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Abdul Wahab Saleem
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Lima, the daughter of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she came to the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she started to complain to the prophets of Salaam, that our hands are starting to hurt because of the hand mill that she would use at home, okay

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to try to grind the

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the wheat and the barley and the grains in general. So, as she's working with this hand mill and other work in general, Fatima has hand started to hurt, okay.

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And she heard that from some war booty there was some slaves that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had, and she so she went to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, hoping that she could get one of them to give her a hand at home, right? So the prophets I send them of course, he wouldn't leave much for himself and his family, except what it was obligatory for him to provide for them. So it was already distributed. He didn't give it to us, his daughter, rather,

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when she taught when she came, she found it she told her that of the situation, my arms are hurting, my hands are aching, it's all getting, you know, difficult for me. So the profits as alimony came home to Ayesha Ayesha told them what happened. He went to the house of alien Fatima. And as soon as he walked in, they both began to stand up for the prophets of Allah. So the prophets of Salaam, he said, Allah mechanicum and they were lying down and resting at that time, keep sitting the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said.

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So he came and he sat in between Fatima and Ali. And Fatima said, so much so that I felt the coldness of the feet or the profits are similar meaning they were so close together and the Prophet sat sat in a way where his feet were on the belly of Fatima. So he said, I could feel the coldness of the feet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then he said, Allah do lucuma Allah hated me, Massa Ultima. Should I not tell you of something that's even better than what you've asked?

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So what did they ask of? Fatima is asking naturally it is also asking their husband and wife right? They're asking for basically since we have no modern day slavery they're basically asking for a worker Yeah, a helper at home or a worker or something like that. So he said Should I not tell you have something that is better for you than this?

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So they said of course Oh prophet of Allah. He said every time you go to bed either a Half Dome I'm abajo Akuma for said behalf Allah and within what media tell us and masala tea, or Kabira Urban wasafi for who are highroller comin Hardy, the said that say Subhan Allah 33 times, say Alhamdulillah 33 times, say Allahu Akbar 34 times and when you do that, this will be better for you than a hardened, this will be better for you than a servant. Now the question is, how can saying Allah, Allah Subhana Allah and hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar, the better for a person than having a hard time, especially if his need is that he wants to he needs to be served, he needs to be helped, he

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needs a helping hand at home he can, or she can, for instance, wash every you know, nook and cranny of the house. So she needs some help. At home, the Prophet is saying to his daughter, by the way,

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ie saying that say these things now before i get give you the answer of that I want to go back to the beginning of the Hadeeth and take in child love points of benefit from each aspect of it. The first thing is look at this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his daughter of all people, what's she doing?

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She's doing housework. So when we get asked today, whether women actually should do the housework or not, we say that the greatest man who ever lived, his daughter was doing the housework. So as a father in law, obviously, it looks like both Ellie and Fatima thought they can resolve to him for some help. That's why when they must have had a private discussion at home, about them, I said, well, let's go to

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the prophet and ask him for help on this front, and the Prophet. And then he walked over to his daughter's house. And he sat with them. And he gave them advice, right? But before we get to even that she's actually doing the work at home. So that means that the people of virtue,

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do work at home. Women have work to do work at home, because no one knows true virtual except that people are virtual, and there's no one more virtuous than the Prophet. And there's no doctor more virtuous than the Prophet starter. Okay. So the prophets daughter is being a virtuous woman. She's doing her duty at home, so much so that she's getting tired and she's getting hurt and she's getting aches and so on and so forth. Then the Prophet gives her this particular advice and recommendation why

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it's inaudible reality that the

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The care of Allah subhanho wa Taala gives a person a type of strength that other things cannot. Okay? My dear sisters, believe me, well law II if you do Vicar of Allah, you will be able to do things accomplish things within your life that you will not be able to accomplish otherwise. Okay? And that's why the Prophet is recommending this to Ayesha to Fatima, because he realizes that women have much to do, like, there's a lot of things you have to do in the morning, you have to look after the children, you probably have to, for those who are one working woman, then you have to actually go to work as well. Okay? And, and I've said this before, that if you're a working woman, then you

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should, it shouldn't be expected of you to come home and do all these other things as well. But life may push you in directions and you have no choice. Right? That's also true. So when you read these accounts, they will help you. They will give you strength, they'll give you energy. They will help you in many ways.

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