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Juz’ 16 with Roohi Tahir
Sh. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Abdullah Oduro, joined by special guest Roohi Tahir, explore gems from the 16th Juz’ of the Holy Quran.

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Okay, so now I'm already coming up until about a quarter of last year I'm going to ship it muscle memory from the learning over the anime. I would like that logging in will allow people to gain a lot more study was said I'm about to cut out because

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it was so long, but only he was like me he was so interesting and cathedra handleable and walk me back to court 3030 Chela tide tonight we have a special guests that little he thought it was with us today, who's written some of the beautiful pieces on spirituality and hamdulillah in on tilba on repentance on select call on reliance of the last carrolltown and how to really bring those concepts into our lives. And so I think those concepts are very much so intertwined with the Sooners that we're covering in this particular just so looking forward to hearing your insights with the nighttime, as well as Abdullah Maduro, as usual cha cha,

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gonna inshallah tada elaborate on some of the beautiful app that we have tonight. Show it before we get started, I want to just point everyone to the link in sha Allah, where you want to invite everyone in sha Allah tada to put in their sub cut to automate their charity over the last 10 nights if you click the link you'll see an option to donate one time or to donate over the last 10 nights in shot let's add or to become a recurring donor inshallah tada So, make the Nia from now inshallah go in there, put your sunblock and from now inshallah time didn't die tight, it will destroy you over those nights but nighttime, and we'll have the finished strong webinar telethon that's going to

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be on May 13 and shot let's have it from 3pm to 8pm. Eastern five hours where we're going to be showcasing the entirety of our team getting everyone ready inshallah tada for those last two nights as that night will be the 21st night did the nine times we pray that advisors and accept what has already passed the Ramadan from us. And then Allah subhana wa tada allows to be geared up in the best way possible for what comes. Now, as we get into just 16. And shout lots out. I do want to carry were sort of CAD connects to this, of course, just 16 comes in the middle of certain cab. But if you remember with Dr. Hudson at one, you know he mentioned the beautiful, or the context between

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internationalism, that we are the ones who revealed this reminder, what have you learned and we are the ones that will preserve it. And he talked about the context of imagine the prophets lie some of them and his companions at that time persecuted, and you don't have meet rapid means of communication, and is only preserved, written on a few bones here. And there are some skins here and there, and the memory of those people who are likely to be killed and massacred and the loss of hundreds islands swearing in those moments that he will preserve the sort of the capsule Pamela, which is the very next sutra builds off of that how a lot preserves a group of young men that are

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escaping with their faith. And not just this young, this group of young men that went to escape with their faith and a lot so just protected them from a tyrant of their times, but also gave us into sort of a gift that could protect our fate. At a time when faith will be extremely volatile. That is the time of the job. So the profits lie. So of course mentioned to us that one of the benefits

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is that it is a protection. The first time I answered some narrations, the last 10 is a protection from the judge. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us in those times and at all times along. I mean, we mentioned how

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sort of you know, we mentioned how this sort of connects to the story of most ideas to them. So most that a different layer of Mousavi, his slab is in sort of calf, and then sort of slots with the cap, sort of medium, and then sort of pa hat and you see a different side of the story of most IDs. So I'm how Musashi this Salaam, was learning about the considerable loss of habitat as it was unfolding. And so how about the combination of that journey in sort of medium and then in sort of Baja in particular, which, which gets to the ultimate test of morsani salaam, with all of the generating of that knowledge of that wisdom and understanding the power wisdom of Allah subhana wa

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Tada. And, you know, when he's given that command to go forth, to fit our own, as a last panel to add commands him to do and he's shown, the wonders the miracles of the last time, what's been given to him as we get into sort of Nottingham and I know that sister who he's going to talk about that, so I'm not going to focus too much on that. And Charlottetown though it's a beautiful

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continuation of the idea of miracles, and the way that it works, and it's not just that but it shows you how a lot answers throughout. So in the case of Enron, the father of modern money has

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Have them and his wife ended up in Chicago with the mother of money MIT has set up. They may do ask for something specific, which is they asked the last panel it's out of for a boy that they could dedicate to the temple. And the last kind of voice Allah gave them, Monica a girl. All right. And if you remember, just to just to go Eliza to talk about cofra neerim to belittle the blessing of a young girl. And so here you have sort of mediums and handleless. So just in the previous just last time mentioning those people that would bury their daughters alive out of singing, and now you have a wholesaler named after Medea, who, when she was born, her mother wondered why she wasn't a boy

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that she could dedicate to the temple. So how will Allah answers the drop of a person in a way that they did not anticipate but looks of how Allah Allah gave through the descendants of Avalon and his wife, Nadia, as well as Isa What an amazing lineage to have Mary and Jesus come from your lineage how to love so much it already has to them was an added gift in the case of Zachary is allowed to carry it so I'm calling upon a lot in his old age at a time when no one would expect to have a child and a lot not just get giving him any child but a lot giving him Yeah, already customized with a name with special traits with everything that you could possibly want in the child. And yeah, he is

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even in his old age. So a lot perfecting a drop beyond was a courier couldn't even imagine when he asked his Lord for that blessing. And then you have the story of money. Um, it has silom, who's given a child and she didn't even ask for a child. And I think there's something to be said about how the previous sodass little calf talks about the death of a young child and the pain that that brings to the parents of that young child and Musashi Salaam, having trouble understanding why it will have them took the life of that young child, their lives were just commanded that the life of that young child be taken. So in the previous surah, it could be deemed that it was a curse that the

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young child was was that the baby was was taken. And in this surah Okay, it's that the child being given is looked at as a curse. Okay, so Pamela so Money Money is Salaam sees the child that's being given to her, or sees that she becomes pregnant. Of course, once he saw he saw it, once she was assured by her Lord, it's different at that point. But when she's given the news of a child, why I didn't ask a lot for a child on the previous order. Why would a lot take away the child in this little? Why would Allah give this child right, which shows you that truly the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala, are still beyond our comprehension. And in both of these situations, it was

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better for the one that that was being given that blessing. And so Allah Subhana, Allah gives us the nerima of reciting his Salaam, the bush law, very sighs of Jesus, the son of married peace be upon them both. And you have Eastern Islam and his declaration of towhees his declaration of monotheism, his declaration of the innocence of his mother, and continuing that noble Prophethood may have lost contacts and his peace and blessings upon him Allah I mean, and I know she should have done that we'll be talking about some of those themes as well. Allah subhanaw taala then mentions the methodology of Dawa with a boy he might even set up. So the story of the boy he might use along with

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his dad, and the grace that he showed and how Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with another nation. now realize that just as Ibrahim alayhis salaam is speaking to his father, and he would be rejected, but Allah subhanaw taala would put his list in terms of his Tao, his sustenance in terms of is dealt with elsewhere. Okay, the prophets I send them this is in Mexico and the prophets lie Selim is dealing with slander and this also ties into going to going to Medina and being received by another group of people, a lot talks about Musashi salon nowaday. Now him and john have been taught that we called him from a poor just like the profit slice and then was called to head off, and musante Islam

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is given how grown as a gift, just like the profits license is given the great companions, the Sahaba that would assist him in his mission solahart he was Salaam and then you have the story of this man in it his salon in the hole can Assad declared that he was truthful to his promise with the last man without him and enjoined his family in good which is the initial message of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. To to command good with his family to start with his family. And that's what is married it has been praised for, for what he did with his family. And then you have the story of Denise it is Sarah, who's given the most beautiful never the most beautiful blessing of just being

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raised. Okay, that last pantai says Well, fine now who mccannon earlier and if a lot elevates you, then no one can disgrace you, right? If Allah has given you that place who's going to disgrace you? And then you know, as we go into sort of Baja and inshallah Tada, I'll just share a few thoughts.

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On this and then I'll leave it to shaqab de la and to sister Rohit to talk about this, once again, the story of Mossad ease. And this message is very intimate to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And it focuses more on the journey of musante salaam than the reaction of Fidel. Why is that important? You know, one of the mistakes that you would make if you memorize sort of Baja and sort of the NASDAQ's is that you always mix up the part where Musashi Salaam is now when he saw the fire and he was called, and in, you know, in certain nausea that the emphasis is put on the rejection of film. Here, the emphasis is put on the journey of musante salon. So instead of the nausea, but good luck,

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Atlanta, XActo and da da da pika for Tasha, you know, focusing on how, you know, just speaking to Fidel and then have their own response, here you have the way that most artists name is being raised by his Lord. The Tobia morsani salaam, the the way that a lot prepared will Sati Salaam for that moment. And Subhana Allah, it's so special for so many reasons. Again, the prophet slice of them has seen Mossad, Islam and interacted with him most on the night of a slot without lunch. Most Isom is the prophet who is most similar to the Prophet slice on them. Okay, so there's similarities there. But I want you to just pay attention to this and shall have time to think about it, right? That

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we're seeing Musashi his Salaam, learning how to deal with the pressures, learning how to deal with the situations that he cannot understand, to trust the loss of Hannah Montana with a loss decree in regards to other people as they don't pertain to him. But at the same time, understanding that a loss decree is always wise and always bless it and always in the favor of the believer. And now morsani is Salaam here, that Allah subhanaw taala is showing him his wisdom and his decree, in his own personal journey. Right when he was talking to him. He was learning about the decree of allies, which as it pertains to other people here the personal journey of Mossad is so damn, understanding

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that, that decree of Allah subhana wa Tada. And understanding that Allah would not forsake Him. And one of the things that we have here and sort of law is that most Isla was never forgotten by a lot, even when he was forsaken by the people, most isolved was never forgotten by a loss of habitat. And he was always be our uni now he was always in the sight of a loss and parents are always in the care of a loss of habitat. And that true that too is true for the profit slice on them, never forgotten by lost parents. I never, it never out of sight in regards to his Lord. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to also have that, that connection with Allah Subhana inside where we understand,

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and we find that Tobia, that mentorship and that and being raised and understanding the decree of Allah. I mean, please, with the decree of Allah parents are doing well with it along I mean, father should have them

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah what he was talking about, as he mentioned, dissolve here the chapter of Miriam and that is Mary earlier, we spoke

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about in the chapter of sort of matita the last chapter, the table spread the last page when I spoke about the dialogue between Allah and Isa and it was really an ISA answering the questions that a lot asked him not, not out of lack of knowledge, but to teach you and me So here it's going into the story of many of them hence the chapters name medium honor in honor of Mary the mother of Jesus on a Mr.

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Cipolla, the story is so beautiful and I just had to confine to a couple of is even though there are many more is all kind of started the first third and ended the last

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before the last third

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or fourth actually start the second fourth and the second to last fourth inshallah. So here are lots of pantallas talking about the story of money. He says what could feel icky Tabby, Marian, and mentioned in the book of many of these stories of medium.

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When she took she she went far away in a person of the East and she went too far away from the people and some mentioned because she wasn't what time but she used to worship Allah Mahabharata, as Chikara alluded to, that she was someone that was always in a state of worship and seclusion and worshiping Allah the Exalted, but what I want to skip to because it's verses where it talks about, you know, Allah sent the angel in the form of a managed set in neon with a bit of money in quantity theory that really I seek refuge from the wrong man, the Merciful if you are someone that is mindful and fearful. She didn't know it was an angel. Then the angel congratulated her and said, Look, I'm

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an angel, and I came to bless you to to give you glad tidings of of a child. And she was perplexed by that. And then the last one, Allah mentions Allah that he call it oh buki who I lay your hand he said and that is the case that is as as it will be. And it is Hey, and it is nothing different.

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For me, within China who is really nasty to me now what can I do and we will make him a sign for mankind and a mercy from from us and it was something it's an order that has been decreed, then a loss of kind of without it goes on to the story and what I love about this in the verses of 22 to roughly 30 is what I will be covering a lot of paints a picture for you Subhanallah so descriptive. He says for homiletical fenter but that's behind the can cause mecanim Cassia that she conceived him now he just is it's a different scene. Now you see one scene then it goes to the next scene, right? How am I that's who she carried him to conceive them now she's pregnant. fun too, but that's the

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mechanical see and then she would drew to a fireplace. Okay, so now you picture Miriam she's pregnant with Lisa at a salon she doesn't know at the moment. Then Allah subhanaw taala gets more descriptive for agenda has mahalo alleges that in

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the Arabic usage here is so deep because the morphologic makeup for agenda. Jani Jalla has a G lm mechanic morning and he made her go to the to the to the to the trunk of a palm tree. So basically what it translates to being is the pains of childbirth pushed her to the tree. In other words, if you can picture she's holding herself and then she grabs a palm tree. And then what does she say a lot tells you what she says, Bob, let's yell at me to cover the head that will come to an SEM and SEO.

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And then she says, oh, would that I have died before this and had become a not something that is forgotten. You know, something that is forgotten and insignificant. Why? Because Miriam is pregnant. How is she going to explain this to the people she doesn't have a husband? It's no she doesn't have a husband. She's single. How is she going to explain this? That she is pregnant? This is made her feel you know, I I just right now the pains of childbirth. I'm holding on to this tree. She's enough. She's distraught at the moment. Fernanda hem intact. He had a letter as an Ico the jell o buki tactic. He said he, then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned here for that that hadn't been tapped

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yet. And someone called her and it was he says some scholars say jabril but the closest opinion is that it's a sin Sharla someone called her from from from from below, and total letter has any Do not be sad. Allah subhanho wa Taala has a last month Allah has a blade made for you a stream tactica city a stream of water, then a loss of one Dallas's will whose De La Cucina inocula. So now picture, she's distraught, she's scared, she's, you know, she's pregnant. And a lot tells her or the voice from below or tells you shake the tree. This is so important for us. A pregnant woman in pain, distraught, scared, doesn't know she doesn't even want to be remembered. She said I just want to be

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insignificant, totally forgotten for my people I want to leave

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then Allah tells us shake the tree this shows us look, you still have to make the effort you trust in Allah. But you take the means and then allows us to serve Allah Kitab engineer shake the tree and from that it will drop upon you right fresh data. So you work and it's a conditional sentence. Shake your receive shake will fall upon you these ripened dates. Well, could you also be able to Katarina and eat and drink plentiful, plentiful Lee? For in if you said eat and drink plentifully. And if you were to see anyone from mankind and say that barely I made an oath to the right man,

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for them to kalama Leona and sia in Nina de Lille, Rahmani sama and that really I made an oath to a lot so men and some here means to make him sack or to withhold myself from speaking because during their time as a suit dimensions that it was it was from it was from speaking to people, and also, you know, not to speak and that's what medium it has to them, did it from eat from abstaining from eating and talking? And it's interesting, even kefir he mentioned is upon that he says, But actually, we abstain from eating and vile speech we can speak but vile speech so in Ramadan, you know the promise of a lie, there was something said, when you wake up in the morning, if any wants

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to say any vile speech to you do not do not respond with that which is which is more evil or any language out of ignorance. And if anyone slanders or quarrels you then you should say in Nissan in Nissan, barely I am fasting. So then the last panel which I'm mentioning this with many MLA hasulam for to be attached between Omaha tamina, kalu, Yala, Yama, Yama, college, etc and ferry and then they said, when she brought Merriam Now many of them concedes he signed a Sunnah and she's coming back to her people. And then they said, Oh, many of you have come with something that is unprecedented. Matt Can I book yet how to how to an Americana boot camp. So in what mechanics

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hear all the system Aaron the system how to your father was not someone that was a man of evil, nor was your mother unchaste. So they're already there understand, like, How did this happen? You did not come from a bad family. Now the system how don't is not how to own the brother of Musa alayhis salaam which is mentioned, because a companion came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam because one of the Christians they asked him at that time, you know, you recite this in your book, and we know that the time between Moses and Isa was, you know, a long period of time. So then he asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he said, it was the manner of the people to name their children after

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righteous people from before them. So they set off to heroin. It's not heroin, but it was the name of a righteous individual at that time that they would say, to heroin, the sister of heroin is a system of heroin. So in any case here, at this time, she's holding Isa la Salaam and this is what they say, for a shout out to LA because she couldn't speak. A shout out today. Oh, okay. For locality woman Canfield, Maggie sabia, they said, How can we speak to anyone that is in their cradle, or that is in their, you know, their little cradle as a child. So begin? As the panel on the next verse, Allah flips the dollar, he flips it. All in me, Abdullah a lot. This is this verse is so

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profound, because you see, it gets, as you can see the description. The beings of birth, brought her to a tree, you can picture someone grabbing the tree not wanting to be there, because what am I going to say to my people, she ends up going through our people. And then she says she fulfills the Oh, she doesn't say anything. She doesn't try to acquit herself. She obeys a lot. And she just points to Isa. And what's interesting, she pointed to him and that's a proof that scholars say that Isa was the one that was calling her and speaking to her. So she points them and then he says, in me, Abdullah, I am a slave of Allah. The first thing that comes out of his mouth is a statement of

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servitude. The first thing is that I am Abdullah. I am a slave and servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala atatiana keytab up with Gianni nivia. He has given me a book and he has made me a prophet. And then he goes on to mention his qualities, not to belabor the time, but what's beautiful about these is, is the experience of medium the trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to know that risk provision comes with righteousness, well, yours will come in hate let's act as if any provides for you from manners in places that you would never even anticipate and that ultimately is a manifestation of the name or Razzaq, the manifestation of the ultimate provider. So just remember

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this beautiful study of many of them, and allow that to encourage you to be one that, you know, thanks allow us to kind of without I think this beautiful story is that nothing

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is normally come everyone pleasure to be here.

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us to live our dream. So just, I'm still reflecting on what I just heard from, from both orange Ile de la. My choice here was to really focus in on the opening passage of mine, I think we all love this so much. And speaking to what Jeff just said about the means unless Allah gave her the means, and upon a lot da which is supplication prayer to Allah subhanaw taala asking from Allah, indeed, is probably the first place to start when it comes to the means is part of the meats. And so I just wanted to be able to share a few gems from these first verses, the first nine verses of Smith, Miam, and Sharla. And try to tie this all together that between that trust, and, and then ultimately,

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where and we just saw sort of this beautiful description of the story of money and all of that is connected and central to that is really the miraculously

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has given us. So to dive right into this, just as I was looking at this euro as a whole before we get into these verses, de la in and of itself is is what is at we're asking Allah, Allah to provide. And when I looked at this suit as a whole, what we see is that this entire suit, right, so beautiful to think of it was given as a provision at a very critical time, the premise I sold them and the early companions who were, you know, obviously in the heat of persecution at a very, very difficult time in, in their history and it basically tried to survive. This became these verses became a catalyst, the Muslims as refugees took this to the senior and so upon love the king becomes a Muslim

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and the rest is history. So we see the beautiful provision that this entire suit is provided for them and obviously it's timeless so for all of us as well a shot in love with so many gems.

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The law itself is is a sign of

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Divine Mercy. And another important gem that we can extract from this sutra is it is surrounded in mercy. In fact, it is often referred to as my own mercy, unless point that has mercy is emphasized continuously and numerous times throughout the sutra and this opening passage. In fact, I'll start with item number two, unless it says,

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Jim Vick, rough material, he begins with the mention of the mercy of your board, to his servants. And, of course, this, these opening verses, I would encourage everyone to read them won't be able to go into, you know, every little detail here. But it's the narrative, it's the story of zaccaria, making diastereomer already said, for a child, and this is a very elderly couple that by all, you know, conventional wisdom would not be able to have a child at the stage of their life. And I just want to extract in the way that he

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he's inspired, we go back to Enron, where the where the story is mentioned, is 35 onward. You know, he's inspired by whom, by by his niece, who's in his care, money on the young girl, in her private, you know, prayer quarters he sort of just seeing how she's continuously being provided by Allah, Allah again, provision. And what does she say? She says, Allah provides for whom He wills without account when he asked that this is an inspiration for him. So this guy comes right, right after that. And so I'm looking at these verses that Korea is calling out to Allah subhanaw taala in private. I in number three, is an admirer of bahuvida, unhealthier this coffee and the sort of

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privacy this being able to speak to Allah Subhana Allah, in a whisper, no one else has to know. We can, you know, look at this and understand that seclusion at times, and this is a recurring theme through the sutra. seclusion is necessary at times for us to be able to truly reflect and connect to Allah subhanaw taala void of all the distractions around us. And what a beautiful time right now and Ramadan to take advantage of that, and particularly where Here we are in circumstances beyond our control with this forced quarantine. This is a time to really take advantage of this, but he's teaching us through this guy and the way that he approaches Alaska, the way Maryam does, as we've

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already discussed in in IAS 17 in the surah again, and she took in seclusion from them a screen musala salon is called to the Sacred Valley in 52 by a lust for that again, compensation and privacy. So it gives us a sense that this is something that's crucial for us to really make that connection. He's unburdening himself to unless Marbella, confiding the way in which he describes his situation, the way that we would confide with the one that we we love the most, that we trust, the most that we know will understand and not tired of hearing from us. You know how it is for me. I mean, this is what he's saying. He's saying, My Lord, indeed, my bones have weakened, and my head is

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filled with white.

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This is giving us a way to develop a relationship with almost Allah, sometimes we think of worship as its ritual is prayer. But actually, the most heartfelt laws from your heart are what reaches a less kind of father in a way that, you know, you don't know that that perhaps has more impact than something that we might utter that we were thoughtlessly uttering, or that we didn't have the focus at the time. So really connecting with Allah. He's asking for a miracle. And we've been seeing now since last night that this is a string of miraculous events in the sutras that are unfolding, as Omar has pointed out.

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This really, I think, for all of us, is a point to think about that, you know, how much do we limit our the US? What is he asking for? He's asking for a child at this stage of life, but it's a more noble and lofty blog than just that. He's looking for someone to take over after him. He's a prophet. And there's a mission here at stake. You know, it gives us a sense that be sincere and in our doors, asked from Allah, Allah, for dunya, but for the world, but also for the hereafter. Take it to the next level, understand and think beyond yourself. But don't be afraid to ask. And what we really need to remind ourselves of is that it is us that is, that has limits, we are the ones that

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are limited, unless Python is limitless. And we forget that many times. So don't limit your ability to your own capacity and perception of reality. Because every lie is promised to the answer by Allah, Allah. He, at least that and maybe so so much better. As we're seeing unfold in these beautiful stories.

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The one thing it really touches me a lot in it. Number four is

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He says, When I'm alone, a good be too eager rubbish appear that he says, I'm so confident that his dog will be answered. He says that, you know, unless Allah has, you know, Never have I been in my supplication to you, my lord unhappy.

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And this is something that we again need to think about for a moment is that how much confidence do we have in our dogs, the park systems told us pray when you pray, pray with certainty. This is a repeated theme. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam as his parting ways from his father later in this sutra, and 47 and 48 verses, he says, He says, you know,

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he's having to leave, his father has threatened him. And he says, I'm going to continue to pray to Allah subhanaw taala. And the words he uses is, he's always gracious to me, almost always gracious, he's taken care of me, I will pray to my Lord, and trust that my prayer will not be in vain. It's teaching us how we find certainty when we're in situations of uncertainty. And I thought this was particularly relatable to all of us right now. But in general through life, that whenever we're faced with situations that are beyond our comprehension, anchor yourself in that certainty, which is unless really no one and nothing else is certain, but Allah, Allah is the one who is certain. So

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anchor yourself in that yucky. And that was sent deliberately, by the way.

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So Allah answered his block right away, as we've been seeing all of these glass panels being answered, this is again, a recurring theme here answered in ways that are miraculous in ways that are way beyond comprehension. And when somebody is so overwhelmed with the response, he's told about it, you know, this is it's just like that, and it's easy for him. And so again, we don't have to understand the hows and whys, we just have to do the asking and recognize that people love wisdom and power in front of us that that should be the driving factor for us to continue to keep on going back to him going back to him. And of course, all of the dialogues that we've been, that have come

00:32:04--> 00:32:19

so far have all been answered. And each of these profits is given far more in blessings and reward than one could imagine. As I wrap up here, do I have a minute shift over to wrap up, I have a full time person. Okay.

00:32:20--> 00:33:03

So um, you know, this, we've been talking about it, but Homer has mentioned this common thread of masala Salam in each of these Sutras, starting with this last last night. And so I noticed that same thread as I was looking at, at these sutras that appear in his just side by side, and I noticed that we could really connect, you know, his the portions of his story that are in each of these two, this central theme of connecting to unlock the light and the power of dark. Because, again, if we go back to kaha, for a moment, where he is being shown things beyond his comprehension, the lessons in the infinite wisdom of Allah, Allah and the other as doctors and I was talking about last night, you

00:33:03--> 00:33:46

know, the father of a lot here being shown to him, the things that, you know, relate this to our own lives, or moments that we're going to face situations that sometimes we don't understand, this is a training ground, we can take that. And then he's briefly mentioned in sort of medium, of course, in a couple of is 51, through 53, where Allah, Allah calls into the Sacred Valley, and will have that beautiful conversation, which is really elaborated in the, in the next surah, inserted in verses 11 through 48. And that is a beautiful passage for everyone to make some time to read. Because we see all of what we've just talked about the essence of how to really put your trust in the last partner

00:33:46--> 00:34:12

to ask from him. That beautiful epic daughter, Bishop, the southern, that's where it's from, and how Allah provides for him. And then to put it into action, taking those means that he's given. So yes, he's gifted with his brother, which is what he asked for, but he's also given the other miracles, the staff and, and he's had, and then he sent off his mission, and at the center of all that is going to be the remembrance and prayer. The room was

00:34:13--> 00:34:55

front and center through the whole process. And so for ourselves, as we, you know, I always say, find yourself in these verses, and they're relatable, even though yes, these are stories of profits in the historic accounts. They're relatable because these are human experiences and emotions at play. And we can find hope and purpose just as the Prophet says on them and the early companions did at that time when they were confronting the harshest of circumstances. So for us, we were in a situation right now with this uncertainty around us. Many people are facing challenges last Ramadan, we could not have predicted that we will be sitting in quarantine. This Ramadan. So yes, things

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

happen beyond our comprehension, beyond our logic and memory.

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

Calls do also happen. And just you know, we may not be able to perceive them, but they're going on all around us. And so some kind of law if we just turn to Allah, Allah here with that kind of conviction and stay firm and look to his infinite wisdom and blessings, then inshallah da is a tremendous and very powerful tool for us

00:35:21--> 00:35:58

to pull off a lot less here. And I think one thing that you mentioned very important to Pamela. Zachary is not only as the last panel to answer some of the some of the scars actually mentioned, Zachary is not only as the love for a child when he feared the loss of prophethood, he didn't see a successor. Right? It needs to know I do have to know it. In some karate, I see that I don't have an inheritor profitted, that's when he asked a lot. And most Iceland only asked the last penance. I love the strategy. Somebody was telling me the terminus only ethical code, he only asked the last contract to grant him a flow in his speech when he was tasked with the mission of speaking to the

00:35:58--> 00:36:34

dome. And so somehow love their blessing is only a blessing when it's used for a lot. And these people would never just ask for a blessing for the sake of pleasure. But they would ask for a blessing so that it could be a means of bringing them closer to a loss of pleasure, which is the ultimate blessing. And he also mentioned so Maria was somehow a means of a miracle for the profits lies on them, which is that Jacqueline will be 11 who recited it to us common Abyssinia and that was the reason for changing the heart of a man who had taken the first group of people fleeing with their mom and Abyssinia. So somehow it was a miracle to the profits high salon and his community as

00:36:34--> 00:36:44

well and gave important support at those times. Does that qualify him for the beautiful reflections Abdullah said Rohit and inshallah Tada. We'll see you all tomorrow night was an hour away.