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Juz’ 17 with Tesneem Alkiek

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So now when you go into labor council asked me Are you gonna Shakeology missing metal Heyman? I mean, whatever you want. I mean, when people tune in, what's the pain level somebody was telling me about it, can I be cold so they can come in and some of it might be a southern system interview, I want to welcome you all back to 3430. Our first repeat back by popular demand, Sr tesni will be for him to last with us tonight. And I want to remind everyone, just before I get started in Charlottetown, that we have officially launched our last 10 nights campaigns are monetized so if you click the link, and you put in the sub account amount that you'd like to distribute over the last 10

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nights, remember that the amount that you put in will be the nightly amount in Charlottetown. I've been delighted it's a way of catching later to cover and also supporting the work here, you can Institute some illicit content and bless you all. And reminding you that we will have our last 10 nights telephone and Charlottetown are finished strong telephone on May 13, and shot Lazzara from 3pm to 8pm. Eastern the end of which will be a drought that we can all join in inshallah tada as we go into the first of the last 10 nights which will be that will be the 21st night of normal Bombay the night time. So we get into just 17 and shot LA Times. How about today as I was preparing for for

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this, it gave me a whole new perspective on it. And that's been the beauty I think of hearing reflections from Shahab Bella, and from our guests every night, as we're sort of telling the story of a psalm through the poem. In this particular way, sort of an MBR, this surah of the prophets. And it comes at the end of the meccan period, similar to a lot of these suitors, but it doesn't focus on one Prophet, it gives this whole scope of all of the prophets. And in fact, it mentioned 17 profits by name in the store. And it gives you a snapshot of each one. And it kind of gives you the end result of each one of those profits Dallas, so a loss and how to what to add them making the way out

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for all of those profits, sort of the final relief that came to each one of those profits, and the only one whose life we get, you know, some some depth with

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the journey with his father and with the idols in particular, where the prophets lie. Some is also in a similar situation now leaving Mecca not having been able to convince his people at that moment due to the arrogance that came from the elites of Mecca, that the idols were of no benefit to them. So the rest of the profits, you're kind of getting a snapshot of each one of them and we'll talk about how that plays out. In the sewer. The sewer starts off with a nasty hisab hormone feed off let's hit on that the reckoning that people have been pushing off, it's coming towards them and they are continuing to push themselves into heedlessness meaning Allah has given them enough of a chance.

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And of course the hisab little last talking about is the day of judgment, the way that the reckoning is coming towards towards them, not at the end of sort of pa which is the previous surah Allah some kind of ties talks about the way people are disoriented on the Day of Judgment. The disbelievers are disoriented on the Day of Judgment woman, our last big leap and deliberation on one cap until the law talks about people that have constricted life because of their rejection and because of their arrogance, and then they're raised up on the Day of Judgment blind and then they they complain, Lima Shelton er level that's going to vasila Why did you raise me a blind I used to be able to see a lot

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gives us the scene of them running around on the Day of Judgment, looking for an out and a lot of saying that the app has been here the whole time. But you haven't been taking that out. Now. The the nature of certain mbrs consoling the profit slice of them that you are not the first one to go through this. And that's actually something that is very powerful here because you think of the some of the claims that were made against the profit slice of them. And the nature of those claims are similar to the claims that were made against profits that came before. So for example, when they said Why can't you do some sort of superhuman immortal thing? Why don't you bring the angels and,

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and pull off these feats, a loss pensado says in verse eight, what am I doing? I'm not what am I doing now who just said I couldn't apply my candle hardeen that those that came before the messengers that came before, we're not immortal bodies that didn't need food, they were just like, you remember the claim against the profit slice on them that what kind of profit is this that walks in the marketplace that uses the restroom. Like we do a lot of saying all of the profits that came before we're full human beings, and you are not an exception to that. And on top of that, last contest us in verse 25, one that I'm sudden not in public, I'm in vasudevan, illa nuheat, Li E and

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the hula, hula, hula. And we're doing never did we send any messenger before you to whom we did not reveal. There is no god but me so serve me alone. So both you in your nature, and the call that you have in its nature is exactly the same thing as the prophets that came before you and you are going through

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The same trials that they are going through. And this is probably one of the most beautiful set up here in terms of consoling a personnel so to use if is consoling in its entirety. But if you go to sleep and MBA and you really pay attention tonight in Shaolin, you're totally here when you're reading from first 41 onwards, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, not quite as soon as he have, you know, sued him in public for half of living in a stuffy room in Homer account will be used as the own and other messengers before you were mocked. They also went through the mockery and the slander that you went through. But those who scoffed at the messengers were overtaken by the same

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punishments that they had marked then a lot of talks about the story of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, how he was thrown into a fire but a lot protecting then a lot of talks about loyalty his Salaam, how he was turned away by his people rejected by his people and his people were destroyed in a very unique way but alas, contact entered into into his mercy and wrote him from the side of him for the rights since then a lot of talks about new how to his salon shampoo MBR, the elder of the abbey at the profits 950 years of debt of primarily rejection and a loss of anti saving him. Then a lot of talks about the Buddha he said I'm and so the mandate is that your body is set up. So this is one of the

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two parts of the lab, where you have the story of a human body is set up a tube who is tested with enormous tests in every way possible, his health, his wealth, his family, but Allah subhanaw taala rescued him as he turned back to a last concert and Allah reminds the prophets like some last about who about the first prophet that we started off with unicity is Salaam, who was swallowed by the whale and who supplicated to Allah subhanaw taala in his in his trial and Allah subhana wa tada rescued him and Partington so it's it's like a full string of profits 17 profits all that one's saying to the profit slice I love every profit that came before you went through what you're going

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through to some extent, and the claims the substance of the claims that were used against them that oh, this is for personal game, oh, game, this is Mark This is sorcery. This is so that you can take power this is to divide the people this is this this is that. Why Why are you not superhuman? Why don't you show us this? Why don't you show us that it happens with every single profit before you so surely it will happen to you as well profitable law. And you can think of the comfort that that gives to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that you are in the league of Jesus, Moses, Noah, Abraham, all of them, it must be on to them all who went through this. And this is just the continuation of

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that. But Allah says in all of their situations, look what the end result was, and so the end result for you will be the same. Now let's go to certain hatch. The first two verses of sorts that hedge continue in response to the coming of the hour. So Allah subhana wa tada gave us the beginning of certain MBR a snapshot of what happens on the day of the idea of the Day of Judgment coming very quickly and being prepared for the reckoning. Here, Allah subhana wa tada addresses the believers as if those people are no longer even, you know, worthy of being addressed exclusively. But instead, here's a message to all of mankind. In this episode of to sanity check on our lien, that fear the

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wrath of your Lord, indeed, the shaking the trembling of the hour, will be an awesome thing it will be it will be a severe thing. Verse five, a lot calls us into it that has to consider our own creation. So a lot talks about how we have been made from to rob from dirt, and then transport returns transfer to a drop of, of sperm multiply, and then from the clot of blood. So let's talk about the different ways that we come to be from dust to the drop of fluid to the lump of flesh, Allah subhanaw taala starts to go through the way that we go in our mother's wombs and the way that we reach the stages that we reach. If you read certain f&b app, it's really reflecting on the

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creation of the heavens and the earth here, there's a reflection on the creation of men. So for us to reflect within ourselves and the last panel, it's either mentioned mentions, and various parts of the world, that we will show them our signs in the heavens and the earth will fly fluffy and foresee him in the creation around them and even in themselves, until they come to that conclusion of faith. But here's what I really want to get to. I think, Chef, I believe you're talking about verse 11. Today, right? Last evening, I was a lot of housing. So you know, there's a test that's coming, okay. And the believers have now been pushed to their edge, Sudeten MBA, the first half of it is Mackie

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and then at verse 26, it becomes Medina. Allah pantai says some people worship a lot on an edge when the test gets too severe, they jump off and that's what should have done was going to be talking about the believers have been pushed to an edge and now they have migrated with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And I want to call you, your attention to just

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One beautiful thing about this because I'm sure you've heard these ions about hedge many times. Allah is telling us from the very beginning of the poem, The dream of Ibrahim writing his Salaam the dream of Abraham will be fulfilled. How will it be fulfilled by his noble son, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam purifying the house that he built for his worship, and reestablishing to hate monotheism in that place, and by extension in the whole world. And the way that the last the last days of the world play out, is are you satisfied on Jesus peace be upon him making his way saying that bake Allahumma Baker to establish Phil Heath once again, to establish monotheism in the place

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that he might Islam set up as a place of the worship of Allah subhanaw taala alone, so Hajj is the focal point, right? Mecca is the focal point, when when it is purified, then that is a sign of the purity to the world. What is the first thing that a lot addresses here? And what's the mindset of the believers and I want you to imagine, I want you to imagine being a Muslim who grew up in Mecca your entire life. You've seen the Cabot day and night your entire life with its idol worship, and now's the first time you've been run out of Mecca, you're in Medina, and you don't know when you're ever going to see the cab again, if you'll ever see it again. And if it will be in a state of Tokyo

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again. Can you imagine the hardship that the Muslims felt in Medina how much they yearned for Hajj and Ramadan for the cab. Verse 26, to 29 Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions to us once again the story of Abraham it is Salah, McCann and date and Leticia can be shaped by her btle thought you feel until the end, where Allah calls Ibrahim and Islam to purify his home from all of the idols. The previous surah Ibrahim or Islam was making an argument to his people about why the idols do no good here. Ibrahim is purifying the house and Mecca and removing the idols and the last penthouse as well as in fantasy but had yet to Khadija Anna publicly proclaimed called out for Hajj, and people will come to

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you from all over the world, on the backs of all sorts of animals speaking all sorts of language chanting, here we are, Oh Allah, here we are. And think about the Muslims in Medina, for the very first time, can't go to Mecca. And this is what a lot reveals to them. Subhana Allah, that it brought, you know, this image of Ibrahim calling from an empty Mecca, and one day the people will come back responding to you it's not now that all these people will come saying the bake along with a bake but one day they will come and now these Muslims in Medina are sitting there and this is what they're hearing on the mouth of their profits. Little Laurie some the image of Ibrahim is them

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calling out for people to come in to do hedge. And so that tells them that one day YouTube will return to this home that it will be purified responding to the call of your father parties. So inshallah tada on that I will go ahead and pass it off to Shahada now salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was a man when I'm about to succumb and I hate him for that beautiful message. What's important here

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support a lot you know, what makes the companions that companions and Subhanallah what made them when affiant on them when I feel for what made the hypocrites the hypocrites is that their worship was or their obedience or their apparent allegiance was ultimately conditional.

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We should look at ourselves and ask ourselves is our worship to Allah, our gratitude towards a lot conditional, meaning that if I get what I want, or I feel that out, I deserve, I'll give you what you want.

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That's very important for us to look at and evaluate ourselves. This is part of our evaluation that we should make on a nightly basis. I mean, even on it when we make our son a lot. It's time for you to evaluate the actions previous to ask a lot from his names and attributes, depending on the subject matter. So if for instance, you're making a lot to learn you made a mistake in federal court. From that time, you say oh yo fulfilling you know, you say, call his name and ask Him to forgive you. A loss of kinda with data in the verse number 11, in the chapter of Hajj, a beautiful, beautiful verse that speaks about, you know what, some scholars would mention the monastic owner,

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the hypocrites or the or the disbelievers. And some would say okay, we make an analogy off of those that have weak faith, a loss of power with Allah says in this beautiful verse what I want you to do whenever decided is to ask yourself the question, be self accountable as soon as hearing this verse, Allah says after the Muslim woman a nasty man yeah Buddha law net health for in a Saba who had an intimate nebby or in a sorbet to fix nothing in color, and now what she has sila dunya when Ephrata vatika who will husana will be verse number 11. A law says and from mankind there are people that worship alone

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On a bi on an edge, they're on the brink of something, and a loss of panatela fit. First he says wamena nasci from Anka, not everyone. But there's some people. Yeah, Buddha law, they worship a lot on the brink, or on the edge. And he says, Allah Harf and whorfin Arabic as we know means letter. And when they use the word letter, because a letter, when you take a letter out of a word, you use your school manner. Yeah, the meaning of the word is changed or it is compromised. So it is on the, the edge of the meaning, if you will, because if you take that letter off, it changes its state, it's something totally different, where they're not having a meeting, or a totally different

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meaning. So when you are on the brink of worshipping Allah, or you're only worshiping the Lord, just a little, and some small tribulation will take you off of that track. Right? Maybe a family member, maybe let's be totally honest, maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend, maybe a husband or a wife, you know, that person that influenced you Mashallah. But then the final frontier comes, if a lot of takes that person away from you, whether it's taking their life, or it's taking them away from you because of something that may have happened. It's a test for you. Now, it's a test for you, because the law is given the example. There are people that worship a lot based on the edge and then he

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gives the Tafseer and an explanation of this harder for this type of person. For in a Saba who lay it on diploma and nebby.

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If good was to afflict them, then they are good. They're fine. Oh, yes, this is what I deserve. You know, I've been at bass radi Allahu anhu. And I've been mi Allah have mercy on him in his father. He mentioned this is another Buhari that, you know, they were the Iraq the Iraq would come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Arab were the Bedouins. And when we say the Bedouins, these were the people that when we say roughly, you know, people that were in the valley that were in the distant places, not in civilization, and some would say nomads, because they would travel from one place to another place and search for food. And as soon as they get it, they keep going. The

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disadvantage of this is because there's no civilization, and there is little free time. And there is roughness, there are rough people, because they're not around a lot of people. They're not in a society or a civilized area. So when they would come as we know the process of that one of them grab the profits and lie, there was some of them, you know, and you know, the processor was very, very nice to him even after he grabbed him. And that was something that he was used to. So these bedrooms, this is this is what they would do when they would come in, they would embrace Islam, when they would go back to their area and they saw that their camels had babies and you know, Mashallah

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families were pregnant. They would say, hey, that Dean on site, this is a good religion. Yes, I knew. But if something when they came back, and there was no rain, there was famine, they would curse the religion. So when looking at this, it was conditional. It was based on a Muslim, it was based on a worldly benefit, something that they wanted, because he says if they were afflicted, or saw but and he saw by means any, something that affects you outwardly and inwardly, if it was clear anywhere, that's why he uses the indefinite Clayton implement and nebby he or she would be fine within a sabates who fitna to nil Allah, Allah witchy. But if they were people that were afflicted,

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or tested, for lack of better words, with an affliction,

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fitna a trial in thought Abba intellibid means like to flip or to turn, that's where we get the word from, because the heart, as some scholars mentioned, turns, you know, from good to evil, you know, from happy to sad, etc. In falabella, watching, they would throw their hands up, oh, man, I can't deal with this. It's the religion, the religion is the problem. When they say that, that's when they're worshipping along the brink, because when that bad thing happens to them, quote, unquote, they can't take it, they don't hold on, because it was based on something other than a strong foundation. knowing a lot and loving alone, you need to know Him is to love him. Right, Michelle,

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you know, when they when they have that foundation, when not if but when these trials come? Are they worshipping on a hot Allah dialysis for those types of people? Hasina dunya? Well, you know, they lost in this life, and the next and remember, a loss in this life, we don't only look at the tangible they may have a car they may have gotten into school gotten into this program, so on and so forth. No, it's much deeper than that. As we mentioned earlier, it's an internal experience an exercise that must be exercised on a consistent basis to make sure that the external is sound, regardless of what you see, in most cases. So what we have to understand is that this is his calling

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for self reflection. Am I an individual that worships a lot conditionally on what I think with my limited intellect is right

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Wrong are what I deserve, and is what we should ask ourselves in our door. If I do I doesn't get get answered. How do we act? Because if we are those, that when we are afflicted with a trial and tribulation, we give up.

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That is not an example of the believer, but Allah subhanho wa Taala His mercy is always open for us to turn back before he takes our soul summit last month, Allah reward us and make us of those that strive for his mercy, and not to make us of those that worship upon him worship him based on an edge or upon baclofen, Zack milaca, how I should mention actually one of the things that I wanted to mention so powerful note as you're reading through certain heads, in particular, it's the only suit on the planet to such those with two prostrations and it has such a stark difference, the first part being mucky, and then the second part being in Medina. So it's like they're two different realms,

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two different worlds that this is speaking to. And you know, it's something really to think about sujood in all situations you prostrate in good and you prostrate in hardship you prostrate in Mecca when you're fearing for your life. You prostrating Medina when you're starting all over you prostrate and you do such that and patient centered and gratitude. And that's the example of the boy hammer it slammed everything drives him back to substance, right? He gets drove driven back to prostration no matter what. And these people on the other hand are driven off the cliff, they jump off the cliff as soon as something bad happens, we can do this. And of course, as we mentioned, some

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Muslims in Mecca held back they didn't make the heads up. They said this is too much. We didn't sign up for this. And unfortunately they missed out. So inshallah tada will now have sister Chesney

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reflect on a portion of

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it from everyone.

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These sutras today are particularly difficult to reflect on because of the sort of the severity of what they discuss now, both sort of MBA and sort of the hedge, start with this reminder of not the Day of Judgment, but that moment right before the day of judgment. So as you said, right, so to me, it begins after a very nasty Sabbath, that this this moment, this day of reckoning, this data is going to be a held accountable, is getting close to the people won't be afflicted Memorial dawn. But yet, despite the fact that it's getting close, they're in this this state of healing, heedlessness

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and the AI that comes right after it what my team in the middle no matter what, no sign, what miracle what is thrown in their face. There's nothing that will wake them up from this flap, this heedlessness and they're described as what what a boon they're they're playing. They're literally just messing around. And you see in sort of hatch out starts off with Yeah, you had nestled Dakota back on. Oh people fear your Lord. Now, a lot of times this concept of love love heedlessness is is contrasted with taqwa, the state of constantly being aware of loss of data and knowing that loss patterns watching a loss patterns here and what I'm doing in every action that you do, in order to

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you know seek to perfect perfect that action the exact opposite of being heedless of forgetting that loss watching is always there. So two heads The first is a taco bell configuration Lords in us and Zara to Sarah t shaped Mojave that again not not the site itself, not the Day of Judgment itself. But the Zealot is that is that the Arabic word for example, for earthquake is the dead right. There is this sort of like this rumbling before the day of judgment those the the, the rumbling before the storm, it's coming close. It's there, things are starting to get shaky, you could almost you know, you can feel it instead of an innocence getting so close that moment of reckoning.

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And in going back to suits MBR. So you have both of these suitors that really emphasize that they have judgment. Now going back to sort of to MBA, or honestly some of the most terrifying to me, for me in the

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world as pantalla says, phenom that has to be set up. Right when they sensed like hats, they could feel it coming that our punishment, they could feel it coming. But then that has to but center either, you know, in the old one that they bought this they didn't the Day of Judgment is not even here. They could just feel they know it's again, it's like seeing those dark clouds on a stone on a stormy day. They know it's about to come. They're running. And of course, at this point, they know what's happening where this is coming from. Right. This is not that this is something is off. And now we're just going to run they know it's one of those data they know the punishment is here, and

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they're running and they know they have nowhere to run. But because the fear is so immense, they don't care and they're running

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What does the last pantalla say in response to that? Letter Kudo Don't run. There's there's no place for you to go at this point. Let telco do. What did you either met with swift and fee? Don't run. In fact, come back to everything you've been blessed with come back to everything you were neglectful of all of this blessing upon best blessing. What did you read him out? thrifting v all of these blessings you were drowning in? Will my sakeena your glorious homes, the shelter that are provided over your house? come back to it

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on because you're going to be asked about everything that you were you were given everything that you experienced? Because what are you doing this whole time? Well, you know, we're playing around we're, you know, we're in the state of heedlessness, we're just living our lives going to the movies we're binge watching shows we're hanging out forgetting so long as we're hanging out with friends it's it's incredible how long we can go in a state of not even realizing fine you know not realizing you know, doing basic things remember to have data in your in your day to day actions. But to the point where it's you're being you were drowning and blessings there's so much that we have and even

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then we're still we're still he lists and what's terrifying really the this goes on. He says don't bother running in fact come back so you can be asked about everything I've given you What do they say in response yawei Ilana Adria Wheeler in Napa Nevada me look Oh, look. I mean Oh watch was is the literal translation but it's like, literally you grasp in your head and thinking, what have I done? Like, we were wrong and that feeling of just being so terrified that what what like everything just hitting you like a like a ton of ton of bricks. We were wrong.

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Honestly, most some of the most terrifying is in the Quran.

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thermacell Attica Dhawan. They kept repeating that over and over and over again, what what were we thinking? What were we thinking until it was fantastic, wipes them out?

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Now, I know, the times that we're going through the times that we're experiencing, we're all trying to be optimistic, we're trying to be positive, think about the good. But I particularly wanted to focus on something that is really terrifying to me, in light of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, because it's also important to really push ourselves with this fear of having wrongs, a loss of data having having been neglectful and hopefully that that fear pushes us to beg the last panel in these last 10 nights that are just around the corner, to not allow us to be among these people to make us

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And just very briefly, I think that this reality is is speaks so much they speak volumes in comparison to what we're experiencing right now. Because we were experiencing a worldwide pandemic, right, you go out people are staying their distances, there's things barred up, places are deserted. You go on every news website, every blog, what has it been described as? It's like the end of times, right? It's like the you know, that's it, the world is over. Every time you get that sense of fear. Every time you walk out, and you feel like this is creepy. This feels like this is weird. This is uncomfortable. This is not normal. I want you to think about these is and I want you to think about

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that sensation, that fear that you kind of feel. Think about the 1000 times the million times fools have that that fear that you will sense when that says that rumbling of the Day of Judgment is there. really grasp don't run from that sensation. Because that's exactly what we're doing. Now what happens? We get we're nervous. We're scared. This is not normal. I'm not comfortable, right? And we're barely sensing anything. So what do we do? We run? How do we run, we run to our devices. We want to do anything to keep our minds from thinking about this reality, right? Anything to numb our minds, I'm just going to binge watch shows. I'm just going to swirl on Facebook all day. I'm going

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to do whatever it takes to maintain that state of heedlessness of Alaska. I'm going to play around I'm going to mess around just so I don't come to terms with the reality that this sensation is terrifying. It should be terrifying. But don't run. Don't run and think last panda how to do exactly last putana warns these people, these people of doing that. Think of us puntata for these blessings, be conscious of his presence. And and in this especially in these last 10 nights

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turned back to him to ever run towards him. And make me to I beg Allah spawn tada that we're not among these people. And that we're that we always, always remain in a state of consciousness. I'm sorry if I if I, I pushed anyone but this is terrify me in a way that hopefully will push you and I to beg for mercy and remain among them something I mean, like my last item was pants I bless you. It's important for us, I think to always,

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you know, we have to make sure that we don't lean just in one direction of hope without the direction of fear sometimes, right. And so I think it's important, you know, Eliza would not give us these scenes unless there was some sort of reflection in them for us. And of course, the fear of a loss of parents out only runs us back to him, right. And that's actually the point that in this world, when you have that sensation, when you have those terrifying sights that are given to you, you have an opportunity to turn back to him and to have complete safety in turning back to him. The hereafter when you run away, where are you going to run? And so you know, what, what came to my mind

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as you were speaking?

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How do you feel the profit slice of them

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there is no refuge or shelter from you except to you. I can't escape a lot except by going back to Allah, I can't shelter myself or seek refuge from him, except to him. And so he doesn't give us these ions to paralyze us with fear he gives us these ions to activate us with fear and fear is an important part of our faith.

00:31:42--> 00:31:45

Not Not Not a debilitating fear, but

00:31:46--> 00:31:54

may Allah subhanaw taala help us And forgive us a lot of xojo allow us to have safety on that day. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be

00:31:55--> 00:32:26

awake and mindful in this world. And to be comforted by that mindfulness in the hereafter may last parents either not allow us to, to drown away when he sends us such a reminder to drown ourselves away and to heedlessness his power with your thinking, you know, one thing that you touched on all of these devices provide added means of offline as well as he listens as well. Right? So where you going to run in the past.

00:32:27--> 00:32:42

Now it's much easier to find something to distract you. But at the same time, what we're seeing as well is that all of these devices, if used properly, like everything else in life also can help us connect further with a loss of habitat and that they can keep us reminded and Sharla but

00:32:44--> 00:33:26

I would encourage everyone to take what sister testing shared with us tonight and to to bring it with you to your salon, your pm and in the nighttime if we can all push ourselves to a moment of of weeping to a moment of crying. The prophets I seldom said that there are two eyes that would never be touched by the fire and one of them is an eye that remembered a loss of habitat and privacy and then was filled due to that fear of a loss of parents and it was then filled with with tears so we asked the last panel to honor that our hearts are softened and that our eyes are wet with tears and then our tongues are moist with the decodable lost parents these 10 nights and that we are amongst

00:33:26--> 00:33:44

those alone in the castle and kidding went to heaven for fact one last time you are forgiving and you love to pardon so we asked you to pardon us I just want to give one last word of the law I know you I saw you reflecting as well on the very deep pores that were shared tonight so if you have anything you'd like to share

00:33:45--> 00:34:06

oh no no Mashallah you shared you shared enough amount of that I think that's it's really just being aware self aware. What's going on and just like you mentioned, you know, and how she mentioned these devices can be a means you just have to know how to use that towards a NEMA as opposed to a her Jolene. You know it's a her Jelena inshallah, an argument for it's not an argument against this

00:34:08--> 00:34:11

article article, Zack Milan, is just named for joining us.

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As always, until the title we'll see you all tomorrow night, so that when he come on to LA he workouts him