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We’re all searching for love, but did you ever realize … it’s right there, in front of you!

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Have you ever been in love? Have you ever felt so attached to someone where you had this infatuation that no one else could understand where they were always on your mind, no matter where you were, or what you were doing, you know, not too long ago, there was a time when loved ones would write letters to each other. And many times, it would takes weeks or even months for them to receive it. If their loved one had to travel for work halfway across the country, the only way to communicate back then was through letters. And so they would wake up every morning, with this anticipation of finding a letter from their beloved. And as soon as they saw the mailman, fade her right outside

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with butterflies in their stomach, maybe, just maybe, there would be that special letter in the mail today.

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And when that letter from their beloved finally did come, they would hold on to it so tight, ran inside, run up to their room, and they would so carefully open it. And as their eyes laid focus to just the first few words, my dear beloved Ayesha, their heart would begin to palpitate. And they'd feel like they were flying high above the clouds in this realm of love.

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And after they were done reading that letter, with smiles and happiness radiating from their faces, they'd read it one more time. And then again, just one more time. And then that night before going to sleep, they pull it out of their box full of letters, and they'd read it one more time, falling asleep with it in their grasp.

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Now, I want you to rewind the clock back a little bit further, just over 1400 years ago, as there was a man living in the desert. And that's traditions and practices that we now deem as being so ignorant, backwards and unjust.

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And this man was searching for light. So he went and contemplated in a cave, and an angel came

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and held him and set it up, read.

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And that's when the greatest love story ever known to mankind originated a love between a creation and his creator. A love story that when in the final moments of his life, an angel came and asked him for permission to take so and how did he sallallahu alayhi wasallam respond

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the companionship of the Most High the companionship of the Most High soprano Subhanallah when his beloved wife, our mother had a shadow of the law and her narrated this, she said she knew that the angel had come to take his soul. Because of though the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was amongst his beloved companions in Medina, there was no greater companionship, there was no greater longing in his heart, than to return to the one for which the love resonated in his heart and through his veins, than to return to his beloved Allah.

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But during his life sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what was it that a lot communicated and revealed to him? It was nothing other than the greatest of love letters, the Divine Love Letter, the quote,

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a source of comfort, and a source of guidance and healing and mercy, a source of hope and a source of love. Subhana Allah think about the feelings that one goes through in their life. When we say things like, my sins are too many. Allah subhana wa tada says, latoken atoma Rahmatullah in the liar for the no badger, Neha

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do not lose hope and others mercy for Allah certainly surely forgives all sins.

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And when we say, I feel so alone, Allah soprano with Allah says in the corrib I am near

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and when we say, I have so many needs, I have so many ones I have so many dreams and desires. Allah Subhana Allah says, the dough and the aesthetic lecom call upon me and I will respond to you sapan Allah.

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Is there really any greater gift than this love letter from our Creator to his creation

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hasn't been highlighted at the low end who the Beloved of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The one who the prophet SAW Selim turned to and said to him, Oh Allah, I love him. So love him and love whoever loves him. May Allah subhanaw taala gather us with him and you're allowed your witness that we love him about the law and who hasn't read the law and who said very early those before you viewed the Quran as letters from their Lord, such that they would contemplate it by night and yearn for it by the panela