Omar Suleiman – Prophet Ibrahim’s distinction as the Friend of Allah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam as a source of pride and pride in the culture of the Middle East. The speaker explains that Islam is the best of all, and that the Prophet sallavi is the greatest of all. They also discuss the importance of the church's stance on sex and sexuality, and how it has been a source of pride in the Middle East.
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So he is the friend of Allah Brahimi. Islam is the friend of Allah. And he is certainly distinguished in his virtues in the way that he's talked about in the Quran. Over 70 times referenced, no prophets do as are spoken about supplications are spoken about more than Ibrahim Ali Salaam. He's praised in very special ways. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once with his companions, and a man came to the prophet SAW the lights and he said, Yeah, hey, you're a little buddy. Oh, best of mankind, oh, best of mankind. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that Rahim. Allah His Salaam that is Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now you might be wondering, wait a minute,

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but isn't the Prophet slicin I'm haidle Hulk, Allah, the best of Allah creation? Isn't he, the CEO of Benny Adam, the chief, the master of mankind, mercy to the worlds The answer to that is yes. And the scholars say that this is the prophets I saw them. praising him in a specific way while also showing humility out of his Salatu was Salam himself. So Ibrahim alayhis salam is an incredible human being an incredible prophet distinguished amongst the messengers of Allah. And some of the scholars as they talked about fathers they talked about virtue they said that after the Prophet slicin them he is the greatest of the messengers of Allah literalism. You know, Rasul the

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messengers, know how to use Salam for him and he is Salam musante his Sarah Marisa Islam, Jesus peace be upon them and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Ibrahim alayhis salam after the prophets lie Selim is the most distinguished of them all. There are many reasons that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us for this. One of them is that after Ibrahim it has Sadam, all of the prophets descend from him. And Allah subhanho to Allah has chosen him in that sense that it would be from his offspring. And if you think about how incredible that is that Ibrahim alayhis salaam, reached adulthood, being rejected by all of his people, all of his people with the exception of his wife

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sada and his nephew, Luke it his Salaam, Brahim, our Islam reached a place of adulthood and he did not have a single follower amongst this people, nor did he have a child. And there is a moment which we'll talk about where Ibrahim alayhis salaam is asking a lust penalty that will be heavily men a sleight of hand that Oh, Allah grant me some righteous, you know, children are grant me a righteous child, someone that will inherit this message that will continue on this message. And Ibrahima Islam is making that making that supplication as an adult. And this is not, you know, as a very young man, this is about him or Islam after he's really, you know, spent a long time with his people, his own

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people calling them to Allah, there's almost a sense of finality right that he's expelled from, from his people or by his people after being thrown into a fire. And he's leaving them. And he does not know what what exists on the outside of his people. His data was to his people, primarily, his call was to his people primarily in Iraq for all of those years. And he doesn't know what's going to come and look what Allah subhanaw taala gave him allies, which gave him not just multiple children and grandchildren, but made him the source of prophethood for everyone that would come after him. So he has a lineage of prophethood that descends from him from multiple directions. And, you know, the

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greatest human beings after him all come from him at his Salatu was Salam and so this is a special gift that Allah subhanaw taala gives him

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