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Delaying Commitment Due to Self-Doubt -Virtual Khutbah

How can we overcome self-doubt and learn how to get over the hurdles in our way? Sh. Omar Suleiman explores how we can ask Allah to guide us through our doubts to make better progress to our journey to Him, especially during this blessed month of Ramadan.


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The speakers discuss the importance of staying on the journey to achieve their goals and pray for others who have experienced similar struggles. They stress the importance of self-reflection and bringing back to reality in order to achieve their potential. Delays in commitments and hesitation on decisions are also discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding feeling like a failure to avoid it and building good deeds gradually. They also emphasize the need to adjust behavior and gradually grow productivity to achieve their goals.

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So now I come up with a line here we're about a cattle

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snack animal him in 111 Medical want to stain on us the fit of an STD we're not going to be here when I took it I knew he want to hold the banana alumium and surely and phocoena on ncrt Imani namanya de la la la Mulana lil fella ha de la eyeshadow La, La La La Allahu la sharika level one coda unhemmed you will need to have your name or to be a little higher. ohana aqualisa in the shadow under Mohammed Abdul Rasul wasafi who will do Abdullah Manitoba lahori salat wa salam Akasha filma uttara Kannada magitech way by a leader How can I howdy Her name is Ivana Illa Holic family of Lola Salatu automata slim one Ernie, he also Han Biggie woman a standard be some nutty Naomi Deen allama

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dynamin home, Amina la Vina. homina homina sliney howdy Ottawa so we'll have to go to our sort of sub m in Alberta and I mean, also you can win FCB support Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah Deena Amma topo La Habra, toccata he will utter moeten illa Anta Muslim en un NASA topo Bakula de falla cockman nursin wahida or halochem in Hangzhou jaha Well, that's the main humare Jalan Cafiero when he Sir, what's up Hola Hola. DITA certainly want to be a little ham in the LA County illegal merkiva yet you're living in Amarillo taco la Paulo colenso Dida you'll come to Korea for locums and overcome

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a lot of pseudo *a defassa, frozen of Lima from Mr Barrett. We'll begin by praising the last panel to Hana by bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his final messenger, we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, his family, his companions, and those that follow until the day of judgment, and we asked a lot to make us amongst them. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow these lessons that we are learning from Ramadan from these moments in worship, to elevate us to the highest level of gender to the dose and the companionship of our

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beloved Prophet, and all of the prophets and the righteous and those that are closest to a lot of the martyrs a llama. I mean, the brothers and sisters before I start in Charlottetown. Today I actually wanted to start off by requesting all of your data for the father of doctor so a lot her in Boston. Some of you might remember a few months ago. It's only been I believe, two months Pamela I posted about chefs or head locker in Boston who had a stroke and had a lot after afterwards his mother passed away may Allah have mercy on her and as he is on the road in Charlottetown. To a full recovery his father also passed away this morning. Justice lawyer may last panel time to have mercy

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on him and accept him as a Shaheed some had a lot on hold on Friday morning. After further noblemen we asked the last pentatonic to have mercy on him to join him with his recently deceased wife and Jonathan for those and to comfort the family and to join them as well in sha Allah tada in generated for those with with their family members. So please keep the latter family in your lap. And also of course, brother so hey mom, so hips Hold on, from Princeton, who is fighting off the stage for cancers is has been writing very movingly about his struggles in these last days. Please make up for him and for his wife and and their young daughter and their family as well.

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Please ask last parents Allah to have mercy on them and to cover them and tranquility and to ease them during these difficult times. And we pray for all of those that are struggling and all of those that are going through hardship along I mean, play up. So inshallah Tada, I'm going to go ahead and start with the

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virtual hultin reminding you once again, to please pray your little prayer, and that this is just a reflection, but this one is meant to be a little bit more personal and inshallah tada it speaks to, speaks to people that are struggling with doubt in a different way. And the doubt that I'm talking about here is not the doubt in terms of doubt, faith, but it's really self doubt and the nature of self doubt and what it does to our journey to a loss of Hannah Montana and what we can do to overcome it. And especially make use of this time in Ramadan where we have a great sense of urgency, asking a loss of Hannah Montana to to get us over inshallah tada those hurdles so that we can make

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better progress in our ultimate journey to him and in achieving and attaining His pleasure in this life and the next and I want to sort of take you back to Mecca and hamdulillah we've been doing, you know, 3430 and reflecting on the Quran on a regular basis. I want you to think about how many people were in Mecca when the Prophet sly Salaam made the call. And they were not amongst those that showed hostility to the Prophet sites.

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nor were they amongst those that joined the Prophet peace be upon him and suffered alongside of him. But they were people that decided to sort of wait on the sidelines, there are people that said, you know what he makes sense, but we're not willing to undergo the persecution that he's undergoing, and that his followers are undergoing. So let's wait this out a bit, or I can see both sides of this, and some points are being made.

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Uncomfortable where I am, I'm going to stick to my comfort level and you know, sometime forward, you know, if it's not, if this thing really takes root, and it becomes a thing, then maybe I'll make that change, then maybe I'll believe them, and I'll make that change them. There are certainly people that waited, you know, and Allah gave them the ability to wait almost two decades, right? That there are a lot of people that

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you know, that died fighting the prophets. I said, I'm a lot of people that died, sort of being dragged to the battlefield to go and persecute the Muslims after the hits right after the migration and died. There are a lot of people that maybe just died in between how many people passed away in Mecca between the time the prophets lie, some was forced out, and the time of Fatah, Mecca, and the time of the opening of Mecca. And we don't even hear about them, right? They were average Mexicans that just waited on the sidelines, right and said, I'm going to see how this all goes. Because not now. It's just it's too much. And I don't know if I can handle this package, I don't know if I can

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deal with all this right. And so that's, that's one of the things that we find when we're looking at the culture of the Sahaba is that you often have the prominent personalities from the Sahaba, that rise. And you have the prominent villains, the Ebola hubs of the world and the agendas of the world that rise on the other side. And a lot of people are lost in between, you're not able to really distinguish and say, Well, what about all of those people in between? that were different, right. And that had very unique struggles with this idea of faith and with making a commitment to this call, which seemed to be so consequential with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So let's bring this

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to a personal level. And let's talk about self doubt and hesitation, let's talk about the trick of the shape on in causing us to delay commitment, because we don't feel like we're going to be able to stay committed. So you delay commitment for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that you say, you know what, I don't know if I can handle the difficulties that come with that commitment. And by the way, this generation of people, if you read all the social studies about our generation, particularly millennials, fear of commitment and relationship fear, equip commitments, and in long term investment, fear of commitment is a prominent is a prominent hallmark of this generation, right

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in terms of delaying things, because I don't know if I can commit to it. And obviously, that's going to tie into our relationship with God as well. Right? You know, I don't know if I can really commit to this and, and make this change, and deal with what, what comes with it in terms of the package. So sometimes we put off commitment, because we're afraid of the hardship that's going to come with the commitment, and we don't know if we're going to be able to handle that hardship. And because of that, we either wait till we feel like we're in a position of strength to be able to handle the consequences of commitment, or we wait for the circumstances to be a little bit less detrimental,

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right to be to be to be easier for us to make that commitment. And so what that looks like is that, you know, again, if you take it back to that person that was sitting in Mecca, you know, if they didn't hate the prophets, I send them so much. And if they didn't fight him so much, then maybe I'll join him if Abuja had tones it down a bit, right? So if the climate becomes easier to be a Muslim and to commit, then maybe I'll do it then. Right? So I'm either waiting for myself to develop this strength, or I'm waiting for the environment to be less weakening, right? So I'm putting this all off into the future. And obviously, the most faulty assumption of it all is that I'm making the

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assumption that I'm going to live to see the time when I develop this strength, or when the circumstances become easier to make these commitments. So that's one level of putting off commitment. Another another reason why people put off commitments, is because they're afraid of giving a false impression to others, or they consider what people will say, if they make that commitment, and they fail, okay? If they make that commitment, and they fail, so, you know, let's say that I start doing this and then if I start doing this, and I find it weak, and then I move back on my commitment, if I if I, you know, take it back, then people are gonna say, Oh, you know, there

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you go, and what a shame and you were making progress and then you went back, right? So I might as well just kind of stay out of it because I don't want to create a false impression that I may

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making change that I don't that I'm not so certain that I'm going to be able to hold on to and somehow allowed the faulty assumption there. Who cares what people think? Who cares what people think? You know, who cares? If people think that you're making progress or not making progress? Who cares? If people are saying Mashallah, or stuff that Allah with you, who cares, right, you should be thinking about your journey to a loss of Hannah Montana. And if you're going to put off an effort that you should be making for him, because you're afraid of people, misjudging where you're at in that journey. And that's a that's a serious issue. Right? That means that you're considering their

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sight a little bit too much. Okay, a little bit too much. Who cares what they think instead, focusing on my journey to Allah subhana wa, Tada. So if I'm going to, if I'm going to make an upward climb, I'm going to fall I'm going to trip I'm going to have times where I'm going to lose my footing, think about climbing a mountain, right, I'm going to have times that I'm going to lose my footing, I'm going to have times that I'm going to feel like I need to take a break. Those are natural things that come with journey. But you don't do that with worldly success. You don't say, Well, I'm not going to start because I don't think I'm going to get there. No, I mean, you need to

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make that that first step and, you know, go through the difficulty of the climb. And it doesn't matter if people see you stumble, you have to stumble in order to get up there. Right? So sometimes people are like, well, I don't want to start doing this. And then people say this, or, you know, one of the easiest tricks of shape on some habila. And I see it happened with so many people, and it's heartbreaking. And I should say I see it happen with myself too, sometimes, okay, it's not just people, let's think about how shaitan attacks all of us. One of the things that often happens when it comes to making tober making change. I don't want people to say that I only did this because of

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this, this this and that. You know, oh, you know, I went I went through this journey. Oh, so now this is happening. And now that's happening. And so I'm going to put it off until I feel like it's a sincere commitment to change. Right? And you got to realize shavon wants to disconnect you from intention or action. So if he can't disconnect you from intention, he's going to disconnect you from action. Right? He's going to find a way to put it off. The point is shavon wants to delay you How do we know this and I'm going to get to inshallah, those who fear commitment to good deeds or those who let self doubt plague them when it comes to good deeds. So they put off good deeds bumps, I'm

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starting with Toba for a reason I'm starting with repentance for a reason because if you were to shut off one sin that you've been continuing in this Ramadan, that is far more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than picking up 100 good habits okay. to relinquish sin taqwa is tabula rasa is to abandon set the goal of fasting the first goal of fasting is taqwa. If that God consciousness caused you to abandon a sin, then that is far greater than picking up 100 habits of axon of excellence, right? So I want to start with this for a moment. And I want to go to this idea and sorbitol Hadid which which is the second page I believe it's verse 14, were last panel to add as well. It's a

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section second page of certain Hadith. Allah is talking about the conversation between the believers and the hypocrites on the Day of Judgment. Okay? The hypocrites that are being referred to here are not the hypocrites that we've been talking about for 3030 for 30, that were the hypocrites that were plotting within the Muslims. And you know, and not sincere, these are people that had hypocrisy, but that were still Muslims. So these weren't the hypocrite disbelievers. These were hypocrites that counted themselves amongst the believers that are that were amongst the believers in the last contest, I was talking about this conversation. And a lot of talks about the believers running off

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with the light running off with the light. So they're in this state, where they all have their lights, right. And, you know, they don't realize if you're sitting in a room, and you don't realize where the lights coming from, as long as the room is well lit. So you have a group of people that they're all together. But the light is only coming from some of them, the light is only coming from some of them. And as the light is only coming from some of them. It doesn't show that some people don't have any light until those believers are separated. And so last pantile talks about this moment where those that actually have light emanating from them, right from in front of them and

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behind them in the right hands. They go forth. And then as they're going forth, those that don't have any light for themselves are getting left behind. And they're calling out and they're saying and I'm not going Mariko right. Wait a minute, where are we with you? Bloody babina home be sued in the hubbub and somehow law and a wall, a barrier gets enacted between them. And those believers go forth and then those others are left behind and they don't have any light anymore because the ones that had the light went forward, and they call out and they say, wait a minute.

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Why aren't we with you? You know, we we were with you, right?

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What happened? And the next area is carlu Bella when our kin Nikon Phantom, and for second what are our Boston or tabletten? Mahabharata? C'mon Amani. Okay. So they say, yes, Bella, you were with us, we were all together, when I came back home for tenten. And for second, but you held back, you first. And first of all, for tantalum and full circle you afflicted yourselves, you afflicted yourself with what you afflicted yourselves with your desires. Okay, so the scholars mentioned here, the tempo and full circle, you afflicted yourselves. And it's really important here that the word that's used to your potential and full circle you afflicted yourselves does not put the the, the

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putting of test the affliction on Allah because there are tests that happened that are beyond our power, and have enough, you know, that we just have to deal with them and, and respond to those tests in a way that's pleasing to Allah. And then there are the things that we inflict on ourselves, we afflict ourselves with. And that is when the desires build up, and when we allow our desires to guide us rather than the revelation to guide us. So we start following those desires. And so what happens is we make those desires, those shallotte our priorities, and then we try to interpret everything from guidance to our course of action, in light of how much access they're going to give

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us to our desires. And that's where the fault is you put the lens of shadow at the lens of desires on potential and for second, you did that to yourself. I did that to myself, right? We don't put that on a lot. That's I did that to myself, I tend to emphasize. And then what happens is result of that, what tell our busto waterbottle. Okay, and then you awaited and you doubted. Now, these two things, if you're reading the English translation, they seem identical, okay, so I actually want to break them down in the way that the scholars break them down.

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Total Bustan means 100 to matoba mean walked in a locked, total busto means you waited in that you delayed your repentance, you kept saying when this time comes, when this time comes, you know when this all dawn comes when it when I go to hedge, I'm going to do this, when I get married, I'm going to do this, when I have a kid, I'm going to do this, you put these benchmarks, right, you put these timelines on yourself. And that's what's being spoken about here. You put these timelines and these milestones. And as you achieve those milestones, you delay your toe, but again, you delay your repentance again, so you say, you know what, I'm gonna start doing this when this happens. And when

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that happens, you get complacent, you say, I'm not ready, I'm going to delete it again. Let me put it off to the next one. Let me put it off to the next one. The next one, hold on the next Friday, the next. The next time this happens the next the next life. The next major blessing that Allah gives me in life. I'm not ready to do this. Once this happens. Once this happens once this happens, and it keeps on happening, and you keep on delaying it. So that's the first crime that's being mentioned here to those that get left behind total buston. Why do you keep on delaying your Toba two time periods that might never come? What What makes you so certain that you're going to have that

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time period that you're going to get to that place in the first place? What makes you so certain you'll make it to that time, and even if you make it to that time, if there is a pattern of pushing it off, pushing it off, pushing it off, pushing it off, then what's going to happen? Right? So total Boston means 100 to matoba. men walked in either walked that you put off your toe but you put off your repentance from time to time you kept on saying this will come and then I'll start doing this, this will come and then I'll start doing this. This will come and then I'll start doing this. And somehow that kills the heart that kills the heart of the prophets. I said, I'm told us that mahakala

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to the new that the insistence upon minor sins kill the heart, right? We're not even talking about major sins, but the insistence upon sin kins kills the heart, because you get used to living in a place of disobedience and you're comfortable there, you're okay with it. And you tell yourself, you know, one day one day one day one day, right? And that is that's music to the shape bonds ears, that your that that's what your approach becomes because, all right, well, I don't have to worry about that person, because they're under the delusion that they one day might make that change to a loss of penance, either turn to Allah, but the day might not ever come. And in the process of waiting

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till that day, they're going to get more and more comfortable in the place that they're in. And so they're just going to leave it there. And so I don't even need to whisper anymore because I don't need to convince them that the sin is good. They already know that the sin is bad that the place of disobedience that they're in is bad. But they're fooling themselves into thinking that one day right I'll make that change when the time comes and they keep on pushing it off to that time. So that's the that's the that's a major trick of shavonne. He it makes us less wise it makes us resist

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Spring very easy because he doesn't have to convince you about the sin you know, it's bad you know that you should be doing something different but hey, I'll put it off. When that day comes inshallah inshallah when that day comes and there were a lot of inshallah laws in Mecca By the way, there are a lot of people that said, inshallah, when that day comes, right, and they never got to see that day, and there are a lot of in Shell laws in our time as well, when it comes when it comes when it comes. And then the second type of doubt, what I'm tethered to him. The second type of doubt here is, is the doubt about, you know, that which comes in the hereafter. So it's the doubt about the

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resurrection. Okay, so that's the type of doubt where, you know, you start thinking to yourself, Well, is it really all true? You know, is there really, is there really a hereafter? Am I really going to have to meet Allah? You know, I don't know anymore. Right? And you know, what would cause those doubts to come the scholars point to the fact that self doubt or the delay of your Toba? The delay of your Toba is put before this type of doubt Why? Because your heart keeps on dying and dying and dying and dying and when your hearts you know, keeps on dying, then you put them the thoughts start to be corrupted as well as like, well, is it really all there anyway? Do you think about the

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excuses that we start to make and those types of things so, you know, the first type of doubt here, I have two matoba, tequila Toba that you keep on putting these milestones for your repentance man walked in eloped when this Ramadan comes when this hedge comes when I get married, when I have kids when I move on when I turn this age, making those assumptions that you're going to get there. And then the second type is when I start thinking, I don't know if this is all true anymore. You know, I'm starting to have doubts now about the whole thing about the the entire you know, basis that I should be making the tale But anyway, remember losses because the because the the lens that's put on

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us is shallot, right? It's Phantom and first I comments desire, so it's convenient for me to say well, I don't know if it's worth it anyway. I don't know if I need to be doing this. Anyway. So what temperature well, Rajkumar Amani without Rajkumar unani and you know, when it comes to last, Allah says, will hold a lot more money, and then you diluted yourselves or you allowed yourselves to be diluted by wishful thinking, what is the wishful thinking here? The delusion the wishful thinking that's spoken about here is, as the scholars say, say us good Alana, Allah Subhana. Allah forgive us anyway, you know what? I'm you know, and by the way, Allah is Forgiving, and Allah is merciful. And

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I need to emphasize that because Allah emphasizes them. But

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when a person takes a loss, forgiveness and mercy for granted, then they can transition from a place of hope to a place of delusion. We should be hopeful that Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept our best effort, we should be hopeful that Allah will accept our sincere repentance despite our persistence, our persistent sinning, that just comes as you know, as part of our nature, we should, we should have hope and a lot with that. But automaticall Amani is when you start to have delusions and some of those delusions are and you know, it has an apostate or him Allah mentions, if you read about these delusions about what's common Amani? Well, you know, lanta, masala, narrow Illa, yum.

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And Mara do that, you know, I'll eventually get to Gemini, maybe I'll have to go through some punishment before I get there. So I'll just go ahead and I'll take that punishment.

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I'll go ahead. And I'll take that punishments. And Pamela, you should be aiming for entering Gemina without any other than any hisar without any punishment without any questioning. But, you know, I'll go ahead and I'll take a little bit of punishment, I'll take a few days, even if I go through, you know, it's okay, I'll get there. And besides, I do all these good things. And surely that's good enough, right. So a lot will overlook how I'm insisting on this particular sin because I do these good things. And at least I'm not doing those bad things that other people aren't doing. Right. The point is, it becomes delusion. And you start to make excuses for holding back excuses for failure

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excuses for, for lack of commitment, right. And then finally, after all of this, this conversation between the believers, between between those that go ahead with the light and those that stay back, finally, when it comes to at the at the end had john amarula until the command of a law came. The command of a lot that's being spoken about here is a remote his death, then death comes and then what happens right now Pamela, when people are about to pass, like when someone gets stuck with something, and then they're told or they know that they have just a few days to live, then they start trying to fix it all and those last few days and they often can't do that and most people that

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don't have that opportunity to fix it all at the end of their lives. How can you assure that death won't come to you suddenly. So Allah says head to general law and then death comes, right? And then it just opened the door shut. So the time that you were putting off that milestone that you had set for yourself that when next Ramadan comes when Hajj comes when I get married, when I have kids, when I get turned this age, that's gone. And then the doubts about whether post death is real. That's gone, but it's too late because I'm already experiencing it and there's no Iman anymore. There's no action anymore. And you know, all the rationalizing. Well, I you know, at this point now, it's

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reckoning. I can't rationalize. I'm being reckoned right now. I mean, it's part of my reckoning now. So it's too late for me to rationalize anything. And so what is the last contest that it was a complete lie?

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And the one who deleted you in all of this was the chief deceiver, the one who deceived he was the chief deceiver with shavon. He just kept poisoning you with tomorrow, tomorrow. Is it really that bad? Well, you can wait a little bit. Well, that's that that is the chief deception of the chief deceiver of Siobhan is to put things out there and to say that, you know, you've got time, you can wait, you can change this later on. Because you don't know if you'll actually be able to change it and you don't know if later on will actually come. And it'll it'll play you for a very long time. So my question to you brothers and sisters, and this is a question to myself as well, before I get to

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the good deeds and then inshallah Allah, I'll wrap up. My question is, if not this Ramadan, when there is a global pandemic, you know, where, where death has become so prominent. And so many people, you know, did not even know that they would live to see this all if not this normal blonde, when? Right? When am I going to take that next step with a loss of Hannah Montana? And if I'm thinking to myself, well, what if I fail? What if I start doing this and then and then I'm not going to be able to keep it up the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which applies because Toba, by the way replies to or Toba relates to repentance relates to two things, fulfilling

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an obligation that you were not fulfilling, or leaving a sin that you were committing so fulfilling an obligation that you were not fulfilling or leaving a sin that you are committing, okay? The men who came to the Prophet sly sell them and said, jasola,

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I'm an alcoholic, I have a problem. If I drink will punish me the prophets lysozyme said, Well, yeah, it'll be written down as a sin and you'll be punished. He said, But then if I seek forgiveness, will Allah forgive me? He said, Yes. He said, But what if after I seek forgiveness, after I give it up? I go back to it. The prophets lie. Some said that it's a sin. He said, then what if I seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. Again, the prophet SAW some sort of level forgive you again. And they said, Well, what if I go back to it again, I make the commitment two times, and the third time happens. And then I go back to it again. prophets, I said, well, it'll be a sin. And

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by the way, the third time will not be that it opens up all three sins. The third time here would mean it says if you committed the sin for the first time, because the first two are already dealt with, okay, with sincere repentance, if you were sincere at the time, and you said, I'm not going to go back to this, those two are already dealt with. But here now, this third time, right? It's like the first time so it's a sin. And then what? What if I seek forgiveness, the prophets license that then you'll be forgiven? A lot will forgive you, then what if I go back to it again? So he did this with the prophets, I see them over and over and over again, just kept on playing out the scenarios.

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What if I fail? What if I fail? What if I fail, right? Because you know, what the shavon tells you is you're probably going to fail. So why even try? What Allah is telling you is try and if you fail, if you're sincere in your repentance, try again. Right? Those are the two messages that you're going to get. So he keeps on painting the scenario to the profit slice on what if I fail again, what if I fail again? What if I fail again? What if I fail again, but I keep on seeking repentance and I mean it every time that this time is going to be different. The profit slice I'm set in the law and I had to tell you,

00:29:12--> 00:29:49

that a lot does not tire of forgiving you until you tire of seeking His forgiveness. A lot does not tire forgiving you until you tire seeking His forgiveness. Just keep on seeking His forgiveness and be real when you make that repentance. When you make that commitment, be serious about it. And if you're waiting, you know, somehow a lot. There's a saying if you're waiting to make a commitment, if you wait to make a commitment, when you're free of doubts, it will never happen. The doubts here are referring to self doubt more than anything else. If you wait to make a commitment when you are free of doubts, it will never happen. So try, right? Well, what if people say you know, Oh, there she

00:29:49--> 00:30:00

goes again. There he goes again, right? They were making this change. And then there they go again, who cares what people say? I'm worried about that meeting with a loss of habitat it because there won't be people

00:30:00--> 00:30:17

in that interview on the Day of Judgment, so that's the commitment, don't let yourself get plagued by self doubt to where you put off the commitment to an imaginary time. And you reduce the inevitable reality to an imagination as well, only to be woken up by death. Don't do that. Right.

00:30:18--> 00:30:54

Do it now. The second thing, though, when it comes to good deeds, and this is the last type of self doubt, I want to talk about Michel Matata, because this is an important one. When it comes to good deeds, what do you have to lose by making a commitment to a greater level of good deeds, except that if you fall short, all you're asked to do is is readjust them to where you're more blessed than shuttle Matata. And you're back in that position with the lesson Hannah Montana. So what is it, you know what's going to happen if you fall short, when you make a commitment to piano then you say, you know what, I'm going to start reading half pages of quote on every,

00:30:55--> 00:31:33

every day, after Ramadan. And if I fall short of that, Allah will not punish you. Because you fell short of a good deed that you put in front of you. But you will grow yourself and grow closer in your sincerity in your pursuit of Allah subhanaw taala. When you adjust that good deed, and you say, you know what, fine, I'm going to make it, I can't do this much. I'm going to make it this much. I can't do this much. I'm going to make this much. And that's far more beloved to a loss of hands on. And so I'll end on this note, because it's a very important note, and you've probably heard me say it before and inshallah Tada, you'll hear me say it again. When it comes to building good habits be

00:31:33--> 00:32:18

gradual. When it comes to forsaking sin, be immediate, right? Do it right away. When it comes to building good habits, do it gradually. When it comes to forsaking bad habits and sin, do it right away, you know, be immediate, it can't wait. It can't wait with good deeds, I'm going to build slowly and surely. And I can count on Allah subhanho wa Taala being forgiving in both in both senses, and Allah subhanho wa Taala forgiving me if I fall short, and I go back to what I committed to say that I would never go back to. And if I fall short, if I don't live up to the good standard that I set for myself, but I keep on trying to reach that standard by adjusting and adjusting and

00:32:18--> 00:32:58

adjusting and adjusting. And so I want to make a deal at the end of all this and charlatan because I know that some of you are struggling with things and you've been struggling with them for years and I've been struggling and all of us are struggling. But May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us this Ramadan to overcome those struggles? May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to finally commit to those obligations. We know our obligations, but we put off May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, allow us to finally quit those sins, that we know our sins. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to develop the sincerity, the courage, the resilience to be met by His mercy and His grace and His generosity, to

00:32:58--> 00:33:39

have those things put behind this May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to turn that page with Him. May Allah never allow us to delay ourselves into delusion. May Allah subhanaw taala allow this Ramadan to be the best Ramadan of our lives, as we are on the brink of the last 10 nights and Laila to God awaits us. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live to see later to Brother May Allah accept us and later May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah forgive us because he loves to forgive. May Allah subhanaw taala pardon us because he loves to pardon May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guide us And may Allah subhana wa tada allow us to put back to put behind us all types of sinful addictions. May Allah

00:33:39--> 00:34:18

Subhana Allah allow us to be purified from the flaws of the tongue and the flaws of the eyes, the flaws that we're aware of and the flaws that were unaware of May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to develop good habits that take the place of those bad habits. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not make us a people that are driven by desire, but those that are driven by the pursuit of his divine pleasure, may Allah subhanaw taala allow the lens that we have on us to be a lens of gratitude that allows us to make the most of the blessings that he's given us to unlock the ultimate blessing of his pleasure, and to be amongst those that are elevated in the hereafter. May Allah Subhana Allah make

00:34:18--> 00:34:56

it easy for all of us that are struggling, and that are trying so hard to get over addictions and to get over, you know, self doubt and all of these things that are plaguing us, as parents out to help our young people, our youth in particular, that are struggling with so many things with an environment that's becoming even more difficult to practice in May Allah subhanaw taala allow them to develop the strength to be able to overcome those environments and then meet that with an increased reward as well. May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to be forgiven this Ramadan And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to take habits that will that will keep us within His mercy and His

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

forgiveness after this Ramadan May Allah subhanaw taala allow the best of our

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

moments to be the last of them a lot. I mean, a lot of hate and I want to thank you all for tuning in today and inshallah just a reminder tonight inshallah tada we'll be continuing with on 3430 the last 10 nights of Ramadan inshallah tada we're going to be having a hotter every night we're going to be talking about rebounds old man the servants of the Most Merciful the qualities of the servants of the Most Merciful and truthful upon every one of the last 10 nights at 2am Eastern inshallah tada we'll be having a short reflection on that inshallah Tana also on May 13 inshallah tada which is next week we're going to have a finished strong telethon which is going to be a five hour You know,

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program in sha Allah tada that you can tune in throughout the day in sha Allah giving us messages in Charlottetown about how to get ourselves ready for the last 10 nights in sha Allah to make sure that the that the best of our Ramadan is the last of all Ramadan and sha Allah to Allah and I want to remind you on Sharla to add to to make sure that you catch the last 10 nights would solve that as well. If you go to the link in Charlottetown the status then there is an option for you to divide your cycle over all 10 nights inshallah tada from now so that inshallah you would catch the reward of it regardless but in the nighttime or whatever night Laila to others and, and May Allah subhanaw

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taala allow us to catch exactly a little fight and once again, gelatin I'll see you all tonight for and 3430 was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh