Hadith Series – #45 – Make Room for Others

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that someone should never, ever make somebody else get up, and then take his place.

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This might be a surprise to some of us because maybe we come to the masjid every day, every Salah and we're used to having our spot, the spot next to the air conditioner, the spot under the fan the spot in that place that we want to be.

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And especially if we are a regular that machine and we see somebody new one day in that spot that we think belongs to us, what's our reaction? We want to evict that person. I want to say, Hey, move over. That's my spot.

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The Prophet Mohammed. So I said, I'm told us not to do this.

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He told us not to do this. And he gave us a way out, he told us something else that we should do. Instead, he said to fester, who he said Make space

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instead of evicting somebody to take their place, whether it's in prayer, or whether it's in a gathering, or a sitting or a dinner at your home, just make space and

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crowded together. Why? Because it's hurtful to other people. That person How do you think they feel?

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They were enjoying that spot, probably for the same reasons you were enjoying it.

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Now you evicted them out of it. It's going to be very very tempting for them to hold a grudge against you or to feel some sort of way towards you.

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And we know that the devil is just waiting to exploit those sorts of feelings

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in order to keep our unity and to keep our peace. A prophet muhammad sallallahu sallam said don't do that.

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Make space and fit in together.