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Episode Notes

Tenth episode in Beauties of Islam series by Yusuf Estes.
Episode Title : The relationship between human beings & Almighty God.


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Pease family COMM And welcome to the beauties of Islam. In today's episode, I'd like to talk about more of the concept

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of the relationship between the human being and Almighty God. And this is one of the beauties of Islam to have the proper aqeedah are understanding with regard to who is the law? And who are we.

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My name is Yousef Festus by the way. And I didn't always know about Islam, I came to Islam some years ago. And I was learning a lot in a hurry from a gentleman who was from Egypt. And he was telling me some things about the concept of God that fascinated me so much.

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Even when I was doing some preaching, I was a music minister. In those days, I had these ideas about God in a way that I said, I can't really catch it is he like, you know, it's kind of like a big angel is the like Superman? Who is God really is? How can I know, one of the things that my friend, his name is Mohammed, what he taught me was that we don't really fathom God, we cannot really imagine him. We cannot hear him, see him, touch him, smell him, taste them, feel him, imagine him. Because all of these things are things from the creation, everything in the creation, this is not God. But God, a law, in fact, is the one who made all of this, and he's not created, therefore, he's

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not in the creation.

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So that's an interesting concept. Because I've heard other people say that everything is God, that you know, the God is in this and God is in that God is in so and so. And it sounds alright. to a point you get people who will say that, well, God is everything and everything is God. But you're going to run into a problem in a hurry on that. You know how, because somebody will challenge you maybe an atheist. They like to play games with believers anyway. They'll say so God is everywhere. In they go. Yeah, God is everywhere. He's in everything. Yeah, he's in everything. is in a rainbow. Oh, yeah. God in a rainbow. Yeah. Sounds nice. In the clouds. Yeah. That sounds good. Is he in the

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toilet? Yeah, he's Whoo. What would you say? No way. But

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how you see something like that? Oh, is he an HIV virus is AIDS. No, no, no, no. nuclear waste radioactive? No, no, no, no, no. Okay. So you're saying God is in some things, but it's not another things.

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So exactly what is good and what's not? the good stuff is good. And the bad stuff is not good. Okay.

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He could see a problem with that right away. In fact, it's in Islam, that we find the concept clear. Listen to this. A law is not the creation, and the creation is not a law.

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But a law can be as close to you as your juggler vane, he can be as close to you as your heart. In his knowledge, he has full knowledge of everything all the time. He knows how you feel. Maybe right now you don't feel too good. Maybe you got some problems, things are bothering you right now. But he knows that. In fact, the emotions that you experience the feelings inside of your heart, he knows them better than you do. He's the one who created you. He's the one who gives you the opportunity to recognize these things. Yeah. Now, what else?

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Another amazing thing here that I learned from my friend, is that God is always ready to receive from you.

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Your wants, your desires, your petitions, your prayers, you ask him, but don't ask his creation. If you say, Well, I prayed and nothing happened. Wait a minute, you prayed, and you didn't see anything happen. But it doesn't mean nothing happened. There are many things in the unseen the life that we don't know about. But they still exist. And every prayer you offer to your Creator, he hears he knows it. And for sure, it does make a difference. Especially if you are praying directly to him the way he wants you to do it, and not praying through something that you believe is him or represents him on this earth. In other words, somebody has some statue, an idler,

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something that you can hold and look at and say, Oh, I want you to take my prayers to God. And you know, they're worshipping this statue or this image and that's not that's not God is not gonna work. If somebody did do that, let's say you said Oh, I wish you know, that my friend so and so would call me up. And then all of a sudden the phone rings. Wow. You know, I was just asking

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This thing right here, and you call me Wow. So I start believing this has some power in it. Why? You say? Well, first of all, if the person called you could be coincidence could be, by the way, it is that a lot cause them to do it.

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And if you want to believe in this thing, this thing will break, you could throw down and bust and million pieces. And this had a time when it didn't exist. And then it was brought into existence, whereas the law is always an eternal.

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And realistically, a law is greater than anything in all of his creation. How can you pick up something in the creation and try to worship it? It doesn't make any sense.

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The relationship, my friend was telling me about this, he says, The relationship between the human being and God Almighty is one of submission, I submit to Him. He doesn't submit to me. I want to talk about that morning and elaborate on it, and the continuation of our program. But first of all, let's take a break. Let's do this and come right back. Let you have a chance to think about what I'm talking about. Talking about the beauties of Islam.

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We're back here watching the beauties of Islam. I'm Musa Festus, we've been talking about the concept of the relationship between God and the created human beings, all of his creation, I was telling you about my friend Mohammed who was from Egypt, helped me to understand about a law and understand about Islam. And Islam. One of the beauties here is to understand what our relationship is with Almighty God, and He is the master. He's the Creator. And he is the one to all the worship should go to him. And he's the one on Thanksgiving praise. And extolling him all of that is for him and him alone. So this means we're in a position of what actually if he's the master word, the

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servant where the slaves were the slave to him. And it's important to realize that today, people are either slaves to their own desires, or they'll be slaves to the one who created them in the first place.

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Something to think about, isn't it?

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What is it that I really want? Do I want the things of this life? Am I looking for a big car, a nice house, maybe a beautiful woman, maybe I'm looking for position, power over other people, you know who I am.

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If I'm doing this, then essentially, I'm a slave to my own desires. And this is a big, huge problem. On the other hand, if I'm doing what he wants me to do, and I'm serving Him, I'm praying to Him, I'm asking from him, and I'm doing more than just worship as in the ritualistic worship. But I'm also following the teachings that He has for me, which is to be kind,

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humble, generous,

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patient, for bearing, and the qualities that we find in the last and final messenger, which is Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Now in some of our other episodes, we're going to talk about this beauty of Islam, which is, of course, Prophet Muhammad. But right now, I just want to come back to this characteristic of the human, he, if he has the qualities that I just outlined, if he's picked this up from the teachings of the Quran, and the teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him, then he will experience a different kind of a life than another person who is a slave to his desires.

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Because regardless of what you experience in this life, whether you call it good or you call it bad, the real ultimate is going to be on the Day of Judgment, and there will be a day of judgment. Because after all, that's the only way anything makes any sense. How could it be fair that some good people have all these disasters happen to them? And on the other hand, some bad people are having all these good things, by our standards anyway. So how would that be right? Well, there will be a Day of Recompense, there's going to be a day of settling accounts. There'll be a day that will come when every one of us will have to atone for what we've done, but then it's going to be

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too late. Too late. Because at that stage of the game, we're going to be faced with our Lord and we're going to be looking at like, oh, we're in trouble, big trouble. Because then every part of our body will bear witness against this. Our tongue will be saying you know what he made me saying, the eyes you know what it made me look at the ears. You know what he made me listen to the hand. You know what he made me take the feet. You know where he made us walk to.

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It's not a good idea. To be standing there on the Day of Judgment, nowhere to go even your skin is testifying against

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You in front of the ultimate judge. And Allah says Allah, Allah who be a camel hacky mean, isn't a law, the best of judges,

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and he's the one going to judge you, and you're going to testify against yourself.

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But then it's too late, isn't it? So again, my friend was explained to me, Look, it's very simple. All you have to do is recognize that really is God. He's one, and you worship him according to the way that he wants you to worship Him. And when you make mistakes, and this is the biggest part of the whole thing, you will make mistakes, know that you're a human, you will make mistakes you're supposed to.

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And it's not about not making mistakes, this life is not about not making mistakes. This life is about what to do after you've made a mistake. If you have sinned, if you've wronged anybody, if you have not fulfilled your obligation as a human being in front of your Creator, then what do you do? How do you deal with it.

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And this is what called tober. We talked about it before going back to a law, the repenting to a law on his terms. Now, if you've damaged people, you must also go to them and get their forgiveness, too. If you owe, you have to pay. And this is right. You don't just expect people to allow you to come in and do what you want to do, and damage their lives and mess them up. And you get away with that. No.

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We've all made mistakes. We've all hurt other people. So we'll go to the people and ask for their forgiveness. We'll go to a law and ask for his forgiveness. And of course, sincere in our hearts, he'll forgive us. Maybe the people won't, but that's their problem. You've tried your best. That's all you can do at that stage.

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If each and every one of us would think about this, and try to live that kind of a life, that would be a better place to live. That would be a lot better. And this would be fulfilling the proper relationship between us and our Lord. He's the master. He's the Creator. He's the dictator, and he dictates what's going to happen. And we're what were the sermons and we're trying our best. And when we make mistakes, we understand that there is a place for us to get out of the trouble by going back to him and in our hearts, be sincere and say to him, oh, Allah, forgive me. Oh, Lord, they created everything.

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Forgive me. You're the only one and I'm sorry for what I've done.

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You know what I'm talking about some of you sitting there right now. You know exactly where you're at with this. All you got to do is turn to Him. And if you think he can't forgive you, you've really underestimated your Lord Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He said the worst of the worst of the worst people are those who believe they made so many sins that a lot can't forgive him. Because he can. Oh yeah, he can forgive all of us, even you and me.

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Well, that wraps up for this episode for now for the beauties of Islam, but be sure to visit our website beauties of and until next time, may Allah grant you peace. salaam aleikum up to