Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 17 with Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Omar Suleiman
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato everyone welcome back to on 3430 hamdulillah but I mean look who's here of the Imam are here Masha Allah, one of the the one and only for real like really the one and only honestly a wedding or something because like that background those candles and plants look like you got some some mcac gifts and you stole my best clearly that's my vest you're wearing that you got my best. He took my best. Yes.

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I appreciate you guys inviting me on a small molecule club Ricardo, but really I have a real problem with you guys. huge problem. All right, I'm the first one in 17 days the turban on or on? 3430 What's wrong with you guys? And guess what? I'm the second AC seven you couldn't find another Dc in the entire North in the world worldwide. That's messed up. Have you have

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you got me facepalming and I don't know if you're right or not. We got to go back and no, no, I do my homework.

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Look look is a representation. Yeah, so I am the first one with the turban unless you classify spires, 10 foot dopey as an urban.

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You did not just take a shot at shift plotters. Charlie Mac is gonna come spend you on a court in Michigan, in Detroit.

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Appreciate you guys bringing me on. But I appreciate

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all of us. We always love to have you off the song always, always always knows. And everyone loves to see you at home the non raw mean as part of our programming. And, you know, the challenge is how much or how much overdue Are you going to speak how much overdue poetry is going to come up in this episode to make up for clearly our lack of the DC presidents thus far. So let you know what if you if you push them, they'll just probably speak or do for 10 minutes.

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All right, and shall and shall not kidding, maybe if you can go review all your overdue notes in English. And you know, I'm sure you can have your one overdue poem, you know, you got to throw your bat in there.

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Naturally, I'll do it.

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The best way, always good to have you off the 730 700 a lot of but I mean, we're going to go ahead and get started in Charlotte's IRA, we are on just 17 what is on hand, similar to MBR. It's within hedge. And this juice is now a departure from some of the previous suitors that we have had in that we now are not just in mucking around. But we are truly in a mix of makin and Madani versus However, what makes this just very unique in that sense is that the the end of Makkah and the beginning of Medina is covered. So this just actually parallels the history of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in that you have themes right before the hedra and then right after the hits. So, you know, thinking

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about the Sierra context, imagine not just the mindset of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, but all of the companions of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that are embarking on this new journey from Mecca to Medina. And I will also mention, of course, that just a reminder of the beautiful Hadith from my beloved Mr. Little the longtan I know the beautiful narration where he said that sort of Benny saw he calf Morrigan pa MBR are amongst my first earnings and my precious old property. And this is of course, the last of those sewers when you talk about sorted ambia. So certain ambia was revealed in Mecca. And like all the other sources that were revealed in Mecca, we

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find this emphasis on tohave we find this emphasis on monotheism emphasis on the message of the Prophet, slice alum and the authority of the messenger. But you also see of course 16 profits covered in certain MBA there's a reason why it's called the sutra of the profits because you have 16 stories of profits and each one of those stories is emphasizing the end of those profits dalla so obviously the switch is very clear to the people of Mecca, that this is their end and this is the end of the Prophet place I'm with them until Allah subhana wa tada opens up a way for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam to return back to Mecca. Now, that sort of Gambia and then you get into

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certain Hajj and the portions that I want to cover and Charlottetown are actually in sort of hedge. First and foremost, a connection to that time period of the hyjal verse 11, and circle hedge is wamena nasci maniago De La Hoya on our health. There are people that worship Allah subhana wa tada on an edge. They literally, you know, the imagery that's being given to us is that their worship of Allah subhanaw taala is like they're at the edge of a cliff. If things are good

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When they become Muslim when they embrace the religion, then they stay on top and if things are bad, they take a dive off of the cliff. So their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is conditional. And it is based on how good or bad their worldly circumstances are, and how they're interpreting their worldly circumstances of course, because good and bad is always relative to what we can perceive in the first place. But this verse was revealed according to an imbecile the law tada

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he says, will mean nothing whenever the law he said he said cannot allegedly yuck Donald Medina. He said that a person used to come from Medina in one other Tamara to hula men were naughty jet Halo Whoa, Carla how the dienen sign he said that a person would come to Medina and they would become Muslim and then when they went home if their spouses gave birth to a young boy or if they're their animals started to produce offspring so if they themselves had offspring given to them

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and if their animals started to produce offspring as well which means wealth for them of course when you're a farmer, and your property is dependent upon how many animals healthy animals are coming up in your in your property in your farm. So he said that if that happened to a person where their their wife would give birth and they will start to have more cattle more more offspring from their animals, then they would say thought of how the dino slot they would say what a good religion This is, right I when I embraced Islam, and then all of these great things started to happen to me. What in lump tell him right to who and if his wife did not give birth, or if their animals did not

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produce offspring gotta have a dino Sue? The person the same person would say that this is a bad religion. This religion is bad. And of course, this is also what we hear in sort of budget. Well, I'm in Santo either Remember to family and suddenly their mother teresa horrible cramo. Now I'm not fair call Robbie acraman What am I either Mother Teresa hufa pada rally heroes who? fail cool, Robbie Hannon, Allah talks about a person who Allah subhanaw taala gives them of this world and gives them status, so wealth and status and then they say, My Lord has honored me. And then if Allah subhanaw taala, withhold some of it if Allah subhana wa restricts their sustenance in any way,

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cannot be a hand and then that person then says that my lord has humiliated me. Now why is this so important here, because this is not just talking about, you know, the idea that people were reading some sort of prosperity doctrine into Islam, which is not present in Islam, which is the opposite of Stan. But the fact that the unsoldered took in the prophets of Allah Hardy was still him knowing that as they took in the Prophet slice on them, this was going to jeopardize their already unstable situation, right, it was going to make things even more difficult for them, anything good that they had going for them in terms of their wealth, their property, was not going to be at risk, because

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they took in the profit slice. And then any alliance that they had from the outside with a more powerful entity that was going to be jeopardized their alliance with the Meccans, that was going to go out the window. And in fact, they now would have to worry about whether or not the people of Mecca would fight them, which we know of course, they indeed, would fight against them. And so despite all of that they took in the profit slice and for what reason agenda, the profit slice and made no guarantees to them, he did not tell them, that if you take me in your city is going to have prosperity, that all sorts of things are going to happen that Medina is going to become a city for

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the ages, none of that right that the fruit was going to be blessed that the pastures were going to be blessed. None of that was there. Instead, they asked the Prophet slicin What are we getting as a result of all of this and the prophets of Allah how it was set, um, set agenda, the only guarantee that you are being given is paradise and they said Robbie hadn't Beyer than it is a profitable transaction. So these are the opposite of the unsought and this is right after the hits that these ayaats were revealed. Also in our bustle, the longtown and Hamas says a very important Sierra incident takes place here with verse 39 of the surah. And even our vassal the Atlanta animal says

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lumma awkwardly Jenna bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Mecca. Karla will back off Radu nebia home in Nadella he were in a garage here on layer helicon. He said that

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as soon as the profit slice of them was expelled out of Mecca when the profit slice on was actually forced out of Mecca, I will back it will be a lot of time and we're realizing now really not now of course it will Beckett as someone who when the plan is revealed that will go a long time who takes it very seriously those to his heart. I will back it all the alojado realizing what had happened, what the consequences of that were after, they just had all

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All these sutras and stories revealed to them about previous prophets. He told the Prophet sallallahu it was Southern in LA when I live on your own, to allow we belong and to allow we return. They have expelled their profits. Surely they are doomed, they're going to be destroyed. Then even our boss will be a lot of times my son's furnace, the furnace, or the gnarly ladina you're caught. You're caught aluna the unknown bully move we're in Allah Allah Nasri him, luckily, that they have been permitted. The believers have been permitted to fight against the disbelievers because they have been wronged and surely Allah subhanho wa Taala is fully capable of giving the believers

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victory. What's so important here is I've been I bustled a lot of time has said as soon as that IO came down, I knew that there was going to be a no Jose or Cornel kitaen. I knew that there was going to be fighting, but it's very interesting. So how to love that. And he says, By the way, that this is also the first verse revealed after Mecca. The first verse revealed after Mecca upon the Muslims, it's very interesting that the first permission to fight that is given to the Muslims is because Allah subhana wa spells it out because they have been wrong. They have been oppressed. And now Allah subhanaw taala has given them the permission to fight back. And of course when it comes around

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quotevalet completado corban lecan you have been prescribed or fighting has been prescribed for you Even though you hate to fight you were not a people that were looking for battle or looking for war. But this was the first verse revealed to Pamela after Mecca and look at apobec in his insight, he worried about his people despite everything he said Subhan Allah in Allah no doubt on your own, surely these people are going to be destroyed. Lastly, what I'll say here is certain Hajj, Ibrahima Islam is the focus of both of these sutras. But the fact that certain hedge in particular refers to Ibrahim it has said I'm being told to call out to the to the world yet to curry Giada and people

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will come to you from all over the world on the backs of all sorts of animals from Every valley of the earth, they are going to come to you and respond to your call. So Subhan Allah the the the hardship, you know, we say in the matter so you slow with hardship comes ease, no sooner has the hardship and legislative except that the ease is already on its way. The profits the license, I'm being given the bush throb at the time the glad tidings at the time of being expelled from Mecca. That one day you will come back to Mecca on every type of animal from all over the world. To fulfill the promise to fulfill the call of Ibrahim it says I'm so that glad tiding that ease was legislated

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along with the hardship, knowing that this hids are not that this period of persecution and being refugees is a temporary period between lightoller and hamdulillah. We saw that promise fulfilled. So with that inshallah, Tada. Mufti, man if you have any reflections on any of that in sha Allah to Allah in English, please inshallah any reflections that you have on the night either want to share

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this a beautiful point you mentioned where the problem never promised the unsought of Medina anything there was no it was unconditional love and attachment. It was not that you will get this or that, you know, we sometimes we have this problem with our own children. Everything is price based, you know, gift based, it's not like we just win their heart in the doing it for the sake of Allah for the sake of our love. And so the same concept was mentioned in Surah houde Well, in a doctoral in Santa Monica Ramadan manzana Herman innoculate Awesome. Cool. Well, no, no, no, I'm about Lord Rama. Certainly. According to Annie Nola 41 for her right when if we give if we make insan taste our

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mercy you know some sometimes the prosperity they were living in good time good life and then some athamas and I mean, and then we * it from them all of a sudden now they're not they're disobeying Allah now they're hopeless. And then if we of course like how you mentioned right now prosperity it comes right after his legislator at the same time as adversity and our prosperity comes they just lay up with another hemisphere To me it's because of my own you know, strategy, my own ideas what I what I had in mind that the bad has left me in Nola, very unfulfilled. The Anatomy of a human being is that he is so boastful and he's so arrogant that he forgets that all of this

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comes from Allah, and it does it everything is legislated for a certain time. So I I love the, the the concept of when unsoldered took were honored with the presence of the profs alum, they were not guaranteed anything at the end of the person's life, you know, after after her name when the person sat with them and spoke to them. There the person said to them, Do you want anything and they respond to your rasulillah we made conditions and you made also some conditions and the person said, what were the conditions that I made for you use it and then respond to so you're also locked up we made the condition that if we support you and we're with you the whole time that you will get us

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gender from Allah subhanaw taala and we don't want anything but that nothing

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Even after they were given all the prosperity, they still wanted the same promises the prophet SAW earlier, which was gender, nothing else. And that's what's so beautiful about the answer.

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So how beautiful reflections, I can look here. So it's like the unsoldered did not change through any of it, their focus was gender in the hereafter in the presence of the prophets lysozyme in this life, like he comes back with us and then Jeanette in the Hereafter, whereas these people, the opposite side of that they attribute their hardship to Allah, they attribute their blessing to themselves. So even when the hardship is gone, they still don't come back around and say that, you know, we were wrong. It's no it was, that's because of what we did. So Pamela, Pamela, so so truly, you're seeing the opposite personalities, the opposite of the unsalted being given here. And that is

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a means of honoring the unsought of the Prophet signs on his father's life, Abdullah, no, I'm surprised like, that's a very important characteristic for us as human beings. And this last lesson, I learned was, that my God, that's a very important characteristic that we have to remember as human beings. That's the kind of love you know, within the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about ourselves. There are numerous verses and the reality of our existence. And Pinilla when you're just talking about that with 11 sobre, La Jolla home. You think about the people have more so when they have something, you know, some let's call it play it up. I'll play it always, you know, considering

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that omens when they still win a slog with their to be afflicted with anything that was bad, you'll play it'll be Mussa women, Ma, you know, the, if anything bad was to happen to them, they will say, Oh, this is because of the religious individual, the religious person, the Prophet and his prophet and what he's bringing, that's why these bad things are coming to us upon Allah when you attributed to that which is should be totally opposite. That is where it's a travesty. But Subhanallah when you were talking about Ibrahim and the trials and tribulations, and how Allah subhanho wa Taala will always have UNASUR and assist those that follow his path and that stick that stay with him and stay

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with the shifty eyes and realize who Allah subhanaw taala is and that is the driving force behind enduring any of these things which Allah has predestined that is what was mentioned when you mentioned when Allah subhanaw taala commanded Abraham on a Salaam to call the people to hide directly in chapter number chapter of Hajj verse number 27, roughly 27 to 37 Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us snippets of the ceremonial practices of hedge hence the chapter the name of the chapter is hedge. Allah Allah give us the very beginning when he told Ibrahim as check him I mentioned well as in finance Bill hedgy yet to curry Jana. If you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala is creating a

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vision. And it's like he's giving him a hematoma it like a goal and aspiration, when a loss of kind of what that is telling Abraham this, you imagine he's in a barren land, you call out to the people yet to get a job, I guarantee you they will come walking. Well I could be vomiting it to them in qualified genomic and they will come upon every writing an animal or camel a vehicle from Every valley, why the Isha do manaphy alone and to witness what is beneficial for them and what is going to be to their benefit. And Allah subhanaw taala goes in depth and then he mentioned the ceremonial practices. And he goes on to the practices within hedge. But what I want to capitalize on is the

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last verse, which would be considered the veil or the end of this particular snippet of speaking about hedge or loss depending on what data he mentions, you know, right before it talking about the animals that one should should sacrifice and how they should even be done. Yeah, so if some scholars say so worth meaning that they are lined up in the software to software Hoon, like they're in a sock. And some scholars mentioned that one leg should be tied and that they should be on three to where when you perform the action of sacrificing that they will fall, but either on their genome on their on their sides, and remembering the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But then he mentions

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after that, because when we think about it, I mentioned this numerous times, because this was an experience that I had personally, and maybe others have experienced it in regards to sacrificing an animal for God. That was something that was very peculiar to me, I cannot understand. Why is the manifestation of my love for God has to be for sacrificing an animal. It was very hard for me to understand that. But then when I read the following verse, that's when I put things in proper perspective and I took a step back and I said, Subhanallah I have an idea of what Allah subhana wa tada is doing an idea where loss of power with dialysis llegan Allah Allah lahoma well as the man

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who had what I cannot talk, why minco

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking here when he says some kind of law that the blood nor the flesh will reach Allah.

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But it is the tuck one that reaches Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's the taqwa. And we as we mentioned before, the word taqwa is very comprehensive. But as is mentioned,

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The scholars mentioned that it comes from the word require which is a shield which are the actions of good doing the actions that Allah has legislated and staying away from that which we have, he has prohibited. That is an action of tequila when you do that it forms as a shield against any bad deeds or any even Subhanallah internally and externally. So in looking at this, if Allah Allah subhana wa Taala is reminding you that look, so are all of these things that you're seeing the ceremonial practices, remember all of this is just a means to get to something. All of this is what I have programmed and what I have said, this is the blueprint for you to follow. In order to exemplify your

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mindfulness of need, in order to exemplify your fear your trust, Your Honor, exemplify all aspects of worship within these couple of days being hedged in the hedges. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is reminding us as he reminded Ibrahim to have that Hamilton audience to have that you know that in the future, there will be people that will be doing this, but for the people that are doing it from you and I to remember that this is just a means and not to rely on the actual tangible items and things that Allah puts in front of us. And when I say tangible items, I mean anything other than Allah subhanho wa Taala that is created. When we see things that are created, the outlook that Muslims

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should look at it is that this can be a means for me to get to exemplify my Tableau velocity panel with data to show my trust and to show my love and honoring him. When you're good to your neighbor. This is a means for you to show your trust and love in a lawsuit kind of with data being that he's blessed you with health and well and being that you're following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam by being good to your neighbor is a promise a lie there was someone mentioned it, but right after that Allah subhanaw taala mentions

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gadelha sakana halochem capitola I dyed my hair but she didn't worsening. So in that fashion last month, Allah Sahaja he subject subjugated it to you and this is very interesting.

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When you look at animals,

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it's very interesting. If you were to ponder over animals and see how within their dare I use the word fitrah their creation, they are subjugated to act a certain way. A young child as a scholar was mentioning a young child can pull a camel, a camel and steer the camel and the camel will follow him or her but tried to do that with a mouse with a smaller animal. It's amazing Allah has created them in certain ways to serve you. When you see the cup colombina to alamanda hoonah Mema Allah como la the literally the what comes comes from animal tilem that which learns and that's why some kind of law you see the dog in particular, it is an amazing as all the animals are amazing, but seeing how

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their job is to be subservient to you. Allah has created in that fashion. Therefore he uses the word song that's why it's impermissible for a human being lay yes how Oh, man, oh man, it is not permissible for a person to subjugate to speak out to speak to another individual or group of people as though they are lower or lesser than you are is that they are or though they were created to be lesser than you. This isn't permissible in Islam to speak or to treat them in that fashion. So we see our loss of power to Allah saying that he is Sahaja halochem be to capital Allah Allah hi Dhaka when you see this, and you see when you sacrifice the animals, why did he do this need to cut below

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Allah, Allah had to say Allahu Akbar, upon these things, when you're performing these practices, zero loss of power with Allah, Allah Hi dad come where he has guided you to or best she didn't mercy Nene. And then last month, Allah congratulates those that do excellent and it says numerous definitions. As we see one of them is on top of the lock and the cutoff and under control of your doctor which belies though you see him and though you do not see him know that he 24 365 sees you at all times. He sees what you're doing, he is what you're saying. And when you do your best.

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That is a last panel with the analysts. And lastly, one interesting point that I want to mention here as this panel up, I think we need to do this in Ramadan in particular, for our friends, for our families, you know, people in the masjid is congratulating each other. If you notice Allah subhanho wa Taala congratulates those people that have those characteristics, well, but she didn't move at all, but she didn't morosini he congratulate those that are humble. He congratulate those that do excellence they do their best. And in hajj, those that have made Hajj, may last month I'll accept accepted from us and those that have not made much money last month, except our intention to make

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Hutch being a pillar of Islam.

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There are struggles that you're going to go through

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In the tents, there are struggles that you're going to go through at jamara when throwing the stone until I feel a father, you know making that to off where you go, where all the all the projects are practically there at one time, there are struggles that you're going to go through. But when you want to do it for a loss, you kind of want to either in the matter city, you saw the valley with every hardship comes ease. So remember brothers and sisters, even with this particular moment of hedge, and able to be a woman love that we look at the generality of it, that when one struggles for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and one looks at everything in their life as a means to worship

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Allah Subhana Allah to show gratitude to a person or to look at something and ask for Allah submits me to make me firm upon that, using it in a good way in a good fashion that shows gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is one this is from the people that have Taqwa. And the person that implements their template to the best of their ability can be of those that are at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala make us have them within another machine in sha Allah me.

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Zack McCann, as always share from the law of the solid take us away. Look out for the long haul lot of ooredoo

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spin on our home. It's interesting that I was given the 17 Joe's even though I just put my name and said, whatever it is working the you know the latter part of the month.

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I would before I begin with the verse that I want to speak about, I will say this for sure

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that it's the Juma before my brother in law passed away on October 5, so like three days before, on Friday, my hotbar was about the first verse in this just terrible, nasty case of rotten marleybone. My entire football is about this, about how human beings like their time is so near but they're still so they're still in negligence, they're still unaware, they're still mad at him and they cannot be mad at less than one malabon. Every time a reminder comes they're not paying attention. They're just so I was speaking about this. And then I towards the end of my hotbar.

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I gave I was just proposing some solutions. That what are some ways that our elders self Asana hain

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mentioned that our hoffler can leave like what are some ways we can combat off law and negligence. And so the first thing I said was visiting the graveyard, because of course many of the scholars say that visiting the graveyard and aboard and seeing the motor being buried in today's intervene. You know, the whole process, the brutal process, it reminds you of death, it reminds you of where you're going to be going. So it removes the hafla from your heart. And I mentioned this for like two three minutes I mentioned, we should visit graves and in while I was giving this hotbar I mean, I knew myself that I'm not this is not a practice of mine. But I wanted to make it a practice. It's not a

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practice of mine that I go every week. You have to janazah in the community I go but it's not a practice will lie the more I got down to Jehovah I get out my brother's shoulder Bala was in the in the gathering. I even mentioned his name because he gives the hope but the week before and I said he said this. So he came to me and said, Oh boy, john, you mentioned my name. I didn't really say that you made it sound much better. You know, I didn't say it like that. I said, you know, whatever. It's no big deal. And I'm so happy that he heard me call him by shift of the Raheem that's the only time in his life. You've heard me combat that.

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And then he said to me, that's a great idea. How about the students at mad at the Medusa and miftah What should we do with these students? You know, I think we should organize something that they can go the graveyards and at least once a week once or once a month, you know, just go there and you know, take heat from it and I started talking about Yeah, we should visit children hospitals and different nursing homes so we can meet the you know, the the community that will make our hearts soft, you know, not just see all this glamour and glitter on Instagram and Facebook, see these people be with them. And it it softens the heart. And we were planning that and little did that I

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know that we both know that.

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Allah had his own plans, you know,

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that we we the first first you know person that I had to schedule my life around to visit the girls, my own brother he passed away a few days later and then and we never had to organize or plan anything. Now the students are going on their own visiting him all the time. And you know, it's just

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yeah, I mean that I just when I read that when I found that I was doing this, I said you know what, I'm going to mention that, how my brother came whenever I read this verse, I remember my brother plotly one more thing though, before I go to my vs essential function. I mentioned that quickly about congratulating those who do good. I look at the guav. Eunice la lands on a clinical lobotomy and I'm gonna say one minute about this people said a lot of things about this. But one thing that I reflect over after my brother's Shahada death is that, you know, universal never asked for anything he never he was in the belly of the whale. He never said Oh, Allah will take me out of this

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situation. He never asked for anything. All he did was apologize. That's all he did. He apologize.

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And he considered himself as a wrongdoer in the continent lol I mean, many times in our life we just missed the train by not apologizing just just be quick to apologize to each other like if you just apologize things become easier and bad you be Salam beriev milky bar you know Allah Allah

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I need Allah He says about this that you know this doesn't just mean the person who says Salaam first cuz Salaam comes from the word peace but the one who comes with peace meaning the one who apologizes first the one who tries to mend the relationship first is the one who is freed from arrogance and pride so we should be quick to apologize we see you know, some of the moment he was thrown in Lyla, panic inequitably mean I'm sorry Well, I'm sorry. Just apologizing is so powerful so apologize to one another. Our we'd apologize to Allah stop by and look how powerful that is. Allah loves Toba and today in our communities we just have a hard time just lowering yourself and just

00:30:54 --> 00:31:26

apologizing to one another for the sake of Allah. And I take that from that when I I mean, I know there's no regrets but I every time I visit my brother you know the first time I seen him I the first thing you say is I'm sorry. I love you. I miss you. I'm sorry. I love you I miss you. You know apologize to people as they're when they're living before they leave you know apologize before that you don't want someone to leave this world without you apologizing to them or you don't want to leave this world without someone else apologizing or forgiving somebody else so apologize one otherwise we're living congratulate each other as they're living not after they leave this world

00:31:26 --> 00:31:57

then we say good things about them but said while they're living you make them feel good. You know you're not you're not your head you know the your nose you're not going to be no does not make it you know it's your it's nothing's gonna happen to your honor or esteem if you just apologize if you lower yourself, I'm sorry. It's not a you know, a low give you respect. So apologize to one another as we're living before it's before one of us leave and then we have to apologize at someone's grave. And then the verse that I want to speak about shuffle mercy. He said, I know you're going to be talking about random things. So like, yeah, the verse that I that makes me think every time I read

00:31:57 --> 00:32:37

it is this verse 1051 o'clock. Enough is the body mean by the decree, and the ability to have a body on home? That indeed we have written and zooboo after Allah's remembrance, that this earth will be inherited by my pious servants Subhan Allah, you know, this, this thing about this one accord? Indeed, it's already been established, this is an established principle of Allah, this is a book Why is it will mention over here because that will have some stories mentioned in the solar, other places allow us to start an NGO, but specifically over here use the board, and some of us are in sales, or who has mentioned because it is just in the talking about all the previous scriptures,

00:32:37 --> 00:33:15

meaning, this principle that a law is about to mention right now, is has already been established, and every scripture in the past it's not anomaly it's not a new thing. It's not far from normal, this is this is this is a this is a principle well established and every scripture of the past on the tongue of every prophet of the past, what does that principle Allah, Allah saying minbari after his members, because principles are established after a lot, you know, the remembrance was already started the beginning of this just where he says, the beginning he says, mighty human Vicodin, Allah first reminds and encourages, and then he then he brings the principles and consequences results. He

00:33:15 --> 00:33:26

said, What is that principle? That Verily, this earth will be inherited by my pious servants? Now, as far as the work of over here, some Mufasa didn't say it means Jana.

00:33:27 --> 00:34:06

And it's of course it could mean Jenna but if a boss says specifically he says, over here means dunya so many different places in the Quran, or Allah say, what are the laws within Armand? Well, I'm the Sani heart. Let's talk luffenham fill out Allah has promised those who believe and do good deeds that Allah will give them the glitter and the glamour and the luxury of this dunya as well Allah give them leadership we'll call it Musa loco mister that that verses in solar noon ma'am I forgot to put my daughter's soccer nightcap on today. But I think it's like verse 454 55. One of those you can correct me later if you if I'm wrong, but yeah, verse 5455. should remind me to always

00:34:06 --> 00:34:46

put a cap on before I come to your concessions. We'll call a masala call Mr. Abdullah he was brought in on the dilla UT Swami Sherman anybody Allah says, and Sourav or Musa, tell your people to seek help from Allah and be patient because verily this earth, this do me alone will give to his own servants. So think about that for one second, you know, today we make so much effort to attain dunya to attain, you know, wealth and prosperity in this world. But the principle to get it is we're missing the train. The principle is a bad your son whom Allah gives this to his righteous servants to his pious servants, Allah just gives it to them and look at the word he uses. He doesn't say,

00:34:47 --> 00:34:50

Yeah, you're the Allah gives, but he says, You read to her

00:34:51 --> 00:35:00

that he inherits this. So how Allah what the word just this word inheritance. There's two things that come from this word. The first thing that I

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

You know, you think of more in olahraga spam law, he says the first thing of the Earth is there's a waiting period like, you know, the insert is you want quick results, but in this word itself, you there's this indication that there is a waiting period you do good deeds, you do righteous deeds, this is the best form of investment you can have. You may not see the results right away. You may not see it right away, but you will definitely see it the right time will come You just got to hang in there. Five happened in the 11th year PGD, the person was told to hang in there because two years later login Medina. So there's a waiting period you know, my father sometimes calls me like,

00:35:39 --> 00:36:21

different situations, we just got to keep waiting. And waiting somehow, like even the waiting period for prosperity isn't a bada is rewarding. So this, you're not missing out on anything. That's the first thing. The second thing about your resume is inheritance you get without making much effort, like your father was rich and then you just get it. There's someone else made the effort and you get it. Allah saying, you're not going to have to make much effort, right? You You make effort and making me happy and making, becoming righteous. Then I will give you what you want in this world and in the hereafter. A poet says no lucky or damiana beat mcpd Nina for Latina yamakawa man rocker

00:36:21 --> 00:36:59

Ibrahim Ali, for to Bali I've been after Allahu wa Jai the beginning only Madoka so today we're patching our dunya our life in this world by tearing apart a dean compromising one inch at a time of Dean one inch over time we're compromising with our relationship with Allah and we're trying to patch up this worldly life and making things better over here he says nor is as our Dean remained like we've basically compromised one inch narrow compromising one mile and nor have we attained anything this world so glad tidings for the one who initially prioritize alone is Dean in the center of the problem of everything because then Allah gives that person everything at that point right My

00:36:59 --> 00:37:24

name is Allah The one who surrenders to Allah Patil and he said okay, all my you want me to go down that principle. I'm going to make sure I'm righteous do the right thing for photo command it doesn't matter how difficult it is, then Kapha Hello kukula una Allah take responsibility of all difficulties, what is a human hated I have to say and then Allah then feeds him sustains his person from the most you know, unseen means and I conclude this you know the session by saying Subhan Allah

00:37:26 --> 00:38:04

that it comes in now but when he says look at the effect of good deeds, we know the effect of nine to five working we know the effect of studying for 1012 years sukumar doesn't like me saying this but I'm gonna say this going to med school doing residency fellowship, we know the effect of it what the end of the day it's worth it, but what's truly worth it what's truly worth it is one good DEET it's it is an amazing investment my brother and sister before I save my boss's statement just got a flash of how God says young believe in money. Allah yes had a physical eating mineral Hi, any idea who wanna feed kalila mystery is neighborhood in the hula Allah, Allah, Allah.

00:38:05 --> 00:38:42

Allah, Allah Allah. He says a person should nap should never, you know be little the smallest good deed and never be little the smallest bad deed there's no such thing as small good deed or small bad deed because you don't know maybe that one small smile that one small, good dv that $1 you, you know give to your kid right now could be the reason why Allah has mercy on you. Or that one bad deed that you did at the wrong time in the wrong place could be the reason why Allah is angered with you. So if not, Botswana says the power of a good deed the power of righteousness, and all these effects, we think about righteousness that we will get the reward of righteousness. And after I've done that,

00:38:42 --> 00:39:22

and I'm going to conclude with this, we have this notion that we do good deeds now. And the effect of Osho and Jenna and all this dunya we're not going to see no effect that is the furthest from the truth. You see the effect of it immediately like I'm sure sure Homer doesn't in Chicago don't eat spicy food. The moment you eat spicy food right away you feel the effect of the food. Same thing with good deeds and bad deeds. Immediately. Allah showed us the effect he says in abutters. in Guam, in the ohana. We are unfilled watch right away after being one good deed. The first effect is we are in full watch. Allah enlightens your face with true noon, and others artificial lights and the

00:39:22 --> 00:39:37

beautiful camera for true nor true radiance on your face. attraction Allah gives you attraction we are until watch. When neurons will call Allah gives you light in your heart. Now it's easy for you to determine what's right and what's wrong. And Allah pushes you towards that.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

What that and for risk Allah gives you expansion and your risk Allah gives you more risk allowance Baraka and you risk walking button fill button, Allah, Allah gives you strength to do more good deeds, gives you tofield to do more good deeds makes it easy for you. And the fifth effect of one good deed or Maha button will help Allah put your love and the hearts out.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

people around you. Look, that's just a fact of one good good deed Allah saying, imagine you do good deeds, good deeds and you become righteous, this world is yours and Africa is already waiting for you. And that's why, you know, this ultimate body says something, the Sahaba that's what they did. They never made an effort on farming and agriculture. They did that they had to of course as their as their daily sustenance, but their their main work was to make sure that they're invested in their relationship with Allah and then Allah give them this world and everything else right. So, if somebody says to Abbas agnico in his owning sector, a to gustar worker that was a bit to say yeah,

00:40:41 --> 00:41:20

to start with OCR, even know who your forefathers are, you had you cannot, you cannot even claim to be from their descendants because you just speak and they did good deeds, you speak about good deeds and they used to do good deeds, and you are stationary while they're roaming around the world serving the deen of Allah subhanaw taala he says go on the homemade you're a slob say me last piety for a year says I mean per osmani hemco de Mara, the moment we left the true inheritance of the Sahaba which was our monosol a good deeds righteousness. Then from that moment onwards, we were you know from push from pole to pole and we were disgraced on the skies and also on the earth. So let me

00:41:20 --> 00:41:35

just return to that true effort which is to make sure we are righteous in the month of Ramadan once don't ever think that our time spent in the masjid our time spent serving the deen of Allah subhanaw taala that will bring us returns in this world and definitely in the hereafter as what is UK hello hello

00:41:38 --> 00:41:56

hello hi it ah there's like a long height off So listen, that was beautiful. Amazing you didn't disappoint you still did Oh to do and by the way for the audience you know we the jokes here you know please know some hamdullah moved out that amount as our as our brother so we joke around all the time. We love

00:41:58 --> 00:41:59

your punching bag now brother.

00:42:00 --> 00:42:06

But, but but I have to say one thing. How could you say we don't eat spicy food

00:42:07 --> 00:42:30

to me? I thought you know me. I'm from New Orleans. Okay, I eat chicken 65 haleem out of this world Hyderabadi biryani like I ate the spiciest stuff in the world. Come on, man. Now I'm gonna get some biryani that tastes like Makarova because they're gonna say oh my god that man so do you don't eat spicy? It's gonna be your fault. That's my fault and I'll correct the next fight you know me better than that. But

00:42:32 --> 00:43:12

on a serious note, we love you dearly and your family and having dinner and the workout moustache as well. This is so benign Tata please go to yaqeen slash Ramadan Of course this reminded everyone to download the ebooks to support European as well but Please also check out miff das work in sha Allah to honor this myth stack with two A's beyond the 90 Tada and also reminder of the end Ramadan strong webathon this Sunday in sha Allah tada Mufti sob you're part of that too, right? Yeah, so we're gonna see this Sunday so on Sunday inshallah we have our annual Milan strong webathon to the Knights either. Please do be a part of that it's going to run for a few hours throughout the

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day and Shall I think three to eight Eastern sha Allah so please sign up for that for now. zachman Lafayette on always enjoy having him off the sub Shakuntala Always a pleasure. A lot of philosophy come. So I want to call.

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