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The story of Surah Al Calf is about leadership and fixing the situation. Islam is a science that explains why events are revealed, and the narratives of the story are not fully understood. The importance of not wasting time and not wasting money is emphasized. The Sun wakes up with a brief summary of the agenda modules and the reality of Islamic belief, and the importance of practice knowledge and empowerment to reach one's own success and bring change to others.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. They respect respected guests at home. I hope you're well and welcome back to another episode of stories from alkaff. with Chef Sajid Allah, so Allah, Allah, Allah how you might have handled ul But

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in today's episode we will be discussing the last and final story in Surah Al calf, the story of Luke our name, that just ruler. And actually I find it very interesting that we have a common theme amongst all of the stories in Surah Al CAPP, one of them being a king is involved with the Seven Sleepers you had the king that was after the seven, and in the story of most unclear that you had the kingdom that was after the property, the boat in that situation, correct. So what's the reason as to why this is the case?

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This is a good observation out of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions to us three kings in Surah. calf, we have, as you said, the king during the time of the people of the cave,

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who was unjust in terms of forcing people to even believe his beliefs.

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So he wanted them to believe his beliefs, they said that the that's what he wanted. And if not, he was going to kill them. Then we have the story in or the king in the story of Musa with Hitler. And that King would use other people's wealth, take it without right, which is unjust as well. We have an unjust ruler at the beginning of the surah, the middle of the surah. Or just off the middle we have another unjust ruler, somebody who you serve your wealth. So this is not permissible. And if we look at how the stories go along, we learn from it we learn from the context of the stories that Allah is teaching us that that is not that is not how you should lead, right because the context of

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the story doesn't praise these schemes in any way. And then Allah brings us to true leadership right at the end, which is in the story of the current adjust ruler, adjust ruler, so three kings and Soraka have teaches us how to be a true leader and what not to do as a leader hamdulillah so that's his relevance is here to show us the reason as to I mean, one of the lessons we gained from it is no doubt this is the beauty of the show right pitches us lessons and ideas. This is the beauty of the Quran generally and as we said in earlier episodes that Quran Hamad Al Woo, the ayat in the Quran, carry multitudes of meanings, multitudes of meanings. So depending on how you more or the depth of

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your pondering and deliberation, and then focus and learning of the surah. The deeper you go, the more you'll

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we find that the story starts from 83 onwards towards the last part of Surat calf. And Allah subhanaw taala starts by saying and they ask you about a little corny, corny, yes.

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asking you, yes. Who's asking Who? So?

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To answer this question, we have to go back to what we said when we discussed the people of the cave and the reason why Allah revealed that particular story. Because the same reason why that story was revealed is or the same reason why that story was revealed is the same reason why this story is revealed. And that is because the Idolator of Makkah, were not happy with the profits that are in propagation of Islam, they went to the Jews, and they asked the Jews for help to defeat Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam to say, This man is saying he was sent by God, you people say Musa was sent by God. And you know, you people are people who have dealt with people who have said that

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they've been sent by God. So give us tips on how to deal with him. And the Jews said, Go and ask him or the inhabitants, the Jewish inhabitants. Then they said go and ask Mohamed, three questions go and ask him about the Seven Sleepers. Go and ask him about

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the soul. Yes, right, which Allah answered in Surah Surah, another surah and go and ask him about the just rude apostle Carney. So this is why Allah says Why yes, aluna candle corny. And that is why, as we said, you know, even though the reason of revelation

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you know, in terms of the science of Hadith, which is a science that teaches us how strongly we can associate a narration to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is actually having come from him. And this is the beauty of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and his teachings that Allah has created an entire science to protect his teachings. So from this science, the science says that the narration that tells us as to why Surah Al Kahf was revealed.

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There's there are question marks. However, those question marks are obsolete when we look at the content of sort of to graph that the content of certain curve actually deals with much that we find

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this reason of Revelation, which means that it has to actually be the reason why it was revealed. And Allah is saying, Well, I don't know, until

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aluna can do Cornyn. Allah is not saying, I'm going to tell you about the Quran Allah saying they asking you about the command, so I'm going to tell you about it. Yeah. So this is this is basically why we have this particular story in the soil. And just for the second part of that same idea, Allah Subhana, Allah says,

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Allah caminho, the crown Minho? Yes, that's a good question. So Allah says, say, say to them, Mohammed, they asking you about the carnal Say, say to them, that you will tell them

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the story of trucker named, but not all of the story of the content, but some facts from his life, in answer to your question. So this is interesting, because even if we look here, in this particular surah, Allah doesn't tell us every single thing about tokoname for example, we Allah doesn't tell us exactly who he was. Allah doesn't a lot others who still connect, but then we know, after this, people started discussing, so who was he really? Was he Alexander the Great? Was he so and so was he so and so Allah didn't give us those details. So Allah is telling us allies is qualifying that I'm going to recite to you the most important things you need to know for the purpose of your question

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in this particular circumstance. And again, we should always tie everything back to the reality of the Quraysh was receiving the poor with the Quran was being revealed to first. So Allah is going to cite down the most important lessons that they need to take heed of to fix the situation and sort themselves out and start giving the properties do and stop wasting time. Because at the end of the day, the heart and the truth is only one thing to stop wasting time here. This man has come with the truth, don't waste time debating it, you don't know wait that the age of death is from you. Right? So if you look at the contents that Allah has revealed, because the Qureshi with the powerful people

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with the courage We are the people who protect the Kaaba, and all the tribes, they respected the Croatian our caravans, nobody touches them. So they had this info about them. So I say, let me tell you about the cannon. You're asking about him. Here you go overseas, I'm going to tell you some things. Tell them Oh, Mohammed, we're going to not tell you the whole story. But some things, but the most important things that are relevant. So then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on to say that he was this just ruler, and he had resources. Right? He had resources, he had wealth, he had power, he had ability. But that doesn't tell us the details of the wealth and the power and liquidity. But we

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understand from the context of the story that it was mighty why, because if you read this, the story in sort of two Caf, Allah says that tokoname went with his army all the way to the east. And then he went so far to the east that the sun looked like, meaning he went to one part of the globe, and he went to the other part of the globe, and he went to one part of the globe, you know, he was so powerful that he could traverse in this way that he actually, you know, you know, saw the sun as if it was setting in murky waters.

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This is how much he traveled. Right? And then he went from the east, he goes to what I'm feeling from the west, he goes now to the east, and in the east, he goes, he sees a people that has the sun shining over them all the time, that they were people that were not, you know, so effective, so to say, and the scholars have said, Why was the sun shining on him all the time? So some have said it's because they didn't have the ability to build them some shade, some say it was it was a case whereby

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you know, that the sun

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or the daylight hours, was much longer.

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So, you know,

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I was telling us that this is who he was. And then from there he went up northwards. Right. So he, you know, this is what he wants to call me. This is the power that he had, this is the might, that he had, this is the army that he had, that he could rule the globe, he talking about coration, the Arabian Peninsula. If you look at one side, you got the Roman Empire, you look on the other side, you got the Persian Empire. And these two empires don't even consider your Persian Empire. They consider you, you know, just guys in the middle of the desert with nothing.

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But you guys are treating the messenger in this abrupt way. Let me tell you about that comment. This is who he was, he had like global power. And then a lot goes on to say that

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after that, he goes northwards. Right, some of the commentators have said then he goes North for the benefit of the viewers, if you could just go through the English translation, taking us through the story very quickly, inshallah. So this is after all, Cornyn has started his travels, yes, without until when he reached a place where the sunset he founded going down into a Black Sea and found it as if it was muddy. So this is the West. Yes. Okay. And find it found by it a people we said, Oh, look, Ronnie, either give them a punishment or do them a benefit. Okay. So okay, and then what did he say? He said, and I asked him who is unjust, we will chastise him, then shall be then shall he be

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returned to his Lord, and He will chastise him with an exemplary chastisement. Okay. Yes And after that, and as for him who believes and does

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Good, he shall have goodly reward. And we will speak to him and easy word of our command. Allies teaching us in between all the mighty lessons that this was not just any king, he was adjusting, that when he went to one part, people complained that this is what we have over here. So he says, no problem, those who are bad will punish you, because that is what bad people deserve, deserve to be punished. Right? So the if he left them and says, look, you know what, just leave them forget about it, nor are you oppressing them. He letting evil spread, and he takes good men doing nothing for evil to spread. So he goes, now the bad people will punish. But as for the good people, they won't

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be touched, but the bad people will be punished and then they will be returned to the Lord, the King of Kings that look, I'm not going to overstate my power here. We're going to punish them because this is the law of God Almighty. And after I follow the law of God Almighty in punishing those who deserve to be punished, it will be returned to the Lord and they will get their punishment there from the Lord. Is he This is ultimate justice that are not acting on my wounds and my fantasies and my desires I'm acting upon instruction and authority greater authority, right? So Allah tells us immediately how just he was okay, so he's finished with this group of people in the West what

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happens until he travels again until when he reached the land of a of a rising sun rising sun so where does the sun rise in the East What do you understand from this is his eloquence to the honestly it's mind blowing, right that this man on the west of the globe is at the East. This is the power of the covenant go ahead and Allah he found it rising when people to whom you had given no shelter from it. Yes. So I explained this why this got to this policy there was no shelter Okay, what happened then he went on another course until when he reached a place between the two mountains he found on that side of them a people who could hardly understand the word they said, Oh, look,

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Carnegie, surely George George make mischief in the land? Shall we then pay you a tribute on condition that you should raise a barrier between us and them? Okay. All right. So So now the name finishes at the West and now the scholar say he went to the north was some commentators have said that that it was he headed northwards, he was no found. And Mashallah, now he finds another group of people. The whole world is asking him for help. Those who don't have shade is met them those who, you know, have unjust people, he solved their problem. He's a problem solver. And now he goes up north and another issue has been presented tunnel law so we're at the point where he reached two

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mountains, and he found you know, people complaining about Yeah, Julian want more. Yeah, JoJo, my dude. inshallah We'll end this segment of the show on this point and carry on after the break the law hope to see all of you at home with us in the next segment in sha Allah to carry on the stories from a calf barakallahu Chef orphic.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh care to their respective guests at home. Welcome back from the break in sha Allah will carry on with the second segment of the show stories from alkaff. And today's story is the final story in the Surah Al calf, the story of the burning hamdulillah shaker before the break, we were discussing the time when the carnation met the group of people between the mountains that were complaining about George George, could you please expand on that? Yeah, so we've reached a stage whereby we've established a tool Cornyn has ability and resources and power and authority have an imaginable proportions, far greater than the king in the sore in the

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story of the Seven Sleepers far greater than the king in the story of Musa alayhis salam and they will oppressive here we have someone far more mightier has an ability to solve global problems. And that's what he does. Right? That's what he does. So now he's headed up north, and he finds the people who who can barely speak, but they present to him that we are being troubled by the Juju, Mr. Judge, the Gaga demagogue. So

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they put a complaint through but what's interesting to note is Allah tells us that he could barely understand them, or they spoke a speech that could barely be understood. Now, what does it mean to there's no consistency? are you wasting my time? No, I can't understand you guys. You know, no. Meaning if we put it into context, oh, her name is tiring himself with them because he considers themselves a servant of the people. He's in public office. today. We call that right? in public office. Right? So he's saying no, we have to these people have a situation we must help and why must we have because Allah has given me resources. And remember, we said so the Seven Sleepers, it was

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the trial and tribulation of, of power of leadership, power and authority. We said the story of the man with the two gardens was wealth, trials and tribulation of wealth. The story of Musa al Qaeda was the challenge in relation trial and tribulation of sub knowledge or knowledge of knowledge, right?

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have knowledge that if you don't seek knowledge properly it's not going to help you. It might make you arrogant whereby you you you become a person who doesn't know and thinks that he knows this your distraction number four he didn't ask this question about what's the child in trouble what is the trial and tribulation over here?

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The trial and tribulation here is the trial and tribulation have as bad as bad meaning resources being resourceful having resources, having ability, because you can the trial and tribulation of because you

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right i mean if you want to be bad and because you can you can be really bad because you can

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but Allah is telling us that resources when Allah gives it to you power individual from Allah authorities from Allah, your Izumi, ye shall Romania shall give honor to whom He wills and removes it from whom He wills right. So Allah who gives riches and financial standing and material well being to whom He wills and takes it away from you and so when he gives you be more humble, don't be like the matter of the two Gardens is he Me, myself and I and this is me and this is my and I don't think I'm going to die and start denying Allah. No. And when you get power don't start behaving as if you you're not going to stand in front of Allah on the day of

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the incarnation, he attaches his his power and he attaches his wealth to Allah that hey, I am who I am not because of me in and of myself. It's because of Allah has blessed me X ray man and he said, um, says when he is the and saying, and that's another story. See the stories in the Quran, he is the man saying, oh, and go inside your holes go inside your holes. Don't let the army of Superman and Superman trample you. So he is the end. So he smiled cynical Subhanallah he goes, this is from the mercy of Allah upon me from the blessings of Allah upon me. But why? to test me, if I will be thankful and grateful.

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For be thankful and grateful, to be thankful, then this is a blessing. Fabian grateful this punishment that you could be rich, but you've been punished. You don't know. Today, many people think I'm only suffering if I'm poor. The rich man is the lucky man know that the rich man could be building his fire how fire and your poverty could be building paradise. Right? So

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the same thing was in Korean is humble because he knows Allah has given me this to test me am I going to be grateful or ungrateful? So how do I be grateful? By being humble? By being with the people by speaking to the people, they don't speak at the speech, I'm still gonna give them the view and whatever else they need, I'm going to help them. So they said they are judging them or judge they giving us a hard time. Now, I'm sure you have a question on your mind. Yes. Why am I doing what I do? Yeah, Jews and Majid, they are judging them or judge

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creation from the children of Adam, the nations from the two nations from the children of Adam, that somewhere locked up on the globe. And,

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as we understand from from from the surah,

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there behind a mighty barrier that has been created by the economy.

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And if we look at the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, they'll be released after the advent of the Antichrist and after Prophet Jesus or Isa le Salaam, descends and eradicates the Antichrist. Now they are Jews and Jews are known as two nations that are dead that bring about destruction. And when they released from this enclosure that they in, wherever they move on Earth, they will cause destruction until they destroy everything on earth. And it says, then they'll start shooting the arrows into the skies, trying to kill everything in the skies. And then they'll say, look, we just we killed everything on earth, and we've killed everything in the skies, the arrows

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will go up and come down.

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And then they will actually push Risa and he salam, and Prophet Jesus, and the belief is that with him into the mountains, and Risa and the believers will Warden that will Ward them off for a period, which will be a difficult period, but then Allah will cause worms to appear on their necks which will, which will will bite them and they will die. And then Allah will send camels very long necks to pick them to to remove them off the face of this earth and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him says that these animals will become fat because of the food the food that they will eat but fat because there were so many of these Jews will not judge. Okay. This is just a brief summary from

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the Sunnah. Right? And when it comes to Islamic things like of this of the unseen, we don't say Hold on, it doesn't make sense. This is a fairy tale. No, it's not a fairy tale. This is a reality because we have it from authentic sources. The agenda modules are mentioned in the Quran. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. wasallam authentically has taught us this information. So it's not about it makes sense. It doesn't make sense. It's rational, it's irrational. It's about the issue being super irrational. What do we mean when we say super irrational, we mean that it's true, but the mind doesn't have an ability to comprehend it. So that's not anyone's fault, but it's amazing ability. So

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that's it. And that's what religion is about. That's what belief is about, but I don't want to take this discussion into a theological discussion of theodicy, etc, etc, etc. Let's keep focused on our names. So this is the agenda module. So they'll coordinate

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Okay, he understood what the issue is. And he said, I'm going to help you. He said, what we're going to do, we're going to build this wall wall, that's going to enclose them. And they said, Alright, we'll you know, we'll help you with resources equals what Allah has given me is far better than what you can give me. You don't have to pay me anything. I will help you because you know what, that's what good people do. That's what good men do we help. We don't say, No, I can't help you. But I'm not going to help you until you make me richer, because then you're only helping yourself, brother. Right? If you do it for yourself, you're helping yourself. Right? Because these people can't pay.

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She says, No, I'm going to help you. And what Allah has given me is better. Don't worry about pay or anything, but just help me with manpower. Right? Because what we want to do requires more manpower, I'm going to use what I have in the men that I have. And you helped me as well be part of the effort. And this teaches us the importance of delegation delegate, right? make people feel that they've contributed to the success. don't chop people's feet. Sometimes you give someone charity, you give them in such a way that you make them so dependent on you that the day you die, they will they will die. That's not the way to give people the right. Give them to build them up, help them to

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build them up. That is the proper way of giving somebody something. So Volker named delegates, it's absolutely amazing. He brings them in, let's do this together. Right that you contribute to your own protection, as well. And with everyone's help, they produce steel, that they poured into this opening of the, between the mountains would seal it, and then through Carnegie told them to blow all together. So they created a until

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whatever he was there became emphasized

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and became reddish, because it's hard to miss. And then to coordinate asked for hotcopper to be put onto it. I have steel and copper rock hot. And thus, a massive, massive wall that was created that the the Judo match could not break through nor dig under. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that every day they take

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the digging, and they get some leeway. And then they go to rest and when they go to rest at night, Allah fixes everything up. So they come back the next day, they got to start again. until the time when they will say Okay guys, let's go to sleep and insha Allah tomorrow we will continue if Allah wills, what is the theme of what is one of the themes or sort of talk I have to say insha Allah, Allah says, Don't say you're going to do anything tomorrow except by the will of Allah so that they they will remember to say insha Allah and when they do Allah will leave it for them and then they will continue their work until they managed to break through. In fact, in the hadith of I'm happy

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birthday, Allahu Allah. if my memory serves me right, she says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once entered upon a in an agitated state. And he says, He says Subhana Allah whoa to what what's going to happen? Meaning Whoa, towards opened up to the Arabs from fitten from trials and tribulations, so she said what happened. And then he said that indeed a hole like this, he put his his finger and his thumb together, a hole like this has appeared in the wall of the a judge and a judge. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. So this is a summary of the story and the lessons that we can get through it. Pa just King, you know, and being just means you live for the sake of

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Allah, you be grateful to Allah, you remain humble, you don't do things for your own benefit, right? You only do things for the sake of Allah, and you help people and you help people and you help people. And that is where Muslim is a worthy, worthy citizen

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in every environment that he or she is in. So Halloween, you can also see the correlation with the carny not asking for money. And also, when he didn't ask, you know, money from building the walls of Panama, many great benefits once again, Chef hamdulillah Hamdulillah, there was

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one thing that we should say, before we close up, and that is the harmony or synergy between the stories of Surah Al Kahf. That Allah starts with the people of the cave and then moves things forward until we get to through karma. When we get to connect, we see a period of strength.

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Right? And when we take the story at the beginning, it's a story of weakness, people are running away into caves. So what do we learn from this

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model? And what we do learn from this in an abstract way, is Soraka, half being the weekly audit and the week not just the weekly audit, the weekly training manual for revival and empowerment. That's what I call it the weekly training my training manual for revival and empowerment, yes. That Allah is teaching us how to be during the periods of weakness during the periods of weakness. You should be in conspicuous you should be gentle. You should not bring attention to yourself while he is tough. Right? As Allah as they said, when you go to the city that the Seven Sleepers when they sent one of the people to buy for them food desert go there and being conspicuous, right. When we move on

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to the story of the man with the two gardens, what do we hear? Well, who are you how we room dialogue.

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Dialogue dialogue, to take yourself out of weakness to strength. After being in conspicuous you build yourself up now you got to engage people with dialogue, give them our speak to them, make them think how to make them think. Let's look at some of the lessons of Moosa as he says, Don't you think we should take money from them? What do you think about this entertain dialogue with people you know have you disbelieved a comfortability Kanaka come into Rob Have you disbelieved in the one who created you from self enter into dialogue by him how do you move yourself up now to the stage of little car name by seeking knowledge story of Musa and Heather go seek knowledge and not to seek any

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knowledge attending this talk and that talk at a hotel with a buffet dinner, you know, you know, at the you know, entering the celebrity fan culture business or you know, I go to the chef because of his jokes because, you know, he is interesting no seeking proper knowledge doing what you need to do learning knowledge, not because it it interests you or it doesn't interest you but learning because you planning it because you have to learn it in the way you have to learn it. You might have to travel leave your comfort like Moosa did, right? This is the means of empowerment and revival, you seek the real knowledge. And then when you practice that knowledge, like your car name, that's when

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now you enter the realm of revival and empowerment. So there's weakness, there's impact, there's revival and empowerment until you reach a situation of strength and steadfastness on earth, and a means of making real change. So again, so to clarify, it's not just the weekly audit, but it's the weekly manual to him to to create revival and empowerment and Allah subhanho wa Taala was best.

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Zach malankara checks upon law and what a wonderful way so panela to end such an interesting and beneficial series of the stories from Allah Subhan Allah May Allah Odie chef and reward you as well affair for everything and everything that's gonna bless you and bless you my channel all of our viewers just like hello Sharla hope to see you next week for the next episode. So Ali Khan Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh