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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala cambia even more saline. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam doesn't even Kathy and cathedra Hamada, my dear brothers and sisters,

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the topic of my home

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this week is the way forward

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I have a principle in life,

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I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control,

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I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control.

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And that is based on the reality that when we stand before Allah subhanaw taala,

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we will not be asked, What happened, we will be asked, What did you do?

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That means,

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accepting that the only one in my control is myself, nobody else.

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And so that is who I must focus on,

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do what is in my control, and not allow circumstances, media people

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or even my own feelings to distract or discourage me from doing whatever I can to make a positive impact in the world that I live in.

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Some of the most common doubts and thoughts that interfere with action are based around the question, What difference can I as an individual make?

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I'm after all, one person, what difference can I

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remember and remind others that all great change, all revolutions, all rewriting of history begins and began with one individual.

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Whoever that individual was, it began and still begins with one individual.

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So let us be that individual.

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Allah subhanaw taala sent one nubby wonderful, except in exceptional cases, not a committee or a team to create change in an entire nation.

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So my first message today to myself and you is to focus on ourselves.

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Do what you must do, I do what I must do.

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And Allah subhanho Vera Insha Allah, we create the effect.

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Today as we look at what is happening to Muslims worldwide, we seem to be without solutions.

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I'm not restricting myself to other because we have the ringers, we have the wiggers we have the ongoing conflicts

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which involve Muslims

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in so many parts of the world,

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and we seem to be helpless and without solutions. But Allah subhanaw taala told us the solution to our problems and loss around it that I said, Man, I'm Isla Sally Han mean the Korean our answer. Well, who am I

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file a New Haven who had on the Yeva 10 What a Nigerian home Eijiro home the 70 mark and

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whoever does good, whether male or female, and is a believer, we will surely bless them with a beautiful life hat on even

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with a good life and we will certainly reward them according to the best of their deeds.

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All their deeds inshallah will be rewarded according to whatever was the best of them which Allah accepted. The reward of that level will be given for all the deeds, all the good deeds inshallah we ask Allah to make us among them.

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The formula is very simple and straightforward. It is literally only two things, faith and righteous deeds. Amen. Well, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

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If I as an individual, returned to Allah subhanaw taala, then my dua can change my life, my circumstances and with the will of Allah subhanaw taala my world.

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I always remind myself of that famous author, Laura nicely of what he wrote about his learning about the power of one person to make an impact.

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And paraphrasing their story as I see it happening in my mind.

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I easily was walking on the beach

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Early one morning, the previous night there had been a huge storm and the beach was littered with debris.

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In that debris were hundreds of starfish thrown up from the ocean in the storm. As he walked, he saw someone in the distance, picking up something from the beach and throwing it into the waves.

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When he was close to the person

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he saw that it was a boy throwing starfish into the sea

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as the as the by what was he doing? Justin, what are you doing?

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The wider blade throwing stars into the sea so that they don't die.

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If they remain on the sand, they will die. They will dry in the sun and die

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as the swept is open palm

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and the uncountable starfish on the beach, and he asked the boy, do you have any idea how many starfish are are on this beach alone this one vision.

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Then think of the number of starfish that get thrown up on all the beaches in the world.

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You are one kid on this one beach. What difference can you make?

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The boy looked at Eisley. And then he looked at the starfish that he was holding.

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And he threw it far into the waves. And he said it made a difference to that one.

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This is a very common cop out

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that we do,

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where we globalize a problem,

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which makes us feel helpless, and we feel then justified in doing nothing by saying this is such a huge problem. What can I as one person? What can I do about this?

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I always got Mother Teresa's very beautiful, very simple, very powerful statement. She said if you cannot feed 100 people feed one.

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And that is a secret of success. localize the problem.

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And ask yourself, What can I do?

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Don't say what can we do? There's no way I

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a lot of anatella will not ask a general question.

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I will ask you what will you What did you do? He asked me what I do. He won't ask me about you. He won't ask you about Me.

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What I do. So ask yourself, What can I do in this situation?

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Don't say the problem of America? Is homelessness No. Into my problems? How can we give homes to the people who are homeless? No, how can I help one homeless person get home?

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How can I feed one person? How can I educate one child

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the way to the starfish. And he said it made a difference to that one.

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So today when you go to a protest or sit in or whatever, never forget that you're making a difference.

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You are not allowing what is not in your power, which is to change the situation on the ground.

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To prevent you from doing what is in your power, which is raise your voice against it. That is the game changer in life. Just do it

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in these times, and there is so much grief and depression and fear and despair even. It is good to let our brothers and sisters in Philistine know that they are not alone.

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That not only we had millions of Muslims all over the world, stand with them.

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standing with us also are those who are not Muslim, but who share our respect for the sanctity of human life, all human life, who have not sold their conscience for a pittance, and whose standards are not sealed against the truth.

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We have reached such a state of moral collapse, that even the gathering of millions of people all over the world is not enough to convince our leaders that killing children is a crime.

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Remember that there was a time when slavery was legal, and helping a slave to free himself ourselves was illegal.

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Remember that those implemented?

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Those who implemented the Holocaust in Germany in the 1930s. were obeying the law and those who tried to help the victims escape are called lawbreakers.

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All those and many more acts of oppression or their demise to one simple truth.

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That somewhere someone

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stood up and said, not in my name. I will not allow you to commit crimes against humanity and God in my name.

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We have today smashed our moral compass and totally lost the plot.

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And this time it is usually invigorating and encouraging and incredibly important to stand together with other right thinking people whose hearts have not become harder than stone.

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We don't have the power to stop what is happening, but we have the power to speak out against it. give a voice to those who need it the most.

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We have the best guidance of Rasulillah as a seller who told us to stop evil with our hands and raise our voices against it and to hate it in our hearts. So let our voices be heard in every forum everywhere.

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And every side and coterie of a viola and ocol all of us relies on Allah Allah He was having to sell them.

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mundra, income mancora

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for yoga Euro

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value V ro the ad

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for Ilam. Yesterday here for v resiny. Well, let me ask

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you can't be with it God awful Eman.

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I will say that a coterie of the Allah 100 reported. That also lays a lot in Salem said, Whoever among you sees evil, let him change it with his head.

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If he cannot do so, then with his tongue,

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meaning speak out against it. And if he cannot do that, do even that. Then we had heart meaning hated in your heart. And that is the weakest level of faith.

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And this is the say Hadith in Muslim.

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The second thought that plagues us is

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we did so much but nothing happened. So what is the use of it? And we start

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to counter this I remind myself of the weighing scale.

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Many years ago in my childhood, I watched a salesman measuring our grain in a store in India.

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When this thought occurred to me, have you ever seen a traditional weighing scale in a shop selling food selling food grains.

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It's called a balance

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and it has two pans on either side of a pivot hanging from a horizontal beam at the top.

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The weight measure is put in one pan and the material being weighed is put in the other pan.

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There is an extremely important life lesson to be learned from this.

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Please notice what the seller does.

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First he puts the weight measure in one pan say 20 kilos

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this pan then goes to the bottom and it is sitting on the countertop and the other fan is high up in the air.

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Then the salesman uses the scope and starts to put the grain theorize or whatever, into the pan on top

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as the bonfils Even when he has put

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15 kilos, 16 kilos, 17 kilos 19 kilos

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Do you see anything happening to the pants? Nothing. They are still in sweat.

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There is no change in the situation.

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The bandwidth the weight remains firmly on the countertop and the pan with the grain with the rice or whatever remains in the air.

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But have you ever seen a situation where the man turns around and tells you you know what?

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I failed.

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This is not working.

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So go to some other shop.

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He doesn't do that he doesn't even talk to you. He continues to pour the grain into the pan. Even though his effort until now seems to have been wasted.

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He does that because he knows the truth and the truth is and the result will come.

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And as he puts the grain to the pan, he sees us small movement in the pants and the pan with the rice starts to descend. Once that happens, and the pans are almost level, the man changes his method of putting in the grain. Now instead of the scoop he uses his hand and he takes a handful of rice grain and he gently drops a few grains at a time into the pan and then lo and behold

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The bandwidth the race events

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and the power with the weight rises up in the air

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and he takes the brighter green out and use it.

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Now when I saw this, I learned two essential lessons in life.

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Both are equally true.

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The first lesson I learned was until 19 kilos, nothing will happen. But at 20 the pan the balance will dip Until 19 Until 19 kilos, nothing will happen. But at 20 the balance will tip

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lesson number two, the last few grains always make a difference

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or less than or equal to true until 19 Nothing will happen.

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And that 20 The ban will tip in the last few years make the difference.

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Salter life

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so also in life

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when 19 kilos of effort have gone into the problem, you're trying to solve a dream you're trying to achieve and you start losing hope because you see that nothing is happening. It is good to remember and remind yourself that nothing is supposed to happen.

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And that at 20 the bandwidth trip will be your dream will come true Your problem will be solved.

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The one who understands this does not lose hope or energy but smiled in anticipation of reaching that last stage when he knows that the fan will start to descend to the countertop

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if you are building the most magnificent masjid or any building

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my final point for this point number three. If you are building the most magnificent masjid, or any building,

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what do you need first?

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You need a solid foundation, a foundation that is big and deep enough to support

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the superstructure that is going to come on top.

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Imagine that we are rocks all of us are rocks.

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And we want to be a part of this building.

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But we say to ourselves I want to be on the facing of the building polished and shining before the world

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The world was see me there was no me.

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And believe me that building will never stand

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for any building to take shape. First, you need rocks who are willing to go into the foundation and be buried never to be seen again.

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Nor only to the builder but nobody else

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without those rocks. The building can never stand

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but those rocks are satisfied knowing that

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the building stands on their shoulders

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think of all the Sahaba who died before Fatah Maka and before the photo head

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of the collaboration. So may have been a year on the Alana and yourself being of the Alon.

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The parents are mad vinyasa for the Alana.

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Hamza and of the look the lip

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of the alarm. Muslim they are made of the land. I'm delivering Josh, on the other side of the world of Vietnam, and others.

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They didn't see the spirit of Islam, or the success of the mission of Rasulillah Salam. They suffered the revision, but they stood firm and didn't waver and then they were killed. And Allah subhanaw taala accepted them as Shahada.

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Yet, not one of them gave up or stopped making the effort.

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And in the end, when victory came as it was destined to come, they were its beneficiaries because that success

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rode on their shoulders.

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That is their sadaqa jariya. Until the last day,

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a lot of animal data is their witness. And he declared while Amara alimak Me know another Haza called who had ma done Allah Who or Sue was other called Allah who are also on the home Illa EMA and on

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What a slimmer

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mineral book we need aresia Sadako ba hudl Allah Hi Lee, for me in home montcada And

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my main home my Ian does it warmer but the route of de la and Las around DeRozan which means when the believer saw the enemy alliance

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in the Battle of hudec, they said this is what Allah and His Messenger Salah Salem promises.

00:20:30--> 00:20:34

The Promise of Allah and His Messenger has come true Al Hamdulillah

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and this only increase them in faith and submission.

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among the believers are men

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who have proven true to what they pledged.

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They have proven true to what they pledged to Allah subhanaw taala. Some of them have fulfilled their pledge with their lives, others are waiting, they are waiting their turn,

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they have never changed their commitment in the least.

00:21:03--> 00:21:06

And who is saying that Allah subhanaw taala who knows the commitment in their hearts

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Let us remember that victory and defeat is only decided at the end of the race.

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It is not decided

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by who is left standing, but by which side you stood on.

00:21:21--> 00:21:28

Honor is in what you live and die for. Not in how much money you make or how much land you conquer and so on.

00:21:29--> 00:21:43

And those are our data will decide who won and who lost when we meet him. Rather than sisters and Aza are a living example for the world of what it means to live and die with honor.

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Now listen, I tell me please with them and protect them from all harm. May I was around and I grant us the courage to speak the truth. stand for the truth and to work to make the truth prevail in our lives and in the world.

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Was Allah Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was named erotica.