra introspective and I asked Allah to help us fixate on the Quran in this month and fix what has gone wrong with our lives through the Quran. And help us find ourselves in this book and the best version of ourselves alone. I mean,

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I guess my reflection to tie these two together, you know,

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first of all, social worker really is especially the first just very

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heavy on the evaluative criteria, if you will, how to evaluate the softness of your heart. Because you know certain Baccarat especially so that Hadid and these are all early souls in Medina,

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they have a very clear and forward caution against your faith becoming compromised without you realizing it. And that is, you know, a concern we should all have.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said faith wears out and one of you the same way of faith, same way a garment wears out on your bodies. So constantly ask Allah to renew the faith in your hearts We ask Allah is a legit, you know, in this first lesson, if I'm about to renew the faith in our hearts constantly asked for it. But so the worker offers among others how to check for it. You know, the first hint sort of Botha gives you is the timing when to check for it. So the bacara came down Medina, Medina is yes, they were forced into exile from Mecca, but they also were housed, they were taken in by Medina. And so there is a relative safety there is a relative comfort

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eventually once they get into Medina, especially after the first year.

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And that is a moment when you want to be cautious, because comfort the same way that a fear can drive you defeat, comfort and luxury safety can. It has its ills or it can get you to put your guard down. And so of the ills of prosperity.

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The Quran threatens or the Quran warns, to not fall to not succumb to the ills of prosperity. And that's very relevant for us because you may put your guard down because of the modern arrived, all right, I made it you know, the nervousness is over. And that would be unfortunate, you will not make the best of them a lot. And in general, I mean, you know, for a lot of us being a first world Muslim, if I can call us that, that gives us a greater propensity greater likelihood for like a false sense of security. And then also sort of the buffet I think of context socialization, right. They are a shift Omar mentioned interacting now with a group an extension of Ben was right. He, you

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know, the Jewish community in Medina, people that over time, the hearts hardened, and they have stepped in their faith, their faith got compromised, and they didn't realize and they fell into selective submission. They pick and choose what they're going to submit to. And that is very akin to us as well. If you think of the concept of secularism today, right, the secular paradigm where you section off the leftovers of your life for God. Those are two factors the comfort of our life and the socialization of the dominant culture. It's in the ether makes us realize how useful the first Joseph sort of Bukhara is, you know, as chef Omar mentioned, the categories of the faithful are 123

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versus the category of the unfaithful the disbelievers to verses. Why, because all that was covered for 13 years in Mecca, it's crystal clear, and nobody was half stepping. Nobody was showing two faces, there was no hypocrisy. Right? But then there's an extensive discussion on on hypocrisy looks like the different types of hypocrisy, and then the mention of like, Adam and shavonne, because that's exactly what shavon did. Now. hypocrisy, then disbelief

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undermined his faith. All his hard work meant nothing because there was no devotion at heart, he was being selective, he's doing it because he wanted to do it. That's why he didn't do what Allah wanted him to do. So submitting to Allah on your terms, not his terms, is not the evaluative criteria for someone who is truly a fake. You know, crying when we hear her and for example, is not the only indicative factor, but soft heart, how good are we at submitting consistently. And then the first job we'll go on to speak about sort of, you know, the Israelites themselves, who once again overlooked God's favours and we're half stepping the story of the cow. And then you go back to

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and this is so profound, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is recalling the world to the legacy of of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, and then the people in Medina you know the Jews, the Jewish community in Medina are making a claim to Ibrahim out of his salon, but they're half stepping in their faith. So it's as if Allah Zilla gel is telling them now you all decide by your submission to my last submission to my injunctions. Are you the true claimants the rightful claimants Ibrahim Ali silat because Ibrahim Ali Salaam, he he didn't just hesitate when it came to slaughtering a cow. He was ready to slaughter his son if it came from Allah, because it wasn't about

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the detail. It was about the commander who's commanded who has the right to be obeyed. Ibrahim Ali Salaam was thrown into a fire didn't mind Ibrahim Ali Salaam who in some in the high deconsolidated book it didn't say all I have done so much. I'm 80 years old now enough he circumcised himself with a rough blade.

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At 80 years old the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and that's why the first Jews basically says Salah Ibrahim Abu be Kalimantan Ibrahim Ali Salaam was tested by his Lord with certain injunctions, and he passed them all with flying colors. So that's the idea and of the first Jews, which of you is a true claimant Ibrahim Ali.

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I'm Bill to the caliber. And he said, Oh Allah accept from us. I know this is not worthy of you, I should be submitting even more and even more humble, this is not a burden, this is an opportunity to serve you. So I'm going to do it without reservations without reluctance without restrictions. That's the true evaluative criteria of a healthy heart. Allah said he passed it with all flying colors. And so that is the criteria to set you up for a visit to that ship almost that has all the legal rulings. Now, here's your test. Here's your criteria. Here's your laws, your legal rulings to see if you are a true,

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you know, performer better than venosa EAD when it came to the legacy of Ibrahim Ali cinema submission. And then the end of the surah praises those who say we hear and we will be in the second to last verse. So that's how I tried to understand you know, the importance of introspection through sort of Baccarat and I'll hand it back without taking any more time because like a little flavor check on online Metacritic, I wish he wouldn't hand it back when I wish he would have kept going it's my fault for telling you there's a time limit. There's

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a lot one thing that I was thinking about that is really interesting.

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You know, Ramadan is all about us taking into consideration our favors, right the favors of Allah upon us. When a lot talks to the people of Mecca, Allah Allah Allah home and you are in a manner human health, let them worship the Lord of this house, in Mecca, karma and Mecca, the one who safeguarded them, and the one who fed them, gave them security and gave them the blessings of sustenance. And then one of ours talks to Benny slide in, right with guru and aromatic allottee. And I'm to Anakin. Remember my blessing upon you remember my favorite upon you? And of course we've been in so I eat and the for love took them on land. I mean, it's something specific to them that they

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were chosen

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as a nation. And then of course, Eliza mentions the favors upon musante so what is the last parasite specifically give us what ends up radical in London was Salah, kulu, wash labo, right? You know, that Allah revealed, sent upon them all the food and drink that they needed to sustain themselves. So Allah reminded them of sustenance, and what else what is Nigeria document it for their own. So kind of like a law reminded them of security and sustenance. And I was just thinking, as you were talking a lot reminded me of the people of Mecca of security and sustenance. And what did the Prophet slicin them say to us, whoever wakes up in the morning, and they are safe, they're healthy,

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they're safe, and they have enough to eat for the day, as if they own the entire world that says if they're the kings, you know, the kings of this earth Subhanallah you have everything that you need, and Ramadan is to impress upon us those blessings and it's amazing to me that we're starting off the poor on the recitation of the Quran with a reminder from Allah to all of us of those blessings and then interrogate ourselves with those blessings like which category like no one is freed from from self interrogation, introspection, and certain Baccarat the believer has to look within the disbeliever has to look within the hypocrite has to look within the polytheist test to look within

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the People of the Book have to look within right the Jews and the Christians have to look within the Muslims have to look within everyone has to ask themselves Am I submitting the way below him is not submitted. And every story that just hits you so quickly, has this contrast right like until you get to Ibrahim it snap you have you can either you know take the way of Adam it his Salaam or you could take the way with every other beloved shavon. You could either take the way of Mozart in a cinema or you could take the way for their own or you could take the way of bending slightly, particularly the ones that disobeyed most it stuff. And then it gets to Brahim. It sounds like here's your ultimate

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Woman yarrabah and Mila Ibrahima 11. Sophia Sophia nafsa. who turns away from the wave of why he might use to them right, except that they bring about on themselves disgrace in this life and the next, you know, a lot chose him. And that's actually the key here right that Allah choosing Ibrahim alayhis salaam, transcends this world, right slotzo for dunya was Papa hopeful Akela it his Salatu was Salam. Allah chose him with a special favor in this dunya and a special favor and the hereafter as well. Allah chose him because of his submission, his sincerity, and his the way he took those blessings and channeled them in ways of his beautiful submission. And then victory comes right and

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that's where the next just the turning of the fibula starts to come into play, which we'll talk about in Charlottetown. next session,

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is I go to Chicago, you know, as you were, like, the visual of the fork in the road and you got to make your decision. It it, I guess, pushed me to just revisit the point that I rushed in the end, you know, the hate is is like I'm listening, that when Allah Subhana Allah, Allah said in the last three verses, so that Bukhara he said, you know, whether you express what is within yourselves or you keep it hidden, Allah knows. And so the Sahaba came and they fell on their knees, and the story is known, like we cannot, you know, control are passing thoughts. And that by itself is a lesson that they didn't read this stuff in passing, they actually felt like every verse was something they

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

would be asked about, right. And then the prophet SAW

00:30:00 --> 00:30:41

Lem said what you kind of reminded me of at the fork in the road. He said, Are you going to say like Ben? Oh, sorry. He said, Sammy, and I was saying that we hear and we obey, say, Sam and our Father, we hear and we obey it. The narrator says, when they said it, and they just kept repeating it, Allah revealed the praise of the believers who chose the right side of the road. Yes, he praised them. And that verse turned out to be just, you know, to see were you going to accept the obligation or not, then Allah was never intending on holding us to it. And that is from all of Islam. When we say selective submission, it could be a little bit daunting. But if you actually give in and say, Allah,

00:30:41 --> 00:30:52

I am yours and honored to be yours, you actually have the best of this life and not just the next it's much easier than you think. Once you actually break that shackle and liberate yourself

00:30:54 --> 00:31:02

now, Mashallah, that's a part of life Subhanallah you know, Sheikh Mohammed, you mentioned about the whole concept of slaughtering, right? And, you know,

00:31:03 --> 00:31:05

now they're gonna take a clip and that's gonna

00:31:07 --> 00:31:09

sacrifice for the sake of God.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:50

Because I remember when I embraced Islam, I was like, okay, it's an animal for I couldn't, it was very hard for me to grasp. But then it was like, Subhanallah when when you made the contrast of when the Buddhists are able or to slaughter to sacrifice a cow, and Abraham was or to sacrifice his son. And that's so beautiful, how Allah gives you the epitome of the example within the lives of the prophets to show you that look, it may not get this deep for you it will not but understand what is requested and understand what should go through your mind and the whole attitude and how you you harbor those fleeting thoughts and allow those good fleeting thoughts to translate into something

00:31:50 --> 00:32:16

that is beneficial for yourself and Abraham even told his son in the office met me on the phone good men that are very icmi sleep that you I was ordered to sacrifice you What do you think all they are ever to my if I met tomorrow, surgery insha Allah Mina sobbing and his son said, Dad do as you know father do as you usually were ordered, you will find the inshallah of the patient but when we see the contrast attempt to figure out who's,

00:32:17 --> 00:32:51

you know, are you taking us for a joke? And that's where the summit in our tonic comes in will lie it comes in because it's like, okay, am I using my logic to determine what is right and what is wrong from what I know that Allah has descended, and it has given us and that's selective worship, some finalize, very, very important for us, you know, at all times, to always remember that and I like that contrast that you gave and you know, just when we hear the word Baba, we should think of one word or one story that comes to our mind and Shall I every name of a chapter, think of one incident in your life? And think of Are you from the ones that say, if I met tomorrow at 10 degrees?

00:32:51 --> 00:33:28

Shall I mean a Siberian do as your Western thinking of Israel's response? Or the response of those that say, Is this a joke? and really see where we fall? Because our hearts hardened or soft? And based on our answer, in our response, a parallel shift is like a little bit online on a click of nuts and amazing paralon Subhan Allah, we could go on and on but like, isn't it submission to to to embark on the journey of his law, like the people in Mecca? Were they not told now like if you want to keep on your faith, you have to do it all the prophets lie somewhere as Abyssinia where they migrated to a Christian land and you know, obviously we know what happened to Joshua all the time. I

00:33:28 --> 00:34:05

know but like you could go to Abyssinia but but to go to Medina it was the whole communities going to Medina now and you know taking on like at that point even if you're Muslim, you have to decide in Mecca like wait a minute Am I really going to leave behind all that I know and go and be this this refugee in Medina like I could just renounce my faith or I could just keep it hush hush and stay here but the order of Hitler was was a huge order huge command and there's a special reward for them so that was also accepting the sacrifice and submitting themselves as the children of this married it is that I'm right and the followers of the child of his mighty nice Prophet Muhammad's life so

00:34:05 --> 00:34:32

then like we will Samaritan Oh Tara right the prophets licenses go we go we don't know what's there and he did it for us though to which would become Medina to Nagisa ly Salaam, but let's just go this minute like we're gonna go and we're gonna we're gonna put our trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. So that was actually submitted that will apply now. And I think it's good to end on this like, I don't remember the exact needs of Allah but the reward of the person that embarked on the two hingeless

00:34:33 --> 00:34:35

the reward of the person who,

00:34:36 --> 00:35:00

who believed in reciting Islam, then believed in Mohammed's lifetime. So the reward the specific reward to a person Mecca who made the two heads was the specific reward to a person of the book who believed in the profits and then believed in the profit slice on write the specific reward of the people have read it and then write like it's a chance for multiplied and compounded rewards for us and we should see that as well. That a lot whatever

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

Test he gives us to give us an opportunity

00:35:04 --> 00:35:20

to come alongside on any last last 32nd minute reflection shala for the I missed I missed this quarter and 30 for 30 honestly I missed that cast to be together so great to reflect on the plan you will get paid in person so all the Muslims everywhere. So what

00:35:23 --> 00:35:57

does that kind of play with that we'll conclude in sha Allah Tada. And I want to remind everyone again, you can download the plan 3430 companion guide where we do the just overviews and Charlotte's Island you'll see the link in the comments. We invite you to give in shot lots of data to support your pain amongst the other great initiatives that you'll be supporting that night either so Milan May Allah accept from you. And also specifically By the way, Sheikh Mohammed, may Allah reward you for completing the proofs of prophethood series and that was a major part of the the focus you know, we're talking about embarking on the Athletic Commission. Zach Lochhead May Allah reward you and

00:35:57 --> 00:35:58

accept from you

00:35:59 --> 00:36:13

reading that series both written and video and it's now being worked on as a book but in the 90 Tyler so that's a sneak peek to the audience as well inshallah outside that it's being finalized as a book as well. So May Allah reward you for that great effort and struggle as well.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:23

A lot of philosophy. Right, everyone will see you all inshallah tada for just two. There's a lot of hate on somebody como Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. I need to say out loud.

00:36:30 --> 00:36:53

Sometimes guys, I'm Muhammad's out. And I'm here to tell you about a new podcast from European Institute called doubletake, where we cover issues and topics in Islam that give us pause. topics such as Will my children be Muslim? Or was Islam spread by the sword? You can find us on youtube or your favorite podcast app by searching doubletake by European Institute.

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