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Ramallah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shroff, MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was able to sell them, this league and within kathira mavado my brothers and sisters,

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we are on the story of musala salah and the lessons from the MBA musallam

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The stories are merely Mr. Lamb, the profits are the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala which Allah had mentioned in the Quran, as I mentioned to you, the purpose of all these stories is not just

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for storytelling, it is not

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obviously, it's not for entertainment and also it is not even recording of history that is it is there it is the most accurate historical record that you can imagine because Allah subhanaw taala is the recorder. But it is not that is not the purpose of the story. The purpose of the story is only one which is that we learn the lessons from that story and we apply those lessons in our lives in a way where it results in earning the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and doing good to ourselves. So when we learn a story, a lesson from the story, it's important to remind ourselves that we are doing ourselves a favor, because we are the first and foremost beneficiaries of that lesson and secondly,

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it also if we live our lives according to that, then we also the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala which is good for us in dunya. Well

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so we are looking at the story of Musa is alive and we came to the point where Musa alayhis salam

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accidentally killed the Egyptian guy because the Egyptian guy was fighting with a man of Bani Israel and moosari salam sided with the man of Bani Israel without checking what the whole thing was about, and in an attempt to stop the other man from

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injuring the Burning Man oh buddy side moosari salaam, punched him and masala Angela was a very strong person. He was a he was a big man. He was very strong. He was a warrior and he punched him when he probably didn't realize his own strength. The man died. So now we had a problem. We have a problem here the man is dead.

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Now Buddha was of course afraid of what's going to happen. Sally Sam immediately

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sought the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala Allah Subhana Allah forgive him. Then unless Allah describes for us what happened thereafter?

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I said, I was wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for us by halfhill Medina de haut. ivania Tara Cabo, for either less distance or Oh bill. Yes, does Rico call Allahu Moosa in colavito movie, phylum and arada I bought a shabby lady who are adieu lahoma Paula yamasa to redo tokoto lanie karma katal turnips bill Adams. In theory, the Illa and the Gora Jabbar on Villa roadie want to redo the goon Amina Mosley hain YG Raja min apostle Medina DSR Allah Moosa in Alma Damo Tammy Rouen, Attica. Lee Oppo Toluca fafo Raj in de la kameena co hain for har Raja amin for if Aya Tara Cabo por la Rob rabina Genie minako mizar Lee made a lot of out of that I said,

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which means

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so he became afraid muscle is looking about in the city, waiting to see what will be the result of his of his crime of killing. When Behold, the man who had sought his help the day before, again called for his head and Moser Islam saw him and he said this fellow is struggling, because he is the man who seems to be quarreling with everybody. The Messiah is an object waving verily You are a misleader.

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Then, when he decided to seize the man, who was an enemy to both of them, the man said, Oh Musa, is it your intention to kill me? As you killed a man yesterday. Your aim is nothing but to become a tyrant in the land and not to be one of those who do right

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Now this is a

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Mutharika was going to stop this from from doing from fighting. So this is what he says he calls out is a you kill the man yesterday, and

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you want to become a tyrant. So he's trying to expose musasa. And this is, as I said yesterday, this is I mean, last class, this is the Unfortunately,

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this is the quality of people who have become slavish in their mentality where slavery has become ingrained in them.

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So they become completely selfish, and they have no feeling for their own brothers and sisters. And therefore, they become very easy to divide and rule. And they become very easy to oppress. And that's not because the oppressors are particularly clever, but because this is what

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this is what

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this is what they have done to themselves. So the man said, you know, he wanted to expose moosari Sarah, and then he said, when a man Musa tried to stop him or or catch him, he said, almost, is it your intention to kill me? As you kill a man yesterday, your aim is nothing but to become a tyrant in the land, and not to be one of those who do right on the Muslim who is accusing us.

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Even though whatever happened, we haven't because I've had this guy.

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Then I lost it. And then there came a man running from the farthest end of the city, and he said, Oh, Moser verily the chiefs are taking counsel, they are consulting together about you, and they want to kill you.

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So escape, run away, get away from this from this place. Truly, I am to you of those who give sincere advice is that I

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am trying to help you. So run from here because this is what is happening with the Chiefs in the palace. Somos Allah is that I'm escaped from there looking about in a state of fear, obviously, he was afraid he would be caught. And he made dua, and he said, My Rob, save me from the people who are Solomon who are the oppressors. Now, this killing obviously, because of the politics of the time, the Egyptians, the coptics, were the superior there was a master race and the Bani Israel they were the slaves of the coptics.

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Even though musala salam was raised in the palace, as a prince and so on and so forth, the fact remains that he was not of the within course, the right race, right today, to do this day, we see this the the, the problem of color in societies where there is discrimination,

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you always see the problem of color, where there is a superior color, there is a superior color of the superior race and there is a color of the inferior race.

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Sometimes it is religion, sometimes it is some other,

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you know, ethnicity. Sometimes it is some other way of, of discriminating between people. And of course, Islam is completely Islam prohibits all forms of discrimination between people for any reason whatsoever and Allah. Allah said in a Croma cuming Allah had Kakuma said only superior person the most honored of you is the one who has the most taqwa on the basis of piety only the most honored is not the Arab or the white man or the black man or the Asian or whoever, on any of those basis, honor before Allah subhanaw taala is not on the basis of ethnicity or color of the skin, or color the hair or you know, shape of the nose or whatever.

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Honor is only on the basis of piety of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So but in the in Egypt at the time, so even though Messiah Salam was a prince,

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all of the people around him obviously he had status and whatnot. But when it came down to you know, as they say, when push comes to shove, when it came to this point, and they said, No, no, no, whatever it is, he is, he killed an Egyptian. He killed an Egyptian. He didn't he and he is from the bunnies, right? So we have to kill it there. We have to take revenge.

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Now, this big of a big political issue, that an Egyptian was killed or had been killed by a man of Bani Israel, no matter who the man or when he said was a big issue.

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around and his counsel they met to discuss and the issue was so big, there was no alternative but they passed a sentence of

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That's almost it. Sarah said the Maasai Sara must be captured and killed.

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At that time I lost Veronica says, This man, and there are always good people everywhere. This man came running from the other town. Now from the tour, Allah did not mention who the man was. But from the tone of this, it appears maybe he was an Egyptian, but he was a good person. He was a you know, just person. So Allah and Allah knows best. You know who he was, but he came running from the other end of the town, and told Moses, what was happening in the Paris and he told him to save himself. So Moses arrived left Egypt and started working and he went eastward and imagine just loser just just walked. I mean, no provision nothing. Because he was afraid of if he if he went home, what is going

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home is the palace. And obviously you can't go there. So where else will he go? So he just wanted to get away so he left and he walked in walked Rosaura Sallam said he walked until his shoes wore out. And he had nothing to eat. So eventually, he was eating the leaves of trees. I mean, that was the state of Missouri ceram

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eventually came to this place called madeon.

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where there were some wells and water, it was an oasis, there was wells in water. And there when he went to this place, when he got to the water, he saw that there were some must have been towards the evening, when the shepherds come back from their grazing, and they were watering their flocks, they were giving water to the animals to drink. And these men were quarreling and their flocks, their sheep and camels and whatever it was, was all over the place. And they were watering their camels. And Moosa is ramsau, they were two women standing to one side, with their,

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their flock of sheep, or whatever it was, and they were unable to water their sheep, because the men would not allow them to do it. I mean, these men were fighting there, and they, you know, they were arguing and so on. So these poor women, they were sort of neglected, shoved off to one side. And they couldn't do anything. So they were there. Now Moses was exhausted, obviously, he was exhausted, his feet were sore, he was hungry. But it was his nature that he just could not stand by and watch injustice happen. Right? Even they in Egypt, also Musa Islam got himself into trouble because he tried to intervene in the fight, right, so happened, the other guy died was or he said, I wasn't

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trying to kill anybody. But the fact is that hooser Islam could have just walked away and said, You know, it is your your problem is not my problem, and nothing would happen. But that was not his nature. And this is the one of the one of the big lessons we need to learn that is that in the nature to

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stand up against injustice, this is among the best of the qualities of the Gambia.

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And that is why we have the heydays of I will say there are no the famous had this also set up where he said, if you see anything wrong happening right now, I'm sorry, if you see anything wrong happening, stop it with your hand, take action, do whatever it takes to stop injustice. And then he said, If you are unable to do that, if you are weak in the land, if you are unable to do that, he said speak out against it, stop it with your tongue, speak out against it, and visuals are observed. And if you are unable even to do that, then he said hate it in your heart and leave the place. Do not stand there, do not watch it, do not participate in it, obviously, do not support it, obviously,

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don't even stand there and watch, just get out of there, hate it in your heart and also as a result and then went on to add these are these last one which is you are not stopping the thing. You're not stopping the injustice with your hand, which means you're not taking any action. You are also not speaking out against the injustice you hate but you hate it in your heart, and you are going away. So as I said this last one is a sign of the overly mad it is a sign of the weakness of your faith. Meaning if your faith had been strong, you would have stopped the injustice you would have spoken out against the injustice.

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Just think about is my brothers and sisters On a side note. Think about how many in justices happen in our society.

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Where and May Allah protect doesn't forgive us and melasma data save us from ourselves. where not only do we not stop it not only do we not speak out against it. We

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don't we don't even move away. We actually participate in it. Think about how many ostentatious weddings with all kinds of practices happen where we are

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It's a bit

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and we always have an excuse. Oh, but you know, this is a wedding of a dear relative a newborn and a close person to me what not what not, who is more, or who should be closer to you than Allah, Who should be closer to you than Mohamed Salah Salah. So if here is a person who you think is close to you, but that person is violating the law of the one who should be the closest to you, who do you side with?

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Who do you need in your grave? Who do you need on the Day of Judgment, who can even even whether you need or not who can help you?

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They need to think about these things. So that's the purpose when you were talking about these incidents of the mlms. I'm gonna see what people did. So here is mo Salazar. Now he's just come from Egypt, he is exhausted, his feet are sore, his shoes are worn out.

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He's hungry, we don't even know how many days he hasn't eaten for. And when he comes here, he is watching this, he sees this injustice to women just standing there. And

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they are,

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you know,

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they seem to be

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oppressed because they're not being allowed to water the blocks. So what Moser is around do is simply say he does his thing to himself. Well, you know what, this is not even my land. I have nobody here I mean, why must I interfere? Whatever is happening, let it happen. You know, if he wants a drink of water, well, let me go get my drink of water. These women I don't even know who these women are and why why should I bother But no, no.

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Moser is allow men to the women he asked them what is the matter? He said How come you are just standing here and nothing is happening and you know you need something and what is happening? So I learned that while Amada jaha De Luca, Medina, Allah Azza Arabi a Yeah, DNA Saba Seville, Walla Walla, ma Medina. wotja Allah Amata Mina nasi Yes, schooner What do I mean Dune II mama tiny does.

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Allah ma boo Kuma Gotta love NASA he had use de la

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Abu and I show you hon Kabir

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and Allah says when he went towards the land of Meridian, he said it may be that my Arab will guide me to the right way. So he doesn't have a map here. He's not

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he doesn't have a map, but he's just walking. He doesn't know where it is. Is there a road even? I don't know. And where does this lead? What is the other end? He doesn't know. So he makes a wise guide me to the right way and $100 rather guided him. And then Allah says when he arrived at the water of Medina, and he found there a group of men watering their flocks. And besides them, he found two women who were keeping back on one side. So he went to them. He said, What is the matter with you? They said we cannot water our flocks, until the shepherds take their flocks. And our father is a very old man. So these women are telling them telling Mousavi as What? What's the problem? So

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So they said Look, I mean, we are just two women. These men are watering their flocks, and they won't let us do it. And we have no support. I mean, the only man we have in our house is our father neither shavon Kabir is an old man. So obviously he can't come here and do all of this Oh, yeah, helpless. So, Mozart his alarm went in there and he moved those people apart and you know, imagine a hearing was around but you know, this is the command this is the this is the warrior speaking this is the Prince of Egypt speaking. So, you know, there is a there is a there is an aura about Musa Salah, and of course this is the man who Allah subhanaw taala had chosen for his baby. So, this is

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the aura of the even though until this time he has not been you know called to an abort, but this is a lot harder for him. So Alhamdulillah masala is Allah has that presence he has that. Hiva right? Russell Russell Russell said this about himself sallallahu sallam, he said that Allah subhanho data has cast my habit in the hearts of my enemies for a distance of one month. And several Medina one month of journey. If anybody hears about Mohamed Salah Salem, and he's not inclined towards him is not a friend. Then he feels a fear in his heart, Allah. Allah gave that presence he gave that that command gave that confidence to realize ourselves to those who loved him, they loved him. They found

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him to be the softest and the most beautiful human beings, but those who hated him, they feared him because of the high bar that they that Allah subhanaw taala had bestowed upon him solid

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Hello. So musar is ramdan help them and you watered their animals and they went on their way. And then Moosa is laid down in the shade to rest. And then he made a duart Allah subhana wa

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fosa karlova so mad Allah Illa Illa will de Vaca Robbie in De Lima and Zelda la min, Hayden's appear. Lauren's want to research so he watered their flocks for them. Then he turned back into the shade. And he said my rub truly I am in need of whatever good that you bestow on me. Now xrm is, you know, he's got nothing at after right? He doesn't literally like a shirt on the back kind of situation. He's got no money, he's got no resources. He doesn't have shoes, he's got no food, nothing is totally destitute. And on top of all that, he's in a strange land. He knows nobody there he's got no relatives, you know, no network nothing. So I was running down as advice for Saqqara,

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Houma after he watered their their flocks. So ma Da Zhi Li and then he turned back to the shady, he rested there bacala and may die in Central America, rugby, in a Lima and Zelda, la min Hadrian appear, and he said, Oh, I rub truly I'm in need of whatever good that you bestow on me.

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To a da Vinci I lost.

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lead in ob Rocha Li z, aka Adorama Sakai talana. Follow ma Whoa, La Casa La Hill, kasasa Allah, Allah Huff, nijo minakami salimi. And then this is the color of Allah. They came to him one of the two women, walking Shiloh. So these two women were taking their flocks, they went up. Then one of them she came back, and she was alone, she came back and she said, and she was walking a little describing how she was walking. So she came walking shyly. And she said, Verily, my father is calling you that he may reward you for having watered our flocks for us. So when there's Oh, the G

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musallam went with that. And the alumni have said that, you know, musasa walked in front, he walked behind him, and she was directing him was musala ceram, didn't want her to walk in front so that, you know, he didn't have to look at her, because she was not wired up to him. So he told her, you walk by me, man, directly. And of course Allah knows best, all the details of that, but the fact is here Allah subhanaw taala said that he went there. So when he came to him meaning, when he came to the father of this young lady,

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he and narrated the story. So when he came there, obviously though they had accommodation, who are you? What are you Where are you? How did you come here and so on and so far, so muscle is Allah told him all the whole story of all that happened.

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And given his father, when this

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person, the father of the of the young lady, when he heard all that, he said, Don't fear, you have escaped from the people who are the remote he said, You are safe here. Now there is nothing for you to fear. So those are his alarm. And some some of them have Vaseline they say that this person washed away but he said, so this was another one was better. Let me not name him in the in the Quran. But some of them have a series they have said that this is this was shy when he said ABS when he say when he heard the old story. He said, You are safe. I'm relaxed from the oppressors. Now, then, this woman who had come to call him

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so these were two sisters. And this was the mobile series. I've said that this was the elder of them. And of course Allah knows best. She then said to her father, Karla, hahaha, yeah, but it is zero who in Hydra Minister geratol kabhi. You'll I mean,

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she said to the Father. He said, Oh, my father, hire him. Right? Verily, the best of men for you to hire is the strong and trustworthy because these women, I mean, they were alone father was old. So he said, Why don't you hire this man, you know, he can help us and he can raise our flocks and so on. And surely the man is trustworthy and he's strong. So this is the best kind of person for you to hire. So this is the advice he gave to the Father

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are in need. What do you do on own geha? Nada, yah ha teeny Allah and Giuliani cemani a hedge for in optimum da Sharon.

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I'm in Indyk wama we do an Ashoka Alec for dodgy duni in sha Allah who may not fully hate Allah dareka by anymore by Enoch, a Yama la nee, pada, Ito Farah or dhwani, Allah, wa Allahu Allah ma kulu Rocky. So, he said that is this

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the father of the of the two daughters and Allah knows best, but that was perhaps Shriver etc. So, he said, I intend to wear one of these two daughters of mine to you on condition that you serve me for eight years, but if you complete 10 years, it will be a favor on me from you, but I do not intend to place you under a difficulty if Allah wills you will find me one of the righteous. So here is saying,

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not only hire the person, he said, I will give my daughter to you in

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as your wife, I will read my daughter to you on the condition. So this is like the my hair for the daughter. And the condition is you work for me for eight years. And if you complete 10 years, that is good, it is a favor. Those two years will be a favor of you. Your favor on me, but I will not hold you to that. So eight years is it's like a my hair.

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The word mad is not used here, but I'm saying that's what it that's what it amounts to. And he says if and he says inshallah I will be, you will find me to be righteous, so I will not oppress you and so on. So forgive me, obviously he's an AVI of Allah inshallah Allah Allah. And so, he is a righteous person now moves on his alarm set that is settled between me and you, whichever of the two terms I fulfill, there will be no injustice to me, and Allah is the surety over what we say. So now here, you also see Mozilla is alive is wise. He's not saying you're not going out of his way as you know, I will do 10 years either I accept your condition which is eight years I read your daughter,

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eight years and if I should do 10 100 Allah, this is minilite Allah and Allah is the witness for both of us and also you will find us that you are righteous a righteous person and I will find you righteous inshallah, that is true.

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And you will also find that I am a righteous person, and you will find that I will not do any injustice to you. Now wrestlers are seldom

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and then Allah is the surety is a large amount of data is the witness over this.

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Allah holla mana pool overkill. Allah is the witness over what we are saying. He is the witness or because that's the agreement between the 12 is Allah is the witness. Now, as soon as I said, I'm asked,

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which of the two terms masala Salaam worked, you know, because he said he will work for eight. I mean, he the condition was eight and he said he will. He might work for four. And she always said if you would complete 10, then this is a favor on me. So now we should have asked Jimmy ceramica to which of the two did you work for eight years or 10 years? And you very seldom said that he completed 10 years and he did so. So Alhamdulillah This is also another lesson we learn from the stories of the MBA he was surrounded the MBA was always did so

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they did more than what was even agreed upon. And not only just expected, because sometimes there are things which are expected, but they're not necessarily agreed upon. Right. So if you you might have a deal. And then you say well, you know,

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this person did not give me. But that's expected. That's the norm. This is the culture is you know that maybe, but was it something the person had agreed to do? Whatever, you know, if there was no agreement, we didn't have that agreement. We didn't say that specifically, but this is the usual thing. This is the normal thing was maybe not but there's no agreement here there was actually an agreement, despite that muscle is a bit more suitable as Rob said easier said so, as far as the MBA is concerned are concerned and as far as good behavior is concerned, good behavior is to do the best that you can do. So, as Sam said is very specifically especially for trade and treadmills is not

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only this is not restricted only to buying and selling. This is our dealing with people that give more

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now, these are when you're weighing, he said weigh more give more. So, if you are weighing 10 kilograms, then give 10 kilograms and then put a handful more. He said give more when you give it give to the customer. Now think about this, too. If you have if you are charging for 10 kilogram then to give 10 kilograms is 100 like you give 10 kilo

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I'm not one gram more, you're not doing any injustice, you're absolutely perfectly just, but also as a result, what is he saying? He's a No, do that, obviously that's given you, you cannot do injustice, but give something more. Now think about this also,

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from a, we do this because this is the highlight of the novel, a sermon we follow is that, but think of it also purely from a worldly sense, right? What kind of customer service is that? And what kind of customer relationship will you build, if you do what in customer service parlance we call, delight the customer, that customer delight is not just customer satisfaction, it's customer delight. It's something that you completely unexpected, right? It's something that you do not expect. But this happens. That is customer delight. I remember the builder stories, but I'll tell you what, I remember I was in Singapore, and I had gone there to teach a course for G Asia. So I

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landed there. It was, you know, I landed in the afternoon, I took a nap in the evening, I decided to go for a round of Singapore. So I walked out of my hotel, I was standing on the curb, a taxi comes, that is a Singaporean Chinese driver, he comes, stops the cab,

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gets out, comes around to the back, opens the back door and says Sir, please have a seat.

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So now I'm seeing the taxi driver, right? I've been in taxis in many countries of the world. Now I'm absolutely astonished. I said When was the last time that a taxi driver actually stopped the taxi comes out opens the door and says please have a seat. Never happened my life. So anyway, I got into the car. Then he tells me

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sir, in the in the pouch behind the front seat. He says that is today's newspaper. And he says there is some water there. Now if you'd like to have a drink of water, sealed water bottle, he shuts the door. He comes and sits down in the in his seat in the driver's seat. And he says sir, where can I take you? Where can I go? So I told him, I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to sit to this taxi and feel this beautiful service that you are giving me as I've never ever in my life, imagined that this is the kind of courtesy that I expect from a taxi driver. This is a question of customer delight, right? Because I would have been perfectly happy to get into the car on my own. And I would

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have sat there the driver says Where can I take you our clothing will take me out of paid him. That is what is my expectation this will be perfectly fine. If I if a taxi driver does that he is fulfilling his job is doing his job. Well, nothing else. But here was a man who was going over and above the call of duty. He wasn't doing it to me because I was some great person that you recognize I'm an ordinary I'm just a normal, you know, garden variety human being normal cab fare for him who happens to be standing on the curb side. But the way he treats, he comes out he opens the door. He's very courteous. He's giving me value added services join me and the car was beautifully clean. It

00:33:23--> 00:33:45

was it had a nice aroma inside. Now it wasn't smelling bad. And then he showed me here's a newspaper. Here's a water if you like to where we like this is the issue of customer delight. And this is the issue of ASR. What the man did was not only other It was a son. That's why last winter also mentioned this for us. Allegedly I will live in Armando.

00:33:46--> 00:34:17

I lost I said in the La Jolla Maru Bill addley Walesa, right, I lost my data has ordered you to do other justice. Well, so And in addition to that, excellence, this was the thing of the Amelia musella. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us the story of the or the history of Mosul, Islam before prophet hood so that we understand how Musa alayhis salam was trained by Allah Subhana.

00:34:18--> 00:34:30

Allah put him through different experiences, because Moses would need that experience in his Tao. And he needed to understand that society from the inside,

00:34:32--> 00:34:41

as is also like us over Islam, who are also had first hand knowledge of the way that that society worked was it served

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

us what is alive also is all them from the inside, you know, he was thrown into the, into the well then he was taken. He was sold as a slave and he lived in the Palace of the Aziz and all of that happened then he went to jail and so on. So he knew the whole thing from inside.

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

He was exposed to all levels of the society from the balance of the disease to the prison from before that, on the slave block right now Moser is that I'm also

00:35:11--> 00:35:56

he's born in the 70s. Right? Then he is he grows up in the palace of Varanasi, but he is in touch with his family. So he's seeing the bunnies right from inside, is going up in the perils of laundry, seeing the vero and the Egyptians from inside. He knows that and then also gives him different experiences, where now he is from being a Royal Prince and not wanting for anything having absolutely access of everything. Suddenly, literally overnight massage is reduced to a state of penury to a state of complete destitution where he doesn't even have shoes on his feet he's eating leaves is starving, right? And then as Rhonda helps him, gala gives it gives a wife, Allah gives him

00:35:56--> 00:36:06

a regular job. And Allah subhanaw taala puts him under the tutelage and the teaching of another NaVi srivalli salaam. inshallah, as I told you that

00:36:07--> 00:36:18

that name has not been mentioned in the Quran, but we know this from the hadith of Salaam inshallah This is correct. Now, then his job what was his job with

00:36:20--> 00:36:29

which your job is, is to be a shepherd of sheep. Now, this is a this is a wonderful thing,

00:36:30--> 00:37:15

the that we know about the available Sarah, that every Nabhi was a shepherd of sheep. Right? The it's very interesting and why would that happen including resources? Well, Isa is alive with the shepherd of G Moser is the shepherd of sheep. The sorceress alum also was the shepherd of sheep pride in his in his youth, and his childhood used to take care of flocks of sheep. Now, why why is that? And why is that important? Well, as vital as training is his training is Naveen the skill musar itself, but also the other obeah Allah wants to teach them some lessons which become very valuable for them when they start their real job, which is that of Dawa with, with their people.

00:37:16--> 00:37:20

Now, that's because sheep are the weakest of our livestock.

00:37:21--> 00:37:21


00:37:23--> 00:38:07

Now, because Adam said that, he said, a person who is a shepherd officer, he said, the shepherd of camels are arrogant, right, and he's a riding a horse, gives you arrogance. And the shepherd of shepherds of sheep are humble. Now you have to be arrogant. Because a camel is an arrogant animal is big, it is aggressive. And it is very powerful, far more powerful than a human being a gavel can easily kill a killer human being. So when a shepherd is shepherding camels, the shepherd has to meet the arrogance of the camel with arrogance. So used to take a stick and a hammer him and he has to have a very hard because the camel won't even feel it that if you just tap him or something, what

00:38:07--> 00:38:19

you will feel it. So the shepherd has to be aggressive, the shepherd has to be violent, the shepherd has to be very arrogant, because he is dealing with an arrogant creature. But with the sheep, if a shepherd takes a stick, and it's a sheep, the sheep is dead.

00:38:21--> 00:39:01

The sheep is the sheep are weak, the shepherd therefore has to be extremely alert to protect his sheep. Also, she ran away everywhere, right there, they're completely directionless, they will go anywhere in grazing or whatnot, and then they get lost. So the shepherd can't afford to be forgetful, he can't afford to ignore them, he can't just go lie down under a tree and go sleep and the next thing he knows, all the sheep are gone. Finally, sheep, as I mentioned earlier, sheep cannot bear severe punishment. So if you hit the sheep herd, the sheep will die. So they cannot, so the shepherd, even no matter how

00:39:04--> 00:39:09

angry the shepherd might be, the shepherd cannot afford to,

00:39:11--> 00:39:13

cannot afford to,

00:39:16--> 00:39:24

cannot afford do something to the sheep, where, you know, they die, right. So you can't be angry with them, you cannot express his anger

00:39:25--> 00:39:58

on the sheep, because the sheep will die. So this is a The other thing as far as the shepherd is concerned. So Shepherd has to be patient, no matter how irritated he is, the shepherd cannot beat up the sheep because then then you have human dead. Now, if you take all of these, you see how much of this is applicable in the area of outer Islam in the area of teaching, because this is how people are. People are irritating people are mannerless people are ungrateful

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:19

Push tried to push you around, people do all kinds of things. And if you lose your temper, if you get angry if you, you know, you break those boundaries, then you are only causing damage to your job. Angela we'll talk more about this in our next class, the lessons that we learn from the,

00:40:20--> 00:40:40

from the shepherd of being shepherds of sheep. This is one of the things that I advocate that in our schools he was actually have this create this environment of shepherds of sheep because his huge amount of leadership lessons to be learned from being shepherds of sheep was Allah Allah will carry while it was

00:40:42--> 00:40:44

me, Osama Kumara tala