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Juz 10 with Tesneem Alkiek

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All right everyone sit on money calm rockin to lucky we're gonna cancel. administrate

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Heyman handed in Daniel brown again, I don't want to do that alone I mean, but certainly in a lot more sloppy with selling the Vatican II because a lot of it was it he was it he was selling this in the cathedral and having the dealer we are back at 434 30. And we have our first repeat guest we have stabbed the test niemand Creek soon to be Victoria to sneak peek in sha Allah joining us tonight for this just and I want to start off with another

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with another bush. Another glad tidings of this era. Great news that we had a sister that attended for 3430. She's been attending sister Andrea from Ohio. And she was actually in the comments yesterday and Paula, about four hours ago took Shahada as well over zoom and have that it also sister Andrea May Allah bless you. I know she's she's watching tonight actually May Allah bless you keep you sincere, steadfast and firm. So please pray for her, to be from the people of God and to have beauty and ease in this in this this journey of hers along with me. So tonight is one of my it is actually probably my favorite just because there are two very particular Sahaba stories that that

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are very touching in this story. And if you realize the first third of the Quran is actually the story of Islam unfolding. And Pamela, that's something that one of my teachers pointed out to me. Early on, he said, the first third of the Quran is the story of Islam. And then you kind of have all of the things that come after that, that speak to the admonitions and the laws and the development and things that we can take, which shows you the sensuality of the seat on the profits a whole lot more. It was suddenly the biography of the Prophet, it was not an understanding and understanding the Quran itself, knowing the sealer backgrounds. So the temperatures of the cold starts from the

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last part of certain unfound which is verse 41. And it goes into verse 92, of suta Toba. As we said, it comes off of the lengthiest discourse on the Battle of Bedouin and how the Muslims are after the Battle of beddit. Hence, the name of the sutra, the spoils and fat. And as the Muslims are called to honor the treaties, to not break them, as long as the other party honors them as well, to treat the prisoners of war Well, finally, the Muslims are called to stand together and to join together as one community against those who wish them harm from the outside. And so there are a few themes that I'm going to hit on in Charlottetown. And then some stories that really come in this journey. Number

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one, a loss of handouts out of that mentioned in verse 56 Lavina I had to mean home to my uncle, the owner of the home he couldn't be mobile home later on lost friends I mentioned a group of this believers who are despised and particularly he says they're the ones that you make treaties with but then they break their pledge pledge he couldn't model they break the treaty every single time. Well home is a phone and they don't have any fear of Allah subhana wa Tada. So they're going to keep on breaking the treaty. The interesting thing is that still, the believers are called to reciprocate good with good and to always lead the way when it comes to

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issues of peace. So in verse 16, these two verses 60 and 61 are so important to be read together in verse 60. A certain and found a last printout says what are a doula who must apart from in core to show and prepare your strength demonstrates strength and courage and, and a lack of fear and vulnerability when you meet your enemies be prepared, be prepared from a military sense, be prepared from a spiritual sense, you know, be prepared for a worst case scenario. And don't show your enemies any type of weakness. Instead, show your enemies that you're ready that you're strong and that you can defend yourself and that should award take place that you will be able to stand up for yourself

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as a community. And the very next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're in Jenna food is suddenly fudging what's how I can add a lot in the whole was me already. And if they inclined to peace, then you inclined to it also and rely upon Allah. Indeed it is he who is hearing and known so how to love the very famous verse that gets thrown in the face of the Muslims to slay them wherever you find them is in is in the same jersey it's in the beginning of sorts and Toba verse five to kill them wherever you find them. It's literally talking about not just enemy troops, the enemy troops who broke their Treaty and and attack the Muslims and actually non Muslims as well right attacked

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people after breaking the treaty. So it's not just people that are opponents of war. It's people that were opponents of war took a treaty with you broke the treaty and continue to kill and then Allah subhanaw taala gives them the permission it gives the Muslims the permission to fight back so you can't read. Kill them wherever you find them and then ignore the verses that comes you know in the same section before that say if they are inclined towards peace, you should always end

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inclined towards peace, as well, in verse 71 of my favorite stories, and in the surah Allah subhanho wa Taala says, You will never do poorly man feel a deep commitment a slight level of people who become high on your

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income, way off the good luck Amala who are for Rahim? Oh, you Oh prophet say to whoever is in your hands of the captives. If Allah knows of any good in your hearts, he will give you something better than that which was taken away, and he will forgive you. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Say so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being told to be gentle with the captives, but to particularly saying to the captives, that if Allah knows of something good in your hearts, not only are you going to come out of this and be forgiven, but Allah is going to give you better than that which was taken away. This verse was revealed, verse 70, about the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, me a long time. And balance was, you know, on the other side on the Battle of bedroom,

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but the profit slice of them said, some people need to count on that. How did that happen? Because there's some people that were forced to come out to fight the Muslims. They had no interest whatsoever in killing the Muslims. And when he showed up at the Battle of bedeutet, he literally just stood there, he didn't attack anybody, right. He was like an idol. That's how he was described some of them. And so there was a companion who was actually very small in stature. And an Ibis was a huge man. And this companion was able use as soon as he got the allowance out. He went up to a bus, and he jumped on him, like imagine a smaller stature man jumping on his back and tying him up and

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trying to rack them all up to take him as a captain. And so how the saw you sort of pulling him pulling a bus to the other side? They were like, wait, what, how did that even happen? How did you capture him? And we'll use he said, you know, looking around, and the idea here is

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what he said there was a man that helped me capture him because even if an Ibis wasn't fighting, there's no way we could tie him up and capture and capture him that way. So he said, someone helped me and I'd never seen him before. The prophets lie Selim said, not called Anaconda, he melakukan Karim that it was a noble angel that assisted you in capturing an Ibis and the scholar say that Allah wanted and I best captured early so that no one would tell him. So the Prophet solahart he was send them has his uncle now as a captive. And this was painful for all of the people, all the Muslims that their, their loved ones who came out to fight them were now their captives. This was

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the first time they were going to experience that. And the prophet SAW some great pain, hearing, you know, an evil Ibis. He was happy the groaning of it, I'm docilely Aloha, as he was tied up, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam any concession that he gave some advice he gave to all of the prisoners about writing the prophets lie Selim tried whatever he could, you know, if you can teach people how to read, then you can go free. There were various ways of ransom that were unknown to the Arabs that the Prophet slicin was giving to try to ease the situation. And when he came to an Ibis, Ibis, he told his uncle ransom yourself and I boss told me a lot of time he said, I don't have that kind of

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money. The profit slice on him said Where is that money that you hit you and

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your wife that and you told her if I'm killed, then save this for my son and father and I busted the other slide. No one knew about that money except for me and my wife. How did you know? And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said ransom yourself with that. And I bass was said to the profit slice um, you know that I didn't actually come here to fight you. Right that this was something that I was pushed into, allow revealed, if Allah knows of that good in your hearts, Allah will give you back what you lost and better than it and Allah subhana wa, tada will forgive you. And I bustled Lila Han, who said, Well, lucky, I never gotten richer than I did after the Battle of bandage allowed

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replaced everything he took away from the ransom with so much more. And bass was so rich that in the in the last sermon of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. The prophets I seldom relinquished all of the loans that were due to an apostle the a lot of time and with that, in that in particular the interest that was due to time bass while the allot of time. So that's sort of dull and fun, then we get into sort of the tilbyr. In brief, why is there no best manner Bismillah R Rahman Rahim and sort of the Toba. There is an authentic narration in cinema v that even Ambassador the alignable man he said, I asked her it's not even our family alarm, why there was no best mentor and earth mammal,

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the Allahu taala animal basically said that, unlike the southern sky, which are the long students the seven long Sutras, and found in a toga were like one surah. So it's almost as if they're one sutra because they're referring to the same context and so they didn't put the best metal because of the continuation of it as if it's one surah. between the two. A tow boat was revealed after taboo. So it's way after unfair

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And to walk was a battle where the Muslims had planned to squander an attack that was expected from the Romans from the Byzantines. And so the Prophet slicin and marched in the heat with 30,000 soldiers to occupy it. But it ended and no battle and no bloodshed. But still, there was a great lesson to the believers. In verse 25, was sort of to Toba. Allah mentions the only other battle by name and the plan. So there's that. And then there's your name, the Battle of her name, Allah says, Well, yomo Nene and Agia butcombe Kapha to confirm them took me on and on the date of her name. When your great number please do but it did not avail you at all. So the lessons of bed did work, you

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were outnumbered, but a lot gave you victory. The lessons of her name is that you had great numbers, but the Muslims struggled mightily in her name, and a last that's our job at Coca Cola to come. You were impressed. You looked around and said, We outnumber them. Right? So we must this is this is in the bag. It's an easy battle. Right? And Allah was teaching them a lesson, it never was about your number, it was always about a lost blessing with you. And do not let your impression lead to a sense of arrogance, right that you depend upon your strength. So Allah reminding the believers not to get not to become proud or not to develop a sense of conceit, due to the the numbers that they have. And

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then some had a lot in verse 40, the story of a Wilbekin vehicle or the lack of time in the cave with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And I know I'm going over time, so I'm just gonna rush this really quick. There's a lot in this sort of about the hypocrites a lot makes it clear that suited to Toba is about the Manasa T. Where does the story bubble Beckett will be alone and will come from right in the hinterland out of all places. Because a lot is reminding the the people that you know when no one would go with the profit slice, Wilbekin will be a loved one who was there with him in the cave, if you go to the Sahil tasm in the LA Marina, when he said to his companion Do not grieve

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Verily, Allah is with us. Okay. So that's the story of uncle Beckett's suddenly from the hill, which has nothing to do with the rest of the context that's plugged here. What's the wisdom of that? Verse 42, just to the verse literally that comes after this. A lot talks about the hypocrites that are the opposite of Wilbekin. They swear it will say any foreigner be law, they swear that lowest in America, if we could, we would go out with your messenger of Allah. Right, so they're the opposite of Wilbekin who went out with the Prophet sly Salaam. Despite all obstacles, the hypocrites keep making excuses to not accompany the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, in verse 55 of lost passes

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read aloud.

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To jr that do not let their wealth or their children impress you Allah only intends to punish them through that in this worldly life. So remember, we talked about Baraka yesterday, blessing and wealth? Allah says Don't be impressed by their wealth and their power a lot is merely punishing them with their wealth and their power. And then I'll end with this inshallah, verse 79. Verse 79, is the hypocrites mocking the believers. And they mocked the believers particularly, they do lems, which is to belittle them. And unless contrast says they're not belittling any believers, they're belittling the ones that actually went forth and contributed and worked with the prophets lie. Some of them,

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they belittle them consider concerning their charities. And they criticize the ones who find nothing to spend except for their effort, meaning, they say what, what good is that that they went out with the profit slice on anyway, so they belittle them? They mock their efforts. So last, but yes, hold on, I'm in home, something along at home, so they ridicule the believers that are doing something. And so Allah subhana wa Jalla ridicules them. And there are two things you'll always find in the hypocrites and I know that sister test name is going to talk about this inshallah. Two things that are inherent in this surah. Number one, they mock the efforts of the doers as being flawed and

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insignificance while having no effort of their own to be mocked. That's the first thing. So they keep mocking this out, what's the good of that? Anyway, they're not doing anything anyway. There's no point in that anyway. They mock the doers amongst the believers, while they have nothing to be mocked in the first place. The second thing, they blame the circumstances around them for their own inaction. And then they make these lofty claims that if the circumstances were different, we would surpass every one of our deeds. So if things were different, we would do this and we would do that sounds a lot like a lot of people, right, like just poke, poke, poke, poke poke. Now, that's not to

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say everyone who does these two things isn't one ethic. That's just to say that these are signs of hypocrisy that a person could become, could become immersed in this and verse 92 Subhan, Allah refers to the two men who wanted to accompany the Prophet slice of them sincerely, but they had legit

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excuses and a lot of writes down the full reward for them. So I know I took extra time and inshallah tada I know that it'll be beautified inshallah tada with what Chicagoland sister test name will share. So it's

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so nice enough to send me that I still love what Allah says I'm gonna let my bad i mean what? What can I say that's what the Quran does to you, man you start you don't want to stop you really really don't want to stop you just want to

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keep going so I'm just going to cover my shell a verse

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it's a beautiful verse it's it's talking about you massage it and I chose this verse because firstly this chapter Subhanallah

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you know if there's nine names that some of the scholars mentioned that this chapter has,

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and Toba was chosen because you find the word Toba mentioned multiple times in the Quran in different chromatic or different morphologic makeup, you know, attack a boon in them your tubu so forgiveness or seek or repentance, excuse me, is mentioned 17 different times in this chapter. Hence, the chapter was given that name, they even call it the fall behind, you know, fully the chapter of embarrassment or embarrassing because Allah mentions over 20 characteristics of the monastic wound of the hypocrites. And remember when we say hypocrites, it's not just someone that does what they don't that says what they don't do. It's someone that hides disbelief in their heart,

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and they do the opposite. And that's very important, as we talked about earlier, a couple of days ago that you know, in Mecca, it was people that were very apparent with their disbelief and they would verbally and physically even emotionally harm the province of Allahu Allah he was selling them. But in this case now in Medina, now they have strength. There are people that are joining Islam, but they are hiding in their hearts disbelief and planning and plotting against the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. Many of us heard the story of who they are a disciple named who they felt that he was the only one that the 14 hypocrites were disclosed to them because when they

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were going on in the Battle of to book as he mentioned, when they're going north, to to book which borders Saudi Arabia, there were people that were still of the hypocrites. So when the prophets of Allah it was seldom went to a certain area to see, he said, penalize somebody hypocrites thought that they could try to kill Him and who they thought was with him. So when they plot and plan, they had their faces covered and they tried to kill him. They were not successful in doing so in any case, that's in the province of Aloha, do some ask who they for? Do you know who they were, they were the hypocrites that were trying to kill me. In any case, when we see this chapter of Edmund

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Africa, and we see this chapter, that alasa panda with Donna is talking about the hypocrites. What's important here is that the Muslim distinguishes themselves from the people that may disguise or act as the hypocrites. That's why I suppose it's so beautiful that you'll see throughout the traditions of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him which, which coincides with the Koran amongst over 20 characteristics that he mentions in this chapter alone, that you'll find even in the Hadith, where the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him says these are signs of a hypocrite, not meaning that if you were to practice one of those things, you are automatically a hypocrite from a spiritual

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perspective. No, it's Be on the lookout and see how you are acting with others, to make sure it is not the action of someone that plots and plans within their hearts against Islam. And that's very important. One of the strongest signs that a communicate community can establish is maintenance of the masjid and alasa kind of what Allah says here in the Quran. After all, we live in a shunning regime. In verse number 18, in the Miyamoto Musashi, the law, he meant me to be law he will Yeoman farmers. So that's our answers the cats out when I'm in the law for ourselves, he can yakun meaning taking a loss of kind of what the Allah mentioned this verse right after mentioning that the people

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that have a polytheistic practice, they should not be the ones to maintain the houses of a law because the houses of a law are just that they're places where a Muslim exemplifies their, their their belief in Islam, their creed, by praying five times a day by making Vicar by you know, by remembering a lot verbally, physically, emotionally, all at one time, primarily in the first pillar, the second pillar of Islam, which is the prayer. And that's one of the best forms of exemplification of the first pillar, because you're moving all of your limbs and your heart is, is awake and attentive. So a loss is in them a

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means someone that has a long lifespan and Sharla and Claire, so someone that not only establishes but maintains the houses of a lot. So when we see the word Omar or email means building, it is something that when the Muslim is there, they maintain it, not just building the structures, but being someone that is consistently there going back and forth and praying there and having events there, so on and so forth. Now that we are here currently at home and we're not able to do that, it's very important that the other characteristics are out there.

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After that are still maintained amongst ourselves in Charlottetown. He said the ones that maintain the houses of Allah are the ones that believe in Allah, and the last day and they established a prayer and they paid this a cat and they feared none except the lump. So those people are the ones that believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they believe in the last day being that there is a day that will everything will perish, and everything will have to answer to a lawsuit kind of without it. They believe that there is a day of accountability. But in this life, they do actions to make sure that when that day comes, that they're in front of a loss front, Allen, he is pleased with them

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in any case, that the characteristics of the people of the ones that will maintain the houses of law are the ones that believe in the law had this conviction, and they believe in the last day and they pray which is an action of showing that in the established they give the Zakat and they fear none but Allah subhanho wa Taala because perhaps they will be of those who are the mortality and as we mentioned earlier guidance, these will be the actions of the people of guidance. So with that, I want to conclude inshallah, being that we at our homes now we long to go to the masjid we longed to go to the mosque, but recognize or realize for those that are not at the mosque because you know,

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boards have closed them down for an Islamic reason amongst Sheree and Islamic objective, which is preservation of life and taking the means in doing that. But the heart that is tied to the masjid in sha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us a little seven that are under the shade of a lot of his throne. On the day that there is no shade except that shade, regular oL boohooman metallic violet been messed up in massage, a man or a woman that his heart or her heart clings to the message. So just remember that your intention, you will be rewarded for it and the *tier if you have an intention of doing something and you are prohibited from doing that it is as though you have

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done so me Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that preserved the messages, even if we are far away, but we can still donate to those beautiful causes or maintain these beautiful places known as the places of sujood, which are the places of prostration the masjid medical or fecal ciloxan eliassen vocal and venum Hammad, while Annie was definitely me, Zack a lot of power, like you said, it's not about the actual action being performed. Because right after a lot of talks about those hypocrites that made excuses not to do anything, and that they would be punished for that. A lot of talks about those two men that wanted to go with the profit slice alone and couldn't do it and

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getting the full reward without any deficiency whatsoever. So it's about the intention, and the soundness of the intention that manifests itself in certain behavior. So inshallah so just name take us away and shuffle.

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Everyone, as always, you guys warm that up really well, for me, I wanted to highlight the aspect of intention to some degree. So insert into Toba where you have the story of the Battle of temple that Shahar had mentioned that that's happening. And essentially what's going on is that the process of lamb is going to meet with the believers, the Romans, or what what was supposed to be with the Romans. And of course, in that all of the people who are you know, outwardly Muslim are invited to come to come in join in that. Now of course, what happens is that you have the whenever you're on the hypocrites, what they do is, you know, they put up every excuse possible, you know, so the

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apostle Salaam is preparing everyone, all of the believers to come through. And you know, suddenly, the a lot of the hypocrites come up and they tell the rest of them all these excuses, you know, sorry, can't really make it you know, the sinner cancelled whatever it was all these different excuse to basically say, we're not showing up, we're not coming to fight, we don't really believe in you. And this is not something we're willing to risk our lives for. Of course, they don't say that. And the process of them being who he was. He essentially forgives them or doesn't push push them to come. And so what you see them in a passage inserted to doba is the last cartographer says, You

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know, I follow him on Kadima and tell him that the tons of promises of them that you know, you shouldn't have forgiven them. And and he follows that up by saying, you know what, even if they did come, even if they did show up, even if they didn't make up these excuses, a lot of data says, what about other furuya? I do love that had they actually wanted to come, they would have made those preparations when it can take a long biasa Home for the homeowner to mouthguard you. But let's find out I hated for them to come and didn't basically want them to interfere and ruin things because he knew their true intentions. But I want to focus here on on the very beginning of this, this idea

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which is very powerful, where it says, What are others Raja, if they really want it to go out? If they really want it to go out here in the context of the battle that I do love.

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They would have prepared for it. A preparation, right? Not just that I do, they would have prepared for it. But let's emphasize it, they would have really done so

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Something if they actually want it to go like I do, I want that to sit settle in. Because basically what else comes out is saying that they have no intention of going, they put they did nothing, they, they prepared nothing to make it clear that they had any, any desire to join the process. Now, I want to sort of remove that from the context of this battle of the hypocrites for a second and think about how this ayah, which you know, is seemingly so tied to specific context is so relatable for us today. Because basically, what's happening is that there is an event happening, there's a goal in place, there's something there's a plan in place, and that the hypocrites made up excuses, didn't

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want to do anything, and never really worked towards that plan. So when we think of it in the context of our lives today, is that when when we set goals, when we set plants, that there, there's an expectation that you're doing something to prepare for that, right. And so again, this is just to really relate to something that is very much contextual, that the fact that it was hard to add is bringing this up as hard as recognizing that you can have, you know, you can say whatever you want, but if you don't have an intention, and on top of that, if you don't have a plan in place, what does that mean? And that's something that I really think that is relevant to us, especially in Ramadan.

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Now this can be taken across, you know, for anything, right, this can be taken, whether it's our school life, or work life, but I want to focus specifically on our spiritual life, right, we're in Ramadan, Panama, we're already almost 10 days in, we've got we've had a lot of goals set for this Ramadan, you know, we've we, the last 10 nights have allowed probably have plenty more goals. And that's great. But if we don't actually we can have intention that you know, all the attention that we want. But if we don't do something to prepare for those goals, we have to ask ourselves, what does that mean? Because at the end of the day, if we don't have something to show for it, then

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there's only so so much effort we actually put in, we just made those excuses to ourselves when that time came, because we weren't prepared. And we didn't end up meeting those goals, right. And so that's exactly what happened when they had no preparation, they had no intention of doing anything. So it's no surprise that they weren't able to achieve those goals. And so it's it's super important. And I could talk a lot about this, but I will switch over just for the sake of time. But having when we think about those goals, think about all those different excuses that are probably going to come up, you know, philosopher, knights of Milan, if you're planning on doing that a week, if you're

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planning on doing piano, if you know, it's just normal, and you're trying to memorize a few few verses of the Quran every single day. If you have those goals in mind, think about all those excuses that can come to mind and what you're going to do when those excuses come up, but also seriously consider that you need to have a plan in place. And now going back to the context of the monastic one of the hypocrites. What happens next, right? So the Prophet was my daughter responds and says what they you know, they didn't even prepare for it. And besides Allah subhanaw taala knew what their intentions knew their malicious intent, and they weren't. They weren't met they weren't

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decreed to go anywhere. Now, what what the what comes next is the hypocrites say,

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for the sake of time, I'll stick with the English that basically, whenever anything good happens to the believers, it hurts them, it harms them. But when something bad happens to them, you know, talking to the believers, if there's a mostly by that happens, that befalls them that this this trial or anything that bad happens, then they say, what do they say in response specifically, in this context, they say, well, we took our precautions, we did what we needed to do, you know, you guys went out to battle to book you guys, if they went, they came back victorious, that would have hurt them. But if they came back as losers as what the hypocrites perceived to be a loss, they sit

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back all smug and say, Well, good thing we didn't go we took our precautions. We knew exactly what we're doing, right? And what happens after that loss. Panda says in response to this, he tells the Delta believers, when the hypocrites do this, what do you say? Will you see by Elana catchable long letter that you say that nothing is going to happen to us, except that which has been decreed for us? Why don't ye for the advocate in what we know, and upon a law we put our trust, right? And so

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again, going back to sort of example that I wanted to highlight here for the sake of really taking advantage of Ramadan is that you know what, you're going to prepare, you're going to have all these goals in mind and you're going to have sincere intention, preparation, but things might not go your way sometimes, right? But that doesn't matter because you've made that preparation. You've made that intention. But then you'll see vanilla marketable load and everything that does affect you that does get in your way is something that was patent decrees, and what do you do in response? What are the life of your token what we knew that you played, you place your trust in a wasp and tada and the

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

cherry on top is the idea that comes after us.

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

Right after this well let's find out as it continues, he said tells the believers What do you say? Wouldn't it be nice if he did his name? You tell him whenever the whenever the thing I think that the hypocrites are saying, you know, either they're gonna come back and they're gonna win they're expecting to one of two things, they're gonna come back victorious that's gonna really affect us. We're not going to be happy about that, or they're gonna come back as losers and we're going to be smug and happy. What it was hard to say. No, no, you tell them what, what's really happening? Hey, Tara, Botswana, Vina Isla del Hosni, that you're just sitting around waiting for only one of two

00:30:30--> 00:31:08

things, one of two good things, right? Where are they going to win? Are you going to win as believers, you are never losing. When you put in that intention, you put in that preparation, you're always a winner, that either the Muslims were going to go out to the battle to book and they would come back, they're going to come back victorious. And you know what, even if they came back having lost the battle, they are still victorious in the sight of loss. Not that there's only good that happens. And you know what, if they come, they come back, they don't come back because of that, again, that's only a victory. If they go and they come in any situation, it's always just a win. And

00:31:08--> 00:31:46

so to summarize, and into title together is that make those goals, prepare as much as you can have intention and really have something to show for that preparation, not just preparation, but you're preparing for a preparation, emphasize it just as data emphasizes in the end. And when things are going to happen. Life happens right? You know kids are sick you're exhausted someone in your family six something's happening with your job, whatever it is, no, that was to Allah has decreed that and put your trust and was planted and and continue that and know that no matter what happens, as long as you have that preparation, you have that intention. You meet those goals. you memorize it and you

00:31:46--> 00:32:23

you play the piano last night, guess Guess what? her boss would have been elected president, you're a winner only one thing that that good thing happened to you. And you know what, if you did what you had to do, and you tried your best electors name is only one of two good things, you're still victorious in the sight of last Tada. So keep that hopefully in mind as motivation to continue to push hard and no matter what as long as you have done your part, you will be victorious inshallah, in the sight of lost data, or 70, or something like that was excellent panel. And just to remind everyone sort of the take home, this was my favorite session, as far as about a philosophy come.

00:32:24--> 00:33:04

A lot did not give us the stories of buddies that are ill, so that we could mark a previous oma, but to interrogate our own oma meaning ourselves, if we consider ourselves a part of it to say how do we do better. And a lot did not give us these examples of the monastic team, for us to mock the hypocrites, but to interrogate ourselves with the qualities of hypocrisy. I mean, a new fart alarm on Earth has been Mr. Little villans, and no one is safe from hypocrisy, or no one feels safe from hypocrisy except to hypocrite. And so I think it'd be fitting that we leave this session tonight, with a reflection of the prophets lie Sunday, right about the signs of the one Africa when he speaks

00:33:04--> 00:33:44

he lives. And you see here that they were lying with very consequential things. You know why the us laugh when they make promises, they break their promises, and you see here broken promises in this first few chapters, way that tahmina Han. And when they're trusted with something they break those trusts, so they violate the covenants, all three things that are prominent in the stories of the massive pain with big things here. And also some other qualities of hypocrisy, right, like not wanting to see the believers do well, when you see someone making an effort, and you want them to fail so that you can say, Aha, I told you. So that's a sign of hypocrisy we should want Well, we

00:33:44--> 00:34:16

should want everyone who's making an effort to do well, we should make their app for them. And when we see Knox when we see shortcoming, we asked the last contact to bless them and to make it easy for them. And we should interrogate ourselves with hypocrisy. Each and every single one of us. This isn't like a sword to come out with and say, when asked when African ethic, just like with tech fee of just like with Kufa, to the prophets lie some stuff that, you know, he was asking an owner to shift who's closer to Shere Khan, they throw out the claims of tech fear that you're a disbeliever not the one who is being thrown out the one who's throwing it. Same thing with hypocrisy, that

00:34:16--> 00:34:56

throwing those things that people usually is a sign of, of having that quality yourself and so a lot of FEMA last protect this it is the worst state to be in. And you know, I found this very beneficial. So technolo fayda sR tasneem and show him the love for the session, and may loss penalty. Protect us all from hypocrisy and protect us all from falling short in his sights. May Allah make us victorious in his sights, may Allah make us sincere in his sights. May Allah accept our efforts even if they come short. In the actual achievement in the world, the sons may last pounce on not allow us to be impressed by our own capabilities, but instead to be guided by that

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

which is pleasing to Him. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to achieve

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

Allah means so second law favor and inshallah to Allah we'll see you all tomorrow night. Started outside of America there'll be no Mohammed Ryan early he was happy he was for them to see him and kathira was for that morning.