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In this episode, Omar Suleiman explains about the double standards existing in the society pertaining to women when sinned unlike men, who are forgiven in most of the cases. A wonderful principle laid out by Allah SWT condemning the favoritism of boy-over-girl and the concept of blaming woman alone. Islam truly stands for justice!

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So what is the story in Genesis About Eve? And how does that differ from our interpretation as Muslims, it's actually quite explicit,

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you know, in Genesis in assigning the blame, particularly to how particularly to Eve so in Genesis 312, it says, Then the man said, and this is add the money Salaam, the woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I ate. So actually quotes out of the money, his salon, as blaming, blaming Eve and saying, she made me do it, and it was her, and that's why I did it. And this is something that's actually also in Timothy, in chapter two verse 13, and 14, where it says that Adam was formed first first Adam was created, then Eve and it actually says, and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and she fell into transgression. So the blame once again and

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Timothy is completely thrown on hell completely thrown on Eve panela within the Quranic discourse, you find that Allah Subhana Allah constantly emphasizes that your sin is equal both of you, okay, in fact, when a lot warns them, do not eat from this tree from this tree fetta corner, you know what I mean? Then you will both be from the wrongdoers you will both be from the transgressors last pinetown is telling them from the very beginning, that your sin would be equal, all right, and then a loss penalty when he admonishes them once again he admonishes them as to and then when Allah subhanaw taala mentions the repentance of Adam it is Salam admati salam does not blame Eve in fact,

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Adam it Sam says, I've been out what I'm not unfortunate Allah we wronged ourselves. It was both of us we wronged ourselves in lamb tequilana or Tottenham, then akuna Minal Hassanein, if you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, then we will certainly be from the losers. And so this is very powerful, this idea of rejecting the notion that it was the woman's fault. It was Eve's fault. And let's face it, this points to a greater problem in society. And actually, it's a predominant trait. And many Muslim societies that many times in a family for example, when when the sun messes up, right, it's not as big of a deal as when the daughter mess up. Right. A son's transgression is

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forgivable. A daughter's transit transgression is permanent, she can never be forgiven. Alright, so there's, you know, it's not only a favoritism, it's also the girl becomes more blameworthy in the family than the boy we see in Muslim countries. We see it non Muslim countries, it's a very prominent trait. It was a trait in the in the Jehovah society in the days of ignorance in Arabia, right, that that that girls were blamed for everything they were seen as bad omens. And it was young girls that were being buried alive, not young boys. So the you know, the blame tends to be assigned to two women and two girls. And let's face it, society is far less forgiving as a whole, whether

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it's a Muslim community or the general community, to women when they make mistakes than it is to men. It's, it's it's, it's, you know, a complete double standard that we have in our families and within our communities, okay, the boy commit Zina, we cover it up, and we make sure that there'll be able to get married and you'll be okay. A girl commits in and she will be shamed for the rest of her life. It's not appropriate. Okay, a boy gets caught doing something in public. You know, being at a club, a girl throws off a job and gets caught in public without a job. She's permanently shamed. That's not fair. Okay? The sin is equal for both the men and for the women a loss. pensado also

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condemns favoritism. favoring the boy over the girl in the profit slice I'm particularly mentioned, favoring one son over the daughter, or when when a man messes up, even as a grown man when he's married, who's the first person that's look to it was the wife that messed him up, he was fine. Before he got married. He was the perfect son. He was the perfect employee. He was the perfect, you know, leader. Until he got married, then everything screwed up. It was her right. She was the one that came and corrupted him and she's evil. And somehow a lot I actually heard with my own two ears. A non Muslim friend of mine was being condemned by his mother who was being tested by chastised by

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his mom. And he said, Your wife is no better than Eve. I'm thinking to myself, like, wait a minute, that's how I, you know, this is our mother. This is the mother of mankind. And you're saying she's, you know, you're putting her down in that way. Okay, you're putting her down in that way. So it's a general favoritism and a general hypocrisy and double standard that we have in our societies to assign the blame or, you know, solely to the woman and to absolve the men, by any means possible. And this is something that is very important in our religion, the justice of our religion, that yes, Eve did commit a mistake. She did commit voting. She did you know, she did transgress, and she

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He committed a sin. And that sin of Eve was for her own desire. And she did betray Adam it is Salaam just as he betrayed her by not stopping him from from carrying out the action that he carried out. And by optimizing, I'm not stopping her, okay? They both betrayed one another because when you help someone, when you assist someone in committing evil, then you are acting in a capacity of shavon. Right? Even if it's by your silence if you are assisting them, or may or paving the way for them to commit that evil. So yes, there is mutual betrayal, there is a sin that they both committed. There's a volume that they both committed, but the volume that transgression is no greater or no less than

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the volume of Adam it Salaam. So the prophets lie Selim, when he says about, you know, he says that Adam denied the money his Salaam denied, so all of the children of Adam denied. Okay. And he mentioned, you know, the transgression of how up and he mentioned slice and I'm the transgression of the son of Adam alayhis salam when we talk about the story of Cain and Abel, Calvin and Hobbes, and that, you know, everyone that murders afterwards there's a share of that, right. So this concept of blaming one person blaming the woman is something that's not found in Islam. In fact, it is explicitly condemned by Allah and the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And we can see that that

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massagin ism and that sexism Subhanallah would even pollute theology at times, and even lead people to change the stories of prophets and our father and our mother. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to be pleased with both of them and to shower his peace and blessings upon both of them and to join us with them and with our messenger sallallahu wasallam in Jonathan Phil DOS, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box and if you'd like to see all of the other episodes and the other videos we have to offer then please

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