Wisam Sharieff – Quranic Transformations – Episode 03

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "Gradic Transformation" concept and how it relates to "igradic transformation" and "igradic transformation" concepts. They emphasize the importance of accepting and embracing change, creating experiences to manifest in real life, and learning to worship one God and worship. The speakers also emphasize the need to write down experiences and memorize the concept of "the R's" to bring them into real life. They express their desire to see growth in their worship of one God, expand their scope to helping humans, and see growth in their worship of money.
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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Welcome everyone to core onic transformation I believe our fourth episode, or onic transformation our fourth episode at Emma Southern. This is a probably going to be a recording for you. But going to spend a few minutes with you won't be a long session in a few minutes catching up from our last session. And if you don't mind I'm going to bring the facebookers in right now as well.

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So today is going to be a shorter session

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and I will see you guys in a moment. Done.

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Okay, there we go. I'm gonna show you Connie regime has to be Allahu la de la. Sorry about that friend, la Hito Cal two of our Shin Alvin Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Brothers and sisters much welcome to Koran, revolutions guralnick transformation, great to be with every one of youtubers I think we are all set up we're comfortable where we are. facebookers are just getting comfortable. Yusuf wa Alaykum wa salam, how's it going? Welcome to everyone. I would like to spend a few minutes just on an introduction. Not sure why.

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There we are.

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You're all okay. I'm Delilah, Deanna Banda Mamata no way they can assure a Solomonic walk with the law youtubers Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Who to the Facebook community, may a sense of peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you would love to get a thumbs up on the sound so that we are all on the same path. And we're all getting ready to get started. So face

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my dear friends here

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smilla. If everyone can give me let me know that the sound is solid. I'd love to get started with the simple pick up from last week and let you know I have some great news. And we will be ending this. This broadcast in about five to 10 minutes. So it's going to be a shorter chronic transformation. While they come with Salaam ha

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Hannah and family does knockaloe later dissolve walakum wa salam to you all. Okay, again, this is really important for all of us to understand what Quranic transformation is first. But before we dive into that, I would like to say I was blessed with an amazingly good news today. And that is my nephew Musab miner nephew, my sister's son finished memorizing the entire or on today. Grand revolution students got to watch that live. It was an amazing experience. He actually recited the last page of his lesson in front of us he memorized the whole goal on I don't know if you can understand or try to place yourself for myself for my family what that means. He is like me, he's

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had the same health struggles in the gut that I've had.

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While they go Salaam, Ana and family Thank you so much. Congratulations to him. I'm very, very happy

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chiar and family.

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Baraka lo fi comm Thank you very much. It was great to have all the grand revolution students there. My father was there. My mom was there he finished memorizing the Quran. And guess what the parties just kept going. So greenrevolution students who have joined me, thank you, cutie, I want to reach out to you while a coma Salam. And I want to do a quick catch up and only talk a little bit more about graddic transformation. And then I'd like to conclude and get back to the party. Number one, how many of us were here last time for graddic transformation in the month of September. I was there and I would like to bring a little bit of light on to the topic, I'd like to talk a little bit.

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I'd like to talk a little bit about what happened. We were in the portion of organic transformation, where we started to write our doors while it was Salaam, England. Okay, so you guys were there.

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And it goes without saying that if you weren't part of the Grand transformation concept or even if you were, it was a lot to digest in one shot.

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I mean, thank you very much. Really happy

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All right, thank you so much. Zack locker and RF are really appreciated to see most of complete memorization is a great honor. I'm getting back to last month's topic, the process of accepting and transformation will be that of heat, and that of cold and that of change. So in our last session, I think some of you were there. I broke down very differently, though, like I broke down in a different way that didn't go away the next day. I've been living that moment for quite some time. So am I okay, yes. Have I changed? Have I re analyzed what happened last month?

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No, I think I have the same clear feeling that it's the transition of in your mind to out of your mind. So with that being said, I genuinely want to push forward Granick transformation students.

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Yes, my the person who manages my site, my wife, students, everyone said brother was some you have to take that video down.

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So in this process of transformation, so just a quick update last week, we were doing virtual dough off. And I'm telling you this, if I could try to explain. Last month, I went like I went I felt it was very, very overwhelming. But it happened in with us in front of us. Yes, I felt like I went to the harem. There's that vacuum, that magnetic pull, you get sucked into the toilet. And then there was a sense of going through my ego like looking at my ego from afar. Because I was like, how can you be ego and feel good about what's happening? This is from Allah. So there's so much going on, there was forgiveness there was there was me saying a lot of things. And I just wanted to accept who

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I was. And I think brother Yousef, at one point said, Just let it out. And I didn't feel like To me it didn't sound like I was saying 50 things. To me. It was just yeah, it was just me clearing a pathway. And I'm telling you, it's been transformative. Absolutely. I don't regret any part of it. And I definitely love being out of my mind. And I encourage all of you to accept your light and go for the transformation. So for those of you brand new I'm going to conclude on this. I'm doubling down I'm doubling down on it. Please begin and I have my written doors here with me. Please begin to get yourself a book or wider tablet because sometimes we constrain ourselves. Get yourself a big

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tablet. We are talking full on cocreation here friends I'm not shying away from it anymore. It's on like Donkey Kong. We are going to co create and guess what I did anyone ever do the math? Who are you co creating with

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yeah when you co create when you start to take your draw and mold your life who are you co creating with waalaikumsalam so far there yeah I've guys I've gotten emotional on camera before you cry You make dua stuff like that happens. This was different. And I'm glad that it was different. So the first off I'm going to say co creation is all about it your Lord has created

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boom Sue haven family, go to Grand revolution.com and see if you can sign in for their waalaikumsalam or augment the law.

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visor or fuzzy.

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folio Foley Robbie fugly Robbie's Foley Robbie from Austin Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Maulana Muhammad

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Okay, so if this is why they call Islam and you know if not why they call Islam to you, friends, I want to double down on this now. If you are having to accept it that you are light, if you haven't accepted the responsibility, the power that you have.

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San Antonio Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh but as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah familia, Ravi Alhamdulillah. I'm going to get back to my point now, if we haven't started co creating, writing down our law and specifically informing god, this is how I think life should be, then you are sitting on the sidelines of dwarf friends. You're the old brother pray for me. It's like Okay, cool. I want us to take responsibility on that, in order for us to manifest to co create for us to bring our two R's into real life.

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What do we truly need? We need to answer three questions. That's what we did last time. We need to

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write down the experiences we want to have in the next year. Write down the experiences we want to have in 2018 19 and 20. In the next 1224 and 36 months, write down the experiences you want to have. Do you want to memorize the Quran do what things do you want to have happen to you or for you. It's not the I want to make a million dollars. I want to hit this much in sales. I want to experience buying 10 people's hedges.

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Allahu Akbar Abdulkadir that's amazing Abdulkadir when you start being the source of, of praying for other people, you really take responsibility. It's not that other people will pray for you or they'll call their but I don't go around saying Yo, could you pray for me? I direct people to pray. But write down the experiences you want to have. Can anyone put a few down in the chat box? What are the experiences you want to have? Do you want to be able to read Quran and feel it cellularly do you want to be able to feel elated or write down? Oh I want to wake up in the morning write down a sales goal. manifest it like that. That's a feeling I want to experience choral creation write it down.

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Number two what places in my life Do I want to see growth? Do I want to learn to play an instrument learn scales learn muckety muck maybe? I don't know play the piano whatever your thing is learn Ashoka art I'm sorry for keeps staring at the screen until either a lot more slowly. Allah Muhammad may you experience to O'Meara's and a HUD within one year span a lot of Muslims Allah Mohammed you want it Mohammed sorry friends trying my best to kept keep up with the writing here.

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How you can't it's very frustrating on YouTube. You can't see the

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I can't see the comments when they once they come up. I can't see them again. So

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want to go for Omar Shazia. Great call, great call. I want to feel a lot watching out for me nejad great idea. I'm sorry for coming so close to the screen friends, I can't see the

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a lot of work but Rodriguez gibreel and family May God give you in cash, the money to buy. Not one home maybe a plot of land with small small homes in it. So you can give these battered women not not a room. You can give them their own little like $30,000 two bedroom, two, three bedroom, three bath, there are they make those little things may you be emboldened and powered beyond your capability. I love that. May some Muslim be able to start a * abuse center and I'm sorry if that's hard for you to hear. Where am I supposed to go? If I have these an abuse Center, a drug addiction center? Sorry.

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Oh shazzy I want to become the same inside and out. I love that. That's absolutely beautiful. So friends, what are the places in life that you want to see growth, I want to communicate with my spouse, brother, I want to be able to love I want to love unconditionally. Ah, and I'm going to end here. I want to learn to love unconditionally. I don't. And I know this is gonna be really hard for you to understand, and you may not swallow it. But I've realized I worship multiple gods, whether I like it or not, I do. I would love to see growth in my worship of one God, I worship a God of money. I'm insecure about money. So I tie insecurity to that I don't I don't worship God, I have a little

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God called money, self confidence. There's a lot of what other people think that's a god, definitely a god. And so I'm working through these tiny gods who, unfortunately, I worship and I have to deal with that. I want to see growth in my oneness of God alone Mommy, I might boast Laila Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I believe it. Reality is I worship a plenty God's friends, and I want to spend the rest of my life learning to worship one God, La ilaha illa Allah. Finally, where are the places in your life

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that you want to affect the world? How are you? How are you going to benefit the world?

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In the next 1224 and 36 months

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alone, Mommy, all right friends, these are the things

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suhaib and family my my apologies. This is not a Quran revolution class. This is I host this on behalf of uncle and Uncle can be described if if robina atina. Fit dunia Hashanah is good in this world is Uncle these grand transformation. So not supplements, the other courses we do, then we'll fill up here at the hassanal is grand revolution. But this is not a grand revolution course. I'm going to conclude here friends, virtual though off is what we talked about last time it is more powerful than you understand. May God bless you all tremendously. And may you all have an awesome evening jazak Allahu lado de three components. That is what experiences do what do I want to have in

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the 1224 36 months period? Talk experiences not physical material? And what are the places I want to see growth in my life? And where are the places I want to benefit the world? Please get out of your scope binoculars of helping Muslims Muslims Muslim use if I know you're behind me on this, everyone who realizes we need to open the scope to humanity. And that's what it's been about the whole time. Not Yeah, you hola Vina amanu But yeah, you Hannah's and you knew that. So let's open the scope to helping humanity. And as a result, all Muslims will benefit from it. Love you all. I sent to you positivity resonance. May we connect? May we feel each other and raise the god bar. Let's raise the

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bar on our opinions of God. And let's expand it for God's sakes, we're in an archaic understanding of who God is. We're in the Stone Age. Let's update to the 21st century, up to date new millennial idea, God 2.0. If you want to read a great book, the future of God does aka love languages are a pleasure and honor a privilege to be with you. Those of you who stuck by with me last week and didn't abandon me and didn't say Yo, this is too much the guys couped I appreciate it. And I want to draw a line in the sand from November Ford that we were going if that was crazy for you, honey, we're going a lot more crazy. So we're gonna push the bar a lot further. And we're gonna get to the

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gates of Paradise smiling, going, Yeah, this is where I belong. You deserve the love that I'm sending your way. Sorry for shaking my fingers at you was saddam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Have a great day. Thank you for the abbreviated class I'm headed over to my nephew's completion of Quran. Have a wonderful afternoon thanks friends as salaam wa a Kumar de la

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youtubers thanks again have a great evening afternoon was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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